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Sam gave Sharon a place to stay on his farm. Sharon decided to let everyone believe that she'd died. Lily was stunned when she was able to touch Cane. Agnes recognized the outfit she'd bought for the abandoned baby among Lucy's giveaways.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 18, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, April 18, 2011

In a hotel room far from Genoa City, Phyllis and Nick awoke after a night of passionate lovemaking. Phyllis chuckled and repeatedly said, "This is wrong." Nick rolled on top of Phyllis and began kissing her, but she told him it was time to return to reality and resume their search for Sharon and Adam.

As Phyllis and Nick dressed, he mentioned his fear that Adam had paid off anyone they might question in Saint Martin about Adam's whereabouts. Phyllis tentatively agreed with Nick that they should forget about Adam and concentrate on Sharon.

Phyllis told Nick that she was worried about hurting Jack. As if on cue, Jack phoned. Phyllis was stunned when Jack told her about Sharon's death. After the call ended, Phyllis shared the startling news with Nick. Nick threw his phone against the wall after he failed to reach Noah. Phyllis took the phone and secured the loosened battery cover. Nick blamed himself for refusing to support Sharon. Nick claimed that he had no right to grieve because he'd pushed Sharon away. Phyllis embraced Nick and comforted him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby learned from Jack that Daniel was working out in the weight room. Neil and Ashley arrived. Neil told Abby and Jack that Lily's good days were beginning to outnumber her bad days. After Neil and Ashley seated themselves at their table to discuss business, Abby told Jack she wouldn't mind if her mother rekindled her romantic interest in Neil.

Daniel finished his workout and joined Abby. Victoria and Billy arrived with Lucy. Billy approached Daniel and quietly discussed Daisy and her baby. Before Daniel could respond, the crash of a dropped glass caught everyone's attention. Ashley ran to Jack who was still holding his phone. Everyone gathered around Jack, and Billy kicked the shards of glass that littered the area around Jack's barstool.

Neil, Ashley, Abby, Daniel, Victoria, and Billy reacted to the news as Jack cried, "Sharon was in an accident when she was trying to escape. She's dead." Jack broke down and seemed remorseful. He cried that he'd turned his back on Sharon because she'd chosen to be with Adam. Victoria invited Jack to accompany her family to the ranch. Jack welcomed the opportunity to berate Victor, but Billy advised Jack not to fight with Victor in front of Noah, Faith, and Summer. Jack decided to stay at the club, and everyone else headed to the ranch. Jack tried unsuccessfully to phone Phyllis.

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Diane cooed about their amazing night of lovemaking. Suddenly, Nikki, cradling Faith in her arms, arrived. Nikki, sobbing, announced that Sharon was dead. Victor consoled Nikki and the baby while Diane stood awkwardly nearby.

Victoria phoned Nikki and asked about Nick and Noah. Nikki invited Victoria and her family to the ranch, so the families could grieve together. After family and friends gathered at the ranch, Nikki told Victoria and Abby that Victor would fly to New York to pick up Noah. Nikki agreed to handle matters at the ranch while Victor was gone, and Victoria graciously thanked her father for allowing the family to gather at the ranch.

Neil told Victor that he'd been the only one who'd supported Sharon in the end. Neil added, "No matter what, I am sure Sharon knew how much you loved her." Billy approached Daniel and resumed the conversation about Daisy and her baby. Billy explained that Jana was searching for Daisy's baby, and he feared that Jana's search could endanger Lucy and Delia if Daisy showed up in Genoa City.

Daniel assured Billy that Daisy wouldn't show her face in town, but Billy asked Daniel if Daisy had given birth in Genoa City. Daniel claimed that Daisy had told him that her baby had been born in Canada. Billy told Daniel that he was stressed out about Daisy. Victoria and Abby overhead Billy's remark, and Victoria asked Billy why he was stressed out. Billy claimed that Sharon's sudden death reminded him of the consequences that had resulted from the choices he'd made.

Neil and Ashley reminisced about Sharon and Dru's close relationship. Ashley blamed Adam and said that he'd cost Sharon everything. Victor announced that he would soon return with Noah, and he advised everyone to put family differences aside for the sake of Sharon's children. Nikki and Diane glared at each other. Victor left.

Jack arrived yelling for Victor to show his face. Diane and Nikki tried to explain that Victor was hurting just as much as anyone else was. Jack said he could understand Diane defending Victor, but he asked Nikki how many times Victor had to hurt the people she loved before she gave up on him. Nikki left the room to check on Faith.

Diane placed her hand on Jack's arm and tried to console him, but he pulled away and said, "Don't. You make me sick." Jack read, via his phone, a news alert that a sheriff in New Mexico had claimed that the badly burned body had been positively identified as that of Sharon Newman. Jack concluded that Adam had gone there to meet up with Sharon.

Jack was puzzled and wondered aloud why Nick and Phyllis had followed Adam to the Caribbean if Sharon had gone to New Mexico. Nick phoned Nikki, who told her son that Faith was fine, and that Victor had gone to New York to pick up Noah. Phyllis took over the phone call and promised to take care of Nick. Phyllis asked Nikki to tell Jack that they'd lost Adam's trail.

Before Abby and Daniel left, Abby thanked Neil for supporting her mother. Abby paused at Lucy's stroller and said, "Bye, you little cutie." Daniel averted his eyes and refused to glance down at the sleeping baby. Diane left to order food. Billy blamed himself for not being objective and for failing to take down Adam and Victor. Jack placed the blame on Adam and Victor and said that they should answer for what they'd done. Billy explained that although Adam had led Sharon to trouble, and Victor had used Sharon in order to seek revenge against Adam, everyone was to blame for not reaching out to help Sharon.

Noah, in denial, boarded Victor's jet and claimed that the paparazzi had made up the story about his mother's death. Noah said that he had work to do, but Victor said that Noah's place was with his family. Noah cried that he regretted telling his mom that she was a bad mother during their last conversation.

Victor explained to Noah that the bond of love would never be broken no matter what happened. Noah agreed that his mother had never stopped loving him. Victor explained that it was an illusion for people to think that they had all the time in the world to let their loved ones know how they felt about them. Victor encouraged Noah to become the man who would make his mother proud.

In a New Mexico morgue, Adam slumped against a wall as he waited to identify the body of the person found at the scene of a fiery car crash. In a flashback, he remembered how despondent Sharon had been when she'd phoned him a day earlier. Adam stood before a body covered with a white sheet. The sheriff warned that the burned body might not resemble Sharon. Adam retched after the sheriff lifted the sheet. Through tears, Adam cried, "It's Sharon."

Adam later told the sheriff that he was certain that the body was Sharon because he'd seen his mother's ring on the corpse's finger. Adam explained that he'd given the ring to Sharon when he proposed. When the sheriff asked Adam why he happened to be in the area, Adam claimed that he'd gone there after Sharon phoned him. Adam said that his plan had been to encourage Sharon to turn herself in to the authorities.

Adam went to Doris' apartment, but she told him she didn't want to discuss Sharon with him. Doris sobbed pitifully when Adam announced that he'd identified the body. Adam told Doris that Sharon, while driving down a road in the dark, had missed a turn and gone over a cliff. Doris said, "This is all your fault. She was my only child, and you used her to gain respectability for yourself."

Adam fought back tears and told Doris that Sharon had been the only person who'd believed in him. Doris said that surely Sharon had realized her mistake after she found herself deserted and alone while she was on the run. Adam showed Doris the letter Sharon had left for him and said that Sharon had never lost faith in him.

Adam gave Doris the opened letters Sharon had left for Faith and Noah. Doris blasted Adam for having read the letters and not realizing that Sharon had planned to kill herself. Adam insisted that Sharon hadn't committed suicide, and he admitted making mistakes early in their relationship.

Doris told Adam that he'd dragged her girl down into the mud, and she again blamed Adam for Sharon's death. Doris reminded Adam that she had no ties to him since Sharon hadn't remarried him. Adam offered to help plan the funeral, but Doris told him he'd have no say in the planning and could not attend. Doris ordered Adam to leave.

On the side of the road, Sharon, famished and exhausted, seated herself on a large rock surrounded by cactus and sage bushes. She took bites from her sandwich, and then reached for her bottle of water. She tipped it back and found that the bottle was empty. Sharon walked to a nearby ranch and took a drink from a water hose.

Sharon slowly entered the barn and repeatedly called out, "Hello." No one answered, so she made herself a bed from hay, snuggled under a woolen horse blanket, and fell fast asleep. Sharon was later startled when the rancher found her sleeping and rubbed the tip of his cowboy boot against the sole of her bare foot to rouse her. The tall, handsome man knelt close to Sharon and said, "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lily spoke to one of the twins, Mattie, telling the baby that she'd been thinking about Cane. Lily said that she missed Cane and felt as if he were still with them. Lily wondered if she was crazy because she was still seeing visions Cane.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie greeted Neil. Leslie had heard the news about Sharon. Neil said that Sharon had been a close friend with Dru. Neil realized that Leslie had invited him to lunch because she thought he'd be upset about Sharon's death. Leslie said she wanted to have lunch with Neil because she found him very attractive. Neil confessed to Leslie that he was curious about where their relationship might lead. Neil explained to Leslie that he'd known Sharon for years.

Adam walked into the lobby, and Leslie went to him. Neil joined Leslie, and they both extended their condolences to Adam for Sharon's death. Adam said that he was going to check into a room, but before he could go to the front desk, D.A. Walsh showed up with a cop to arrest Adam for aiding and abetting Sharon's escape. Leslie told Adam not to speak and said she'd meet Adam at the police station. Neil told Leslie they'd continue their date at another time.

Neil received a call from Lily asking him to babysit the twins because she had to run an errand. Neil said he'd be right over. A while later, Lily had left and Neil held Mattie and told her about how time had passed so quickly. Neil told the baby that he loved her and said that Mattie and Charlie had given him the strength to carry on. At the cemetery, Lily visited Cane's grave. It was the first time that Lily had seen the tombstone. Lily said she accepted that Cane was truly gone and his body was in the ground.

Lily wondered why she expected to see Cane. Lily looked at the stone and noticed a white scarf in the corner. Lily unwrapped the scarf and found it filled with trinkets that all related to Cane. Suddenly, a woman approached Lily and said that she realized that Lily was in pain. The lady offered to help Lily. Lily was confused. The lady introduced herself as Judy Dorsey. Judy explained that she had a gift and had been drawn to Lily. Judy revealed to Lily that Cane was there with Lily.

At the police station, Walsh asked Adam if he had pre-arranged to meet Sharon in New Mexico. Leslie reminded Adam not to speak, but Adam wanted to tell Walsh what had happened. Adam explained that he'd gone to St. Martins because he had needed to clear his head. Adam had assumed that Sharon would contact him when she was free. Walsh asked why Adam hadn't told the police about Sharon's phone call. Adam said he couldn't have trusted the police to return Sharon to Genoa City. Adam had wanted to take care of Sharon himself, but he said that he'd been too late.

Walsh believed that Adam had arranged Sharon's escape all along, especially since Adam had flown to St. Martins while Sharon was in New Mexico. Leslie defended Adam to the district attorney and challenged Walsh to either arrest Adam or release him. Walsh said that Adam could leave. A cop appeared with Sharon's belongings in an envelope and announced that there was a problem.

Walsh read the report and told Leslie and Adam that the authorities in New Mexico had cremated the body that was believed to be Sharon's. The description of the car crash victim had matched Sharon, but forensics had not been done to determine if it was really Sharon.

Adam said that he'd seen the body while he was in New Mexico, and the deceased had been wearing his mother's engagement ring. Adam said the body had been Sharon's. Walsh accepted Adam's testimony as fact. Walsh explained that only the next of kin could claim the remains, and that was not Adam. Leslie apologized to Adam but said there was nothing she could do.

Leslie called Neil to ask if they could continue their date. Neil said he was at Lily's, then invited Leslie to join him in babysitting duties. Leslie said she'd be right over. When Leslie arrived a short time later, she told Neil that she thought the twins were lovely, even though they were asleep. Neil offered to make Leslie some lunch, since they were both hungry.

At the honeymoon suite in the hotel, Malcolm and Sofia were served a glorious meal by room service. When Malcolm looked for money in Sofia's purse to tip the bellman, Malcolm saw the pregnancy test kit. Sofia handed the bellman some bills and rushed him out of the room. Malcolm asked Sofia if she was pregnant. Sofia said she didn't know because she hadn't taken the test. Malcolm urged Sofia to do it immediately.

A few minutes later, Sofia and Malcolm waited for the results. Sofia handed the stick to Malcolm because she was too afraid to read the results. Malcolm looked at the strip and told Sofia that she was pregnant. Malcolm hugged Sofia happily, but Sofia's thoughts were on the night she and Neil had made love. Malcolm was excited and wanted to share the news with the world, but Sofia asked Malcolm if the pregnancy could remain a secret until her doctor in Genoa City had examined Sofia. Malcolm agreed.

A short time later, Malcolm called Neil to inquire about Lily and the twins. Neil explained that he was babysitting for Lily. Malcolm said that he and Sofia would need Neil's service in the very near future. Neil wondered what Malcolm meant, and Malcolm blurted out that Sofia was pregnant. Sofia was stunned to hear Malcolm telling Neil like that, then Malcolm handed Sofia the phone to talk to his brother.

Neil asked Sofia if it was true that she was having a baby, and Sofia explained that the pregnancy test had been positive. Neil was stunned. Leslie noticed that Neil was in shock. Neil said it was a surprise. When Leslie wondered if this would be Malcolm's first child, Neil explained that it would be the first Malcolm knew about before the baby was born.

A while later, Malcolm told Sofia that he'd planned on them drinking champagne on their walk, but that wasn't possible because of the baby. Malcolm decided to get his camera so he could take pictures to commemorate the day.

At the Athletic Club, Judy told Lily that Cane's presence was very strong with Lily. Lily showed Judy the trinkets she'd found at the grave. Judy looked at the items and touched them. Judy said there were no emanations from them. Lily said she felt as if Cane was angry with her. Judy told Lily that all she felt from Cane for Lily was the need to protect her. Judy felt nothing menacing from Cane to Lily. At Cane's grave, a hand in a black glove left a photo of a woman beside Cane's tombstone.

Nick arrived home and saw that Noah was there. Nick was concerned about his son and apologized for not having been there when Noah learned the news about Sharon. Nick explained that he'd been tracking Sharon in St. Martins. Noah said he couldn't believe his mother was dead. Nick embraced his son.

Noah said he felt bad for Faith because she would never have the chance to be raised by Sharon. Nick felt guilty about fighting Sharon for custody of Faith. Noah blamed himself for the things he'd said to Sharon at the jail before her trial ended. Nick told Noah that Sharon had understood why Noah had been angry. Nick explained to Noah that Sharon had been grateful that Noah had visited her.

Nick and Noah went to see Sharon's mother, Doris. Doris admitted that Sharon had stopped by to see her before leaving Genoa City. Doris blamed herself for failing to turn in Sharon to the cops when she had the chance. Nick felt that Sharon was responsible for her actions. Doris explained that she had to make funeral arrangements. Noah received a call from the coroner's office to go there and claim Sharon's remains. Nick and Noah left together.

At the police station, Adam was flooded with memories of his times with Sharon. Adam remembered that Sharon had believed in him the way his mother had. Adam was in tears and asked the officer if he could claim Sharon's remains. The cop said only family could make arrangements. Nick and Noah appeared and saw Adam.

Adam told Noah that he was sorry about Sharon's death. Adam asked if he could handle the funeral arrangements. Nick said that Sharon had a son and mother to take care of her burial. Adam wanted to be included in Sharon's memorial. Noah reached into the envelope containing Sharon's belongings. Noah handed Adam a memento and said that would suffice.

In New Mexico, Sharon held a pitchfork on the man who'd found her in the barn. Sharon told him to stay away from her. The man reached for his cell phone and offered to call the police. Sharon said she'd been passing through and had fallen asleep in the barn. Sharon claimed she was a hiker who'd lost her way, but the man doubted that she'd been hiking in high heels. He offered to take her up to the main house where she could call for help. Sharon said that she had nobody to call.

Sharon said that she would be leaving. The man advised Sharon to walk in the center of the road to avoid the bears. He explained that the nearest farmhouse was thirty miles away. The man offered Sharon a blanket to take with her. Suddenly, there was a noise. The man explained that a ewe was about to give birth. He rushed to attend to the animal and ordered Sharon to get his bag from the front porch. Sharon also went for towels and supplies.

Sharon watched as the man delivered a baby lamb. He instructed Sharon about how to hold the newborn and placed the lamb in Sharon's arms. Sharon realized that the man was a veterinarian. He handed Sharon a bottle to feed the baby lamb. The man introduced himself as Doc Gibson. Sharon said her name was Sherry Coleman.

Sharon said that it had been an amazing experience delivering the baby lamb. Doc told Sharon that there was a place to sleep in the barn, a room with a bathroom and a kitchenette. Doc told Sharon she was welcome to spend the night there. Sharon wasn't sure, but finally agreed to stay for the night.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Billy called Primrose again and arranged to meet with her. Billy ended the call as Victoria appeared with Lucy. Billy asked his wife about her day, and Victoria said that she planned to spend the day with Lucy. Billy broke the news to Victoria that Chloe and Gloria had spent a couple of days in jail for breaking into Jana's apartment. Billy said that he'd agreed to press charges against them to teach them a lesson.

Jana arrived and, after expressing her condolences to Victoria about Sharon, Jana assured Victoria that she'd done nothing to warrant Chloe and Gloria's suspicions. Victoria said that she believed in Jana. When Victoria went into the kitchen to feed Lucy, Billy told Jana that he didn't want her looking into Daisy's baby any further. Billy asked Jana to call off her investigation because it had caused trouble for him and his family. Billy asked Jana not to mention the baby broker research to Victoria.

Daniel arrived at Crimson Lights and noticed the cops asking questions. Kevin said they were interviewing people about Sharon. Daniel asked about Chloe and Gloria, and Kevin said they were still in jail. Kevin added that Jana didn't believe that Daisy had given birth in Canada, and Kevin agreed with her. Kevin told Daniel about Jana meeting a baby broker in Genoa City. Kevin informed Daniel that he wasn't giving up on finding his niece.

Kevin left just as Abby arrived. Daniel greeted Abby, but she noticed that he was down and assumed it was because of Sharon. Abby wondered if she should cancel the Naked Heiress shoot. Daniel said he would be able to appear on the show. Abby was ready to get to work, but Daniel said he needed to check in with Lily before the filming. Daniel promised Abby that he'd meet her at the shoot.

Jeffrey returned to Gloworm. Jeffrey called Gloria and left her a message that he was home from Las Vegas and wanted her to meet him at the restaurant. At the police station, Heather told Chloe and Gloria that their bail arraignment had been set for that morning. Chloe complained about Heather's representation, suggesting that Heather had not tried very hard to get Chloe and Gloria out of jail. Gloria asked Chloe to keep her mouth shut and let Heather do her job. Gloria reminded Chloe that the real problem was Jana, not Heather. Heather was stunned that Chloe and Gloria still were intent on going after Jana.

Kevin walked into the police station and kissed Chloe hello. Gloria was upset that Jeffrey hadn't shown up for her, but Kevin said that Jeffrey hadn't returned yet. Billy appeared and informed Gloria and Chloe that he'd decided not to press charges after all. A cop confirmed that Gloria and Chloe were free to leave. Chloe was anxious to find out about Jana. Kevin assured Chloe and Gloria that Jana was not a threat. Chloe disagreed. Billy told Gloria and Chloe to leave Jana alone or else Billy would retaliate.

Jana explained to Victoria that Chloe had turned Gloria against her. Victoria was sympathetic to Jana's plight. Victoria said she would be spending the day with Lucy and urged Jana to take the day off. Victoria received a call from Billy about Chloe and Gloria. Victoria then relayed the news to Jana that Billy had dropped the charges.

A short time later, Abby arrived to see her sister. Abby told Victoria that she was ticked off about Daniel. Abby admitted that she was jealous of the time Daniel had been spending with Lily. Victoria understood Abby's insecurities, but pointed out that one of the reasons that Abby loved Daniel was his devotion. Daniel had been devoted to Abby all through the arbitration. Abby didn't want to be a clingy girlfriend, but she couldn't help feeling that Daniel was too attached to Lily. Victoria told Abby to trust Daniel.

At home, Lily looked at the trinkets she'd found at Cane's grave. The doorbell rang, and Lily stashed the items back in a drawer. Dr. Mason entered the house for Lily's therapy session. Lily reported to Dr. Mason that she'd gotten through Malcolm's wedding in good shape. Lily was concerned, however, about Cane.

Lily told Dr. Mason that she had been seeing Cane, but it had been Cane who'd been seeking her out. Lily said she'd been trying to figure out what Cane wanted from her. Dr. Mason asked Lily to explain. Lily told her doctor that she'd received a text message from Cane and then found little gifts on his grave that she was sure were Cane's. Lily admitted that she'd spoken to a psychic, too. Lily told Dr. Mason that the psychic had approached Lily at the cemetery.

Dr. Mason suggested that Lily had unresolved issues with Cane and that Lily had created the incidents she described. Lily got upset and asked the therapist to leave. After Dr. Mason walked out, Daniel arrived. Lily didn't want to talk about her session. Daniel brought up Sharon's death, and Lily confessed that she felt like she'd lost another piece of her mother because Dru and Sharon had been so close. Lily asked what was troubling Daniel, and he revealed that he was afraid that someone was going to find out the truth about Lucy being his daughter. Daniel told Lily that Jana had uncovered a baby broker in Genoa City.

Daniel explained that everyone had become suspicious of him since the incident in Canada. Daniel thought he might be losing it. Lily wondered if Daniel was tempted to tell Billy and Victoria the truth about Lucy. Daniel wanted Lucy's parentage to remain a secret. Lily suggested that Daniel go for a run to deal with the stress he was feeling. Lily urged Daniel to hold it together. Lily was confident that Daniel would handle whatever happened. After Daniel left, Lily was determined to find out who had left the trinkets at the grave.

Heather gave Gloria a ride back to Gloworm, where Jeffrey greeted his wife. Jeffrey was surprised to learn that Gloria had been in lockup with Chloe. Angelo arrived at the restaurant to see Jeffrey. Gloria invited Heather to have something to drink then she offered to get Angelo a cup of tea when she heard his scratchy voice. Heather begged off and turned to leave. When she dropped her purse, Angelo picked it up. Angelo made sure to disguise his voice so that Heather wouldn't recognize him as her abductor.

After Heather left, Jeffrey sat down at Angelo's table and handed him a large case filled with money. Jeffrey said it was a major payoff, plus interest. Jeffrey declared that their business arrangement was over. Later, Jeffrey had gone into the kitchen, and Gloria checked on Angelo. The mobster thanked Gloria for the tea, then reached into the stash from Jeffrey, and gave Gloria a sizable tip. Angelo told Gloria to treat herself to something special.

Angelo walked out of the restaurant when the Naked Heiress crew showed up. The crew consisted of Kent, Abby, Daniel, and a cameraman. Kent directed Daniel how to act when the camera rolled. He wanted Daniel to fawn all over Abby and then hand her a present. Daniel thought it seemed contrived, but he agreed to do it.

With the cameras rolling, Daniel handed Abby the gift and tried to act out the scene. After a moment, Daniel told Abby that he wasn't able to continue. Daniel thought it was fake. Daniel said that he'd had a rough day and needed to be with Abby, not the Naked Heiress. Daniel asked Kent to turn off the cameras. Kent said all right, but then let it run. The camera captured a real moment in which Abby was disappointed in Daniel, and Daniel walked out on Abby.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe spoke on the phone to Delia to make sure that she was all right. Kevin told Chloe that she should have never broken into Jana's house. Kevin told Chloe that Jana had met with a baby broker who might have bought Daisy's baby. Chloe thought that Jana was demented. Kevin declared that the thought of his niece having been sold like a commodity was horrifying to him. Kevin was still determined to find Daisy's baby.

Chloe suggested that there might be other ways for to find Daisy's baby that were better than working with Jana. Kevin was convinced that Jana might be onto something. Kevin received a call from Jana and he asked her to meet him at the coffeehouse. When Jana arrived, Chloe blasted Jana for being a lunatic. Kevin asked Chloe to back off, but Chloe walked out instead. Kevin asked Jana if they might work together to find Daisy's baby. Jana was thrilled to team up with Kevin. Jana explained to Kevin that the bank account numbers that she'd shown him were from the baby broker's office. Jana said she'd determined one transaction involved a Genoa City bank, but she hadn't been able to discover who owned the account.

Billy met with Primrose at her office. Primrose assured Billy that there were no written records about Lucy's sale. Billy knew that Jana had met with Primrose. Primrose complained Jana had gone through her files. Billy was nervous about what Jane might have seen in the files and asked to see them. Billy looked at a ledger and saw that Primrose had kept a record of his bank account number and the date of the transaction.

Later, Billy met with a bank official to ask about the person who'd been snooping into his account. The bank official recalled that the woman had said that Billy had been out of the country on safari. Billy wondered if there was video surveillance from that day. The woman set up the computer to display the video footage. When she had to leave the room, Billy looked at the screen. Billy suddenly recognized that the woman in a blonde wig was Jana.

At Cane's grave, Lily discovered a photo of a woman. Lily was confused and cried out to Cane, asking him to tell her what the picture meant. Cane announced that he was there. Lily turned and saw Cane standing in the cemetery.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

At the tack house, Noah and Nick discussed the arrangements they'd made for Sharon's funeral. Noah told his father that he wished he could fast-forward into the future so it would all be over. Noah regretted the things he'd said to Sharon on their last visit. Nick assured Noah that Sharon had been happy to see him when she was in jail. Noah wondered if his mother forgave him. Nick explained that parents loved their children no matter what they might say or do. Noah said that Grandpa Victor had said the same thing to him on the flight from New York. Victor arrived, and Noah told his grandfather that they'd decided to keep the funeral small and private. Victor approved of Nick and Noah's plan.

Adam walked into a church and sat in a pew. Adam said that he regretted convincing Sharon to escape. Adam blamed himself for helping plot Sharon's escape. Adam said a prayer to his mother, asking for her forgiveness as well as a favor. Adam asked Hope to watch over Sharon. Adam also asked his mother to help him figure out how to continue living without Sharon. The minister approached Adam and asked if he needed help. Adam asked the minister to tell him why God had taken his mother and the woman that he loved away from him.

Adam admitted to the minister that he'd done terrible things, and he assumed God was punishing him. Adam said if that was the case, God had won. When Adam mentioned Sharon's name, the minister wondered how Adam was connected to Sharon. Adam said that Sharon had been his fiancée. The minister assured Adam that Sharon was at peace and offered to sit with Adam. Before leaving, the minister invited Adam to a grief support group. A moment later, Adam saw Victor, Nick, and Noah walk into the church.

Adam thought it was a sign that he had gone to the very church where Sharon would be memorialized. Adam wanted to be part of the ceremony. Victor blamed Adam for Sharon's demise, and Nick accused Adam of ruining Sharon's life. Victor asked Adam to go away so Sharon's family could mourn in peace. Adam said that even Victor couldn't force him to leave a church.

Noah wanted Adam to get out of their lives. The minister entered and asked why there was fighting in the church. Adam was told to leave through the back entrance. Nick and Victor apologized to the minister for Adam's interference. Noah told Victor that he was worried that Adam would crash the funeral.

Victoria was on the floor, playing with baby Lucy. Victoria jumped up to get the camera and take pictures of Lucy. When she turned back, Lucy had rolled over by herself. Victoria was overjoyed. At the bank, Billy saw the security video of the woman who'd asked about his account and recognized Jana in a blonde wig. Billy told the officer that he didn't know the woman on the DVD. The officer believed a con artist had tried to access his account but had been unsuccessful. When Billy arrived home, Victoria excitedly announced that Lucy had rolled over all by herself. Billy said they needed to celebrate.

Kevin and Jana were at Crimson Lights, working together to find who owned the bank account connected to the baby broker. Jana told Kevin that she understood he truly needed to find Daisy's baby. Jana asked Kevin not to share their investigation with anyone because it might cost Jana her job. Kevin couldn't believe people would buy a baby. Jana assumed that whoever had bought Daisy's baby had to be well off, and they were probably taking very good care of Kevin's niece. Kevin said that they were criminals.

Jana shared all the information she had about Primrose, but Prim's phone number was no longer connected. Jana mentioned that there had been a woman who'd first contacted Jana with the information about Primrose. That woman had left a note on Jana's car. Kevin wanted to see the letter. Jana said she would have to retrieve it from her apartment.

Daniel walked over, and Jana lied to him, saying that Kevin was doing her taxes. After Jana left, Kevin confessed to Daniel that he and Jana were tracking down Daisy's baby through a baby broker. Daniel said he'd forgotten something and rushed out of Crimson Lights. Later, Daniel returned and watched for Kevin to walk away from his laptop. When Kevin went to deal with the espresso machine, Daniel used a magnet to wipe out the data on Kevin's computer. As Daniel walked out of the coffeehouse, he looked back and saw that Kevin's screen was blank.

Jana entered Victoria and Billy's house and learned that Lucy had rolled over for the first time on her own. Jana was thrilled for the Abbotts. Billy noted that Jana had been doing a great job as Lucy's nanny and offered Jana a raise. Jana was ecstatic when Billy offered her an extra $100 a week. Jana left after assuring Victoria that she would watch Lucy when Billy and Victoria attended Sharon's funeral. Alone, Billy and Victoria agreed that they needed to update their wills in case anything happened to them. Victoria said she planned to watch Lucy grow old. Jana returned to the coffeehouse and handed Kevin the note from the woman at the church. Kevin looked at the note and didn't think it would help them in the investigation. When Kevin returned to his laptop, he discovered that all his files had been erased.

Colin and Jill were dining at the Athletic Club. Colin reminisced about his son and Jill mentioned Billy. Colin said it was great to watch children grow. Colin suggested that if Jill had been mother to his children, things would have turned out differently. Jill asked Colin if he would stop by the cemetery with her to visit Cane's grave.

At the cemetery, Lily confronted Cane and asked how he could be there when he had died in her arms. Cane said that he'd always be there for Lily. Lily asked if other people could see Cane, but he didn't know. When Lily reached out to touch him, Cane appeared to be real. Lily was amazed. Lily said that she'd known all along that Cane's visits were real. Lily believed her family would have her committed if she told them about this encounter with Cane. Cane said they needed to keep their meeting secret.

Lily showed Cane the photo she'd found on the tombstone. Cane identified the woman in the picture as Samantha, his sister. When some people approached, Cane hurried away. Jill and Colin appeared and apologized for interrupting Lily's visit with Cane. Jill said that she visited Cane often. Colin and Jill asked about the twins and invited Lily to bring them to an Easter egg hunt at the mansion.

After Lily left, Colin wondered if Lily had seemed off. Jill put flowers on Cane's grave and said she missed him. Cane watched Colin and Jill. Daniel ran into Lily outside her house. Daniel told Lily what he'd done to Kevin's computer. Daniel noticed that Lily was upset, and she explained that she'd been to Cane's grave. Lily refrained from telling Daniel about her encounter with Cane.

At the farm in New Mexico, Sharon and Sam checked on the new baby lamb. Sam asked Sharon to name the lamb. Sharon suggested Barbra Streisand because the lamb was a funny girl, but Sam shook his head. Sharon then offered the name Fanny and Doc approved. When Sharon smiled, Sam said that smiling suited her. Sharon said she hadn't felt like smiling in a long time. Sam mentioned that he had a friend visiting for dinner and didn't know what kind of wine to go with the food. Sharon gave him a bunch of choices, and Sam was impressed.

Alone with Fanny, Sharon hugged the lamb and said that Sharon Newman was dead. Sharon believed that everyone she loved was better off without her. Sam took Sharon some items from the grocery store. Sam's phone rang, and his date canceled. Sam took it in stride and walked out of the barn. Later, Sam returned with the dinner he'd cooked and offered it to Sharon, along with the bottle of wine. Sharon was grateful. Sam explained that he was going into town for some beers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Victoria collected clothes to donate to Goodwill. Victoria looked at Lucy's baby clothes and marveled at how quickly the infant had grown. Victoria's heart went out to Doris over the death of Sharon.

At Crimson Lights, Jana checked in with Kevin and learned that he'd been unable to retrieve any of his computer files after his laptop crashed. Kevin couldn't figure out what had happened to his laptop. Kevin told Jana about Daniel's visit while Kevin had been using his computer. Jana wondered why Kevin's best friend would sabotage the computer, and Kevin suspected that Daniel had done something to the PC. Kevin admitted to Jana that he'd told Daniel that he was looking for Daisy's baby. Kevin decided to confront Daniel about the computer.

Phyllis ran into Daniel outside the Abbott house. Phyllis was surprised that Daniel had decided to go to Sharon's memorial. Abby told Jack that she would never get used to funerals. Phyllis and Daniel walked into the house, and Abby was glad to see Daniel. Abby and Daniel left for the church. Jack said he was surprised to see Phyllis, since she'd been avoiding him since returning from St. Martins. Phyllis claimed that she'd been very busy. Jack assured Phyllis he was only joking, but Phyllis had no sense of humor about her actions.

Daniel and Abby went to Crimson Lights before the memorial. Kevin approached Daniel and wondered what Daniel had done to Kevin's laptop. Daniel had no idea what Kevin was talking about. Kevin accused Daniel of sabotaging Kevin's hard drive. Daniel defended himself, but when Kevin pushed him, Daniel fought back. Kevin said that Daniel had never wanted Kevin to find Daisy's baby. Abby and Daniel left the coffeehouse. Jana rushed home to care for Lucy while Billy and Victoria went to the funeral.

At the farm, Sam walked in to find Sharon cleaning up the barn. Sam was impressed by Sharon's work ethic. Sharon told Sam that the she'd gone for a walk and found the desert beautiful. Sharon admired that Sam had created a simple life on the farm. Sam mentioned that if Sharon wanted to stick around, he had more chores for her to do. Sharon said that if she stayed, she wanted to earn her keep. Sam offered to pay Sharon, but she said room and board would suffice.

Sharon didn't want money, but Sam explained that she would need some things. Sharon agreed to take the job that Sam had offered. Sam asked if Sharon wanted to go into town to buy a change of clothes. Sharon explained that she didn't want to be seen, so Sam said he would go for her. Sharon gave Sam a short list of things to buy and said she'd stay behind and work. Sharon held Fanny, the lamb, and said that she'd be around for a while.

Later, Sam returned and Sharon said she'd change and get to work helping Sam with the horses. When Sharon looked in the mirror, she had a fantasy of Adam being there. Adam said he missed Sharon. Nick appeared with Faith and asked Sharon how she could have done what she did to her family. Noah turned up and told his mother that he cried himself to sleep over her death.

Sharon hugged Fanny again and wondered what she should do with her life. Sharon knew that returning to Genoa City would mean she'd spend years in prison. Sam walked into the barn and asked Sharon if she was ready to work. After working outside, Sam and Sharon went back to the barn. Sharon admired Sam's way with the horses. Sam thought Sharon had a good soul, based on the way the horses reacted to her.

Nikki was with Nick and Noah as they prepared for Sharon's funeral. Noah was glad that the memorial would be small and intimate. Noah was concerned that Adam would try to enter the church. Nick and Noah left while Nikki stayed behind until Faith's sitter arrived. Nick carried a sympathy basket into the house before leaving. Nikki noticed the wine bottles on the kitchen counter. Nikki poured a glass of wine and took a drink.

Doris was at the church with Nick and Noah. Doris was grateful for everyone's kindness, like Mrs. Chancellor who'd sent over food. Doris looked at Sharon's picture and wished her daughter had listened to her when she was alive. A large flower arrangement arrived, and Nick read the card. It was from Adam. In it, Adam said that Sharon would always be in his heart and soul.

At the ranch, Victor answered the door. Adam blasted Victor for changing the locks to Sharon's house. Victor said Sharon's house was his property. Adam declared that he'd been unable to get in and retrieve his belongings, and he threatened to send the cops after Victor. Diane backed up Victor and told Adam he had no power against Victor.

D.A. Walsh appeared from the other side of the house and said he had questions for Adam. Adam felt that he'd been ambushed. Walsh said that the police were investigating Sharon's escape. Walsh suspected that Adam had aided and abetted Sharon. Victor added that Adam had cashed in his Newman Enterprises stock and had the money to finance Sharon's escape.

Victor had learned that Adam had left a money trail all over the world. Adam insisted that he'd done nothing illegal. Adam dared Walsh to arrest him. When Walsh failed to act, Adam walked out. Walsh thanked Victor for the information about Adam's finances.

Later, Victor approached Doris at the church. Doris told Victor that he was the father that Sharon had never had. Victor felt that he'd disappointed Sharon in the end. Diane commented to Noah that the flowers were lovely. Diane gave Noah her condolences. Jack arrived and embraced Noah. Nick and Phyllis exchanged a glance. Phyllis asked Nick how Noah was doing. Nick said his son was holding a lot of emotions inside. Phyllis asked Nick if they could speak after the service. Nick agreed. Phyllis put her head on Nick's shoulder. Diane and Jack noticed.

Diane told Victor that she was going to offer condolences to Nick. Victor told her that it was all right. Diane told Nick she was available to help him in any way. Nick said thanks and walked away. Nikki appeared at the church, stopping to spray mouthwash before going to Doris' side. Doris was grateful for Nikki's condolences.

Abby cleaned up Daniel's bloody lip when they reached the church. Abby asked why Daniel had fought with Kevin. Noah appeared, and Abby walked off with him. Daniel wanted to speak with Billy, but the service was about to begin. Billy said they could speak later.

Jana opened the door at Victoria and Billy's and saw Agnes, the woman who'd found the abandoned baby at the church. Jana told Agnes that she'd hit a dead end when she tried to find what had happened to the baby. Agnes had no further information.

Jana gave Agnes her phone number in case there was anything else Agnes remembered. Jana convinced Agnes to give her a phone number, too. Agnes hoped that Jana found the baby. Agnes noticed that the clothes for charity that Victoria had gathered included the outfit Agnes had bought for the baby at the thrift store. Agnes said she had put it on the baby in before she gave her to Primrose.

Adam asked Leslie to help him fight the eviction from Sharon's house. Leslie said that Adam might not have a strong case because there was nothing in writing to prove that Sharon had meant to give Adam the house. At the church, Walsh and the cops served Adam with a restraining order. Adam tried to fight back, but the cops dragged him away. Adam accused Walsh of being on Victor's payroll.

The minister began the service and spoke lovingly of Sharon. The minister believed that Sharon had found eternal peace. The cops asked Walsh if they should stay at the church. Walsh told them to remain at the entrance. Adam went to the side of the church and saw that his flowers had been thrown out like trash. Adam was incensed.

As the service continued, the group recited a hymn. Nick then took to the podium and spoke about Sharon. Nick recalled meeting Sharon in high school when they were both sixteen, a time when they had been outsiders trying to fit in. Nick said Sharon was the love of his life and the mother of his children.

Nick said that he hoped that Sharon had gone to Heaven to be with Cassie. While Nick spoke, Adam climbed a trellis outside the church to the side window. The minister ended the service. The bells started to ring, and the minister was alarmed. Adam climbed down the bell tower and walked into the chapel. Adam said he wanted to speak the truth about Sharon. Adam refused to leave until he had his say.

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