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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 7, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Jake slipped into the apartment while Amanda tried on her wedding veil. Amanda chuckled when Jake wrapped his arms around her and then began to kiss her. She was forced to remind Jake of their vow of celibacy before things went too far. Jake reluctantly pulled away from Amanda and then left to attend to wedding preparations, including getting his hair cut. Amanda checked on her wedding dress and then decided, "You have to do this."

Later, Amanda arrived at the hospital to visit Janet. She was stunned to learn that Janet had been transferred the sanitarium earlier that morning. Amanda sat down and then began to cry until someone gently touched her shoulder. It was Ruth Martin. Amanda was thrilled to see her mother-in-law. Ruth was concerned about why Amanda was upset.

Amanda explained that Janet was her only family, so she had hoped to talk to her mother before the wedding. Ruth revealed that she had viewed Amanda as a daughter ever since Amanda and Jake had married. Amanda was touched by Ruth's kind words. Ruth surprised Amanda by giving her a special gift: Grandma Kate's bracelet. Amanda was moved by Ruth's generous offer; she hugged Ruth and then called her, "Mom."

At the Chandler mansion, Colby confessed that she wanted a truce with Liza. Liza wondered what had caused the turnaround. Colby attributed it to Jake and Amanda's wedding. Colby insisted that it should be a happy time, but instead, everyone around her was at each other's throats. Colby also admitted that she missed her father, Adam, so she didn't want to lose Liza too. However, Colby made it clear that she expected Liza to stop trying to break up Colby and Damon.

Liza argued that Damon was trying to steal Colby away from Liza. Colby denied it; she believed that Damon just wanted to be with her. Colby asked her mother to respect her decisions and to support her choices. Liza promised that she would try. A nearby sketch of a dress caught Liza's eye an instant later.

Colby proudly revealed that it was her own design. As Colby talked about the dress and the fabric that she envisioned for it, Liza realized that her daughter sounded excited. Colby confessed that fashion design was a passion of hers, so she wondered if Liza could set up an appointment with a friend of Liza's who was a designer in New York. Liza assured Colby that it would be her pleasure, but she had one stipulation. Liza wanted a dress designed by Colby.

After Colby stepped out of the room for a moment, Liza noticed that Colby had received a text message from a friend. Liza read the message, which encouraged Colby to give Damon "a night to remember" after the wedding. Liza realized that Colby and Damon intended to have sex after Jake and Amanda's wedding.

At the Martin residence, Tad and Opal were on their cell phones making last-minute wedding arrangements. Opal was livid when she realized that Tad was trying to line up a stripper for Jake's bachelor party. Opal ended her call and then ordered Tad to cancel the stripper. According to Opal, Jake didn't need a stripper at his bachelor party. She warned her son that it might get Jake into trouble. Tad reluctantly agreed to cancel the stripper.

Opal then steered the conversation to Tad's love life. Tad insisted that he was fine being alone, but Opal argued that he was lying. According to Opal, Tad had never been able to be alone. Damon entered the living room moments later. Tad immediately enlisted Damon's help with the music for the party. Tad confessed that he had been thinking along the lines of Led Zeppelin and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Damon's amused expression quickly turned to a look of horror when Opal suggested Kenny Rogers.

Damon fled the room with the promise that he would take care of the music. Later, Jake showed up at the house. Moments later, Opal answered a knock at the door. It was a beautiful blonde woman. When she asked for Tad Martin, Damon stepped forward. Jake quickly shoved Damon aside to see if he could help the blonde woman, but Tad spoke up to let the woman know that he was the real Tad Martin. The woman introduced herself as Jasmine, the stripper.

Liza walked up while Tad tried to explain that Jasmine's services would not be required. Damon shamelessly flirted with Jasmine until Tad pulled Jasmine aside for a private word. Liza took the opportunity to let Damon know that she was aware of his plans to sleep with Colby after Jake and Amanda's wedding. Damon seemed to take delight in goading Liza, which further fueled her anger. Tad returned in time to intervene before the argument could escalate.

After Tad sent Damon to the Yacht Club to help prepare for the rehearsal dinner, Liza warned Tad that Damon was bad for Colby. Tad thought that Liza was exaggerating, but Liza disagreed. She reminded Tad of his own sordid history of sleeping with her mother while he had been dating Liza. Liza insisted that she knew the signs well; Damon was using Colby. Liza was frustrated that she was the only person who saw it.

Later, Liza tracked Jasmine down in the park. Liza offered to pay Jasmine to seduce Damon. Jasmine clarified that she was a dancer, not a prostitute. Liza explained that she didn't expect Jasmine to sleep with Damon. Liza just wanted Jasmine to get Damon into bed long enough for Colby to find them together. Jasmine offered to think about it. Liza warned Jasmine that her window of opportunity was narrow; the deed needed to be done before the wedding.

Damon went to the Chandler mansion to pick up Colby for the rehearsal dinner. Colby mentioned that her mother had been by earlier, but Colby was annoyed that Liza had suddenly disappeared. Damon revealed that Liza had shown up at the Martin residence after she had read one of Colby's text messages. Colby dashed over to her phone to find the text message that Damon had referred to. Colby groaned with frustration when she realized what her mother had read.

Colby opened up about what it had been like to grow up with a mother who had been paranoid about her husband. Colby admitted that it had been difficult living on the run. Damon understood; he confessed that he had often dreamed of running away from home. Damon had never felt a connection with his father.

In the parlor at the Chandler mansion, Scott was on the phone, threatening to shutdown the blogger if she didn't retract her statement about Annie. Annie entered the room as Scott ended the call. She appreciated his efforts on her behalf. Their conversation soon drifted to Scott's guilt over taking credit for Palmer's invention. "When are you going to learn -- the truth is whatever you need it to be," Annie assured Scott. JR entered the room in time to hear Annie's words of encouragement; he wondered what Annie was trying to get Scott to lie about.

Annie claimed that she had been referring to the lies that JR had told the reporter. "Nice try," JR commented, but he didn't believe her. JR suspected that Scott and Annie had a lot of secrets going on between them. Annie insisted that JR was paranoid. JR smiled as he vowed to expose them. Scott wondered when his cousin would accept that JR didn't have any power. JR was supremely confident that he would get it back. After Scott left the room to take a business call, JR and Annie bickered back and forth. JR was certain that Annie wanted him.

Annie found Scott working in the study. Scott remained uncomfortable with the idea of not giving Palmer credit for the invention. Annie assured Scott that he didn't have any reason to feel bad because she was certain that he would do something good with the money. Scott leaned down to kiss Annie. Annie decided to surprise Scott with a special evening. She slipped him a note and then invited him to meet her in a hotel room later that evening.

In the parlor, AJ read a story to his father. JR snapped at AJ when AJ stumbled over a word. JR immediately realized that he had been unfair to his son. He apologized to AJ and then sent him out to play. After AJ left the room, JR looked at a picture of him and Adam during happier times. JR stared at the picture as he vowed to his father that he would never make AJ feel as if he were a disappointment. JR insisted that Adam had made a big mistake by appointing Scott as the head of the company.

JR caught a glimpse of Annie as she left the mansion. He stealthily made his way to the study, where Scott was on the phone. As Scott spoke to a business associate, he started at the note that Annie had given him. After Scott ended the call, he dropped the note on the desk and then left. JR slipped into the room and read the note, which included a hotel room number.

Annie was lighting candles in the hotel room when she heard a knock at the door. She assumed it was Scott, so she slipped out of her nightgown and then invited Scott inside. Annie was shocked when JR stepped into the room instead of Scott. Annie quickly reached for her robe and then pulled it on as JR closed the door. Annie ordered JR to leave, but JR was determined to have his say. JR demanded that Annie stop rubbing her relationship with Scott in his face. He also wanted Annie to leave Marissa alone.

Annie denied that she had done anything wrong. She insisted that she was genuinely interested in Scott. "Liar," JR accused. He argued that they both knew that Annie really wanted JR. Annie was adamant that she and JR would never be together again. JR dared Annie to prove that she wasn't interested in him by kissing him. Annie reluctantly agreed. One kiss quickly led to another.

Satisfied that he had proven his point, JR pulled away from Annie. Annie was furious. She threatened to call the police to accuse JR of trying to rape her if he didn't leave her room. JR responded by kissing Annie again. "Please, please go," Annie pleaded. JR complied, but it was clear after he left the room that he wasn't immune to Annie.

At the Yacht Club, Scott bumped into Opal. Opal took the opportunity to ask Scott about Palmer. Opal was curious what Scott and Palmer had been talking about just before Palmer had died. "Family," Scott lied. He explained that Palmer had Nina, Bobby, and Opal on his mind. "Really?" Opal asked as her face lit up with joy. Scott hid his discomfort by revealing that he was late for a meeting. Opal appreciated him taking the time to talk to her. She assured him that it had helped her.

Opal was distracted when Jake arrived with a box of decorations. As Jake set the heavy box down, he spotted his mother and Amanda. Ruth and Jake enjoyed a happy reunion. Ruth explained that Joe hadn't been able to make it because he had two critically ill patients, whom he didn't feel comfortable leaving. Jake completely understood and assured his mother that it was fine. Opal was delighted when she saw Ruth. While Ruth and Opal greeted each other, Jake took the opportunity to kiss Amanda.

Ruth decided to talk to Opal about the seating arrangements. Ruth wanted to make sure that there were plenty of people on Amanda's side, so that Amanda wouldn't feel so alone. Opal agreed. Tad arrived moments later. After Tad and Ruth hugged, Ruth questioned Tad about his relationship with Liza. Tad admitted that he and Liza had decided to break up. Ruth was disappointed.

Tad managed to cheer up Ruth by introducing her to her grandson, Damon. Ruth happily hugged her grandson just as Liza entered. As Liza watched Damon with Ruth, Tad, and Colby, her phone rang. It was Jasmine. Jasmine had agreed to accept Liza's offer to seduce Damon. Liza disconnected the call just as Tad approached her. Tad was happy that Liza had agreed to attend the rehearsal dinner.

The pastor entered the Yacht Club a short time later. The pastor was ready to start the rehearsal, but the bride and groom were nowhere to be found.

Jake and Amanda sat kissing on a park bench as JR walked up. JR stopped short when he noticed the blissfully happy couple. JR immediately had a flashback of his heated encounter with Annie in the hotel room. After a few moments, Jake noticed JR staring at them. Jake invited JR to join them. Jake realized how that had sounded, so he clarified that he meant that JR was welcome to talk to them.

Jake wondered how Adam was doing. JR assured Jake that Adam and Brooke were still together and happy. JR changed the subject by congratulating Amanda and Jake on their upcoming wedding. Jake grinned as he thanked JR and then recommended that JR try it. After Jake and Amanda left, JR's phone rang. It was Marissa. She wanted JR to know that she had completed her exam. JR and Marissa made plans to celebrate the following day after Marissa had a chance to rest.

Scott entered the hotel room to find Annie in a subdued mood. Annie was dressed in her street clothes. She explained that she had a romantic evening planned, but JR had arrived uninvited. Annie assured Scott that nothing had happened between her and JR, but she blamed JR for ruining the mood. Scott suggested that he and Annie head home.

Annie reminded Scott that the mansion was no longer her home. Scott surprised Annie by announcing that he wanted Annie to move in with him. Scott had decided to do things "the Chandler way" by taking what he wanted. To illustrate his point, Scott planted a passionate kiss on Annie's lips.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At Wildwind, David tried to talk Greenlee out of going to the wedding rehearsal, but she insisted upon supporting her friends. David didn't trust any of them, because they were out to ruin the Hayward marriage. Greenlee assured him that it wouldn't work, and if anyone asked, she intended to play dumb about Erica's whereabouts. David vowed to keep searching for Erica, and he promised that everything would be all right. Greenlee nodded and left.

David went to the hospital, where he overheard Angie warning Jesse not to gamble away their savings during Jake's bachelor party at the casino. David approached to speak to Angie in private, and Jesse took off. David commended Angie on saving the patient that they'd discussed at dinner; however, he berated her for not taking the time to don protective gear. "Ramon could have died," Angie said. She also claimed that they lacked enough staff to keep the masks and gowns stocked. Scoffing, David told her that she'd set a bad example, and if she ever did it again, he'd drag her before the medical board.

On a park bench, Jake tried to get it on with his wife, but she wanted to stick to their deal of no sex before the wedding. Just as Amanda succumbed to his passionate kisses, a whistle blew, and she panicked about getting arrested. Krystal approached, saying it was a good thing that she'd shown up to help them keep their no sex deal. As Krystal led them away, they stopped to kiss. Krystal blew her whistle again, and they scurried after her.

At the Yacht Club, Ruth noted the way that Tad stared at Liza, but even with his gaze trained on Liza, Tad claimed that he wasn't looking at her. "Sometimes, over isn't really over," Ruth stated. Opal approached, clueless about where Jake and Amanda could be.

On the phone, Liza and Jasmine confirmed their deal, and Liza added a $500 bonus if Colby caught Damon and Jasmine in bed together. Colby entered, angry that Liza had read Colby's text messages. An apologetic Liza said that she wasn't comfortable with Colby's decision to sleep with Damon, but would try to stay out of it.

Damon saw Liza and Colby hugging, and Damon griped about Liza's hatred of him. Tad reasoned that she was just being protective. Damon couldn't believe that Tad had defended Liza, but Tad didn't know why he shouldn't, after knowing her for most of his life. Tad said that she was complicated and tough, but she had a huge heart.

Amanda, Jake, and Krystal arrived, followed by Greenlee. Amanda and Opal instructed the wedding party on where to stand and with whom. Liza apologized to Tad for what she'd said about Damon at the casino, but Tad suggested that they focus on getting down the aisle without tripping over each other. Once everyone was in place, Damon cued the music. Amanda did the "snake," and then she danced and shimmied down the aisle. Everyone shrugged and danced along with Amanda and Jake.

Afterward, Tad made a speech and said that he was proud to be Jake's brother. Tad hoped that as they celebrated Amanda and Jake, they could also celebrate Damon, the newest member of the family. Opal announced that the ladies would head to Krystal's for some serious partying, while the guys went to the casino. Jake and Amanda tried to sneak another kiss, but Krystal blew her whistle. Everyone left, and Jake and Amanda stole a kiss.

At the casino, Jasmine arrived and flirted with Damon in the lobby. She sighted Jesse in the bar area, and Damon confirmed that Jesse was the police chief. Jasmine bolted, and Damon wondered what had happened. He checked his breath and wandered back into the party.

In the bar area, Jake asked Tad whom he planned to dance with at the wedding, Krystal or Liza. When Tad skirted around the topic, Jake cited that Tad lived with Krystal, but looked at Liza as if he wanted to do more than dance.

Later, Jesse and Tad discussed Damon, and Jesse hoped that Damon could keep his "little ass" out of trouble. Tad remarked that he could use some trouble of his own-of the female variety. Tad admitted that he hadn't treated a particular female well, but he intended to rectify that right away. As Tad took off, David entered the establishment.

At Krystal's restaurant, the women arrived to find it decked out for a bachelorette party. Krystal placed a tiara and veil on Amanda's head, and the party started. Liza saw Colby reading text messages and wondered if they were from Damon. Colby reminded Liza of her promise to stay out of Colby's business. Across the room, Angie stated that she'd once saved Greenlee's life. Greenlee replied that she was grateful for that, but Angie said that Greenlee didn't owe Angie anything; in the same token, Greenlee didn't owe David anything, either.

Krystal and Opal started the first party game, which they called "Love and Truth." Colby and Greenlee scowled when they heard that everyone had to put their love life on the table. Opal called on Liza; however, Liza received a text message and abruptly went outside to see Jasmine. Liza asked what had happened with Damon, and Jasmine told her to find someone else, because Jesse had busted Jasmine too many times. Jasmine left, and Liza seemed to get an idea.

Back inside, Greenlee was the next contestant, but she claimed that she needed a drink first. Aside, Amanda said she was sorry for putting Greenlee on the spot with the game; however, Greenlee felt that it was all a game. First, Amanda hadn't invited David, and then she'd latched Greenlee to Ryan's arm. "As if walking down the aisle together would make me see the light," Greenlee quipped. Greenlee insisted that she wanted her marriage to David, and Amanda, who'd lived through David's machinations, said that she just worried about Greenlee.

A drunken Tad crashed the party, and Angie told him that he needed to leave, if he wasn't stripping. Krystal ushered him outside and guessed that he wanted to see Liza. He denied it, but Krystal said that she understood how things were. He asked where Liza had gone, and Krystal explained that Liza had ducked out on a game of "Love and Truth." Krystal figured that Liza could use a little truth from Tad.

Inside the restaurant, the game continued with Angie and Randi, and as they discussed their men, they started to miss them. Amanda assured everyone that the men were happily going wild over at the casino. Greenlee stepped outside. Opal followed and dialed Erica's number. Greenlee assured Opal that Erica was fine, and Opal unconvincingly agreed. The pair returned inside to discover that the partygoers had decided to crash the bachelor party.

Back at the casino, Liza found Damon playing the slots. She slurred her words, and Damon figured that she was drunk. "No, Honey, I'm just happy," Liza said and tripped. Damon took the stumbling Liza back to her place, and she fell onto the sofa. When he went to get her some aspirin, she hopped up and sent her daughter a message to get over there right away.

After Damon dispensed the aspirin, Liza fumbled around, saying that she needed to get out of her dress and into bed. He headed for the door, but she claimed that her zipper was stuck. Damon didn't want to help, but when she complained that it was "biting her," he reluctantly assisted in removing the garment. In her black underwear, Liza leaned on him and said he reminded her of his father. Just then, Tad knocked on the door and asked Liza to open it for him.

Back at the casino, David pretended that he didn't know that a private party was going on there. Jake, Jesse, and Ryan suggested that David leave, but David opted to have a drink and try his luck at the tables. The men considered physically removing David, but Jake decided to appease David, who lived to make Jake miserable.

At the buffet, Jake tormented David about his crumbling marriage. David didn't think his marriage was in trouble, but Jake cited that David hadn't seen Greenlee and Ryan together at the wedding rehearsal. Jake held up the ring that he'd gotten for Amanda and gloated about his marriage. David retorted that everyone knew that the Martin men couldn't hold onto their wives. Jake proposed that they bet $100 on whether Greenlee would toss away her wedding ring before the year was up. David knocked Amanda's ring out of Jake's hand, but Jake continued to goad David until David socked him in the face.

The women arrived at the casino whooping and cheering. They halted upon seeing Jesse handcuffing David. Greenlee's bewildered gaze met David's, and he grimaced.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A half-naked Liza pretended to be drunk and attracted to Damon until Tad knocked on her door. As Damon hid, Liza wiggled back into her dress and let the inebriated Tad inside. Tad claimed that he'd gotten drunk because he needed liquid courage to talk to her about Damon.

Tad had realized that he'd mistakenly halted his entire life upon discovering that Damon was his son. Tad had enjoyed having Liza on his arm that night, and he wanted her to be his wedding date. He recalled that the wedding was about second chances, and he wanted to have one with Liza. She said she'd like that, and she suggested that he go home to get some aspirin.

"A date, isn't that sweet?" Damon remarked after Tad left. Damon figured that Liza had been expecting Colby to walk through the door and catch Damon in a compromising position, but instead, Tad had shown up. Damon found the plan stupid, because not only would Colby hate Damon, but she'd hate Liza, too. Liza claimed that Colby and she would have eventually reconciled. Damon asked about Tad, and Liza said that Tad would have never found out.

Damon wasn't so sure about that, but Liza contended that no one would believe the lying Damon over her. He replied that they'd believe the pictures that he'd taken of her in her bra and panties. He flashed one from his cell phone, and Liza grew enraged. Damon cited that she had a lot to lose if anyone found out about the show that she'd put on that night.

Colby called Liza, who told her daughter not to worry about meeting up. Colby remarked that she couldn't locate Damon, but Liza said not to worry about that, either. After the call, Damon said that Liza had been so cool that Colby never would have known that Liza had been "half-assed naked with her boyfriend." Liza asked what he'd do with the pictures. He said that he wouldn't show them without a reason. As Damon left, she seethed that he would have gone for it if Tad hadn't interrupted. "I guess we'll never know," he said and walked out.

Damon went home, where Tad confided that he'd left the party to correct a little mistake that he'd made. Tad revealed that he'd asked Liza to be his wedding date. He figured that he might be able to help Damon with Liza, but Damon said that he could handle it. Liza called Tad to make sure that he, not his liquid courage, had asked her to be his wedding date. Tad confirmed with her, and they said that they looked forward to the date.

At the casino, Greenlee panicked to see David in handcuffs, and she imagined that he'd been arrested for Erica's murder. "You don't understand; it was an accident!" Greenlee blurted out. Everyone seemed confused until David elaborated that he'd accidentally happened into the party. Jake and David bickered, and Jake demanded to know where the ring was.

The partygoers spread out to search for the ring, and David demanded that Jesse arrest Jake, too. Jake wanted to press charges against David for losing the ring. "Just open another box of cracker corn and get another one," David quipped. He asserted that the ring wasn't the problem; figuring out the paternity of Amanda's next child was a true problem. Jake slugged David, which forced Jesse to arrest Jake, as well. Both brawlers insisted upon pressing charges.

Jesse hauled Jake and David away, and on their hands and knees, Frankie and Ryan sifted through confetti to find the ring. Frankie knew a friend with a metal detector, and he and Randi left to get it. Krystal approached Colby, who tapped away on her phone. Colby couldn't reach Damon, and she worried that Liza had gotten him thrown in a Turkish prison, or something.

At the police station later, Greenlee berated David in the interrogation room, and he guessed that she'd thought he'd been arrested for Erica's disappearance. He promised that nothing would happen, but Greenlee countered that if Erica were dead, then something had already happened. David assured her that they'd get through it, and they agreed that she should go home.

In the main headquarters, Jake complained that he had a wedding to attend in the morning, but Jesse quipped that Jake should have thought of that before he started swinging. Jake apologized to his wife for the fight and promised that the wedding wouldn't be ruined. Turning to Jesse, Jake asked for his wedding gift to be five minutes alone with David.

Jake claimed that he intended to just end the feud, but Amanda countered that Jake was still obsessed with David. Jake insisted that he needed the time to help him move on. Jesse granted the five minutes, but refused to remove the men's handcuffs.

Jesse parked Jake in a seat across from David in the interrogation room, and Jake said that he was marrying his soul mate. David sniped that Amanda was an excellent kisser. Jake claimed that comments like that wouldn't get to him anymore. "You're breaking up with me, Jake?" David wondered. Jake said he'd realized that he'd turn into David, if he didn't let go of his bitter obsession to make David pay. "So I'm just saying goodbye. Bye, Mr. Hayward," Jake said. As Jake walked out, David told him to enjoy mediocrity.

Later, David complained about why his processing was taking so long, and Angie entered to tell him that she'd discovered a provision in the hospital bylaws that allowed her to make executive hospital decisions while he was indisposed. David told her to knock herself out, because he'd undo any changes that she'd make. After Angie got a call to approve an experimental surgery, she hoped that Jesse could keep David detained for a long time. Jesse replied that they'd just have to settle for keeping David from the wedding.

David went ballistic when he spotted Liza conferring with Jake and Amanda in police headquarters later. David reminded Liza that she was on his retainer, and in response, Liza dumped him as a client, because her life was complicated enough without him in it. Jake, Amanda, and Liza left for Jake's bail hearing, and David squawked about getting his one phone call. Jesse handed David a phone, but said that unless David's lawyer arrived in ten minutes, David would spend the night in jail.

Later, Liza arrived home to find Colby awaiting her. Colby thanked Liza for picking Jake over David, and Colby remarked that she could make good choices, too. Liza guessed that Colby would be with Damon at the wedding, and Colby replied that nothing had changed.

Back at the casino, Krystal and Opal took a break from the ring search to enjoy some champagne. Instead of going home, Greenlee entered, eager to help search. Opal noted that Ryan was still doggedly searching, and when Greenlee went to help him, Opal grumbled, "I don't know how she thinks she's gonna find a ring when she can't even find the man she's meant to be with, when she's standing right next to him."

Ryan was surprised to see that Greenlee had returned. Considering herself a hopeless romantic, she said that Amanda deserved a ring on her finger. Ryan reasoned that Greenlee might be feeling guilty about something. She assumed he was about to start interrogating her about Fusion's financial scandal, and Ryan cited that she'd always react defensively as long as she was with David.

Greenlee began to argue with Ryan, but stopped upon seeing the ring in a circulation vent. Ryan and she laughed as they implemented a plan to get the ring out by using chewing gum on the end of a pen. She called the plan sticky, and he replied, "But brilliant."

Frankie and Randi arrived with the metal detector too late. Watching Ryan and Greenlee, Opal wondered if the detector could find a good man. Jake and Amanda entered, and Amanda hugged Greenlee for finding the ring. Jake announced that David was still in jail, and Greenlee started to leave. Ryan stopped her to say that he'd seen something in her that night that he hadn't seen in a while. She asked what, and he replied, "You." Stifling a smile, Greenlee left.

Before walking Amanda out, Jake warned Krystal that he planned to kiss his wife without whistles sounding. In the lobby, Jake promised Amanda that their life would be bigger and better than it had ever been, and they kissed.

At the conclusion of the show, a montage to the song "God Gave me You," by David Barnes played. During it, Amanda showed Krystal the wedding gown, and Greenlee arrived at the police station to see David carted off. Damon told Colby that Liza wouldn't be an issue. Colby wondered what made him so confident, and he said that being with Colby made him so.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the West Virginia Mountains, Erica stumbled across her plane wreckage. She spotted Caleb there and accused him of following her. As he sifted through the remnants of his home, he claimed that she was paranoid. A frustrated Erica complained that she should be dancing with Jackson at a wedding, and Caleb figured that even after ten marriages, Erica must have really believed in happy endings. She asserted that she not only believed in them, but she'd have one of her own. "I wouldn't bet on it," he grumbled.

Caleb threw something in frustration and complained about his demolished home. Erica reminded him that she'd offered to pay for the reconstruction, but Caleb seethed that she thought that money fixed everything. He noticed that Erica was hugging a metal box, and he demanded to know what was in it. Erica said that it belonged to a dear friend of hers, but he wouldn't know about that, because there was no evidence of any loved ones in his life.

Just then, Erica found a locket in the pocket of the shirt that she'd borrowed from Caleb. He wordlessly snatched it away, and she asked whom the locket belonged to. He asserted that it wasn't her business, and she shouldn't be there. Erica shrieked when Caleb tossed her over his shoulder and hauled her off.

At the police station, Greenlee begged her father to represent David, but Jackson was too preoccupied with finding Erica. David intervened, saying Jackson didn't have to get involved. Aside, David implored his wife to pull it together, because he didn't want her making any slips about Erica at the wedding. He assured the dubious Greenlee that things would work out.

Later, Jesse took pleasure in telling David that his arraignment was delayed because his arrest paperwork had been lost. Jesse claimed that he couldn't find it until after the wedding.

At the casino, Madison met up with Ryan, who thought his date looked stunning, even in mismatched shoes. Looking at her feet, Madison panicked, but he said no one would even notice.

As Liza prepared for the ceremony, Colby arrived at the apartment. In conversation, Colby wondered why Liza wasn't tripping about Damon. Liza responded that she'd be hypocritical to worry about him becoming the next Tad Martin while dating the first Tad Martin.

At the Martin house, Jake videotaped Tad, and Damon viewed the racy photos of Liza. Tad wanted a peek at what his son was so interested in, but Damon said that it was too embarrassing to show. Tad and Damon left for the Yacht Club, but Jake lagged behind with Trevor to make a special video for Amanda.

Jake and Trevor sat before the video camera, and Jake filmed himself translating things that Trevor wanted to say to Amanda. Jake said Trevor thought that she was the best mother ever, and she made a beautiful bride. He said that he and Trevor loved her very much.

In a room at the Yacht Club, Opal did Amanda's hair, and Ruth displayed a newspaper featuring Jake and Amanda's wedding. Krystal entered, and the elegantly dressed ladies giggled as they helped Amanda prepare for the ceremony. On the verge of tears, Amanda was elated that the women were her family, and they'd be there for her, Trevor, and Jake on every happy occasion. Once ready, the ladies left, and the bride gleefully closed the door behind them.

Downstairs, Madison and Ryan approached Greenlee, who distractedly glared at her father talking on his phone. Greenlee remarked that Jackson was obsessed with locating Erica, and Ryan expressed confidence that Jack could do it. Greenlee strode off to leave David a voicemail. In it, she hoped that he was in the shower at home, and not still incarcerated.

Colby and Liza met Damon and Tad at the event. Damon took Colby aside, and she expressed her amazement that Liza had mellowed out. Damon said that Liza must have realized that she couldn't stop them. Meanwhile, Tad thanked Liza for being his date, and he hoped that he hadn't interrupted anything at her house the previous night. She claimed that he hadn't.

Frankie and Randi greeted Madison and Ryan. Frankie cooed that the two were on a date, but Madison claimed that they'd merely carpooled. Ryan stated that Frankie was right; it was a date. As the wedding party took their places, Madison sat with Randi and Frankie. "Are you wearing two different shoes?" Randi asked, and Madison grimaced.

Meeting Ryan for the wedding procession, Greenlee hoped that he and Madison were enjoying themselves. Ryan hoped the same for Greenlee, but she wished that David were there. "Do you really, after what he pulled last night?" Ryan incredulously asked. Greenlee glanced at Jackson, who was still on the phone. Shaking her head, she strode off.

The music was cued, and Tad and Liza strode down the aisle, followed by Ryan and Greenlee. In his white tuxedo jacket and black pants, Jake walked Ruth to her seat. Amanda walked alone in her white halter gown. When she met Jake before the minister, Jake said that she was beautiful.

The ceremony commenced, and the minister prompted the bride and groom to exchange their personally written vows. Amanda thanked Jake for sticking by her through all the difficult times. She promised to be the best mother, wife, and friend, and she said she'd laugh with him, even when he wasn't funny. "Not possible," Jake interjected. She vowed to devote her life to making sure that he never forgot that he was the most incredible man that she'd ever known.

Jake said that each time he looked at her, he could only think, "My God." He went on to say that she and Trevor had made him happy and, "I married a model, what!" He told her that he never needed thanks for sticking by her, because he always would. He stated that she was the love of his life, and he impulsively kissed her. "He didn't say you could do that yet," Tad whispered. Jake shushed Tad and continued to kiss Amanda. The couple exchanged rings and kissed again. The guests cheered as the bride and groom carried Trevor back down the aisle.

During the reception, Jesse and Angie introduced themselves to each other, and Jesse invited her for a dance. As they swayed, Jesse joked that Amanda and Jake seemed to have forgotten about everyone else in the room. When Angie glanced at the smooching newlyweds, her vision blurred, and she stumbled. A concerned Jesse led her off the dance floor.

Madison told Ryan that everyone in the place had noticed her shoes, and Ryan took them off her feet. "Done!" he declared, and she laughed. Amanda spotted Dave Barnes in the crowd, and she gasped as Jake announced that Barnes would perform. Barnes took the stage, and as Amanda and Jake danced, she stated that they couldn't top that day.

Liza glared at Colby and Damon kissing, and Tad rushed up, still elated to have risked going to her house the previous night. Liza stalked off, remarking that timing was a "real bitch." A confused Tad followed her and admitted that his timing hadn't been great. Liza claimed that the wedding had just made her emotional, and Tad took her to dance.

While watching Tad and Liza, Colby suggested that Damon make an effort, since Liza was trying. Colby pushed him into asking her mother to dance. Damon cut in on Liza and Tad, and as Damon danced with Liza, he asked if she'd seen any good pictures.

Greenlee spoke to Jackson, who'd booked himself another trip to West Virginia. He swore that he wouldn't return without his girl. Greenlee tried to tell him something, but Jackson's ringing phone interrupted her.

Jake halted the party to laud Greenlee and Ryan for making magic with a pen and bubble gum during the missing ring incident. Jake asked them to have a "victory dance," and Greenlee and Ryan sheepishly joined each other on the dance floor. She was in a daze as they danced, and he guessed that she'd rather dance with Jackson to take his mind off Erica. Greenlee looked upset, and Ryan asked what was wrong. "I know what happened to Erica," Greenlee replied.

Friday, June 11, 2010

At the police station, Natalia warned David that he would remain in custody until Chief Hubbard could figure out the error in David's paperwork. David smiled smugly as they entered Jesse's office, where a woman was waiting. David introduced her as Mayor Iris Blanco. The mayor made it clear that she was there on David's behalf. Natalia tried to calm the mayor down, but Ms. Blanco was infuriated that Jake had been released from custody, while David had been detained. Mayor Blanco threatened to launch an investigation if Natalia didn't release David immediately. After the mayor stormed out, David turned to Natalia and then snidely commented, "Gee, I hope I didn't get you in trouble."

At the Yacht Club, Tad and Colby smiled with satisfaction as they watched Liza and Damon dance. They were delighted that Liza and Damon appeared to be getting along. Moments later Ruth joined Tad and Colby. Colby mentioned that she had heard that Tad and Liza might get back together. Tad confessed that he didn't know where he and Liza were headed, but he was happy that they were trying to work things out.

On the dance floor, Liza and Damon smiled through gritted teeth. Liza suspected that Damon wanted an opportunity to torment her with the pictures that he had taken of her. She insisted that the photographs had been an invasion of her privacy. Damon suggested that she hadn't been concerned about that when she had lured him to her apartment. He knew exactly what she had planned to do, so he intended to hold onto the pictures, as insurance, to make certain that she didn't pull a similar stunt in the future.

Liza argued that Damon didn't belong with Colby. Damon bristled; he was adamant that he wouldn't screw things up with Colby. Liza smiled knowingly as she assured him that, with or without her help, Damon would fail. Damon tried to turn the tables on Liza by informing her that he didn't like the idea of Liza dating his father. He wondered if Tad knew what kind of woman Liza was. Liza vowed that she would never stop protecting her daughter because she didn't want Colby to go through the kind of pain that Liza had endured because of Tad.

Damon was curious what terrible deed Tad had done. "Did he stand you up? Ditch you at the prom?" Damon quipped. Liza's expression turned thunderous, but she didn't respond to the bait. Damon continued to goad her until he eventually managed to glean enough information to figure out that Tad had an affair with Liza's mother, Marian.

As Jackson and Krystal danced, she could see that he was deeply troubled about Erica. Jack admitted that it didn't make sense that someone as famous as Erica could simply disappear. Krystal wondered if Jack had considered the possibility that Greenlee might know something. She reminded him that Greenlee and Erica were at odds and that Greenlee was married to David. Jack hated to admit that there might be a chance that his daughter was somehow involved. However, Jack couldn't imagine Erica siphoning money from the Miranda Center, even if she had been losing to Greenlee.

Krystal was curious if Greenlee had ever admitted to anything. Jack shook his head. He didn't think that his daughter, knowing how he felt about Erica, would leave him "twisting in the wind." Jack and Krystal noticed Greenlee and Ryan abruptly leave the wedding reception, so Jack decided to follow them.

"What do you mean you know what happened to Erica?" Ryan demanded. Greenlee admitted that she knew why Erica wasn't in Pine Valley, but she didn't elaborate. Ryan wondered if Greenlee were trying to suggest that Erica had decided to lay low because of the scandal. "Do you think Erica would voluntarily hide out from a crisis?" Greenlee asked. Ryan was alarmed by the implication that something had happened to Erica. He demanded to know what Greenlee had done.

Greenlee argued that it wasn't about what she, or anyone, had done to Erica. According to Greenlee, the only thing that mattered was that Erica was out there. Ryan wanted to know what had happened to Erica, but Greenlee refused to tell him anything. Jake and Amanda interrupted them to thank Ryan and Greenlee for finding the wedding rings. After Jake and Amanda moved on to their other guests, Ryan tried to continue questioning Greenlee about Erica.

Greenlee decided that she had said more than enough, so she walked away. Ryan quickly followed her. He insisted on some answers, but Greenlee didn't want to ruin Jake and Amanda's day, so they decided to leave. A few minutes later, Ryan and Greenlee entered Fusion. Greenlee insisted that she didn't know where Erica was; however, she did reveal that Erica's plane had vanished after Erica had left West Virginia with Palmer's will.

Ryan demanded to know if she were trying to tell him that Erica's plane had crashed. His shock quickly turned to horror when he realized Greenlee's insight indicated that she might be involved in the fate of the flight. Jack was visibly shaken as he stood nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation. Jack was infuriated when Greenlee insisted that it didn't matter what happened to Erica, as long as they found her. "It matters to me," Jack insisted as he stepped forward.

Greenlee assured her father that she hadn't known about the plane right away. Jack pointed out that she had known longer than they had, but she had kept quiet. Greenlee promised that she had nothing to do with the missing plane, but Jack and Ryan had their doubts. Ryan decided to contact Jesse while Jack continued to question his daughter about Erica's flight. Jack needed to know if Erica was okay. Greenlee remained tightlipped, fueling Jack's certainty that David was involved.

Jesse helped Angie to a seat after she collapsed in his arms. Angie seemed shaken as she explained that she had been dizzy and that her vision had been blurry. Jesse wanted to get her some water, but he was afraid to leave Angie's side. After a few minutes Angie felt better. She assured Jesse that the incident had been an aberration; she promised that she was fine. Jesse seemed reluctant to believe her, but Angie reminded him that she was a doctor.

Later, Jesse received a phone call. Angie sensed that something was wrong. Jesse explained that there was an emergency, so he had to leave. He promised to call Angie as soon as he could. A few minutes later, Jesse entered Fusion, where Jack and Ryan quickly updated him on Greenlee's revelation about Erica. Greenlee seemed angry that they had called Jesse instead of going to search for Erica. She tried to talk to her father, but he turned his back on her. Jesse decided to take Greenlee to the police station to question her further.

Jack and Ryan placed some phone calls to start tracking down Erica's jet, but Jack was too angry to concentrate. Ryan suggested that they head to the police station to question Greenlee, but Jack didn't think that Greenlee would talk to him. Jack wanted Ryan to talk to Greenlee because she had trusted Ryan enough to open up to him about Erica's missing plane. As Ryan left, Krystal walked in.

At the reception, Jake and Amanda decided to cut the wedding cake. Amanda was initially reluctant to touch the cake because it was so beautiful, but Jake insisted. After the couple cut a slice of cake and then fed each other a bite, they shared some with Trevor.

Krystal glanced up when she spotted David standing in the doorway. She quickly approached her ex-husband to demand that he leave. David explained that he was there for his wife. Krystal took delight in letting David know that Greenlee had left with Ryan. She hinted that it might have had something to do with Erica. David tried not to react as Krystal mentioned that Jack had too much faith in Greenlee to think that she would be behind Erica's disappearance, but Krystal had learned the hard way that "all bets were off" when David was involved.

After a turn around the dance floor, Amanda called out for all the single ladies to join her. The ladies gathered around Amanda, so that she could toss the bouquet. Liza caught it. A few minutes later, Jake removed Amanda's garter and then threw it over his shoulder to the bachelors lined up behind him. As Tad caught the garter, Ruth whispered to Amanda, "the fix is in."

Jake and Amanda decided that they wanted to start their honeymoon, so they asked Liza and Tad to step onto the dance floor. Liza was soon seated on a chair while Tad slowly slid the garter up Liza's leg. Colby explained to Damon that the higher the garter was placed, the more luck Jake and Amanda would have. Damon appeared a bit uncomfortable as he watched his father's hands slip to Liza's thigh. Nearby, Krystal seemed to have a difficult time watching as Tad extended his hand to Liza and then pulled her into his arms for a brief, but passionate kiss.

Krystal decided to go to Fusion to look for Jack. Jack told her about Greenlee's shocking revelation regarding Erica's disappearance. Jack decided that he needed to search for Erica, so he asked Krystal to call his office to cancel his appointments. Krystal informed him that she couldn't do that because she intended to join Jack in the search.

Jake and Amanda thanked their guests for attending the wedding. Jake confessed that his life had started when he had met Amanda. After the happy couple invited everyone to enjoy the food and drink, they privately thanked Ruth for taking care of Trevor while they went on their honeymoon. Ruth wished that Joe could have shared the special occasion with them, but Jake and Amanda assured her that they understood why he had to remain in Florida. Moments later, everyone clapped as Jake and Amanda left the reception.

In the honeymoon suite, Jake and Amanda made love. Afterwards, Amanda admitted that it had been an incredible ending to a perfect day. Jake assured her that it was only the beginning. To prove his point, he made love to her again.

Tad noticed that Damon and Colby were still at the reception. He observed that perhaps Liza had been wrong about the kids' plans for after the wedding. Tad suggested that Damon might not be so bad after all. It hadn't escaped his attention that Liza and Damon had danced quite a bit, so clearly she had fun with Damon. "Loads," Liza sarcastically responded. As Liza picked up her bouquet, she confessed that it didn't seem fair that Tad had ended up with nothing, while she had received the bouquet and the garter.

Tad disagreed; he had Liza. "So we are really going to do this? Give it another go despite the risks?" Liza wondered. "Oh, hell yeah. You know what they say -- no risk, no reward." Tad replied. He didn't see anything standing in their way.

Nearby, Colby admitted that she hated to leave; she loved the hope and romance of weddings. Damon was unsettled when Colby suddenly confided that a huge force had washed over her when Amanda had thrown the bouquet. Colby had found herself not just reaching for the bouquet, but wanting it. "Bad," she added. Damon nervously chuckled as Colby commented, "Who knew?"

Frankie and Randi found Madison hiding in a corner. They encouraged her to mingle with the wedding guests, but Madison didn't seem interested. Moments later they spotted Ryan and Greenlee leaving the reception. Frankie wondered if Madison were okay. Madison tried to act nonchalant as she joked, "More cake for us." When Frankie and Randi were ready to leave, Frankie decided to invite Madison to join them. Madison didn't want to intrude, but Frankie insisted.

At the hospital, a nurse confessed that she was impressed with Angie's stamina. The nurse admitted that she would have been too exhausted to work after attending a wedding. Angie smiled, but once the nurse walked away, Angie pulled out a compact mirror to closely examine her eyes.

Greenlee sat in Jesse's office as Jesse wrapped up a call with the Federal Aviation Administration. Jesse informed Greenlee that the FAA was as interested in Erica's last flight as Jesse was. Greenlee refused to tell Jesse anything. Jesse warned her that the longer she remained silent, the worse it would be. He urged her to help herself. Greenlee glanced up to find Ryan standing in the doorway.

Ryan pleaded with Greenlee to tell them everything that she knew. Greenlee resented Ryan for involving Jesse. Ryan suspected that Greenlee had known, on some level, that he would notify the authorities. Greenlee stubbornly insisted that Ryan was wasting his time by questioning her. She wanted everyone to direct their energies on finding Erica.

David was furious when he was dragged back to the police station. Jesse cut off David's rant to let him know that David had a big problem. David was startled when Greenlee suddenly called out to David. "They know," she solemnly revealed.



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