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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 7, 2010 on GH
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sonny went to Carly's house and vented to her about the therapy session that he had attended with Kristina. He blamed the therapist and Johnny because Kristina had accused him of being an abuser. Sonny asked Carly if he had ever abused her. Sonny was surprised when Carly told him that Kristina had approached her and asked the same question. Carly told Sonny that she had told Kristina the literal truth, that he had never physically abused her. Carly then went on to say that she remembered all their fights and the times that he had called her "a faithless whore." Carly told Sonny that he had a way of zeroing in on a person's weakness and using it against them. She told him that his anger and verbal name-calling was abuse. Sonny tried to absolve himself by defining abuse as physical only, but Carly told him he was in denial and asked if he would want Kristina to be with someone who treated her in the same way that Sonny had treated Carly during the years of their relationship. Sonny walked away without responding. After a fabulous meal cooked by Brook in Dante's loft, Lulu began to feel like a third wheel as Dante and Brook discussed their mutual life in Bensonhurst. Lulu tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but it was obvious that she felt threatened by Dante and Brook's shared past. After Brook left, Dante told Lulu that the "For Rent" sign was gone from the loft across the hall. They laughed and talked about the meal that Brook had prepared for them. Lulu continued to tease Dante about the girls from his past. Dante responded by telling Lulu that he had fun with all of them, but that Lulu was the only girl he had ever told that he loved. Spinelli visited Jason in prison. Jason wanted to know about Carly's plot for revenge against Dante. At first, Spinelli was reluctant to tell, but eventually he told Jason about Carly's plan to hurt Dante and break up his relationship with Lulu. Jason wanted to know why Spinelli would hurt Lulu, but Spinelli rationalized that Lulu would be better off once Dante was out of her life. While Jason was with Spinelli, Carter confronted Michael and told him not to get too comfortable because Jason might not always be around to protect him. Jax went to visit Michael. He told Michael that he and a lot of other people were doing everything in their power to get him released. Jax said he was working hard to get Sonny inside instead. Jax said that Sonny was not a good influence on his kids. Michael said that Sonny was claustrophobic and would not do well in prison where every other cell contained one of his enemies. He told Jax that Sonny had already been separated from his kids. Michael told Jax that if he really wanted to help him, he would be a good father to Morgan and Josslyn, support Kristina and Molly, and back off Sonny. At the lake house, Kristina talked to Ethan about her therapy sessions. She worried that she would fall into another abusive relationship because statistics showed that people who had been abused in one relationship tended to be in abusive relationships again. Ethan encouraged Kristina to break the cycle of violence. When she said that one of the reasons she had been involved with Kiefer was because he seemed to understand her relationship with Sonny, Ethan wondered if Kiefer had also been abused. Ethan told Kristina that Kiefer did not hit her because there was something wrong with her, but because there was something wrong inside Kiefer. Maya and Lucky were in Luke's office on the Haunted Star. She was helping trace the text message from Luke. Maya was skeptical that Luke and Tracy were in trouble, but Lucky was not so sure and wanted to know where the text message originated. While they were working, Johnny dropped by looking for Ethan. Lucky warned Johnny that if anything happened to Ethan, Johnny would have another enemy. When Lucky said that Ethan's relationship to Luke would not keep Sonny from going after Johnny, Johnny said that he hoped Sonny would go after him so that he would have an excuse to kill Sonny. After Johnny left, May a said that she thought Lucky was jealous because he was settled with two kids and a job as a cop and could not indulge his wild Spencer blood and have an adventure. Before he could respond, the computer beeped with the results of the search. Sonny caught up with Kristina as she was leaving home. He wanted to talk, so she stopped on the porch. He told her that he loved her and wanted to help her. Sonny wanted to go to another therapy session, but Kristina refused to let him. She told him that she did not want to hear him shouting, blaming others, and making excuses for his behavior. Kristina told Sonny that she was not Michael. She said that she saw him for who he really was and did not find reasons to justify his actions. Kristina said that if Sonny wanted to make up for lost time with one of his children, he should go find Dante. Carter approached Jason with a knife, but Jason got the upper hand and pinned Carter against a cell wall. Jason demanded that Carter tell him what he had done to Michael, but Carter ran away, leaving Jason with the knife. Olivia responded to Sonny's phone call and met him at his home. He wanted to know if she considered him abusive. Sonny was surprised to learn that Dante had asked her the same question. Olivia told Sonny that she had told Dante about the time she and Sonny had argued about his involvement with Joe Scully and she had hit him in the face. She said that even though she could tell that Sonny was angry and wanted to hit back, he did not. She said that she had told Dante that Sonny would never hit a woman. When Sonny told Olivia what Carly had said, she told him that Carly knew him better, since Olivia's experience with him ended when they were 16 years old. She said that Carly had been married to him four times and knew him better than Olivia did. Olivia said that if Carly had said that he abused her then he probably had. Spinelli went to see Carly at home after he left Jason at Pentonville. He said that Jason wanted them to stop their revenge plot against Dante. Both Carly and Spinelli agreed that they would continue to undermine Dante, despite Jason's orders that they cease plotting. Back in their cell, Jason told Michael that Carter had tried to kill him. Jason told Michael he needed to know why. Michael said that he was very glad that Jason was there and that he did feel safer. Michael told Jason that Carter was responsible for his bruises. Brook went to see Carly and told her that their plan was starting to work because she had seen the beginning of insecurity in Lulu after the meal and conversation that they had in Dante's loft. Carly told Brook that she was speeding up the plan and had rented the loft across the hall from Dante, so Brook could live there. Brook smiled as Carly handed her the keys. On the docks, Kristina was writing a letter to Michael when girls from her school confronted her and accused her of lying about Kiefer. Kristina was intimidated and about to flee when Johnny appeared and pretended to be Kristina's date. The girls were immediately impressed as Johnny escorted Kristina off the pier.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At the Scorpio-Drake residence, Robin packed for her trip to Africa while Patrick set the table for dinner. Patrick was happy to hear that Robert planned to meet Robin in London before she headed to Africa. Patrick fetched Emma and then the family sat down to enjoy their dinner. Patrick confessed that he was going to miss Robin. He also regretted that he had been an "ass" about everything. Robin regretted that her work would take her way from her family for a while, but she promised to return on Father's Day with a special surprise for Patrick.

Robin admitted that she was happy that Patrick had objected to her trip to Africa. She confessed that it would have hurt if he had been eager for her to leave. After they finished dinner and then put Emma down for the night, Robin resumed packing a few last items. Patrick was reminded of how drawn he had been to her when he had first met her. Robin smiled as Patrick insisted that she was the most amazing woman in the world and that he felt lucky to have her. Robin and Patrick kissed until they heard Robin's taxi pull up and then honk.

Patrick helped Robin carry her bags to the taxi. He made Robin promise to call when she arrived in London and then kissed his wife goodbye. As the taxi pulled away from the house, the phone rang. Patrick raced inside to answer it. It was Lisa. Lisa explained that she had a big surgery lined up for the following day. She offered to buy Patrick dinner if he scrubbed in on the surgery. Patrick had to decline because he was on "daddy duty" until Robin returned from Africa.

Lisa assured him that she understood. Patrick quickly changed his mind when Lisa suggested that she would ask Steve to assist her. Patrick promised her that he would find a way to rearrange his schedule, so that he could operate on Lisa's patient. After Lisa ended the call, she smiled with satisfaction.

In Carly's living room, Carly handed Brook a key to an apartment in Dante's building. Brook wondered how she would explain renting the apartment when she was broke. Carly had thought of that. She explained that Ned's name was on all of the paperwork, so Brook could claim that Ned had rented the apartment for his daughter to spare her from having to live with the Quartermaines. Carly suggested that Brook could explain that Ned had selected the apartment because he had discovered that Dante, an old family friend and police officer, lived in the same building. Brook was impressed that Carly had thought of everything. Carly took the opportunity to remind Brook that she wanted a picture or video of Dante cheating on Lulu before Brook received any money.

After Brook left, Carly called Spinelli to make certain that none of the paperwork for Brook's apartment could be traced back to Carly. Carly ended the call when Jax walked in. Jax revealed that he had seen Michael and that Michael had requested that Jax leave Sonny alone. Jax wanted to be honest with Carly, so he admitted that he didn't think he could keep that kind of promise. Jax explained that no one was willing to help Michael until Sonny was behind bars. "Then you should do everything you can to put him there," Carly advised Jax.

At the loft, Lulu and Dante woke up in each other's arms. As Dante and Lulu started to make love, Lulu recalled Carly telling her, "Tonight, when you are getting horizontal with your heroic Dante, make sure you look him in the eye and you see my son sitting in a cell." Lulu tensed up. Dante was curious what was troubling Lulu. She insisted she was fine, but Dante continued to sense that something was wrong. Lulu confessed that she had been thinking about what Carly had told her just after Michael's sentencing.

"That's harsh," Dante observed. Lulu agreed that Carly was a pro at pushing buttons. Lulu understood that, at the time, Carly had been hurt and angry. She was certain that Carly would regret those words since time had passed. Lulu was grateful that Carly had forgiven her. According to Lulu, Carly realized that her own mistakes had impacted Michael's life. However, Lulu couldn't help but feel that her happiness with Dante had been at Michael's expense. Dante confided that he felt as if he had let his little brother down.

Lulu and Dante got dressed and then went to the living room. Lulu apologized for killing the mood, but Dante blamed Carly. He insisted that what he and Lulu had wasn't anything that they should apologize for or feel guilty about. Lulu agreed, but she felt terrible for Michael. Dante did, as well, which was why he was determined to get Michael out of jail.

After Dante left, Lulu started to clean up. She decided to investigate when she heard a noise in the hallway. Lulu was stunned to see Brook opening an apartment door across the hall. "What are you doing?" she asked Brook. "Moving in," Brook answered innocently.

On the piers, Johnny apologized to Kristina for putting his arm around her. He explained that he had just been trying to help her out when he had seen the girls giving Kristina a hard time about Kiefer. Kristina appreciated Johnny's support. She confessed that the girls had been taunting her with the suggestion that Kristina would never get another boyfriend again. Kristina insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but she thought that the girls might think twice if they thought that Kristina was dating someone "hot" like Johnny.

Johnny thanked Kristina for the compliment. Kristina felt bad for the way she had reacted to Johnny's attempt to help her. She explained that he was tall like Kiefer, so a part of her had thought, for just a moment, that it had been Kiefer. Kristina realized that she might have insulted Johnny by comparing him to Kiefer, but Johnny assured her that he hadn't taken it that way. He understood that she had been through a lot.

Kristina was surprised when Johnny revealed that his father, Anthony, used to abuse him as a child, so he knew what it had been like for Kristina. Kristina confided that she didn't know how she would ever be able to love again because she couldn't stand to be touched. Johnny insisted that she just needed time to heal. She admitted that it helped talking to someone who knew what it had been like to be abused. Johnny confessed that he used to talk to Claudia about what Anthony did to him.

According to Johnny, Claudia had given him surprisingly great advice, between plotting to kill people and to take over the world. Kristina chuckled at the joke. Johnny admitted that it was nice to see her smile. When he offered to take her home, Kristina accepted. They arrived at the lake house a short time later. Sam was not happy to see Kristina with Johnny. Kristina explained that Johnny had helped her out when some girls had been bullying her.

Sam appreciated Johnny's help, but she followed him out to the porch to let him know that she would not stand by while he used Kristina to get back at Sonny. Johnny made it clear that he thought that Kristina was a sweet young girl, so he would never use her like that. Sam thought that it would be best if Johnny stayed away from Kristina until he reached some sort of truce with Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny talked to Olivia about Kristina's accusation that he was just like Kiefer. Olivia thought that Sonny could benefit from therapy, but Sonny claimed that he had never crossed the line with women. He loved Kristina, but he refused to say that he was abusive when he wasn't. Olivia realized that Sonny had never hit a woman, but she suggested that there were other ways to hurt women.

Olivia knew what Sonny had endured at Deke's hands. She insisted that a person couldn't live through that kind of nightmare and escape unscathed. Sonny acknowledged that he wasn't perfect, but he adamantly denied abusing women in any way. Olivia thought it was important for Sonny to separate who he really was from the ugly patterns that he had grown up with. She believed that Kristina needed to know that Sonny was willing to change.

Sonny denied that he was anything like Deke; it killed him that Kristina thought that he was. Olivia urged Sonny to do something about it. Sonny conceded that he might have done some politically incorrect things during his marriages to Carly because they had fought like cats and dogs. However, he insisted that there had been love between them. His marriage to Claudia had been different because it had been a business arrangement, not a marriage of love.

Sonny had thought that things might have worked out if Claudia hadn't turned out to be a "lying bitch." Sonny insisted that Claudia had gotten what she had deserved for putting Michael in a coma. "You're wrong," Olivia argued. She explained that he shot himself in the foot whenever he talked like that. Olivia suggested that Sonny should see what had happened with Claudia as a learning experience.

Olivia didn't think that Sonny should justify what he had done or blame Claudia because it just dragged Sonny down to Claudia's level. Olivia believed that if Sonny changed that one thing about himself then it could benefit Kristina and the boys. She suspected that it might also give Sonny a measure of peace. Sonny had always thought that therapy was for the weak until he underwent treatment for his bipolar disorder. He realized that he had to face what had happened with Deke because Sonny was desperate to help Kristina.

Olivia didn't think that Sonny could help his daughter until he helped himself. As they talked, Dante entered the parlor; he was furious when he saw his parents together. Dante demanded to know what Olivia was doing there. Olivia quickly assured her son that nothing was going on, but she warned him that he didn't have the right to police her life. Dante didn't seem to care as he angrily waited for one of them to give him an explanation.

Sonny revealed that Kristina was struggling with Johnny's false accusations that Sonny had abused women. Dante snidely guessed that his mother had been telling Sonny everything that Sonny wanted to hear to feel better about himself. Dante accused Sonny of being abusive as he reminded Sonny of all the ways that Sonny had mistreated women and justified murder, including shooting Dante at pointblank range in the chest. Dante wished that Carly had kept Michael away from Sonny. Sonny watched in silence as Dante stormed out of the house.

At Pentonville, Michael and Jason sat in their jail cell talking about Carter. Jason was curious when Carter had first attacked Michael and if there had been any additional incidents. Michael slowly revealed that Carter had initially befriended him when Frank, the guard, had targeted Michael. Michael explained that Carter had intervened before Frank could beat Michael with a nightstick. However, afterwards, Carter's attitude had changed when he insisted that Michael owed him.

Michael confessed that Carter "was basically coming on to me." Jason was curious how Michael had handled the situation. Michael admitted that he had hit Carter and then ran to the yard, where he waited until lockdown. Carter had been gone when Michael returned to the jail cell. After lockdown, Michael had thought that he was safe, but then Carter had returned. Michael's voice cracked with emotion as he revealed that Carter had been furious.

Michael had tried to fight off Carter, but Carter had managed to get his arm around Michael's neck. Michael hadn't been able to breathe as Carter held him in a stranglehold. Michael couldn't continue with his heart-wrenching story. Jason assured Michael that it was okay and that he could tell Jason anything. Michael took a moment to gather himself and then revealed that he had been about to black out when they had heard voices approaching. Carter had fled moments before Jason entered the jail cell.

Michael explained that it was the reason he had been so "out of it" when Jason had first seen him. Michael's eyes seemed empty as he looked away and then quietly admitted, "I guess I was still in shock." Jason's eyes filled with tears, but he didn't say anything.

Later, Sam arrived at Pentonville to visit Jason. As Jason entered the room, she asked how Michael was doing as soon. "Better," Jason admitted. He changed the subject to find out what was going on with Sam. Sam told Jason about Johnny driving Kristina home earlier that day. Jason didn't think that Johnny would drag Kristina into his war with Sonny, but he agreed that Sam should keep an eye on Johnny if she had a bad feeling.

Sam wondered how Jason was faring. Jason quietly admitted that he might have to deal with a situation. If things went as he suspected, then she might not be able to visit him for a while. Sam was curious if his plans would add to his prison sentence. "Possibly," Jason confessed, but he didn't think that he had a choice. He apologized for hurting Sam; he realized that it wasn't fair to her. Sam assured him that she understood that he had to keep Michael safe. She promised to wait for Jason no matter how long it took.

Sonny stopped by Pentonville to visit Michael. Sonny thought that it was ironic that the one child he hurt the most continued to love him no matter what. Michael promised Sonny that everything was fine since Jason had arrived. Sonny told Michael about Kristina's belief that Sonny was abusive. "That's ridiculous," Michael argued. He insisted that his sister was messed up and needed someone to be mad at. Michael assured Sonny that Kristina loved her father, so he begged Sonny not to give up on her.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carly was lurking outside of a yoga studio and looking around until she spotted Jax out for a run. She quickly made it appear as if she had been leaving a class when Jax rounded the corner of the building. Jax stopped short when he saw Carly dressed in workout clothes with a yoga mat slung over her shoulder. Jax appeared a bit skeptical about Carly's sudden interest in yoga, but he was happy that she was trying new things.

Carly and Jax sat down on a nearby bench to talk for a few minutes. She let Jax know that the plans for the boathouse were ready for him to review. Jax promised that he would check them out and then announced that he had to get going. Carly smiled as she warned him that she would be attending yoga classes twice a week, so they'd likely run into each other again. "Great," Jax said and then jogged off.

At the loft, Lulu lounged in bed while Dante handed her a bowl of cereal. As Dante slipped back into bed, he admitted that he wished that they could stay there forever. Dante acknowledged that they weren't popular with anyone, so no one would care. Lulu had a feeling that Dante's new neighbor would be knocking on his door soon. Dante was surprised to learn that Brook had moved in next door.

Lulu and Dante made their way to the kitchen, where Dante admitted that he hoped to exchange his skills as a handyman for a few home-cooked meals. Lulu half-jokingly confessed that she was starting to feel threatened by Brook. Dante assured Lulu that she didn't have anything to worry about because Brook was family. Lulu corrected Dante; Brook wasn't actually related to him. Dante clarified that Sonny was related to him, but Brook was family. "Point taken," Lulu conceded.

Dante pulled Lulu close and then began to nuzzle her neck. He promised her that Brook wouldn't be a third wheel because he was confident that Brook knew how he felt about Lulu. Dante and Lulu made love; afterwards, they cuddled on the sofa until Dante decided to give Lulu a batting lesson. He slipped on his boxer-briefs and then fetched the baseball bat that he had received on Bat Day at Yankee Stadium in 1994.

Lulu pulled on Dante's shirt and then took the baseball bat from Dante. Dante stood behind Lulu to show her the finer points of swinging a bat. Dante pulled out a pair of socks and then pitched them to Lulu when he was satisfied that she was ready. Lulu smiled with delight when she hit the socks. Their impromptu game of baseball ended when Lulu was called in to work.

At Greystone Manor, Brook paid Sonny a visit. Sonny warmly embraced Brook as he welcomed her to his home. He was curious if Lois had accompanied Brook. Brook explained that her parents were busy working, so she had arrived in town solo. Sonny was surprised to learn that Brook had moved into an apartment across the hall from Dante. Brook admitted that she knew that Sonny was Dante's father. She couldn't believe that Olivia had kept the secret for so long.

Sonny was eager to hear about Brook's life in Bensonhurst, particularly in regards to Dante. Brook happily obliged Sonny by telling him amusing stories about Dante growing up. She started talking about Dante's graduation from the police academy, but stopped when she realized that it might make Sonny uncomfortable. Sonny insisted that he admired Dante for having the courage to stand by his convictions; it was a trait that Sonny shared with his son.

Sonny strolled over to his desk to pick up pictures of his other children to show to Brook. Brook was surprised by how different they looked and how much they had grown. After she handed the photographs back to Sonny, she decided to leave. However, she extended an open invitation for dinner whenever Sonny would like to stop by. She added that she would try to persuade Dante to join them.

Sonny bumped into Lulu on the street. Lulu gave Sonny the cold shoulder, but Sonny ignored it. He was amazed at Lulu's commitment to hating him. Sonny suspected that it must take a lot of energy. "It's easy," Lulu assured him. She just had to look at the scar on Dante's chest. Sonny insisted that it had been a terrible mistake; he wondered if they could move past it.

Lulu argued that a mistake was not putting the cap back on a tube of toothpaste or forgetting someone's birthday. However, it was not shooting your son in the chest. Sonny pointed out that Dante had chosen not to turn Sonny in, just like Sonny had chosen to forgive Dante for Michael's incarceration. Lulu was outraged by the suggestion that Dante was responsible for Michael's situation; she insisted that Sonny's choices and life had put Michael in Pentonville.

Sonny was curious why Lulu was doing everything in her power to make Dante hate his own father if she loved Dante. "You did that," Lulu yelled. She was adamant that she hadn't turned Dante against Sonny. Carly walked up during the argument and asked if everything were okay. Lulu insisted that Sonny was the problem because he wanted her to forgive and forget what he had done to Dante, but it was never going to happen.

Carly agreed that Lulu had a right to be angry, but she also pointed out that Sonny was Dante's father and a parent who would fight for his kid. Carly didn't see any middle ground for them. "That's because there isn't any," Lulu snapped before she stormed off. Carly suggested that Sonny had been wasting his breath with Lulu because she was young and in love, and thought that she knew everything. Sonny found it curious that Carly had forgiven Lulu so quickly; it was out of character for her. He demanded to know what was going on.

Dante sprinted to the door when he heard a frantic knock followed by Brook's desperate pleas for him to open the door. He was stunned when he found Brook, dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel, standing on his doorstep.

In Pentonville, Jason and Michael practiced their self-defense moves in the exercise yard. Michael wanted Jason to get out of jail if he had an opportunity to do so. Jason refused to consider it. Michael was curious why Jason was pushing so hard for him to learn proper self-defense. Jason admitted that he might not be around. Michael couldn't understand where Jason would go, since he was already in prison.

Understanding dawned when Michael realized that Jason intended to go after Carter. Michael feared that Jason could land in solitary confinement, with years added to his sentence, if anything happened to Carter. Jason insisted that Carter wouldn't stop unless Jason stopped him.

Diane showed up at Jason's penthouse while looking for Spinelli. She threatened to call the police if he didn't open the door. Spinelli eventually complied. Diane explained that Bernie had sent her over to check on him because Spinelli hadn't returned any of Bernie's calls. Diane wondered if Spinelli were upset about Jason's decision to go to jail. Spinelli confessed that he was down because he was afraid that Maxie was no longer into him.

Diane wondered what gave Spinelli that idea. Spinelli complained that Maxie hadn't even tried to understand how he felt about Jason's decision. He had always had difficulty making friends, so Jason was his first real friend. Maxie's solution to snap Spinelli out of his funk was to make Spinelli jealous with Matt. Diane agreed that it was an immature approach, but she insisted that Maxie was only trying to give Spinelli something else to focus on.

Spinelli realized that Maxie couldn't give him the support that he needed, but he also acknowledged that he couldn't give Maxie what she needed: excitement, risk, and "the looming threat of loss or desertion." Spinelli didn't think that he should do anything to stop them from drifting apart.

On the piers, Lucky informed Nikolas that Luke and Tracy were missing. Lucky made it clear that he suspected that Helena was behind their disappearance. Nikolas claimed that his grandmother was away on business, but Lucky didn't believe him. Lucky demanded to know where Helena was hiding Luke. Nikolas didn't want any part of it, but he advised Lucky to search in hell for Luke.

A short time later, Ethan met Lucky on the piers. Lucky explained that he had called because he intended to search for their father. Lucky revealed that he had traced Luke's text message to southern Europe. "Greece?" Ethan speculated. Lucky confirmed Ethan's suspicions and then announced that he would begin his search on Spoon Island. Lucky wondered if Ethan were interested in helping him out. Ethan was surprisingly reluctant to get involved.

According to Ethan, Luke had made it clear that he preferred to match wits and battle Helena without any "third party interference." Lucky was undaunted; he was certain that something was wrong. Ethan was certain that Luke would object. He urged Lucky to stay out of it because Luke was like a cat; he always landed on his feet.

At the hospital, Liz found Shirley peddling her jewelry to a nurse. Liz sent the nurse on an errand and then scolded Shirley for defying Steve's orders not to sell her items in the hospital. Shirley refused to apologize. Moments later, Nikolas stepped out of the elevator. Nikolas wanted to let Liz and Steve know that he would be unable to attend a hospital meeting because he had plans to go to his family's island in Greece.

Shirley was stunned that Nikolas had his own private island in Greece. Shirley admitted that she had always hoped to go to Naples. Nikolas assured Shirley that Naples was not to be missed in September. Shirley promised to make a mental note to remember that. Shirley and Nikolas then began talking about traveling until Liz interrupted them to suggest that Nikolas was in a hurry to leave. Nikolas insisted that he enjoyed talking to Shirley, but he took the hint.

After Nikolas walked away, Shirley offered to hold the doors open the next time, so that Liz could shove Nikolas down the elevator shaft. Liz claimed that there was a lot of tension between her and Nikolas. From Shirley's point of view, the tension went one way: from Liz to Nikolas. Shirley thought that Liz had agreed to lighten up a bit about Nikolas. Liz confessed that she was happy that Nikolas was leaving town because it was the first time that Nikolas hadn't tried to shove his money at her. Liz was certain that the only way to get Nikolas to back off was if she found a way to be completely financially independent.

Steve was at the nurses' station when Lisa and Patrick walked up. Lisa and Patrick were in high spirits after performing a successful surgery. Steve mentioned that he had the reports on the drug trials that Lisa had requested. Patrick revealed that Lisa had told him about the opportunity to invest in the experimental drug, so he was interested. Steve warned Patrick that it could be risky. Lisa joked that Patrick had racing stripes on his minivan, so he was all about taking chances.

Patrick ignored Lisa's crack as he pointed out that Emma would likely end up in an Ivy League college, so he needed to make sure that he had enough money to pay for it. Lisa thought that the three of them should discuss it over dinner. Steve readily agreed and then suggested that they meet at the Metro Court Restaurant. After Steve walked away, Patrick reminded Lisa that she had offered to take him to dinner; he didn't recall Steve being part of the deal. Lisa seemed quite pleased with Patrick's reaction.

Liz stopped her brother to let him know that she was interested in investing in the experimental drug. Steve reminded her that it would take a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars, which she didn't have. Liz revealed that Jason had set up trust funds for Cameron and Jake. She intended to talk to Diane about gaining access to the money. Liz was desperate to be financially independent from Nikolas. Steve warned Liz that it could be a big risk. Liz believed that it was a chance that she had to take.

In the dungeon in Greece, Luke desperately tried to persuade Helena to get medical help for Tracy. Helena was unmoved by Tracy's plight; she seemed to take delight in the prospect of Tracy dying. Luke was frustrated as Helena walked away with her manservant, Thor. Luke returned to the cot to check on Tracy. Tracy continued to cough as she huddled under a thin blanket. Tracy tried to apologize, but Luke refused to hear it because it unnerved him when she was nice.

Tracy humored Luke by snapping at him. "That's better," Luke insisted. Tracy admitted that she regretted that she didn't recall their wedding. She wished that they had taken pictures. Luke assured her that it had been the best swindle that he had ever pulled. However, he conceded that she probably couldn't remember because they had been pretty drunk. Tracy believed him because she recalled the hangover.

As Tracy closed her eyes, Luke talked about the wedding ceremony. In a flashback, Luke and Tracy were knocking back shots of alcohol when Luke demanded to know if she intended to marry him. Tracy wanted to know if Luke had bought her a wedding ring. He confessed that he had pawned her earrings to buy one. Satisfied, Tracy agreed to marry him. Tracy and Luke continued to drink in the wedding chapel as a man performed the wedding ceremony. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, Luke kissed his bride and then the two collapsed to the floor.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luke and Tracy continued to languish in the dungeon in Greece. Luke cried out for someone to send for a doctor for Tracy, but no one replied. He resorted to yelling, "Fire," but that failed to garner a response, so Luke cried that Tracy had died. Tracy weakly smiled when Luke's frustration turned to anger. He threatened to rip Helena apart with his bare hands his Helena didn't send some medical help.

Tracy tried to distract Luke by telling him that she had remembered their wedding. "Uh-oh," Luke replied. He fetched her some water and then asked her what she had recalled. Tracy confessed that their wedding had been horribly tacky, but equally entertaining. She also remembered that Luke had worn a rhinestone cowboy suit to match her "Dale Evans" ensemble. Tracy also recalled that the minister had told a terrible joke about marriage being a three-ring circus: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.

Luke chuckled as he admitted that he and Tracy had been extremely intoxicated. He was certain that Tracy would have enjoyed the ceremony if she had been more than semi-conscious. Luke became concerned when Tracy started to drift off to sleep. He begged her to stay awake, but Tracy was too tired. Luke snagged her attention when he suggested that they renew their vows. Tracy pointed out that they were in a "Greek Gulag," so she wasn't really inspired.

Eventually Luke wore Tracy down. He smiled as he got down on bended knee and then spoke from the heart. Luke credited Tracy with transforming his life. He promised that it wasn't about the money, but about her. He claimed that he loved her because of her humor, intelligence, feistiness, and big heart, which she desperately tried to hide from everyone.

Tracy admitted that she had always taken pride in being the difficult one who was hard to please, but Luke was a challenge to her. He knew her better than anyone, and he knew her soul. Tracy loved Luke with all of her heart. Luke grew concerned when Tracy was suddenly seized by a violent fit of coughing; afterwards, she flopped down on the cot. As Tracy's eyes drifted closed, Luke begged Tracy to stay with him.

Luke promised that there would be no more phony weddings in Vegas. He vowed to marry her for real if she didn't leave him. Tracy's eyes snapped open to glare at Luke. "Popsicle? Are you back?" Luke nervously asked. Tracy slowly sat up and then, between clenched teeth, demanded to know, "We were never really married?"

Maxie arrived at the hospital to meet Matt for a lunch date. He was running behind, so he asked her to wait while he finished up. Maxie agreed and then strolled over to the lounge area.

At the nurses' station, Patrick offered to make reservations at the Metro Court Restaurant for him, Lisa, and Steve. Steve suggested that they go to the Tinhorn Grill instead. Lisa recalled that Steve had taken her there after her second guitar lesson. Patrick decided that he wasn't in the mood for Tex-Mex food, so he wasn't interested in going to the Tinhorn Grill. Steve thought that they should take a vote, but Patrick thought that they should just do what they had originally planned.

"Which is?" Lisa innocently asked. Patrick reminded her that she had promised to buy him dinner if he assisted her with the surgery. Steve hadn't realized that he had been intruding on a private dinner. Lisa accused Patrick of being a baby because he wasn't the center of attention. She decided that they go to the Tinhorn Grill, since she was the one paying for dinner. Maxie sat nearby with a stunned expression; it was clear that she had overheard the exchange. After Lisa and Steve walked away, Maxie approached Patrick.

Maxie demanded to know what was going on with Patrick and Lisa. Patrick assured Maxie that he loved his wife. Maxie didn't doubt it, but she pointed out that there was nothing more dangerous than a man who felt abandoned. Matt walked up moments later to whisk Maxie away. Shortly after they left, Lisa and Steve returned to the nurses' station. Lisa didn't think that it had been fair to expect Patrick to go to a restaurant that he didn't like, so she suggested that they discuss the investment at the hospital and then afterwards she and Steve could head to dinner alone. Patrick smiled, but didn't respond.

Later, Patrick commented that things must be pretty serious between Lisa and Steve for her to blow Patrick off like that. Lisa chuckled as she pointed out that Patrick knew her better than that. Patrick observed that Lisa and Steve had been spending a lot of time together. Lisa admitted that Steve was a great guy, so she enjoyed his company. Patrick didn't think that Steve was Lisa's type. Lisa argued that she had changed since she and Patrick had been involved. According to Lisa, her palate had matured.

Matt reminded Maxie that Patrick loved Robin. He was certain that his brother would have followed Robin to Africa if he could have. Maxie accused Patrick of being a player; therefore, it was in his nature to cheat. Matt suspected that Maxie was projecting. He pointed out that Patrick wasn't cheating, but Maxie was.

On a street corner, Sonny demanded to know what was going on with Carly. Sonny was curious why Carly had forgiven Lulu so quickly when Carly usually held a grudge for a long time. Carly claimed that she knew what it was like to make bad choices. "Look at all of the damage that I've caused over the years by being loyal to you," she pointed out. Sonny didn't buy it, so Carly tried a different tactic. She insisted that she saw herself in Lulu.

Carly realized, in hindsight, that she probably should have let Michael grow up with AJ. Sonny was stunned; he couldn't believe that Carly would go there. Carly insisted that Sonny had been the worst mistake that she had made. Sonny appeared hurt, but Carly didn't apologize; she had tried to build a life with him, but the consequences for that had landed Michael in prison. Sonny wondered if she were blaming him for Michael's sentence. Carly clarified that she, Jason, and Sonny were mostly responsible for Michael's situation, but Dante had turned Michael in.

Sonny accused Carly of sounding like Johnny. Sonny explained that Johnny believed that Dante had sacrificed Michael to save Sonny. Carly could understand why Johnny would think that. Sonny was shocked that Carly would side with "that freak." Sonny insisted that the judge had sentenced Michael to jail because Johnny had painted Claudia as an innocent victim. Carly corrected Sonny; the judge had thrown Michael in jail to punish Carly, Jason, and Sonny. Sonny was frustrated when Carly suddenly walked away because she had to see someone.

Ethan arrived at Johnny's penthouse in a foul mood. Ethan had been in the middle of a deal when Johnny had called, so it had cost Ethan a lot of money. Johnny apologized, but he explained that a man named Sergio Lopez, who was ready to jump ship from Sonny's organization, had contacted him. Johnny wanted Ethan to accompany him to the meeting. Johnny warned Ethan that it could be dangerous because the Lopez brothers were known for their skill with planting car bombs.

Johnny wouldn't put it past the Lopez brothers and Sonny to set a trap. Ethan wasn't interested in being blown up, so he declined. Johnny offered Ethan ten thousand dollars to change his mind. Johnny explained that the Lopez brothers respected Luke, so Johnny wanted to promote Ethan to lieutenant. The money and promotion proved to be too tempting to turn down.

Johnny and Ethan decided to play cards while they waited for Sergio to call to arrange the meeting. Ethan grew restless, so he suggested that Johnny reach out to Sergio to get things rolling. Johnny didn't want to appear too eager, so he preferred to wait. Ethan suggested that they draw cards to decide how to proceed. Johnny lost, so he called Sergio.

After Ethan left, Johnny was pleased that Sonny had lost another supplier to him. Johnny was eager to share the news with Sonny. As Johnny ended the call, someone knocked at the door. It was Carly. She had a housewarming present for Johnny. As Carly entered the penthouse, she asked if Johnny were alone. Johnny confirmed that they were and then asked what Carly wanted. Carly confessed that she had heard rumors that Johnny and Dante weren't on the best of terms.

At the lake house, Molly found Kristina gathering some photographs that she intended to give to Michael. Molly confessed that Michael reminded her of the hero in Tanner's Folly, a novel that Molly was reading. As Molly talked about the story, she mentioned that there was a passionate fight scene where the heroine slapped the hero before he grabbed her. "Stop it Molly," Kristina yelled. Kristina insisted that it was stupid to think that it was romantic for a guy to be abusive.

Molly quickly apologized to her sister and then promised to throw the book away. After Molly ran out of the room, Skye stopped by to check on Kristina. Kristina invited Skye in and then offered her something to drink. They settled on the sofa a few minutes later to talk about what was going on with Kristina. Kristina admitted that her anger kept returning and that she didn't understand how she could have been so stupid as to stay with Kiefer after he had abused her. Kristina also regretted that she had blamed Ethan for the attacks.

Skye confessed that she had blown her own life apart on several occasions, but she had learned from her mistakes. Skye explained that a lot of women stayed with their abusers, so it wasn't unusual. However, Skye worried that Kristina was afraid of repeating the pattern. Kristina blamed Sonny and Alexis for the choices that she had made. Kristina accused Sonny of being abusive and Alexis of becoming involved with a string of disappointing men. Kristina didn't see how she could ever trust another man again after Sonny and Kiefer.

After Skye left, she bumped into Ethan on the street. Skye was worried about Kristina, so she thought that it might benefit Kristina to get some attention from Ethan. Skye hoped that some positive reinforcement from a guy that Kristina looked up to would help. Ethan agreed to do what he could to help Kristina.

At Pentonville, Michael wanted to know what Jason planned to do to Carter. Michael worried that killing Carter would just make everything worse. Jason insisted that Carter had to answer for what he had done. Michael urged Jason to wait until Carter went after them, so that they could claim self-defense. Michael feared that if Jason were to go after Carter with deadly intent then Jason could end up in jail for the rest of his life. Jason made it clear that he was in Pentonville for one reason: to protect Michael.

Sonny went to visit Jason to find out what Carly was up to. Sonny's suspicions grew when Jason revealed that Carly had only visited once. Sonny was certain that Carly was plotting something because she was avoiding Jason. Jason assured Sonny that Carly wouldn't do anything to make matters worse for Michael. Sonny opened up about his confrontation with Carly earlier that day. It was clear that Sonny was hurt by Carly's accusations. Sonny insisted that he had done everything in his power to keep Michael out of jail.

Michael was pleasantly surprised when Kristina paid him a visit. However, it was clear that she was there to discuss Sonny. Michael asked Kristina to give Sonny another chance because Sonny loved her. He explained that it killed Sonny that Kristina thought that Sonny was abusive. Kristina argued that she had seen how Sonny had treated Claudia.

Kristina suggested that Michael might have a different point of view if he had been on the other end of someone's fists. Michael insisted that their father would never hurt her. Kristina refused to listen. She didn't think that Michael would be in jail if it hadn't been for Sonny. After Michael returned to his cell, he told Jason about Kristina's visit. Michael was concerned about how angry Kristina was.

Jason thought that it was useless to tell Kristina that she was wrong for what she was feeling. He advised Michael to offer Kristina support by listening; hopefully, Kristina would figure things out for herself. Michael realized that Jason was suggesting that Michael handle Kristina the same way that Jason handled Carly. "Pretty much," Jason confirmed. A guard suddenly appeared to inform Jason that the warden had sent for him.

After Jason was led away, Carter strolled up to Michael's jail cell. Michael was unaware that Carter was watching him until Carter entered the cell. Carter grinned with evil intent as he informed Michael that the guard would keep Jason away while Carter dealt with Michael. As Carter prepared to attack Michael, the cell door opened. Carter stiffened when Jason loomed in the doorway, blocking Carter's exit. The guard was nowhere to be seen.

Kristina returned to the lake house. Molly apologized again for her insensitivity earlier. Kristina assured her sister that she was mad at herself and Sonny, not Molly. Kristina revealed that she had paid Michael a visit and that Michael had defended Sonny. Kristina was disgusted because it was clear to her that Sonny had put Michael up to it. It made Kristina sick that Michael didn't even seem upset to be in jail because of Sonny.

Kristina arrived at Greystone Manor a short time later. Sonny was happy to see his daughter, but Kristina remained cold and distant towards her father. She told him about her trip to Pentonville to see her brother and their talk about Sonny. Michael had claimed that Sonny loved her and wasn't abusive. Sonny insisted that Michael knew him very well. Kristina was furious that he had Michael fighting his battles for him. Kristina angrily accused Sonny of being abusive and unable to admit that he was wrong, so it was unlikely that Sonny would ever change.

At the loft, Dante was curious why Brook was naked and standing in his doorway. Brook pointed out that she was wearing a towel. She explained that she had been in the shower when the cable guy had knocked on her door. By the time that Brook had answered the door, the cable guy had left. Brook feared that it would be ages before he returned, so she had decided to try to catch him. As a result, Brook ended up locked out of her apartment.

Dante lent Brook one of his shirts and then tried to pick the lock on her door. Lulu found Dante and Brook in the hallway a short time later. Lulu was surprised by Brook's state of undress. Brook explained what had happened while Dante continued to work on the lock. Dante explained that he had two choices: pick the lock or arrest Brook for indecent exposure. Lulu smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Brook sighed with relief when Dante finally managed to open her door. Brook called him her hero, promised to return the shirt, and then slipped into her apartment. Lulu noted, "You're a handy guy to have around, Hero." Dante smiled and then kissed Lulu. They returned to his loft moments later. While Dante pulled on a pair of shoes, Lulu announced that she had the next eighteen hours off, so she was all his. Dante confessed that he had an appointment with a lawyer to discuss Michael's case, but he promised to return as soon as possible.

Lulu thought that Michael was lucky to have a brother like Dante. She assured him that she would be waiting for Dante when he returned. Later, Brook dropped off the shirt that she had borrowed. Lulu was surprised to see that it had been washed and ironed. "Of course," Brook responded; she refused to give Dante a wrinkled mess. Lulu seemed dumbfounded that Brook owned an iron, but no furniture.

Brook didn't find it odd; she assumed that Lulu also owned an iron. Lulu assured Brook that she liked her, but she thought that Brook was pushing it by locking herself out of her apartment and always showing off her "happy homemaking skills." Lulu staked her claim on Dante and then clarified that she didn't have any intention of sharing Dante with Brook. Lulu and Brook were unaware that Dante had arrived home in time to hear the exchange.

Friday, June 11, 2010

At Dante's apartment, Lulu told Brook not to waste her time going after Dante. Brook responded that she was not after Dante. Lulu pointed out that Brook had shown up at Dante's place wearing just a towel and was ironing Dante's shirts. Dante, listening in on the conversation, smiled as Lulu refused to back down.

Brook insisted that Dante was just a guy she grew up with. Lulu declared that Brook wasn't allowed to visit without calling first. Brook apologized for upsetting Lulu and walked off. Dante revealed himself from his hiding spot. He told Lulu that he found her territorial attitude sexy and kissed her.

Dante thought that he had found a new lawyer that believed Michael's appeal had a good chance. Lulu was unable to get over her irritation at Brook. Dante claimed that Lulu didn't have to worry about Brook, but that he liked how Lulu staked a claim on him. Lulu insisted that she wasn't jealous. Dante reminded Lulu that Brook was just family to him, but Lulu still wanted to get Brook's spare key back.

Dante saw that Lulu was trying to iron the shirt that Brook had dropped off. Dante pointed out that Lulu didn't have to prove her love for him. He joked that if she really needed to prove herself, Lulu could just go around the apartment with nothing but a towel on. Smiling, Lulu exited to the bathroom. Dante looked through his mail and opened a large manila envelope. In it, he found a picture of a man, who looked dead, on the ground.

At Johnny's place, Johnny set the housewarming gift Carly gave him aside. He pointed out that because his main mission was to take down Sonny, he wasn't sure why Carly was there. Carly announced that with Michael in Pentonville, all bets were off. Carly believed that their cover-up would have worked if it hadn't been for Dante. Johnny assured Carly that he was no fan of Dante and asked what she wanted from him.

Carly proposed that she and Johnny join forces to take Dante down. Johnny didn't want to drag women and children into his fight. Carly sexily sidled up to Johnny and insisted that she was asking to join the fight. Johnny reminded Carly that Dante didn't kill Claudia, Sonny did.

At Pentonville, Jason demanded that Carter leave the cell where Carter had corned Michael. Carter warned Jason that if Jason threatened him, Jason could end up dead. Carter proclaimed that Jason didn't have any friends in Pentonville, while Carter had many. After Carter left, Michael warned Jason that what Carter said was true. Michael asked Jason, "What if he wins?"

Jason discovered that Carter was about to enter the shower alone and decided that would be the perfect moment to take Carter down. Michael insisted that there had to be another way to resolve the situation, but Jason believed that getting rid of Carter was the only way to protect Michael. Michael asked again if Jason had to kill Carter. Jason believed that all that mattered was making sure that Michael survived prison so that one day Michael would leave Pentonville and never look back. Jason left to take care of Carter.

Jason entered the shower, ready to kill Carter. Carter surprised Jason from behind and the two of them fought. Jason took Carter's knife and stabbed him. As Carter lay bleeding on the ground, he told Jason, "Franco says hi."

At Greystone Manor, Sonny claimed that he only got Michael to talk to Kristina because Kristina trusted her brother. Kristina believed that Sonny was using Michael to manipulate her. Kristina snapped that the more Sonny tried to deny his anger, the more she hated him.

Sonny believed that Johnny turned Kristina against him. Kristina insisted that Sonny verbally abused Claudia just like Kiefer had abused her. As Sonny tried to defend his actions, Kristina insisted that Sonny's mobster life made him worse than Kiefer. Kristina said that while Michael believed Sonny's love obscured Sonny's crimes, she didn't feel the same way.

Sonny conceded that he'd made mistakes with Michael, but Sonny was hurt that Kristina thought the worst of him. He begged Kristina not to believe Johnny. Sonny reiterated his love for her. Kristina pointed out that it wasn't enough to love someone; a person had to show it as well. She sadly told Sonny that he never showed his love for her. Sonny looked upset as Kristina left.

Claire arrived at Sonny's and gave him an update on what she'd found out about Johnny's dealings. She wanted to make sure she and Sonny were still set on taking Johnny down together. Sonny declared that he wanted nothing more than to get rid of Johnny because he believed that Johnny was ruining his daughter's life.

Claire inquired if Johnny had threatened Kristina. Sonny relayed how Johnny had made Kristina believe that Sonny had abused Claudia. Claire reminded Sonny that there was more than one type of abuse, but Sonny thought that Kristina was just taking out her anger at Kiefer on him. Claire noted that Sonny's defensive attitude proved that Kristina had a point.

Claire decided not to comment on Sonny's situation with his children because she wanted to remain focused on taking Johnny down. Sonny promised that he would make good on their deal, but he also claimed that if Johnny shot at him, Sonny was going to defend himself.

At the lake house, Kristina expressed her frustration about Sonny to Molly. Kristina blamed Sonny for Claudia's death and for Michael being in prison. Molly pointed out how awful Sonny felt about everything that had happened. Kristina claimed that Sonny never paid for the horrible things he did and she was determined to stand up to him.

A short time later, Kristina visited Johnny. She proposed that they work together to make Sonny crazy. Johnny told Kristina that his vendetta with Sonny was just business, but Kristina knew that Johnny was going after Sonny because of Claudia. Johnny refused to involve Kristina in his war with Sonny. Kristina thought that they should pretend they were dating to drive Sonny insane.

In the dungeon in Greece, Tracy was upset with herself for believing that her marriage to Luke was real. Luke told her about their marriage being a fake to get Tracy angry enough to rally from her sickness. He reminded her that once they get out of the dungeon, they'd agreed to renew their vows. Tracy told Luke that they couldn't renew anything, since they weren't married.

Tracy was angry with herself for standing by Luke for so long. Luke tried to convince Tracy that they really were married, but all Tracy wanted to do was get out of the dungeon and leave Luke behind.

Luke admitted he did fake being married to Tracy to swindle money from her, but then he honestly fell in love with her. He had been afraid of telling Tracy the truth because he didn't want to lose her. Luke insisted that they were married in every way that mattered and that they would make it official once they escaped. Tracy announced that she'd rather stay locked up with the rats in their cell than be married to a rat like Luke.

On the Cassadine private island, Lucky pretended he was a lost backpacker. To get the guard to believe him, Lucky wove a tale of how he arrived on the island. The guard pulled a gun on Lucky. Nikolas entered and asked why the guard was holding a gun on his brother.

Lucky asked Nikolas where his father and Tracy were. Nikolas claimed that he didn't know about Luke and Tracy's whereabouts, but he would search the property for them alone. Lucky pointed out that he'd have to trust Nikolas to search for Luke and Tracy by himself, and Lucky didn't believe he'd ever trust Nikolas again.

Nikolas refused to let Lucky search the island. Lucky was angry that Nikolas was acting like the wronged party, since Nikolas was the one that slept with Liz. Lucky asked for the chance just to find his father and Tracy. Nikolas promised that if he found Luke and Tracy, he would release them. Nikolas also stated that if he found Helena, he would deal with her how he saw fit. Nikolas ordered the guard to escort Lucky off the island.

At the Metro Court, Lisa and Steven enjoyed each other's company over dinner as they bonded over music. Patrick entered and Lisa invited him to join them. Steven looked disappointed.

Lisa and Patrick began talking about NASCAR. Steven finally jumped into the conversation, and revealed how much he knew about racing himself. As Lisa and Steven continued to talk, Carly entered and walked over to their table. Lisa looked affected as Patrick invited Carly to join them.

Patrick told Carly he was willing to give expert testimony for Michael's appeal. Lisa revealed that Sonny's case would have led to a mistrial if the truth hadn't been revealed. Patrick offered Carly a night out playing pool if Carly needed a distraction from her troubles. Carly declared that dessert was on the house and got up from the table. Lisa and Steven decided to skip dessert and get a nightcap. Lisa told Patrick that perhaps he could share dessert with Carly. Meanwhile, Brook updated Carly on how jealous Lulu was of Brook's friendship with Dante. Carly was certain that Dante would despise having a clingy girlfriend.

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