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Monday, April 18, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, May a was startled when Asher entered the room. Asher assured Maya that she wasn't expected to pick up after him. Moments later, Asher received a call from JR. Afterwards, Asher wondered if Maya had heard about Erica. "No," Maya admitted, but she was surprised that Asher was a fan. Asher clarified that Caleb was the fan. Maya had no idea who Caleb was, so Asher explained, "I guess you can call him my dad."

Jackson, Opal, and Caleb entered Erica's penthouse to search for clues that might lead them to Erica. Opal became annoyed when Krystal showed up to check on Jack.

At the Hubbard home, Angie was surprised when Jesse declined to hold Lucy. Angie admitted that Jesse had seemed distracted lately, so she wondered what was going on. Jesse tried to shrug it off as stress from work and being a new parent, but Angie didn't buy it. Angie was certain that something was eating at Jesse, so she urged him to talk to her because she wanted to help. Jesse was saved by a timely call from Brot. Brot informed Jesse that they had a lead on the person who had attacked Griffin in jail.

Krystal stopped by to visit Angie, and to drop off baby clothes for Lucy. Angie sensed that Krystal was troubled. Krystal confessed that she was worried about Jack, and annoyed that Erica was playing both sides of the fence. Angie wondered if perhaps there were more to Krystal's concerns for Jack. Krystal tried to deny it, but Angie smiled knowingly. Krystal conceded that she had romantic feelings for Jack, even though he was in love with Erica.

Krystal quickly changed the subject to find out what was going on with Angie. Angie revealed that she was frustrated by her inability to see Jesse's expressions, because she was certain that something was bothering her husband. Angie explained that Jesse had talked about quitting the police force because he was eager to slow down. However, Angie noticed that Jesse was quick to leave whenever the opportunity presented itself. Angie had no idea what to make of Jesse's erratic behavior.

At the police station, Jesse was frustrated that the person suspected of stabbing Griffin had managed to get away. Jesse realized that he wasn't at the top of his game, but Brot thought that Jesse was being too hard on himself. Jesse confided that he had been having difficulty bonding with Lucy because Jesse's thoughts were on his daughter. Jesse realized that it was time for him to get his act together.

In the replica of Erica's bedroom, Erica was surprised when her captor slid in a tray of Erica's favorite food. Erica's captor continued to communicate with Erica via speakers mounted in the wall. The computer-generated voice instructed Erica to write a letter to Jack to explain why Erica had left, and wouldn't be at the wedding. Erica insisted that Jack wouldn't believe any excuse that Erica fabricated, but Erica's captor was certain that Erica was clever enough to think of something. Erica tried to charm her captor into releasing her, to no avail. Resigned, Erica agreed to write the letter.

Later, Erica was startled when her letter was returned. Erica's captor accused Erica of writing the note in code because the first letter of each line had spelled out, "Taken. Help me." Erica refused to apologize, because she thought that it had been a "clever" idea. Erica's satisfaction turned to alarm when the captor acknowledged that Erica's mother, Mona, had been known to have a fondness for crosswords and acrostics. Erica demanded to know how her captor had known what her favorite foods were and personal information about Mona.

Erica didn't wait for an answer as she angrily informed her captor that Jack would never believe any letter that Erica would write to explain her absence from the wedding. Erica was surprised when her captor agreed, so the captor proposed that Erica call Jack. The captor quickly explained that Erica would be expected to behave. "Or what? You'll kill me?" Erica demanded to know. Erica was taken aback when an image of Miranda suddenly appeared on the television screen.

Erica watched as Miranda colored in the hotel suite while the babysitter looked on. The captor let Erica know that Gabrielle was napping nearby. Erica blanched when the captor admitted that Miranda and Gabby were precious children, so it would be a shame to see either child hurt. Erica watched as the babysitter suddenly stood up, walked over to the camera, adjusted it to give Erica a better view of Miranda, and then smiled menacingly into the camera. Erica realized that her granddaughters would be harmed if she didn't cooperate, so she agreed to talk to Jack.

The captor instructed Erica to apologize for running out on Jack and then explain that she needed a couple of weeks to think things through. Erica warned her captor that Jack would never buy it because she had been the one to move up their wedding date. Erica had no idea how she would be able to accomplish such a feat. "You're Erica Kane," the voice reminded Erica. The call was placed and then put on speaker, so that Erica could talk to Jack from her prison.

Initially, Jack was relieved to hear from Erica until she began to apologize and then explained that she had felt overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing between Jack and Caleb. Jack wanted to know where Erica was, but Erica continued to spin her tale as her captor flashed her instructions on the television screen. Erica insisted that she needed a few weeks to clear her head and then begged Jack to let things go. After the phone call, Erica's captor assured Erica that Miranda and Gabby were safe. Erica realized that her kidnapping had nothing to do with ransom money.

In Erica's penthouse, Caleb watched as Jack ended the call with Erica. Jack quickly placed a call to Jesse to see if Jesse could trace the phone call. Jesse explained that it would be impossible because there hadn't been any evidence of a crime having been committed. Frustrated, Jack ended the call. Caleb confessed that it had been clear to him that Erica had been set on marrying Jack. Jack had no idea what to do, but he insisted that he had to let Erica's family know that Erica was okay.

After Caleb left, Krystal returned to the penthouse. Krystal admitted that she had heard about Erica, so she was curious how he was faring. Jack confessed that he had no idea.

Asher entered Krystal's restaurant to find Caleb sitting at a table with Opal. Caleb assured Asher that Erica had surfaced and that she was fine. Asher was relieved, prompting Caleb to wonder if Asher had been concerned about him. Asher conceded that he had persuaded Caleb to go to St. Barts to woo Erica. Opal let Asher and Caleb know that she was irritated with them for trying to stop Erica's wedding. Opal accused both men of being Palmer's true descendants.

Asher wondered what Caleb planned to do next. Caleb insisted that he still had a business to run, but Asher was curious where Erica stood with Jack. Opal clarified that she knew Erica, so Opal had believed Erica when Erica had assured Opal that Jack was the man that Erica wanted to be with. Opal confessed that it was the reason that she had a bad feeling about Erica's sudden disappearance.

In St. Barts, Marissa found Bianca in the lobby of the hotel as Bianca finished up a phone call. Marissa sensed that the phone call hadn't been about Erica. Bianca explained that the Miranda Center donors were unhappy about Griffin's arrest, so they were threatening to pull future donations. "But he's not the Miranda Center, you are," Marissa argued. Marissa was surprised when AJ suddenly ran up to her, followed by JR.

"Surprise," JR said with a nervous smile. JR decided to let AJ play in the shallow end of the pool while he talked to Marissa. After JR and AJ walked away, Marissa admitted that she wasn't thrilled about the unexpected visit. Bianca offered to stay with Marissa, but Marissa assured Bianca that it wasn't necessary. Marissa realized that Bianca had more urgent matters to deal with. Bianca offered to loan Marissa her babysitter, if Marissa needed a break.

JR returned shortly after Bianca left. JR confessed that he had been uncertain about flying to St. Barts, but he was glad that he had decided to. However, he wondered if Marissa were mad. Marissa admitted that she had promised never to run away again, but she had done just that after their kiss. JR wondered if Marissa had been tempted to kiss him again.

Marissa explained that Bianca had made her realize that Marissa should be honest about her feelings. JR wanted to explore that statement further, but AJ chose that moment to run up to his parents. AJ begged his parents to go down the water slide with him, so they agreed. AJ beamed as he confided that it felt as if they were on a family vacation. Later, JR and Marissa bumped into Bianca in the lobby, so JR suggested that Bianca and the girls join him, Marissa, and AJ at the pool. Marissa thought that it was a fabulous idea, just as AJ called out to her.

Marissa left, so Bianca wondered if she and the girls would be intruding. "Not at all," JR assured Bianca. Bianca didn't want to get in the way, but JR promised that she wouldn't be. JR thanked Bianca for being a positive influence on Marissa. Bianca quickly clarified that she had been careful to stay neutral, so JR had no reason to thank her for anything. JR insisted that Bianca had done something good for Marissa, which was all that mattered to him.

Ricky rendezvoused in the park with the man that he had hired to kill Griffin. Ricky made it clear that he was furious with the henchman's failed attempt to murder Griffin. The thug became confused when Ricky began to rant about Kendall's interest in Griffin, but Ricky quickly caught himself. Ricky issued a quick warning to the would-be assassin and then left.

At the hospital, Kendall entered Griffin's room to tell him that she had returned from St. Barts. Griffin was stunned to learn that Erica had vanished. Griffin's concern turned to disgust when he realized that Kendall suspected that he might know something about Erica's disappearance. Griffin was curious if she thought that he might have had something to do with Zach's death too. Kendall confessed that she had no idea what to think of her mother's disappearance, the attempt on Griffin's life, and Diana's death.

Griffin accused Kendall of sounding as if she had decided that Griffin was in the middle of all of it. He reminded Kendall that she had been the one to betray him by telling the police about the drugs. Griffin was offended that she had believed him capable of murdering Zach and then arranging for Erica's disappearance. "What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of monster do you think I am?" Griffin demanded.

Kendall assured Griffin that she didn't think that he was a monster, but Griffin knew that she continued to suspect him of wrongdoing. Kendall conceded that he had lied to her, and then admitted that she was sorry that she had stopped by. Griffin confessed that he was sorry that he had gotten personally involved with her. He insisted that he hadn't lied about the drugs that he had taken from the hospital, so he warned her to be very careful. Kendall didn't understand Griffin because he was accusatory one moment and then protective the next.

Griffin admitted that he was a complicated man, just as Ricky entered the hospital room. Kendall informed Ricky that she wasn't done talking to Griffin, but Griffin disagreed. Griffin urged Kendall to tell Ryan about their conversation and then asked Ricky to take care of her. Ricky confidently assured Griffin that he would. After Ricky and Kendall left, Jesse stopped by to talk to Griffin. Jesse revealed that it had been suggested that Griffin might not be seriously injured, so Jesse had decided to check on Griffin.

Griffin was confident that he had a "hell of a lawsuit" against the police department for the attack. Jesse warned Griffin that the lawsuit would have to wait because the grand jury had met. Griffin realized that the news wasn't good. Jesse confirmed that the forensics evidence was irrefutable, so Griffin would be charged with murder.

At the Slater residence, Kendall received a call from Jack to tell her that Erica had left town to do some soul-searching. Ricky was relieved that the casino partners weren't responsible for Erica's disappearance. However, he noticed that Kendall didn't seem happy. Kendall confessed that she felt terrible for accusing Griffin of orchestrating Erica's kidnapping. Kendall became upset as she admitted that she had no idea whom she could trust and not trust. Ricky held Kendall in his arms as she cried on his shoulder.

"It's going to be okay, sweetheart," Ricky promised Kendall as he gently stroked her arm. Kendall's tears dried up as Ricky's words sank in. Kendall slowly pulled away from Ricky and then nervously explained that she needed some time alone. Ricky assured her that he would call the following day and then left. Afterwards, Kendall recalled the resent strange incidents surrounding Zach's letter.

"Oh, my God. Ricky," Kendall said as she realized that Ricky might not be whom he appeared to be.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Angie and Randi greeted Jesse when he returned home from work. Angie worried that he hadn't rested, and he informed her that he'd gotten a couple of hours of sleep in his office. He reported that he had only stopped for a change of clothes before heading back to work, but Angie implored him to take a break and spend time with Lucy. He kissed her and rushed off to change.

Jesse complained that the police station had been a circus, and Angie pointed out that was even more reason to take a break. Randi left to answer a phone call, and Angie noticed that Jesse seemed distant. She remarked that Lucy had been making cute noises, as if the baby sensed that Angie couldn't see. Jesse called it amazing, and Angie asked Jesse to hold Lucy. Jesse hesitated, but he eventually took the baby from Angie. He flashed back to holding a stillborn Ellie, and he quickly handed the baby back and said he had to go. He departed, and Angie looked concerned.

At ConFusion, Tad told Jake that he had reviewed the Yacht Club's security footage and had interviewed everyone at the hotel, but no one had any information about how Diana's body had ended up in Griffin's bed. Jake asked how Cara was holding up, and Tad said she was fine, considering the circumstances. Jake commented that Cara was an excellent multitasker and began to offer Tad advice about how to help her, but Tad said he could figure it out himself. Tad sternly advised Jake to concentrate on his own wife.

Tad and Jake bickered. Jake accused Tad of implying that Jake should stay away from Cara. Tad warned that people were starting to talk, because Jake had gone to great lengths to protect Cara. Tad claimed Jake's actions made it difficult for Tad and Cara's marriage to look real. Tad ordered Jake to go home and deal with his family, because Amanda obviously wasn't comfortable with Jake and Cara's relationship. Jake testily wished Tad luck with his marriage. Angie called Tad and said that Jesse needed him.

Tad and Jake arrived at the police station to talk to Jesse, and he expected they wanted an update about Griffin. The brothers said they just wanted to talk to him, because he'd just had a baby and though Angie was strong, she needed him. They expressed concern that Jesse was pushing himself too hard and was shutting his loved ones out. Tad urged Jesse to tell them what was wrong.

Jesse insisted there was nothing upsetting him, other than the fact that he had been investigating a murder involving people he knew. Tad noted that Jesse had changed since Lucy's birth. Jake encouraged Jesse to open up, but Jesse said he had work to do. Tad called Jesse a hero for delivering his own child, and an overwhelmed Jesse barked at them to stop grilling him and to back off. The Martin men were stunned by Jesse's anger.

Tad swore that he and Jake were on Jesse's side. Jesse admitted that Lucy's stressful delivery had left him in shock, and he requested their patience. Tad and Jake agreed, and Jesse rushed out, slamming the door behind him. Jake asked whether Tad thought Jesse would be okay, but Tad thought it was best not to push. Jake mentioned a conversation he'd had with Cara, but Tad cut him off. Jake continued that they had talked about Lucy and that not every conversation was a threat to their marriages. Jake received a call, and he left for the hospital.

Angie informed Randi that Jesse had gone back to work, and Randi asked if they were okay. Angie conceded that Jesse had been having a hard time since Lucy had been born. Randi commented that Jesse had saved Angie and Lucy's lives, but Angie wondered if the traumatic birth had made him think of what he could have lost. Randi said that when she looked at Lucy, it was difficult not to think about the baby she herself had lost, because there was no feeling like that pain. Angie said she'd experienced that feeling for a moment, when she'd regained consciousness after giving birth and she hadn't heard the baby. Randi took her hand and assured Angie that she was happy that Angie had a beautiful baby girl.

Randi observed that they needed more diapers, but she hesitated to leave Angie alone. Angie said she had to learn to handle things on her own. Randi left, and Angie sat next to Lucy. She smiled and sang to the baby, but she became emotional and murmured that she'd do anything to see Lucy's sleeping face. Angie heard a noise, and she assumed that Randi had returned. She opened the front door, and David silently entered. When Lucy began to cry, he walked past Angie and picked up Lucy. Angie was shocked to hear David's voice declare that the baby was fine.

Angie demanded that David give her the baby. He handed Lucy over, and she reprimanded him for grabbing the tot. He claimed that the child had been in distress, but Angie asserted that she could have handled the situation. He asked if she'd thought about their discussion regarding his desire to help her regain her sight. She maintained that she wasn't interested, but he said he'd done more research and had learned of new stem cell studies. He left some information for her and apologized that it wasn't in Braille. She asked him to read it to her.

David recommended a medical procedure to Angie, but she thought the FDA might not approve. He called the procedure groundbreaking. Lucy began to cry, and David moved to pick her up as Angie gently objected. Jesse entered and ordered David out of their home. David told Angie to call him when she was ready to talk. David exited, and Jesse wondered what had been going on. He was speechless when Angie informed him that David believed that he could restore her sight.

Angie explained that there was a chance it could work, but Jesse was skeptical because the idea was David's. Jesse questioned why David was interested, but Angie said that if there was any possibility it could work, she had to consider it. Jesse called David evil and worried that David was causing false hope. Jesse reminded Angie that David had been responsible for her blindness. Angie tearfully proclaimed that she wanted to see again. She'd accepted being blind until the night she'd gone into labor, and she couldn't help her baby. Jesse looked guilty as Angie cried that she felt like she'd been missing something ever since her daughter's birth.

Kendall gazed at Zach's photo and recalled that Zach's letter had included the word "sweetheart." She wondered if she was wrong to have suspicions about Ricky. She felt like she couldn't talk to anyone, because she didn't want to risk doing to Ricky what she'd done to Griffin. There was a knock at the door, and Kendall opened it to a cheerful Ricky, who announced that he had big plans for them.

Ricky noticed that Kendall seemed edgy, and she blamed it on the stress of the past few days. He suggested that they spend the day outside, but she said she had to go to the office. He pushed her to delay work, and she snapped that she couldn't. He asked if he'd done something wrong. Kendall explained that as a business owner, she couldn't just take off whenever she wanted. He apologized for upsetting her, and she promised they'd talk later. He left, and she looked concerned. From outside, Ricky ominously looked back at the door.

Ricky met a woman in the park and said they had a lot of work to do in a short time, because he wanted to plan a surprise for the woman he loved. Ricky asked the woman to find a remote place where he could spend time with his fiancée and her two sons. She was surprised that he was engaged, and he confessed that he was getting ahead of himself.

At the hospital, Cara tucked Griffin into bed, and he was clearly irritated by her hovering. He told her to get some rest, but she refused to leave his side. Bianca entered and asked how Griffin was doing. Cara said that he wasn't up for visitors, but Griffin realized that Bianca was there to see if he was guilty of the charges against him. He professed his innocence, and Cara blamed Kendall for Griffin's predicament.

Bianca said that Kendall had told her what had happened, and Cara explained that Griffin had only been trying to protect Kendall from the casino partners. Bianca was skeptical, though Griffin remained determined to prove his innocence. He asked about Erica, and Bianca said her mother had checked in and was fine.

After a brief moment of uncomfortable silence, Bianca informed Griffin that she'd spent hours on the phone with Miranda Center donors, who were threatening to withdraw all funding because of the accusations against Griffin. He offered to resign from the center. Bianca apologized, but he said he'd be back on board after he proved he was innocent. He instructed her to have her lawyer draft the paperwork, and she left. He angrily threw his hospital tray across the room.

Kendall arrived to see Griffin, and Cara told her to leave. Kendall insisted upon talking to Griffin. Cara tried to intervene, but Griffin said he had something to say, too. Griffin accused Kendall of believing that he was a murderer. Cara started to defend her brother, but Griffin insisted upon seeing things from Kendall's point of view. Cara protested that not everyone believed he had killed Diana, but Griffin understood why some people would think he had.

Cara informed Kendall that Bianca had just been there to ask for Griffin's resignation. Cara berated Kendall for causing the loss of Griffin's dream and potentially his freedom. Griffin silenced Cara and asked what Kendall had to say. Kendall stammered that she was sorry and that she'd deal with her problems on her own. He said they were finished, and Kendall left.

Cara ran after Kendall and ordered her to leave Griffin alone. Cara suggested that Kendall go play with her "nosy, possessive minister." Kendall wondered what Cara meant, and Cara revealed that Ricky had been oddly pushy with questions about Kendall's relationship with Griffin. Cara spat that Kendall and Ricky deserved one another.

Cara presented Griffin with magazines and called him a good man. She admitted that she would have been devastated if anything had happened to him, and she vowed to find the person behind his stabbing. He warned her to stay out of it, but she said he'd protected her all her life, and it was her turn to retaliate against the person who'd hurt him.

Griffin told Cara that he loved her and appreciated her efforts to help, but he wanted to keep her safe. He begged her to let Ryan, Tad, and the cops handle the investigation. Jake arrived and asked about Griffin's injuries. Cara complained that Griffin was doing too well and worried that he'd be sent back to jail. She was relieved when Jake pointedly stated that Griffin was still critical. Griffin marveled how his relationship with Jake had changed over the past few months and declared that he owed Jake his life, but Jake said not to thank him yet.

Griffin guessed that Jake had bad news, and Jake revealed that he had been forced to suspend Griffin from the hospital. Griffin understood, but he lamented that he'd lose his medical license if he were to be convicted. An upset Cara rushed out and ran into Tad in the hallway. She wailed about how Griffin's life had been destroyed, and he advised her to keep the faith. She expressed her determination to help her brother and asked Tad to uphold his vow to honor her. Meanwhile, Griffin speculated that ordinary thugs weren't behind his attack, because the culprit was attempting to strip away everything important in Griffin's life.

Kendall arrived home, where she found Bianca waiting. They lamented that Griffin had to resign from the Miranda Center. Bianca tried to convince herself of Griffin's innocence, but she acknowledged that the evidence against him was strong. Bianca wondered what Ricky thought, because it seemed like Ricky had become part of the family. Kendall asked how long Bianca had known Ricky. Bianca recalled that Ricky had volunteered at the Miranda Center shortly before Zach's death.

When Bianca had first met Ricky, she had felt that he had tried too hard to impress her, but in retrospect, she was thankful for the timing of Ricky's entrance into their lives. A suspicious look crossed Kendall's face. Bianca questioned why Kendall wanted to know more about Ricky and speculated that there was more to Kendall and Ricky's relationship. Kendall claimed that she just wanted to know more about the man they'd been spending time with. Kendall changed the topic to Erica, but Bianca realized she was running late, and exited.

Bianca approached a forlorn David in the park. She inquired if he was all right, and she was surprised when he admitted he wasn't. He explained that he'd just seen Angie and Lucy, and it had made him think of Leora, Babe, and Marissa, and how it hurt to think that he'd lost all of his children. He asked how Marissa was doing, and Bianca said okay. David requested that Bianca tell Marissa something, but he faltered when he realized that any words from him wouldn't matter to his daughter.

Kendall answered the door to Ricky, who expressed concern that he'd called the office to learn she hadn't arrived. He asked if she was okay. Kendall claimed that she'd forgotten her briefcase at home, and he surmised that she had done so because she was too exhausted to work. He told a stunned Kendall that she was going with him, and he refused to take no for an answer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At the hospital, Madison gave Scott a new tie, because she was sure he didn't want to start his new job with stains on his old one. Scott wondered how she'd known he'd been hoping to get a new position as an operations manager for the hospital. She claimed she'd noticed that he'd been ruminating about something for weeks. Scott gave Madison an expensive gift for the baby, and she said the hiring manager wouldn't be able to resist him, or the new tie.

Madison took off, and Mr. Kepner handed Scott a letter, which said he hadn't gotten the job. Scott questioned the hiring decision, but Mr. Kepner responded that Ms. Price was a better fit. Scott said he was twice as qualified, and Mr. Kepner stated that the job required accessing sensitive hospital information. Scott expressed that he'd paid for his mistakes, and he just needed a break. Mr. Kepner said Scott could start earning that break by taking Griffin some paperwork.

Scott left his tie at the nurses' station and went to Griffin's room, where he curtly instructed Griffin to fill the papers out. As Griffin did so, he guessed Scott had concluded that he was guilty. Scott remarked that he was just the delivery boy, and Griffin replied, "You've just given me a taste of what's ahead: a life where nobody gives you the benefit of the doubt."

At ConFusion, Emma wasn't thrilled to discover that she'd be spending a day with Greenlee, instead of seeing Annie. Ryan said it was too soon for a visit with Annie. The Laverys went upstairs, where Greenlee said it'd be like "take your daughter to work day." An ornery Emma claimed that was "next week."

Aside, Ryan told Greenlee that she didn't have to go through with it, but Greenlee insisted upon helping Emma and making a fresh start for their family. Before Ryan left, Emma complained of a tummy ache, but Ryan figured she'd be okay. Ryan left, and Greenlee asked what Emma wanted to do first. "Where's the T.V.?" Emma pointedly asked.

Later, Madison arrived at the office and saw Greenlee having trouble with the obstinate Emma. Greenlee told Emma that Greenlee had spent her childhood angry with her father, and she wished she hadn't wasted that time with him. Greenlee said Emma could be angry and regret it later, or she could have fun and see that Greenlee really wanted to make their family work.

Emma decided that she wanted to have fun, and with some coaxing, she stated that she liked taking pictures. Greenlee offered to let Emma sit in on a photo shoot and take her own pictures. Emma beamed about it to Madison, but when Greenlee let Emma look at old photos from past shoots, Emma was startled to see a photo of her mother in the collection.

Greenlee returned to Emma, who shouted that Greenlee would never be her mother. Emma threw the photos on the floor and marched into the out-of-service elevator. Madison sprang to her feet, but Greenlee claimed she had it under control.

Greenlee instructed Emma to open the door, but when Emma didn't comply, Greenlee asserted that she was tougher and stronger than Emma and could wait it out. Looking down, Greenlee spotted a photo of Annie on the ground. "I don't believe this," Greenlee groaned.

At Kendall's house, Ricky offered to take Kendall somewhere to show her a different side of him. Kendall allowed Ricky to take her to the park for a picnic, but her mind raced with her new suspicions about him. He coaxed her to sit on his blanket, but she said she couldn't stop trying to figure out who'd set Griffin up for an attack and a murder charge.

Just then, Opal approached and hugged Ricky, whom she called a living angel. Opal praised Ricky for lifting her friend's spirits and helping her friend get a job. Opal left, and Kendall stated that, though she and Ricky had spent a lot of time together, she barely knew him.

Kendall said she knew nothing about Ricky's work, but he claimed to be the most proud of his work with her. He figured he shouldn't admit to feeling close to her. Kendall replied that she felt the same way. Ricky recognized that she was still grieving and cited that Zach had said he'd be home for the holidays to see Chief Spike in his play. Kendall wondered how it was possible that Ricky had repeated almost exactly what Zach had said. Ricky tried to convince Kendall that she'd told him about it on an emotional and exhausting night. Kendall remembered the night in question, but said that the whole timeframe had been a blur to her.

Just then, Ryan arrived to give Kendall an update. Ricky wandered off, and Ryan stated that he had no proof of Zach's murder. She admitted that she had some suspicions, but she said she wanted to go to the old yacht to think before sending Ryan on a wild goose chase. Kendall stated that Ricky had been pushing her, and Ryan readily called Ricky over to ask him to review some research about the casino case. Kendall pretended to have a headache and asked Ricky for a rain check on the picnic.

At ConFusion with Ricky later, Ryan said he suspected that Diana Holden had been entangled with the people who'd murdered Zach. Ryan wanted Ricky to help sift through a file for anything that might prove it, and Ricky feigned shock about the suspicions of murder. When Ryan stepped away to take a call about Emma, Ricky picked through Ryan's file and stole a photo of himself and Diana. Ryan returned to say that he had to leave. Once alone, Ricky, who hadn't believed Kendall's excuse earlier, wondered where she'd gone.

At the yacht, Kendall told Zach that she needed his help in figuring out what had happened to him. Ricky called, and as she pressed the "ignore" button on her phone, the phone fell on the floor. When she knelt to get it, she saw an envelope taped under the bar countertop.

Kendall pulled out a letter, which she recognized as the last letter she'd received from Zach. The last page, however, was different. On the last page, Zach wrote that he had detailed records of everything that had been stolen from him and by whom. He said that if anything happened to him, he needed Kendall to find the information, which he'd hidden in their special place. He said it would prove that his partners had killed him.

Kendall recalled being with Ricky when she'd discovered that the last page of the letter had gone missing. She realized that she hadn't been crazy to think there had been a missing page. "Zach had been trying to warn me about you!" she tearfully asserted. Unbeknownst to her, Ricky loomed outside the door.

Back at Fusion, the elevator doors finally opened, and Emma rushed into Madison's arms. Peeling the girl off Madison, Greenlee said the games had to stop, because Emma could have been hurt. Ryan arrived, and Emma jumped into his arms. Ryan sat Emma down to find out what had happened. She whined that she'd been angry and had wanted to get away from Greenlee. Emma asked if Ryan were mad at her. He admitted that he was frustrated with himself for letting the behavior go on for so long; however, it would stop that very day.

At the hospital, Tad implored Cara to stay out of Griffin's troubles. Though Cara was grateful for Tad's concerns, she said they'd solve it together, or she'd do it alone. Tad asked what she'd do once those people put her lifeless body in the trunk of a car. The couple bickered about it, and Tad finally said that if he let her help, she had to help protect Kendall, too. Cara yelled that Kendall wasn't at the top of Cara's priority list. "I don't give a damn!" Tad bellowed.

After more arguing, Cara reluctantly agreed to Tad's condition, and Tad got a tip from one of his contacts that led him and Cara to Krystal's restaurant. There, Cara and Tad spotted the guy who'd stabbed Griffin. Tad explained that his contact had overheard the guy bragging about slipping past the police to "do a doctor." Cara tried to march up to the man; however, Tad discreetly sat her in a chair and warned that jumping the gun would worsen things for Griffin.

A tense Cara thought she'd go insane if she didn't confront the man, but she admitted that it was actually nice having a partner. As Tad gave Cara a crash course in surveillance, the man quickly left the restaurant. The Martins pursued him into the park, and as they split up to search, Tad ordered Cara call him if she spotted the suspect.

As Cara searched the park, the suspect bumped into her. He brandished a flick knife and said he didn't like being followed. He lunged at her, but she kneed him, sending him to the ground. He scrambled to recover the knife that had fallen, but Tad hit him from behind with a pipe. The man tried to get back up, but Tad whacked him once more. A breathless Cara clapped.

Later, Jesse arrived to handcuff the suspect, and Tad and Cara stated that the man had tried to stab her, just as he'd done to Griffin. Jesse hauled the man to Griffin's hospital room, where Griffin quickly identified the man as the attacker. Griffin thought it was his ticket to freedom; however, to his amazement, the man apologized to "Griff." The man said he'd had to do it. He claimed that he'd warned Griffin that a break from Diana had to be clean, but Griffin hadn't listened. "What you did to her was wrong. I couldn't just let it go," the man said.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Erica felt her way around the dark room in which she had been imprisoned. She yelled that she had done what her captor had asked by convincing Jackson that she didn't want to marry him. She wanted assurance that Miranda and Gabby were safe. Her captor acknowledged that they were. Erica demanded to know why her captor had kidnapped her on her wedding day.

The captor told Erica not to get jumpy, but Erica pointed out the extreme measures the captor had taken. The captor urged her to look at the situation as an opportunity to prove herself. She asked if it was a twisted joke, and the captor noted how Erica had pulled herself together and had become a superstar after her marriage to Tom had dissolved. A surprised Erica asked if she knew her captor, but the captor refused to give her a straight answer.

Erica asked how the captor had known exactly what her bedroom looked like. The captor suggested that perhaps a magazine had published a photo spread of the room, and the captor had built a replica to make Erica feel more comfortable. She demanded to know what the captor wanted. "Where's the fun in that?" the captor asked with a chuckle.

Erica threw her food tray across the room and begged to have a rational conversation. She pointed out that she hadn't seen her captor's face and had no idea who her captor was. She promised not to press charges if her captor released her, and she offered to pretend that it had been an awful mistake. She grew upset when no one answered. She knocked on the mirror and realized that it was one-way, so her captor could watch her. Erica vowed not to let her situation get to her, and she gazed at her engagement ring. With her back to the mirror, she hid the ring under the mattress.

The captor delivered another tray of food and remarked that Erica would already be dead if that had been the captor's intent. Erica opened a bottle of sparkling water and smelled it, then hesitantly took a sip. The captor mentioned that it was Erica's favorite brand. Erica retorted that the captor didn't know everything she liked, but the captor pointed out that her tray included Erica's favorite pasta dish and favorite flowers, but she snapped that she preferred a different color. The captor noted that the change would be added to the list. Erica guessed that the captor didn't know that much about her, but the captor creepily said that there was time to learn anything the captor didn't already know.

Krystal greeted Caleb at her restaurant and offered to get him a drink, but he declined. She understood that it had been hard for him to pour his heart out to Erica, but he feigned indifference. Krystal chalked it up to idle gossip, but he revealed that he had simply told Erica how he felt. Krystal pointedly said that it was worth taking chances in life to avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Opal arrived at Erica and Jackson's home, and Jackson looked up hopefully when she opened the door. She apologized, and Jackson admitted that that he had been waiting for Erica to walk in and announce that she had made a bad choice, but he didn't think it would happen. Jackson inquired about a package Opal was holding, and she presented him with a wedding gift from Lily. He mentioned that he hadn't told Lily or Reggie about the botched wedding yet, and Opal hoped that one day everything would make sense.

Opal declared that she'd reflected upon what had happened, and she was confident that Erica had been sure about her decision to marry Jackson. Jackson jumped when someone rapped on the door, and Krystal entered. Opal coldly told Krystal that Jackson was taking the day off of work, but Krystal clarified that she had dropped by to talk. Jackson thanked Opal, who offered to stay, but Jackson gently ushered her out. Krystal expressed sympathy about what Erica had done to Jackson, and she believed that Erica didn't realize how much she'd hurt him.

Krystal asked if she could do anything to help, and Jackson questioned why Erica had stranded him at the rehearsal without even a phone call. He blamed himself for allowing it to happen. Krystal admired that Jackson had loved Erica for so long, but she considered Erica's behavior unacceptable. Jackson thanked Krystal for hearing him out and called her a good friend. She said she'd always be there to talk to him and hinted that they do so over lunch or dinner. After a brief awkward silence, Krystal left.

Opal joined Caleb at Krystal's, and she observed that Caleb and Krystal had become friendly. She speculated that a relationship might happen between them, but Caleb said he simply liked Krystal's cooking. He tried to brush Opal off, but Opal pushed him to ask Krystal out on a date. Caleb said he wasn't interested, but Opal advised him to forget about Erica, who she believed only had eyes for Jackson. "Who knows where those eyes are looking now?" Caleb mused.

On the yacht, as Kendall read Zach's real letter, she flashed back to her discovery that there had been a page missing in the original letter. Her thoughts turned to Ricky grilling her about what special places she and Zach had shared. She remembered finding Ricky snooping on the yacht. Kendall quickly hid the letter as Ricky entered.

Kendall assured Ricky that she was fine, but he had startled her. He noted that she seemed upset, and she claimed that she was worried about Erica, because she and Bianca hadn't heard anything directly from their mother. Kendall asked why he was there, and he offered to take her to dinner to take her mind off things. She accepted his invitation, but he observed that she sounded hesitant.

Ryan entered and reported that he had no new news about the casino partners. Ricky left, and Kendall immediately rushed to retrieve a laptop computer. Ryan wondered why she was so agitated, and she announced that she'd found proof that Zach had been murdered. Ryan asked what evidence Kendall had. She showed him the real letter that Zach had written and a flash drive that Zach had left behind.

Ryan and Kendall examined spreadsheets that had been saved on the flash drive. Ryan speculated that Zach had discovered that his partners had been keeping two sets of books to skim profits from the casinos. Kendall opened a file with a list of profit participants, and she spotted Diana's name on the list, but she admitted that she didn't see a name she had expected to be on the list.

Ryan wondered who Kendall meant and volunteered to help her, but she didn't want to make a false accusation. She made Ryan promise not to involve the police until she was sure. He thought the police could assist them, but she reminded him that they'd already tried that route. Ryan reluctantly agreed to do things her way. She admitted that she had suspicions about Ricky. Kendall vowed that if she could prove that Ricky was involved with Zach's death, she was going to force Ricky to admit it to her and then make him pay.

Ryan was stunned that Kendall believed that Ricky could be a killer, but she asserted that it made sense once she had put the pieces together. Her suspicions had started with the term "sweetheart," which Ricky had just called her the day before. Ryan countered that it wasn't an unusual term, but Kendall continued that Ricky had been present when the last page of the original letter had gone missing, and she recalled how he'd pressed her to talk about a special place she'd shared with Zach.

Kendall recounted Bianca's comment about how Ricky had gone out of his way to prove himself to Bianca. Kendall thought about how much time she and Ricky had spent together since Zach's memorial service, and she realized that they had to get concrete proof before they could confront him. Ryan promised they'd get to the truth, but suggested they proceed carefully, because Ricky could be dangerous.

Kendall received a text message from Ricky, and she informed Ryan that Ricky intended to make a reservation at ConFusion for their dinner that evening. Ryan didn't want to leave Kendall and the kids alone, and Kendall offered to take the boys to Wildwind to stay with Bianca. Ryan planned to secretly observe Kendall and Ricky at ConFusion, and he asked how Griffin fit into the picture. Kendall thought Griffin and Ricky truly hated one another, and Ryan pointed out that there was still no explanation about how Diana had ended up in Griffin's bed. Kendall thanked him and vowed not to rest until they found answers.

At the hospital, Ricky visited a female patient, who asked if he had someone special in his life. He said that he did and that his loved one was beautiful. The patient advised Ricky not to let her get away, and he firmly stated that he didn't intend to.

Griffin insisted that he was being framed, but his attacker maintained that he and Griffin had known one another for a long time. Cara begged Jesse not to believe the man, and Tad accusingly asked whether the man was more afraid of the cops or the people who had ordered the hit. Jesse led the man out to escort him to the police station, and Griffin lamented that he was being set up for Diana's murder. He insisted that Cara not get involved, but she expressed her determination to find out who had targeted Griffin.

Jesse informed Tad that he didn't expect the attacker would change his story, and Tad prayed that the man wouldn't make bail. Cara asked where the man would be held, and when Jesse clammed up, she realized that it was in the same jail where Griffin would be taken. Cara became hysterical, but Jesse assumed responsibility for the lapse in security during Griffin's stabbing and swore it wouldn't happen again. Griffin declared that he'd be fine, but Tad argued that Griffin was still recovering.

Cara pulled Tad out of the room and fretted that Griffin wasn't safe. Tad said that Griffin couldn't stay in the hospital forever, but Cara vowed not to let her brother go back to jail. Ricky turned the corner and smirked as he watched them leave. He saw Liza walk by and asked her if she'd mind if he looked in on Griffin. Ricky feigned relief that he'd overheard a doctor state that Griffin had made an amazing recovery. Ricky claimed he was praying for Griffin's innocence. Liza excused herself, and she ordered Jesse to stop playing favorites and to get Griffin back in jail.

Jesse inquired why Liza was so worked up, and she accused Jesse of coddling a criminal. Jesse argued that Griffin was healing from the attempt on his life, and Liza countered that Griffin had been incriminated further since his arrest. Cara claimed that Griffin had a serious injury, and Liza asked to speak with his doctor. Tad informed her that Jake had taken the day off, and Liza demanded to see Griffin's CT scan, because she didn't believe Griffin was in such critical condition.

Tad wondered why Liza was in such a rush to imprison Griffin, and she called Griffin a flight risk. She wanted proof of Griffin's injuries and more information about the alleged attacker. Jesse and Liza exited, and Cara declared her intent to switch Griffin's records with those of another patient, but Tad warned her that she could lose her medical license or be imprisoned herself. Tad said Griffin was right in that Cara needed to be protected from herself.

Cara told Griffin of her plan to falsify his medical records. He said that doing so would only slightly delay his return to prison, but she'd be deported. Cara argued that Liza wouldn't know the difference between the CT scans. Griffin refused to allow Cara to risk her career or her life because of him. Liza and Jesse entered, and Liza asked again for Griffin's CT scan. Griffin announced that as a physician, he knew that he had made a full recovery. Liza ordered Jesse to take Griffin back to jail that day.

Once Tad and Griffin were alone, Tad wished that Griffin hadn't sacrificed himself, but Griffin had known that Cara had been about to do something reckless. Griffin explained that she'd been overcompensating for her cancer as a child, when he had been overprotective of her. Tad understood that Griffin loved Cara, and Griffin thanked Tad for looking out for his sister. Tad praised Griffin for looking out for Kendall. Griffin said it would be easier for him to return to jail knowing Kendall and Cara were safe.

Later, Liza greeted Ryan at ConFusion and crowed that she had prevented Griffin from pulling a fast one, because he really hadn't suffered a spleen injury. Ryan asked how she had found out, and she said that Ricky had innocently tipped her off. Meanwhile, Ricky made a reservation for a private patio table and then peeked into a jewelry box with a ring inside. Liza said that Mayor Blanco was cracking down on crime and that she expected to see Griffin go down. Liza departed, and Ricky approached Ryan and nonchalantly asked about the investigation.

Kendall rushed into the hospital, and Cara demanded to know what she wanted. Kendall said she had to speak with Griffin, but Cara berated Kendall for causing Griffin's problems. Cara spat that Griffin was about to be sent back to prison and that it would be Kendall's fault if he ended up dead. Kendall was stunned, and Cara defended her brother by revealing how Griffin had circumvented Cara's attempt to alter medical records to keep him out of jail. Kendall said that she was closer to the truth, if Griffin was innocent. Cara blew up upon hearing that Kendall still had doubts about Griffin, but Kendall begged for Cara's help.

A guard threw clothes onto Griffin's bed, and Griffin asked to be released from his handcuffs so he could get dressed. Meanwhile, Cara remained livid, but Kendall pleaded that if Cara wanted Griffin to be okay, they had to work together. Kendall instructed Cara to create a diversion, and she rushed off. As Griffin finished dressing, Kendall entered his room and announced that she was breaking him out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cara and Griffin demanded to know why Kendall had suddenly had a change of heart. Kendall knew that she hadn't given them a reason to trust her. Kendall promised that she would explain after they got out of the hospital. Kendall reminded Cara that the police wanted to take Griffin to the same jail as the man who had stabbed him.

The reminder was all the incentive Cara needed. Cara ran off to create the diversion Kendall had asked for, but Griffin was not so easily swayed. Griffin swore that he would make Kendall pay if she was attempting to trick him. Kendall confessed that she only wanted to find out who was responsible for Zach's murder.

An orderly knocked over a tray of medication in the hall. The guard outside of Griffin's room walked over to help pick everything up. While the guard was distracted, Cara switched the guard's coffee cup for one she'd been holding. Meanwhile, in Griffin's room, Griffin continued to demand an explanation. Kendall said that they didn't have time.

Kendall reminded Griffin that before he'd operated on her, they'd promised to trust each other. Griffin thought he might regret trusting Kendall again. In the hall, Cara noticed that the guard had fallen asleep. She quickly pulled the fire alarm and ran off. Kendall knew the alarm was the diversion they needed, and hustled Griffin out of the room.

Ricky spotted Ryan at ConFusion. Ricky probed for information about Ryan's research into Diana Holden's background. Ryan revealed very little, so Ricky attempted to seem less desperate. Ricky said that he was worried about Kendall and wished he'd done more to keep Kendall safe. Ryan agreed that all of Kendall's loved ones were concerned but indicated that he was grateful for Ricky's assistance.

Ricky said he'd felt that he and Kendall had gotten closer recently. Ricky wanted to know if Ryan had any ideas of how Ricky could more easily help Kendall. When Ryan didn't follow Ricky's line of thinking, Ricky said that he was worried about Kendall's renewed obsession with Zach's death. Ryan thought it was understandable, but Ricky said that Kendall might not ever find peace. Ricky said that he wished there was a way he could help Kendall let it all go. Ryan told Ricky that would never happen.

Ryan said that Zach was the love of Kendall's life, and she would likely stop at nothing to find out how Zach died. Ryan added that he planned to help Kendall in any way possible, no matter how long it took. Ryan suddenly asked if Ricky still planned to meet Kendall for dinner. When Ricky said that he did, Ryan quickly excused himself.

Frankie rearranged his schedule so that he could spend some time with his mother and newest sister. Frankie joked that he and Jesse would have to guard the house against all the boys that would eventually want to date Lucy. Angie said that she would love to see that, and Frankie said he wished Angie could. Angie chose that moment to reveal the experimental drug that might restore her sight. Angie then reluctantly told her son that David Hayward had provided her with the information.

Angie handed the research to Frankie and asked what he thought. As a doctor, Frankie thought it was a long shot. Frankie reminded his mother that as soon as they'd found out Angie would lose her sight, they'd investigated every experimental drug they could find. Angie said that David had access to channels they didn't, but Frankie said those options weren't necessarily safe.

As her son, Frankie told Angie that she needed to remember who was behind the "miracle" drug that might restore her sight. David had a bad history with the Hubbards, and it was a very real possibility that David might use Angie's desire to see against her. Angie was certain that David would treat her with kid gloves, as a strikeout against her would go against David getting his medical license back.

David ran into Jesse and Tad at the hospital. David realized that Jesse was there to transport Griffin back to jail, and asked after Griffin's health. Tad asked why David was concerned, and David reminded them that he'd been Griffin's mentor. David added that he didn't believe any of the charges that had been leveled against Griffin.

Disgusted with the sight of David, Jesse asked why David had shown up at the hospital. David said that he needed to do more research to restore Angie's sight. Enraged, Jesse told David through clenched teeth to leave him and Angela alone.

Police arrived on the scene, and Jesse instructed them to help get the patients to lower floors and out of danger. Down the hall, Cara stopped Tad as he attempted to throw himself into the fray to help out the officers. Cara quietly confessed that the alarm was false, and that she was the one who had set it off.

Cara told Tad that she needed to help Kendall get Griffin out of the hospital. Tad was distressed because Cara could be charged with aiding and abetting. Cara said that she cared more about keeping Griffin safe than her own welfare. Tad admitted that he cared more about Cara's safety than she realized.

A short while later, Brot and another officer ran into David in the hall. Brot made it clear that he suspected David was the person who had falsely set off the alarm in the hospital. David was genuinely stunned at the accusation, so Brot pointed out that the alarm that had been tampered with was near David. Brot escorted David away for questioning.

Jesse dashed to Griffin's room and was irate when he found the room empty. At the same moment, Tad tracked down the coffee Cara had drugged so that it could be destroyed. Tad and Cara were able to exit the hallway before Jesse arrived with Griffin's guard in tow. Jesse yelled a few orders into his phone and then abruptly ended the call. Jesse proceeded to chastise the guard, but Brot's arrival with David cut the rant short.

Brot said that he had caught David near the alarm that had been triggered and thought that Jesse might want to talk to David. David was confused about why Jesse was so upset until Jesse revealed that Griffin had escaped. David was amused, but said that he wasn't the culprit. David announced that when the alarm went off, he had been with Dr. Phillips in ophthalmology, discussing Angie's case. David wished Jesse luck in finding who really had helped Griffin break out, and walked away.

Cara begged Tad to help her out. Tad pointed out that he had already done so when he got rid of the coffee. Cara was relieved and said that all she wanted to do was help her brother out at any cost. Jesse heard the back part of Cara's statement and invited Cara to join him at the station to discuss how far Cara would go to save Griffin.

Jesse took Cara and Tad down to the police station and into the interrogation room. Cara insisted that she didn't know anything about how Griffin had broken out. Just as Tad suggested that David might have been the culprit, Brot walked in and said that David's alibi had checked out. Tad tried to interject his thoughts into the conversation, but Jesse wanted Cara to answer the questions on her own. Tad didn't listen and confessed that he was the one who had pulled the alarm.

Jesse demanded to know where Griffin was stashed. Tad swore that he didn't know Griffin's location. Instead, Tad fed Jesse a story about how he had smelled smoke and thought it would be best to pull the alarm. Jesse questioned the convenient timing, given Griffin's escape. Tad continued to play innocent but said he was glad Griffin wasn't in jail, given what had happened to Griffin the last time. Jesse didn't have enough information to hold Tad and Cara, so he told Brot to escort them out.

In the general area of the police station, Tad said that the part of him that was old-fashioned made him want to take care of his wife. Tad added that Cara couldn't risk a connection to Griffin's escape, lest she be deported to Mexico.

Griffin tried to keep up with Kendall as she raced through the park. When she realized how much Griffin was hurting, Kendall stopped for a few minutes. She told Griffin that she'd found a copy of the real letter that Zach had left for her, along with a flash drive and some books of incriminating evidence. She said that Ryan was helping her to figure out what it meant. Griffin tried to apologize for the pain he saw flash in Kendall's eyes.

Kendall said that she couldn't let herself give in to the pain or rage before she figured out why Zach had died and who was responsible. Kendall knew that she didn't have a right to ask for Griffin's help but asked anyway. Griffin asked if Kendall's request meant she believed he hadn't sold drugs on the street or killed Diana.

When Kendall hesitated, Griffin made her look at him, and told Kendall that he saved lives. He reminded Kendall that he'd shaken Zach's hand and promised that they would save lives all over the world. Griffin asked if Kendall believed he could do that, and then kill Zach. Kendall took a moment, and then said she believed Griffin was innocent.

Ryan called out to Kendall and pointed out that if he could find her, the police wouldn't be far behind. Ryan looked at Griffin with suspicion, but Kendall told Ryan that Griffin was innocent. She didn't have the proof yet, but Kendall said that she couldn't send Griffin back to jail when he was in danger. After Griffin owned up to the drugs he actually had stolen, Ryan trusted Kendall's judgment and asked if there was a plan. Kendall said she had one. With sirens in the background, Ryan led them to a safer place.

Ryan, Kendall, and Griffin arrived at an abandoned building, and Griffin was quickly ushered inside. Kendall and Ryan stayed on the porch for a moment so that they could talk. Kendall insisted that she had misjudged Griffin and knew that Griffin had only been trying to help all along. Kendall said that Griffin could help them figure out some of the information that Zach had left, but she was still concerned about Griffin's safety. Kendall pointed out that she might need to get Griffin out of Pine Valley. Kendall asked if Ryan could set it up, or tell her what she needed to do to guarantee Griffin's safe passage. Ryan said that he would see what he could work out, and left.

Kendall went inside the house, and Griffin immediately pressed her for updates, as they didn't have much time. Kendall ran down her recollection of finding the letter from Zach in the house and how the content had eventually changed. Kendall continued to run down a list of strange things that had happened, and said that the same person had been with her every time. Kendall was concerned that the person had a hand in Zach's death. Griffin realized that Kendall was referring to Ricky.

Kendall also told Griffin that Ricky was the one that had tipped Liza off to how well Griffin had recovered from the stabbing. Griffin attributed being set up as a drug pusher and a murderer to Ricky and guessed that Ricky was responsible for Zach's death too. Kendall said that Ricky's name wasn't on anything that Zach had left for her. Griffin was determined to find out the link. Kendall said that Griffin needed to get out of the country so that he could do all the good work he'd planned to do before Kendall's actions wrecked his life.

Griffin initially refused to leave. He said that if Ricky was as dangerous as they believed, Kendall shouldn't be alone. Ryan returned to the house at that moment, and promised that he wouldn't leave Kendall vulnerable. Ryan told Griffin that arrangements had been made to get Griffin out of the country. Griffin couldn't imagine simply leaving, but Ryan encouraged him to do so.

Ryan went outside again to see if it was safe for Griffin to leave. While alone with Griffin, Kendall asked if he could ever forgive her. Griffin said that the knowledge that Kendall believed in him again was more than enough. Ryan poked his head in the door and said it was time for Griffin to leave. Griffin ordered Ryan not to let Kendall out of his sight, and then left. Ryan cornered Kendall and said he would take her home.

Angie told Frankie that the doubts he'd voiced were all things she'd already thought of. Angie said that she thought the experiment would be worth the risk. There was a knock at the door. Before Frankie answered it, he asked Angie to consider that this venture might be strictly a revenge tactic. Frankie opened the door and was less than pleased to see David. David invited himself in and asked Angie if she'd had time to consider the information he'd left with her. Angie said that she had, and was ready to talk.

Jesse arrived home and was upset to find David there. Although David tried to provoke a fight, Angie intervened and told David that she needed to speak with Jesse alone. After David left, Jesse made it clear how angry it made him to see David walking around free after all he'd done. Jesse asked if Angie could trust David enough to attempt to regain her eyesight. Angie reminded Jesse that David had practically worked miracles with Greenlee. Angie said that all she wanted from her family was support while she investigated the possibility of seeing again.

Jesse didn't feel like he had a choice but to support Angie in investigating the research. Jesse's caveat was that any trials that David devised had to be run by Frankie. Jesse didn't want David to manipulate their lives any more than he already had. Angie agreed, and happily leaped into Jesse's arms in thanks.

Ricky ran into the police station and asked Brot if there had been any updates on Griffin. Brot didn't have much to offer before Cara approached them. Cara demanded to know why Ricky was asking about her brother. Ricky said he was simply concerned about Kendall's safety. Cara insisted that Griffin wouldn't hurt Kendall. Ricky suggested that as Griffin's sister, Cara wouldn't believe that Griffin could do something wrong. Tad pointed out that Cara had a right to be concerned about Griffin. Ricky acquiesced and said that even criminals were worthy of prayers and understanding.

After Tad and Cara went home, Tad found Cara sitting forlornly on her bed. She asked if Tad had heard anything about Griffin's escape, but Tad hadn't. Cara was upset because she didn't know where her brother was, where he was headed, or if she would ever see him again. Tad encouraged Cara to think positively. Cara realized that Tad was consistently there for her when she needed someone to lean on, and thanked him.

As Ryan and Kendall arrived at her house, Kendall talked about how she'd been leaning on and confiding in the man that had likely killed her husband. Ryan offered to go to the police, but Kendall said they needed irrefutable evidence first. Ryan offered to accompany Kendall inside so that they could strategize while she got ready for her date with Ricky. Kendall rejected the offer. She said that the kids were at Wildwind with Bianca and added that she could text Ricky that she was running late.

Ryan's phone rang and when he ended the call, he told Kendall that his P.I. had found some evidence that might be usable against Ricky. Ryan said it could wait until after Kendall's dinner with Ricky, but Kendall pushed Ryan to attend to the discovery right away. Ryan agreed and took off to find out more about the lead. Kendall let herself into her house and was shocked to see Ricky there -- with her sons.



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