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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 7, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, June 7, 2010

In the evidence room at the Oakdale Police Station, Jack couldn't believe that Carly had destroyed evidence by dropping the glass angel paperweight that Gabriel had said was Craig's weapon against him at Monte Carlo. "Accidents happen," quipped Carly, with a cavalier attitude. Jack was not amused, and he informed her that she had just broken the law. Carly was only interested in protecting Parker, however. The cop on duty returned and asked what had happened, but Jack covered for Carly and said he had fumbled the angel.

Carly thanked Jack, but he replied that he couldn't "do it anymore." Jack said that Craig had called Carly "toxic," and he was beginning to think Craig was right. Then Jack changed his mind and said it was not just Carly who was toxic; it was the two of them together. They drove home but were both on edge. Carly said she had done what she had felt she had to do, but Jack said she always did, and that was the problem. Carly accused him of not forgiving her for everything she had put him through over the years.

Then Carly said that Jack needed to accept her as she was, and she realized that he had driven her home not to work things out, but to say "goodbye." Jack said that when Carly broke the evidence, it was as if she had shattered any hope he had of things changing. Jack said he had to meet Janet for her ultrasound, and he opened the door. Carly asked if she would see him later, but Jack walked out without answering.

At the farm, Holden comforted Molly after she shot and killed Silas Whitman at the Old Mill Restaurant. He heard a car pull up and assumed it was the county sheriff, but instead their caller was Lily, who was arriving to tell Holden that she wanted him back. Holden answered Lily's knock, and she burst through the doorway but was surprised to see Molly there in tears. Lily asked if she was interrupting, but Holden spoke up and said he had just asked Molly to marry him.

Lily was stunned and asked what had happened. When she got no answer, Lily wished them well and said she would wait and let them tell their news to Faith. She walked out, almost in tears herself, as Holden pressed Molly for an answer to his proposal. Molly said if she needed to answer right away, then it had to be "no." Molly went on to say that they both knew that Holden would not have proposed that night if it were not for the fact that Molly had killed Whitman. She said it was not a good idea to be making plans for the rest of their lives while they were "freaking out."

Molly suggested that Holden felt guilty about not protecting her better, but what had happened was her own fault because she had taken a gun with her to the restaurant. When Silas had threatened to expose their videos to the world, Molly had pulled the trigger to get rid of the problem. Holden claimed that he loved her, and he knew that she loved him, too. Molly wanted to talk to Carly about what had happened before she gave Holden an answer, so she left to go there, as Holden promised to destroy the videos.

Lily returned home, and Lucinda poured her a glass of wine. She told her mother that Holden had proposed to Molly, and that blew Lucinda away. She recovered, however, and said that a reporter friend had called and told her that Molly Conlan had shot and killed ex-Congressman Whitman that night. Lucinda referred to it as "the light at the end of the tunnel," but Lily failed to see how Whitman's death had anything to do with her getting back with Holden. Lucinda's theory was that Holden had "sympathy" for Molly, but he truly loved Lily. She suggested that Lily go back to the farm and tell her ex-husband how she felt, so at least he then had a choice. Lily thanked her mother for her advice but then threw her out when Lucinda began talking trash about Molly again.

Molly drove to Carly's and the two began to have a pity party. Carly went first, but she realized her cousin was deeply upset, so she asked Molly for her story. Molly first told Carly that Holden had asked her to marry him, but then she burst into tears, and cried that she had just killed a man. Molly told Carly basically what had happened, but then she added the details and admitted that she had been able to send out an alarm to Holden. She said Silas had said terrible things and had physically attacked her, but he was not actually a threat when she had decided she had enough and had pulled the trigger. Molly questioned whether she deserved the love of a man like Holden.

In his jail cell, Craig did pushups and asked the guard for water. When the guard ignored him, Craig reminded the guard that his sister was the chief of police. He also asked to use the phone to call his five- year-old son, but the guard walked away. More of Craig's threats fell on deaf ears.

Janet went into Dusty's room at the Lakeview and found him on the phone, arguing. Johnny's playgroup was going to the community pool the next day, but Johnny could not go without a signed consent form from his legal guardian. Craig was the boy's guardian, but he was not eligible to grant permission while he was incarcerated, and he refused to give temporary guardianship to Dusty. Dusty was seeing his dream of living with Janet in their big brick house with Liberty, Johnny, and the new baby fade. He apologized for being in a foul mood, but Janet said she had to go for her sonogram, and she left. Dusty called the jail and asked for an appointment to see Craig.

The guard took Craig to the interview room in handcuffs, but his visitor turned out to be Janet. She announced that she was there to make sure that Craig did the right thing. She asked how much he loved his son, and when Craig said that Johnny was his whole life, she asked why Craig didn't act like it. She wanted him to explain why he didn't want Johnny to have fun with the other kids. Craig denied that, but he said he was the boy's father.

Janet asked him to grant temporary guardianship to Dusty, so that he could sign the papers and take care of things while Craig was in custody. "No," shouted Craig, and Janet reminded him that he had already hurt Gabriel, and he didn't want to hurt Johnny, as well. After Janet left, Craig hollered to go back to his cell, but instead Dusty walked in and asked why Craig was so willing to hurt his kid. Dusty vented on Craig, and when he had finished, Craig said that Johnny would go swimming with the other "rugrats" because Dusty was his temporary guardian.

At Memorial, the technician called Janet in for her appointment, but Jack had not yet arrived, so Janet stalled for a few minutes. She pulled out her phone to call him when Dusty walked up and offered to hold her hand. He also told her that she was "amazing" for convincing Craig to do the right thing. Janet decided not to wait for Jack and invited Dusty to accompany her for the ultrasound.

After the procedure, the technician took in the sonogram, but Janet asked her to put the photo in her file because she wanted to find out the sex of the baby at the same time as Jack. Janet thanked Dusty, and he, in turn, thanked her again for being successful with Craig. Dusty asked Janet to go out to dinner with him to celebrate her good news of a healthy baby, and he was pleased about his temporary guardianship of Johnny.

Jack was hurrying to leave the police station to get to the hospital for Janet when Holden rushed in. Holden told his cousin that Molly had just shot and killed Silas Whitman, and they had both given the local sheriff their statements. Jack asked Holden to start at the beginning, so the two went into the interview room. Holden told Jack the details, and then he said he wanted the whole thing to "go away quietly." He asked Jack to talk to the sheriff about Whitman's stalking of Molly. Then Jack attempted to get the timeline straight and learned that Molly had called Holden at one point and explained that Whitman was holding her hostage. Jack promised he would minimize the damage as much as possible.

As the evening drew to a close, Craig lay on the bunk in his cell and looked at Johnny's drawing of their family.

Janet and Dusty walked into his hotel room and kissed.

Jack had a lonely beer at Yo's and checked his phone for calls.

Carly checked her phone and walked upstairs to bed alone.

Lily turned off the lights and looked at a photo of her and Holden.

Holden drank a beer at the farm as Molly returned. She walked over to him and smiled "Yes" to his proposal, and they kissed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outside Meg's hospital room, Paul pondered Meg's regression, and Emily told him to face the fact that Meg needed to return to Deerbrook. Meg's doctor approached with a toxicology report that showed high levels of methadone in Meg's system. Paul seemed puzzled by the findings, but Emily exclaimed that Meg had been doing drugs the whole time.

Ranting about the drug use, Emily stormed into Meg's room, but a startled Meg declared that she'd never take drugs. Paul sent Emily out of the room and he asked Meg for the truth. Vehemently denying it, Meg reminded him that she'd rarely even take aspirin.

Outside the room, Emily encountered Alison and revealed that Meg had been taking methadone. Alison thought that was a curious thing because some methadone had gone missing just a few days prior. Alison recalled seeing Meg at the hospital around the same time.

When Barbara arrived, Emily filled her in on the toxicology report. Emily asserted that an unstable Meg was drugging herself, but Barbara theorized that someone else had done it. An offended Emily wondered if Barbara were accusing her of something.

Paul approached, and Emily repeated what Alison had said about the missing methadone. Paul refused to jump to conclusions, and Emily seethed that he thought that worst of everyone, but Meg. He claimed that it wasn't true, and Emily challenged him to take his wife's side.

Barbara slipped into Meg's room, and Meg declared that she hadn't given herself the drug. Barbara told Meg about the missing methadone, and Meg swore that she hadn't stolen it. "You can ask Emily...She was here at the same time I was," Meg revealed.

Barbara returned to the corridor to find Emily and Paul still debating about Meg. Barbara repeated Meg's claim that Emily had also been at the hospital the day that the drug had gone missing. Emily reminded Paul that she'd taken Eliza for a checkup that day. Barbara asserted that someone had drugged Meg to make her look bad. Paul found the theory plausible, and Emily became outraged. "Just tell me the truth, Emily. Did you drug Meg?" Paul asked.

Back in Meg's room, Meg pulled a bag from a drawer. Inside was a bottle of methadone. She held it in her hand and grinned.

At the Lakeview, Henry insisted upon going to a doctor's appointment with Vienna, but she claimed that the doctor always made her wait. She promised to call him when the doctor was ready, and he could join her then.

At WOAK, Katie recalled her and Alison's conversation about Chris. The thought of Chris's kiss rattled Katie, and she rushed off to pick up a prescription for Jacob. At the hospital, she saw a couple kissing, and her mind spiraled right back to her kiss with Chris. Katie snapped out of her musings when she overheard Vienna discussing artificial insemination with a nurse. "No way. I am not going to let you do that," Katie declared after the nurse had left.

Vienna said that she was desperate, because Henry wouldn't sleep with her for fear that he'd hurt the baby. Katie urged Vienna to be honest with Henry and just let nature take its course. Alison stood in the background as Vienna asserted that nature needed a little help.

Henry went to Trinity Park to remember when he and Vienna had released balloons for their unborn child. He had a panic attack, and Barbara approached as he breathed into a paper bag. He didn't want Barbara to see him like that, but she cited that he'd been there for her panic attack. Henry felt uncomfortable confiding in her, but she claimed that she was over him being with Vienna. Barbara advised him not to push away a friend just when he needed one.

Henry said that after shopping at a baby store, he'd wound up on the spot where he and Vienna had bidden goodbye to their baby. He feared losing the new baby, but Barbara encouraged him to stay strong. She assured him that the baby would be fine, and he'd be a wonderful parent. Barbara felt that Henry and Paul were both good men, despite their father.

Barbara hoped that Henry could move beyond their involvement to give his all to his new family. She felt that he, Vienna, and the baby deserved happiness. Henry hoped that Barbara also found what she was looking for. "I thought I had," she uttered. He tried to embrace her, but she stopped him. Staring regretfully at each other, they parted ways.

Later, Henry showed up at the hospital, and Vienna noted that he hadn't waited for her call. She said that he'd wasted his time, because her appointment had been canceled. Leading her away, Henry stated that he had a surprise waiting for her.

At Java, Henry gave Vienna her favorite music to play for the baby and a storybook that she'd loved as a child. He apologized for being anxious and scared, but he wanted everything to work out. She assured him that it would. "I can't wait to have a baby with you, Liebchen," he said and kissed her hand. She smiled sadly.

They returned to the Lakeview, and Henry confided that he'd gone to Trinity Park. He said that being in the place where they'd said goodbye to the baby had helped him realize that he had to move on and that everything would be okay. They vowed to give their baby a wonderful life, and Vienna whispered for him to make love to her. "No fear, remember?" she said, and they sank onto the bed.

At Java, Chris attempted to ask Alison out, but she figured that he had the wrong girl. Chris got confused, and Alison guessed that he didn't remember the romantic professions that he'd made while on the painkillers. Chris hoped that he hadn't embarrassed her, but she responded that he'd thought that he'd been speaking to Katie, not Alison.

Alison figured that the incident had clarified things between her and Chris, and the two resolved to be just friends. She revealed that she'd shared what he'd said with Katie, and Chris stated that Katie hadn't mentioned it to him. "And that is not a good thing," he figured.

At WOAK later, Chris pulled Katie aside to talk about his profession to Alison. He realized that he'd spoken to the wrong person, but he claimed that it was still true. Katie gulped as he stated that he had strong feelings for her, and he couldn't forget about the kiss. She tried to avoid the conversation, and Chris accused her of being afraid to let Brad go.

Katie said that Chris couldn't force her to have feelings for him, and he replied that he wouldn't compete with her dead husband. Katie felt that he had no idea of what she was going through to lose her spouse, and he decided that it was best to just leave her alone. He said that he'd tape his last show with her, and then she'd never have to see him again.

Chris and Katie sat on the set before taping, and Katie wondered what he'd expected her to say when he'd made his profession. He stated that he'd been medicated, but he'd hoped that she'd feel the same way. Katie quipped that she didn't, and he shouldn't have expected a kiss to change her entire life. Chris reminded her that she hadn't wanted to talk about it, but Katie continued to comment on it. Chris remarked that if she was that persistent about something that she didn't care about, he was dying to see her handle something that she did care about.

While on air, Chris told the audience that he was leaving the show. He wished them and Katie the best, and they went off the air. Katie was speechless, but he said that she didn't have to speak. He stated that he really did wish her the best, and it really was goodbye. Katie looked upset as he walked away.

At the Hughes house, Tom arrived home from visiting Daniel, and Casey pensively remarked that a kid could do well, even without his parents raising him together. Tom's interest piqued, and Casey confided that he might have gotten someone pregnant. Casey expressed his willingness to step up, but the mother hadn't confirmed him as the father. Tom offered to get a court ordered paternity test, but Casey hoped that he wouldn't have to resort to that. Tom said that Casey would be a good father, and Casey responded that he'd learned from the best.

Casey went to the hospital, where Alison apprised him of the tense conversation that she'd seen between Katie and Vienna. Alison urged him to ask his aunt Katie about it, but he worried that Katie would freak out and tell his mother. Casey agonized over how he'd find out the truth, and Alison stated that she might know a way to discover the name of Vienna's doctor.

Casey and Alison went to the records room, and she pulled up information on the computer. Later, they reviewed Vienna's hospital file to discover that she hadn't even had a doctor's appointment since the miscarriage. Casey figured that it was possible that Vienna had seen a doctor outside Memorial, but Alison wondered why Vienna would say that the doctor worked at Memorial if he didn't.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emily and Paul argued about the methadone the toxicology screen had identified in Meg as they stood outside her room at Memorial. Emily swore she had not drugged Paul's ex-wife, and she said again that Meg had been released too early from Deerbrook. She argued that she adored Eliza and would never do anything that could possible hurt the little girl. Barbara walked out of Meg's room and began baiting Emily by declaring that Emily had begun drugging Meg so that she could step in and be "Eliza's mommy."

Emily urged Barbara to go away, but Barbara told her to tell Paul what she had said about Meg. Emily admitted that she had voiced the opinion that Meg should be locked up in a mental hospital. Then a disgusted Emily declared that she was going home, where she and Paul could continue their discussion in private. Barbara told Paul that she thought that sounded like a confession to her, but Paul said that his mother needed to stay out of his business.

In her room, Meg examined a bottle of methadone as Alison entered. Meg hid the bottle in a drawer, hugged Alison, and asked her to please help. Meg begged the girl to talk to her sister, Emily, and to stop Emily from trying to take Eliza away from Meg. She swore she would never have made herself sick, and Meg blamed Emily for framing her and putting the methadone in her system. Barbara walked in again and verbally attacked Alison.

Barbara asked if Emily had sent Alison to harass Meg, but Alison refused to take the bait. She defended her sister, but Barbara claimed that everyone, even Paul, knew the truth. Alison stormed out, and Barbara told Meg that they would get to the bottom of it, and she urged Meg to get back in bed. Barbara said she had convinced Paul that that Meg was one of Emily's victims because, to be truthful, Meg was the lesser of two evils. Meg realized that her former mother-in-law was trying to get Emily out of Paul's life.

Back at Fairwinds, Emily said she couldn't stand the thought of leaving Eliza or of moving back in with her mother. Paul had returned home, and he hugged his wife, but he stunned Emily by saying that he thought Emily was perfectly capable of drugging Meg. After all, that was pretty tame compared to shooting Paul and kidnapping Dusty. Paul said he knew that his wife was "out there," and he looked her in the eye and said, "I know you." Emily still swore on their marriage that she had not poisoned Meg, and she said she thought it was obvious that Barbara was trying to frame her.

Paul could not figure out why his mother had it in for Emily, so she told him it was because Emily had him and Eliza both. Emily reminded Paul that Barbara had lost her "boy toy, Henry," and she wanted her son back. Paul did not believe her, and he asked Emily to admit that she had drugged Meg. Alison interrupted their argument and said she had just been with Meg, and the woman had made crazy accusations against Emily about the methadone. Emily was furious, as Paul said he needed to go out to think. Emily cautioned him to think about how his mother had tried from day one to rip them apart, but Paul walked out without saying anything.

Alison told Emily to stop Barbara somehow. When Emily said she didn't know how, Alison asked how her sister would investigate if it were a story she was writing for her online newspaper. Emily said she would start at the beginning, and Alison reminded her that the day the methadone had disappeared from Memorial, both Emily and Meg had been there. Emily asked if a methadone test was a routine screening for patients, but Emily explained that it had to be specially ordered. Emily said they needed to know who had ordered Meg's tox screen to find out who was behind it all. Alison promised to check it out, and she hugged Emily and left.

Paul was outside Meg's room when his mother walked out. He asked what she was doing, and Barbara claimed she had been sitting with Meg and had nothing at all to do with what was going on. She also accused Emily again of drugging Meg and showing absolutely no remorse. Paul denied that Emily had hurt Meg, but Barbara called him "na´ve." Barbara took off, so Paul watched Meg through the window in her room. After a few minutes, he went in and sat with her for a while. When he got up to leave, Meg, who had been feigning sleep, began to toss and cry out in distress. Paul comforted her, and Meg hugged him

She pretended that she had experienced a bad dream, so Paul asked if some tea would calm her. Then it occurred to Paul that just before Meg's two recent breakdowns, Emily had served her tea. He held Meg close and swore he would protect her always.

At Fairwinds, Emily lay on the couch and cuddled Eliza. Alison called her with the news that Barbara Ryan had ordered the tox screen on Meg. "I knew it," gloated Emily. When Barbara returned, Emily asked how Barbara dared to try turning Paul against her. She threatened that when Paul found out that his mother was behind everything, he would never speak to Barbara again. Then she dropped the bomb that she knew that Barbara had ordered Meg's test, but Barbara did not deny it. She said she had a hunch that drugs were behind Meg's conduct, but she needed proof. Emily called Barbara a "twisted woman" who had lost Henry and wanted to get close to her son again. Emily said that Paul loved her, but Barbara countered by asking if that was so, why Paul was at Meg's bedside as they spoke.

Luke was working on his laptop at home and found a photo of him and Noah. Just then, Bob Hughes rang the doorbell and asked whether Luke was available for a lunch meeting that day. Bob apologized for the short notice, but he explained that soon the hospital board would be discussing the possibility of selling Memorial Hospital to a company called "Invicta Hospital Corporation," and the board needed to "court" the buyer before it made its decision. Bob asked Luke, a major hospital donor to the new wing, to attend a casual lunch with him and the Invicta representative, Ms. Mona Cross. Bob also mentioned that Dr. Reid Oliver would also be attending, and he hoped that Luke could keep the unpredictable doctor in line. Luke agreed to lunch at the Lakeview, and then Bob said he hoped that he could also get Noah to at least drop by as "Exhibit A" of what Dr. Oliver and the new wing could accomplish. Luke said Noah would probably be willing to help Bob, but not Reid Oliver.

Bob asked if there was a problem between Noah and Dr. Oliver, and Luke stumbled around until he dismissed the concern as "nothing." Bob was disappointed that Noah might not attend, because he was living proof of Dr. Oliver's surgical skills. Bob left, but not before he asked Luke to run the invitation by Noah anyway. Luke grabbed his coat and said, "Here goes nothing!"

At Memorial, Noah had another exam from Dr. Oliver, who found further improvement in Noah's eyesight. The doctor asked if Noah had any questions, and Noah had only one: he wanted to know when Dr. Oliver had first started having feelings for Noah's boyfriend. Oliver's answer was, "The second or third time I laid eyes on him," which prompted Noah to inquire how many times Oliver and Luke had "done it." Reid said Noah would have to "narrow down" the question before Reid could answer it. Then Noah asked how often the doctor hit on other people's boy- or girl friends, and he got sarcastic and asked if Oliver specialized only in blind patients.

Dr. Oliver asked if he and Noah were no longer patient and doctor, and Noah said that was the way it was. He no longer needed the services of the doctor, so that meant Reid could say what he felt. He accused Noah of treating Luke "like dirt," but Noah got very defensive. The doctor called Noah "a spoiled brat," but Noah walked out and headed to Java in Old Town.

At the coffee shop, Noah asked about getting back his old job, but he got annoyed when the manager told him he had to fill out an application again. Luke found him there, and Noah was curt and asked what he wanted. Luke said he wanted a favor: Bob Hughes asked if Noah would meet with him and a representative from Invicta to talk about Noah's surgery. Noah was agreeable until Luke mentioned that Dr. Oliver was also attending the meeting. '"I'm busy," blurted out Noah, and he said that he refused to make Dr. Oliver "look good." Luke reminded his former boyfriend that Reid was single, and by the time Reid had made his first move on Luke, he had been single too. "What is wrong with you?" asked Luke, and he reminded Noah of all he owed Reid, but Noah would not budge.

At the Lakeview, Reid met with Bob Hughes, who wanted to go over Reid's "presentation" before anyone else arrived. His instructions to the younger man were to smile, shake Ms. Cross's hand, tell her he was thrilled to meet her, and to keep his mouth shut. Bob also suggested that Oliver let others say how amazing he was as a doctor. Ms. Cross arrived, and Bob introduced himself and then Reid, whom he said they had "snagged from Dallas" the previous fall. Luke also arrived, and Bob described him as a "major donor to the new wing." Luke interrupted when Reid began veering off course, and he steered the conversation around to Noah's successful eye surgery.

Ms. Cross had heard of Noah's case, and she said she would love to meet the patient. Luke gave excuses for Noah, but just then Noah walked in and announced that he had changed his plans. Ms. Cross asked Noah if he had enjoyed working with Dr. Oliver, and the young man hesitated and then said, "No." He did temper that by saying that the hospital would attract more talented surgeons with Dr. Oliver as its head, and that would enhance its reputation.

Ms. Cross thanked Noah and shook his hand, but as Noah turned to leave, he sucker-punched Reid and knocked him backwards onto a couch. Everyone was shocked, as Bob and Luke ran to check out Dr. Oliver. Ms. Cross said she was astonished, so Bob offered her a drink and led her to the bar. Luke said he would drive Reid to the hospital, and he accepted. At the hospital, Oliver checked his nose in a mirror and declared that it was not broken. He and Luke had a discussion that led to Luke's leaning in as preparation for a kiss with Reid, when Bob unexpectedly opened the door and saw them.

Bob appeared shocked and asked to have a word with Dr. Oliver alone. Luke left, and Reid asked Bob what he needed. "To be wrong," said Bob. He asked why Reid had not told him that he was having a personal relationship with Luke Snyder outside the hospital, and Reid told him that he had not known that either Luke or Noah was going to be at the meeting. Bob said that such a relationship was "inappropriate," but Reid argued that Luke had never been his patient, and Noah had terminated his medical services that very morning. Bob was upset that Noah had clocked the doctor in front of a potential investor who could have poured millions of dollars into the hospital.

Bob pointed out that if Ms. Cross figured out Luke and Noah's connection, the whole deal could self-destruct. Reid hinted broadly that the deal had more to do with the fact that it involved two gay men, but Bob insisted that it dealt only with ethics, not sexual orientation. It was not ethical for Reid to have a relationship with a major hospital donor. Reid told Bob to butt out of his business, but Bob said it would go as follows: the new wing would go forward and prosper, or Reid could have a relationship with Luke Snyder, but Dr. Oliver could not have both. Bob asked him to choose, and he walked out.

Luke caught up with Noah in Old Town and asked what had happened. Noah said he had punched Reid because he wanted to. Luke reminded Noah that he had ended their relationship and therefore had no right to "punch in" his opinions on someone else who was attracted to Luke. Then he asked if Noah's reaction meant that he still cared, but Noah said it was only his being "fed up."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Janet sent an excited Johnny off with his nanny for his class swim day, while Dusty asked how she had gotten Craig to agree to let him be the boy's temporary guardian. "Simple," replied Janet. "I'm not you." Dusty wanted to pay her back in some way, so Janet asked him to help convince Liberty to go to summer school and get her diploma in the fall rather than stressing herself by attempting to make up all her missed schoolwork before graduation.

Dusty's suggestion was that Janet "lighten up" because Liberty was healthy again, and one more night of hard work would not hurt her. Janet confessed that she didn't really want her daughter to graduate because then she would leave in the fall and go to college in New York. Janet called herself "selfish," but Dusty changed that to "normal."

Parker saw Liberty in Al's, and he joined her. The girl said she had only one day to take all her exams and write an English paper. Neither teen noticed that Gabriel was outside watching them through a window, but Lucinda saw him as she walked by. She yanked the boy away and marched him to a nearby bench. Lucinda asked what Gabriel's future plans were, but he gave her a smart-aleck response. She reminded him of her generous offer to help him leave town, but Gabriel said he had to testify at Craig's trial. Lucinda suggested that he give a sworn deposition instead and then skip town with her cash. She also asked what was keeping him in Oakdale, although she suspected it was Liberty.

Gabriel told Lucinda that she didn't "own" him, but she reminded him that she had paid him well to lie about Craig's part in the crime. She said that did not mean, however, that he should hang around Oakdale indefinitely. Gabriel needed to leave as soon as possible, she urged. Gabriel said Lucinda could not make him leave, but she said as she walked away that she would pretend he had never said that. Gabriel was still in Old Town when Johnny and his nanny walked by. Johnny hugged Gabriel and called him "brother." Gabriel was touched, but after the boy moved on, Gabriel looked fierce, and he took off quickly.

Inside the diner, Liberty told Parker that when she was so ill with cancer, the thought of her graduating was a strong motivation for her to fight. Parker said the cancer made her stronger, but Liberty recalled that just before her father had died, he had marked his next year's calendar with the date of her high school graduation. Liberty did not want to disappoint Brad, so Parker accepted that and asked what he could do to help. Liberty said that unfortunately she had to do it all herself.

Parker excused himself from Liberty and walked to the Lakeview. He knocked on Dusty's door and announced that Liberty needed their help -- fast. He also sent the girl a message to meet him at Java, which Liberty did. Waiting for her there, she found Dusty, Janet, Parker, and her best friend, Mac, with a laptop set up. Parker said they were all going to help her pass her exams and write her paper so that she could graduate with her class. Parker said he would help her study calculus, Mac would quiz her on chemistry, Dusty would take on US history, and Janet would help her with a paper on a Shakespearean sonnet.

Liberty was amazed at her team, but she was doubtful that they could get everything done in time. They began to work, and Liberty and Mac finished the chemistry. Janet, however, was stumped on the sonnet, so Dusty took the book from her and read for a while. It was a love sonnet, and Dusty got it because he said he had the same feelings about Janet. He explained it to Liberty, who wrote her paper, and Dusty and Janet took off. Parker coached her next on calculus until Liberty could work all the problems. She thanked Parker for helping her realize her dream, and she kissed him on the cheek. Liberty left for the library to meet a proctor for an exam.

In the jail, the guard told Craig that his case would go before the Grand Jury very soon. Craig was concerned, and he worried that he would be indicted. Upstairs in the station, Sheriff Dooley from the county arrived to speak with Jack about Molly Conlon's case. Jack had sent the sheriff a message about "extenuating circumstances" in the case, and Dooley told Jack that there were a few aspects of the shooting that hadn't made it into his report. The two went into the interview room, and the sheriff said that the shooting would have been a clear case of self-defense if he hadn't found a certain DVD in the victim's car trunk. Dooley handed the DVD to Jack and said he had only watched the first 30 seconds of it because it was of Molly Conlon and the congressman having sex.

The sheriff cautioned Jack that his county's district attorney was running for re-election soon and was looking for a case that would make a media splash. Jack said that Molly and Whitman had carried on a somewhat public affair, but Dooley said the sex tape begged the question of whether blackmail was involved. Jack reminded him that the DVD was not evidence because it was not found at the crime scene, and he suggested that Molly deserved to have it to destroy. The sheriff agreed, and both lawmen agreed to sign off on it.

Gabriel went to the jail and asked to visit Craig. He asked the guard to give them privacy, so they talked at the door of Craig's cell. Craig showed the boy the family picture that Johhny had drawn that included Gabriel, but Gabriel told him to shut up. Craig asked the teen to recant his statement because of "confusion," and then they could start all over. Gabriel told Craig to forget it; he was not retracting his statement. Craig wanted a chance to get to know his son, but Gabriel ordered Craig to stop using Johnny as a "wing man" because he was not part of Craig's family. Then Gabriel mentioned something that Mrs. Walsh had said, and Craig immediately picked up on that and asked what else Mrs. Walsh had told the boy. Gabriel called Craig a lowlife and walked out.

Molly visited Carly and told her cousin that she had accepted Holden's proposal. The two women squealed with joy at the same time that Holden was sitting in his former house with Lily, and breaking the marriage news to her. Lily remained silent for a long while, but then she asked Holden if he was sure he knew what he was doing by proposing marriage in the middle of the Silas Whitman nightmare. Holden reminded Lily that he and Molly had known each other for many years and shared a daughter, Abigail. He asked for Lily's blessing, and she reluctantly gave it. Holden thanked her, and they decided that they should tell the kids together.

Molly and Carly got out bridal magazines and made wedding plans. Carly asked if Lily knew yet, and Molly said that Holden was telling her at that moment and would then pick Molly up at Carly's house. Molly was happy to put her wedding dress design and that of Abigail's in Carly's hands, and Holden rang the bell. Molly jumped up and let him in, and he assured her that it had gone well with Lily. Carly congratulated him, and just then Jack arrived and learned that his cousin and Molly were officially engaged. Jack hugged Molly and slipped her the DVD, which she put in her pocket. Carly noticed, however, and asked what it was.

Molly said it was all right if Carly knew because she knew all about Silas. Molly thanked Jack for his help, and she and Jack left to call Abigail with the good news. Jack was about to go, also, but Carly asked if she had just witnessed a "cover-up." Then she said that she knew Jack would never do something like that for Molly when he wouldn't even consider doing something similar for his own son. Carly was bitter and asked about a "secret club" that Jack, Holden, and Molly seemed to have. Jack explained that the DVD was not really evidence, just filth. Carly called it a "free pass for Molly," while Jack would not lift a finger for Parker.

Jack shouted that Carly had destroyed evidence when she smashed the glass angel from her Monte Carlo office, and he might never be able to prove that Gabriel was lying. "Good," snarled Carly. They argued, and Jack accused her of not having faith in him. He asked why she automatically thought he would throw Parker to the wolves. Jack said he was trying to do right by Parker, but he still had to figure out the truth. "You can't have both," yelled Carly. She urged him to "bend the rules just a little bit," as Jack ran out. He ran into Parker on the porch, and the boy wanted to know why his father was upset.

Lucinda, bearing gifts, dropped by Lily's and offered to take her daughter away for a few days of fun. Then she noticed that Lily was tearful, and Lily told her mother that Molly and Holden were getting married. Lucinda declared that the wedding would not happen, but Lily said she couldn't stop it. Lucinda made a bad joke about Molly's shooting her last lover, but that upset Lily even more. Lucinda was sure there was something "fishy" about the shooting story, but Lily warned her not to get involved. Her mother admitted that she would like a conversation with the investigating officer on the case, however. Lily said that Holden had moved on and was marrying another woman, but Lucinda urged her daughter to talk with him one more time about her feelings. Lily said she just needed to take a walk and get some air, so she went outside. Lucinda's phone rang with a message that Craig Montgomery wanted to see her.

Back in the Lakeview, Janet and Dusty welcomed back Johnny, and she tried to warm up the boy. He was cold from swimming, and Dusty laughed at the two of them together. Johnny went to get dressed, and Dusty said that the sonnet he had read earlier had made him think of her. He said Janet had made the sun emerge from the clouds for him, just like the man in the sonnet. Janet said she couldn't wait for their future together, and she and Dusty kissed.

Jack found Gabriel going into Lily's house and said he wanted the teen to go to the station the next day to answer more questions about the fire. He also said he was just looking for the truth.

Holden and Molly returned to the farm, and Molly wondered if there were any more DVDs of her out there. Holden said he thought they should burn the ones the police didn't know about and the one Jack had given them, but Molly thought they were evidence. Holden reminded her that the sheriff only knew of one, and he had handed it over to Jack, so it must not be pertinent to the case. They walked out to the pond and started a fire nearby. Lily was walking in the woods and spotted the two of them through the trees. She saw that they were burning something, and she heard Holden say, "No one ever needs to know."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lucinda arrived in the holding cells at the police station to find out what Craig wanted from her. Craig remarked that Gabriel seemed to mimic Lucinda. "He sounds just like a filthy rich woman of a certain age," Craig added. He accused her of manipulating Gabriel into railroading his father. Lucinda, who claimed that she had no time for games, assured Craig that there was no conspiracy; however, Craig stated, "The lady doth protest too much."

Lucinda continued to deny it, and Craig threatened to call Lily down there to hear about her mother's exploits. Lucinda thought that he was desperate and guilty over his attempted filicide. She warned that his threats wouldn't work, but he responded that they already were.

After Lucinda left, Craig faked a heart attack and punched out the guard who tried to assist him. Craig locked the guard in the cell and escaped the holding area.

At the Lakeview, Parker visited Liberty, who was living there with her mother while painters finished the house. Liberty was too afraid to look at her grades online. Parker checked them for her and congratulated her on being in the class of 2010.

In the lounge, Dusty calmed Janet's anxiety about whether Liberty would graduate. Liberty text-messaged Janet to say that they had to hustle, if they wanted to make it to the graduation ceremony. An ecstatic Janet raced upstairs to congratulate her daughter and thank Parker, who said he'd do anything for Liberty. The teens told Janet that Liberty would speak at the ceremony, and Janet decided to throw a party at Metro for the adults afterward.

Liberty mentioned that the school was having a reception after the graduation that evening. Parker was unhappy that Liberty wanted Gabriel at the ceremony, but since it was her day, he decided to deal with it. Teri entered as Parker left, and Liberty received a floral delivery from Jack. Dusty arrived with flowers, too, and then he and Teri took off for Metro.

Later, Janet tearfully admired Liberty in her graduation garb. Janet realized that Liberty's childhood had been tough, but promised that the future would be smooth sailing.

At Metro, Dusty and Teri prepared for the party, and Teri wondered how Dusty felt about his situation with Janet. Dusty wished that Janet would wear his ring, but he knew that she wasn't ready. Teri figured that Janet would be ready if it weren't for the pregnancy.

Across town, Jack arrived on Carly's doorstep with an apology. They hugged and kissed, but tensions flared again when Jack conveyed that he'd questioned Gabriel more. Jack sensed that Gabriel was hiding something, and for Parker's sake, Jack had to discover what it was. Carly insisted that Craig was at fault, and Parker didn't do anything wrong. Jack urged her to let him prove that. He felt that if they were honest, they could help Parker through it.

At Lily's, Gabriel and Faith exchanged barbs about him drinking from the orange juice carton, and he assured her that he wouldn't live there forever. He inquired about Liberty and Parker's relationship, but Faith quipped that Liberty wouldn't go for a loser like Gabriel. Both their phones rang at once. Parker called Faith to invite her to the graduation, and Liberty called Gabriel to invite him, too. Once the calls ended, Carly arrived, requesting to talk with Gabriel.

Outside, Carly urged Gabriel to stick with his story about Craig. She figured that it was the least that Gabriel could do for Parker after stealing from his trust fund. Gabriel insinuated that he hadn't a reason to change his story, and he hurried off.

Later, Jack called Gabriel to the police station to discuss the inconsistencies in Gabriel's story. Under Jack's questioning, Gabriel couldn't explain why the glass figurine hadn't broken during the assault or why he didn't have two head injuries, one from Parker and one from Craig. As Gabriel stammered, Jack warned that Gabriel could go to jail for perjury. Gabriel insisted that he'd told the truth, and Craig should be punished.

When Carly arrived home, Parker wondered if he and his parents would go together to Liberty's graduation. He panicked when Carly said that Jack would head there from the station. Parker worried that his parents had fought about him again, but Carly pretended that they hadn't.

Just then, Faith arrived, and Carly went to change clothes. Parker complimented Faith, and she remarked that Gabriel's invitation to the graduation proved that Liberty was into Gabriel, so Parker should move on. Parker avoided the topic, and she went to the kitchen.

Gabriel arrived and warned Parker to call Jack off for Parker's own sake. Gabriel took off just as quickly as he'd arrived, and Parker confided in Faith that Gabriel might be lying to the police about Craig. Parker worried because he'd left Gabriel unconscious, and though Parker hadn't known about the fire, he could still go to jail. Faith didn't believe Jack would let that happen, but Parker reasoned that Jack might not have a choice. Parker also worried that Liberty shouldn't be spending time with a guy cold enough to set his father up for attempted murder.

When Gabriel arrived back at Lily's, Lucinda gave him a stack of cash and told him to start a new life in a new town. He wasn't sure that he wanted to leave, and he considered telling Margo about Lucinda's bribe. "Do you take me for an amateur?" Lucinda asked. She claimed to know all the judges in town, and she assured him that he'd find himself digging ditches somewhere. She said that he could be incarcerated there or free somewhere else, but he had to decide right then. Gabriel tucked the cash into his book bag and left.

As Lucinda spoke on the phone later, Craig burst into the house. Craig ordered her to fix things with Gabriel, or Craig would start behaving like the monster that she feared him to be.

In the seats at graduation, Carly congratulated Janet, who responded by staring around as if something in the room stank. Carly asked Jack about Gabriel, and Jack whispered that the teen was sticking to his story.

During Liberty's speech, she thanked her loved ones and her teachers for standing by her. She personally thanked Parker for his devotion to her. She said that the word "friend" wasn't enough to describe him. She rendered a heartfelt thanks to Janet, too, and said she'd always need her mother. Liberty wished that Brad could be there, because his insistence that she remain in school was the real reason that she'd graduated. She felt that her future was just as bright as the stars that Brad had said he'd be watching her from.

After the ceremony, the reception for the graduates convened at the Lakeview. Gabriel showed up and asked Liberty to leave with him. She said that she couldn't duck out on her graduation party. A furious Parker ordered the lying Gabriel to stay away from Liberty. Parker claimed that Gabriel had set his own father up and threatened Parker to make Jack back off about it. While Liberty tried to figure out what was going on, Gabriel dared Parker to hit him again. Parker paused and then slugged Gabriel. The two began brawling in the lounge.

A teacher broke up the fight, and Liberty declared that Gabriel and Parker had ruined her day. She stomped out, and Gabriel followed. Parker tried to go, as well, but Faith told him that it wouldn't do him any good to chase after Liberty.

At Metro, Carly looked uneasy as Jack toasted to Janet for being a "hell of a lady" and a great mother. Janet thanked everyone for accepting her and Liberty into their lives. Dusty and Carly frowned when Jack and Janet hugged. Carly and Jack departed, and Teri whispered to Dusty to convince Janet to marry him. Teri watched the couple dance, and Dusty stealthily pulled the engagement ring from his pocket.

Just then, Parker burst into Metro to tell Janet that Liberty had taken off with Gabriel after a fight at the reception. Janet broke away from Dusty, who slipped the ring back into his pocket. Janet exclaimed that they had to find Liberty before something bad happened again.

Jack took Carly home, and as he slowly turned to leave, she offered him coffee. He said he'd love some, and he'd enjoyed being with her during the happy occasion that day. His phone rang, and she scowled when he answered it. During the call, Janet filled Jack in about the fight, and he and Carly took off to help find Liberty and Gabriel.

At Brad's grave, Liberty sobbed that she missed father, and nothing had gone right without him. Gabriel approached to apologize for ruining her party, but he'd wanted to say goodbye, because he was leaving town. Liberty assumed that Parker had been right, and Gabriel was fleeing from his lies about Craig. She sobbed that Craig wasn't perfect, but he was alive, unlike Brad. She claimed that she'd do anything to have her father with her.

Gabriel said that he didn't know what else to do, but Liberty urged him to tell the truth. She said that Gabriel's childhood pain was in the past, and Craig hadn't intentionally left Gabriel as a child. She felt that it was wrong to make Craig suffer for a crime he didn't commit.



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