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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 11, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, April 11, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Opal thanked Caleb for agreeing to meet her. She was relieved that Caleb was still in town, instead of on his way to St. Barts, but Caleb assured Opal that he had every intention of talking to Erica. Opal made it clear that she would do everything in her power to stop Caleb. She reminded Caleb that Erica had made her choice. Caleb refused to back down, so Opal suggested that he talk to Erica before the wedding, rather than afterwards "like a bad rerun of The Graduate." Caleb agreed, so he asked Opal to tell him where Erica was staying, but Opal refused to make it easy for Caleb.

At ConFusion, Asher spotted a guy sitting at the bar, watching Colby as she worked on her laptop. After several minutes, the guy decided to approach Colby to tell her that he had read her blog. Colby smiled politely as the fan admitted that he had emailed Colby numerous times, but hadn't received a response. Colby explained that she had a lot of emails to read, but she was certain that she would eventually get to his. Seconds later, Colby received an email from Asher asking her if the guy was bugging her. Colby quickly replied that she could take care of herself and then asked for the young man's real name, and what was on his mind.

The guy introduced himself as "Wolfen666" and then growled for emphasis. He was curious why Colby hated guys, so Colby quickly clarified that she hated anyone who treated relationships like "disposable contact lenses." The fan offered to take Colby someplace where he could show her the ten steps that he had written to her about, but Colby had no idea what he was talking about. She explained that she was busy, but the fan remained persistent. Asher finally approached the table to take matters into his own hands by picking up the guy's laptop and then dropping it on the floor. Colby was furious that Asher had interfered.

Brot walked up when he heard the commotion. The guy demanded that Asher be arrested, so Colby stepped away to call Caleb. Caleb arrived a short time later. Asher was annoyed when he saw his father, so he demanded to know why Colby had called Caleb. Colby accused Asher of overreacting and then quickly filled Caleb in about what had transpired prior to Brot's arrival. Colby confessed that the fan had sent her a "skeevy" message earlier about not knowing who was hotter: Liza or Colby.

According to Colby, the fan had then suggested that the three of them get together at the same time. Asher was disgusted by the offensive message. Caleb asked Colby to find all of the other messages that the fan had sent to her and then approached Brot and the young man. Caleb introduced himself to the young man and then accused the fan of stalking and sexual harassment. The young man denied the allegations, but Caleb glanced at Colby's laptop to confirm that the man had visited Colby's blog over four hundred times in a short period of time, and had sent inappropriate emails. Brot quickly looked at the laptop to verify Caleb's claims.

Meanwhile, Caleb received a call from Opal, who had assumed that Caleb had heeded her advice by not flying to St. Barts to stop Erica's wedding. Caleb explained that something "came up" and that it was important. Caleb ended the call as Brot sent the young man on his way. Brot credited Caleb for keeping Asher from being arrested, so Brot advised Asher to watch his temper in the future. After Brot left, Asher apologized to Colby and Caleb. Colby conceded that the emails that the young man had sent had made her realize that Asher had been right to be concerned.

Moments later, Caleb received a call from a travel agent about the flight to St. Barts, which Caleb decided not to book. Colby recalled that Erica had gone to St. Barts to marry Jackson. Asher was curious why Caleb planned to go to a family-only wedding, but Caleb tried to brush off the question. Asher realized why his father had intended to fly to St. Barts, but Caleb refused to leave when Asher might face legal ramifications for his earlier actions. Asher insisted that Caleb go; he assured Caleb that he would call his father if there were any trouble.

On the yacht in St. Barts, Jack told Erica that their luggage had been sent to the hotel. Erica couldn't believe that she and Jack would soon be married. However, she wondered if Jack were okay with her decision to sleep in separate rooms until their wedding night. Erica realized that it was old-fashioned, but she wanted to honor some traditions. Jack assured Erica that he didn't have a problem with it. Erica smiled and then kissed Jack.

Later, Erica was settling into her suite when she opened a desk drawer to find a small sewing kit. Erica gasped just as Jack entered the room. She demanded to know what he was doing, and reminded him that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Erica then held up the sewing kit to show him what she had found. She explained that it was also bad luck for the bride to have pins in her possession before the wedding.

Jack confessed that he had never heard of the superstition about the pins, but Erica pointed out that he had never been married as many times as she had. Moments later, the manager knocked on the door to see if Erica and Jack had everything that they needed. Jack explained that they had been assigned the same room, so Jack would need another room. The manager revealed that the hotel was booked, so Jack called to see if the yacht were available. Jack was disappointed to learn that the yacht needed a generator. The manager suggested that Jack could use one of the rooms that they had reserved for the wedding guests, but Erica insisted that it was not an option because her daughters were traveling with their children.

After the manager left, Erica invited Jack to stay with her. Erica picked up one of her bags and then tossed it onto the bed. She cringed when she heard the sound of breaking glass because she realized that she had broken her makeup mirror. Jack offered to stay on the yacht and then shower in the locker room, but Erica refused to consider it. Erica decided to ignore superstitions, even if black cats fell out of the sky, because she was determined to make her own good luck. Erica wanted Jack to be with her that night, and every other night.

"Where do I sign up?" Jack wondered. Erica smiled as she warned him that there wouldn't be any "canoodling" until after the wedding night. Later, Jack was dressed in a robe as he poured some champagne while Erica was perched on the bed, wrapped in a blanket. They were startled when they heard a woman screech in the hallway. It was Opal, who had been frightened after she had seen a lizard.

Erica quickly invited Opal into the room. Opal immediately warned Jack and Erica that it was bad luck for them to sleep together before the wedding, but they insisted that they weren't worried. Opal asked to have a private word with Erica, so Jack left for a few minutes. Opal warned Erica not to tempt fate. Erica seemed unconcerned, but Opal wondered, "Does the name Caleb mean anything to you?" Opal warned Erica that Caleb had been determined to fly to St. Barts, but he had been delayed at the last moment.

Erica thought that it would have been a waste of Caleb's time to try to persuade her not to marry Jack because Erica was certain that marrying Jack was the right decision. Opal was relieved, so she decided to head to her room. Jack returned moments later. Erica quickly greeted Jack with a kiss as they fell onto the bed.

Outside of Krystal's restaurant, Ricky listened to several voicemail messages from Diana warning him that they were out of time and that Kendall needed to be "taken care of." Ricky's thoughts drifted to his last encounter with Diana, when he had strangled her to death. Ricky quickly erased the messages and then walked away.

At the police station, Griffin insisted that he had been set up by the casino partners. Jesse looked skeptical, but Griffin was adamant that the drugs found in his room, and Diana's body, had been planted. Kendall decided that she needed answers because she was desperate to know what had happened to Zach. Griffin and Cara were stunned when Kendall told Jesse, Brot, and Tad that Griffin had admitted to stealing antibiotics from the hospital to send to third world countries. Cara reminded Kendall that they weren't at the police station because of stolen drugs, but because a woman had been murdered.

Kendall was unapologetic because she was determined to learn the truth about the circumstances of Zach's death. Cara begged Kendall not to betray Griffin. According to Cara, Kendall knew Griffin. Kendall confessed that she had thought that she had known Griffin, but she was no longer certain. Cara reminded Kendall that Griffin had saved Kendall's life.

Kendall explained that she didn't want to hurt Griffin, but she needed to know what had happened to Zach. Jesse was curious what Kendall was talking about, so Kendall told him about recent strange occurrences, including her encounter with Diana. Jesse wondered why Griffin would tell Kendall about the stolen drugs. Kendall quietly admitted that Griffin had confided to her in an attempt to gain her trust. At Jesse's urging, Kendall told Jesse everything that she knew about the stolen drugs. Jesse looked to Griffin for confirmation, but Griffin just stared at Kendall for a long moment and then requested a lawyer.

Tad left to make a few calls for his brother in-law, while Griffin and Cara went to the interrogation room to wait. A short time later, Tad returned to announce that Griffin's attorney was on his way. Tad tried to persuade Jesse not to press charges, but Jesse explained that it wasn't up to him. Meanwhile, Griffin decided to talk to Kendall about her accusations. Griffin confessed that it had been a mistake for him to trust Kendall.

Kendall realized that Griffin was disappointed and felt betrayed, but she argued that she also felt betrayed because he had lied to her. She resented that he had never said a word to her about his suspicions regarding the casino partners. Griffin explained that he hadn't had any facts to share with her. Kendall wondered what else Griffin hadn't told her, but Jesse approached Griffin before Griffin could answer. Jesse explained that Griffin was under arrest for the theft of the drugs from the hospital. Jesse began to read Griffin his Miranda rights just as Bob Wood, Griffin's attorney, arrived.

Griffin assured Kendall that he hadn't been dealing narcotics, so he urged her to watch her back because he had been set up. Griffin feared that the people who had framed him would go after Kendall. Moments later, Ricky approached Kendall, expressing concern for her. Ricky claimed that he had just heard about what had happened and then insisted that it must have been a mistake. Ricky assured Kendall that he would do everything possible to help. Jesse decided to question Brot about Griffin's request for police protection for Kendall.

Brot told Jesse what he knew and then admitted that Griffin had decided to take care of things himself. Jesse wondered if perhaps Griffin were trying to set up some kind of alibi. Jesse then turned to see if Ricky had anything to add. Cara was curious why Ricky was at the police station. Ricky insisted that he wanted to help and that he believed it had all been a terrible misunderstanding. Ricky admitted that he had recalled seeing Diana before, but he couldn't place where.

Kendall told Ricky that Diana had been one of the casino partners. Ricky pretended to suddenly recall seeing Diana at Krystal's a few months earlier, when Diana had been asking about Kendall. According to Ricky, Griffin had chased Diana off and then had told Ricky to stay away from her. Ricky admitted that he had gotten the feeling that Griffin had been trying to look out for Kendall. Moments later, Jesse received a call that Griffin's bail hearing had been postponed because the judge's wife was in labor. Cara was upset that her brother would have to spend the night in jail, so Tad and Griffin tried to reassure her that everything would be fine.

Griffin was taken to be processed while Cara pleaded with Jesse to reconsider the charges. Cara argued that Griffin had saved more lives than everyone in the police station combined. After Tad ushered Cara away, Brot noticed how rattled Jesse seemed. Jesse was disgusted that Jesse was considered some kind of moral authority even though he was lying to his wife. Jesse didn't think that he had any right to lock up anyone.

Later, Griffin assured his sister that everything would be okay because the good guys were on his side. Tad vowed to find out who was behind Griffin being framed. Griffin thanked Tad before Griffin was led to a jail cell. Jesse insisted that Tad was a good man for Griffin to have on his side. Griffin admitted that the people who had framed him had done a great job because Griffin realized how guilty he looked.

At Kendall's house, Ricky prepared to carry Kendall's luggage to the car, but he noticed how upset she was. Kendall admitted that she didn't want to believe that Griffin was guilty of the crimes he was accused of. Ricky thought that it was understandable that Kendall felt betrayed, so he promised to listen when she was ready to talk. Kendall decided to take Ricky up on the offer. They went to the living room to sit down while Kendall told him about what had transpired at the police station before Ricky's arrival. Kendall confessed that she had no idea what to believe.

Ricky suggested that there might be an explanation that she hadn't thought of. Kendall explained that the evidence against Griffin was damaging because the police had found drugs, cash, plane tickets, and the murdered woman in Griffin's room. Ricky was curious if Kendall believed that Griffin might have had something to do with Zach's death. Kendall confessed that she didn't know, so Ricky suggested that Kendall put everything out of her mind to focus on Erica's wedding. Ricky assured her that she could deal with Griffin when she returned from St. Barts. Ricky vowed to make certain that she enjoyed herself, kept calm, and stayed at peace. Kendall smiled and then thanked Ricky.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the police station, Jesse spoke on the phone and worriedly asked for details about a missing baby case. He was noticeably relieved to learn that the missing child was a nine-month-old boy. He thanked the officer and hung up. Brot approached and told Jesse to stop beating himself up, but Jesse was agitated that they hadn't turned up anything other than the earring that had been pinned to Lucy's blanket. Jesse fretted that the birth mother might return to claim the baby. As Angie, Frankie, and Lucy entered, Brot advised Jesse that torturing himself wasn't fair to any of the Hubbards.

Frankie had to leave for a shift, and Angie and Jesse hoped to see him after Lucy's doctor's appointment later that day. Jesse left to take a call, and Frankie offered to stay with Angie, but Brot assured Frankie that he'd watch out for her. Frankie told Brot that the Hubbards owed him for his help on the night Lucy was born.

Jesse returned and complained that Mayor Blanco had voiced concern that the department would give Griffin preferential treatment. Angie noted the hypocrisy, as the mayor herself had given David special consideration. Jesse suspected that Mayor Blanco was angling to replace Jesse. Angie left to get Lucy ready for her doctor's appointment, and Brot assured Jesse that his secret was safe.

A forlorn Maya flashed back to holding her baby. Aunt Reyna entered and made a condescending remark about how Maya was finally wearing decent clothes. Maya said she had an interview, and her aunt skeptically asked about the position. Reyna scoffed when Maya informed her it was a housekeeping job. Maya announced that it was a start and that she intended to move out.

Maya arrived at the Chandler mansion, and she was surprised when JR answered the door. She asked for Asher, and JR informed her that Asher wasn't there. Maya introduced herself and announced that she had stopped by to see JR. She explained that Asher had given her a business card and had mentioned the housekeeping position. JR said they'd used the same agency for years and wished her luck, then abruptly shut the door.

After a moment, May a burst into the mansion and declared to JR that she really needed the job. She promised she'd work harder than anyone at the agency and remarked that Asher had told her JR could help. JR barked that Asher didn't do the hiring, but she begged for the chance to prove herself. JR asked if she had experience, but he quickly realized that she'd never held a professional housekeeping position.

Maya asserted that she'd take pride in her work and that JR would be making a mistake if he didn't hire her. She confidently turned to walk out, but she became woozy and fainted in JR's arms. Maya slowly awakened on the couch and asked what had happened. JR informed her that she'd passed out and asked if she was all right. She was embarrassed, and he admitted that he had been impressed before she'd fainted. He offered to give her a chance, as long as she a doctor checked her out first.

JR explained that he was on the hospital board, and he'd call in a favor to have a physician examine Maya right away. She swore that she was fine, but he said he had a son and wanted to be sure she wasn't contagious. She called him a good dad, and he proposed a two-week trial period if she received a clean bill of health. JR escorted Maya to the door, where they ran into Asher. Maya credited Asher with her trial arrangement. Maya left, and JR reprimanded Asher for promising her a job.

Asher clarified that he hadn't offered Maya a job, and JR accused Asher of assuring her that JR would. JR asked how long Asher had known Maya, and Asher said he'd met her in the park a few weeks before. Asher explained that he'd escorted her to a ramshackle house, and he'd felt bad about her living situation. JR wondered if Asher was interested in Maya.

Asher denied that he was trying to score with Maya, but JR looked doubtful. Asher reiterated that he'd felt like Maya had needed a break, like the one JR had given Asher. JR pointed out that Maya was attractive, but Asher said he wasn't looking for a relationship. JR wondered if Asher's focus was on Colby, but Asher claimed that he was concentrating on his career. Asher paused before he left for work, and JR thought Asher wanted to know if he was going to hire Maya. "We'll see," a noncommittal JR said.

At the hospital, a nurse informed Maya that JR had set up an appointment for her. Jesse and Angie arrived with Lucy, and they passed by Maya as the nurse escorted the Hubbards to a room. Angie told Jesse not to waste his energy on the mayor. He half-heartedly agreed, and she wondered if something more was bothering him. Jesse commented about how much of Frankie's youth he'd missed out on, and he wanted to be there for every second of Lucy's life. He admitted that he had been considering taking a leave of absence, or possibly resigning.

Angie felt it would a big mistake for Jesse to give up his career, because Pine Valley needed him. He replied that she needed him, but she asserted that she was handling everything fine. She wanted to learn how to take care of the baby without him there to help her. Jesse said that he felt like he owed Angie and the baby. She called him the most incredible husband and father in the world, and she added that he owed it to himself to acknowledge that he was the finest police chief the town had ever seen. She urged him not to give up his job because of the mayor.

The pediatrician arrived to examine Lucy. After the exam, the doctor announced that Lucy was doing great and said she'd see the baby again in a month. Angie marveled to Jesse that Lucy was perfect, but Jesse looked guilty. Later, the Hubbards arrived home, and Jesse offered to stay with his wife and baby instead of returning to work. Angie said Lucy would love it, and he queried how Angie felt. She expressed concern, because he didn't sound like himself. Jesse wanted to hold off on making any decisions and simply concentrate on hanging out with his girls. He declared that every second was precious, and they kissed.

The nurse handed Maya a gown to change into. Frankie entered to examine Maya. She admitted she hadn't eaten and had been under a bit of stress. He asked if she might be pregnant, and she was shocked by the question, but she quickly confirmed that she wasn't. He inquired if she had been pregnant recently.

Frankie assured Maya that he was bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. She admitted that she had been pregnant, but she'd needed to give her baby away a couple of weeks before. Frankie sympathized that while wasn't a mom or a woman, he'd faced a similar situation. She bemoaned that it was much tougher than she'd expected.

Frankie informed Maya that she appeared to be in good health, and he'd let her know if her blood tests indicated anything unusual. She worried about how much her medical care would cost, and he realized she didn't have insurance. Frankie checked her chart and noted that JR was footing the bill. Maya smiled in relief, and Frankie told her to take care of herself.

Maya returned to the Chandler mansion and handed JR a letter documenting her clean bill of health from Frankie. She declared that she was ready to start working right away. JR informed Maya that her first assignment involved his ex-wife.

In St. Barts, Kendall and Ricky hung out with Spike and Ian. Spike excitedly spotted the hotel playground, and Kendall granted permission for the nanny to accompany the boys there. Ricky asked if Kendall was okay, and she admitted that plane rides had been rough since Zach's crash, especially since she had learned that Zach might have been murdered.

Kendall told Ricky that she couldn't stop thinking about Zach and what Zach had experienced during the plane crash. Ricky advised her not to think about it, but she lamented that Zach had been alone. Ricky said that she and the boys had been in Zach's heart and soul. He urged her to remember that they were on the island to have fun. Kendall vowed to forget about Griffin's lies and Diana's death. Ricky commented that St. Barts was the closest he'd ever been to paradise. The boys returned, and Ricky offered to watch Ian while Kendall took Spike to the bathroom. Once alone, Ricky told Ian that they'd have an amazing time, just the four of them, like a real family.

Erica envisioned Caleb entering her room and announcing that she'd known her relationship with Jackson wouldn't work. Jackson interrupted her train of thought and commented that she looked like she was lost, and she hugged him and proclaimed that he'd never lose her.

Erica wanted to make a list of things to be finalized before the wedding. Jackson declared that he'd made his own list of things to accomplish before the rehearsal, like a long walk on the beach and a picnic by a waterfall. She called him incredible, but he sensed her hesitation. He suggested that she delegate the duties, while he took care of her.

Jackson implored Erica not to worry about the wedding details. After he left to get directions to "their" waterfall, she looked perplexed. Kendall entered with Spike, and Erica hugged them hello. Kendall noticed that Erica seemed distant. Erica insisted that nothing was wrong, but Kendall knew better. Erica confessed that she had some thoughts she wished she didn't have.

Kendall hoped that Erica didn't have concerns about Jackson, and Erica declared that she had no doubts about marrying him, but she was nervous. Kendall joked that Erica had been married many times before, but Erica said that was the point. Erica wanted this marriage to be her last, and she wished there was a guarantee it would work out perfectly. Kendall understood, and she recommended that Erica go to Ricky for help.

Jackson approached Ricky and Ian, and the men shook hands. Jackson expressed his appreciation for everything Ricky had done for Kendall and Erica. Ricky said he cared about Kendall, and Jackson observed that the feeling appeared to be mutual. Ricky mused that he almost felt like he was part of the family.

Erica expressed her gratitude to Ricky for agreeing to participate in the wedding. Erica's phone rang, and she saw an incoming call from Caleb. Erica fibbed to Jackson that it was a telemarketer. Jackson jokingly advised her to throw her phone into the ocean. Erica requested a moment alone with Ricky, and Kendall, Jackson, and the boys left for the pool. Meanwhile, from the airport, Caleb left a message for Erica to inform her that he was en route and to ask that she hear him out before she married Jackson.

Ricky asked Erica how he could help, and Erica explained that she'd always meant her wedding vows, but her past marriages hadn't worked out. He said life could be unpredictable, and she recognized that not everything was certain, but she wanted some spiritual affirmation that this time her marriage would last. He counseled her to look inside her heart and the affirmation would be there, unless she had doubts.

Erica claimed that she had no doubts about how much she loved Jackson, but she needed to know that love could get them through anything. Ricky explained that love had a mind of its own and that it could sometimes be unexpected, but the one constant thing was that it couldn't be ignored. She thanked him and called him the perfect person to officiate at the ceremony.

The nanny left with Spike and Ian to buy some candy, and Jackson commented to Kendall that the boys were excited and that he liked seeing her happy. She gushed that she was thrilled to attend the wedding, and Jackson thanked her for inviting Ricky. Kendall gushed that they couldn't have a better man to preside over the ceremony. Jackson wondered if something was going on between Kendall and Ricky.

Kendall explained that Ricky was just a friend, and Jackson hinted that it would be fine if their relationship turned into something more. Jackson acknowledged that things had been difficult for their family, and he was glad she had Ricky to lean on. She agreed that her life had become complicated, but she vowed to leave her problems behind. Erica joined them, and Kendall inquired about her talk with Ricky. Erica complimented Ricky and revealed that her conversation with him had helped. Jackson asked her to fill him in, but she said it was private. Jackson whisked Erica away for their picnic.

Ricky returned, and Kendall thanked him for talking to Erica. He said their conversation had given him an idea of what to say at the ceremony. He joked that he couldn't fit Erica's full legal name on the marriage license. Kendall laughed, and he commented that it was good to see her happy and that her laugh sounded like an angel. She kissed him on the cheek and instructed him to get changed for the pool.

Erica listened to Caleb's message and then deleted it. Jackson asked if she was ready to go, and she said she was ready to spend the rest of their lives together. She determinedly threw her cell phone into her purse and planted a passionate kiss on Jackson.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At the mansion, May a helped JR set up a table with flowers and Marissa's favorite food. When Marissa entered the parlor, she saw it and wondered what was going on. JR claimed it was a celebration. He offered her the A.A. chip that he'd been awarded for his second year of sobriety. She accepted it, but hastily tried to leave. JR stopped her, saying the celebration wasn't about the chip; it was about their victory for Bianca.

JR announced that Reese had agreed to give Bianca full custody of Miranda and Gabby. Marissa said Reese's lawyer had already notified her, but Marissa wondered how JR had known about it. He revealed that after Reese had taken his job offer, he'd insinuated that it might be hard to do the job and be a single mother. Realizing that she'd won the case, Marissa hugged JR and wound up kissing him. JR pulled her into a deeper kiss.

Maya entered, shrieked, and left upon seeing the kiss. Marissa broke away and said she needed a support group, because she'd become addicted to JR's idea of a family. Though JR saw nothing wrong with that, the conflicted Marissa returned his chip and scurried from the house.

Maya returned to the parlor and profusely apologized for interrupting the kiss. She feared being fired, but a grinning JR said he was in too good of a mood to fire anyone. JR exited, and Asher entered and noted that Maya had gotten the job. He asked her to have lunch with him, but she wanted to work through lunch because she needed the job. Asher guessed she thought he was a rich kid, but he replied that he was anything but that. Maya said she'd thought he was different.

At Krystal's, Krystal received a call from Jackson, who was checking on some business before his wedding rehearsal. He tossed the phone on the bed to kiss Erica, and Krystal slowly clicked off the line. Tad entered and sensed she was ticked off about Jackson's wedding. Krystal denied it. Under Tad's knowing stare, she admitted that she might have feelings for Jackson, but it didn't matter, because it wouldn't go anywhere.

Tad received a call from Cara, who was making sure that Tad would be at Griffin's bail hearing. After the call, Krystal mimicked Tad's stare, but he said the stare wouldn't work on him, because he didn't have real feelings for Cara. Krystal kept staring anyway. Tad offered to keep her company, but she told him that it was time for both of them to move forward.

Tad left, and Marissa entered to find Krystal still in her funk. Marissa asked if Krystal knew where the wedding party was lodging in St. Barts, because Marissa needed to call Bianca with the custody news. Krystal complained about her bad day, and Marissa said they needed a getaway. She proposed that she and Krystal go to St. Barts to give Bianca the news in person. Krystal responded with a frosty glare.

Later, JR received a phone call from someone informing him that Marissa had gone to St. Barts. JR then placed a call and ordered his pilot to fire up the jet.

In the police interrogation room, Cara visited Griffin after his night in jail. She couldn't believe that Kendall had sold him out, but he expressed relief that Kendall was safe in St. Barts. Cara was ready to fight for her brother and planned to start with the bail hearing; however, Griffin urged her to stay out of it because it was dangerous and could complicate her immigration problem. "Don't try to stop me, Griff! You hear me?" Cara replied.

When Tad arrived, Griffin grilled him about the progress in the case. Tad said to relax because everyone, including Jesse, knew that Griffin was innocent. Griffin was worried about Kendall, but Cara quipped that she'd heard enough about Kendall. Cara told Griffin to focus on himself, instead. Griffin asked Cara to check on his patients for him, and she walked off.

Griffin asked Tad to keep Cara out of the situation. Griffin worried that Cara didn't have him for protection, but Tad said that Cara had Tad. Tad offered to keep Cara safe and help Griffin, because they were family. Cara returned and ushered the men out for the bail hearing.

After the hearing, Cara was upset that Griffin hadn't made bail, but became enraged when Griffin still expressed concern for Kendall. Tad agreed that Griffin needed to focus on himself. Tad offered to watch out for Kendall upon her return, and Griffin hoped it'd be enough.

In St. Barts, Ricky encountered Kendall, who was checking her cell phone by the pool. They found a table, and she thanked him for helping her remain stress-free. She still felt guilty about breaking her promise to Griffin, but Ricky asserted that she'd given the police important information about a case. Ricky reminded her that a dead woman and loads of incriminating evidence had been discovered in Griffin's room. Kendall replied that she should at least find out if Griffin was guilty, but a perturbed Ricky said she needed to "stop this right now."

Ricky apologized for his abruptness, but urged Kendall not to feel guilty for doing the right thing. Ricky said he realized that Griffin had saved her life, while Ricky was merely her minister. Kendall expressed her gratefulness to Ricky for being there for her, but she wanted to call Griffin or Cara for news about the case. Taking Kendall's phone, Ricky decided he'd call Cara and let Kendall know if he heard anything. A grateful Kendall hugged Ricky.

While Kendall was decorating later, she wondered if Ricky had heard anything about Griffin. Ricky claimed he'd left a message for Cara. He got a call and stepped away to take it. On the phone, one of his informants told him that Griffin hadn't made bail. Ricky hinted that jail was a very dangerous place. "Make it happen," he told the person on the other end of the line.

In a hotel corridor, Opal declared, "Holy smoking shish kabob!" when she saw Caleb. Caleb said someone had urged him to go after what he wanted, and he wanted Erica. Opal led him to a room that she claimed was Erica's and then hurriedly took off. Upon knocking on the door, Caleb told "Dorothy" that it was he. He said he'd climbed down a mountain and crossed an ocean for her. A man whipped open the door, and asked, "Who the hell is Dorothy?"

Elsewhere, Bianca arrived in Erica and Jackson's hotel suite in time to usher Jackson out. The couple claimed to be inseparable, and as Bianca closed the door on Jackson, he popped back into the room to say, "I love you," to Erica before finally departing.

Bianca noticed her mother's glow, and Erica beamed that she was "so happy!" Erica then realized it couldn't be easy for her daughters to celebrate a wedding after all they'd gone through. Bianca said the wedding gave them hope for love, and she apologized for judging Erica about Caleb, because it was clear that Jackson and Erica belonged together.

Later, Kendall arrived, and Bianca asked why Griffin hadn't made the trip. Kendall dodged the topic by saying that the day was all about Erica. As Bianca fetched some jewelry for Erica, Erica told Kendall that if was okay if she were having a hard time. Kendall assured her mother that she was fine.

Bianca returned with some earrings, and Opal burst into the room. Opal declared that she had to talk to Erica, and the wedding depended on it. Upon seeing Bianca and Kendall, Opal made up a reason for the two of them to go to check on the reception area. Erica's daughter's left, and Opal revealed that to Erica "mountain man" was there.

Opal urged Erica to vacate the room before Caleb found her. Erica, however, refused to do anything of the sort because he was the interloper in the situation. Opal fretted because Caleb was a man on a mission. Erica told Opal to relax, because Erica and Jackson were surely getting married the next day. Erica sent Opal on her way, and upon leaving, Opal said if she saw Caleb, she'd send him on another goose-chase.

In the lobby, Opal encountered Jackson and talked him into letting her review his vows. Upon reading them, she called them lovely, and she hoped Erica would get a chance to hear them. Jackson became confused, and Opal stammered that brides were sometimes too jittery to savor the moment. Jackson hurried off to the wedding rehearsal.

Back in Erica's suite, Erica received a knock on the door and opened it to find Caleb. She said it made no sense for him to be there, because she was marrying Jackson. Caleb claimed that was a big mistake; however, Erica refused to take his word for that. Aiming to give her more than his word, Caleb picked her up and kissed her. Erica told Caleb to go, but he urged her to give them a chance. "Be with me," Caleb said.

At the bar, a tearful Bianca attempted to throw her wedding ring in the trash. She gasped, unable to do it. Turning, she was surprised to see Marissa in the lounge. Marissa said her mother had declined to join her for fun-in-the-sun, but Marissa had arrived with important news for her client.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In St. Barts, Ricky called someone and confirmed that Griffin would be taken out as soon as possible. Ricky returned to the table and claimed to Kendall that he'd been on the phone with a cop. Kendall asked if there was any update regarding Griffin, and Ricky revealed that Griffin's bail had been denied. Kendall was visibly impacted, but she resolved to focus on the rehearsal.

Opal, Jackson, Kendall, and Ricky waited for the rehearsal to begin. Jackson was surprised when Ryan, Greenlee, and Emma arrived. Greenlee explained that she hadn't wanted to miss her father's wedding. Jackson was happy to have family around him when he married he woman he loved. Jackson left to look for Erica, and Opal worried about Caleb's vow to fight for Erica.

Emma asked Ryan if they could see the ocean, but when she realized Greenlee would accompany them, she stormed off. Greenlee suggested that she talk with the girl. Ryan noticed that Kendall looked upset, and she told him that Griffin hadn't made bail. Ryan assured her that his investigators were looking into the casino partners. Kendall didn't want to ruin the wedding with her problems. Ryan left to make a call, and Kendall wondered to Ricky if she'd done the right thing by spilling Griffin's secret about the drugs.

Ryan assured Jackson that it was typical for Erica to be late, and Jackson thanked Ryan for attending. Jackson commented that they were one big happy family. Meanwhile, Greenlee handed Emma a flower and reminded Emma that the last wedding the girl had attended had been Greenlee and Ryan's. Emma snapped that she also recalled that Greenlee hadn't even noticed that Annie had snatched Emma at the wedding, because Greenlee didn't care about Emma.

Greenlee wondered to Jackson if Emma's attitude was payback for Greenlee's treatment of Erica. Jackson understood what Greenlee was going through, and Greenlee regretted shutting Jackson out in the past. He counseled her to be patient but to never give up.

Ryan asked Emma why she didn't want to go to the beach. She mumbled that she didn't know, and Ryan pointed out that she had seemed excited until she'd realized that Greenlee would be there, too. Emma wondered if she'd hurt Greenlee's feelings, and Ryan said that Greenlee was tough, but so was Emma. Father and daughter embraced.

Ricky's phone rang, and an evil smile crossed his face as he informed the caller that they'd told him just what he'd wanted to hear. He sarcastically pondered whether the Castillos would ask him to officiate at the funeral, but he quickly covered when Kendall approached him. He guessed that Griffin was still on her mind. She admitted that it was difficult for her to accept that Griffin wasn't who she thought he had been, especially since Zach had trusted Griffin, and Zach had usually been right about people.

Ricky believed that Kendall was stressed about more than just Griffin, and he thought it couldn't be easy for Kendall to be at a wedding while she was still grieving for Zach. She said the weekend wasn't about her, but Ricky pushed for her to open up. She admitted that she had been trying to put on a happy face for her family, and she called him special for seeing things that other people didn't. He said her words meant a lot to him, because he hadn't been told things like that often in his life.

At the hotel bar, Marissa told Bianca that Reese had granted full custody of their daughters to Bianca. Bianca was skeptical that Reese had simply given up, but Marissa said she'd spoken to Reese's attorney, and Bianca had won. Bianca and Marissa excitedly hugged. Bianca asked if JR had helped to secure the custody arrangement. Marissa called herself a brilliant attorney, but she credited JR with making Reese realize how difficult it would be to manage a career as a single mom.

Marissa apologized for celebrating when Bianca's marriage was ending. Bianca was stunned that Reese would choose a job over their kids, but Marissa said that was why Bianca deserved to raise them. Miranda and Gabby ran in, and Bianca told her daughters she loved them and would always choose them first.

Marissa declared that slaving over the bar exam had been worth it after seeing Bianca with her kids. Bianca couldn't believe Marissa had traveled so far to tell her the custody news. Marissa confessed that she'd also needed the time to think. Bianca suspected that Marissa was confused about JR, and Marissa admitted they had kissed. Bianca noted that it sounded like the kiss had been mutual. Marissa wished it had been one-sided, but she was thankful that she and JR had been interrupted.

Marissa contemplated how she'd screwed up her relationships, and she marveled that Erica still believed in love despite her many marriages. Bianca said she still believed in love because of Erica. The women toasted to love. Kendall entered and was surprised to see Marissa. Kendall asked Bianca if it seemed strange that Erica hadn't arrived, and Bianca remarked that it took a while to achieve perfection.

Bianca thanked Marissa again for the good news, and Marissa left to start her vacation. Kendall noticed that Bianca seemed happy. Bianca announced that Reese had dropped the custody suit, and the sisters hugged. Kendall and Bianca agreed that they were happy for Erica and Jackson, but the joyous event didn't overshadow the end of Bianca's marriage or Kendall losing Zach.

Caleb implored Erica to try something different and to give their relationship a chance. She was speechless, and he said that she didn't have to go through with the wedding and suggested that she leave with him. He guaranteed that she wouldn't regret it. Erica said she couldn't just leave, and Caleb asked why not. She proclaimed her love for Jackson and commented about how long she'd known her fiancé. Caleb took her hand and said it wasn't about time, but about how she felt. He asked her whether she could deny her connection with Caleb, and she couldn't.

Erica incredulously asked if Caleb expected to just whisk her away, and he offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go. She felt it was insane that he thought they could live happily ever after. She pointed out that he'd spent a long time away from the real world. Caleb understood it would be difficult to explain to Jackson and her family, and she realized he was serious. Caleb refused to force her into anything and left the choice in her hands. He planted a kiss on her, and she didn't pull away. He said he'd be waiting for her at the airport and that his plane would leave soon. He left, and she looked after him, stunned.

Erica flashed back on memories with Caleb and Jackson. She recalled telling Caleb to give up his fantasy because she intended to marry Jackson. She remembered Jackson calling their relationship inevitable and Caleb saying that he'd changed because of her. As she was flooded with thoughts of kissing each man, someone knocked on the door.

Erica hesitantly opened the door and was relieved to see Opal. Opal explained that she had convinced Jackson to allow her to check on Erica. Erica revealed that Caleb had stopped by with the intent of whisking her away to start a new life. Opal said that what Caleb wanted didn't matter, but she worried about Erica's reaction. Erica pointed out that she was still there, but Opal wondered if Erica had wanted to go with Caleb. Erica ran out of the room.

Erica applied lipstick, and Opal asked who she was primping for. Erica twirled around and asked how she looked. Opal called her stunning, and Erica hoped Jackson would think so, too. Opal said Erica was making the right decision. Erica stated that there hadn't been a decision to make, because Jackson had never let her down, and she loved him. A relieved Opal asked if Erica was ready, but Erica appeared hesitant to leave. Erica said she'd be right behind Opal, who exited. Erica looked down at her engagement ring and looked doubtful.

As Ricky and Jackson waited for Erica, Ricky suggested biblical verses for the ceremony, but Jackson didn't want anything predictable. Jackson trusted Ricky to find the right words to capture Erica's spirit. Opal entered and announced that Erica was about to arrive. A smiling Erica peeked in unseen, but a gloved hand covered her mouth.

As someone dragged an unconscious Erica off, Jackson asked if Opal was sure that Erica had been right behind her. Opal said Erica had never seemed happier. Bianca and Kendall left to find Erica. Kendall wondered if Erica was having second thoughts, as the wedding had been a whirlwind. Bianca called Jackson "the one" for Erica. Kendall knocked on the door and called out for Erica. When no one answered, Kendall wondered if Erica was aware of how her absence would impact Jackson. Bianca pulled out her extra key, and they entered to find the room empty.

A worried Jackson tried to call Erica, but the call transferred directly to voicemail. Greenlee wondered if Erica was making a quick getaway. Greenlee condemned Erica for making everyone scramble to attend the wedding, while Erica was making Jackson anxiously wait. Jackson asked the guests if Erica had mentioned an errand, and he noticed the concerned look on Opal's face. He demanded to know if Opal knew anything. Meanwhile, a bound and blindfolded Erica awakened. She asked where she was and yelled for someone to answer her.

In his holding cell, Griffin said at least he had a roof over his head and joked about the prison food, but Cara sternly told him that his situation wasn't funny. He asked about Kendall, and Cara reminded him that Kendall's words had put him behind bars. Tad informed Griffin that Kendall was still in St. Barts. Cara urged Griffin to worry about himself, and she left to call his attorney to find out if anything else could be done to get Griffin out on bail. Tad reprimanded Griffin for not being entirely straight with him.

Griffin swore he wasn't hiding anything else from Tad. Griffin explained that he hadn't wanted Tad to have to lie for him, and he maintained that he'd only taken antibiotics from the hospital. Tad doubted whether he would have lied for Griffin, but he assured Griffin that Griffin's word meant something. Tad left to make an appeal to someone who he expected to laugh in his face.

Liza met Tad at Krystal's. Tad asked if she knew the judge who had denied Griffin's bail. Tad insisted that Griffin wasn't a murderer and that he had been set up. He commented that Cara was torn up to see her brother behind bars. Liza said Cara was lucky to have Tad, and he said she'd be luckier if Liza were in Griffin's corner. Liza claimed that she couldn't help Griffin, because the evidence against him was solid. Liza worried about jeopardizing her reputation as district attorney, but Tad accused her of simply not wanting to help his wife.

Liza swore that she wasn't jealous and that she was happy for Tad and Cara. Liza questioned whether Tad really knew the Castillos, and she speculated that Cara was involved in the drug scam, too. Tad incredulously ordered Liza to stop. He called Cara an honest, upstanding person, and Liza thought he meant that Cara was nothing like Liza. Liza said that if Griffin was innocent, it would be revealed eventually, but it was her job to prove otherwise.

Griffin stared at the ceiling and asked Zach for help. A guard entered with lunch, and Griffin complained that his stomach was still upset from breakfast. As Griffin examined the tray, the guard pulled out a knife and stabbed Griffin. Griffin tried to fight back, but the guard overpowered him, and Griffin fell to the ground in pain.

Griffin struggled to stand and to call for help, but he collapsed, unconscious. Cara entered and screamed for assistance as she felt for his pulse. A guard unlocked the door, and Cara knelt next to her brother and asked who'd stabbed him. Griffin murmured that the guard had, and she looked accusingly at the guard who'd let her in, but Griffin clarified it had been another guard. She instructed the guard to put pressure on the wound as she frantically tore up sheets to make a tourniquet. Cara started to make a phone call, and she told Griffin she was contacting someone she could trust.

Jake surprised Trevor and Amanda with an Easter-themed picnic in the park. Jake declared that after he'd spent two all-nighters at the hospital, he'd decided to enjoy the perks of being chief of staff. They kissed. Amanda curiously asked if he had any chocolate, and Jake presented her with both of their favorite types of candy. While she enjoyed the chocolate, she commented that her favorite thing was spending time together as a family.

As Trevor played in the park, Amanda thanked Jake for setting up their family event. She wondered if one day they might add a fourth member to their family, and he promised that ultimately they would. They kissed as his phone rang. Amanda looked at the phone and spied an incoming call from Cara. Amanda told Jake not to hesitate to answer the call because of her, and he noted the call would have originated from the hospital if it were an emergency.

Jake proclaimed that he didn't want to answer the call, because Amanda was first in his life. They began to kiss, but when the phone rang again, she declared that the mood had been broken and suggested he answer it. He grabbed the phone, and Cara frantically asked where he'd been, and he explained that he was spending time with his family. Cara informed him that Griffin had been stabbed and that she needed his help.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cara told Jake that Griffin had been stabbed by one of the guards. As Cara hung up the phone so that she could better comfort her brother, Jake updated Amanda. Amanda realized the gravity of the situation and said they should go to the jail. Jake said that Amanda didn't need to go, but Amanda wanted to help.

Jesse ran into the cell and was shocked at the chaos. Cara told Jesse that one of the guards had stabbed Griffin. Jesse went to check on the ambulance as Jake arrived. Jake and Cara immediately fell into their old habit of relating the situation to one they'd experienced in Doctors Without Borders. Amanda asked if there was anything that she could do, and Cara asked her to call Tad and fill him in. Amanda couldn't get a signal and, to her dismay, she had to leave Jake with Cara while she went outside.

A guard escorted Griffin, Cara, and Jake to the hospital. Jake immediately directed the nurse to gather the necessary supplies. Cara stepped out into the hallway briefly and heard Jesse tell the guard to stay posted outside of Griffin's room until further notice. Cara was upset that Jesse had ordered a guard to watch the room, as it had been a guard who'd caused the injury.

Cara demanded that Jesse find answers before Griffin went back to jail. Jesse indicated that the extent of Griffin's injuries would determine whether Griffin went back to jail. Jesse added that he wanted answers, as well, but warned Cara that what he found might reveal things Cara didn't want to know about her brother and what he'd done.

Cara returned to her brother's room and thanked Jake for all the work he'd done. Cara asked to speak to Jake alone once a nurse had the situation under control. Cara said that she didn't want Griffin to go back to jail until Jesse identified the culprit. Cara added that if Griffin's injuries were severe enough, he could be kept in the hospital.

Jesse rushed into the room a few moments later and said that they hadn't gotten prints other than Griffin's off of the knife, and added that the police were working on the surveillance tape. Jesse asked about Griffin, and Jake said that he suspected a lacerated spleen. Jake said that Griffin needed to stay in the hospital for a few days until Jake could determine whether or not surgery was needed.

Griffin worried that Kendall was too far away to protect. Cara reminded Griffin that Kendall was the reason Griffin had been repeatedly attacked. Cara believed that Kendall was perfectly capable of taking care of herself should trouble crop up on the island.

Tad arrived at the hospital and found Amanda. Amanda told Tad that Griffin was fine because of the work that Cara and Jake had done. Back in Griffin's room, Griffin thanked Jake for downgrading his condition to extend his hospital stay. While Jake said that he wasn't a fan of lying to Jesse, Jake did feel it was important to protect Griffin.

Tad commended Amanda for getting over her issues with Cara. Amanda said that she hadn't gotten over all of them. Amanda said that Cara needed to try, as well, and claimed that Cara was still hung up on Jake. Tad denied Amanda's belief, and said that Cara was doing all she could to move on. Amanda said that Tad could believe that if he wanted. Amanda pointed out that Tad's marriage wasn't real, so he didn't have anything to lose. Amanda agreed to hide her feelings because Griffin needed both Jake and Cara, but said she wouldn't ignore what she saw happening between Cara and Jake.

After Amanda left, Tad walked down the hall to Griffin's room to check on the patient. Tad agreed that Griffin would be safer in the hospital. Griffin said he needed Tad to keep an eye on Kendall. After Tad left, Cara asked why Griffin was so concerned with Kendall. Griffin reminded Cara that she was the one who had suggested he get involved with Kendall. Griffin said he knew he'd made a mistake by getting emotionally involved, and it had led to him getting burned. Griffin said he still wanted to make sure Kendall was safe.

Jake found Amanda in the hall and updated her on Griffin's prognosis. Jake admitted that he'd given false information to Jesse in order to keep Griffin safe in the hospital for a few extra days. Amanda said that she understood Jake's motives but said that Jake was risking his medical career. Amanda asked when Jake's goodwill would end. Jake said that he appreciated Amanda's concern, and Amanda replied that she didn't want Jake to get hurt. Jake said that he would be okay as long as Amanda was in his corner.

Jack saw a guilty look cross Opal's face, and asked what she knew about Erica's disappearance. Opal reluctantly hinted that Caleb had made an appearance on the island. Jack's anger was evident when he realized that Caleb had likely intervened in the wedding plans. Jack asked why Caleb had shown up. Opal said that Caleb had wanted to talk to Erica, but the topic hadn't been business.

Opal indignantly announced that although Caleb wanted to see Erica to proclaim his intentions, it hadn't made a difference. Opal said that she had seen Erica after Caleb's declaration, and there hadn't been a doubt in Erica's mind that she wanted to be with Jack. Greenlee refused to believe Opal's story, and Jack demanded to know where his bride-to-be had holed up.

Opal was certain that Erica would arrive soon, and Kendall and Bianca posited explanations for Erica's delay. Jack reminded the group that Caleb had kept Erica on the mountain longer than he needed to, and might not have accepted no for an answer in this case. Realizing that Caleb was actually capable of kidnapping, Jack decided to look for Erica. Greenlee tried to stop him because she believed that Jack would only get hurt again. Jack couldn't resist and left quickly, with Opal close behind.

After her father and Opal left, Greenlee made her displeasure at Erica's actions clear. Kendall lashed out at Greenlee for her callous behavior and asked for an explanation. Greenlee said that she'd shown up for the wedding to show her support and to let Jack know that she wanted him to be happy. Instead, Greenlee pointed out that Erica appeared to be up to her old tricks -- which involved breaking Jack's heart again.

Kendall insisted that Erica probably had a good reason for not showing up at the rehearsal dinner. Greenlee refused to be swayed and said that Erica always put her needs before the needs of anyone else. Kendall told Greenlee that if she couldn't be supportive, she should leave. Greenlee took the easy out and stormed off. Ryan and Emma hurriedly said goodbyes, and Ryan asked Kendall to call him with developments.

After Ryan and Emma left, Ricky asked if it was possible Erica had experienced second thoughts. Both Kendall and Bianca denied that claim, but were more amenable to the idea that Erica had needed extra time to reflect. They made a plan for Ricky and Kendall to check the yacht while Bianca would check to see if Erica had decided to visit the children.

Kendall and Ricky rushed out, but before Bianca could leave, Marissa showed up. Marissa said that she'd heard about Erica's disappearance from Jack and Opal. Bianca was sure that someone would find Erica soon, and that they'd all be able to look back and laugh about it some day. Bianca said that Erica loved Jack too much to hurt him.

Kendall and Ricky got to the yacht but found no sign of Erica. Kendall remarked that she'd sold the yacht to Jack and Erica because she'd thought it would be a sign of a new beginning. Instead, Kendall said it seemed that there was no way to believe that anything was permanent. Kendall then said that Greenlee had every right to be angry.

Kendall wondered why she'd always had such volatile relationships. Ricky realized that Kendall was no longer talking about Greenlee. Kendall said that she still felt bad for what had happened at the police station with Griffin. Ricky reminded Kendall that Griffin had lied to her, and that Kendall had done nothing wrong by telling the police the truth. Kendall thought that perhaps she should have had more faith in Griffin, as he had saved her life. Ricky vehemently rejected the notion and said that Kendall deserved a chance at a fresh start that would help her heal from all she'd lost.

Greenlee angrily packed her belongings, and Ryan asked if Greenlee really wanted to leave. Ryan thought that perhaps Erica would make it back before the wedding. Greenlee said that she was tired of Erica hurting Jack. Greenlee said that she'd always seen Erica for who she really was: an evil stepmother. Emma walked into the room and likened Greenlee to Erica. Ryan told Emma to apologize, but Emma said that she hated Greenlee because Greenlee was mean, and the girl ran out of the room.

Ryan asked Emma not to hide in the bathroom, but the little girl refused to rejoin her father and stepmother. Greenlee offered to try to talk to Emma and said that it couldn't make things worse. An incoming phone call that Ryan had to take finally made him agree to let Greenlee work things out with Emma. Through the bathroom door, Greenlee asked if Emma thought it would hurt Annie if they were friends.

Greenlee suggested that the little girl believed she would lose her father to Greenlee. Greenlee promised that neither of those things was true, and added that she loved Emma as much as she loved Ryan. Slowly, Emma emerged from the bathroom. Greenlee asked if they could be friends again, just as Ryan returned to the room.

All seemed to be well, and Emma asked if she could see Annie when they returned to Pine Valley. Ryan said that he would talk to the doctors to see what they said. Greenlee asked to talk to Ryan out in the hall. Ryan followed his wife and understood when Greenlee said that she thought it was too soon for Emma to see Annie. Ryan agreed that the progress they'd made with Emma could be destroyed. Emma overheard and quietly promised that they couldn't stop her from seeing Annie.

Jack went back to Pine Valley and stopped by Krystal's restaurant. The manager told Jack that Krystal was out sick, so Jack placed a phone call. Jack got Krystal's voicemail, and left a message that said he needed her help to track down Caleb. Jack ended the call and turned to leave. Jack was surprised when he saw Caleb in the doorway.

Jack was certain that Caleb had a hand in Erica's disappearance. Caleb said that he'd last seen Erica in St. Barts. Jack said that he knew about Caleb's trip to the island, and demanded to know where Caleb had taken Erica. Caleb said that when he left, Erica had made her choice -- and it hadn't been Caleb. Given Jack's behavior, Caleb surmised that Erica hadn't chosen Jack either.

Jack wasn't convinced that Caleb didn't have a hand in Erica's disappearance. Caleb admitted that he'd flown to the island to make one last attempt for Erica's heart. When he realized that he could never have her, Caleb had left. Jack was confused because Erica never bowed out of a situation quietly. Jack admitted that he didn't know where Erica could be.

On the island, Bianca called her mother's cell phone and left a message. When the call ended, Bianca confessed to Marissa that she was confused because of what was happening. Bianca admitted that things with Erica and Caleb were complex, but said she was sure that Erica and Jack's relationship was solid. Bianca refused to give up on her mother. Bianca reasserted that Erica would return, and that the wedding would happen as planned.

Bianca was anxious as she waited for Jack to call with an update. Bianca distracted herself by telling Marissa that many people misjudged Erica. Marissa couldn't believe that Bianca was one of those people. Bianca told Marissa the story of how, when she told Erica she was gay, she'd convinced herself that Erica was only concerned about image. Bianca soon found out that Erica had actually been concerned about the effects that living as an openly gay woman might have on Bianca.

Bianca hoped Erica knew that Bianca had grown to think much more of Erica over the years. Marissa was certain that Erica knew. Bianca's ringing phone interrupted their moment. Bianca found Jack on the other end of the call. Jack updated Bianca on what he'd found out from talking to Caleb. After the call ended, Jack and Caleb tried to figure out why Erica would have disappeared without telling anyone.

Blindfolded, Erica called out to try to find out who had kidnapped her or where she was. When no one answered, Erica called out Caleb's name. She was met with silence, so Erica continued to talk as if she was certain that Caleb was her captor. Erica said that she'd thought Caleb was kidding when he said he wanted to throw Erica over his shoulder and leave the island.

Erica said that was more than willing to talk things out with Caleb. Erica realized that her sudden disappearance would make everyone think she'd changed her mind. Erica continued to call out to Caleb, and hoped he'd see reason. Suddenly, a mysterious voice boomed into the open space, and welcomed Erica by name. Erica knew immediately that Caleb wasn't her captor, and announced that Caleb wasn't the cowardly sort.

The captor applauded Erica for a good guess but confirmed that he wasn't Caleb. Erica demanded to know what he wanted. The captor said that he wanted Erica to be comfortable and asked if she wanted something to eat. Erica refused to eat anything that the captor gave her, so the voice told her that he would deliver a surprise to eat.

Unwilling to accept her fate, Erica struggled with her restraints until the ties around her wrists fell away. The voice quickly told her that they would speak again, and raised the lights in the room. Simultaneously, Erica pushed the blindfold off of her eyes and realized that the room had been set up to look like her bedroom. Erica looked around and was stunned at the accuracy of the room. She spotted the video camera that had been mounted in the corner and wondered what kind of game her captor was playing.

As she untied the binds around her ankles, her captor spoke again via the intercom. He encouraged Erica to remove the restraints. As soon as she was free, Erica instantly tried the door. Upon finding it locked, Erica demanded to know why she'd been kidnapped. The voice said she'd been taken because of who she was. The voice encouraged her to look around and said that the room was virtually the same as Erica's real bedroom. Erica went to the window to look out but found the windows covered.

Kendall thanked Ricky for finding a way to cheer her up. Ricky asked if Kendall was done beating herself up over Griffin. Kendall said that she hadn't completely given herself a pass yet. Ricky reminded her that a dead woman had been found in Griffin's bed, and Griffin hadn't had an explanation. Ricky said that he was grateful that Griffin had saved Kendall's life, but asserted that it was a good thing that Kendall was no longer connected to Griffin.

An incoming text message from Kendall's phone interrupted her conversation with Ricky. Kendall relayed that Jack had located Caleb in Pine Valley, but that Erica was not with them. Kendall immediately thought that the people involved with the casino dealings might have taken Erica. Kendall started to call Griffin, but Ricky tried to deter Kendall by saying that Griffin wouldn't be able to take her call. Kendall said that Griffin could be the connection they needed to find Erica. Kendall added that she would call whomever she needed to call to find out more information from Griffin.

Kendall ended the call and told Ricky that Griffin had been stabbed. Ricky feigned shock and spoke as if Griffin was dead. Ricky barely contained a stunned expression when Kendall told him that Griffin had survived the attack. Kendall said that she needed to go home and confront Griffin. Ricky quickly tried to squash the idea, and said that an abrupt departure would frighten Kendall's sons. Kendall reluctantly agreed.

Bianca showed up on the boat with Marissa, and they all realized that no one had an update on Erica. Kendall told Bianca about the stabbing, and theorized that everything could be linked back to the casino partners. Ricky tried to quiet the talk and said that speculation would only cause more anxiety. Kendall said that she needed to go home and confront Griffin. Bianca and Marissa agreed to stay on the island. Ricky said that he wouldn't take a chance with Kendall's safety, and offered to escort her home.



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