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Monday, October 18, 2010

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis was shocked to see that Stephanie had "turned herself in." Stephanie, who lay in a hospital bed, announced that she wanted to have surgery that very day to remove the primary lung tumor. Stephanie introduced the doctor to Dayzee and requested a checkup for Tanya. Stephanie conveyed that Dayzee was very important to her, because Dayzee was the reason that Stephanie had decided to live.

Dr. Lewis left to find the surgeon, and Pam and Taylor arrived in Stephanie's room. A distraught Pam was relieved that Stephanie had come to her senses, and Stephanie asked everyone not to tell the family that she'd initially refused chemotherapy. She then introduced Taylor and Pam to Dayzee, who'd made Stephanie realize that she had a purpose for living.

Brooke offered to call the family, but Stephanie wanted Brooke to remain by her side. Stephanie asked Pam and Taylor to go to the house to tell the family. Pam uttered that she couldn't lose Stephanie, too, but Stephanie stated that she wasn't going to leave Pam.

Pam and Taylor left, and Dayzee thanked Stephanie for looking after Tanya. Stephanie said she intended to do a lot more once she got the "damn cancer" out of her. Brooke and Stephanie bickered with each other at little, and Dayzee guessed that Brooke was Stephanie's daughter. "Are you crazy?" Stephanie replied.

Stephanie explained that Brooke had been forced upon her through marriage. Brooke stated that Stephanie actually adored Brooke. Stephanie thought it was ironic that her worst enemy had been pestering her to live, but Dayzee reasoned that the people who were the hardest on a person usually made that person stronger.

Dr. Lewis returned to say that the surgery was set. It would be only the beginning of a long road ahead, and the doctor couldn't make any promises. Stephanie ordered the doctor to remove the tumor, and Stephanie would take care of the rest.

Brooke and Dr. Lewis left the room, and to Dayzee, Stephanie said she'd had a wonderful life; she'd been okay with dying until Dayzee had happened along. Dayzee claimed that she hadn't done anything, but Stephanie explained that Dayzee had advised Stephanie to get a new set of glasses. Thanks to Dayzee, Stephanie saw everything differently, and she vowed to use whatever time she had left to make a difference in people's lives.

Outside the room, Brooke questioned Dr. Lewis about the procedure. Dr. Lewis stated that they'd normally treat the brain tumors first, but Stephanie's strength made the doctor hopeful about removing the lung tumor first. Dr. Lewis advised Brooke to have faith, because they'd work one step at a time. Dr. Lewis said Stephanie would need a lot of love and support. Brooke replied that Stephanie would have it.

After Stephanie was prepped for surgery, Brooke entered the room. Stephanie took Brooke's hand and thanked Brooke for wanting her to live. Brooke attributed Stephanie's choice to fight to Stephanie's stubbornness, but Stephanie insisted that Brooke understand that Stephanie appreciated Brooke's support, just in case Stephanie didn't make it through.

Brooke believed that Stephanie would make it, because Stephanie had a purpose. Brooke intended to share in that purpose, because she wanted to help people, too. Brooke thought it would be good for her and Stephanie to do something together outside of Forrester.

Stephanie stated that she didn't want to die. She wasn't afraid of it, but she wanted more time. Brooke assured Stephanie that she'd have that time. Brooke believed that the surgery would be a breeze, and she'd be waiting for Stephanie when it was over. Brooke said that after the recovery, she and Stephanie would start helping others.

Stephanie stated that she wouldn't give up the fight, and Brooke said those words sounded like the Stephanie she knew. "And hate," Stephanie added. Brooke replied, "And love." Stephanie quipped that Brooke was still the slut from the valley, and Brooke said that it was music to her ears. Dr. Lewis entered with orderlies, who wheeled Stephanie away.

At the mansion, Eric, Thorne, and Ridge discussed a cryptic message that they'd each received about a meeting at the house. Just then, Felicia entered, saying, "Surprise!" After ecstatically greeting her, the men bombarded Felicia with questions.

Felicia said that Kristen and Tony were doing well in Florida, and Dominick was spending a few weeks with his father. Felicia didn't know how long she'd stay in Los Angeles, but she'd decided to surprise her family, since she'd missed Stephanie's birthday.

Everyone wondered where Stephanie was, and the tearful Pam and Taylor arrived with their somber news. Eric and his children gasped when Taylor told them that Stephanie had stage four cancer, and it didn't look good. Eric took off for the hospital, and Taylor further explained that the cancer had spread to Stephanie's brain. Taylor said that after the lung surgery, the doctors would decide what to do about the brain tumors. Ridge wondered what they were waiting for, and everyone left for the hospital.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

by Pam

At the hospital, Brooke thanked Dayzee because Dayzee had given Stephanie a reason to live, and it was something that Brooke had not been able to do. Ridge, Eric, Thorne, Felicia, Taylor, and Pam joined Dayzee and Brooke and asked if Brooke had heard anything about the surgery. Taylor told the family that Stephanie's doctor was a world-renowned oncologist, and Stephanie was in the best possible care.

At Jackie M, Nick admitted that he was stressed, and Aggie massaged his back. Aggie wondered if Nick was stressed due to the decisions he had made to fire his mother, Bridget, and Owen. Nick related that he had to save the company, and he was counting on Amber to come up with the designs they needed. He also wondered if he had made the right choice in putting so much faith in Amber, who he had deemed a little too provocative. Outside the door, Amber was listening.

Aggie promised that everything would work out for the company. Aggie sat on Nick's lap and kissed him. She told him that she didn't think the massage had worked to relieve the stress. Nick wondered if she had any other ideas, and Aggie and Nick agreed to meet in the steam room for some private time.

Later, in the steam room, a naked Nick sat waiting for Aggie. When he heard the door open and close, he asked why it had taken Aggie so long to get there, but Aggie wasn't the person who had entered. Nick was caught off-guard when Amber, clad only in a towel, acknowledged that she made Nick uncomfortable.

Nick agreed that a naked Amber in the steam room was not what he had in mind. Amber promised that he was going to be more upset when she removed her towel. Nick jumped up and warned her not to do anything, but Amber caressed Nick's shoulders and ran her fingers across his chest and arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and promised that he would eventually give in to her charms. Nick stopped her and told her to get back to work. He left the steam room.

Back in his office, Nick looked up and found that Amber had followed him. Nick forbade any more petting and pawing, and advised her to leave. He asked if she was looking for some type of job security. Amber giggled and said that she was resourceful.

Nick told Amber that he was devoted to Aggie and that he would never betray Aggie. Amber continued flirting, but Nick left. Aggie entered and warned Amber to stay away from Nick. Amber said that Aggie wasn't wearing a ring, so Amber considered Nick fair game.

Aggie said that Amber was proving that she was the skank that everyone had said she was. Aggie warned that Amber was no longer a friend, and Aggie promised that she would never forget anything that Amber did.

At the hospital, Stephanie had undergone surgery, and Dr. Lewis exited the operating room and met with the family. The doctor announced that the team of surgeons had removed a lobe of Stephanie's lung, and they were confident that they had removed all of the cancer. The doctor said that Stephanie still had to deal with the cancer that had spread to her brain, but a positive attitude was vitally important to success.

A cancer specialist met with the Forresters, and he said that stage four cancer was difficult to cure, but not hopeless. He said that he might have addressed the brain tumors first, but promised that he would continue treatment for the brain cancer after Stephanie had healed from the surgery. He added that he would connect the Forresters to survivors who had survived stage four cancer.

The doctor encouraged the family to have faith and to motivate Stephanie to fight the cancer. The family entered Stephanie's room, and surrounded her bed. Eric held Stephanie's hand first, and then Thorne and Felicia stayed on one side of the bed, and Ridge and Brooke held vigil on the other. Pam and Taylor stood at the end of the bed.

Stephanie opened her eyes, and saw her family. Stephanie had trouble breathing, and the nurse explained that Stephanie had to take it easy because she had lost some lung capacity. Stephanie smiled and saw that Dayzee was watching from out in the hall. Stephanie beckoned Dayzee to enter, and Brooke ushered Dayzee into the room.

Brooke introduced Dayzee to the family, and they all joked about their relationships with one another. Felicia said that she had been responsible for all the gray hairs on her mother's head. Ridge said that he was the oldest of the Forrester kids and was married to Brooke. Ridge added that he had given his mother some gray hairs.

Thorne joked that he was the "perfect" son. Taylor joked that with a family like that, it was no wonder they all needed her, a psychiatrist. Brooke told the family that Stephanie had lost her mother's scarf on the rollercoaster, and Dayzee had found it. In Stephanie's process of retrieving the scarf, Dayzee had made Stephanie realize that Stephanie could make a difference and that she did indeed have a purpose to live. Stephanie needed to live to help the homeless.

Brooke said that Dayzee didn't live far from the Forresters, but they were worlds apart. Dayzee lived in poverty. Stephanie whispered that she wanted to help because Dayzee had saved Stephanie's life, and Stephanie wanted to save lives. Brooke promised that Stephanie would save lives just as Dayzee had saved Stephanie's life.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke told Ridge that she had begged Stephanie to tell everyone in the family about her cancer, but Stephanie had refused. Ridge acknowledged that the entire situation had put Brooke in an awkward position. Brooke reminded Ridge that Dayzee was responsible for convincing Stephanie to fight the cancer. Brooke said that Dayzee had impressed Stephanie, and Stephanie wanted to live to make things better for the homeless. Brooke and Ridge agreed that Stephanie was a changed woman and she needed to maintain a positive attitude in order to fight the cancer.

Thomas entered and asked about his grandmother's prognosis. After chatting with Brooke and Ridge, Thomas poured his heart out about his passion for the company. Thomas shared that he had completed some new sketches for the Forrester men's line. Thomas showed Ridge and Brooke more than a dozen sketches. Ridge was impressed and said that they would send a few directly to the patternmaker.

Thomas pressured his dad to resurrect the total men's line. Thomas was confident that the line had a lot of promise. Thomas said that Ridge and Eric had been too busy in recent years to pay attention to the line. Thomas added that Forrester had only introduced pieces of the men's line, but had not fully invested in the men's line for years.

Thomas insisted that he wanted to totally take over the men's line from designing to marketing. Thomas said that he had already made calls to get started on publicity, marketing, and production. Thomas proudly declared that he had a network in place. Ridge said that he liked the ideas, but he was unsure about the timing.

Thomas reminded Ridge that Steffy had taken over the bedroom line and had 25 percent ownership in the company. Thomas said that he wanted to make his own mark on Forrester. Ridge promised to consider the proposal, and he left.

Brooke told Thomas that she believed his designs could return Forrester to its glory days. Brooke reviewed some of the designs, made some suggestions and added that Thomas was very much like his father. Brooke recalled the old days of the men's line when she and Ridge had worked together. Thomas asked Brooke to work with him on the men's line, and Brooke agreed.

At Jackie M, Nick met with Whip in a tense exchange about Amber and Aggie. Whip worried that Amber had made moves on Nick, and Whip brought up that it was strange that Amber had taken over as head designer. Whip showed Nick the new sketches that Amber had completed. Nick looked disappointed, and he asked what Whip thought. Whip said that the designs were different. Nick said that he was confident that Amber would come through.

Whip worried that replacing Bridget with Amber was a gamble. Nick reminded Whip that Whip had suggested Amber as a substitute, but Whip stated that Amber was only supposed to be a temporary backup designer. Whip said that he was worried about what Amber could do to the company.

Whip said that he had seen Amber kiss Nick, and he knew that Amber had been flirting with Nick. Whip said that he was worried personally for his cousin, Aggie, and professionally, about more blowups at Jackie M. Whip said that the company couldn't handle any more scandals. Nick said that he had never intended to hurt Aggie. Nick added that he had feelings for Aggie and not for Amber.

In another office, Aggie and Amber argued about their feelings for Nick. Aggie warned Amber to stay away from Nick because Aggie had a relationship with him. Aggie said that Amber had betrayed their friendship. Amber taunted Aggie, and asked if Nick had ever declared his love for Aggie. Clearly uncomfortable, Aggie said that she and Nick had been slowly building a relationship. Amber kept taunting Aggie and conjectured that if Nick truly had feelings for Aggie, he would have told her.

Aggie's phone rang, and it was Oliver, who had called to remind Aggie that she had been scheduled to meet him at Insomnia. Aggie begged Oliver to forgive her. She said that she couldn't make it, and promised to meet with him another time. Aggie told Oliver that they would formulate a plan for him to get back together with Hope. Oliver sounded despondent.

In the office, Amber had been hanging on every word of Aggie's conversation with Oliver. Amber had appeared to be plotting something. Aggie hung up with Oliver and told Amber that that they had finished their conversation. Aggie said that she didn't trust Amber, but was not afraid of Amber.

Later, Nick and Aggie had a confrontation about Amber. Nick didn't want any drama at the office between Aggie and Amber. Nick told Aggie that he didn't have feelings for Amber, but he cared for Aggie. Nick insisted that he wanted Amber and Aggie to be friends. Aggie said that was impossible because Amber didn't have friends.

Amber walked into Insomnia and looked for Oliver. After she spotted Oliver, who had been talking to a friend, Amber tripped and fell, and caused a stir in the restaurant. Oliver rushed to her aid, and asked one of the waiters to grab some ice. Amber told Oliver that he was a gentleman, and Oliver promised to get Amber back on her feet after she felt better. Oliver took coffee to Amber, and held ice on her ankle while he held her foot in his lap.

Amber shared that she felt like a klutz and didn't know why she was suddenly so clumsy. Oliver conjectured that she had just received a huge promotion. Oliver told Amber that he had heard about it from his sister, Aggie. Oliver added that he and Aggie told each other everything. Amber looked pleased that she had garnered Oliver's attention. Oliver promised to stay with Amber until she felt better.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

At the hospital, Brooke and Taylor encountered each other at the nurses' station. Taylor expressed that Brooke had done everything possible for Stephanie -- even though it had been an awkward situation. Brooke said her battles with Stephanie had ceased to matter once she'd heard the diagnosis. Brooke felt that Taylor had tried equally hard to reason with Stephanie. Though Taylor continued to worry, Taylor believed that determination would see Stephanie through.

As Stephanie rested in her room, a tearful Steffy called to say that she couldn't remain in Paris while Stephanie was ill. Urging Steffy to live her life, Stephanie promised to visit Steffy once Stephanie was well. After the call, Hope and Liam entered with a stuffed bear named Charlie. Hope told Stephanie that she had to get better. "I will," Stephanie asserted.

Taylor and Brooke arrived, and as Stephanie discussed her call with Steffy, Stephanie began choking on air. She caught her breath after a few tense moments and turned the conversation to helping others. Just then, Dayzee peeked into the room.

Stephanie invited Dayzee in, and Dayzee said she'd been checking on the baby. Upon meeting Hope and Liam, Dayzee noted that Stephanie had many reasons to live. Stephanie stated that Dayzee had made her appreciate life again. Stephanie asked Dayzee to share her story with everyone because Stephanie wanted the family to know Dayzee better.

Dayzee explained that she'd been in and out of foster homes. She hadn't had a father, and her mother had died from doing drugs. Dayzee said people assumed that every homeless person was lazy or into drugs; however, when Dayzee had run away from the foster care program, homeless people had embraced her and offered help. Dayzee worked at the homeless shelter because she wanted to give back to those who'd helped her.

Stephanie stated that helping others was what she, Brooke, and Dayzee were going to do. Stephanie asked if Dayzee could believe that Stephanie had been homeless once. Dayzee shook her head, and Stephanie said it was a conversation for another time. Stephanie marveled that chasing the scarf had made her realize her determination to help those in need. Stephanie grew winded and tired as she said that she was grateful to Dayzee for the reawakening.

At Jackie M, Nick assured Aggie that Amber wasn't a threat; however, Aggie guessed that Amber wouldn't give up until she got what she wanted. Nick replied that she wouldn't get him, and Aggie predicted that Amber's next target would have his hands full.

The couple made out and had sex in Nick's office chair. "I wish my brother could feel like this," Aggie uttered. Nick stared quizzically at her, and she conveyed her wish that Oliver could feel the kind of connection that she shared with Nick. She guessed that it would take a very powerful force to pry Oliver's heart from Hope.

Aggie wanted Oliver to find the right girl, and she asserted that Amber was not the right girl for Nick. Nick asked her to give the Amber thing a rest, but Aggie stated that she wanted to keep Amber away from her loved ones. Kissing Aggie, Nick said he believed that she would.

At Insomnia, Amber told Oliver that he was "so great" for what was ailing her. Staring at his phone, Oliver admitted that he was hoping for a call. She recalled the times that she'd tried to will her phone to ring, but she was sure a sweet and sexy man like Oliver didn't need to do that. Amber mentioned that she knew what had happened to split him and Hope up. Oliver didn't really want to discuss it, but stated that Hope would call him one day.

Amber joked about things happening when one least expected them to. Oliver chuckled, and she noted that he had a great laugh and beautiful eyes. Wondering why Hope couldn't see that he was the perfect package, Amber said she'd heard of blind faith, but not "blind Hope." Oliver laughed again and said that Amber was alive and full of energy. Amber hoped that she was sexy, and he said it went without saying.

As their conversation continued, Amber said that Oliver would have Hope when he wanted her. Amber felt that Hope had overreacted about the "Pose" incident because Hope was very young. Amber supposed that Hope would eventually get over it -- if Oliver wanted to wait that long. Oliver said he'd wait as long as it took, and Amber advised him to have fun in the meantime. When he realized that he was getting advice from a very attractive woman, Amber kissed him deeply on the lips and then innocently smiled.

Friday, October 22, 2010

In Ridge's office, Thomas attempted to convince Ridge that Thomas was ready to take on the Men's Line. He showed Brooke and Ridge a new logo for the line, and Ridge was impressed by the designs that Thomas had revised according to Brooke's suggestions.

Taylor entered, and Thomas beamed about his proposal to take over the Men's Line. He stated that he and Brooke would work side-by-side on everything. Taylor requested to speak to Ridge alone, and Thomas asked if there was a problem. Taylor said it was one thing to work in the building with Brooke, but quite another to work closely with her. Thomas retorted that Taylor wouldn't have a problem if it had been Steffy's idea.

Thomas stated that Steffy had "Brooke's Bedroom" and 25 percent of the business. He wondered what was wrong with him having something. Taylor tried to reason with him, but he told her to stop treating him like one of her patients. Brooke intervened to advise Thomas not to speak to his mother that way. "Don't correct my son," Taylor responded.

Thomas didn't understand the animosity. He felt that they should all get along, and he was grateful to have Brooke's help on something that could advance the company. Taylor again tried to explain her view, but Thomas said that if she'd wanted a say in it, then she should have held onto the 25 percent that she'd thought Steffy had so desperately needed.

Ridge decided to think things over and talk to Taylor alone. Brooke and Thomas left, and Taylor said that Thomas was young and impressionable. Ridge guessed that she thought Brooke would corrupt Thomas. "Yes! If we let her-yes!" Taylor replied. Ridge said Brooke had helped to raise Thomas, but Taylor asserted that it was her job to protect her son from predators.

Taylor didn't want her son working with a woman who might end up in another front-page scandal. Ridge asked if she were suggesting that Brooke and Thomas would get involved. A flustered Taylor didn't think that would happen, but her motherly instincts urged her to get Thomas away from that woman.

Ridge had thought that Brooke and Taylor had been getting along while helping Stephanie, but Taylor claimed that Brooke always burned her. Taylor asked Ridge to decline the proposal, so she didn't have to worry about Brooke ruining Thomas' reputation.

In Steffy's office, Brooke explained that Taylor was just looking out for her son. Thomas said Steffy, Stephanie, and his mother didn't see Brooke the way that he and Ridge saw her. As they spoke, Ridge buzzed in on the intercom to say that revamping the Men's Line was risky, but he trusted the venture in Thomas and Brooke's hands.

Thomas and Brooke hugged each other, and she said that he had the drive to make things happen. "You are so much like your father," Brooke said, placing her hands on his shoulders. Taylor charged into the room and ordered Brooke to keep her filthy hands off Taylor's son.

In Nick's office, Aggie distracted Nick from his work, and he tossed her onto the desk. As they made out, she tried to persuade him to fire Amber due to her inadequate designs. Amber, who'd been listening at the door, barged in and said Aggie couldn't be more obvious.

Aggie hopped off the desk and said she didn't like Amber, or her "skanky" designs. Amber bickered back, but Nick interrupted to reluctantly agree that the designs were lacking depth and class. He liked Amber's vision, but he needed her to bring elegance to the designs, so that they could compete with Forrester and "Hope for the Future." Nick ordered Amber to present revisions the following morning, and he wanted to be impressed by them. "I'm on it," Amber replied, savoring the challenge. She glared at Aggie and strode out.

Aggie wondered if Amber could actually come through for Nick. He was optimistic about Amber's talent, but Aggie questioned why she'd ever been receptive to Amber. Nick thought it was cute that Aggie wanted to see the good in people. "I must have been squinting pretty hard," Aggie quipped. Amber's fake smile had unnerved Aggie. She couldn't help but think that Amber was plotting against her. Nick figured Amber would be too busy designing to mess with Aggie.

Nick called Jackie, and on her voicemail, he said that it was his fourth message. He wanted Jackie's input on the new designs, and he missed his mother, whom he needed at the company. After the call, he expressed confidence that Jackie would return once Amber's designs were in place, but Aggie asserted that Amber wasn't capable of delivering what Nick needed.

At Insomnia with Hope, Liam wondered if Bill would let him choose his next assignment. Liam considered writing about "Hope for the Future," since Hope was his "Hope for the future." Hope scowled, and he guessed he'd been too corny. Smiling uneasily, she explained that Oliver had joked that way all the time. Hope suggested that they leave in case Oliver showed up at the café, but Liam thought Oliver was adult enough to handle seeing them together.

Oliver entered the café and froze upon seeing Hope and Liam at a table. He took his own table and rolled his eyes at the kissing couple. Amber joined Oliver at his table and saw that he was working on music for the "Hope for the Future" line.

Amber eyed the Forrester designs on the table, and Oliver said that he'd brought them along for inspiration. He ranted that he couldn't work on his ex-girlfriend's line while his ex-girlfriend was making out with "a dude" at another table. He scooped up his work to leave, but Amber convinced him that she might be able to help him.

Amber practically salivated over the designs, and Oliver fixated on Hope and Liam. Amber proposed that Oliver try to make Hope jealous. Amber passionately kissed Oliver, and as he responded, she slipped one of the Forrester designs off the table.

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