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Clint showed up at Bo and Nora's wedding with a shotgun. Dani broke up with Matthew. Charlie comforted Dorian; Jack snapped their photo, and Todd sent it to Viki. Todd was determined to prove that Hannah was crazy. Starr met Ford's brother James. Starr and James, along with Hope, went on the run. Todd sneaked a peek into Téa's medical file.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 7, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, June 7, 2010

At the church, Bo got upset because there was no rabbi and no Andrew to perform the marriage. David volunteered to marry Bo and Nora, but Bo thought he was joking. David explained that he was an ordained minister through the Church of Scientology because "someone had to marry Tom and Katie." Bo didn't think Nora would like it, but David insisted that he could and wanted to, and that there was no one else present who could do it. Bo finally agreed, but made David promise not to wear an orange robe. Bo prayed that he wouldn't regret his decision.

Right outside of Foxy Roxy's, Nora marveled at the sudden change in weather and even swore that she saw a rainbow. Viki told Nora that someone "up there" was looking out for Nora, and that many miracles had happened. As the women departed for the church, Viki looked up and thanked whoever was looking out for them.

Inside the church, Blair sang as Gigi, Jess, Natalie, and Viki walked down the aisle, each smiling at their guys. As Blair smiled at Elijah, Nora began to walk down the aisle. Once she was next to Bo, the couple complimented each other's outfits and said that the second time was the charm. Nora then started to get confused as to why Andrew and the rabbi weren't there. As Bo began to explain that there had been a slight change in plans, David entered in what he called the "Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." After being convinced that the marriage would be legal, Nora consented to David officiating the ceremony. As the ceremony began, the church doors banged open to reveal a gun-toting Clint.

Bo and Nora were under the impression that Clint had forgiven them. Clint insisted that he was pointing the gun at David because Clint found out that it was David who had made Kim leave Clint. Viki eventually succeeded in calming Clint down. Clint apologized for spoiling the wedding, and was convinced to stay for the ceremony. David continued with the ceremony to announce Jessica and Natalie, who read a poem, then said that Bo and Nora were going to say their own vows.

Nora explained that she didn't like to take unnecessary risks in life, but the biggest risk would be trying to live without Bo. Bo explained that any time he wasn't with Nora, he was restless. He realized that Nora always was, and always would be, his home. Matthew walked up to his parents with the rings. The couple exchanged the rings and David pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed as everyone in the church stood and clapped.

Integrating some Jewish tradition, David covered a glass in a handkerchief and Bo stomped on it. The couple walked down the aisle through a shower of confetti and cheering. After the happy couple left, Rex offered Gigi a ride to the reception, which she happily accepted. Elijah complimented Blair on her beautiful voice, but Blair said that she was just saving everyone from Kelly's voice. Viki asked Clint if he was all right. Clint replied that he felt like a fool. Viki wondered if Clint was sure that Kim's leaving was David's fault, and if Clint had spoken to Kim lately. Clint informed Viki that Nigel, who he had gotten his information from, was no liar, and that he hadn't been able to find Kim.

As the party gradually moved to the reception hall at the Palace, Dani insisted on talking to Matthew. Matthew wanted to go to the Palace, but Dani stopped him by telling him that he meant a lot to her. She said that ever since he had helped her break out of the boarding school and they had flown to Seattle together, she knew they would be friends for a while. She admitted that she wasn't ready for a boyfriend. Matthew thought she was only saying that because he had told her that he loved her. He vowed that he didn't mean it, but Dani knew that he did, and said that she didn't know what love was. Matthew wanted to know what it was really about.

Matthew didn't buy Dani's excuses for breaking up with him, and believed that she really wanted to be with Nate. Dani insisted that she and Nate were just friends, but Matthew wondered why they had kissed if they were just friends. Dani couldn't say anything else but that he meant a lot to her. An angry Matthew left the church to go to his parents' reception.

At the reception, Viki introduced, "for the second time," Mr. and Mrs. Bo Buchanan. As their first dance, Bo and Nora did a choreographed routine to "Hold On, I'm Comin'" by Sam and Dave. For the next dance, "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb, Viki implored everyone to join the newlyweds on the dance floor. David wanted to dance with Viki, but Charlie wouldn't let him. Slow dancing, Jessica again told Brody that she wouldn't blame him for running into the arms of another woman. Also slow dancing, Natalie thanked John for dancing with her because she knew it must be torture for him.

Bo and Nora wondered where Matthew was because it was almost time for the best man's toast. David said that the boy had probably sneaked off with Dani, and that it could be a while. Rex volunteered to give the toast, but David wanted to, since Bo was his father and not Rex's. Bo took David aside and told him that he did a very good job at the ceremony, but wanted to share a piece of Asa's advice -- "quit while you're ahead." David offered Rex his Technicolor Dreamcoat, which Rex politely refused, in order to give the toast.

As John left Natalie to get drinks, Brody grabbed her and asked what they were going to do about Jessica and John. Natalie didn't want to lie, but also didn't want to tell Jessica and John the truth, to which Brody agreed. Jessica and John found the pair and wondered what "secret deal" they were making. Natalie lied that she had asked Brody to keep an eye on Clint, but John informed them that Clint was gone, so Brody was off the hook. Jessica told Brody to get some champagne because Rex was about to give the best man's toast in Matthew's absence.

Viki announced Rex and gave him the microphone. Rex explained that he had just found out he wasn't who he thought he was, and that he had been searching for his biological parents. However, even though he knew that he couldn't replace Matthew, he realized that he could stop looking for his parents because Bo was the only dad he'd ever need. He wished the couple lifelong happiness and hoped that everyone in attendance could be as lucky as the pair. Bo hugged Rex, and thanked David for letting Rex give the toast. David didn't mind because Rex was like a son to Bo. Bo said that David was, too, to a beaming David.

Bo and Nora then cut the cake. Nora threw her bouquet, which Destiny caught. Bo took Nora's garter off, and she warned him to be careful because of his gunshot wound. Bo threw the garter, which Darren caught. As Darren put the garter on Destiny, she warned him to be careful. He assured her that he hadn't been shot, but Shaun assured him that he hadn't been shot yet.

Kelly begged David for help with distracting Shaun because she and Reed wanted to leave for a nightcap. David agreed and asked Shaun for advice about women. David gave Kelly the all-clear and she and Reed left. Noticing that Kelly and Reed were gone, Shaun asked Blair and Elijah if they had seen her. They hadn't noticed where she had gone, and decide to leave themselves.

Matthew arrived, and Destiny asked him if he was okay. He confessed that Dani had dumped him. Destiny apologized and said that it was Dani's loss. Matthew thought that he got what he deserved. He explained to a confused Destiny that he had done the exact same thing to Destiny. "No problem," said Destiny as Darren entered. He wanted to dance, but Destiny said she couldn't. Matthew insisted that he would be all right, so Destiny left with Darren.

As Viki and Charlie left, Jessica and Brody decided to leave as well. Brody told Jessica he had a surprise for her, but she wanted to say goodbye to Natalie first. Noticing that Natalie looked busy with John, she agreed to leave. Natalie related to John that she couldn't believe all that had happened that day, and thought it was weird to be back with him. John wondered if that was good or bad. Natalie said it was a good thing, and the two shared a kiss.

Bo and Nora found Matthew and asked if he had been with Dani. Noticing that he was upset, Nora asked if he was all right. Matthew lied that he was just upset that he couldn't give the toast. However, he picked up a glass of soda and spoke just to them about how he was so happy that they were back together. He said that he had the best parents in the world and that he hoped they had a good time on their honeymoon. He hugged his parents and walked away to, as Nora assumed, meet up with Dani. Nora wondered how she and Bo were so lucky and kissed her new husband.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

John closed Rodi's early while Natalie lingered nearby after she handed a doggie bag to a departing deliveryman. John pulled her letter from his pocket and began to read it out loud. Natalie was embarrassed, but John reminded her that they wouldn't be together if it hadn't been for the correspondence. He assured her it had been the right thing to do, and they belonged together. Natalie informed John that her heart was broken when he hadn't showed up at Rodi's for her. John revealed that he wanted to make things right.

Natalie challenged John to a game of pool, since it wasn't quite midnight yet. They wanted to play out what would have happened the night Natalie sent the letter. In the midst of the game, John approached Natalie and kissed her passionately. They made love on top of the pool table.

Nora and Bo enjoyed the quiet as they remained behind after the conclusion of their Palace Hotel wedding reception. Bo thought that getting married to Nora was the "smartest thing I ever did" just like the first time they married. They shared a dance, but Nora realized she was hungry and began to forage for food. The kitchen had closed and, unable to locate even a crumb, Bo suggested that they head to the local mini-mart. Just as they headed for the door, a waiter intercepted them. He had a food cart and a special delivery.

It was a gourmet feast of cheeseburgers, fries, and beer, and the attached note from Natalie and John stated that they knew the newlyweds hadn't had time to eat at the reception. Excitedly, the couple began to chow down as they shared their pre-wedding experiences. Nora had been positive that everything would turn out okay after the rainbow's "power of love" had appeared after the storm.

She told him about her eye patch, broken tooth, crutches, green hair, and burned wedding gown. Bo declared that he would have married her, anyway, and related his own experiences with the skunk, the damaged tuxedo, and the tomato juice bath. He wondered why they hadn't disclosed all that had happened previously and was concerned that they had kept secrets from each other. When they both revealed that they had pictures, the serious moment was over.

A messenger service delivered a package from Statesville prison, which interrupted the couple again Both Nora and Bo were perplexed and nervous about opening it. They both shoved the package to the other and finally Nora lost and had to open it. Anxiously, she pulled off the string and looked at the attached note. Suddenly, she began to laugh. It was from Lindsay who had written that Bo and Nora's love was too strong for her so she made them a gift. She assured them she was good at it. Nora laughed harder and pulled a Pennsylvania license plate from the box. It read, "BO&NORA4EVR."

Upstairs, as Elijah and Blair were about to go into Elijah's room, Kelly and Reed confronted them as the couple stepped off the elevator. Kelly explained that she was merely having a nightcap with an old friend, but Blair teased her mercilessly. When an annoyed Shaun stepped off the elevator and scolded Kelly for evading him, Blair laughed harder. Shaun informed Kelly and Reed that they wouldn't be out of his sight again because he had a job to do.

Once Blair was inside the room with Elijah, he inquired about the truce he thought Blair had with Kelly. Blair claimed that she was just having some fun. Elijah wanted to know if Blair had ever thought about marriage. Blair was taken aback and sputtered that she knew marriage well because she had been through it many times. Elijah admitted that he had never married, though he had been close once or twice. He thought that it hadn't felt right before, and he never felt the need to marry. "I do now," he said quietly.

Blair wondered if Elijah was proposing to her, and he denied that he was. He was a lawyer, and she would definitely be aware if that was what he was doing. "Good!" Blair replied. She had been through several disastrous marriages with Todd. Elijah maintained he was "scouting," but Blair insisted she would never marry again. Elijah announced that could be a problem and inquired if Blair wouldn't ever marry him at all, because he didn't want to waste his time. Blair didn't think either of them was ready for marriage, but she promised to think about it at some future date. She wanted it kept secret, though, and Elijah agreed. He didn't want to lose Blair. They made love.

Reed and Kelly headed to Reed's room as Reed and Shaun had words about Shaun's presence. Finally, the couple managed to enter the room and close the door on Shaun, who planted himself on the other side. Kelly was mortified that others thought there was more than a friendship between herself and Reed, but he agreed with the others. She reminded him it was only their second date, while Reed counted it as technically their third. Kelly agreed that she was there for more than just a drink.

As Shaun remained outside of the door, he heard sounds that made him uncomfortable. Settling in for the long haul, he pulled his iPod out of his pocket. Inside the room, Reed and Kelly shared a dance, but she stopped him when he began to undo her dress. She was uneasy with Shaun so close by, she told him. She also thought it was "too much too soon." Reed assured her he understood and they proceeded to enjoy their nightcap.

Jessica and Brody arrived on the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel, where Jessica stared in amazement at the romantic setting that Brody had prepared. There was even a fire pit, where the couple roasted marshmallows. Jessica was apologetic for everything she had put Brody through and admitted she would have killed him if the tables had been turned. She praised him for being so patient with her. Brody declared that he loved Jessica and explained that because they had met at St. Anne's, he completely trusted her and she understood him perfectly.

Brody poured his heart out as he confessed that Jessica's faith in him had healed him far better than the therapy he had received. He knew she would return eventually and was sorry for pushing her on the night of the prom. He had his hopes up and was shattered when she closed the door in his face. He hit bottom and didn't think she would return to him after that, he recounted. He stopped talking. Jessica assured him that night had been difficult for her, as well, and she had been all alone after she had shoved him away. She needed to find something new, she started. She stopped herself, too, and advised him that the point was, "You brought me back." She showed him his lost medal she had picked up and explained that it had made her remember.

As a former Navy SEAL, Brody quoted, "Anytime, anywhere, always ready." He would never give up and would never let her go again. Jessica replied that Brody was everything she ever wanted, and she would go after him if he ever lost faith in her again. She promised to drag him back home. "You are my home," Brody countered. They headed to Brody's room and made love.

Rex and Gigi returned to the carriage house after the wedding and compared notes on all the fiascos that had taken place before the ceremony. Gigi revealed that Shane was at a friend's house for the night, and Rex wanted to know if he was invited inside. Gigi was happy for Rex to join her, and they shared a kiss. As the kiss grew passionate, they began to remove their clothing. Before they went too far, Rex stopped. "Are we sure?" he asked. Gigi admitted that she wasn't sure she was ready for what followed after they made love. She reluctantly told him to put his shirt back on, and Rex urged her to get dressed too.

Gigi was aware that something had been going on between herself and Rex for a while, and they rattled off all of the times they had been there for each other. Rex declared that he wanted Gigi back and, while she felt the same about Rex, Gigi admitted she was scared. They were both worried they would ruin things agai,n but they both professed their love for each other. Rex was sorry for revealing his feelings, but Gigi suggested that it was better that they knew. She thought they should take things slowly, though Rex fought the urge to rush her upstairs. Gigi thought it might even be better if they walked away from each other because so much had happened.

Rex refused the notion and pointed out that they had survived much worse. Gigi thought they didn't trust each other, and they didn't have a clue on how to proceed. Rex felt they were different people from who they were previously, and they needed to start over as if they had just met. They already loved each other ,so they had a head start, he said, as he asked Gigi out on a date. She consented, and he promised to call her with the details. He kissed her again, and Gigi finally managed to push him out the front door.

A musical montage showed all of the couples as they shared their evening together.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At La Boulaie, Dorian entered the drawing room with a tray of breakfast for herself and Langston, but Langston's attention was fixed on the latest Sun headline about Ford and Markko, "the killer busboy." Noticing the front page, Dorian clucked over the sad state of affairs; she felt bad for Markko, but she'd known all along her daughter wasn't capable of such a brutal assault. "You have no idea what I'm capable of," Langston snapped. She reminded Dorian of how she'd cheated on Markko, how she'd lied and schemed to keep both him and Ford all the way to prom night. Dorian insisted that Langston wasn't as terrible as she was making herself out to be, but Langston didn't want to hear it, and fled in the direction of the kitchen to head for school.

Before Dorian could follow her daughter, the doorbell rang. Answering it, she found Aurelia Rivera, Markko's mother. As Dorian struggled through a series of clumsy Spanish phrases, the fuming Aurelia slapped her across the face. "Shame on you!" she snarled.

Recovering, Dorian asked if she was expected to turn the other cheek, but Aurelia ignored her, and launched into a tirade about how Langston, who she called a "lying slut," had ruined her son's life. She blamed Dorian for not raising Langston properly and instilling her with good morals, and said that as a result, Langston had become a "cheating whore" who'd led Markko down a wayward path. Angered, Dorian called Markko a "violent punk" who'd made his own mistakes. Aurelia told Dorian that "you people" in the higher social class didn't understand the Riveras; the wealthy lived in their fancy houses and used people like the Riveras like servants, then discarded the poor people when they were done with them, just as Langston had used and abused Markko. That was the last straw for Dorian, who warned Aurelia, "Insult me but not my house!"

Before Dorian and Aurelia could come to further blows, Charlie wandered up the drive, and was curious about the tense scene before him. After Aurelia stormed off, Charlie explained that he was there to show Dorian the schematics for the new performing arts center. Dorian, grateful to focus on something other than the strife with Markko and Langston, ushered him inside the house. Charlie asked if she truly thought Markko was guilty of the assault on Ford, but Dorian was preoccupied with the fact that Aurelia blamed her parenting skills. Charlie suggested that he should leave her to her thoughts, but Dorian asked him to stay.

Dorian told Charlie that her head was full of Aurelia's accusations, and she wondered if she truly had coddled Langston when she took the girl in. Taking a different tack, she wondered if the terrible things she'd done to people, Charlie included, had been meted out as karmic payback to Langston and Markko.

As Dorian turned away, overcome with emotion, Charlie placed his comforting hands on her shoulders. He told her that God wasn't taking out her sins on the teens, and reminded her, "It's not all about you, Dorian." Dorian laughed at his levity, and told Charlie he didn't have to make her feel good. "Why not?" Charlie asked. "It's free."

At the Sun, Todd tore into one of his private investigators, who'd provided him only basic facts on Hannah's family, friends, and past. He was certain there was far more to the girl, and ordered his cohort to find him the "real dirt."

After the P.I. left, Todd got a surprise visitor: Marty. Todd assumed she was there to ask him to drop the charges against Cole, but Marty said she wanted to speak to him about his case instead. She asked Todd to look her in the eye and tell her the truth: "Did you push me down the stairs?" "What do you think?" Todd replied.

Todd reminded Marty that she had an "eyewitness" to her attack, Hannah, and innocently asked if she was starting to doubt the girl's word. "You don't believe Hannah," he said, seizing the moment. "You know she's lying." Marty told him not to confuse the issue, and to answer her question. Todd said he didn't push her down the stairs, but he knew who did.

Showing Marty his dossier on Hannah, Todd said he was gathering information on the girl, and would soon have the truth about her; Hannah was crazy, and he would prove it. He explained his theory of why Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs, and used Todd and Marty's natural enmity to drive a wedge between Starr and Cole. He warned Marty that she was not likely to be Hannah's first and only victim, and pointed out his front-page headline on the Ford assault case. He told Marty about Hannah's dalliance with Ford, and her suicide attempt, which Cole had covered up. Ford had crossed Hannah -- "look what happened to Ford."

Marty was skeptical about Todd's scenario, and Todd suggested she confront the girl herself, and use her skills as a therapist to "shrink her." Marty said it wasn't that simple, but Todd said her choice was clear-cut, no matter how much she wanted to lean on their history and her hatred of him for easy answers. "I didn't push you down the stairs, Marty," Todd murmured, getting in her face. "What are you going to do about it?"

After Marty left, Todd's long-suffering P.I. returned, and informed him that another one of Todd's goons was still tailing Hannah, who'd headed for Robert Ford's hospital room.

At Llanview Hospital, Hannah entered Ford's room in the ICU and was eager to gloat over his unconscious body. "I wonder if you can hear me," she mused aloud to the prone young man. She realized he couldn't talk back, however, and couldn't humiliate or demean her as he had in the past. "You look horrible, by the way," she added, and said that no one was drooling over his six-pack abs in that condition. She told Ford that she'd finally moved on, and found the perfect way to get over him.

Hannah noted that the news broadcast warned that Ford might not pull through. "I know I should say I'm sorry," she sighed. "But I'm not. You got what you deserved."

As Hannah left Ford's room, she ran into Langston, who was on her way inside. Hannah immediately began to taunt Langston about her own failed relationship with Ford, and dressed the younger girl down for throwing away her relationship with Markko. Langston shrugged off Hannah's jibes, and said Hannah was the truly pathetic one; she knew Hannah wanted Cole, but she'd never have him, no matter what she did, because Starr and Cole would be together forever. As Langston shrugged past her, Hannah seethed with jealous anger.

Inside Ford's room, Langston was taken aback by the sight of Ford's battered body. "Ford, I'm so sorry," she cried. Growing rueful, she recalled how he'd told her he loved her, and said she'd pictured their having a wonderful life together. She knew he hadn't wanted that, but he'd talked her into believing his lies. She asked if she was really just a stupid loser, and if he'd cared for her at all.

Langston realized that she'd fallen for Ford's line too many times; she'd tried to leave him, but had always crawled back. She concluded that it really did make her a stupid loser, and said she should've ended things with him months before. Gathering her things, Langston told the unconscious man that she'd made a mistake by visiting him. "You were the biggest mistake I ever made," she added, and said she'd pay for it for the rest of her life.

Across town, Starr took Hope out for a sunny picnic in the park. Laying out a blanket and food, she told the little girl they had everything they needed for their day out. "Almost," she added quietly, her thoughts turning to Cole. After getting Hope settled, Starr attempted to study for finals, but found herself flashing back to her confrontation with Cole at the police station. As her eyes filled with tears, she became overcome with emotion.

"Are you all right?" a handsome young stranger asked, walking over to Starr and Hope. Starr attempted to hide her tears, and claimed she was suffering from allergies, but the young man said he had just the cure for allergies, and handed her a packet of Kleenex. Starr thanked him, dabbed at her eyes, and muttered that she wasn't setting the best example for her daughter.

The young man was stunned to realize that Starr was Hope's mother, and admitted he was amazed that she was juggling the responsibilities of school and motherhood. After some prodding, Starr told him that Hope's father wasn't in the picture. The man concluded that the father had abandoned Hope, but Starr corrected him; she said that Cole was in jail, but she didn't feel like discussing it any further with a stranger. "My name's James," the young man said, holding out his hand, "and I'm not a stranger." Starr shook his hand, and introduced herself, which prompted James to marvel at her name: "Like 'twinkle, twinkle?'"

Starr told James that Cole had been jailed for "hurting someone he thought deserved it," and said it was a long story. She asked James if he lived in Llanview, and he explained he was visiting a seriously ill friend in the hospital ICU. They exchanged condolences, and Starr said her family situation was made more complicated by the fact that Cole no longer wanted to see her. James said he could relate to complicated personal problems, and asked Starr how their lives had gotten so messed up.

As Starr and James continued to talk, Hannah entered the park and spotted them together. Seeing an opportunity, she quickly snapped a picture of them with her phone's camera.

Across the meadow, James pressed Starr for more details about her problems with Cole, but backed off when she grew reticent. James told her he didn't want to pry, and wished her the best of luck. Starr thanked him for his Kleenex, and for not being a stranger; she hoped his friend would recover. As James walked away, he told Starr he hoped Cole would "start treating you like the Starr you are." With James gone, Hannah rose from her hiding place, and smirked at her latest triumph.

Back at the picnic, Starr clutched Hope, who called out for her father. "Daddy's not here," Starr said as she sighed. As she fed Hope, she reminisced about the first time she and Cole had given the little girl some ice cream, and their happier times together as a family.

At the police station, a cop passed by John's office and handed him the latest information on the Ford case. In the waiting area, Téa greeted Markko's father, Ernesto, who was anxious to take Markko home. Téa promised Ernesto she'd speak to John and get Markko freed as quickly as possible.

Entering John's office, Téa ordered him to release Markko; the case against him was thin, and the police didn't have enough evidence for probable cause. John told her they'd make a case for probable cause shortly thanks to Ford, who was sure to know who'd attacked him. Téa asked if Ford was up for talking, and John assured her he would be soon enough.

Just then, Detective Price burst in with new information for John; he clammed up when he saw Téa, but the lady lawyer asked him to spill his news in the interest of sharing information with the defense. Reluctantly, Price informed John and Téa that Ford was still unconscious, and that the doctors said there was no telling when or if he would recover. Téa seized the moment, and reminded John that with Ford in a coma and only circumstantial evidence against Markko, the police barely had room to hold her young client. John wouldn't budge, and Téa reminded him that many others hated Ford and wanted him dead. She asked him why he wasn't looking at anyone else for the assault charge.

After sending Detective Price back to the crime lab, John faced Téa's accusations. Téa told him he was railroading an innocent kid, but John reminded her of the incriminating evidence against Markko; he said he liked the boy, but couldn't ignore Ford's blood found on Markko's shoes or at the Buenos Dias. Téa said he wasn't looking hard enough at the other suspects, and insisted Markko wasn't a killer. She told John that all the police investigation was doing was ruining Markko, and his family.

When Téa pointed out Ernesto watching them from outside the office, John asked her why she was using Markko's family as "props" in her defense. Téa told John that the Riveras were good, proud people, and that both they and the Llanview community knew John and the police force were making a mistake by targeting a young Latino honor student. "Really?" John asked, baffled. "You're gonna go there?" Téa said she would "go" anywhere to help her client; she had friends in the press, and would assemble Hispanic leaders in the community for rallies and speeches, all to put pressure on John and his office in order to get Markko released.

Stepping outside, Téa and John met with Ernesto and Aurelia. Aurelia was desperate for Markko to be freed, but John explained that he couldn't let her son go. As Aurelia grew emotional, Langston arrived in the reception area. Ernesto and Téa struggled to hold Aurelia back as she lunged at the girl, and screamed about how Langston had destroyed Markko's future.

As Téa led the Riveras away, Langston summoned her courage, walked over to John, and asked to speak to him. John led her into his office, and Langston told him she had to tell him something.

In the cellblock, Cole gazed at his tattered photo of Starr and Hope, then greeted Markko upon his return from the showers. As Markko returned to his cell opposite Cole's, Cole told Markko how sorry he was about everything that had gone down with Langston and Ford. Markko said it wasn't his fault, but Cole insisted it was, and revealed that he and Starr had known of Langston's affair. They'd believed Langston's lies about having ended things with Ford, but Cole knew it was no excuse, and apologized to his friend.

Fuming, Markko struggled to contain his rage. "Everyone knew but me," he murmured, and said he'd been an idiot. He reflected on how he'd known something was wrong with Langston, how he'd sensed the vibe between Langston and Ford when he'd seen them together; when he found her button inside Ford's office, a part of him had known the truth, but refused to believe it. Cole told Markko he wished his friend wasn't in jail with him, but he was glad they had a chance to talk things out. He told Markko that he and Starr had fought over telling Markko the truth at the time, but lately they were fighting over other things as well.

As Markko pressed for details about Cole and Starr's problems, Cole explained that he'd sent Starr away for the foreseeable future; he didn't want their endless arguments about Todd and Hannah to turn into a permanent rift between them, and he didn't see a way forward for their relationship as it stood. Markko told Cole that he and Starr would make it, and that they belonged together. "Like you and Langston?" Cole asked, dubious.

Markko said it was different for him and Langston; he wanted to remember the good times, but it was impossible. Since learning the truth, all he could think of was Ford's hands all over her. Cole urged him not to think about it, but Markko said he had to, and he had to tell Cole everything. "I gotta tell you all of it!" he cried.

As the cellblock guard returned, Cole whispered to Markko that he didn't have to explain anything to him, but Markko insisted -- he told Cole that he had gone back to Ford's apartment after finding Langston there, and he'd wanted him dead. Cole begged him to stop, but before Markko could go on, Téa arrived with the Riveras, who immediately commenced worrying over their son. Delighted to see his family, Markko told them that when he was released, he wanted to move back home. At their downcast looks, Markko asked what was wrong, and Téa explained that he was being held until his arraignment.

As Téa left to attend to Markko's case, Markko shared a semi-private moment with his parents. Aurelia was worried about how he fared behind bars, but Markko said he was coping. Aurelia couldn't believe he'd almost killed a man, but Markko was stunned by her words, and said he hadn't attacked Ford. "I'm innocent!" he declared.

Back at the hospital, Hannah was returning to Ford's room when Marty stopped her in the corridor. Hannah asked how Cole was holding up, and offered to visit the police station if he needed anything. When Marty asked why she was at the hospital, Hannah said she was "visiting a friend," and Marty quickly deduced that she was checking on Ford. Hannah was startled when Marty mentioned that she knew Ford was Hannah's ex, and asked if Cole had told her.

Before Marty could answer, Hannah backtracked and said her past was no big deal; her relationship with Ford was ancient history, and no secret. She feigned sympathy for her former lover, and said that just because they weren't together didn't mean she didn't care. Before Hannah could enter Ford's room, Marty stopped her again and asked her if she still needed a therapist to deal with her breakup with Ford. Hannah said it wouldn't be necessary, as she'd dealt with her issues and found a new outlet -- after she'd seen Ford for what he was, she couldn't be bothered to hurt anymore.

As Hannah headed down the hall, Marty stopped her once more. Probing, she told the young coed that it wasn't easy to get over a bad rejection, and that anger could build up and make people lash out in violent ways. Marty wondered if Hannah had lashed out at Ford, and the nervous girl asked what she meant. "Did you try to kill Ford?" Marty asked her point-blank. "Did you try to kill me?"

Down the hall, a nurse entered Ford's room and found James standing over the unconscious patient. She told him visiting hours were reserved for family. "That works," James replied. "I'm Robert's brother."

Back at the police station, John asked Langston what she needed to tell him. "I did it," Langston said -- she'd attacked Ford.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A nurse found James in Ford's hospital room and told him that only family was allowed in the room. He informed her that he was Ford's brother and asked how he was doing. She told him that Ford was doing well but hadn't yet regained consciousness. There was no way of knowing if there was brain damage until he woke up, but there was no way of telling when he would wake up. The nurse assured James that Ford would be safe, since the person who hurt him had been caught.

James requested a moment alone with his brother, so the nurse left. James told Ford that he was lucky to be alive, but James wasn't surprised that he had been beaten up "again." James knew that his brother would come out of it. He began to tell Ford about the fool he had made of himself hitting on Starr at the park, and he needed Ford to tell him where he went wrong. As James told Ford that Ford was the only one he could talk to, Ford's eyes fluttered open.

At the hospital, Hannah wondered if Marty was trying to accuse her of pushing Marty down the stairs and of hurting Ford. Marty related that she was worried about Hannah and questioned if Ford had made Hannah angry enough to hurt him. Hannah asked what that had to do with Marty, and who gave her the idea. Marty inquired why Hannah thought someone gave her the idea. Hannah divulged that she had heard it before from "irrational people," and thought it was completely crazy.

Hannah realized that Marty had heard it from Todd and Starr. Hannah wondered why people thought she would hurt Marty to get to Cole, and why Marty was defending her rapist. Marty reasoned that Hannah was there when Marty was pushed, and that it was odd that Hannah was visiting a man that she supposedly hated. Hannah explained that it was hard to just stop caring, and wondered if that's why Marty was listening to Todd. She hoped she was wrong because she didn't want Marty to let Todd off the hook just so he could hurt her again.

Langston confessed to John that she was the one who tried to kill Ford. John shuffled her out of his office as she asked if she was going to a cell. He told her that she was going home because she needed a lawyer present, but Langston insisted that she didn't. She needed to confess because she couldn't let Markko take the fall for something she did. She claimed that, after seeing Markko angrily packing at their apartment, she went back to Ford's to get an apology. Ford had argued that he never cared about her and didn't owe her an apology. In response, she grabbed one of Ford's trophies and hit him multiple times, then ran home without telling anyone what happened.

Langston wanted John to let Markko go and arrest her. A cop entered the room and John instructed him to take Langston to another room because they needed her official statement. John told her not to leave anything out as the cop led her out.

Markko maintained his innocence to his skeptical-looking parents. Noticing that they looked worried, Markko accused them of not believing him. He needed his parents on his side. Mrs. Rivera couldn't believe that it could be Markko's shoes with the blood on them, but Markko confessed that the shoes belonged to him. His parents left, citing the fact that Téa needed to know. Just then, the cop guarding the cells told Markko that he was wanted upstairs.

As Markko entered John's office, John was talking to Bo on the phone about new evidence that could possibly change the course of the case. He got off the phone, and Markko asked if Téa was there and also reminded John that he couldn't ask questions without Markko's lawyer present. John reassured Markko that he was on Markko's side because something told him that Markko was innocent. The detective informed Markko that, if he worked with John, he could be home as soon as that day. Markko began to tell John about why his shoes had Ford's blood on them.

Markko confessed that he had gone back to Ford's and found the door unlocked. He had entered Ford's room, shook the man, and told him to get up. Markko then felt something wet on his hands. He turned on the lights to find that his hands were covered in blood, as was Ford. Markko panicked, running back to the diner to wash his hands and throw out his bloodstained shoes.

The next day, Markko was at the hospital to get his hand fixed up when they took Ford in. Markko swore that he thought Ford was dead the night before and, if he had known Ford was alive, he would have called someone. As Markko vowed that it was all a misunderstanding, John led him out of the office to look at the new evidence in another room. John opened the door, and Markko was shocked to see Langston writing her statement.

Out of breath, Hannah arrived at Cole's jail cell. When Cole asked her what happened, she replied, "Todd." She claimed that Todd got into Marty's head so that the doctor thought that Hannah pushed her down the stairs and tried to kill Ford as well. Hannah wanted to make sure that Cole believed Hannah, but the cop guarding the cells told him it was time for his phone call, so he had to go.

Dorian assured Charlie that he didn't have to be so nice to her, and she got closer and closer to him. Suddenly, Jack was there, taking a picture with his cell phone and calling it blackmail. Jack was triumphant that he had caught his aunt kissing someone again to the denial of Charlie and Dorian. Dorian wanted the camera, but calling it a negotiation, Jack asked what he was going to get out of the deal.

After telling someone on his phone to keep following Hannah, Todd entered and said that he'd help with the negotiations. Dorian told Jack that he needed to learn that there were things called rules that needed to be followed, and that the number one rule in La Boulaie was "no blackmail." Todd reminded Jack that they had a big day ahead of them, then the two left, but not before Todd deleted the picture off of Jack's phone.

Charlie was furious with Dorian and accused her of almost kissing him. Dorian couldn't deny that what they had been through together with Mitch had drawn them closer, but even if she did develop feelings for him, he loved Viki. She thanked him for his hard work and good ideas. In return, Charlie offered to set Dorian up with a guy he knew, but Dorian claimed to be "off the market." Charlie apologized for overstepping and remembered that she had something with David anyway.

Charlie explained that there had been speculation about David and Dorian once David had returned to town. Dorian had no idea he was back in town because she had instructed her staff to never put through his calls. He said that the fact that David was alone at Bo and Nora's wedding fueled the talk. Charlie reminded Dorian that David also had a bond with Viki, but Dorian was determined to believe that it was only to get to her. Suddenly convinced that Viki was going to run a bad story about her in the Banner, Dorian ran off to Llanfair to warn her not to.

Starr promised Hope that she would fix things with Cole soon. Dani, who was on her way to the pool, ran into Starr and Hope. Starr asked about Matthew, but Dani informed her that they had broken up and she needed some alone time. Dani asked Starr to cheer her up and asked about Cole. Starr suggested that subject wouldn't cheer Dani up.

Starr changed the subject back to Matthew, and Dani confided that Matthew told her that he loved her, and then someone else kissed her. Destiny saw the kiss and demanded that Dani come clean with Matthew, which she did. Dani was convinced that she and Matthew would never be friends again. She asked what was wrong with Starr and Cole, to which Starr replied that they were giving each other some space because being apart would probably be for the best.

Dani mentioned that Nate was the guy who kissed her. She admitted to a surprised Starr that they had kissed multiple times. Suddenly, there was a sound in the nearby bushes. Dani went to investigate and dragged a spying Jack out by the arm. After exchanging a few insults, the two run after each other and play fought to Todd's delight. Giving up against Dani, Jack yelled that it was his so there were no girls allowed. Dani left, saying she had plans.

As Jack ran off to fly his helicopter toy, Starr wondered if everything was all right between Dani and Todd. Todd said that they had been very close to having a relationship before Hannah ruined things. The two talked about how Marty still had doubts about Todd, but that they were starting to get through to her. Todd confided that he thought Hannah was the one who tried to kill Ford because, the more he researched Hannah, the more he thought she was capable of.

Todd's phone rang and it was Marty, telling Todd that she spoke with Hannah. She added that Hannah was terrified of Todd, which Todd wasn't surprised about. He related that Hannah was terrified because she knew that Todd was onto her. Marty hung up and Todd reported to Starr that Marty was finally getting wise. However, they needed someone who had seen Hannah's crazy streak up close, "like Ford."

As Viki carried a bouquet of flowers into Llanfair, she was stunned to see a naked David practicing yoga. Viki covered him with her flowers and implored him to get dressed. After he was dressed, Viki wondered if he needed a place to stay, but David was staying with Matthew. David said that Viki needed help getting back at Charlie and Dorian. He showed a confused Viki a picture of Charlie and Dorian along with a headline in the Sun: "Move Over Chiki; Here Comes Charlian."

An appalled Viki asserted that there was nothing between Charlie and Dorian because he loved Viki. Charlie and Dorian were just working together on projects that were going to benefit the town. Just then, Viki received a picture message from Todd of the picture Jack took of Charlie and Dorian. Underneath the picture, Todd had written, "Wake up and smell the affair!" Unbelieving, Viki showed David and started to get angry about Dorian always rubbing her and Charlie's relationship in Viki's face.

Viki reassured herself that there was no "Charlian," and that she trusted Charlie. David reminded Viki that their friendship drove Dorian crazy. David told Viki that they should work on her "flow." Not wanting to get naked with David, she refused. As he led her outside, David promised that she could stay clothed and achieve inner peace.

Sitting on the ground and being hugged by David, Viki was being urged to take deep, calming breaths. She began to moan about how good it felt just as Dorian and Charlie walked through the door.

Friday, June 11, 2010

On the Llanview terrace, as David gave her a massage, Viki moaned, as if in ecstasy. Dorian and Charlie spotted the two of them through the terrace doors, and Dorian demanded to know what was going on. When Viki insisted that it was not how it looked, David disagreed. However, Charlie guessed that there was a rational explanation for their behavior. Viki explained that she had been feeling very tense, and that David had helped her "achieve serenity." David caught Dorian up on his pa's marriage and told her that he was elated that he had actually performed the wedding ceremony. However, David emphasized, "But I have to say...helping Viki has been my favorite activity, so far."

Charlie asked Viki why she had been so stressed, and David showed Dorian and Charlie the newspaper and magazine columns about Dorian and Charlie - together. When Dorian insisted that the columns were "promo shows," Viki demanded to know what Dorian and Charlie had been promoting. As Viki showed a picture on her cell phone to Dorian, she asserted, "It doesn't look to me like you're working. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot like you are about to kiss him."

Dorian laughed at the picture that Jack had taken of Dorian and Charlie at La Boulaie, as a prank of Jack's. Viki informed them that Todd had sent her the photo, not Jack, and that Todd had only sent it to protect her. Charlie insisted that he had not kissed Dorian then, and that he had never intended on doing so. David asked Dorian, "How about you, Hot Lips? What was going through your mind?"

When Dorian reminded Charlie that what they had just witnessed could not have been innocent, Viki exclaimed that nothing was going on between David and her. Charlie maintained that he trusted Viki, and that he hoped that Viki believed that he was also telling the truth. Viki stated that she knew that Charlie was. As Dorian announced her departure, Viki followed her into the lobby and claimed, "I trust Charlie. I don't trust you farther than I can throw you, which is not very far. And I am warning you, lady. Charlie is my husband, and you cannot have him."

Charlie and David joined them, and Charlie informed Dorian that he would not work for Dorian, if it bothered his wife. Viki explained that she knew how important the Urban Renewal project was, which was why she had been felt it was fine that Charlie had worked for Dorian originally. Then Viki remarked to Dorian, "Just as I'm sure you're fine with David working for me." When David questioned if he would be working for Viki, she yelled, "You need a job, don't you?'re hired."

On her cell phone at the Sun, Jessica thanked Brody, who was at the Llanview Police Station, for giving her life back to her. As soon as Jessica entered what was once Todd's office, Kelly greeted her, and they hugged. Jessica wondered where Todd was, and Kelly stated that he was out. After Jessica inquired, Kelly informed her that she was working on a piece about Ford, who sounded "like a real snake, who preyed on vulnerable women."

Jessica asked Kelly why she had a bodyguard. Kelly explained that she was searching for clues, because she thought her mother had been murdered. However, since Shaun was her bodyguard for protection, Kelly stated that made it difficult for her to get close to Reed. Yet, Kelly insisted that she and Reed were taking things slowly anyway. When Kelly asked about Brody, Jessica declared that she and Brody had picked up where they had left off, as if nothing had ever happened. Jessica was concerned, because she knew that things had happened. Kelly claimed that Brody had faith in Jessica, and Jessica admitted that she was just very lucky to have all of her memories back.

Jessica explained to Kelly how she had gotten her memories back but realized that she had blocked out what Mitch had tried to do to her. Kelly recognized that what Jessica had gone through must have been terrible, after Jessica remembered to herself that Ford had kissed her in his bed, just as she had remembered what Mitch had done to her. Kelly exclaimed that Jessica had a very inspirational story, which would be a good column for the Sun.

When thinking about a possible headline for her Sun story, Jessica announced, "Unhinged Heiress Turns Into Terror Teen." But Kelly decreed that "Love Conquers All" would be a better headline. However, Jessica was not sure that she wanted to relive everything that she had gone through. Kelly contemplated that she would rather write a column with a nice, happy ending, and that she was tired of the grisly story about Robert Ford. Again, Jessica reflected on prom night with her and Ford in bed and cried to Kelly that something had happened that night. Kelly begged to know what had happened. Just as Jessica tried to explain about how Brody had told her on prom night about what Mitch had done and the possible consequences, Kelly's phone rang.

In the hospital parking garage, as Starr was placing Hope in her car seat, Todd informed Starr that he just wanted Ford to wake up and state that Hannah had tried to kill him. Starr asked Todd what Téa would think about Todd's belief, and Todd emphasized that since Téa was representing him, that should be the most important thing on her mind. Starr pondered that if Hannah had committed both crimes, two of Téa's clients would be cleared. Once Starr explained to Todd that Markko was the second client, he realized that Cole would then be the only one of them doing hard time.

Starr refused to listen to Todd "trash" Cole and claimed that she had received more support from a total stranger about Cole than she ever had from Todd. Starr reminded Todd that he should focus more on Dani. Todd did not want to talk about Dani, so Starr and Todd declared a truce that there would be no more talk of Cole or Dani. Todd offered a new car to Starr for her graduation, but Starr reminded Todd that he had just given her a new car for her birthday. After Todd insisted that Starr would still get a new car, he kissed her and said, "See you later." As he walked away, Todd was unable to get a signal on his phone to call Téa.

In Greg's office at the hospital, Téa and Greg discussed her progress. When Greg informed Téa that her condition had not changed significantly, Téa understood that to mean that her condition had not improved. When Greg saw that Téa was discouraged, he reminded her that sometimes it took time for treatments to work. Greg then asked Téa how Dani was handling Téa's condition and realized by Téa's reaction that she had not yet told DanI. Téa explained that because Dani had been adjusting to her new life in Llanview, Téa had not wanted to "weigh her down" with Téa's health. However, Greg warned Téa that Dani needed to be prepared for the worst.

After Greg's phone rang, he informed Téa that he had to leave for an emergency. Téa requested to stay in his office, and promised not to trash it, as she had the last time. As Greg gave his permission, he offered Téa a pamphlet to read, "Cancer: It's Your Journey But You Don't Have to Walk It Alone." Téa silently read from the pamphlet, "...those who know you best will probably sense that something's wrong." The pamphlet also proposed that "you should share your burden with someone you trust."

Once Téa left Greg's office, she walked to the water cooler for water to drink with her pills. As Todd entered the hospital hall, he saw Téa with the pills and asked what was wrong with her. To evade his question, Téa asked Todd about his case and Hannah. Before Todd had a chance to respond, James pushed past him and ran out of the hospital. Téa then informed Todd that she still needed proof for his case, and Todd declared that he was at the hospital to question Ford. When Téa reminded Todd that he needed to focus on Dani, Todd vented that Dani wanted nothing to do with him.

In Robert Ford's hospital room, just as James started to confess something bad that he had done, since Robert was unable to hear him, Robert opened his eyes. When Ford asked what had happened to him, James revealed that someone had tried to kill Robert. Shortly afterwards, a nurse ran into the room and yelled that Ford's heart rate had increased. Greg rushed into the room to examine Ford. The nurse walked into the hall to place a call on the pay phone, when an unknown bald stranger with a beard showed her a picture of James and demanded to know if she had seen him.

In Ford's room, Greg told Robert that he had suffered from serious blows to his head. However Greg said that everything looked good, but he wanted to do more testing to make sure, as James slipped out of the room. Once James entered the hall, the bald guy with the beard chased him, but James escaped. Greg informed Ford that he had been a lucky man, and Robert asked about James.

At the police station, John escorted Markko to the interrogation room, where Langston was signing a written confession. Langston proclaimed that she could not let Markko pay for something that she had done. Langston demanded that John and Brody arrest her; however, John first wanted to clarify her story. John asked Langston if Ford had been facing her, as she had struck him with the statue - five times. Langston verified that he had been, and that she had struck him five times. When Langston asked when she would be arrested, so that Markko could be released, John informed them that there was a problem. John indicated that he needed to call the commissioner, while Brody pulled the evidence file, and John and Brody left the interrogation room.

Once John and Brody left the room, Brody pointed out that Langston had not known "which award Ford was clocked with," "at what angle and how many times." John revealed his strategy for them to leave the room. He felt that Markko and Langston would never tell them the truth, but that they would not lie to each other. John turned on the intercom system.

Langston declared to Markko that they both knew that she had not struck Ford with the statue. Langston explained that she had only confessed to stop Markko from going to prison. Markko asserted that Langston had only confessed to appease her guilty conscience.

In the other room, John observed that he knew that Markko had not tried to kill Ford. Brody still wondered about the blood on Markko's shoes. John believed that if Markko had really struck Ford, he would not let Langston "take the fall."

Markko revealed to Langston that Ford had gotten what he had deserved. However, Markko cried that, while he was not saying that he had not wanted to hurt Langston's boyfriend, that "somebody else got there first. Langston, I'm innocent." John informed Brody that they were cutting Markko loose.

Téa begged Todd not to give up on Dani, and Todd pointed out that the only chance he had with Dani was to be cleared of the charges. Then Téa received a phone call that Markko had been released. When Todd asked Téa about her pills, Téa replied that she had aspirin for a migraine headache and explained, "I get one every time I have to defend you." Téa left the hospital.

Téa arrived at the police station and demanded the release of her client. Although Brody informed Téa that the paperwork was in the works, he stated that John was not going to hold Markko for obstruction of justice, because John was in a generous mood. After Téa received the release papers, as Markko left, he said to Langston, "We have nothing more to say to each other. We're done."

At the Sun, Kelly answered her phone to find Todd on the line. Before Todd could tell Kelly why he called, Kelly told Todd that Jessica was going to be a reporter at the Sun again. Todd approved. Todd had actually called to inform Kelly of Markko's release. Kelly then changed the headline of the next Sun edition to "Busboy Cleared," and told Jessica, "As far as I know, the case is still wide open. The person who tried to kill Ford is still out there." Jessica declared, "Kelly, I think I know who it was."

Back at the hospital, Greg told John that Robert might not be able to recall events that had placed him in the hospital. John entered Ford's room and informed him that he wanted to ask Robert a few questions. When Greg saw the nurse in the hall, she mentioned that he still needed to schedule Téa's next appointment, as Todd listened at the water cooler. After Greg and the nurse walked away, Todd entered Greg's office, searched the drawers of Greg's desk, and found Téa's file, as John asked Robert Ford who had tried to kill him.

In the hospital parking garage, Starr got in her car and saw that Hope was asleep in her car seat. After Starr realized that her car would not start, she tried to call for help on her cell phone but could not get a signal. Starr grabbed her bag, got out of her car, and reached into the back seat to take Hope out of the car seat, just as James ran into the parking garage. James stressed that he had to leave the hospital, but Starr begged for his help. When Starr requested that James call for help in the hospital, James stated that he would check out her car engine instead.

Starr thanked James and asked to borrow his cell phone to key in her phone number, so that one day he could call her to repay him. As soon as James was able to restart Starr's car, he saw the man who was chasing him. As Starr exclaimed to James that she was very grateful, James yelled for Starr to get into the car. After Starr jumped into the passenger seat, James screeched off, which caused her bag to fly off of the car. Starr screamed, as the bald guy with the beard chased after them on foot and, once he could not catch them, threw his fist in the air.

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