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Ryan overheard Greenlee confess to her father that she was in love with Ryan. A mystery person followed Zach and Kendall as they took the boys trick-or-treating. Asher revealed that Caleb had killed Asher's mother on Halloween.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, October 25, 2010

At the Slater residence, Zach explained that he had to leave town. Kendall was certain that Zach was just freaked out because things were moving too fast for him. She promised him that they could take things slowly. Zach refused to change his mind, so Kendall literally blocked his path to keep him from walking out the door. Kendall couldn't understand why Zach would leave after he had just announced that he was home for good. Zach was saved from having to answer when the children rushed into the room to greet him.

Zach scooped up Ian and Spike as he hugged them and carried them to the sofa. Kendall explained to the boys that Zach had to leave soon. Spike wanted to know why. Zach revealed that he had to take care of something, but he promised that he would return. Kendall sent the children to the kitchen with the nanny for some lunch, so she could speak to Zach alone.

Kendall demanded to know why Zach had bothered to return home if he had intended to leave, but Zach remained tightlipped about his sudden change of heart. Kendall's temper flared because she resented Zach shutting her out. Zach explained that he was trying to keep her safe. Kendall realized that Zach was serious, which scared her. Zach revealed that he had kept quiet because he hadn't wanted her to be afraid. Zach admitted that he missed being with Kendall, but he had to take care of some trouble before they could start the next chapter in their lives.

Zach revealed that he had decided to sell the rest of the casinos, but some of his business partners were not happy about it, so they had threatened to hurt Zach and his family. Zach needed to stay away from Kendall and the boys for their own safety. Kendall disagreed; she figured if they had to be guarded, then they might as well be guarded by the person whom she trusted the most: Zach. A short time later, the boys returned to the living room.

Ian and Spike scrambled onto Zach and Kendall's laps. Kendall beamed with joy as she admitted that she had learned a valuable lesson while doing community service. According to Kendall, teamwork was necessary.

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal admitted to Caleb that she was excited about Halloween. Caleb was less enthusiastic about the upcoming event, which seemed to surprise Krystal. She tried to find out why Caleb didn't like Halloween, but Caleb refused to tell her. After Krystal walked away to fetch some rhubarb pie for Caleb, Caleb flashed back to a time when a woman had desperately called out his name several times.

Later, Krystal quietly admitted to Annie that she would have thrown Annie out of the restaurant if it hadn't been for Emma. Annie couldn't blame Krystal. Annie conceded that she had hurt Marissa and Scott; however, Annie insisted that she would gladly change things if she could. Krystal had her doubts. She wondered which Chandler man Annie wouldn't have slept with if Annie could do things over.

Emma approached the table seconds later. Krystal took the little girl's order and walked away. Annie noticed that her daughter seemed sad. Emma explained that she couldn't reach her father. Annie reminded Emma that Ryan was probably in court, so she offered to check online to find out when the next court break was scheduled. Annie suggested that Emma could call Ryan during recess. Emma immediately grew concerned when she heard her mother utter, "Uh-oh."

Emma worried that something was wrong with Ryan, but Annie quickly covered up the slip. She assured Emma that Ryan was a "real live hero," so he was fine. Emma wanted to return to the mansion, but Annie explained that they would be living at the gatehouse until they had found a new home. Emma perked up when she asked if their new home would have an apple orchard. Annie confessed, "Probably not."

Emma was disappointed, but Annie insisted that the only thing that mattered was finding a home where they could live as a happy family. Emma smiled then suggested that they return to the mansion to pick up her dress-up clothes. Annie laughed as she reached out to hug her daughter.

At the Chandler mansion, JR was on the phone with his attorney. JR insisted that the attorney find a way to grant JR access to AJ. After JR disconnected the call, Asher imagined that it was difficult for JR to have to fight so hard for AJ and Chandler Enterprises. JR angrily vowed to make Caleb pay. Asher seemed eager for it to happen.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Asher opened the door and found Erica standing on the doorstep. Erica entered the mansion, so Asher excused himself and left. In the parlor, Erica announced that she intended to take JR to lunch. JR refused to go unless the special was Caleb's head on a platter. Erica decided to conduct her business there instead of going out.

Erica confessed that she could get Caleb to back off if JR sold Cortlandt Electronics back to Caleb. She assured JR that she could be very persuasive. JR was curious what Erica hoped to gain from the deal. JR realized that Caleb's goal was to help Marissa to keep AJ away from him and to ruin JR in the process, but he had no idea what Erica hoped to get out of helping Caleb. Erica insisted that she refused to let Palmer down, so she intended to honor Palmer's wishes. JR seemed genuinely surprised that Palmer had meant that much to Erica.

At Krystal's restaurant, Asher sat at a table, glaring at Caleb's back. After Caleb collected his rhubarb pie, he passed Asher's table then stopped short. Asher quickly reminded Caleb that the restaurant was a public place, so Asher had every right to be there. Caleb agreed; however, he warned Asher to stay away from Wildwind or else things would turn ugly. Krystal approached the table after Caleb left.

Asher assured Krystal that he just wanted to work, so he wasn't there to cause trouble. Krystal didn't have a problem with that as long as Asher ordered something. Asher asked for a black coffee. Krystal chuckled as she observed that Asher and Caleb had something in common -- they liked their coffee the same way. After Krystal walked away, Asher did a search on his laptop for a Halloween tragedy in 1990.

At the Chandler mansion, Erica was surprised when she saw Caleb enter the parlor. Caleb explained that he had more "bad news" for JR regarding AJ's custody and handed JR an envelope. As JR looked at the document, Caleb turned to Erica to find out why she was visiting JR. Erica insisted that they had to work together, or none of them would get what they wanted. JR and Caleb grumbled, which prompted Erica to remind both men that she had better things to do than to play peacemaker.

JR and Caleb continued to trade barbs until Caleb invited Erica to leave with him. JR warned Erica not to trust Caleb. JR claimed that Caleb was not the man that he pretended to be. JR assured her that he knew more about Caleb than Caleb realized. Caleb didn't seem concerned as he invited Erica to lead the way to the door. Erica hesitated a moment then left.

Annie and Emma arrived at the mansion a short time later. Emma wondered if AJ were home, but JR revealed that his son wasn't around. Emma headed to her room while Annie lingered behind in the parlor to find out what was troubling JR. JR was frustrated because he had been blocked from seeing his son and hadn't been given the opportunity to explain his side of things to AJ. Annie empathized with JR because she had her own troubles with Ryan.

Annie revealed that Ryan might be guilty of killing David. She had no idea what to tell Emma if Ryan were arrested. Annie worried that Ryan's situation and the upheaval of not having a place to call home would take a toll on Emma. JR confided that he didn't want Annie to leave, so he offered her the beach cottage until she could find a permanent home. Annie was grateful, but she realized that it could cause problems for JR's custody battle. Annie agreed to move into the cottage, but she promised to stay quiet about the arrangement so that Marissa and Caleb didn't get wind of it.

At the courthouse, Greenlee made it clear that she wasn't happy with Ryan's plan. Ryan insisted that he didn't want her to go to jail. Greenlee couldn't believe that he expected her to stand by while he was carted off to jail for David's murder. Ryan argued that it was different because she was innocent, while there was a strong likelihood that he had killed David. Greenlee was upset; she insisted that things weren't supposed to unfold as they had.

Greenlee wanted everything to be over so she could say what was really on her mind. Ryan was curious what she meant by the comment. Greenlee regretted that she had ever doubted Ryan. She finally realized that Ryan would never have hurt her. Madison walked up before Greenlee could say anything else. Madison wondered what was going on.

Greenlee told Madison about Nick Pearson's damaging testimony. After Greenlee walked away, Madison questioned Ryan about what Nick had said on the witness stand. Madison's surprise turned to frustration when Ryan revealed that it was time for him to put a stop to things. Ryan explained that he intended to make sure that Liza knew he might have killed David. Madison wondered if Ryan had considered how the decision might affect Emma.

Madison insisted that Ryan didn't have any proof that he had killed David. Ryan argued that Greenlee was innocent and that he had to do everything in his power to make certain that she wasn't convicted of a crime that she had not committed. Ryan decided to call Annie to let her know about his plans, but he was unable to reach her. Madison offered to find Annie to tell her about Ryan's decision. She stormed off before Ryan could stop her.

Madison arrived at the Chandler mansion a short time later. JR excused himself when Madison explained that she needed to talk to Annie. After JR left, Madison revealed that she had news that Annie wouldn't like. Madison told Annie about Ryan's plans. Annie was stunned. Annie worried that Emma would be shattered by the news.

Madison advised Annie not to say anything for the moment. Annie urged Madison to talk to Ryan to persuade him to let Greenlee take the fall. Annie warned Madison that Madison would lose Ryan to Greenlee if Madison didn't do something.

Later, Asher returned to the mansion. JR let Asher know about Caleb's visit. Asher was curious if Caleb had mentioned Halloween. JR seemed confused by the question as he answered, "No." Asher wasn't surprised, so he handed JR a piece of paper. JR glanced at the paper as Asher explained that Caleb had killed Asher's mother on Halloween.

At Wildwind, Caleb acknowledged that he had appreciated Erica's effort to work things out with "Junior." Erica was concerned because it had sounded to her as if JR had known something particularly damaging about Caleb. Caleb assured Erica that JR didn't know anything. Erica wondered if there was something in Caleb's past that could be used against Caleb. Caleb suggested that Erica go home to Jackson, but Erica wanted Caleb's assurance that he wasn't hiding something. Caleb insisted that Erica knew plenty already and that she knew more about him than most.

Ryan called Madison but reached her voicemail. He asked her to call him back so they could talk things out over dinner. As Ryan ended the call, he overheard Greenlee and Jack in the courtroom.

In the courtroom, Greenlee questioned if Nick Pearson was for real. "Yes," Jack assured his daughter. Greenlee was upset because she feared that Ryan might end up facing murder charges. Greenlee thought it had been a mistake to trust her father. Jack insisted that his number one priority had been to make certain that she wasn't convicted.

Jack explained that he had to create reasonable doubt. Greenlee wanted Jack to find someone else to point the finger of guilt at. Jack confessed that there wasn't anyone else. He couldn't believe that Greenlee had never considered the possibility that Ryan might have killed David. Greenlee recalled confiding to Kendall that she had found the empty vial of digitalis in Ryan's jacket pocket, but she quickly shook the memory away.

Jack urged Greenlee not to let her feelings cloud her judgment. Greenlee had no idea what Jack was talking about. "The fact that you're in love with Ryan," Jack clarified. Greenlee insisted that what she felt, or didn't feel, for Ryan was irrelevant. According to Greenlee, it was more important that Jack decide whether he was her father or her lawyer. Jack argued that Greenlee needed to decide if she wanted to save herself.

"Of course I do," Greenlee answered. However, she was also determined to save Ryan because she loved him. Greenlee blamed herself for the life that David had lost, so she refused to let Ryan lose his life too. Ryan stood in the hallway, stunned by what he had overheard.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

At the Slater home, Greenlee wondered to Kendall whether she should ask the judge to declare a mistrial. Greenlee complained about Ryan and Jackson's plan to make Ryan appear guilty, as she had been trying to keep him out of prison. Kendall reminded Greenlee that Ryan could be guilty, especially because of the new eyewitness testimony.

Greenlee swore that she'd protect Ryan and not let him go to jail. Kendall believed the matter was out of Greenlee's hands. Greenlee vowed that she wouldn't let Ryan convince the jury that he was in love with her. She admitted that it was getting tougher to resist her feelings for Ryan, and she thought the jury would see that she still loved him.

Zach entered and offered his support to Greenlee, but she was determined to clean up her own mess. Zach said that he'd bet his money on her, and he left to check on the kids. Kendall advised Greenlee to tell Ryan that she loved him. Greenlee didn't think that would solve anything. Kendall believed that Greenlee and Ryan belonged together.

Greenlee requested that Kendall stay home with Zach and the kids rather than attend her trial. After Kendall reluctantly agreed, Greenlee left. Zach returned, and Kendall commented that the boys were happy to have their father back. Zach proclaimed that no one was happier than he was.

Kendall admitted that she had overheard Zach on the phone, discussing problems with the casino. He said he'd handle them and tried to change the subject by talking about their life together. She called him out on it and claimed that he'd have to try harder to distract her, so he pulled her into a kiss. She was thrilled that they were back in their home together. He promised that they'd stay there.

Kendall asked if the casino issues were about money. He said that they always were, but he thought he would be able to work things out with his partners. She couldn't wait to be free and clear of all their problems. He vowed that soon they would be. He implored her to visit Erica, and she joked that he was trying to get rid of her. He claimed that he simply had a business meeting with his lawyer and that nothing would interfere with their homecoming.

At the courthouse, a frazzled Liza nearly collapsed, and Damon caught her. She reminded him not to tell anyone that she had been in the hospital. They looked up in alarm as Tad walked in.

Damon and Liza covered with a lie about Damon needing to take her shoes to be repaired. Liza asked that Damon retrieve some files from her office, and he left. Liza asked Tad about Nick Pearson and the fact that Tad had tracked Nick down without telling her about it. She accused him of wanting her to lose the case. He told her that not everything was about her. Liza blamed Tad for sandbagging her with a surprise witness and believed that Tad had purposefully hid Nick from her. Tad thought that Nick's testimony had been important and observed that she didn't seem to be interested in the truth.

Madison arrived to see Ryan at his penthouse. He had been trying to call her, but she said she hadn't been ready to talk to him. He understood that she was upset. She demanded to know where she stood with him.

Ryan said that Madison had a right to be angry, but she didn't believe he understood why she was agitated. He thought it was because Nick's testimony had implicated him in David's murder, but she explained that it was because Ryan hadn't told her about his plan. He claimed it had been a last-minute strategy, but she accused him of not trusting her.

Ryan admitted that he had been wrong and apologized for not being there for Madison. He promised to make it up to her. She looked at him skeptically as his phone rang, and he answered it to Jackson. After he hung up, he informed Madison that he would be called as the first witness. An irritated Madison declared that they should leave because Greenlee needed him.

At Krystal's restaurant, Asher looked again at an article about a mine explosion that had occurred on Halloween. He quickly hid the clipping when Colby entered. She suggested that they go to the mall to get decorations for Halloween, but he turned her down. She tried to convince him and impulsively grabbed his hand. When she saw how uncomfortable he was by her gesture, she pulled back. As she prodded him about why he didn't like Halloween, he admitted that his mom had died on the holiday.

Colby apologized for pressing Asher, but he acknowledged that there was no way she could have known. He wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a mother. Colby suddenly realized that Asher's birthday was on Halloween. He said that he didn't celebrate it. She wanted to make special plans, but he thought the day belonged to his mom.

Colby believed that Asher could honor and celebrate his mother's memory at the same time. She offered to get him a cake. He wasn't sure, but she wanted to pay him back for saving her life. He thanked her, but he didn't want to commemorate his birthday that year. She asked why he didn't. He couldn't explain it, but he was counting on everything changing by the following year.

As Jackson prepared at home for the trial, Erica commented that he had hardly slept the night before. She was surprised that Greenlee still wasn't talking to Jackson. He pointed out that they had blindsided Greenlee with the new witness, but Erica thought that Jackson was trying to keep his daughter out of prison and that Greenlee should be grateful.

Later, outside the courtroom, Caleb wished Jackson luck and explained that he was there to file Marissa's divorce papers. Jackson tried to persuade Erica to go to work with Caleb rather than attend Greenlee's trial. Erica swore that she could put her differences with Greenlee aside and pointed out that she had testified on Greenlee's behalf. Jackson needed full support and thought Erica might not be able to hide her true feelings. Caleb said he'd see Erica at Wildwind and exited. Erica started to storm off, but Jackson caught her arm. He assured her that he wasn't trying to hurt her. She wished him luck, and they hugged.

At Wildwind, Erica inquired whether Caleb had heard from JR. She was concerned about the implications JR had made regarding a secret in Caleb's past. She mentioned that JR had said that family meant nothing to Caleb. Caleb asked if she believed JR. She didn't because she recognized Caleb's respect for Palmer's legacy, but she pointed out that JR had been very specific about the words he had chosen.

Erica insisted that she wasn't trying to pry, but she worried about what dirt JR might have on Caleb. He swore that there wasn't anything as he opened the door to Kendall. Erica wanted to speak with Caleb further, but he insisted that they were finished, and he exited.

Erica was surprised to see Kendall apart from Zach. Kendall complained that Zach had refused to let her get involved in his casino business. Kendall wanted to make her marriage work and fretted that she might screw things up. She wished she could sit back and let others handle things, but Erica understood that the Kane women would walk through hell and back for the people they loved. Caleb watched as the women embraced.

After Kendall left, Caleb wanted to focus on how the Chandlers had stolen the nanotech project. Erica worried that JR would fabricate something about Caleb's past, perhaps about Sonia. Caleb wanted Erica to trust him, but she thought he was obviously withholding information. He barked that some things were private. He was shocked to spot the article about the mine explosion on his desk.

Erica saw the look on Caleb's face and asked if he was all right. He said he had to be somewhere and told her they'd resume work later. Later, Caleb wondered aloud to Palmer's portrait about who had planted the article on his desk. He noticed Erica watching him and wished her a happy Halloween. She looked at him suspiciously.

Bianca stopped by to see Zach, and they hugged. She asked about Kendall, and Zach said that she was visiting Erica. Zach apologized for not calling earlier. Bianca felt guilty that she had requested that Zach help with funds for the Miranda Center when he had been having business problems. She thanked him for rescuing the center after the scandal David had created. Zach vowed to always be there for his family.

When Kendall returned home, she overheard Zach's lawyer, on his way out, warning Zach that "these guys play rough." As Kendall asked if everything was all right, Bianca entered and announced that she wanted to have a Halloween party for the kids. Kendall and Zach agreed that it was a great idea. Bianca reiterated that it was great to have Zach back, and she left.

Kendall asked what Zach and Bianca had been talking about. He explained how they wanted to raise funds for the Miranda Center. He mentioned that he and Kendall had seen a lot of suffering when they had been traveling, and he thought they could help people. A surprised Kendall asked where he had gotten the idea. He realized that he had hurt some people and wanted to make up for it.

Kendall inquired about the casino meeting, but he changed the subject back to the Miranda Center. She accused him of avoiding the topic. She wanted to be his equal partner and needed him to stop shutting her out. He argued that he had been dealing with dangerous people, but she still wanted to help. He yelled that she couldn't fix everything and that sometimes she had to let others deal with their own problems. She realized that he had stayed away because he was still angry with her for getting wrapped up in Greenlee and Ryan's woes.

Zach began to walk away, and Kendall sarcastically remarked that they were done talking. He recalled that for a year, all they'd done was talk about how her behavior had nearly ruined their relationship. Since they had returned to Pine Valley, Zach felt that she had jumped right back into the same pattern. She explained that her friends had desperately needed her help, but he said it was their relationship that needed work.

Kendall thought Zach was using their past issues as an excuse to push her away from helping with the casino problems. He didn't want her involved, but she stated that she already was. She told him that he couldn't solve everything by himself and that it was time for him to start acting like they were a couple. She looked at him in surprise when he bellowed that she was right.

A stunned Kendall asked Zach if he was playing a trick to shut her up. He laughed and admitted that they should do things together as a good example for their boys. They agreed that they were a team, and they embraced. He wanted to play cowboy with their sons. She happily ran off to get her boots. A look of concern washed over his face, and he hid a file folder on top of a shelf.

At ConFusion, Damon grabbed a bottle of water and listened as Nick Pearson bragged to the bartender about how his testimony had changed the murder trial. Nick boasted that he was the "main man" and that he had been interviewed on television.

Greenlee arrived at the courthouse and locked eyes with Ryan. She remembered Jackson warning her that her love for Ryan had clouded her judgment. Madison noticed Greenlee and Ryan's intense stare. Jackson arrived and approached Greenlee. Madison worried that Jackson would make Ryan look like a murderer.

Jackson wished that it had been an option to get Greenlee excused from court. Greenlee accused him of trying to control her life and refused to let Ryan sacrifice himself for her. Jackson claimed that they were trying to save her life and thought that she should be doing the same thing.

Jackson told Greenlee that he'd see her in the courtroom. Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that everything he and Jackson had done had been to get Greenlee acquitted. She snapped that she hadn't asked for his help. He asserted that he wasn't sacrificing himself, but the jury had needed to hear Nick's testimony. Moments later, all eyes were on Ryan as he was sworn in.

Jackson asked Ryan to describe his relationship with Greenlee. He said that they had always shared a connection even though things weren't always easy between them. Ryan recalled how they had first met at WRCW, where they had both worked. The timing hadn't been right for a relationship then, but eventually they had gotten married. Ryan remembered the "Dynamite Kiddo" toy ring he had given Greenlee because he hadn't taken their marriage seriously at first, but eventually he had realized that he had deep feelings for her. "It felt as if something was putting us together," Ryan explained. Jackson inquired about how Ryan had felt when he'd thought Greenlee had died, and Ryan said that he had felt like he'd lost part of himself.

Jackson asked about Ryan's reaction to Greenlee marrying David. Ryan had thought it had been a terrible mistake, and he had felt empty and lost when she had married someone else. Jackson questioned whether Ryan still loved Greenlee, but Liza objected. Jackson argued that Liza had made the point that Greenlee and Ryan's relationship was relevant to the case when she had questioned Madison. The judge allowed Jack to continue.

Ryan admitted that he had still been in love with Greenlee when he had learned that she was alive. He had thought that he had a second chance to make things right. He flashed back to trying to convince Greenlee that they belonged together and swearing to wait as long as it took for her to realize it.

Jackson inquired about Ryan's feelings regarding David. Ryan admitted that he hadn't liked David because David had taken what he had wanted no matter who it had hurt, including Greenlee. Ryan acknowledged that he was protective of Greenlee and that he had warned David to stay away from her. Greenlee hadn't wanted Ryan's help with ending her marriage, but he hadn't been able to turn his back on her after everything they had been through.

Jackson asked Ryan about the night of the party. Ryan had been determined to get Greenlee away from David, because David had intended to take her away and never return. Jackson inquired whether Ryan had ever stopped loving Greenlee. "Never," Ryan confessed. Madison looked stricken.

Jackson confirmed that even though Greenlee had married someone else and had told Ryan she hadn't wanted him, Ryan had been unable to handle the thought of never seeing her again. Ryan admitted that he couldn't remember what had happened the night of David's murder. Liza cut Jackson off as he began to ask Ryan if he could have killed David, and Jackson withdrew the question. The judge broke for lunch, and Madison rushed out of the courtroom.

Damon returned to the courtroom and told Liza about Nick's behavior at ConFusion. Damon found it strange that Nick had been so outspoken, when on the stand he had claimed that he hadn't given his statement sooner because he had wanted to keep his presence at the Yacht Club on the night of the murder private. Damon commented that it seemed like Nick had intended for Ryan to take the fall.

Greenlee wished that Jackson had gotten her out of the trial that day, but Jackson told her that she had needed to hear Ryan's testimony.

Ryan ran after Madison and apologized. She matter-of-factly stated that he didn't need to be sorry because he had told the truth. He claimed that he hadn't realized what the truth was until he had said it out loud. She declared that they were finished.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ABC Daytime aired a special encore episode of All My Children in place of an original episode. This programming change was planned for, so there were no lost episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, October 28, and picked up where Tuesday, October 25th's episode concluded.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tad apologized for his unexpected visit to the Chandler mansion, but JR told him that he was always welcome. Tad said that he had spent most of the day at Greenlee's trial. He had watched Jack fight for Greenlee, and it had made him realize that he needed to fight for JR. Tad thought that JR was handling his battles the wrong way because JR was afraid. JR insisted that he wasn't afraid of Caleb, but Tad thought JR was scared of losing his family. Tad couldn't do anything about Scott or Adam, but he wanted to help JR hold on to AJ.

JR was confident that he could win custody of AJ with Tad's support. Tad clarified that he wanted to help JR immediately, before they ended up in court. Tad implored JR to prove to Marissa that JR was a responsible parent who would do anything for his son. JR spat that he didn't have to prove anything, and Tad pointed out that he was showing his father's anger. Tad said that as AJ's father, JR had made some serious mistakes. Tad begged JR to show him, not tell him, that JR could give AJ a good home.

Tad was glad to hear that Annie wasn't living on the Chandler estate anymore. Tad asked JR to back off of his battle with Caleb over Cortlandt, but JR refused. Tad asked if JR ever got sick of fighting everyone for everything. JR thought that if he backed down, he'd lose Chandler. Tad told him to get his priorities straight. JR asserted that he was fighting for AJ's legacy, but Tad thought he sounded like Adam. JR claimed not to be like Adam because Adam had handed over Chandler to Scott to get back at JR, and JR would never do that to AJ. He vowed to save Chandler for AJ. Tad suggested that instead of trying to conquer the world, JR should show AJ that no matter what happened, he'd always love AJ as much as Tad loved JR.

Annie entered the beach cottage and picked up a book. She threw it across the floor, and her wedding ring went flying with it. Annie scrambled to the floor to find her ring, which she placed back on her finger. She recalled marrying Scott, only to lose him and the life she had wanted to give Emma. Her thoughts flashed to making love with JR. She removed her ring and set it on the table then left.

Krystal told Marissa about how rough things had been at Greenlee's trial and asked if Marissa wanted to go through a similar process. Marissa thought that her situation was different because she was fighting for her son, even though she didn't want to go to war with JR. Marissa confessed that she had dreamed about Babe, despite never having met her twin. She had noticed that Babe and AJ had the same warm energy, but AJ could lose his light if he stayed with the Chandlers. Krystal compared it to JR losing Dixie and said that she and Marissa were "keepers of the light." AJ entered, and the women double-checked that he had everything for school. He sadly said that he missed his daddy.

AJ forlornly remarked that he had always gone trick-or-treating with JR. Tad entered, and AJ sulked off. Tad stated that JR desperately missed his son. Tad understood that the Chandler house wasn't good for AJ, but Annie had moved out, and JR and Colby both loved the boy. Marissa wondered if they were ganging up on her to drop the suit. Krystal insisted that she was on Marissa's side. Tad urged Marissa to do what she felt was right but also to make AJ happy by allowing him to experience his Halloween tradition with his dad. Marissa worried that JR might not give AJ back to her, so Tad suggested that she join them. AJ overheard and begged her to let him see JR.

Later, Marissa and AJ arrived to visit JR at the Chandler mansion, but the housekeeper informed them that JR had left for the beach cottage. AJ pleaded with Marissa to go see his father.

JR arrived at the beach cottage and found an underwear-clad Annie returning from a swim. JR explained to an embarrassed Annie that he had wanted to check on her and Emma. He wondered why she had gone for a swim in freezing water, and she explained that she had needed to clear her head. He noted the ring on the table and realized that she had accepted the end of her marriage. JR considered going for a cold swim to forget about Halloween, as it was his and AJ's favorite holiday. JR worried that he'd permanently lose custody, but Annie assured him that he wouldn't.

JR started to open up to Annie, but then he quickly clammed up and said he had to leave. She grabbed his arm and asked him to stay because perhaps they could help one another. JR explained to Annie that Caleb was attacking him from all angles, and he had been tempted to drink. He had been going to A.A. meetings, but he still felt alone. She assured him that he wasn't and took his hand. They gave in to a kiss, which became increasingly passionate as they began to undress.

Marissa stumbled in on JR and a half-naked Annie cavorting on the couch. AJ called for his dad from outside. Marissa ran out and told AJ to get in the car because JR wasn't there. JR burst out of the cottage to confront Marissa, and they argued about what was best for AJ. Annie barked that Marissa was standing between a devoted father and his son. Marissa threatened to call the police if JR attempted to see AJ before their hearing and stormed off.

Marissa took AJ back to Krystal's and informed Krystal and Tad that she had found JR with Annie, who was staying at the beach cottage. She was done with JR's lies and didn't want to see him until their court date. Krystal and Tad bickered over JR's behavior. Krystal said that JR didn't deserve his son.

JR returned from a walk on the beach, and Annie asked if he had caught up with Marissa. He hadn't, but he had seen a confused AJ looking sadly back at him through the car window. JR realized that he couldn't take back what Marissa had seen but vowed not to lose his son. Annie tried to console him, but he swore that Marissa wouldn't keep his son from him and stalked out.

Damon accompanied Liza to ConFusion, where they spotted a drunken Nick. Liza wanted to handle things alone, but she asked Damon to stick close by. Liza approached Nick, and he called her the hottest district attorney in town. He offered to buy her a drink. He hoped that she wouldn't tell Ryan, Jackson, or Tad that he was there because they'd be upset. She swore that he could trust her.

Unbeknownst to Nick, Liza dumped her drink into a plant. He flirted with Liza as Damon observed. She remarked that his line of work was glamorous. Nick complained about the lousy job he'd been stuck with since he had been fired from the big leagues. She urged him to talk about his woes.

After a brief conversation, Liza told Nick that he'd done the right thing by opening up to her. She walked away and told Damon that they had to get back to the courthouse right away. She instructed Damon to sober Nick up. Nick wondered where Liza had gone and was stunned to realize that she had used him to get information. She threatened to charge him with perjury.

At the courthouse, Ryan explained to Madison that he hadn't expected to say what he had on the stand, but she pointed out that everyone had heard it, and it didn't leave room for a relationship with her. He apologized.

Greenlee recounted to Jackson that Ryan had spun the story that Greenlee was his whole world, and she worried that Liza would charge Ryan if Greenlee was acquitted. Greenlee told Jackson that her feelings didn't matter if either she or Ryan ended up in prison. Jackson was irritated by her attitude, and Greenlee walked out and discovered Ryan and Madison hugging.

Greenlee returned to the courtroom and told Jackson to stop pushing his strategy. She insisted that Ryan had moved on with Madison and that he had lied on the stand. She commented that all of her relationships had crashed and burned. If Ryan was convicted for David's murder, she'd never be able to live with it.

Madison said that perhaps Ryan had created a story about his feelings for Greenlee as part of his plan, but at some point they had become real. The last thing Ryan had wanted was to hurt Madison. He admitted that he had told himself that he and Greenlee were in the past, but they weren't. She told him to go to Greenlee, but he was worried about how the trial would play out. Madison was certain that Greenlee would take him back and that she would be lucky to have him.

Ryan pointed out many of Madison's positive attributes, even joking about her improved cooking skills. She remembered that she had been a wreck when she had first met him. He said that he'd always be there for her, but she realized it wouldn't be like the way he supported Greenlee. Ryan wanted to try to make things better for her, but she told him to worry about himself and hurriedly left.

Later, Frankie found Madison at ConFusion, staring into her drink. She lamented that she and Ryan were over. Frankie was surprised, but Madison recounted how Ryan had professed his love for Greenlee on the stand. Madison hadn't listened to everyone's warnings about Ryan's feelings for Greenlee, and she felt stupid for thinking that she had finally found a man who would love her back.

Madison pushed her drink over to Frankie because she didn't want to turn back into the woman she had been before she had met Ryan. Frankie told her that she was smart and hot and that she had a solid career and friends, including him. Madison made plans to consume a mountain of ice cream, which Frankie called a perfect cure for a broken heart. Madison told him that good friends were, as well. He reassured her that she had done the right thing by breaking things off. She cried that she still loved Ryan, and Frankie took her hand.

Liza returned to the courtroom and remarked to Jackson that it was a lovely day, and his guard immediately went up. Liza called Ryan back to the stand. Liza asked if Ryan knew "Tony the Traveler," a well-known travel blogger. Ryan admitted that he had borrowed Tony's name years before when he had shown Greenlee how a con worked.

Liza pointed out that as a con, Ryan had experience getting people to believe fabricated stories. Liza asked him to share the highlights of his and Greenlee's con. He remembered how they had tricked hotel employees into believing that they were Tony and his assistant, and they had been offered a free deluxe suite as a result. Ryan was surprised when Liza revealed that the hotel manager had been fired because of their con.

Liza asked Ryan to read a harsh notice of termination addressed to the manager, who the hotel chain had suspected had been in on the con. Ryan swore that the manager had had no clue, and Liza asked Ryan to peel away the tape over the manager's name -- Nick Pearson. Ryan hadn't recognized him during Nick's testimony, but Nick had known who Ryan was. Liza handed Ryan a second letter. Nick had written it to his bosses to explain that Nick had been victimized by Ryan and that Ryan deserved to burn in hell for costing Nick his job. Though Ryan tried to defend himself, Liza cut him off and asked Ryan to step down.

Liza praised Damon for his instincts and told him that he could give Tad a run for his money as a private investigator. Ryan asked Liza how she had figured out Nick's story. Ryan found it incredible that a man would perjure himself over a hotel management job. Liza left, and Ryan asked Jackson how the new information changed things. Jackson thought their plan to create reasonable doubt was a bust. Ryan apologized, but a relieved Greenlee declared that she wasn't sorry at all.

Greenlee was thrilled that Ryan was no longer implicated in David's murder. Ryan thought Nick's setup was too elaborate and that there was something off with his story. Jackson thought it was a long shot, but Ryan insisted it was all they had and promised Greenlee it wasn't over. After Ryan left, Greenlee and Jackson agreed that Ryan was chasing a dead end. Greenlee suggested that Jackson put her on the stand -- she had gotten herself into her mess, and it was about time she got herself out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Caleb returned to Wildwind with an article about the death of his beloved in his hand. Unbeknownst to Caleb, Asher looked at another copy of the article at the same moment.

Bianca rushed down to the living room when she heard someone at the front door. When she found Caleb in the living room, she gave him a quick rundown of the guests she expected for her party. Just then, Kendall and Zach arrived with their sons in tow. Bianca quickly put her sister to work by asking Kendall to hang the rest of the decorations. Meanwhile, Zach surmised that Caleb didn't like Halloween.

Zach and Caleb agreed that they didn't like ghosts, but Zach said his family had helped him to get better. Caleb said that family could change a man, and Zach said he hadn't realized how much. Bianca, having overheard the exchange, pointed out that Caleb's cranky demeanor was endearing in its own way. She went back to decorating and asked for Caleb's help. Caleb did what was asked, but when he neared the fire, in his mind, he heard the screams for help from the woman he loved.

Zach walked over to Kendall and Bianca and said that Caleb didn't seem enthused to have visitors. Bianca was sure that Caleb would be all right once he got rid of his bad mood. Kendall volunteered to help Caleb cheer up, but Zach didn't think it was a good idea. Kendall disregarded Zach's caution and walked over to talk to Caleb. Kendall told Caleb that she and Zach would need legal help because Zach needed to liquidate his businesses.

Before Kendall could share any additional details, Miranda called from upstairs and said she and Gaby needed help with their costumes. Kendall volunteered to help and disappeared upstairs with Bianca. Zach apologized for Kendall's intrusion and said that Kendall often spoke without thinking. Caleb said that he had a full caseload at that moment, but he asked about Zach's legal troubles. Zach said that it wasn't easy to deal with decisions made in the past.

Erica tried to get Jack's attention as he pored over his notes for Greenlee's case. Erica wanted to take Jack to Bianca's party for a change of scenery. Jack was concerned that Liza had discredited his star witness and said that his case hinged on Greenlee's testimony. Erica was certain that Jack was the best person to save Greenlee. Jack said he didn't know if he'd be able to live with himself if he was unsuccessful. Erica said that not every case was winnable. Jack asked if Erica believed Greenlee was guilty.

Erica hesitated, but when Jack wouldn't let up, Erica admitted to her belief that Greenlee was guilty. Erica said that Greenlee had lashed out in the past to protect herself. Erica added that everyone knew David had backed Greenlee into a corner. Erica thought it made sense, but the logic was lost on Jack.

Jack thought Erica had been in his corner and was upset that she had lied to him. Erica said that she'd only been trying to spare Jack the pain of hearing her thoughts. Erica urged Jack to take a break and go to the party. Jack said that he would relax when the trial was over. Upset, Erica went to the party alone.

Kendall and Bianca returned to the living room in time for Erica's arrival. Caleb thought the party was for kids and used it as an excuse to leave. Erica claimed that it was good to have her family around and hugged Zach enthusiastically. Erica looked over her shoulder, and Kendall immediately knew that Erica was concerned about Caleb. Kendall used Zach's earlier spoken words and told Erica that Caleb should be left alone.

Caleb returned to the living room of Wildwind just as Kendall and Zach were headed out to take their sons trick-or-treating. Caleb was in search of a file and largely ignored the activity around him. When Caleb wandered off again, Erica questioned Bianca about what was wrong with Caleb. Bianca said she didn't know but could tell from the look in Caleb's eyes that the pain ran deep.

Bianca suggested that Erica talk to Caleb, for the sake of good business dealings. Erica refused and said that she didn't operate in that manner. Bianca dropped the subject because she had to make a quick dash to get more candy. Once Bianca left the living room, Erica spotted a file. She opened it and found the article that Caleb had held earlier. In it, Erica read that Sonia Reyes had died in an explosion at a mine.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa told Krystal that she planned to take AJ over to Wildwind for a party Bianca was throwing. Marissa said that while Halloween had been something AJ and JR had shared in the past, she was concerned about the effect JR's reckless behavior would have on AJ. Just then, Krystal spotted JR as he opened the outer door to the restaurant. Marissa hurriedly escorted AJ into the back. JR noticed and rushed in through the second door. Krystal ordered JR to leave Marissa and AJ alone.

JR said that he wished Krystal could remember the man he had been when Babe had been alive. Krystal reminded JR that the last time he'd mentioned Babe, JR had threatened to walk out of the restaurant with AJ. JR said that he wouldn't do anything to hurt AJ. JR said that he only wanted to spend a small amount of time with his son on Halloween. Krystal advised JR not to hope for any leniency with Marissa.

Krystal pointed out that the scene Marissa had walked in on was enough to steel Marissa's resolve to keep JR away from their son. JR promised that he would never do anything that would hurt AJ. Krystal questioned how JR thought AJ would have felt if the little boy had walked in on his father with Annie. JR said that if he had known AJ was going to visit, he wouldn't have been near Annie. JR asked again if he could spend time with AJ. Krystal let it slip that AJ would be attending a party at Wildwind, and JR silently considered attending as well.

Marissa emerged from the back of the restaurant and found Opal at the counter with Krystal. They commiserated over the hard time Marissa had been having, but Marissa was sure the party at Wildwind would cheer AJ up. The young boy returned to the restaurant in his costume but wasn't interested in going to the party. Marissa told AJ about all the other kids that would be there, but AJ only wanted to see his father.

Jack stopped by Krystal's restaurant. Krystal realized how agitated Jack was and asked if he wanted to talk about it. Jack unloaded about Erica's revelation that she didn't believe Greenlee was innocent. Krystal said that having someone in your corner didn't mean that there was always agreement. Jack said that he could accept people disagreeing with him. Krystal realized that Jack held Erica to a different set of standards.

Jack questioned whether he was providing the best defense for Greenlee. Krystal felt that Jack was doing a great job. Krystal told Jack that she believed in Greenlee's innocence, and Jack thanked her. Krystal advised Jack not to hold Erica's opinion against her. Jack said he would do his best. He thanked Krystal again for being his sounding board.

The Slater family stopped by Krystal's restaurant for some treats. When Krystal and Opal took Spike and Ian into the back for special treats, Kendall took a moment to thank Zach for staying in Pine Valley and working with her to make their family strong again. Zach said that he didn't want to be anywhere else. When Opal and Krystal returned to the front, the boys had lollipops in their hands. The Slaters headed out the door to the next stop on their trick-or-treat route. Outside, Zach claimed to have left his phone in the restaurant. Zach watched silently as Kendall hustled the kids to the car.

The Slaters arrived home after a successful tour around Pine Valley for candy. Zach and Kendall stood in front of their house while they reflected on and talked about memories of Halloweens past. Kendall asked if Zach was going to go inside. Zach said he would follow Kendall momentarily. After Kendall went in, Zach looked out into the darkness then followed Kendall. Seconds later, the shadow of a person appeared on the wall.

Kendall returned to the main floor of the house as Zach locked everything up. Kendall asked if Zach had spotted anyone tailing them. Zach was mildly surprised that Kendall had noticed. Zach assured Kendall that their family was safe. As he wrapped her in a comforting embrace, the shadow that had been cast on the front of the house returned along a back wall.

At the Chandler house, Colby tortured Damon with descriptions of her costume. Damon begged to see it, but Colby said that she wasn't putting it on until it was time to go to the party. Damon was excited when Colby revealed the costume she'd gotten for him. Colby noted that she thought Asher planned on joining them.

Colby told Damon that Asher's mother had died on Halloween. Just as Asher walked in, Damon realized that Halloween was also Asher's birthday. Colby told Asher that he needed to start celebrating his birthday. Colby asked Asher to tell them his birthday wish. Asher tried to decline, and Damon urged Colby to listen, but Colby continued to push. Colby thought it was a rite of passage to have a birthday cake and blow out candles. Asher insisted that he didn't need those things.

Colby had almost convinced Asher to go to a party with them when JR returned to the house. JR told Asher to be available, as JR thought he would need Asher's help later. Damon was more than happy to leave, but Colby didn't want to give up so fast. She asked Damon to wait for a few moments and trailed after her brother.

Colby went upstairs and overheard JR on the phone. JR told the person on the other end that they needed to help JR regain custody of his son or risk being fired. JR angrily ended the call, and Colby asked what had happened. JR recounted most of what happened when Marissa had found him out at the cottage with Annie. JR assured Colby that AJ hadn't seen anything inappropriate. JR added that Marissa planned to use the incident as a reason to keep AJ away from him.

Colby asked if there was anything that she could do to help. JR indicated that he had a few ideas to pursue on his own. Colby wanted to know what JR's plans were. She was worried that JR would do something similar to what Adam had done in the past. JR said that he wouldn't act as recklessly as their father had.

JR said he just wanted AJ to know how much his father loved him. Colby was sure that AJ knew, but JR questioned what kinds of things Marissa had been telling AJ. JR told Colby that Marissa was under Caleb's influence and said it was possible that Marissa would do something unexpected. JR abruptly decided that he needed a new lawyer. When he started making calls, Colby walked out.

In the Chandler living room, Damon asked if Asher actually planned to wait around for JR's next whim. Asher made it clear that JR was the boss, and Asher would do as he was instructed. At that moment, Colby returned to the living room and told Damon that she couldn't go to the party either. Colby said that she felt she could help smooth things over between JR and Marissa. Damon was disappointed and left to see if he could pick up an extra shift at Krystal's restaurant.

Asher went up to JR's room and heard part of JR's angry telephone conversation. JR cut the call short when he spotted Asher. Asher said he'd heard enough to know that JR was planning something. Asher said that he was willing to help as long as it meant that he could exact revenge upon Caleb. A short time later, JR wrapped up a call with Judge Hale. JR thanked the judge for making it possible for JR to enjoy Halloween with his son. He picked up a photo of himself with AJ and smiled.

Erica continued to read the file on Sonia Reyes, horrified at its contents. The sound of the doorbell shattered Erica's focus on the file, but Bianca made it to the door first. As Erica hid the file, Bianca welcomed AJ and Marissa into the house. A few moments later, AJ was delighted when Colby showed up. Erica took the distraction as an opportunity to question Caleb about the explosion. Caleb thought that Erica was out of line and started to walk away. Miranda called out to Caleb and asked him not to leave.

Miranda coaxed Caleb into staying for a while. As the little girl dragged Caleb away, Bianca asked if Erica had found out what had been bothering Caleb. Erica kept what she knew to herself and blamed Caleb's mood on the full moon. Across the room, Colby tried to spend some quality time with her nephew. Marissa interrupted and sent AJ off to get some of his favorite candy. When the little boy left, Marissa requested to speak to Colby privately.

Marissa and Colby stepped outside, and Marissa asked if JR had sent Colby to spy. Colby denied that she'd shown up for any reason other than wanting to spend time with AJ. Marissa relaxed a little but said that she felt Colby needed to leave. Colby was shocked, but Marissa said that she felt Colby's presence was confusing. Colby offered to try to smooth things over between Marissa and JR. Marissa said that Colby wouldn't be able to help. Colby was disgusted but left with little incident.

After the room cleared out, Erica admitted to Caleb that she had read the article about Sonia. Caleb said that JR had planted the article to let Caleb know that JR was aware of the event. Caleb said that everything Erica needed to know -- including that the accident was Caleb's fault -- was in the article. Erica invited Caleb to talk about what he'd been feeling, but Jack entered and stalled their talk. Jack said that he wanted to start the evening over and offered to rescue Erica from the party. Erica resisted initially, but Caleb encouraged Erica to leave.

When Jack and Erica arrived home, Erica apologized for announcing her thoughts about Greenlee's guilt or innocence. Jack told Erica that she should never hide her feelings simply to make him happy. Jack said that he was curious about what he'd interrupted between Erica and Caleb. Erica said that the only person she cared about was Jack.

Marissa went back inside and told Bianca that she and AJ needed to pick up supplies for Krystal. Bianca said that Marissa could leave AJ at Wildwind, since he was having fun, hanging out with Miranda and Gaby. Marissa thanked Bianca and left. On her way out, she passed some trick-or-treaters at the door.

AJ was happy when he saw someone else dressed as a werewolf. Bianca gave AJ a bowl of candy and asked him to hand the sweets out. Soon, everyone but the second werewolf left. Asher took off the werewolf mask and revealed himself. Asher asked if AJ wanted to see his father. AJ quickly agreed, and the two took off.



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