The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on Y&R

Meggie schemed with Deacon to keep Nikki dependent on alcohol in rehab. Victor offered Victoria and Abby a generous settlement, but they turned it down. Adam planned to leave town, but Sharon convinced him to stay. Daisy revealed her pregnancy to Daniel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 25, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, October 25, 2010

At Tucker's condo, Diane told Tucker that the tabloid piece he'd just read had been written by someone with a vendetta against her. Tucker asked Diane if Phyllis had published outright lies. Diane explained that since Kyle had been born, she had tried to become someone her son could look up to and respect. Diane added that she might have embellished her résumé a bit, but she maintained that she had worked on every project she'd listed.

Tucker claimed that Diane had led him to believe she'd been the lead architect and a founder of the Toronto architect firm. Tucker added that he knew Diane wasn't even a partner. Diane, her lip quivering, claimed that she had been about to become a partner. Tucker said that he didn't trust Diane, which was unfortunate because he would have enjoyed working with her. Diane begged for a chance to prove herself. Tucker insisted that he had been prepared to sign Diane's contract until he'd found out she wasn't the person she'd claimed to be.

Without missing a beat, Diane asked Tucker what Ashley might think if she learned that Tucker wasn't the person he claimed to be. Tucker asked Diane if she was threatening him. Diane replied, "Change your mind about hiring me, and what happened in Tucker's bed stays in Tucker's bed." Tucker glared at Diane and told her she could tell Ashley whatever she wanted. Tucker added that Ashley would think Diane had made up the story because he'd fired her. Before Tucker kicked Diane out the door, he warned her not to threaten him again because it might come back to bite her. After Tucker slammed the door, Diane wept quietly in the hallway.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Jack showed up and berated Phyllis for publishing an article that trashed Diane. Phyllis reminded Jack that he would have chomped at the bit for the juicy scoop when he'd helped run the magazine. Phyllis, ebullient, told Jack that she couldn't wait for the fallout to rain down all over Diane. Jack reminded Phyllis that he'd told her to stay away from Diane. Phyllis insisted that Jack should know that Diane was taking advantage of him. Phyllis imitated Diane by employing a breathy voice and sexily batting her eyes. Phyllis added that Diane had shown up with Kyle and had asked, "Jack, do you happen to know where the best schools are?"

Jack refused to believe that Diane was evil for allowing him a chance to get close to his son. Phyllis responded, "She is using your son again. I know it. She knows it, and deep down inside, you know it." Jack told Phyllis that they had another chance at making their relationship work, so he didn't want Diane in the middle of it. Growing increasingly agitated, Phyllis maintained that she'd made the first strike because Diane had used Kyle to wedge Phyllis and Jack apart before going in for the kill.

Jack asked if he could have the last word with Phyllis just once, but Phyllis immediately responded, "No!" Jack retorted, "Damn you!" Phyllis echoed Jack's words, but he caught a glimpse of Phyllis' quick smile, grabbed her by the neck, and firmly planted his lips against hers. Phyllis' smile grew wider after the initial kiss. Jack shoved papers and pens off Phyllis' desk before he hoisted her atop, ripped off her blouse, and began making passionate love to her.

After Phyllis and Jack made love on her desk, Phyllis dressed, but Jack was still shirtless as they talked about how great it was to be together. Phyllis cried, "That is what I am fighting for!" Jack calmly told Phyllis that she was going about it the wrong way. The clanging elevator door announced Diane's entrance. Diane took note of an untidy Jack, who dressed quickly. Diane indicated Phyllis and asked, "Do you know what she's done?" Jack said he did.

Diane, seething, cried, "You disgust me -- both of you." Jack asked Diane to calm down. Diane threw a box of Kleenex at Jack, who ducked. Phyllis whispered, "She's a little nuts." Diane pointed her finger at Phyllis and said, "You're a liar!" Jack held Diane back after she charged toward Phyllis.

Phyllis maintained that everything she'd written about Diane was true. Diane cried that her son could have seen the trash written about his mother. Phyllis responded, "You should have thought about that before you decided to sleep with every man you've ever met, or steal his sperm, or burn down the pool house." Diane looked to Jack to defend her and said, "You going to let her get away with this? He's your son, too."

Phyllis, pointing at Diane, angrily replied, "Your son -- you've hurt your son by coming back to this city. Don't you think that everybody's going to talk about what a backstabbing, lying, vindictive woman you are? But you came back anyway, didn't you?" Jack held Diane back as she yelled that she'd taken her son back to be with his father. Phyllis ran toward Diane and yelled that she was glad she had told everybody the truth.

Jack pushed Phyllis back away from Diane. Phyllis raised her arms victoriously and added, "I should get an award. I should be canonized. In fact, Jack just thanked me!" Diane was livid as she screamed that she would not let Phyllis run her out of town. Jack wrapped his arms around Diane and demanded that both women calm down. Phyllis glared defiantly at Diane. Diane darted toward Phyllis, but Jack ordered Diane to go pick up Kyle. Diane explained that Phyllis' article had cost her the job with Tucker. Jack offered to help, but Diane refused Jack's offer and said she didn't want him in Kyle's life.

Diane, fuming, addressed Jack and cried, "I warned you. She's toxic. You want that in your life? That's fine. I don't want my kid anywhere near it." Jack told Diane that she couldn't keep him away from Kyle. Diane responded, "You picked your side. You live with it!" After Diane left in a huff, Jack glared at Phyllis, who stood with her arms folded at her waist.

Phyllis told Jack that Diane wouldn't keep Kyle away from him. Phyllis maintained that Kyle would begin missing his father, and Diane would eventually take him around. Jack remained silent and aloof. Phyllis added that when Diane returned with Kyle, it would be Jack's responsibility to keep his son in his life while keeping Diane out.

From the Newman ranch, Nick phoned his dad. Nick presumed that his parents were already on their way to Las Vegas, but Victor explained that Nikki had relapsed and was seeking treatment at Solidarity House. Nick said he'd go there right away. Meggie, from Deacon's place, also phoned Victor and asked about Nikki. Meggie offered to pack up Nikki's things and take them to the rehab center. After the call, Deacon was livid and asked why Meggie thought she had cut Nikki out of Victor's life if he cared enough to check her into a pricey treatment clinic. Meggie, composed and unflustered, said she'd explain the second phase of her overall plan after she returned.

In her room at Solidarity House, Nikki sat on the bed, sobbing, and told Victor that he probably hated her. Victor gently replied that he didn't hate Nikki. Stammering, Nikki explained that she and Deacon had both taken a drink at his place, but she claimed that she had no memory of what had transpired before Victor arrived. Victor was saddened to learn that Nikki had been drinking for about a month and had lied to him when he'd asked her if she'd taken a drink. Nikki, wiping tears, said that she had convinced herself that if she could make it to their wedding, she would stop. Victor cupped his strong hand over Nikki's shoulder and said, "You will stop. I believe in you. You must believe in yourself."

At a meeting with Dr. Carey, Nikki's psychiatrist, Nikki and Victor learned that treatment would be tailored to Nikki's specific needs. Victor stepped out, so Dr. Carey could talk with Nikki. Before Victor stepped out, he gently caressed Nikki's face and kissed both of her cheeks. Victor promised to support Nikki as she underwent treatment.

Out in the hallway, Nick arrived and asked Victor about Nikki. Victor explained that the family would have to support Nikki. Nick asked about Victoria, but Victor explained that he hadn't yet phoned Victoria. Victor told Nick not to contact his sister about their mother's condition. Nick threatened to tell Victoria if Victor did not. Victor insisted that he would let Victoria know, but he added that he preferred to look her directly in the eye when he did so because he wanted her to know how important it was for the family to stick together.

After Dr. Carey stepped out, she met Nick before rushing off to meet with another patient. Nick went in to visit with his mother. Meggie arrived with Nikki's things. Meggie asked Victor if Nikki's treatment would take at least thirty days. Victor agreed that it would. Before she left, Meggie told Victor that she was sorry because she knew how much he had looked forward to his wedding. As Meggie walked away, she turned her head for another glance at Victor.

In Nikki's room, Nick hugged his sobbing mother, who apologized that her son had to see her under such conditions. Nick asked if his mother had begun drinking because of Victoria and Victor's rift. Nikki said she didn't know why she had taken the first drink, and she admitted that she'd turned to Deacon Sharpe after encountering him at an A.A. meeting. Nick expressed his strong dismay with his mother's poor choice. Nikki explained that Victor had been undergoing problems of his own, Katherine had been dealing with Chance's death and Murphy's hospitalization, and she hadn't wanted to turn to her children. Nikki cried that she'd been wrong to think she could handle the situation on her own. Nikki added that she had let down her entire family.

Nick told his mom that it was truly awful for Victor to have to watch her suffer. Nikki wiped tears and shuddered at the memory of Victor finding her drunk in Deacon's bed. Nick embraced his mother and encouraged her to get better. Victor arrived with Nikki's suitcase and said that Meggie had wished Nikki the best. Nikki claimed that Meggie was a great friend.

After Nick left, Victor held Nikki lovingly in his arms. After Nikki showered and changed, she told Victor that she still felt terrible because she'd spoiled their wedding plans. Victor explained that he and Nikki were exactly where they should be. Victor promised that life would be good again because he would support Nikki every step of the way. With tears in her eyes, Nikki pleaded with Victor to keep his promise.

After Meggie dropped off Nikki's things with Victor, she reconnected with Deacon at his place and poured herself a drink. Deacon lit into Meggie and warned that Victor was a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. Meggie reminded Deacon that he surely wanted his cut, so he could afford the planned reunion with his son. Deacon reminded Meggie that not only had Victor not abandoned Nikki, he had also checked her into the Cadillac of rehabilitation clinics. Grinning cunningly, Meggie told Deacon that her plan was for him to check into Solidarity House for treatment.

Deacon became anxious when Meggie told him to sneak booze into the rehab center for Nikki. Deacon worried that Victor would kill him. Meggie cautioned Deacon not to let Victor find out. Meggie insisted that Victor would drop Nikki after learning that she'd thrown away a second opportunity to become sober. Deacon scoffed and claimed that Meggie's plan wouldn't work, but Meggie insisted she'd soon take Nikki's place with Victor.

Smug, Meggie added, "I'll live on the ranch. I'll wear expensive clothes. I'll attend charity luncheons, and I'll write big checks for those in need." Deacon, hoping to become a payee on one of Meggie's sizable checks, agreed to help.

At Victoria's house, Vance briefed Victoria and Abby about their court-ordered mediation hearing. Before Abby could voice her desires, Victoria told Vance that they wanted Beauty of Nature. Victoria produced three file folders containing financial information about Beauty of Nature. Abby wrinkled her brow as she studied the document. Vance learned that Victoria had kept a few files on her laptop after she'd left Newman Enterprises.

Abby wasn't impressed with Victoria's plan and said that she wanted a big, fat check with which to start her own company. Victoria told Abby that owning half of a major international company would allow her to do whatever she wanted, if they could convince Victor to give it to them. Abby scoffed and complained that Victoria had taken over. Victoria urged Abby to trust her because they couldn't get a better deal. Vance agreed and added, "Beauty of Nature has quadrupled in the past three years. The stock's gone up thirty bucks a share in the past twelve months. This company could make you ladies very, very rich."

Abby smirked as Victoria explained that Victor would likely give them the company because he could lose much more if they took him to court. Vance agreed that Victor was stubborn but not stupid. Abby agreed to settle for Beauty of Nature, but through clenched teeth, she added that she didn't like the plan. Before Abby left, Victoria reminded her sister not to be late to the hearing the following day. Abby maintained that she wasn't an airhead. Out on the porch, Abby phoned Daniel, who explained that he'd earlier left a message for her to call him because he'd been thinking about her.

Abby met Daniel at Gloworm. Daniel was floating on air and explained that Mark Fletcher had hooked him up with a gallery owner in Chicago named Michel St. John du Manoir. Daniel added that St. John Du Manoir, an extremely important person in the art world, had commissioned him to create six new pieces. Daniel thanked Abby for inviting a world-famous art consultant to his recent exhibit, even though he'd told her not to, because her instincts had been correct.

After Abby's initial excitement for Daniel waned, Abby explained that she wasn't sure she could trust Victoria because Vance Abrams and Victoria were taking over. Abby feared she'd look stupid in front of the experts. Daniel asked Abby if she was actually mad at herself for caving in to her sister's whims. Abby insisted that she had not caved in just because she'd followed Victoria and Vance's suggestion.

Daniel reminded Abby that she had always done what she wanted to do, so she shouldn't change. Daniel added, "You don't like what your sister's doing; you don't like what your lawyer's doing, so say something." Daniel guaranteed that Abby would like the outcome if she regained control. Abby, lost in thought, smiled contentedly at Daniel.

Victoria stopped by Tucker's condo and announced that she had a proposition for him. Victoria and Tucker sat on the sofa, and she told Tucker that she was interested in working with him. Tucker compared Victoria to her father, but she maintained that she was her own person who might soon be in control of her own company. Victoria announced that she planned to ask for ownership of Beauty of Nature and knew that Tucker had shown interest in the company.

Tucker listened intently as Victoria explained that he had been very successful with Jabot, so she thought the two companies combined could do great things for her and for Tucker. Victoria stipulated that she would become CEO. Tucker explained that he had already made promises to Jack and Ashley. Victoria narrowed her eyes and challenged Tucker to admit that he'd never before broken a promise. Tucker told Victoria to get Beauty of Nature, and he'd consider her request. Before she left, Victoria told Tucker she'd see him soon.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria ran into Nick. Nick asked about J.T., and Victoria explained that J.T.'s condition hadn't changed. Victoria mentioned the mediation and supposed that their father and mother were well on their way to Las Vegas. Nick remained mum and told Victoria that he had to go. Victoria seemed puzzled by Nick's abrupt departure.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Kyle told his mother that he'd aced the entrance test, thanks to Jack's help. Kyle wanted to phone his father, but Diane explained that Jack was busy. Kyle suggested celebrating his mother's job contract with Mr. McCall. Diane explained that her job hadn't worked out. Kyle told his mom that she was awesome and would find another job. While Kyle was at the bar, ordering a couple of brownies, Diane said aloud to herself that she had no job, no money, and no prospects. Diane asked herself if things could get any worse.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sharon returned home and was excited to hear Noah playing the guitar. Noah explained to his mother that Devon was heading over to listen to Noah's music. Noah mentioned Abby and wondered if Sharon knew what Abby was doing by suing Victor. Later on, Devon arrived and said hello to Noah and Sharon. Sharon said goodbye to Noah and Devon as they decided to work outside on the music.

Outside, Noah and Devon talked about Noah's music. Devon wanted to hear a sample, so Noah played a song he'd written about women. Devon liked Noah's song. Devon suggested that Noah do an edgier version. Sharon listened from the other side of the door and smiled in pleasure.

A while later, Devon encouraged Noah to join him in the studio to lay down tracks. Noah didn't want to use Devon's studio time because Devon had received it as a gift from Neil. Devon explained that he wanted to produce Noah's music. Devon convinced Noah to think about the offer.

At the Solidarity House, before seeing Nikki, Nick called Victor. Nick asked if his father had spoken to Victoria about Nikki's return to rehab. Victor said he hadn't told Victoria yet. Nick promised to let Victor break the news to Victoria. When Nick saw his mother, Nikki blamed herself for being unable to be with Victor and Victoria for the mediation. Nick told his mother that the family understood her condition. Nick assured Nikki that they were all supportive of her.

Nikki was upset that she had to go through rehabilitation again. Nick told Nikki that he loved her. Nick walked his mother to group therapy then said goodbye. Before leaving the facility, Nick was stunned to see Deacon Sharpe in the hallway. Nick watched as Deacon checked into the treatment center. Nick warned Deacon to stay away from Nikki.

Nikki appeared in the hallway and was shocked to see Deacon. Nikki asked Deacon why he was there. Nick told Nikki that Deacon had checked into the center. Nikki assured Nick that she could handle Deacon. Nikki asked Nick not to tell anyone that Deacon was there. Nick reluctantly agreed.

After Nick left, Nikki asked Deacon if he'd told Nick that Nikki and Deacon had been found together in the motel. Deacon assured her he hadn't told Nick or anyone. Nikki said she had to return to group therapy and left Deacon in the hallway. Later on, Nikki recalled Victor finding her in the motel room with Deacon.

Nikki decided to speak to Deacon. Nikki demanded to know why Deacon was at the treatment center. Deacon told Nikki that he had checked into the rehab center to get clean and sober. Nikki didn't believe Deacon and turned to go into her room. Deacon forced himself into her room and said that he understood what Nikki was feeling. Deacon said the he hated himself the same way Nikki hated herself.

Deacon suggested that they could lean on each other while they were in rehab. Nikki said that Deacon was not her friend, and she rejected him. Nikki said that they were drinking buddies, not friends. Nikki didn't want to see Deacon at the center and told him to leave her alone. Deacon said he would be around if she changed her mind. Nikki said she wouldn't but then softened and thanked him for the offer.

At the ranch, Meggie asked Victor how he was feeling. Victor said he was concerned about Nikki. Victor had faith that Nikki would overcome her falling off the wagon as she had in the past. Meggie offered to make Victor breakfast, but Victor said that he was on his way out to go to the mediation. Meggie was sympathetic to Victor and expressed her concern for both him and Nikki.

At the Abbott house, Ashley and Jack offered Abby advice before the mediation. Abby said she was prepared. Across the room, Victoria quietly asked Tucker if he had agreed to her deal regarding Beauty of Nature. Tucker said he would discuss the deal with Victoria once she'd acquired Beauty of Nature. After Abby and Victoria left for the mediation, Ashley criticized Jack for instigating Abby into the lawsuit. Jack felt he'd been supportive of Abby.

Jack was suspicious of Tucker and Victoria sharing secrets across the room. Tucker claimed he had only been offering Victoria cream in her coffee. Jack accused Tucker of mucking up Jack's chances for a relationship with Kyle by rescinding Diane's job offer. Ashley called Jack a hypocrite for blasting Tucker when Jack had been mucking up Abby's life.

Tucker left Ashley and Jack alone, claiming he needed to make a call. Ashley felt that Jack had instigated the bad feelings between Victor and his daughters. Jack felt the Mustache had caused the rift with Abby and Victoria. Ashley mentioned to Jack that Nikki and Victor had eloped to Las Vegas.

After Jack left the house, Tucker returned to Ashley. Ashley was certain that Jack had pushed Abby into the lawsuit. Ashley wondered if Tucker had been involved with Jack and Abby, and the lawsuit, too. Tucker said that Jack didn't trust him enough to include him in Jack's plans. Ashley was relieved and believed Tucker.

Jack arrived at the Newman ranch, looking for Nikki. Meggie answered the door and told Jack that Nikki was not there because she had checked into an alcohol treatment center. Jack was surprised that Nikki and Victor had not eloped and even more surprised that Nikki had fallen off the wagon. Meggie said that Nikki had been drinking for a while.

A short time later, Meggie returned to the living room and found Jack pouring himself a drink. Meggie noted that Jack had made himself at home. Jack pointed out that Meggie was doing the same thing. Jack questioned where the servants were and why Meggie was cooking instead of the chef.

Meggie explained that she had given the staff time off. Meggie declared that as Nikki's assistant, it was her responsibility to take over. Jack was suspicious, but said goodbye and walked out. A short time later, Meggie received a text message from Deacon. Deacon told Meggie that he had checked into the Solidarity House rehab center.

Nick returned to Sharon's and told her he'd been visiting Nikki. Nick noticed that Sharon seemed very happy. Sharon said she was excited about decorating for Halloween. Nick and Sharon were both happy about Noah's music, too. Sharon said everything was falling into place for their family.

Noah entered the house and told his parents about the music he and Devon had been playing. Noah expressed his feelings that he would like to rehearse and experiment more, but Noah thought his music was too loud for Faith. Nick offered to let Noah move into the tack house. Noah didn't think Nick would appreciate the loud music in his home.

Sharon suggested that Nick could stay in her guest room, so Noah would have the tack house to himself. Sharon also thought that Nick would like being close to Faith. Noah liked the idea of his parents living together under same roof. Noah believed it was only a matter of time before Sharon and Nick reunited. Noah thanked Nick for the offer of the tack house, but Noah said he wanted to move into town. Nick wanted to be closer to his friends.

Nick understood and appreciated Noah's desire to be independent. When Faith began to cry, Noah left the room to take care of his little sister. Nick explained to Sharon that he'd been upset about Nikki when he'd first gotten` to Sharon's house, but being with Noah and Sharon made Nick feel a lot better. Sharon invited Nick for lunch, and he said yes. Nick was happy to spend more time with Sharon.

In the courthouse, Vance welcomed Michael to the mediation. Michael pointed out that Vance only cared about his fee. Baldwin said he was concerned for the Newman family. Vance told Michael that Victor had set the course of events in motion by treating his daughters the way he had.

A short time later, before entering the mediation, Abby warned Victoria not to pull any more surprises. Victoria asked Abby to trust her. In the hearing room, Abby and Victoria met the principals including the judge then took their seats. Victor arrived and met the judge. Before the mediation began, Victor asked to speak with Victoria alone.

Victor and Victoria stepped out of the room together. Victor told Victoria that Nikki had been placed in a treatment center. Victoria asked when Nikki had started drinking again. When Victoria asked if she could visit her mother, Victor wouldn't tell Victoria the name of Nikki's facility.

Victoria was furious. She realized that Victor had waited to tell her about Nikki's situation until right before the mediation began. Victor denied it, but Victoria surmised that he'd done it to gain an advantage in the mediation. Victor asked Victoria to put an end to the lawsuit immediately. Victoria said she was ashamed to be Victor's daughter.

Victoria returned to the hearing room. Vance asked Victoria what had happened, but Victoria remained quiet about her mother's rehab. Victoria urged Abby to stay strong. As the proceedings began, Vance outlined the case against Victor and how he had used Newman assets without consulting the board. Vance asked for three billion dollars in damages.

The judge asked if Abby and Victoria wanted to speak. Victoria chose to remain quiet, and Abby followed suit. Michael presented Victor's final offer to Victoria and Abby. They each received envelopes. Victor commented that it was considerably more than he'd offered in the past. Abby opened the envelope and was clearly impressed. Abby asked for a break and walked out of the room to be alone.

Vance suggested that they continue without Abby. Victor said they would wait for Abby to return. Victor asked Victoria why she had not opened her envelope. Victoria remained silent. Victor told Michael and Vance that he suspected that Abby would take the offer and leave Victoria on her own.

In the hallway, Abby called Ashley and told her about Victor's offer. Abby asked Ashley for advice. Ashley said that Victor didn't throw that kind of money around easily, and it was probably a major concession on his part. Ashley reminded Abby that the fight was hers, not Victoria or Vance's. Abby ended the call before revealing what she would do. Victoria emerged from the hearing room and asked if Abby was accepting the offer.

Victoria told Abby that before the mediation had begun, Victor had told Victoria that Nikki had checked into rehab. Abby was sorry to hear about Victoria's mom. Victoria explained that Victor had used the information as a bombshell to hurt Victoria. Abby agreed that it was a terrible thing to do.

Victoria knew that Nikki would be devastated if Nikki ever knew what Victor had done. Victoria told Abby that Victor's strategy was to divide and conquer. Victoria believed that Victor was overconfident that Abby would accept the offer.

Victoria promised to support Abby no matter what her decision was, but Victoria asked Abby not to let Victor tear them apart. Victoria said that she and Abby were finally becoming sisters, and Victoria wanted them to continue being close. Victoria explained that the money was tempting, but they needed to stick together.

In the hearing room, Vance told Victor that Abby would not accept the settlement. Vance declared that Abby and Victoria would only take what they had asked for, the three billion dollars. Michael asked for proof from Vance that Victor had violated any laws. Vance said he would like to order a forensic accountant to analyze Victor's financial transactions. Victor refused and said "hell [would] freeze over" before he would open his books.

Victoria and Abby returned to the hearing room and said they'd made their decision. Victoria returned the envelope to Victor. Abby handed her envelope to Victor and told her father that she was sorry. Vance told Michael and Victor that he had a counter offer from Abby and Victoria. Vance said they would accept Beauty of Nature in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. Victor looked at Victoria and said, "How dare you?"

A short time later, Jack returned home and told Tucker and Ashley about Nikki being placed in rehab. Ashley felt bad for Nikki. Ashley mentioned Abby's phone call and Victor's offer. Ashley hoped that Abby accepted Victor's settlement so the fighting would stop.

Alone, Jack asked Tucker about the settlement, and Tucker explained that Victor had offered a vast fortune to Abby and Victoria. Jack and Tucker were worried that if the girls took the money, Jack and Tucker would never get their hands on Beauty of Nature.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noah met with Sharon and Nick at Gloworm for lunch. Nick explained that he had something to tell Noah. Nick explained to his son that Nikki had checked into a treatment center for alcohol. Noah was concerned for both Nikki and Victor. Across the room, Adam and Skye walked into the restaurant. When Adam and Skye saw Nick, Sharon, and Noah, Adam wanted to leave. Skye was surprised and didn't believe that Adam didn't want to stay and watch Sharon. Adam explained to Skye that that he'd promised Sharon he'd keep his distance.

Nick was upset to see Adam and Skye. Noah was also ticked off and expressed his desire to punch Adam in the face for all he'd done to Sharon. Nick advised Noah to calm down. A while later, Sharon mentioned to Noah that she had seen the lofts for rent and thought Noah might like living there. Noah said that he couldn't afford the rent at the lofts.

Nick suggested that Noah get a job and again offered Noah work at Newman Enterprises. Noah turned down Nick's offer. Sharon asked Noah what kind of job he wanted. Noah planned to pursue a music career. Sharon was surprised because she thought Noah's interest in music was just a hobby. Sharon feared that Noah wouldn't make enough money as a singer to make a living. Nick reminded Noah that his parents would be his safety net.

Skye told Adam that she was leaving to meet an investor, and Skye wanted Adam to accompany her. Adam wasn't interested in going anywhere with Skye and had no time for the hedge fund. Skye reminded Adam that he benefited from the millions the fund was earning. Adam continued looking across the room at Sharon. Skye laughed at Adam and told him that Sharon would never take him back. Adam didn't care what Skye thought.

Noah noticed that Adam was staring at Sharon. Sharon told Noah to ignore Adam. Noah wondered why Adam was still in Genoa City and suggested that Victor should have run Adam out of town. Sharon explained to Noah that Adam had saved Faith's life in the storm when the roof of the barn had collapsed on top of Adam. After Skye left, Adam remained in the restaurant and kept watching Sharon.

Noah wasn't impressed by Adam's heroics. Sharon reminded Noah that Adam had once rescued Noah from a burning building. Noah believed that Adam had only been motivated to save Faith because Adam wanted to get closer to Sharon. Noah declared that Adam was a bastard. Watching Sharon, Adam recalled the time he'd spent with Sharon after the storm. Adam remembered that he'd promised to leave Sharon alone.

Adam's presence in the restaurant irritated Nick. Nick believed that Adam would never let Sharon move on. Noah was upset to learn that Sharon had given Adam a ride the night of the storm. Sharon explained why she'd helped Adam that night. Nick noted that Adam manipulated Sharon because she was too nice. Noah criticized Sharon for being vulnerable to Adam. Nick warned Noah to be more respectful to his mother. Noah angrily walked out of Gloworm.

After Noah left, Nick and Sharon were still at odds. Nick reiterated that Sharon could have avoided the incident in the barn if she'd never given Adam a ride. Sharon defended her decision to help Adam that night. Nick said he had to leave, but he would see Sharon when he visited with Faith. Nick said he was going to visit his mother in rehab, then walked out of the restaurant. Sharon was miffed about Nick's attitude.

Jana arrived at Crimson Lights and ran into Noah. Jana said hello and asked Noah if Kevin was there. Noah reported that he hadn't seen Kevin. Jana explained that every time she saw Kevin, he was cordial to her, but Kevin's body language was very hostile. Jana was happy to see Noah, and Noah agreed that he was glad to see a friendly face, too. Jana asked about Noah's music and encouraged him to do more gigs. Jana asked if Noah would be going to Victoria's Halloween party at Jimmy's. Noah wasn't sure. Jana asked Noah if he wanted to go with her. Noah offered to meet Jana there.

In his room at the Athletic Club, Adam called the bank to arrange for a withdrawal of one hundred thousand dollars. While on the phone, Adam packed a satchel with clothes from the closet. A short time later, Skye returned to the room and saw Adam with the satchel. Adam announced that he was leaving.

Skye didn't believe that Adam would ever walk away from the big money the Newman Fund was generating. Skye pointed out that Adam has always chased the big score. Adam claimed that Skye didn't know him at all. After Adam left, Skye saw Adam's online search for the bus schedule on the computer. Skye then saw a crumpled withdrawal form from the bank. Skye was furious.

At Gloworm, Skye charged into the restaurant and confronted Sharon. Skye told Sharon that Adam had withdrawn money from the hedge fund, which was a violation of the law. If Adam didn't return the money, he'd be arrested. Sharon asked why Skye was telling her about Adam. Skye told Sharon that it was Sharon's responsibility to stop Adam from leaving town. Skye felt that since Adam had saved Faith, Sharon owed it to Adam to save him. A while later, Sharon arrived at the bus station. When Sharon found Adam, she asked him to stop so she could talk with him.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Kevin about Delia's Halloween plans. Chloe showed Kevin a photo of Delia in her Halloween costume. Chloe said she was having a Halloween party for Delia and wanted Kevin to be there and be in costume. Kevin said he didn't want to dress up. Chloe told Kevin that he had permission to invite Allison to the party.

Kevin revealed that he was no longer seeing Allison. Kevin's phone buzzed, and he told Chloe he had to leave. Chloe demanded to know why Kevin had been acting so secretive. Kevin made up a story about being a secret agent. When Kevin left the shop, Chloe followed him.

Kevin walked into Gloworm and went behind the bar. Chloe watched Kevin retrieve a gift bag from Fenmore's. Kevin then walked out of the restaurant. Chloe wondered what Kevin was doing with the gift bag. Chloe continued to follow Kevin and watched him enter Jimmy's. Chloe sneaked into the bar and took a table from which she could watch Kevin, but he couldn't see her. Chloe assumed Kevin would be meeting a woman, but all the ladies who walked into the bar went past Kevin.

Hogan, Jeffrey's bookie, walked in and sat at Kevin's table. Kevin gave Hogan the gift bag. Chloe was shocked. Hogan asked Kevin for the missing ten thousand dollars. Kevin was unaware that ten thousand dollars had been missing. Hogan reached for Kevin's hand and painfully pressed Kevin's fingers together. Kevin winced and asked Hogan to stop. Kevin blamed Jeffrey for the missing money. Hogan warned Kevin to tell Jeffrey to repay the money or else Hogan would exact his revenge. Chloe was stunned by what she saw. Based on the handholding, Chloe assumed that Kevin was gay.

At the mediation, Victor told Victoria that Vance's proposal was outrageous. Vance asked Victor to sign over Beauty of Nature to Abby and Victoria in order for them to drop the lawsuit. Victor suspected that Tucker or Jack had convinced Victoria to ask for Beauty of Nature. Victoria was insulted that Victor believed Jack or Tucker had manipulated her. Victoria claimed that Victor had always underestimated her business acumen.

Victor said that his daughters were being used. Victor declared that he had built Beauty of Nature from the ground up. Victoria reminded Victor that it was her efforts that had turned the company into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Victor asserted that Beauty of Nature was his company, and nobody would ever get their hands on it. Michael told the judge that Victor would not turn over Beauty of Nature because it was worth more than what Victor had offered as a settlement.

Vance pointed out to the judge that without an independent appraisal, there was no way of knowing the value of Beauty of Nature. Michael argued that the companies in Newman Enterprises were privately held. Michael declared that Victor was not required to open his books. The judge said he would read the briefs and consider Vance's request that a forensic accountant look into the Newman Enterprises' financial records.

When they were alone, Michael advised Victor to consider Vance's proposal. Victor refused to yield. Victor said he had already been too generous to Victoria and Abby by offering a settlement. Michael asked Victor to think about how the ongoing battle with Victoria and Abby was affecting Nikki and the rest of the family. Michael believed that Victor needed to stop the fighting. Victor suspected that Abby was upset about the lawsuit, but Victor thought that Victoria was acting spiteful. Victor was furious with Victoria.

In the hallway, Vance told Abby and Victoria that they were bound to walk away from the litigation with a vast fortune. Abby looked into the hearing room and saw Victor's death stare. Victoria urged Abby to remain strong. Victoria warned Abby that Victor was trying to intimidate them. Victoria was still upset that Victor had kept Nikki being in rehab from her.

Vance told Victoria and Abby that he was determined to get into Victor's books. Victoria wondered if their trusts had been undervalued. Abby was afraid to face Victor again. Abby pointed out that Victoria was brave because she was the oldest and had battled Victor more than Nick or Abby. Victoria told Abby that Victor used his love as a weapon, and Victor would habitually threaten to withhold his love from them.

Vance announced that the mediation was convening once more. The judge returned and was unhappy that they had not made any progress. The judge ruled in Vance's favor and ordered Victor to turn over his companies' financial records for inspection by a forensic accountant. Without a word, Victor stood up and walked out of the room.

Vance complimented Abby and Victoria for presenting a united front. Abby told Victoria that they should have taken Victor's offer. Abby wanted her trust fund money, not Beauty of Nature. Abby believed that Victoria had hijacked Abby's lawsuit in order to get Beauty of Nature. Abby regretted that Victoria had horned in on Abby's lawsuit. Abby walked out.

In the hallway, Michael asked Victoria if Victor had informed her about Nikki's treatment. Victoria said that Victor had, but he wouldn't tell Victoria where Nikki was being treated. Victoria had gotten the information from Meggie. Michael believed that Victoria had not considered Victor's pride in the lawsuit. Michael asked Victoria to consider Nikki's feelings and drop the lawsuit. Victoria felt that Michael was trying to manipulate her by using Nikki's disease. Victoria said she was disappointed in Michael.

Abby met with Noah at Crimson Lights and told Noah that she'd turned down Victor's settlement offer. Noah didn't think Abby needed Victor's money. Noah told Abby to be true to herself. Abby was shocked by Noah's naïveté. Noah said that living in Europe had changed his feelings about money and possessions. Noah said that money wasn't important. Abby disagreed. Noah pointed out that the more money someone had, the more messed up they were. Noah declared that he would succeed without the Newman name or money. Abby didn't think Noah understood how the world worked.

Victoria went to the treatment center to visit Nikki. A nurse told Victoria that she was not allowed to see Nikki. Nick appeared and told the nurse that Victoria was Nikki's daughter, and Nikki would want to see Victoria. The nurse explained that she'd received a call specifically restricting visits from Victoria to Nikki. Victoria surmised that Victor had placed the call. Victoria said that Victor was trying to punish Victoria.

When Victoria discovered that Nick had known about Nikki being in treatment when Nick had run into Victoria at Crimson Lights before the mediation, Victoria was ticked off. Nick explained that Victor had asked Nick to remain silent so Victor could tell Victoria himself. Victoria was angry with Nick for taking Victor's side. Victoria left in a huff.

In his office, Victor told Michael that he wanted to concentrate on Nikki's recovery, but instead, he was wasting time on Abby and Victoria's lawsuit. Victor said that he had never allowed anyone to inspect his books, and Victor wouldn't allow it. Michael told Victor that he was already searching for a judge that would overturn the ruling. Victor said that he could call in a favor if necessary. Before they could act, however, the forensic accountants were announced.

The accountants walked into Victor's office and asked to see the Newman Enterprises financial records as per the judge's order. Michael told Victor that the court order was official. Victor took the document and crushed it into a ball defiantly.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

At the bus station, Sharon confronted Adam about leaving town. Adam said he'd made up his mind. Sharon told Adam it was a mistake, and he should stay. Adam thought that Sharon wanted him far away from Genoa City. Sharon explained that Skye had threatened to have Adam arrested for taking money from the Newman Fund.

Adam said that he didn't belong in Genoa City and that Sharon should let him go. As far as the money was concerned, Adam declared that the money was his as well as Skye's. Adam said that he and Skye didn't want the same things anymore. Sharon told Adam he would be making a big mistake if he left town. Sharon urged Adam to stay and face his problems.

Adam showed Sharon his bus ticket and explained that he was going to Minneapolis. Adam said that he planned to give Richard Hightower's son the one hundred thousand dollars he'd withdrawn from the Newman Fund. Sharon thought it was nice that Adam cared about Justin Hightower. Adam told Sharon that he had not killed Richard. When Sharon's eyebrows rose, Adam was hurt that Sharon seemed surprised that Adam wasn't a killer. Adam reminded Sharon that a year before, they'd been together for Halloween.

Adam said that when he had seen Sharon and Nick together at Gloworm, Adam had realized that he couldn't compete with the love Sharon and Nick shared. Adam described Nick and Sharon's relationship as simple, but Sharon said it was far from simple. Sharon laughed and told Adam that her relationship with Nick was complicated. Sharon said there were good days and bad days.

Adam said he couldn't stay in Genoa City because he knew he could never be with Sharon again. Sharon advised Adam to rebuild his life and become a better man. Sharon told Adam that running away wouldn't solve his problems. Sharon warned Adam that boarding the bus would be a big mistake. Sharon dropped her glove when she stood up and walked away.

Over the phone, Abby and Daniel agreed to go to Billy's Halloween party together. Abby was looking forward to having fun after the stress of the mediation. Billy entered Crimson Lights and said hello to Abby. Billy said that he was there to pick up Delia and Reed after they were finished trick-or-treating with their preschool. Billy asked Abby if the mediation had gone well because he was concerned about Victoria.

Across the room, Heather was asking people to vote for her in the upcoming election. Lauren walked into Crimson Lights and said hello to Heather. Lauren said that she had been trick-or-treating with Fen. Lauren assured Heather that Lauren and Michael would get her vote. Fen asked where Michael was, because Michael was missing Halloween. Lauren told Fen that Michael had an important job, but he would be joining them shortly.

A while later, Billy spoke to Lauren about the Halloween party, warning Lauren that Jill would be attending. Lauren wasn't thrilled, but Billy told Lauren that if she wanted to brawl with Jill, it was all right with Billy. Jana arrived, and Billy collected Delia and Reed. Jana realized that Lauren was ignoring her. Jana tried to talk with Lauren but again got the cold shoulder. Jana told Lauren that she knew that everyone judged her harshly for hurting Kevin, and Jana wanted to be forgiven. Jana said that she wished she could change what she'd done. Jana asked Lauren for another chance.

Lauren understood that Jana had been suffering from a brain ailment that had caused her erratic behavior. But Lauren didn't forgive the fact that Jana had rushed into a romance with Ryder and broken Kevin's heart. Lauren felt that was unforgivable. Lauren remembered that when she and Jana had been held captive, they had been like sisters. Lauren said she didn't know who Jana was anymore.

Jana pulled off the wig to her costume and declared she was still Jana. Jana asked Lauren for one more chance. Lauren said she couldn't do it. A while later, Jana approached Lauren again. Lauren suggested that they could talk more at Billy's party.

On the patio, Billy was taking care of Delia and Reed, and Abby was stunned at how domesticated Billy had become. Abby said she would never settle down in that way. Billy wondered about Abby and Daniel's relationship. Abby explained that they were simply having fun together. Abby told Billy that she had decided that her life would never revolve around one person. Abby had seen how that philosophy had been detrimental to Ashley. Billy defended Ashley. Billy told Abby that she was missing out on something special if she never knew what it was like to love one person and be loved in return.

Daniel entered his loft and opened an envelope. Inside the envelope, Daniel found the divorce decree ending Daniel's marriage to Amber. Abby arrived at Daniel's apartment and announced that she would be dressing as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Daniel was psyched about his Van Gogh costume. Daniel showed Abby his divorce papers and admitted that it sucked to be divorced. Daniel added that was happy to be single again.

Daniel was impressed when Abby changed into her costume. Abby told Daniel that Billy had assumed that she and Daniel were a couple. Daniel and Abby agreed their relationship had no strings attached. A short time later, Daniel assured Abby that he wasn't using her. Abby told Daniel that she understood exactly what they were to each other.

In Victor's office, Michael asked the forensic accountants to put off the court order until the morning. Victor declared that he would not turn over his books at any time. The officials left the office. Michael warned Victor that Vance Abrams could have Victor arrested for defying the court order. Victor told Michael he would not be going to jail because Victor planned to call in a favor with a powerful official.

At Victoria's house, Victoria and Nick discussed why Victor had issued an order forbidding Victoria from visiting Nikki in rehab. Victoria suspected that Nick was siding with their father against Victoria. Nick said that he had wanted to tell Victoria about Nikki's relapse, but Victor had said that he wanted to break the news to Victoria. Nick said that there were two sides to the story.

Victoria resented how Nick defended Victor's actions. Victoria felt that Victor was retaliating because she had asked for Beauty of Nature in the mediation. Nick was stunned that Victoria would have asked for such a major asset in Newman Enterprises. Nick believed that Victor was angry that Victoria had asked for Beauty of Nature.

Heather arrived at Victor's office, brimming with confidence about her chances in the election. Victor was glad he had financed Heather's campaign. Heather was very grateful. Victor said she could thank him by doing a favor. Michael explained to Heather the situation regarding Abby and Victoria's lawsuit. Michael told Heather that Victor had been ordered to turn over his books. Victor said he would never comply with the court order and asked Heather to protect his decision to keep his books private. Heather said she was unable to do what Michael and Victor wanted her to do.

Heather pointed out that since Victor was her main political backer, Heather could not do a favor for Victor because of how it would appear. Victor said he would pull the plug on her support if Heather failed to assist him. Victor walked out of the office. Heather told Michael that she was in an untenable position. Michael understood, but knowing how Victor had acted in the past in similar situations, Michael advised Heather to pull through for Victor. Heather said her opponent would destroy her if she helped Victor. Michael said that Heather was involved in grown-up politics, and she needed to do what was best for her career. Heather left without having made her decision.

Victor returned to the office and asked if Michael had convinced Heather to act in Victor's behalf. Michael said he'd given it his best effort. Victor reminded Michael that he paid Michael handsomely to solve problems. Victor wanted more than effort from Michael. Victor told Michael to solve the problem by using Heather or in some other way.

Billy arrived home with Reed. Victoria was happy to see them. Billy noticed the tension between Nick and Victoria. Nick left to celebrate Halloween with Sharon. Victoria told Billy that thanks to Victor's orders, Victoria had been restricted from seeing Nikki. Billy wanted to confront Victor, but Victoria told Billy to stay put. Billy suggested that they cancel the Halloween party. Victoria said no, and she revealed that she had chosen costumes for the two of them.

Victoria wanted them to dress like the Father Knows Best characters, Jim and Margaret Anderson. Billy wanted them to go as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny. Victoria objected to dressing up as a Playboy bunny because she was a respected businesswoman. Billy said that the bunny costume was no more demeaning than a 1950s housewife. When Billy and Victoria couldn't decide, Billy flipped a coin.

At Jimmy's, Billy was dressed like Hugh Hefner and Victoria was in a Playboy bunny costume. Billy was glad he'd won the coin toss. Lauren called Michael and urged him to hurry and get to Billy's party. As Lauren passed Jimmy's, a woman dressed as a nun appeared. It was Daisy.

Nick entered Victor's office and asked Victor and Michael if Heather had agreed to help Victor. Victor was confident that he would not wind up in jail. Nick asked Victor why he had banned Victoria from seeing Nikki at the treatment center. Victor believed that he was protecting Nikki. Victor asserted that he was paying the bills and was responsible for Nikki's well-being. Nick was skeptical and Michael wondered if Victor was really thinking of what Nikki would want. Victor declared that Victoria would be allowed to see Nikki once the lawsuit was dropped.

A while later, Michael was concerned that Victor would be arrested. Victor was certain that Heather would pull through for him. Nick had doubts, too, but said that he had to leave to pick up Summer. Victor told Michael he could leave to join Lauren, but Michael said he would not abandon his client during a crisis. In her office, Heather wrestled with her decision.

A short time later, an officer and the accountants returned to Victor's office to arrest him. Heather entered and told them to stop. Heather identified herself as acting D.A. She declared that a higher court would review Mr. Newman's case. The officer and the accountants left Victor's office.

At Crimson Lights, Nick ran into Sharon. Nick noticed that Sharon seemed flustered. Sharon covered and didn't tell Nick that she had just seen Adam. After Nick left the coffee shop, Sharon recalled spending Halloween with Adam the previous year. At the bus station, Adam was also remembering Halloween with Sharon. Adam found Sharon's glove on the ground and picked it up. The driver told Adam the bus to Minneapolis was boarding. Adam tore up his bus ticket, deciding not to leave town after all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Billy and Victoria greeted Lauren when she arrived at Jimmy's for the Halloween party. Lauren teased Victoria about her Playboy bunny outfit. Michael appeared and apologized to Lauren for being late. Michael said he hadn't been able to get a costume. Lauren put a shark hat on Michael's head and told him he was in costume as a lawyer. Jana tried to catch Lauren's eye to speak with her, but Lauren looked away.

Michael noticed and asked Lauren what was going on with Jana. Lauren explained that she had tried to forgive Jana for the things Jana had done to Kevin, but Lauren was unable to do it. Michael urged Lauren to leave Jana and Daisy in the past. Outside Jimmy's, dressed as a nun, Daisy ran off when Daniel and Abby approached. Phyllis said hello to Daniel and Abby, then they all went into the bar. From the shadows, Daisy watched them.

In the hospital, the nurse told J.T. that he was healing nicely. J.T. said he was feeling better and hoped to go home soon. Mac arrived, and J.T. was overjoyed to see her. Mac said she had a surprise for J.T. then she opened the door and let Reed into the room. Reed jumped on the bed, and J.T. embraced his son. Reed offered J.T. some of his Halloween candy. Reed said that he loved his father, and J.T. promised Reed that he'd be home soon.

A short time later, J.T. looked through his mail. Mac informed him that she'd already paid the bills. J.T. opened a letter from the police academy. J.T. was excited about the prospect of becoming a police officer. J.T. realized that Mac hated the idea of J.T. becoming a cop when he saw the scowl on Mac's face. Mac admitted that she was worried about J.T. becoming a cop. Mac reminded J.T. that Chance had died on the job. Mac asked J.T. to consider their future.

Mac told J.T. that she'd received an offer to work for a charity in Washington, and Mac thought it was something they could both do. J.T. felt that it was impractical for the two of them to leave town. J.T. reminded Mac that she had two businesses in Genoa City. J.T. added that Reed's mother was in Wisconsin. J.T. told Mac that he wanted to be a cop. J.T. asked Mac to support his decision. The nurse returned and told J.T. that the doctor was on her way.

When the doctor appeared, she was happy to see J.T. smiling. J.T. asked the doctor to help him convince Mac that J.T. would not be in danger if he became a police officer. The doctor agreed that most cops were rarely in danger, but she declared that J.T. would never be strong enough to become a cop. J.T. was shocked to learn that he had serious heart damage from the accident. The doctor explained that J.T. did not have the physical capabilities to be a cop but that J.T. could live a relatively normal life. Mac tried to cheer up J.T., but he was angry and upset.

Dressed like the characters from Pretty in Pink, Chloe and Kevin walked to Jimmy's. Chloe thought she looked a lot like Molly Ringwald, but Kevin wasn't sure he looked like Jon Cryer. Kevin thought they resembled Monica and Chandler from Friends. Chloe recalled Kevin's meeting with Hogan when they had been holding hands. Chloe wondered if she and Kevin were like Will & Grace. Kevin was confused by that reference. Kevin and Chloe walked into the bar.

At the party, Daniel and Abby told Malcolm and Michael how happy they were being single and unattached. Sofia entered and said that she was happy to meet Phyllis. Sofia admired Phyllis for her work in Restless Style work. Phyllis urged Daniel to take photos for the Web site. Jana saw Kevin and Chloe and recognized their outfits were from Pretty in Pink. Noah greeted Jana, and she was happy to see him. While Kevin answered a call on his cell phone, Chloe took a seat at Rafe's table. Chloe asked Rafe to use his gaydar to determine if Kevin was straight or not. Rafe was stunned by Chloe's request.

Sofia said hello to Billy and Victoria, and they all chatted about Halloween. Michael noticed that Phyllis was watching Daniel and Abby. Michael warned Phyllis to stop hovering over her son. Phyllis was worried that Abby would snatch up Daniel in the same way Amber had captured his heart. Across the room, Chloe asked Rafe if Kevin was gay. Rafe didn't respond. Hogan showed up and confronted Kevin about the missing ten thousand dollars. Kevin said that Jeffrey would replace the funds. Hogan patted Kevin's face and left.

Rafe led Chloe across the room and urged her to ask Kevin directly if Kevin was gay. Kevin was stunned by the idea that Chloe thought he was gay. Chloe said she'd seen Kevin with Hogan. Kevin told Chloe that she was insane. Chloe said that Hogan treated Kevin with affection. Kevin said that Hogan had tried to hurt him. Kevin was ticked off when he realized that Chloe had followed him. Chloe asked Kevin to explain what he'd been doing with Hogan. Kevin told Chloe to forget she had ever seen Hogan.

Jana asked Lauren if they could talk about their friendship. Lauren said that Jana reminded her too much of the time they'd been trapped in the cage. Lauren acknowledged that Jana knew what a hideous time that had been, but Lauren told Jana that they could never be friends. Lauren said that she didn't want Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder to still have a hold on her. Daisy was hiding in the shadows but watching Lauren and Jana.

Daniel and Abby asked Noah if he and Jana had started dating. Noah told Daniel and Abby that he and Jana were just friends. Abby reiterated that she was not looking for a permanent relationship. Daniel wasn't happy when Abby said she might go out with other guys. Phyllis approached Daniel and urged him to circulate. Daniel told Phyllis that he enjoyed dating Abby, but he was not looking for a girlfriend.

Billy addressed the crowd and told them the story of the ghost that haunted Jimmy's Bar. When the lights flashed, Lauren saw Daisy in the crowd. Lauren screamed. When the lights turned back on, Michael calmed Lauren. Billy said that he'd just been joking. Lauren said that she'd seen Daisy when the lights strobed.

Kevin asked Jana if she had been in on Daisy's return. Jana said no. Sofia asked who Daisy was, and Malcolm explained what had happened to Jana and Lauren over the summer. Michael was unable to find Daisy. Lauren was still frightened.

A while later, when nobody could find a trace of Daisy, Lauren doubted that she'd actually seen her. Daniel asked if Abby if wanted to leave. Abby bluffed that she had made plans with someone else. Daniel admitted to Abby that he didn't want to see anyone but her then he kissed Abby. Abby and Daniel left the party together. A while later, when Daniel and Abby entered his apartment, they were stunned to see Daisy. Daisy stood up and showed them that she was pregnant. Daisy told Daniel that he was the father of her child.

Jana was relieved that Daisy hadn't been found. Kevin apologized for suspecting Jana of being involved with Daisy. Kevin saw that Hogan had returned, so he went to speak with him. Chloe and Jana watched Kevin talk with Hogan, neither knowing who Hogan was. Hogan grabbed Kevin, and Chloe reacted by jumping in to protect Kevin. Chloe warned Hogan that she would call the cops. Hogan left, and Kevin explained to Chloe that Hogan was a bookie. Chloe was stunned to learn that Jeffrey was laundering money through Gloworm, and Kevin was the bagman. Chloe promised not to call the cops.

Lauren was embarrassed that she had caused such a hubbub. Phyllis and Victoria were sympathetic. Lauren and Michael decided to go home, saying goodnight to their friends. Phyllis walked out with Michael and Lauren. When Phyllis looked at the photos from the party on her camera, she saw Daisy. Phyllis showed Lauren a picture in which Daisy was lurking in the background.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon and were celebrating Halloween with Summer and Faith. Trick-or-treaters showed up at the door, and Sharon and Nick handed out candy. As Nick and Sharon interacted with the kids, a man dressed in a devil costume watched from outside the house. Adam lifted his mask and watched the kids at Sharon and Nick's door. When the kids departed, Adam walked over and placed Sharon's gloves by the front door. Adam then walked away.

A short time later, Nick told Sharon they were out of candy. Sharon asked Nick to buy more candy while she put Faith to bed. Nick found Sharon's gloves outside the front door. Nick gave them to Sharon then left for the store. Sharon held the gloves and recalled having them at the bus station. Sharon looked outside for Adam, but he was gone. Sharon returned to the living room and saw that Summer was asleep on the couch. Sharon took out her cell phone and called Adam. When he answered his phone, Sharon said, "You stayed."

Adam said that Sharon tracking him down at the bus station had convinced him to stay. Sharon said she'd found the gloves outside her door. Adam said he'd left them there because he wanted to respect Sharon's space. Adam thanked Sharon for calling. Sharon said goodbye. A short time later, Nick returned with more candy. Nick informed Sharon that there were no more trick-or-treaters, so it was up to them to eat the candy. Nick poured the candy on the couch, and he and Sharon dug in.

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