The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on B&B

Stephanie interviewed residents of Skid Row, and she and Brooke served food in the mission's cafeteria. In Sally Spectra fashion, Amber went undercover and stole Forrester designs from an inebriated Oliver. Brooke smacked Taylor when Taylor accused her of going after Thomas the way she had Oliver.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, October 25, 2010

In Steffy's office, Taylor ordered Brooke to keep her hands off Thomas. Taylor didn't want him working with Brooke, but Thomas said Ridge wouldn't have given Thomas the line without Brooke's expertise. Thomas didn't see the harm in two professionals working together, and Brooke replied that Taylor was being ridiculous.

Taylor claimed she was being a mother, and she was adamant that they not work together. Thomas quipped that she'd been adamant about Steffy having 25 percent of the business, too. Since he'd gotten over that, Taylor would get over him working with Brooke. He asked Taylor to leave, but before going, she warned Brooke not to drag her son down.

Once alone with Thomas, Brooke thanked him for his support, but she still felt that Taylor was just looking out for her son. Thomas hoped that Taylor hadn't scared Brooke away, but Brooke said she'd never think of quitting before his debut. Taylor listened outside the door as Brooke asked Thomas to model a sample of his designs. He stepped behind a changing screen, and Taylor peeked into the room.

Thomas stood in front of a mirror, and Brooke approached him from behind. Taylor grimaced in the doorway as Brooke smoothed her hands down the lines of his jacket and informed him that it was too bulky for that day's market. Brooke stooped down to examine a pant leg, and Taylor fidgeted to see Brooke pulling at the fabric around Thomas' legs.

Brooke suggested adjustments for the design, and Thomas thanked her for her input. Brooke again remarked that he was up-and-coming, like his father had been. "Chiseled chin, sculptured body. I'm sure all the women melt," she said. Thomas wasn't so sure about that, but Brooke couldn't imagine who wouldn't be attracted to him. Taylor scowled as Brooke urged him to keep up his confidence.

Thomas left to start on the alterations, and Taylor stormed into the office, declaring that Brooke was a predator. Taylor refused to let Brooke prey on anyone else in her family. Brooke told Taylor to calm down. Taylor, however, raged that while groping Thomas, Brooke had insinuated that she found him attractive. Outraged that Taylor was accusing her of wanting to molest her stepson, Brooke advised Taylor to reverse her path before she pushed her son away.

Taylor jerked Brooke by the arm and ordered her to steer clear of Thomas. Brooke said to get over it because Thomas was a grown man, and he and Brooke would be working together. Taylor claimed that Brooke had been salivating over Ridge's son, and Brooke exclaimed that she was Ridge's wife. "That didn't stop you when it came to Hope's boyfriend, did it?" Taylor yelled. Brooke gasped and smacked Taylor across the face. A stunned Taylor smoldered with anger, and she wordlessly stomped out of the office.

At Jackie M, Amber arrived outside Nick's office in time to overhear Whip, Nick, and Aggie discussing their wariness about the new line. Amber entered the office and claimed she'd found her inspiration. Upon reviewing her designs, Nick didn't see any improvement. He figured that he might have made a mistake in making her the lead designer, but then he stumbled across the design that Amber had stolen from Oliver.

Impressed by it, Nick stated that he needed more designs like that. He brainstormed names for the line and blurted, "Amber's Hotline." Amber, Whip, and Aggie were unimpressed but speechless. "Good. I'm glad we agree," Nick said. He hoped that Amber could get him more designs, and Amber said she was the girl for the job.

Amber left, and in the hallway, she sighed, wondering how she'd pull off stealing more designs from Forrester Creations. Sally Spectra's image on the recycling poster spoke in Amber's mind. Sally said that Amber would pull off a major victory. Amber agreed, saying that it was time to return the company to its Spectra roots and fight Forrester "old school style." Amber called Oliver to ask him to meet her at the Bikini Beach Club. After the call, she said she planned to make Sally proud.

At Bikini Beach, Bill didn't look forward to dinner with Liam and Hope, but Katie assured him that it would be great. When the young couple arrived, Hope beamed about her line. She was shocked to see Oliver enter the restaurant, but even more surprised that Amber was with him. Hope thought Oliver was too sweet to be with someone like Amber.

At the bar, Amber ordered two liquor shots. Oliver hoped she'd ordered them for herself, but she persuaded him to have one by saying it would help him get over Hope. "To getting inspired," Amber toasted and stared at his bag. She glanced at Hope's table then planted a kiss on Oliver. He noted that Amber was into "PDA," and Amber said that when she was with him, she didn't care who was around.

At Hope's table, Hope noticed the kiss. Bill stated that Amber had just gone in for the kill. Hope shrugged uncomfortably. Back at the bar, Oliver noticed Hope's discomfort, and he guessed that Amber liked getting a rise out of Hope. Amber agreed that she did, but she claimed that she'd kissed him because she'd wanted to. Oliver stepped away to make a call, and Amber stealthily flipped through his bag and found more designs. "Just what I need. Thank you, Ollie," she uttered.

Hope saw Oliver leave, and she quickly excused herself from her table. Bill wondered what was up with her following Oliver, but Liam didn't see any problem with it. Outside, Hope approached Oliver to explain that while it was great to see him dating, Amber was nothing but trouble.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

by Pam

At home, Ridge rubbed Brooke's shoulders and wondered what was on Brooke's mind because she seemed preoccupied. Brooke dished that she had slapped Taylor when Taylor had accused her of groping and seducing Thomas in the office. Brooke related that Taylor had said Brooke "was seducing Thomas just like she had seduced Hope's boyfriend." Brooke added that Taylor had said, "Get your filthy hands off my son." Ridge seemed amused, and asked, "Did you have your filthy hands on Thomas?"

Brooke didn't see the humor in it, and explained that she had been fitting a suit on Thomas, but she admitted that she should not have slapped Taylor. Brooke wondered if Taylor's affair and engagement to Brooke's son, Rick, was behind Taylor's unreasonable accusations that Brooke had tried to seduce Thomas. Ridge said that it was all ridiculous. Ridge pulled out his phone, called Taylor, and insisted that Brooke had to apologize.

Brooke disagreed, but Taylor answered her phone, and Ridge put Taylor on speaker so they could all share in the conversation. Ridge told Taylor and Brooke that they were going to resolve all differences of opinion on Thomas. Ridge asked Brooke to apologize, and she unwillingly agreed. Brooke said that she had acted impulsively when she'd slapped Taylor, but Brooke added that Taylor's accusations had been "uncalled for" when Brooke had been fitting a suit on Thomas. Brooke said that Taylor had to know that Brooke was doing a fitting because Taylor had been spying on Brooke and Thomas from the door.

Taylor started a tirade on how she didn't want Brooke to work with Thomas, but Ridge put the kibosh on Taylor's rant. Ridge told Taylor that Thomas and Brooke were two professionals who had worked together. Ridge insisted that they would continue to work together. Taylor warned that Ridge had to watch over Thomas. Ridge said that he would. He hung up and turned to Brooke, and Brooke promised that she was going to enjoy the rest of the evening. She kissed Ridge.

At Bikini Beach, Katie, Bill, Hope, and Liam had dinner together, but Hope was distracted after she saw that Amber and Oliver had sat down at the bar together. Hope was not listening to the dinner table conversation, and when she saw that Oliver had left the bar, she excused herself to track him down.

Outside the window behind Bill's table and out of earshot, Hope told Oliver that she still cared about him and begged him to stay away from Amber. Oliver said that Amber was fun and sexy. Hope said that she was worried about Oliver because he was her best friend. Oliver said that he didn't want to be her friend. He had wanted to be her boyfriend. Oliver caressed Hope's face. Oliver worried that Liam was just like his father, but Hope said that was never going to happen.

Inside, Bill pressured Liam to see what Hope and Oliver were talking about outside. Liam refused and said that he trusted Hope. Bill said that Liam might need to defend Hope's honor, but Liam disagreed. When Hope returned to the table, Bill suggested martial arts training and motorcycle riding in Mexico to Liam. Bill insisted that he was going to make a Spencer out of Liam. Hope was clearly distracted. She watched Amber and Oliver, who had continued to drink shots at the bar. Oliver was clearly tipsy, and he stumbled out of the restaurant with Amber.

Hope worried about Oliver aloud, but Bill wondered why they were talking about Oliver at all. Hope laid into Bill and told him that Liam didn't need to race motorcycles or study martial arts. Hope said that Liam was plenty manly and "damned sexy." Hope stormed away from the dinner table. Liam laughed at his father's surprised look and followed Hope. After Liam and Hope left, Bill told Katie that Hope was pretty spunky. "Maybe she's my kid," he joked.

At Oliver's place, Oliver poured tequila shots, and he drank several, but Amber sipped only one shot. Oliver tried to romance Amber, but Amber told him that romances never turned out well for her. Amber pulled away and answered a phone call from Nick. She walked away from Oliver and promised Nick that she was taking care of the designs.

When Amber returned to Oliver, he was passed out on the couch. Amber covered Oliver with a blanket. Then, she pulled out the designs that Oliver had in his bag, and she photographed every one of them. The designs were the entire "Hope for the Future" campaign.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

by Pam

Stephanie returned home from the hospital, and Eric, Ridge, and Brooke encouraged her to relax and recuperate at home. Stephanie told her family that she wanted to start helping the homeless right away because she didn't know how much time she had left. Stephanie shared that she might have months or years to live, but she didn't want to waste any of it. Eric was concerned that Stephanie was rushing things. Stephanie insisted that she felt fine and wanted to get to work with Dayzee. Eric encouraged Brooke and Ridge to keep an eye on Stephanie.

Brooke went to the kitchen to make tea for Stephanie, and Stephanie admitted to Ridge that she knew he loved Brooke. Stephanie left to take a phone call from Dayzee. Stephanie promised to meet Dayzee to start her work with the homeless within an hour. Dayzee expressed concern that Stephanie needed to get well first, but Stephanie insisted on meeting Dayzee.

Stephanie returned to Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie thanked Brooke for her persistence in pushing Stephanie to get well. Stephanie promised to be nicer to Brooke and told Brooke that she was indeed a member of the family. Stephanie said that Brooke had been like a daughter to Stephanie, but Stephanie also teased that she would only be nice to Brooke for a week. Then Stephanie promised to be friendly to Brooke for as long as Brooke stayed out of trouble. Brooke looked shocked, and Stephanie said that she was teasing again. Stephanie paused and said that she loved Brooke.

Stephanie left for what Brooke and Ridge thought was a few moments. Ridge and Brooke shared their pleasure that Stephanie had changed her attitude. Ridge received a text message from Stephanie that she had headed downtown to meet Dayzee. Ridge and Brooke were shocked. In downtown Los Angeles, Stephanie hugged Dayzee. Stephanie looked around at all the homeless people on the street, and she asked to meet them and hear their stories. Dayzee promised to begin introductions.

At Jackie M, Nick, Aggie, and Whip eyed up another design that Amber had delivered. Nick was impressed and said that the designs that he had seen were very professional looking and hot. Aggie reminded Nick that Jackie M needed an entire line, much more than just a few designs. Taylor entered, and she and Whip caressed and made out in front of everyone. Nick teased that perhaps they had wanted everyone to leave the office so that they could lock the door. Taylor apologized and said that she and Whip hadn't seen much of each other because of Stephanie.

Taylor explained to everyone that Stephanie had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that had spread to her brain. Taylor added that Stephanie had been released from the hospital after surgery that had removed part of her lung. Taylor said that Stephanie had been insistent that she had to help the homeless as soon as she could. Nick and Aggie were shocked that Stephanie was ill.

Amber entered and delivered another of the sketches that she had copied from the "Hope for the Future" line that she had photographed at Oliver's place the previous night. The group was silent when Amber presented the design because they had not yet processed the news of Stephanie's disease. Amber worried that her designs weren't good enough, but Nick told Amber about Stephanie's illness.

Amber appeared emotionally upset. Aggie asked if Amber had been close to Stephanie, and Amber said that she had a complicated past with Stephanie. Amber added that she had tremendous respect for Stephanie and hoped that her health improved. Nick and Whip praised Amber's designs and talked about how professional looking they were. Amber ate up the praise. Whip and Taylor left.

Nick called the designs hot, and Amber agreed that they were hot. She acted as if Nick was making a play on words with hot connoting stolen. Amber said that Nick had been her inspiration. Then Amber smiled an evil smile at Aggie, and Aggie glared at Amber. Nick announced that Jackie M would have a show in a week, so Amber had to have her designs ready. Nick promised that Amber would "steal the show." Amber agreed with his statement, and she repeated it.

At Forrester, Oliver appeared hung over after he had been drinking the previous night with Amber. Oliver called Amber at Jackie M, and he thanked her for listening to his problems with Hope. Oliver apologized for drinking too much, but Amber said that it was no problem.

Hope stopped into Oliver's office and told him that she had been worried about him. Hope commented that she had watched Oliver drinking heavily with Amber the night before, and he appeared to have a hangover. Oliver admitted that he had been tipsy the previous night. Hope said that it probably wasn't a good idea for Oliver to be working on music for her line because it meant that he had been staring at pictures of her all the time. She worried that it was unhealthy for him.

Oliver asked what she wanted him to do, and Hope suggested that Oliver should consider a leave of absence. Oliver was insulted and told Hope that he would be fine. Eric entered and interrupted the conversation. Eric told Hope that he was very proud of her. He said that the campaign was sure to be a success. Eric added that he and Ridge were very proud of the new line, and they expected that it would be very successful with buyers.

At Jackie M, Amber, Nick, and Aggie were thinking the same thing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Welcome to a very special episode of the Bold and the Beautiful. We are in downtown Los Angeles in the area known as Skid Row. The folks interviewed today are not actors. They are real people who live in this inspirational community," said Susan Flannery in a voiceover.

At the mansion, Taylor arrived to visit Stephanie, but Brooke said Stephanie was unavailable. Taylor hardly believed that Stephanie had left and made Brooke the spokesperson. Brooke asked Taylor to just call her a predator again, but Taylor didn't feel like getting slapped.

Taylor stated that Stephanie had just been discharged from the hospital that day and shouldn't be around crowds due to her susceptibility to infection. Brooke revealed that Dayzee had taken Stephanie to meet the Skid Row residents. Though Taylor admired Stephanie's desire to help others, she felt that Stephanie should focus on helping herself first.

Brooke reasoned that Stephanie was helping herself, because her mission was better than medicine. Brooke said Stephanie couldn't discuss her condition with people in her everyday life because they'd treat her like she was already in the grave. On Skid Row, Stephanie could meet people who were struggling but fighting, too. For Skid Row residents, Stephanie wasn't a cancer victim; she was one more fighter. "She's like them, a kindred spirit," Brooke concluded.

Taylor found Brooke's intuitiveness impressive. In Taylor's view, the medical profession downplayed the healing power of positivity and determination. Brooke credited Dayzee with renewing Stephanie's fighting spirit, and Brooke and Taylor agreed that the Skid Row residents were a special group of people.

In downtown Los Angeles, Stephanie and Dayzee prepared to talk to the residents of Skid Row. Stephanie worried that people might think she was meddling in their business, but Dayzee said that while some probably wouldn't be receptive, most would be glad that someone cared.

Dayzee introduced Stephanie to Kevin, the operator of the Skid Row shelter. As Kevin led them around, he introduced them to Reverend Thomas. The pastor agreed with Stephanie that substance abuse was just a stereotype for the homeless. In his ministry, he saw that many sexually abused children found themselves on a path that eventually ended in homelessness.

Footage played on the screen of people singing in the pastor's church. He explained that all were welcome there, even the homeless. His church's mission was to help people become self-empowered, and he felt that the church had become a vital part of the Skid Row community.

Stephanie met a woman who'd wound up homeless after escaping from domestic violence. Skid Row had provided a safe haven for her to rebuild her self-esteem. She'd formed a women's empowerment organization at the shelter because she believed in education. Stephanie said that without an education, people couldn't even begin to think.

One man whom Stephanie talked to had been placed in foster care at twelve years of age. When he'd returned to his mother at 18, she'd regrettably turned him away because she'd had eight younger children to feed. He almost cried as he explained his subsequent struggles. With her hand on his shoulder, Stephanie said she admired his strength and perseverance.

One man gave Stephanie his view that the lack of God and direction led people to destructive behaviors. He said some couldn't cope with the "rat race" and turned to violence or drugs. Next, Stephanie spoke to a young man who felt that he'd lost his parents to drugs because the drugs had caused them to mentally abandon him. He motivated others to stay off drugs.

Stephanie thought it was amazing to see the number of former Skid Row residents who'd returned to give back to the community. A man shared that being among the homeless had taught him that being homeless didn't mean that one was helpless. Skid Row had taught him a great deal about the human spirit. He was glad to give back and glad that Stephanie was there, too.

A volunteer, who'd never lived on Skid Row, said that being a cancer survivor had prepared him for his work there. Stephanie congratulated him on being cancer-free for ten years. Later, Stephanie was astounded that she'd been given such an opportunity to help others, and she was completely committed to her task. Stephanie implored Dayzee to teach her everything she needed to know.

Friday, October 29, 2010

"Welcome to our second of two special episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. Today we are visiting at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. The people interviewed are not actors, but rather, guests of this extraordinary home for those in need," said Susan Flannery in a voiceover.

After visiting Skid Row, Stephanie and Dayzee headed to Dayzee's workplace and home at the Union Rescue Mission. Inside, Dayzee introduced Stephanie to Kitty, who headed the mission, and the three toured the facilities.

Stephanie encountered Anthony, a solider who'd been injured while serving in Iraq. Though his injury hadn't been his fault, he couldn't face his loved ones after failing in what he'd thought would be his life's mission. He'd wound up on the streets, and he'd used drugs to drown out his problems. He was proud to say that he'd since gotten himself together, and he was studying criminal justice. He hoped to help at least one kid avoid making his same mistakes.

Next, Kitty took Stephanie into what appeared to be a dorm room where the Reyes family lived. Before settling at the mission, the family of six had lived in hotels. Downsized from his retail management position, the husband had sent out his résumé a thousand times, to no avail. Though he'd discovered that there were tons of people in line of head of him for education grants and other help, he optimistically saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Later, Dayzee took Stephanie into a huge room with aisles of bunk beds and toy trunks. A resident explained that the mothers who lived there helped each other with their children. "No child should have to go homeless," the woman said with a whimper.

Stephanie spoke to a father who felt fortunate to have his kids with him in the mission and not separated in foster care. One couple explained that losing their jobs and home had drawn them closer to each other. Stephanie then met Carolyn, a volunteer. Carolyn had once been homeless, but she'd recovered to have a house and four sons with big aspirations.

In Stephanie's bedroom at the mansion, Brooke smiled to see a picture of her and Stephanie on the roller coaster. Pam entered, and Brooke informed her that Stephanie had sneaked out of the house to go downtown to Dayzee's mission. Pam was worried about her sister, but Brooke said there was no stopping Stephanie once her mind was set.

Brooke explained that Dayzee and her mother had lived in the mission before her mother had died, and Dayzee's was devoted to paying forward the generosity she'd been shown there. Pam and Brooke agreed that Dayzee was an amazing kid. Brooke felt that Stephanie had gained a purpose that would occupy her for "years to come." Pam liked the sound of that, but she felt that Stephanie had been gone from home long enough.

Brooke called Stephanie, who was in awe of everything she'd seen that day. Brooke asked Stephanie to return home to rest. Stephanie felt there was too much to do, and she didn't know how much time she had left. Stephanie insisted that she was where she needed to be. After the call, Brooke told Pam what Stephanie had said. An anxious Pam decided to go downtown to get Stephanie, but Brooke said to stay put while she took care of it.

Back at the mission later, a music ensemble performed in the cafeteria. Stephanie donned a hair net, apron, and plastic gloves to help behind the counter. Brooke entered and motioned for Stephanie to leave. Stephanie shook her head like a stubborn child and resumed working.

As the ensemble sang "Lean on Me," Stephanie curiously glanced around. She was shocked to see Brooke behind the counter working in a hair net and apron. Stephanie recalled the roller coaster ride that had led her to that very moment. She shook her head in wonder, and she and Brooke hugged.

At the end of the episode, Susan Flannery urged viewers to help end homelessness by visiting a website called "You are the Mission" to learn how to volunteer in their areas.

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