One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on OLTL

Cole killed Eli after assuming that Starr and Hope had perished in the explosion. Marty urged Cole to run, and she would take the blame. Blair and Natalie were trapped. Todd and Téa were reunited. James and Starr managed to overpower Hannah. Cole was overjoyed to see Starr and Hope. Echo showed Clint the half-heart necklace that had belonged to Rex's father. Clint received the other half from a private investigator.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Marty wanted to run after Cole at the warehouse site, but Natalie prevented her from going. Marty demanded to be let through to help look for Starr and Hope, and she threatened to start asking questions about Brody's extreme interest in Natalie's baby. Marty had overheard the conversation between Natalie and Brody, and it seemed almost as though Brody was the baby's father, Marty yelled.

Chaos suddenly ensued as Eli detonated the explosives he'd set around the building. There was shattering glass, fire, and smoke all around as the warehouse began to cave in. Cole went to pieces, and he shouted that Hope and Starr were inside. He made a quick run into the building without anyone spotting him. He frantically called out for Starr in the darkness as the ceiling continued to fall, and he dodged the sparks that flashed nearby. Suddenly, a part of the ceiling plunged on top of him, and he was stuck underneath it.

Todd and Dani were close to the building, and they were knocked to the ground. Todd awakened and found Dani lying close to him. She was unconscious. There was commotion everywhere.

John wrestled Eli to the floor of the van, put him in handcuffs, and read Eli his rights. The cops took Eli away. John wanted to go into the warehouse to look for Blair, but Bo stopped him. John informed Bo that Téa was alive, and there was a possibility that she was in the warehouse also. Brody took over the watch on Eli, and he demanded to know where Téa was. Brody advised his prisoner that Greg had regained consciousness. He also threatened to make Eli's life miserable. Eli had nothing to say regarding Téa.

Cole began to move, but he realized he was unable to get himself out from under the collapsed ceiling. John entered the building and called out for Starr and Blair. Weakly, Cole tried to yell John's name. Eventually, John found Cole under the debris and did his best to move it off of Cole. The younger man wanted John to forget about him and continue the search for Starr and Hope. John refused to leave Cole until he was able to set Cole free, but he promised to find the girls. Finally, Cole was out from under the rubble.

Still standing outside the barriers, Natalie obtained the latest information via walkie-talkie and related it to Marty. It appeared that the girls were still inside the warehouse. Marty began to panic, and Natalie attempted to calm her down. Natalie finally agreed that Marty could get closer to the warehouse to see what was happening. Todd managed to carry Dani to the barriers for medical aid.

Todd asked Natalie to call John and order him to go into the building to continue the search for all the girls. Natalie placed a call to Brody on the walkie-talkie, but Brody was evasive. He told her that John was "managing the situation." Natalie was able to read into the statement, and she knew that John had gone into the building. Brody admitted that was true, but he wanted Natalie to stay calm because she and her baby had to remain safe.

The emergency medical technicians examined a still unresponsive Dani, but Todd leaned over his daughter and grabbed her hand. He called her Daniela and joked that he couldn't say it as well as Téa. He asked Dani to squeeze his hand if she were able to hear him, and she did. He told her that he wanted to return to the building to look for Starr and Hope.

Todd stopped Marty from leaving, and they had some words. Marty wanted to look for Cole but Todd wanted Marty to look after Dani. He promised to get word back to Marty, and she relented. Todd added that no one knew what had happened to Blair either. After he left, Dani moved her lips. "Mom," she mouthed.

Bo kept busy with his men and the firemen, and he noted that the smoke was getting thicker. He wasn't sure who was still inside, he confessed to one of the firefighters. He thought that there might be several people in the warehouse. Brody continued to manhandle Eli and peppered him with questions about Téa. Eli refused to talk, but he yelled again that if he couldn't have his wife, then Todd couldn't have his. Brody demanded that Eli explain himself, but Eli invoked the Fifth Amendment and vowed to stay silent.

Brody continued to rough Eli up. "If Téa turns out to be in that warehouse," Brody began to threaten. Eli interrupted and finished the sentence. "She'll be dead again," he declared. Eli thought it convenient that Téa had already had a funeral. He suggested that Brody concern himself with who wasn't in the warehouse. Brody didn't understand Eli's cryptic statement.

John helped Cole out of the building, but Cole was beside himself when he learned that there had still been no sign of Starr and Hope. Brody advised John that there had been no word on Téa, and John was determined to go back into the warehouse. Todd returned from the safe area and demanded that he be allowed to go inside with John. The firefighters attempted to hold John and Todd back, but they were unsuccessful.

Natalie related the news that Cole was safe, and a relieved Marty asked for a walkie-talkie so that she might talk to her son. Natalie remained by Dani's side. Dani was able to talk, and she asked what had happened. She wanted to know where her mom was, and she grew hysterical. Natalie calmed her down and disclosed that she knew that Téa was still alive. Dani revealed that Téa had been in the warehouse.

At the hospital, the Evans family grew flustered and out of control after Greg made his announcement. "Destiny, I'm your father," he told the teenage girl. Everyone began to holler as Destiny broke into tears. Mrs. Evans attempted to comfort Destiny and assured her she was still their daughter. Mr. Evans clarified, "We're your grandparents." Shaun declared that he hadn't known anything as Destiny realized he was no longer her brother but her uncle.

Greg revealed that he had just started medical school when a girl he'd been seeing had turned out to be pregnant. Mrs. Evans helped with the story, as she added that she'd been a social worker, and had planned on placing the newborn little girl with another family. After she and her husband had seen the little girl, they'd decided to keep her. Mr. Evans interjected that they'd always wanted a little girl. Destiny tearfully made it clear that her father had been planning to give her to strangers, and she'd just learned that she'd been lied to for her entire life.

"We are still a family," Mrs. Evans announced. "You're not supposed to lie to the people you love," Destiny responded as she continued to cry. Shaun began to shout at his parents and his brother for what they'd done to Destiny and him. Greg insisted that he'd only done what he'd thought was best. Destiny asked about her real mother. She deserved to know who her mother was, Destiny demanded.

Reluctantly, Greg stated that she had been a girl from the neighborhood, but she'd moved on. Shaun was angry, and he asked why his brother had taken orders from a murderer. Quietly, Greg spoke up. There was more to the story, he said. The girl had not been his girlfriend, but Shaun's girlfriend. It was the woman whom Shaun had been in love with. "Charlene," Shaun stated in a flat and emotionless voice. Greg reminded Shaun that Shaun had been in prison at the time, and Greg and Charlene had been working on Shaun's appeal. It had all happened out of nowhere, Greg continued, and it never should have happened.

Mrs. Evans maintained that Destiny was a gift, but Destiny sobbed that her mother didn't want her. Greg pronounced that he hadn't wanted to hurt Shaun, and Charlene had never stopped loving Shaun. Greg just hadn't been thinking, and he had been wrong. Shaun was livid, and he accused Greg of taking something from him just as he always had. Shaun darted over to his brother's bedside and began to close his hands around Greg's throat. Everyone began to shout as Shaun continued to choke his brother. Finally, Mr. Evans managed to pull Shaun away from Greg.

The family was falling apart as they continued to shout at each other. Destiny wanted more information from Greg, but Mr. Evans repeated that Charlene had run off. Greg spoke up and announced that it was time for the truth. He had been trying to protect Shaun, but the truth was that Charlene was dead. A sobbing Destiny ran out of the room as everyone else stood there, speechless.

At Marty's house, Hannah accused James of spying on her. She advised him that Cole and Marty had gone to the warehouse to help locate Starr and Hope so they could take them home. James wondered if Hannah really believed that was actually going to happen. Hannah insisted that everyone wanted Starr and Hope to arrive home safely, and she told James that the mother and daughter were in the abandoned warehouse. James wanted to head over there, and he invited Hannah to join him. Hannah was positive that the cops would prevent them from getting close, and she thought it would be better to remain at the house to wait for Marty and Cole.

James didn't believe Hannah, but he proclaimed that she was probably right. Much to Hannah's dismay, he agreed to wait with her after all. Hannah quickly assured him that she didn't need a babysitter, and she pushed for James to go to the site. He refused and disclosed that he didn't really believe that Hope and Starr were at the warehouse. Hannah asked where he thought they might be, and James advised Hannah that he was certain that Hannah already knew. Hannah insisted that Eli had them, but James wondered why Starr hadn't been given the phone during the call that Todd had received.

James believed that Hannah was "fighting for Starr" in order to get a clear shot at Cole, and furthermore, he knew that Hannah's story about finding the bullet necklace wasn't true. Hannah disagreed, but James stated that he had spoken with Cole about it, and James was certain that Hannah had taken the necklace from around Starr's neck. Hannah had done it because she was obviously obsessed with Cole, James concluded. Hannah called James's opinion insane. "Exactly," James answered. That was why Hannah had a full-time shrink, he pronounced.

"Give it up, Hannah. Game over," James said. Hannah noted that Starr liked to play games too. She grabbed her purse and reached inside. She grabbed the gun, but she put it down and picked up the baseball instead. She handed it to James, and he looked it over. She told him to figure out where she had obtained it, and she pronounced that it was a good thing she'd found it first.

James grabbed her arms. "Take your hands off of me or else you'll never see either one of them again," Hannah threatened gruffly. James backed away anxiously. He only wanted to know where they were, he pleaded with Hannah. Hannah was annoyed. She just knew that James would ruin everything and try to save Starr. She announced that Starr didn't deserve Cole, and Cole belonged to Hannah.

Locked in Hannah's attic, Starr comforted Hope and lamented how much she missed Hope's daddy. Starr decided that a new plan was in order because she wanted to be ready for Hannah when Hannah returned. "Sorry, Hannah, you lose," Starr exclaimed.

At the diner, Gigi helped Cristian look at artwork for a slide show for class. They talked about some of the art, and Gigi admitted how difficult it had been for her to sketch a nude male model. Cristian stressed that one had to look at the model as an object, and he wouldn't think of it as more than a bowl of fruit. He denied that he would be flustered if he'd had to look at a nude female model. Gigi urged Cristian to phone Layla, and he took her advice. Sadly, he was unable to reach Layla, citing an "all circuits are busy" problem.

Gigi assured him that being apart from Layla would get easier. Cristian pointed out that Gigi had done it, but Gigi reminded him that she and Rex were a different story. She'd had no contact with Rex over the years. Cristian worried that his situation could turn out the same, but Gigi was positive that things would work out. She explained that it was complicated at first, but it would all begin to make sense. Soon enough, a beautiful woman would be there, waiting for him, she added. He just had to give it time.

Cristian and Gigi completed the project. Cristian thought that Gigi was lucky. She had waited and had both Rex and Shane in her life. Gigi pointed out that Cristian had Layla. Cristian knew that things would work out.

Shaun insisted that he be the one to go after Destiny. His parents repeated that they hadn't known about Charlene, and Greg swore he had been trying to protect his brother. Shaun thought that Greg had really tried to protect "his own sorry ass" instead. He ran into the hallway after Destiny and wrapped his arms around her. Greg told his parents that Eli had wanted to reveal what had happened to Charlene. "I killed her," Greg confessed.

John and Todd forced their way inside the building and began to search for those who were still missing. Suddenly, there was a loud crashing in the dark. It was so loud that everyone on the outside heard it. Brody cuffed Eli to the police car and began to run for the warehouse. All the help on the site did the same. Cole was left alone. He picked up an evidence bag that had been left behind and began to rummage through it. He found a gun in a plastic bag and, wordlessly, walked up to Eli and shot him.

Starr finished setting up her trap and pulled a large, heavy box up to the ceiling on a pulley. When the door opened, she dropped it on the person who walked through it. James's red shirt was underneath the box.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cole aimed at and shot Eli, who was handcuffed to a police car. "That was for killing Starr," Cole told the murderer. "And this is for Hope," Cole stated as he shot Eli again. He dropped the gun.

Just then, Marty arrived and glimpsed Eli slumped against the car. She went over to check the body and saw that he was dead. She wanted an explanation from Cole, but he cried and was barely able to talk. He told her that no one had survived the explosion if they were inside the warehouse. Eli had murdered Starr and Hope, and Cole had found Eli alone and unguarded at the police car.

Marty ordered Cole to leave. She advised him that Eli had been handcuffed and defenseless, and Cole had killed Eli in cold blood. Cole had a record, and he would be put away forever. Cole didn't care what happened to him, but Marty cried out that she couldn't lose him. Cole didn't want to leave, since Starr and Hope weren't around any longer. Marty just wanted him to run. "Do it for me," she urged. She would meet up with him eventually.

Dani was hysterical as she waited on a stretcher for an ambulance. She stammered and tripped over her words as she told Natalie that Téa was in the destroyed warehouse. Natalie was certain that John would be able to rescue anyone who had remained in the building. He would never leave the site without everyone, she declared. She had her hands full as Dani climbed off of the stretcher and refused to be still. Dani advised Natalie that Starr and Hope had not been in the building, but she had no idea where they might be. Dani wanted Natalie to go to the warehouse, but Natalie refused to leave Dani by herself.

Dani was happy when Nate showed up, and he was thrilled to find his girlfriend. Dani urged Natalie to find out what had happened at the warehouse. Nate would stay with her, Dani promised. Natalie agreed to go against orders, since people's lives were at stake. Nate apologized to Dani for trying to hide her from Ross. She might have ended up in Tahiti, but at least she would have been safe, he said solemnly. Dani didn't think so, since Eli had concocted a plot involving her custody.

Nate was also sorry that Ross had died, and Dani began to cry. She had loved him, but there was a miracle. She told Nate that her mother was alive. "Now she needs another miracle," Dani said. Nate was shocked to hear about Téa, and he couldn't wait to see Destiny's face. Dani expected it to be the same look that she herself had had when she'd realized that Starr and Hope were gone. She could only pray that they had gotten away safely.

Cole turned and left, and Marty picked up the gun that Cole had dropped. Natalie walked over right at that very moment. "I shot him." Marty uttered. Natalie saw that Eli was dead. She turned to Marty. "You did this," Natalie stated. She held out a plastic bag so that Marty could drop the gun inside for evidence.

Marty explained that she had found Eli alone and without any guards. She recalled all that Eli had done, including killing her granddaughter. She could have sat and waited for justice, Marty ranted, but Eli would have probably gotten off on a technicality. Quietly, Natalie advised her that Eli hadn't killed Starr and Hope because Dani had reported that they hadn't been in the warehouse. Astonished, Marty wanted to run off to find Cole, but she had no idea where he might have gone.

Inside the warehouse, Téa opened her eyes after the explosion and saw Blair lying nearby. The last thing Téa remembered was Blair taking off Téa's bindings. Both women were okay as they tried to figure out where they were. Téa commented that she wanted her money back if they were in heaven. Blair assured her they weren't in heaven, and she wanted Téa to be optimistic. Téa recalled being trapped with Blair in the KAD fraternity house. Blair assured Téa that Dani really needed her mother.

Téa began to call for help, but Blair thought the building was too insecure. She wanted Téa to stop shouting. Téa was certain that someone would find them. Blair admitted that she had sneaked into the building while she'd waited in the van for Eli. No one knew that she was in there.

"So it's just you and me, huh?" Téa asked. She told Blair that she didn't have a brain tumor. She explained how Eli had managed to have Greg make Téa sick and die for custody of Dani and the money. Blair advised her that Eli had changed Téa's will, and Blair and Todd had tried to fight it.

The women couldn't figure out why Greg had been involved, but Téa knew she was alive thanks to Greg's guilty conscience. Blair divulged that Todd had been a wreck, but he had been there for Dani. He had been "falling apart inside" all along, she added. He had even thought he'd heard Téa's voice in a phone call, Blair admitted. Téa revealed that he had, and she explained the phone call and the nurse who had taken the phone away. She had known everything would be okay after she'd heard Todd's voice, and she would love to hear it again, Téa concluded.

The women were unable to determine where they were, but Blair began to move pieces of cement and the ceiling. She apologized for getting Eli mixed up in their lives. Téa was sorry to hear about Blair's wedding fiasco in Tahiti. Dani had told her all about it. Blair admitted that Todd had been dependable through all the turmoil. "I must have been gone longer than I thought," Téa proclaimed.

Bo, Brody, and the fire chief discussed the explosion and the people who might still be inside the building. Bo was unable to confirm that Starr and Hope were among them. He was only certain that Todd and John had been inside, and he refused to "write off" anyone else. He realized that Blair was unaccounted for also. As they stood there, parts of the ceiling fell down on them. Brody verified that Eli was cuffed to the police cruiser. He had news for Bo also. It was possible that Téa was also in the warehouse, as she hadn't really died. "At least when we thought she did," he added.

Brody told a shocked Bo about Eli's plot and what had possibly happened at Cherryvale. The two men agreed to separate to look for survivors. Bo suddenly bent over and picked up John's badge. Brody assumed that John was dead, but Bo didn't want to hear it. Brody ranted about Eli and wondered how the monster could have killed a child.

Sitting in the dark, Todd called out for John, but he didn't get an answer. As the emergency lights flickered, Todd walked around and finally found John lying unconscious on the ground. Todd realized they were trapped and looked upward as if to heaven. He asked Téa what he should do, and he wasn't happy with the answer. He walked over to John and leaned down to give him CPR. "At least no one has to know, right?" Todd muttered. "Don't even think about it, Manning," John growled as he opened his eyes.

Todd promised that he only wanted John's help to locate Starr, Hope, and Blair. "Oh, yeah, so you try to make out with me?" John asked. John realized that his shoulder had been dislocated, and he wanted Todd's aid in popping it back into place. Todd was reluctant, but John ordered him to do it. He gave Todd directions, and Todd did as he was told. With a quick yank, the deed was done. John screamed in agony. Blair and Téa heard the scream, but they assumed it was an animal.

Starr rigged up her trap in Hannah's attic, where she and Hope were imprisoned. When the door opened, she dropped a heavy box on the person who walked in. Unfortunately, it was James. "That is no way to greet your boyfriend," Hannah exclaimed as she walked in behind James. She laughed as she pointed her gun at Starr. James had wanted to follow Hannah and "play hero," Hannah told Starr. Starr was positive that Cole would be able to figure things out, too, but Hannah didn't think so. Cole and Marty had run off to the warehouse for the ransom exchange, she informed Starr.

Hannah had wanted to kill James earlier, but she thought he and Starr should have a final reunion. Starr pleaded for Hannah to let them go, and she promised never to tell anyone what Hannah had done. Hannah didn't believe her, but she promised that she had a "perfect plan." She left the attic to get things ready. "You bitch," Starr yelled at Hannah after she left. She turned to James and managed to wake him up. "Hey, Twinkle," James murmured. He assured Starr he was fine.

Starr pointed to Hope and told James how she'd tried to do the best she could to take care of her daughter. She'd thought that no one would ever find them, she told James tearfully. James gave her a hug then walked around the attic. He wanted to find a way out. Starr assured him that she had already tried everything possible. She still couldn't believe that James had found them.

James explained that he'd never bought Hannah's story about finding the bullet necklace, though he hadn't let on at first. "Did you tell Cole?" Starr asked. James stated that he'd needed to know for sure before he said anything, and Cole had been extremely distraught.

They discussed how crazy Hannah was. James knew that Hannah wouldn't be able to get between Starr and Cole. Starr couldn't believe that James had risked his life for her and Hope, but James assured her that he owed her after the last time. James firmly believed they'd win against Hannah. He suddenly noticed that Starr was hobbling around, and she told him about her attempt to toss the baseball through the window. James thought it had been a good idea, even if it hadn't worked.

James advised Hope to sit down, and he removed his shirt. He began to rip it, and he wrapped Starr's ankle. Starr was sorry for knocking him out upon his arrival, and James teased that she'd really been trying to kill him. Just then, Hannah returned and said, "I was right, you two belong together. Just like me and Cole." She ordered Starr to get up. "Get the kid ready. Time for us to go," she told the couple. She wouldn't tell them where they were going.

Cole returned to his apartment and picked up one of Starr's jackets. He held it up to his face and began to cry. Slowly, he sank to the floor. He grabbed a photo of his girls and played the recording on it. Starr's voice rang out, "Happy Father's Day, daddy." He continued to cry.

The fire chief ordered Bo and Brody to leave the premises. Adamantly, Bo announced that without bodies, he refused to declare that anyone was dead. Brody found Natalie and Marty with Eli's body. He was enraged to find Eli dead. Natalie revealed that Marty had been the one to shoot Eli, and before Brody was able to yell, Natalie handed him the plastic-wrapped gun.

Natalie wondered whether John had been found, and reluctantly, Brody explained that John and Todd had gone into the building to look for Starr and Hope. There had been another explosion. Natalie took off for the warehouse. "You really did this?" Brody asked Marty. "I did," she replied. She told him to do his job. Brody advised Marty that she "did the whole world a favor." He read Marty her rights and cuffed her.

Blair and Téa agreed that they'd gotten away from psycho killers in the past, and it was time for them to work together. They slowly began to remove the concrete and chunks of building in their way. "I pray we find what we're looking for on the other side," Téa uttered.

John believed that he and Todd had fallen through the floor and were in an access tunnel. They began to dig their way out. They appeared to be on the other side of a wall from the two women.

Dani demanded that Nate help her to remove the neck brace she wore. She refused to lose her mom again, and she couldn't just sit there and wait.

Natalie found Bo and demanded to be told where she could find John. Bo held her back as she tried to run for the building. He thought that John and Todd had been deep within the building when it exploded. There was a weak foundation, and it was dangerous. He handed over John's badge.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ABC Daytime aired a special encore episode of One Life to Live in place of an original episode. This programming change was planned for, so there were not any lost episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, October 28, and picked up where Tuesday, October 25's episode concluded.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hannah led James and Starr, in full Halloween costumes, to a cemetery. They took their masks off, but Hannah pointed her gun at them, saying to put the masks back on before they were recognized. Hannah showed them two shovels and told them to start digging. Whoever made it to six feet first would "win." She told them that they were digging their own graves. Hannah put the gun down to fuss with Hope, and James tried to attack her. However, Hannah grabbed the gun before James could get to it.

Starr demanded to know what Hannah's plans for them were. "Depends," she said, not elaborating. She related that no one would look there for James and Starr because "graveyards are the perfect place to hide dead people." As James and Starr began to dig, they could hear voices. Hannah ordered them to put their masks back on as two people entered, one a cop. Starr blurted out that Hannah was trying to bury them alive, and the cop said that Hannah was under arrest. The two people began to laugh and asked if Hannah, Starr, and James were filming a movie. They wished the three a happy Halloween and walked away.

Hannah began to talk to Hope, saying that she would be a good mother to Hope when Starr was gone. James had to hold Starr back as she yelled that Hannah would never be a mother to Hope. Hannah commanded them to dig more. James said that Hannah would never get away with her scheme, but Hannah said that no one knew Starr and James were there. James informed Hannah that Ford and Langston knew that Hannah had them and were probably at the police station at that moment.

Visibly upset, Hannah dropped the gun and began to dig through her purse. Starr began to talk to Hannah, and, in order to distract her, said that Hannah could claim to have rescued Starr and Hope from Eli. James inched toward the gun, but just as he grasped it, Hannah took it and hit him over the head with it. Hannah told Starr to say goodbye to the unconscious James as she kicked him into one of the holes in the ground. Hannah told Starr to fill in the hole, or Hope would get hurt. When Starr was done, Hannah told her that it was Starr's turn next.

In the warehouse, John told Todd to be careful as Todd tried to clear an exit. Todd yelled for Starr, and on the other side of the wreckage, Téa heard. Téa yelled back, but Blair covered Téa's mouth, telling her to take a break. Téa sat down, citing the fact that she didn't know how many times she could "come back from the dead." Blair told her to stop with the death talk, and kept digging.

Todd thought he heard a woman's voice, possibly Starr or Blair, but John didn't hear anything. The two used teamwork to try to clear a path through the rubble. Todd needed to get Blair back to the kids and related that he felt very alone. John told Todd that he wasn't as alone as he thought. "Is this a Jesus pitch?" Todd asked, skeptical. John denied it but made Todd promise to stay cool if John told him what was really going on.

Todd directed John to tell him so he could get back to work digging. John asked if Todd remembered when he had thought Téa had called. "Téa didn't die of a brain tumor," John told him. Todd told John to stop "screwing" with his head, but John divulged the entire story involving Eli and Greg to Todd.

Todd wondered why John hadn't told him sooner. John had needed confirmation that Téa was alive. John's main focus at the moment was to get the girls back. He informed Todd that Téa was in the warehouse. Todd yelled her name, which caused a collapse of rubble. John got Todd out of the way just in time.

On the other end of the wreckage, debris continued to fall. Blair rationalized that it was just the building settling. Téa began to get up, but Blair told her to sit back down. Blair asked if Téa had a death wish, but Téa wanted to help. Suddenly, Téa heard a sound on the other side. After lots of digging from John, Todd, and Blair, Blair finally crawled through a hole in the wreckage and found John and Todd. As Blair asked if they wanted "another one," Téa crawled through the hole to a shocked but smiling Todd.

Natalie sadly looked down at John's badge. Bo told her that he couldn't get back into the building before he got the "all-clear." Natalie knew that John wasn't dead and gave every possible scenario as to why John didn't have his badge. Suddenly, Natalie put her hands to her stomach. Bo insisted that she go to the ambulance, but she told him that the baby had kicked for the first time. Bo told her to get some rest.

Natalie wanted to go in the building and look for John herself, but Bo wouldn't let her. Bo said that John would probably "give hell" if Natalie and the baby were exposed to all the smoke. Bo promised that if anything happened, she would be the first to know. They hugged, and Bo led her away.

Ford was in a bed in the hospital when Langston entered. She said that she hadn't been able to contact James. The doctor entered and told Ford that he had extensive internal injuries. Langston asked if he could've hurt himself at the gym, but the doctor replied, "Only if he was the punching bag." The doctor left, and Langston demanded to know who had beaten him up. He thought back to when Clint's guys had beatien him up and told Langston it wasn't a big deal. She decided to call the police.

On the phone with Nate, Inez told Nate to stay with Dani. She got off the phone, and Clint asked about "the others." She informed him that they were looking for survivors of the explosion. Clint asked if there was anything he could do for her, but she thought that Clint had already "gone above and beyond" for her family. The phone rang, and Inez answered to Langston. She wanted to report an assault on Robert Ford. Inez became upset and rushed to the hospital with Clint.

At the station, Nora was shocked to see Brody had handcuff Marty to one of the desks. Marty admitted that she had shot Eli and demanded to be able to call Cole. Nora was stunned to learn that Marty had shot him when he had been in custody and asked her why she'd done it. Marty thought back to finding Cole with the gun and said that Eli had killed her baby, so she had killed him. She asked again to call Cole.

Natalie and Bo entered the station, and Natalie hurried off to check out the evidence from the shooting. Bo updated Nora and asked where Inez was. When Nora told him that she'd had a family emergency, Bo told a cop to tell the next shifts of cops to go in early. Just then, Bo got a text message from the fire chief saying that the search had been called off because the warehouse had imploded. Nora asked who was still inside. Bo said that John, Todd, and Blair were there and that he would go in himself. Bo asked where Brody was, but Nora said he was booking Marty for murder.

In his apartment, Cole looked at a picture of Starr and Hope. He said that he would kill Eli all over again if he could. He wondered how his girls could be gone. His phone rang, and he answered it to his mother. Marty informed Cole that Starr and Hope hadn't been in the warehouse and that Eli had just pretended to have them. She said the police were looking for them. Cole wanted to go to the station, but Marty convinced him that she was taking care of things. As Marty told Cole not to say anything to anyone, Natalie overheard.

At the station, Brody asked Natalie if she was okay. She said she had felt the baby kick and thought it was a sign that John was all right. Brody hugged Natalie in comfort as Marty looked on suspiciously. Natalie informed Brody that Marty suspected something about the baby. She told him she had work to do and left.

Clint and Inez arrived at the hospital and entered Ford's room. Inez wanted to know who had hurt Ford. Seeing Clint enter the room as well, Ford claimed that it had been a misunderstanding, and he had messed with the wrong person. "It happens," Clint added. Inez asked for news about the kidnapping, and Langston informed her that Starr and Hope had never been in the warehouse. Suddenly, Ford and Langston realized that they were right -- Hannah had kidnapped Starr and Hope.

Bo and Nora discussed Marty's case in his office. Nora wanted to go easy on Marty, since she was a friend, but Bo said they had to go by the book. Nora asked if there were any changes in the status of the warehouse. Bo mentioned that Téa was in the warehouse too. He informed a confused Nora that Téa had never died. Bo updated Nora about Eli's scheme, and Nora realized why Natalie had been reading Téa's obituary a few days before. Nora wished she could get Eli locked up for life.

Upset about James, Inez called Bo and reported her son missing, since no one had heard from him for hours. Bo assured her that he would find James, and he hung up. He called Brody into his office and instructed him to go to Marty's house and pick Hannah up for questioning. Bo had to leave the station, so Nora kissed him and told him to be careful. He promised to call with any news then left.

Langston made sure Ford was all right because she wanted to tell Cole about Hannah. She made him promise that he wouldn't try to run out of the hospital. As she began to walk away, Ford grabbed her hand and told her to be careful. She said she was going to "bring my best friend home."

Clint assured Inez that James's phone had probably just died. He told her not to think about it, but she had horrible thoughts running through her head. Brody entered, and Inez asked if he'd found James. He told her that James was officially considered "missing." Brody needed as much information as possible about Hannah. Inez asked if Hannah was the one who was in the "mental hospital," and asked if she was violent. Inez knew Ford and Langston were right about Hannah. She cried in Clint's arms, and Ford glared at Clint through the window in his room.

Nora asked if she could get anything for Marty, but Marty said Brody had already called the public defender's office. Nora wrote down the number of a good lawyer. Nora told her friend that she was going to make things as easy as possible for Marty and walked away. Natalie entered and told Marty that she'd had the gun tested. She wanted to know why, if Marty had shot Eli, Cole's fingerprint was on the trigger.

Cole wondered out loud where Starr and Hope were and why they hadn't gone home. There was a knock on the door, and he answered it to Langston. He asked if she had any news. Not beating around the bush, she told Cole that she thought Hannah had Starr and Hope.

Friday, October 29, 2010

At Llanfair, Viki opened the door to Gigi. Viki stated that she had received no news yet on Starr and Hope. When Viki asked about Rex, Gigi responded that Rex was in New Mexico to check on information about his birth parents. After Viki voiced that she thought that his parent issues had all been settled, Gigi replied, "Not anymore."

When Viki answered the knock at her door, Rex held out his open suitcase and yelled, "Trick-or-treat." Charlie told Rex that he would check on Shane upstairs, and Gigi greeted Rex with a kiss. When Gigi asked Rex if he had discovered any news about Echo and his birth father in New Mexico, Viki wondered, "Echo...knows something about your father?" Rex told Viki about his discovery of the other part of the half-heart necklace, just as the doorbell rang. Gigi left to answer it.

Rex revealed to Viki that Echo actually had possessed the other half of the necklace, which he had believed had been with his father. When Gigi returned, Rex explained that he had visited his mother's grave but that his half of the necklace was gone. Rex also indicated that he had shown Echo's picture around the area, but no one had recognized her. After Viki asked where Rex had found the other half, Rex declared that he had broken into Echo's room and had discovered it in a keepsake box, just as Charlie walked into the room.

Charlie was outraged that Rex had broken into Echo's room and exclaimed that Echo was not a threat to Viki and her family. Viki maintained that she did not trust Echo. Charlie insisted that Echo was in Llanview to apologize to Viki and to find a job. Charlie then announced that he had to leave for business, and Gigi followed him out. Rex pondered if Echo knew who his father was, and Viki believed that they should "go directly to the source."

In the Llanview hospital, Echo gazed at her half-heart necklace, as Clint walked up to her. Echo hid the necklace, but Clint noticed that Echo had been looking at something that she did not want him to see. Echo then showed Clint the necklace and asked if Clint remembered it. When Clint insisted that he did not, Echo reminded him, "You went on a business trip to New Mexico. You brought this back for me."

Clint denied that he had ever seen the necklace but recollected that Echo had faked her own death and then had framed him for her death, so he refused to be nostalgic. Clint then wondered why Echo had kept a trinket that he had given her years before and asked what had happened to the other half. Echo speculated that the other half might still be at the hospital. Clint questioned why it was still important for Echo to find it, and Echo announced, "Because it's not the only precious thing I left behind."

Inside the destroyed abandoned warehouse, John and Todd pulled Blair through the hole, and Blair cried that it was a miracle. Blair then asked Todd if he wanted another miracle, and Todd saw Téa smiling sheepishly through the hole. Todd crawled through the hole, calmly walked over to Téa, and said, "Here you are." Téa smiled and said, "Here I am." Todd asked, "Are you real?" Téa responded, "I think so." Todd and Téa fell into each other's arms.

Blair told John that Dani had revealed to Téa that Starr and Hope had escaped from Eli. Blair worried about Starr and Hope, but John believed that Eli would have known to keep the girls alive so that he would get paid. John and Blair searched for the best way to get out of the destruction.

Téa announced to Todd that Dani did not believe that Eli had ever kept Starr and Hope in the warehouse. Todd shushed her. "Hey, hey, wait a minute. Dani's fine. She's fine. And Starr and Hope got out. And you're alive, okay?" Todd and Téa laughed and hugged again.

Téa insisted that she had always believed that Todd had not given up on her, and she informed Todd that she had tried to get back to him. Téa stated, "It's over. Okay, it's over." Todd replied, "Yeah." Todd and Téa then tried to find the best exit out of the warehouse.

More debris fell, and John yelled out and asked if Todd and Téa were okay. John feared that the place would cave in, and Todd insisted that Téa crawl through the hole to John and Blair. Just as Téa reached the other side of the hole, more debris fell on Todd.

John pulled Todd through the hole, and the ceiling collapsed on the spot where Todd had just stood. Bo then discovered John, Blair, Todd, and Téa and informed them that Eli was dead. A rescue team went to work to release them from the warehouse.

In the Llanview Police Station, Natalie questioned Marty on how Cole's fingerprints could be on the gun that had shot Eli if Marty had been the one to shoot him. Natalie insisted that the evidence proved that Cole had shot Eli. Marty admitted that Cole had picked up the gun, but that Marty had actually shot Eli. Marty claimed that she had shot Eli after Cole had already left the site.

Natalie declared that Marty's hands were clean and that she knew she would find the gunshot evidence on Cole. Marty begged Natalie not to pursue the investigation on Cole, since it could result in Cole's third felony conviction. Marty believed that the courts would be more lenient on her. However, Natalie exclaimed that she could not change the evidence.

Marty pleaded with Natalie to let Marty cover for Cole. "You will understand once you have that baby. A mother will do anything for their child." Marty also pointed out that Cole had "lost it" when he had believed that Starr and Hope were dead. Marty reminded Natalie that Natalie had once done the same thing with Mitch Laurence and that John had "tried to take the rap" for Natalie.

Marty begged again for Natalie to let her "do this" for Cole, but Natalie did not want to lie or to tamper with evidence. John walked into the station, and Natalie ran into his arms. Natalie returned John's badge to him, and John announced that he had found Téa and Blair. John turned to Marty. "Bo told me about Clarke. Is it true? Did you kill him?"

Back at the hospital, the interns rolled in Blair, who was in a wheelchair, and Téa, who was in a hospital bed. Echo declared that she had hit the jackpot and left Clint's side. Bo swept in and asked Clint why Echo was back in town. However, Bo had to leave to take a call before Clint could answer his question.

Clint walked through the hall and found his loyal goon. Clint asked the goon if he "got it done," and the goon replied, "Mission accomplished, boss." Clint asked, "You followed Balsom?" The goon replied, "He went straight to New Mexico. I had to hustle." Clint questioned, "Did you get there first?" The goon answered, "Yeah, just minutes before the kid." Clint asked the goon, "Did you get it?" The goon handed Rex's part of the half-heart necklace to Clint.

Echo arrived at Llanfair and said, "I had to admit I was surprised to receive your call." Viki apologized to Echo for her earlier outburst and thanked Echo for a picture that Echo had taken. Viki remarked that she had a friend with a photo for Echo to look at, and Echo insisted that she was always willing to give advice. Echo saw that Viki's friend was Rex, who showed Echo the photo of her half-heart necklace. Viki and Rex watched closely for a reaction in Echo's face.

In Téa's hospital room, Todd insisted that Téa let the doctors take care of her. Téa and Todd both laughed in relief that Eli was dead. Téa wanted Todd to leave to check on Starr and Hope, but Todd refused. Todd insisted that he believed in miracles and that Starr and Hope were both still alive.

Langston discovered Blair in another hospital room. Blair begged Langston for information about Starr and Hope. Langston announced to Blair that Hannah would have that information.

In the graveyard, as Hannah held a gun, Starr begged Hannah not to shoot Hope. Hannah declared that Hope would be the glue that would bind her and Cole together. However, Hannah also exclaimed that she would kill Hope in a heartbeat if Starr tried anything. Starr yelled that Cole would never love Hannah, but Hannah insisted that Starr was the only thing getting in the way of Cole and Hannah's love.

Hannah then realized that even though Starr had buried James, Hannah would have to bury Starr. Hannah demanded that Starr get in the grave, or Hannah would bury Hope instead. Starr cried, "I get it, okay. I'll be dead. You'll be with Cole. Just give me one minute to say goodbye to my baby."

Hannah declared that if Starr made one wrong move, Starr and Hope would both die. Starr informed Hannah that Hope always slept with two blankets and with Mr. Froggy. Hannah told Starr to say goodbye to Hope because Cole was waiting for Hannah. Starr cried as she said goodbye to Hope and stated that she wished for Hope to be happy throughout her life. Starr hoped that Hope would feel her as a ghostly presence to protect her, as Hannah listened in tears.

When Hannah demanded that Starr get in the grave, Starr begged Hannah to tell Cole that Starr loved him. Hannah refused to tell him and said that if Starr did not get in the grave immediately, Hannah would hurt Hope. "Don't be sad, Starr. It really will be better this way," Hanna said. As Hannah kept a gun pointed at Starr, a muddy hand reached up and grabbed Hannah's leg.

In Cole's apartment, Langston revealed that Hannah, not Eli, had Starr and Hope. Langston told Cole about Mr. Froggy and the bullet necklace. However, Cole questioned why James had not told Cole that Hannah was involved. Langston revealed that James had claimed that Cole would not have believed him. When Cole announced that Eli was dead, Langston wondered who had killed him.

Langston told Cole that Ford, James, and Langston had followed Hannah and had kept a watch on her. Cole pondered why Hannah would want Starr and Hope, and Langston responded, "Why do you think? Hannah wants Starr and Hope out of the way so that she can have you."

Langston explained that Hannah had told James that if it had not been for Starr, Cole would have been with Hannah. Cole sadly shook his head and asked, "But I, I didn't mean...did I make Hannah do this? Was Hannah planning to do something to Starr and Hope this whole time, and I just didn't see it?" Cole realized that all Hannah had done was lie, and that he had made a huge mistake. Langston then received a text message from Ford and announced that she had to return to the hospital. Langston hugged Cole before she left.

At the gravesite, Hannah fell to the ground as James crawled out of the grave. As Hannah stood up, Starr hit her with the shovel. James and Starr thanked each other, since they had saved each other's lives. The police arrived and requested to take statements from Starr, but James insisted that Starr needed to get her baby home to Hope's daddy. Starr gave James a thank you kiss and left.

As the policeman handcuffed Hannah, James remarked, "Well, crazy, I guess it's all over now, huh?" Hannah replied, "It's all over for you, too. I may have lost Cole, but you lost Starr. She's probably running to Cole's arms right now."

Cole answered the knock on his door to a young girl and her mother, who were trick-or-treating in costume. Cole handed the small tot some candy and said, "Here you go." When the girl said, "Thank you," Cole responded, "You're welcome. Happy Halloween." The child sweetly replied, "Happy Halloween." Cole handed the mother candy and stated, "Here you go." When the mother said, "Thank you," Cole said, "You're welcome. Bye." The young girl replied, "Bye," as her mother said, "Gotta go."

Cole closed the door, and as he sank into the sofa, he put his head in his hands. When Cole heard "Daddy," he lifted his head. Hope ran into his arms. As Cole hugged Hope, she cried, "Mommy, Mommy." Cole quietly said, "Starr," as Starr walked into the room and smiled.

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