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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 18, 2011 on GH
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sonny followed Suzanne to her hotel room because he wanted to know what her agenda was concerning Brenda and Lucien. She told him that she would raise Lucien if he and Brenda thought the mob lifestyle would harm the boy. Suzanne told Sonny that she knew him because she had lived with Theo. Sonny said that he was nothing like Theo. Suzanne responded that he led a dangerous life and one day Brenda would realize that it was harmful to Lucien and all Sonny's dream would crash down on him.

Sonny asked Suzanne if all he had to do to keep his happiness with Brenda was to turn over Lucien to her and become a pawn in her game. She said that Lucien would be a reminder to Sonny that Brenda had an affair with her son. Sonny told Suzanne to get her head out of the clouds. He said that he would find out what she was up to. He told her that he could not imagine how Suzanne could claim to care about the person who had killed her son. He said there was no way in hell that he would be close to someone who had killed his child.

Michael went to see Sonny, but found Brenda home instead. She told him about Lucien. Michael told her that from his own experience he knew that life with a mobster was no fun for a kid. He said that the children become targets and a child learns what awful things people will do for money or power. Brenda said that parents have to be partners and present a united front in order to protect their kids. She said parents should be reasonable and compromise instead of constantly bickering in front of the children. Michael said that even though Carly and Sonny fought, he always knew they loved each other. Michael said that in defense of Carly, she was always there when he needed her.

Michael said that Carly was a good mother and Brenda could learn from her. Brenda said that she loved how Michael defended his mom. She said it was easy to criticize without knowing all the facts. She said she hoped Lucien would feel the same way about her. She said that she never thought that she could love anyone else as much as she loved Sonny. As Michael prepared to leave, Brenda told him that all she ever wanted was a family and a place to belong and that she was very, very happy to have so much family now.

At the penthouse Sam offered comfort to Jason, who was still grieving over Jake's death. Jason said that in trying to protect Jake, he had missed the bigger truth that death can occur at any time to anyone. He said it was important to enjoy the time you are given and he did not do that with Jake. Sam said that she knew that it broke Jason's heart to give up Jake, but he had put Jake's needs above his own. She told him not to beat himself up.

Sam told Jason that they had all done what they thought was best for Jake. She said no one was to blame for had happened. She said that she was trying not to butt in or be overbearing. Jason said that she was not, that he was glad for her company and advice. Before more could be said, Sam got a business call. She told Jason that she had to go tell a man that his wife was cheating on him, despite the three years of fertility treatments that they had undergone. Sam looked pensively at the fertility pamphlet that Carly had left on the desk. Before she left, Jason thanked her for Jake's toy motorcycle. Sam said modestly that she had just dropped it off as a favor to Liz.

At Lucky's apartment, Nikolas listened as Lucky said he would be diving into a bottle to assuage his grief if Nikolas were not there to comfort him. Liz found them together and said that she came to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Lucky told her that she had nothing to apologize for. He said that what happened to Jake was an accident and that he should apologize to her for not stopping Luke from drinking. Nikolas said that it was not in Lucky's power to stop Luke. He said that Luke could not find help until he admitted that he was an alcoholic.

Lucky asked Liz how she was doing. She said that she was holding it together for the sake of her other children. Lucky apologized for not being with her, but told her that he had felt guilty for not stopping Luke's drinking. Nikolas offered to drive Liz home and she accepted. Lucky told her he would see the boys soon. Nikolas told Lucky to call if he needed anything.

When Nikolas and Liz got to her house, she said that she had made a fool of herself in front of Lucky. Nikolas said that after so many years of friendship there was no such thing as looking foolish. He told her that after so many lies between them there was no such thing as too much truth. Maxie burst in and wanted to know if Liz had told Nikolas her secret. When Nikolas said, "Told what?" Maxie covered quickly and said it was about the spa day she had arranged.

Nikolas said that a day at the spa sounded like a good idea and offered to care for the boys who were already staying at Wyndemere. After Nikolas left to check on the children, Maxie wanted to know if Liz had told Lucky that Aiden was his son, not Nikolas' as they all believed. Liz said that she had intended to tell Lucky, but when she got to his apartment he was in a lot of pain, and then she learned that Nikolas was the only thing standing between Lucky and the bottle. Liz feared that the truth would tear the brothers apart and she did not want to be the one who took Nikolas away from Lucky.

Siobhan found Lucky looking at a Christmas card that Jake had made for him. She told him that she had cleaned his apartment, done his laundry and stocked up on food. She said that she wanted to take Lucky out of the apartment and he agreed reluctantly. When they returned, Lucky was in a much better frame of mind. Siobhan had taken him up to the roof where they had to lean out precariously over the roof's to look at a glorious view. Lucky thanked Siobhan for reminding him that he was alive. He laughed when he asked if it were true that redheads were reckless. She said it was better to take a chance than live with regret. She said she could help him if he let her. Lucky said it could be arranged. They began kissing passionately.

Michael went to see Jason. He said he had been to see Sonny to tell him that he would not cut his ties to Johnny. Michael noticed the fertility pamphlet on the desk. Jason said that Carly had gotten it for Sam and urged her to have a baby to help Jason heal. They agreed that it was pushy of Carly, but Jason said it was just Carly being Carly. Jason said that Carly was saying what Sam would not let herself say. Jason said that Sam did want a chance to be a mother. Michael asked Jason what he wanted.

Jason said that caring for Michael as a baby was the highlight of his life. Michael said that it was easy for life to spin out of control. He said that when you loved someone you wanted to spend as much time as possible with that person. When Jason inquired if Michael had learned that from Abby, Michael said yes. Michael told Jason that if he and Sam wanted to have a baby they should not let what happened to Jake hold them back. Michael said Jason should love their child with all his heart and be the best dad he could.

Later, when Sam got home, she apologized when she saw the fertility pamphlet lying on the desk. When Jason asked if she was interested she was quick to say no, but added that she wished Carly were right and that she could fix everything by having a baby.

When Sonny arrived home, Brenda told him that Michael had stopped by. Sonny told her about his visit with Suzanne. He said that he did not like or trust Suzanne, but Brenda could see not what agenda Suzanne could have. Brenda jumped to the conclusion that Sonny wanted Suzanne to take Lucien. Sonny said he would never ask Brenda to give up her son. Brenda worried because Sonny did not say "our" son when he referred to Lucien. Sonny said that was because he had just met Lucien, not know him all his life as he had Michael. Brenda apologized for jumping to conclusions.

Sonny said it was not his intention to hurt Brenda. He said that he did not trust Suzanne. He said that Suzanne had been working Brenda for years and he acknowledged the possibility that she had an ulterior motive for her actions. Brenda defended Suzanne and said that she was protecting Brenda from Theo. Brenda said that Suzanne could have taken Lucien and dropped off the face of the earth. Sonny said that Suzanne was not "Lady Bountiful," and was up to something. He told Brenda that he would eventually figure it out.

Suzanne made a phone call and told the person on the other line to tell a third party that grandma's work was almost done and she would be home for good very soon.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas held Aiden and told him that it took a tragedy like Jake's death to wake him up and make him understand what was important. He said that he needed to stop wallowing and realize what a privilege it was to be Aiden's father. He told Aiden that he wanted to help him grown up and teach him what he had learned about life. Nikolas said that he had learned that everyone fails at something, but no matter what, you have to keep going and moving forward. He said it was important to let other people help you, especially your brothers. He said that brothers were not always fair and not always kind. He said that you got madder at them than anyone else, but no one would stand up for you like they would, and even when you did something unforgivable, they would forgive you. Nikolas told Aiden that he loved him and wished that his future relationships with his brothers Cam and Spencer would be as good as the one he had with Lucky.

Maxie called Matt to her apartment. She wanted his advice about the secret she was keeping. Without giving away any of the detail, she told Matt that it was killing her to keep a secret that she thought Liz should tell. She said it had been more than two days since she had discovered the secret and did not know what to do. Matt said that he admired Maxie for showing such restraint. He said that he did not want to know the secret and he did not think it was Maxie's place to tell. He advised her to follow her first impulse and keep her mouth shut.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At the nurses' station, Lisa and Patrick were discussing a patient when Robin reminded Patrick that they had seven minutes to get to their appointment. Lisa smiled when she overheard Patrick and Robin talk about their first marriage counseling session as they waited for the elevator to arrive.

At the Drake residence, Robin invited Maxie in. Maxie started to explain that she didn't have time to babysit Emma, but Robin revealed that she had called to talk to Maxie about her first marriage counseling session. Maxie didn't see a problem when Robin confided that Patrick was working hard to fix their marriage. Robin feared that she might not be enough for Patrick if Patrick had to work so hard to save their marriage. Robin wished that she had followed Maxie's advice to let go of the anger sooner.

Robin had no idea why she had held onto the pain of Patrick's betrayal, instead of focusing on repairing her marriage. Maxie pointed out that it couldn't have been easy for Robin when Lisa had been terrorizing Robin for months. Robin suspected that her anger had stemmed from her need to always be right about everything. Robin acknowledged that it was impossible for anyone to get past her walls. Maxie argued that Patrick had succeeded. Robin agreed, which was why she had been punishing Patrick for it.

Robin admitted that Patrick had no idea how upset Robin had been after the therapy session because Robin had refused to be vulnerable in front of her husband. For that reason, Robin thought that the whole concept of counseling was a big waste of time. Maxie argued that Robin had a tendency to make broad sweeping statements that weren't necessarily true. Robin admitted that Patrick never had a problem apologizing, so she hated that it had taken a child's death to make her finally believe him. Robin explained that Patrick was more open than she, which meant that he had room to grow. Robin worried that her inability to grow meant that she and Patrick would eventually drift apart.

At Kelly's, Kristina was on the phone with Taylor, apologizing to him for making plans with someone else. Kristina quickly ended the call when she saw Ethan enter. Ethan sat down at Kristina's table seconds later and then admitted that he was glad that she had called. Kristina explained that Taylor had blown her off for the prom, so she wondered if Ethan would attend the dance with her. Kristina confessed that she wasn't thrilled about going to the prom, but she was expected to make an appearance because she was the vice president of the student council and part of the fundraising committee.

Kristina insisted that it would just be for a few dances and then afterwards, they could go to dinner. Ethan was honored to be asked, but he didn't think that it would be a good idea for Kristina to show up at the prom with a married man. Kristina argued that Ethan and Maya were only married for a year, to get the money that Edward had promised them. Ethan agreed, but he insisted that it was still inappropriate for Kristina to go to a school dance with him. Ethan was certain that Kristina wouldn't have any problem finding a date if she asked a boy her own age.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam asked Jason to forget that she had said anything about having a baby. She claimed that she didn't want to put the two of them through the ordeal of going through with the procedure, and then trying to have a baby. Jason insisted that he didn't want Sam to have any regrets, but Sam pointed out that having a baby would change their lives. She wondered if they were ready for that. Sam assured Jason that she liked things as they were, so she didn't want him to feel pressured.

Jason didn't have an opportunity to reply because Carly arrived at that moment. Carly took one look at Sam's teary-eyed expression and then immediately assumed that Jason and Sam had followed her advice to have a baby. Carly realized that a child could never replace Jake, but Carly insisted that a baby would keep Jason busy, so that he wouldn't have time to grieve. Sam reminded Carly that Sam and Jason had a lot to discuss. Carly conceded that she was overstepping, but Carly wanted them to be happy.

Sam revealed that she had to get to a doctor's appointment, but she quickly clarified that it was a follow-up for the concussion she had suffered during the explosion. After Sam left, Jason warned Carly not to try to fix things, but Carly insisted that she had to try. Jason told her that it would help if she simply focused on Josslyn. Carly was certain that Sam was eager to have a baby, despite Sam's claims to the contrary. Jason suspected that Carly was just telling him what she thought was best for him. Carly urged Jason to allow himself to be happy by giving himself the one thing that would do that: a child.

Jason decided to change the subject by warning Carly that Johnny might be recruiting Michael. Carly made it clear that she would stop at nothing to prevent Michael from getting involved with the mob. Jason cautioned Carly not to take a hard line on the issue because Michael would just pull away. Jason suggested that they give Michael room, so that Michael would see that there were other options. Carly intended to have a talk with Michael, but Jason warned her not to make the same mistakes that Monica and Alan had made when Jason had been in a similar situation.

At the hospital, Sam approached Patrick near the nurses' station to remind him of their appointment. Patrick immediately apologized because he had left her waiting. Sam confessed that it seemed out of character for Patrick to be so distracted, so she wondered what was going on. Patrick was reluctant to tell Sam, but Sam assured him that he could trust her. Patrick admitted that he felt as if he were drowning after his first marriage counseling session. Patrick had been impressed with how Robin had handled herself during the session, but he realized that they wouldn't have been there if he hadn't cheated on his wife.

Sam revealed that she had seen a lot of cheating couples in her line of work, so she knew that some marriages could be repaired if both parties wanted it badly enough. Later, Patrick gave Sam a clean bill of health and then recommended that they have a follow-up appointment in six months, unless her headaches continued. Sam admitted that the headaches had subsided, but she was curious if they might be a concern if she decided to undergo fertility reconstruction. Patrick assured Sam that it wouldn't be a problem and then confessed that having a child had been the best thing to happen to him. He hoped that everything worked out for Sam and Jason.

Sam returned to Jason's penthouse after her appointment. Jason apologized for Carly's interference, but Sam assured him that it wasn't necessary because she knew that Carly had meant well. Jason admitted that he had given Carly something else to focus on. He confessed that he loved Carly, but Carly didn't know when to leave things alone. Jason insisted that whatever happened between him and Sam would their decision. However, he needed for Sam to be honest with him, without worrying about what he wanted to hear.

Sam admitted that she had been reluctant to have the fertility procedure because she had known that Jason felt conflicted about having children. Jason insisted that it needed to be Sam's decision. Sam's eyes filled with tears as Jason admitted that he was afraid; however, Jake's death had made Jason realize that he shouldn't make decisions out of fear. Sam revealed that she wanted to have the fertility reconstruction, so that she could have a chance to have a baby.

Patrick apologized for being late when he arrived home. He explained that he had forgotten about Sam's appointment, so Robin suggested that Patrick use the calendar on his phone. "You're right," Patrick groused. He grumbled that Robin was always right and then suggested that it was probably annoying to be right all of the time. Patrick immediately regretted his remarks when Robin began to cry. He assured her that he had only been joking and then apologized.

Robin insisted that it wasn't necessary for Patrick to apologize because it wasn't his fault. She admitted that she had been pushing him away for a long time. Robin had no idea why she couldn't allow herself to have the family that she wanted. Patrick suggested that they explore that in therapy, but Robin regretted that she had proposed marriage counseling. Patrick thought that the therapy would be good for them, so that Robin would have a safe place to vent. Robin assured Patrick that she wasn't mad at him, but she hated feeling as if she constantly dumped on him.

Patrick confessed that his talk with Sam had made him realize that Sam received more comfort and love from a hit man than Patrick gave to Robin. Robin refused to let Patrick beat himself up. She was certain that he would make a success of counseling, like everything else. Later, Robin and Patrick sipped wine as they snuggled on the sofa. Robin revealed that their babysitter, Stefani, wouldn't be able to watch Emma for a while, so Patrick suggested that they ask Kristina. Robin liked the idea because she trusted Kristina.

At the nurses' station, Lisa was on the phone with a patient who had lost a bottle of powerful narcotics in Lisa's office. Lisa claimed that she hadn't found the bottle of hydrocodone, even though Lisa had pulled the bottle of pills out of her pocket. Lisa agreed to call in a partial refill of the highly addictive narcotic for her patient and then ended the call. Later, Kristina approached Lisa at the nurses' station to ask if Lisa had picked up the herbal supplement that she had recommended to Kristina to help deal with the stress of college admissions. Lisa happily provided Kristina with the bottle of switched pills.

At Lucky's apartment, things quickly heated up when Lucky and Siobhan kissed. Siobhan's purse dropped to the floor with a thud, so Lucky bent down to pick it up. Lucky was startled when he discovered that a plane ticket had fallen out of the purse. Lucky realized that Siobhan intended to return to Ireland without telling him about her plans. Siobhan argued that Lucky had enough on his mind without having to worry about marrying her for a green card, so she had thought that it would be best to make a clean break of things.

Lucky reminded her that it was up to him to decide whether he could handle a marriage or not. Siobhan argued that he had to deal with Luke's drinking, and Liz, who was blaming herself for the tragedy. Lucky insisted that he cared about Siobhan, and wanted her to be a part of his life. He suspected that Siobhan was scared because she had feelings for him. Lucky doubted that anything better was waiting for her in Ireland. Siobhan agreed, but she refused to let him set aside his family to take care of her.

Lucky reminded Siobhan that Siobhan didn't need anyone to take care of her. He insisted that he wasn't ready for her to go. Siobhan began to waver as she confessed that she had wanted to avoid saying goodbye to him because she feared that he would be able to persuade her to remain in Port Charles. Lucky smiled as he asked if he had succeeded. Siobhan admitted that, for the moment, he had.

At Liz's house, Nikolas held the latest paternity results in his hands as Liz confessed that she hadn't realized that she had left the paternity test out. Nikolas wasn't surprised that she had felt the need to look at it because he understood that she wanted Lucky to have been Aiden's father. Liz realized that Nikolas mistakenly believed that he was holding one of the earlier paternity tests, so he had no idea that Lucky was Aiden's father. Nikolas admitted that he didn't need to see the results of the tests because he didn't have any reservations about Aiden's paternity. Nikolas knew that Aiden could never replace Jake, but he hoped that Aiden would help all of them heal.

Nikolas realized that he could never understand what Lucky and Liz were going through, but he was certain that they could all grow closer and stronger by supporting each other, and being honest. Liz admitted that she needed to tell Nikolas something, but then opted to remind him that she had never really stopped loving Lucky. She apologized for all the pain that she had caused Nikolas. Nikolas assured her that he loved her and that they would always be friends.

At Pentonville, Anthony became enraged when Johnny explained that a guard had taken the pictures that Johnny had intended to give to Anthony. Anthony wanted the guard killed, but Johnny pointed out that the pictures were just images of roses, so there wasn't any reason to get so upset. Anthony wasn't swayed, but he changed the subject to find out how "business" was going. Johnny was certain that Anthony already knew the answer to that question, since Anthony had been running things from inside the prison. Anthony smiled and then questioned Johnny about Lisa. Anthony was curious if they could use Lisa to bury Sonny.

Johnny avoided discussing Lisa by questioning Anthony about Brandon. Anthony pleaded ignorance, so Johnny explained who Brandon was. Anthony insisted that he had nothing to do with Brandon or with Angela Dwyer representing Abby's ex-boyfriend; however, Anthony was delighted to know that Michael was dating a stripper because they could use it to their advantage. After Johnny left, Anthony called Angela Dwyer to warn her that Johnny might ask her some questions about Brandon. Anthony commended Angela on a job well done and then told her that they had some leverage over Sonny.

Carly went to Johnny's penthouse to confront him about recruiting Michael for the Zacchara organization. Johnny suggested that Michael was a little old to have his mother running around town, trying to fight his battles, but Carly refused to let Johnny draw Michael into a life of crime. Johnny pointed out that Michael had already been convicted of manslaughter, served time in jail, and was involved with an ex-stripper. Carly warned Johnny that she wouldn't let him use Michael against Sonny, but Johnny suggested that Michael might be the key to unite the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations. Johnny reminded Carly that Michael knew the business, and craved money, power, and respect. Carly demanded to know if Johnny had offered Michael a job; Johnny denied it, but clarified that he had assured Michael that a job would be waiting if Michael wanted one.

Carly wondered what it would take for her to change Johnny's mind.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At Pentonville, Shawn was curious why Anthony had requested a meeting. Anthony ranted about being denied a garden, which Shawn realized was an attempt to manipulate Shawn into thinking that Anthony was a "doddering old fool." Anthony smiled with satisfaction and then admitted that he needed someone with Shawn's particular qualifications. Shawn made it clear that he had done his homework on Anthony and the Zacchara organization, but Anthony wasn't intimidated. Anthony explained that he needed someone who was professional and reliable to work for him.

Shawn realized that Anthony had also done his homework when Anthony promised to pay more than Jason had. Anthony then began to talk about Josslyn, and the possible complications from anti-rejection medications. Shawn wondered if Anthony had any other interests besides gardens and medicine. Anthony smiled as he suggested that Shawn would eventually need a new job once his assignment with Carly was over. Anthony made it clear he would pay any price that Shawn requested. Shawn admitted that Theo Hoffman was "enough crazy" for a lifetime, so Shawn wasn't interested.

Later, Johnny entered the visitors' room to find that his father had seemingly collapsed. Anthony suddenly lifted his head and then began to laugh. Anthony then switched gears to demand that Johnny force the guards to give Anthony a garden. Johnny refused to risk being charged with extortion and bribery, so that Anthony could work his green thumb. Anthony resented that Johnny wouldn't help; according to Anthony, he would have helped Johnny if Johnny had needed it. Anthony was certain that one day Johnny would see that.

Anthony explained that Johnny would understand when Johnny had children. Anthony then urged Johnny to get leverage on Michael. Anthony insisted that Johnny had a narrow window of opportunity to control Michael before Sonny acted. After Johnny left, the warden entered. Anthony wondered if the warden had news about the garden, but the warden angrily demanded to know how "the hell" Anthony had pulled "it" off.

At Kelly's, Kristina took one of the "herbal supplements" that Lisa had given to her and then sat down as the rest of Sonny's children gathered at Molly's request. Molly explained that she had something to discuss with them that was vital to their family. Molly outlined her plan and then asked for everyone's cooperation. Kristina, Michael, and Morgan readily agreed, but Dante was reluctant because he feared that something might go wrong, despite their best intentions. Kristina and Michael joined forces to change Dante's mind.

Later, Molly bumped into Shawn when she returned to Kelly's. Shawn noted that Molly seemed to be in good spirits, so Molly confided that she was on a "secret mission" for her family. Shawn offered to help, but Molly declined because she had everything under control. However, she was curious if Shawn would mind being interviewed for a report that she was doing on the war in Afghanistan. Shawn didn't think that he would make a good interview subject, but Molly disagreed. Shawn admitted that he couldn't talk about Afghanistan.

Molly immediately apologized because she realized that his posttraumatic stress disorder prevented him from talking about his experiences. However, she admitted that talking things out had helped her. Moments later, Dante approached Molly. Molly quickly introduced Dante to Shawn, but they revealed that they had already met. Dante was curious how Molly knew Shawn, so she explained that they had met by accident shortly after Shawn's arrival in town. Shawn excused himself, so Dante questioned Molly about what she knew about the mercenary.

Carly entered Josslyn's hospital room to find that Jax was with their daughter. Carly confessed that she was eager to get Josslyn home, so she was frustrated that Josslyn would have to remain in the hospital for a few more weeks. Jax was stunned when Carly suddenly suggested that Jax and Michael enter the yacht race that Jax had been talking about. Jax reminded Carly that the yacht race would keep him out of town when Josslyn was released from the hospital, so he suspected that Carly wanted to seize the opportunity to paint him as a villain. Carly insisted that she had proposed the trip because she was concerned about Michael.

Carly revealed that Johnny had been recruiting Michael for the mob, so she believed that Jax would be saving Michael's life by getting Michael out of town. Jax realized that Carly was worried about Michael, but he doubted that Michael would leave Abby's side for several weeks. Jax also suspected that Michael would simply pick up where Michael had left off upon their return. Carly argued that Jax didn't know that, but Jax insisted that the mob was all that Michael had ever known. Carly talked about the dangers of being in the mob. Jax pointed out that it hadn't stopped Sonny from having a family.

Carly was adamant that she didn't want that kind of life for Michael, but Jax suggested that she should have thought about that long before. Jax reminded her that he had warned her that Michael would follow in Sonny and Jason's footsteps, which was why Jax was determined to keep Josslyn away from Sonny and Jason's influence. Carly cut Jax off because she could only handle one child in crisis at a time. Later, Jax was watching over Josslyn when Alexis entered the hospital room. Jax told Alexis that Josslyn was on the mend, so she was expected to be discharged within weeks.

Alexis was curious whom Josslyn would be going home with. Jax assured her that it would be him, but Alexis warned Jax that Carly had other ideas. Jax told Alexis about Carly's request to take Michael out of town. Alexis wasn't shocked to hear that Michael was tempted to join the mob, but she urged Jax not to leave town because it could jeopardize his custody of Josslyn. Jax assured her that he would remain in town, but he asked her to help him secure primary custody of Josslyn.

Later, Jax informed Shawn that Shawn's services would no longer be required. Shawn informed Jax that only Jason could fire him, but Jax refused to allow Josslyn to be caught in the crossfire of a mob war. Shawn denied working for the mob; however, Jax insisted on hiring his own security team to guard Josslyn. Jax clarified that he wanted Shawn gone, so Jax offered to pay a hefty bonus, and to cover Shawn's expenses until Shawn had found a new job.

Alexis spotted Lisa in the hospital corridor, so she took the opportunity to thank Lisa for helping Kristina. Alexis was grateful that Kristina had someone to talk to about the stress of trying to get into college. Lisa was surprised; she confessed that she had been vilified so much that she wasn't used to people thanking her. Alexis had no idea what Lisa was talking about, but Alexis assured Lisa that she didn't pay attention to gossip. Lisa admitted that she was happy to help Kristina because Lisa knew how stressful it was to wait for an acceptance into college.

At the nurses' station, Robin and Patrick reviewed the test results of a patient. Robin was curious what Patrick's recommendation was, so Patrick gave her a diplomatic answer. Robin was annoyed because she wanted Patrick's medical opinion, not an assessment. Patrick explained that he was trying to have open dialogue. "Couples therapy," Robin grumbled in a frustrated tone before she pushed for a real answer. Patrick admitted that he would opt for surgery, since that was where things were headed anyway.

Robin disagreed, which made Patrick wonder why she had even bothered to ask. Robin confessed that she had hoped that Patrick would have an open mind. Robin then changed the subject to find out if Patrick were okay with their therapy sessions. She explained that she didn't want him to feel as if he were under attack. Patrick admitted that it was outside of his comfort zone, but he wanted to improve their communication, so he was determined to follow through with the therapy. Robin praised Patrick for being ahead of her in therapy.

Patrick reminded his wife that it wasn't a competition. Robin smiled as she assured him that she could still beat him at darts. Patrick thought that they should put it to a test, so he invited her to Jake's for a game of darts and beer. Robin explained that they didn't have a sitter, since Stefani wasn't available. Patrick was curious if Robin had called Kristina, as they had discussed. Robin revealed that she had left Kristina a message, but Kristina hadn't returned the call.

Robin and Patrick were unaware that Lisa lurked nearby, eavesdropping. Later, Kristina approached Robin and Patrick at the nurses' station to let them know that she had received Robin's message. Robin and Patrick explained that they needed a sitter to take care of Emma. Kristina appreciated the offer, but she pointed out that she was busy with school. Robin assured Kristina that Emma was in the hospital's daycare center during the workday, so they only needed someone to watch Emma a few times in the late afternoon and occasionally at night. Kristina admitted that she could use the money, so she decided to talk things over with Alexis before giving Robin and Patrick an answer.

Lisa smiled with satisfaction after she heard Kristina's exchange with Robin and Patrick. Later, Lisa decided to celebrate by going to Johnny's penthouse with a bottle of champagne. Johnny was pleasantly surprised when he arrived home to find Lisa waiting for him. He was curious what the occasion was. Lisa claimed that she was done being Patrick's doormat. Johnny seemed skeptical, but Lisa insisted that it felt good to be free of Patrick.

Lisa wanted to show Johnny her appreciation for pulling her back to reality, and reminding her how much she liked it. Johnny and Lisa kissed and then made love. Afterwards, they lounged on the sofa while Lisa invited Johnny to open up to her about what had been troubling him when he had arrived home. Johnny told Lisa about his visit with Anthony. He admitted that his relationship with Anthony was complicated, in large part, because Anthony was crazy. Lisa couldn't tell if Johnny hated or loved his father. Johnny confessed that it was a combination of both; however, their relationship had grown stronger since Anthony had been sent to jail.

In Sonny's office, Sonny thanked Abby for stopping by. Abby realized that Sonny had asked to see her for a reason, so she invited him to speak his mind. Sonny appreciated that Abby wanted better for herself, so he explained that he had the same expectations for Michael. Abby was surprised when Sonny asked her to help keep Michael away from Johnny. Sonny admitted that he was aware that Johnny had been "messing" with Michael's head, but Abby insisted that Johnny had only been trying to help them. Sonny was curious what Johnny had done for Abby and Michael, so Abby admitted that Johnny had loaned her some money, and then given her plenty of time to repay it.

Abby also revealed that Johnny had warned Michael about Brandon's murder after Brandon's body had been found. Sonny told Abby about his history with Johnny and Johnny's deep-seated hatred of Sonny. Abby confessed that it didn't appear to extend to Michael because Johnny had treated Michael fairly. Sonny confided that Johnny and Claudia had been involved in a "twisted" relationship that Sonny refused to get into, but the end result was that Johnny had blamed Sonny for Claudia's death. Abby didn't seem convinced, so Sonny switched tactics by offering to pay off her loan to Johnny in exchange for her agreeing to work as a hostess at Pozzulo's. Abby wondered what the job would entail.

Sonny explained that she would be expected keep Sonny updated about Michael's activities. Seconds later, Michael entered the office. Michael was surprised when he saw Abby, so Sonny admitted that he had offered Abby a job. Abby thanked Sonny, but she declined because she didn't want to owe her job to Michael's family. Later, Carly found Sonny alone in his office. She immediately advised Sonny to give Michael some space.

Sonny was determined to get through to Michael, so he refused to back down. Carly feared that Sonny would just alienate their son if he pushed Michael too hard. She warned Sonny that Michael would see Sonny's concern for Michael's future as a sign that Sonny thought that Michael was weak. Carly then reminded Sonny that Michael was still struggling with the rape. Sonny insisted that he wanted Michael to see that Michael had choices, but Carly wanted to find a solution, so she thought that they should be sensitive to how Michael thought. Sonny argued that Michael was trying to get into Sonny's world, so Sonny would deal with Michael his own way.

At Abby's apartment, Michael wanted to know what Sonny had talked to Abby about. Michael was frustrated when Abby shared the details of her conversation with Sonny, but she assured Michael that Sonny loved him. Michael resented that Sonny had been willing to turn over the organization to Dante, but expected Michael to go to school. Abby suggested that perhaps Sonny regretted making the choices that he had, so Sonny wanted to provide Michael with opportunities that Sonny had never had. Michael didn't understand why Sonny couldn't appreciate that Michael admired Sonny for being a successful and powerful man who was treated with respect.

Sonny left his office, but then stopped short when he noticed a cake, with lit candles, on a table. Seconds later, Alexis, Carly, and the children jumped out of their hiding places to yell, "Surprise!" Sonny was touched that they had remembered his birthday. The kids quickly credited Molly for arranging the birthday party. Molly confessed that she had hoped to have it at Greystone Manor, but Brenda had feared that it might overwhelm Lucian. Carly was livid.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Carly stormed into the parlor to confront Brenda about not hosting Sonny's birthday party at Greystone Manor. Carly insisted that Brenda didn't have the right to dictate who was welcomed in Sonny's home. Brenda disagreed because Brenda was married to Sonny, so Greystone Manor was Brenda's home. Carly warned Brenda not to try to keep Sonny's kids away from him. Brenda had no idea what Carly was carrying on about, so Carly explained that she had been told that Brenda didn't want the kids around because Brenda feared that it might overwhelm Lucian.

Brenda insisted that there had been a misunderstanding. Brenda revealed that Kristina had proposed having a brunch, so that everyone could meet Lucian, but Brenda wanted to wait until Lucian had gotten a chance to settle in. Carly accused Brenda of being a coward for blaming Kristina instead of taking responsibility for pushing Sonny's children away. Brenda argued that it was up to Brenda and Sonny to decide when and how Lucian would be introduced to his siblings. Carly vowed to make Brenda sorry if Brenda tried to keep Carly's sons away from their father.

At the hospital, Jax was not pleased to see Shawn standing guard outside of Josslyn's hospital room. Shawn made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere, so Jax tried to pay Shawn off with a check. Shawn insisted that he wasn't interested in Jax's money, but Jax suspected that Shawn simply wanted more money. Shawn clarified that he had sold himself out for money before, which had cost him more than his self-respect, so Shawn refused to make the same mistake again. Carly approached the men just as Shawn tore up Jax's check.

Carly quickly realized what Jax had done, so she reminded Jax that Franco had been able to get close to them in the past. Carly trusted Shawn to keep her and Josslyn safe, but Jax argued that he didn't know Shawn well enough to have the same confidence. Carly argued that Jason trusted Shawn. Jax confessed that it might mean something to him if Jax had faith in Jason. Carly didn't want to fight with Jax, so she suggested that they focus on Josslyn's recovery and homecoming. Jax conceded that they had a lot of details to work out, but he didn't think it would be a good idea to do that in front of Shawn.

Carly agreed and then admitted that they weren't as far apart as Jax might think. Jax disagreed because of Sonny and Jason. Carly became annoyed, so Jax changed the subject by asking about the party. Carly complained that Brenda had objected to hosting the party at Greystone Manor, but Jax admitted that he should thank Brenda. According to Jax, the less time that Michael and Morgan spent with Sonny, the better. Carly accused Jax of looking for a fight, so Jax decided to leave.

Shawn returned to Carly's side as Jax walked away. Carly apologized for all the drama, but Shawn suggested that Jax was a manipulative entitled "S.O.B." Carly defended Jax by explaining that Jax had seen what Sonny's world had done to Michael, so Jax wanted a different life for Morgan and Josslyn. Shawn insisted that Jax's guards would never be able to properly protect Josslyn from Franco, so Shawn was Josslyn's best hope. Shawn assured Carly that he would keep Josslyn safe.

Jax paid Brenda a visit to thank her for the gifts that she had given to Josslyn. Brenda began to talk about Lucian and her desire to take things slowly to give her son time to adjust to his new life. She was excited that their kids would be able to have play dates soon. Jax confessed that Josslyn would not be allowed near Sonny. Brenda assured Jax that Sonny had taken steps to keep Lucian safe, but Jax didn't care. Jax insisted that the children would always be in danger as long as Sonny remained in the mob.

Brenda explained that Sonny had regrets, but Jax suggested that Sonny would have quit the business if that had been true. Jax warned Brenda that one day one of Sonny's enemies would target Brenda and her son. Brenda insisted that Sonny had plenty of guards to protect them, but Jax thought that Brenda and Lucian deserved better. Brenda asked for Jax's support, but Jax couldn't give her that because he believed that Lucian wouldn't be any safer than Sonny's own children had been.

Johnny spotted Abby when he entered Kelly's. Abby warmly greeted Johnny before he asked her if she'd had any problems with the police, regarding Brandon's murder. Abby explained that she had been questioned, but Diane had been at her side. Johnny reminded Abby that Diane worked for Sonny and Jason, so Diane couldn't really be trusted. Johnny offered to provide Abby with an attorney, if she needed one. Abby was curious why Johnny seemed so eager to help her, so Johnny explained that Abby had been an excellent employee.

Michael entered moments later. Johnny quickly explained that he had been making certain that the cops had not given Abby a hard time about Brandon. Michael admitted that Abby had borne the brunt of the suspicion because of her relationship with Brandon. Johnny assured Michael and Abby that he wasn't working an agenda, but he wanted to help them. Abby believed that Johnny was "partly sincere" because he had been kind to her before she had been connected to Michael; however, she wasn't blind to the animosity between Johnny and Sonny.

Johnny insisted that he refused to use Michael as some sort of retribution against Sonny for Claudia's death. Johnny promised that he would leave Michael and Abby alone if they preferred that he stay out of their lives. Michael knew that Johnny could have persuaded the judge to send Michael away for life for killing Claudia, so it counted for something that Johnny hadn't done that. Michael also appreciated how Johnny had always helped Abby. Johnny assured Michael and Abby that he would be there for them.

After Johnny left, Abby confessed that Sonny might have been right to suggest that Johnny was working them. Michael insisted that he trusted Johnny, but Abby was concerned about the anger that she had seen in Johnny's eyes when Johnny spoke about Sonny. She was also uncomfortable with how quickly Johnny had offered to provide them with alibis without even questioning if they had killed Brandon. Michael claimed that it didn't matter to Johnny because, like Michael, Johnny believed that Brandon had deserved to die for mistreating Abby. Michael insisted that Johnny had always been decent to him because they had similar backgrounds.

Abby confessed that it worried her because Johnny was carrying around a lot of anger over Claudia's death. Abby feared that Michael would end up like Johnny because he was trying to prove himself to Sonny. Michael believed that Sonny thought that Michael was too weak to be a part of the mob, so Michael was determined to gain Sonny's respect. Abby argued that Michael was a strong person with a big heart, so she didn't want that to change. Michael assured her that the business wouldn't do that to him. He appreciated that she cared, but he had to do what was right for him.

Abby feared that it might get Michael killed. Michael reminded her that there were no guarantees. He pointed to Jake as a perfect example of that. Michael realized that it was dangerous to get involved with the mob, but he planned to make the most out of the time that he was given. He didn't see any reason not to take advantage of what Johnny was offering.

Ethan went to Johnny's penthouse to see if Johnny had any work available. Johnny was surprised, but Ethan revealed that it didn't appear that Luke had any plans to open the casino any time soon. Ethan admitted that he didn't have any interest in watching Luke self-destruct because of Luke's inability to accept that Jake's death had been a tragic accident. Ethan confessed that things were further complicated because Lucky and Tracy believed that Luke had a drinking problem. Johnny was curious what Ethan thought.

Ethan conceded that Luke had a history of drinking, but the accident had profoundly changed Luke, so Luke was in a bad way. Ethan looked to Johnny for advice, but Johnny didn't have any answers for Ethan. Johnny reminded Ethan that Claudia had tried to kidnap a newborn, and Anthony was serving out a life sentence in jail, so Johnny wasn't in any position to dispense advice. Johnny suggested that Ethan talk to Maya, but Ethan revealed that Maya had left town, and he had no idea when she would return. According to Ethan, May a had received a call for help from her family, so Maya had flown to Philadelphia without explaining to Ethan what was going on.

Ethan admitted that he had only exchanged text messages and emails with Maya since she had left. Ethan was frustrated because he had grown to care for his wife. Johnny felt bad for Ethan, so he offered Ethan a drink. Ethan declined because Luke's situation had forced Ethan to take a hard look at his own drinking habits. Johnny didn't push it, so he changed the subject to find out if Ethan would have a problem training someone. Ethan was stunned when Johnny revealed that Michael might join the Zacchara organization.

Lulu decided to surprise Dante by showing up at the police station to spend Dante's break with him. Dante explained that he had just returned from his break and then told Lulu about Sonny's party. Lulu wondered if the party had been fun, but Dante confessed that he had spent the whole time worrying about Michael because Michael wanted to join the mob. Lulu doubted that Carly would allow it, but Dante suggested that it was too late. Dante pointed out that Michael had been raised in the mob, and Michael was old enough to make his own choices.

Dante confessed that he was certain that Johnny was looking for some kind of leverage over Sonny. Lulu realized that Sonny wouldn't be able to go after Johnny if Michael worked for the Zaccharas. She didn't understand why Sonny couldn't give Michael a safe low-level position in the Corinthos organization. Dante suggested that Michael would have to change his view of things if Michael were to accept a safe job. Lulu suspected that Johnny might see his own organization as a safe alternative. Dante explained that it didn't matter because Michael's parole would be jeopardized if the judge got wind of Michael's association with Johnny.

Dante was also concerned about Michael's involvement in Brandon's murder. Lulu was stunned that Dante seemed to suspect that Michael might have had something to do with it. She reminded Dante that Brandon had been shot in the head twice, so she wondered if Dante could see Michael committing such a violent crime. Dante suggested that anything was possible if Michael were trying to act like Jason. Dante admitted that, from a cop's perspective, Michael looked guilty.

Later, Dante left a voicemail message for Angela Dwyer to return his call because he had some questions regarding Brandon. Ronnie suggested that it might not be a good idea for Dante to question Angela because she had a reputation for being a barracuda. Dante explained that he just needed to know who had paid for her to represent Brandon. Ronnie reminded Dante that it was considered privileged information, but Dante argued that Brandon was dead, so she was free to discuss it. Ronnie warned Dante that it was a waste of time to pursue Johnny as a suspect. Dante reminded Ronnie that Angela represented the Zaccharas, but Ronnie clarified that Johnny couldn't have killed Brandon because new evidence had surfaced linking Michael to the murder.

Lulu went to see Johnny about recruiting Michael. Johnny insisted that Michael could have a job in the Zacchara organization if Michael wanted it. Lulu reminded Johnny of the night that they had learned that Michael had been shot. She recalled that Johnny had suggested that Johnny, Sonny, and Jason were hypocrites for claiming that they had honor when innocent people were hurt by the mob's cycle of violence. Lulu pleaded with Johnny not to allow Michael to become a part of the business that Johnny had always claimed to hate.

Sam was frantically looking for her keys when Jason returned to the penthouse. Sam explained that she needed to get to a stakeout where Spinelli was waiting for her to drop of a new battery for his camera. Jason located the keys and then handed them to Sam. He suspected that she was frazzled because she was nervous about talking to Dr. Lee about the fertility reconstruction. Jason assured her that it would be okay for her to cancel the appointment if she weren't ready. Sam confessed that she was concerned that Jason might be disappointed if the procedure didn't work.

Jason assured Sam that he would always love her, so he urged her not to let fear stand in the way. He didn't want her to make the same mistake that he had made with Jake. Sam confided that she was worried about the procedure, so Jason offered to go to the appointment with her. Sam thought that it would be a great idea because they would both be able to ask questions. Jason looked uncomfortable when Sam started talking about the examination, which didn't escape her notice. Sam assured him that she could handle things alone; however, it had meant a lot to her that he had offered to go.

Diane arrived a short time later to let Jason know that Abby didn't have an alibi for Brandon's murder. She pointed out that Jason and Michael also lacked alibis. Jason assured Diane that the police wouldn't find any evidence implicating Michael in the murder. Diane didn't doubt Jason, but she feared that Michael and Abby would complicate things because they didn't know how to keep their mouths shut. Diane suggested that Jason tell her exactly what had happened to Brandon as a hypothetical scenario. Jason assured Diane that he hadn't killed Brandon, so Diane wondered if anyone could vouch for Jason.

Jason explained that he had taken off on his motorcycle to clear his mind. Diane was curious if there were any possibility that Michael had killed Brandon. "No," Jason replied. According to Jason, Michael didn't have any reason to lie about it. Diane suggested that Michael might not have told the truth if Michael were protecting Abby. Diane wondered what Jason knew about Abby. Jason told Diane what he knew, so Diane wondered if it were possible that Abby, who had a violent history with Brandon, might have snapped. She suggested that they consider that Michael and Abby were covering for each other.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee warned Sam that reproductive reconstruction could be a long process. Sam wanted Dr. Lee to be honest about Sam's chances of getting pregnant because Sam didn't want to waste her time getting her hopes up if there weren't a possibility of having a child. Later, Sam was sitting in Kelly's, wiping away her tears, when Carly entered. Carly realized that Sam's doctor's appointment hadn't gone well, so she apologized for putting Sam through the whole ordeal.

Dante showed up at Jason's to discuss Michael's situation. Dante clarified that he was there as Michael's brother, not a cop. Jason realized that something had happened, so Dante told Jason that a bystander had cell phone footage of Michael aiming a gun at Brandon and then Jason walking up just before the video had cut off. Jason insisted that Michael hadn't killed Brandon. Dante wondered if that were a confession because Dante was desperate to help Michael. Jason vowed that Michael would never be convicted of Brandon's murder. Dante appreciated that Jason was willing to take the fall for Michael, but he warned Jason that it might be too late.

Michael arrived at the police station moments before Diane walked in. Ronnie explained that he had called Diane to make certain that Michael had legal representation. Ronnie wanted to do everything by the book, so that Michael didn't get off on a technicality. Diane demanded to know what was going on, so Ronnie showed Michael and Diane the video footage of Michael confronting Brandon with a gun. Diane insisted that the evidence was circumstantial, and that there wasn't any proof that the person in the video was Michael. Ronnie warned Michael that Dante could be hurt if Michael continued to lie about Brandon's murder.

"Why?" Michael wondered. Diane cautioned Michael not to say anything because Ronnie was trying to bait Michael. Ronnie explained that Dante could be accused of trying to cover up a crime because Dante hadn't removed himself from the investigation on the grounds that it was a conflict of interest. Diane insisted that Michael not engage Ronnie, but Ronnie continued to paint a bleak picture of Dante's future with the police department if Michael didn't make a full confession.

Friday, April 22, 2011

At the piers, Kristina spotted Ethan sitting on a bench as he stared out at the water. She immediately sensed that Ethan was troubled, so she offered to leave if he wanted to be alone. Ethan invited her to stay and then grumbled that he deserved to be kicked for feeling sorry for himself while everyone around him was falling apart. Kristina refused to kick Ethan because she was the queen of selfish, so she didn't have any room to judge. Ethan confessed that he wasn't a "do-gooder," but he always tried to lend a hand when someone needed it, so he hadn't minded taking Maya to the airport when her family had called.

Kristina was stunned to learn that Maya had left town without explaining anything to Ethan. Ethan revealed that it appeared that the Wards were closing ranks, which meant that no outsiders, including Maya's "fly-by-night husband," were welcome. Ethan was fairly certain that Maya hadn't even told the Wards that she was married. Kristina seemed doubtful, so Ethan explained that Maya had never introduced him to the Wards, and she had always changed the subject whenever he had mentioned the Wards. Kristina suggested that perhaps Maya had been embarrassed.

Ethan conceded that the Wards were all doctors and lawyers, while he was just a part-time bartender. Kristina insisted that Ethan was "awesome," but she clarified that Maya might have been ashamed about the circumstances of the wedding, not about Ethan. Kristina explained that Alexis and Sonny would be livid if Kristina had gotten married during a drunken escapade. Ethan chuckled as he admitted that Sonny would have likely shot the "scoundrel" who had taken advantage of Kristina. Kristina assured Ethan that she would never let Sonny hurt Ethan. Ethan was curious why she assumed he'd be the one to marry her like that.

Kristina didn't have an opportunity to answer because Ethan realized that he would kill any guy who did that to Kristina, so he forbade her to ever go to Las Vegas. Kristina quickly agreed. Ethan admitted that he didn't mind protecting Kristina, but he wasn't the type to rescue damsels in distress. Kristina reminded Ethan that he had rescued her numerous times during Kiefer's abuse and then Ethan had forgiven her for lying. Ethan refused to let her make it sound as if he were noble, because he was just a liar and a thief.

Kristina kicked Ethan in the shin. Ethan was surprised because she had refused to kick him earlier. Kristina explained that she had changed her mind because she refused to let him talk about himself like that when she thought he was amazing. Ethan smiled as he confessed that she had helped him to stop wallowing.

In the interrogation room, Ronnie tried to persuade Michael to claim that Brandon's murder had been a crime of passion. Ronnie added pressure by reminding Michael that Dante had a lot to lose if an investigation were launched into a possible police cover-up of the crime. Diane burst out laughing as she suggested that Ronnie appeared to love the sound of his own voice. Seconds later, Jason and Dante entered. Jason immediately ordered Diane and Michael to leave. Diane decided to show Jason and Dante the footage of Michael confronting Brandon in the alley behind Vaughn's.

Diane pointed out that the grainy footage had been captured from behind, so it was impossible to tell if Michael had been holding anything in his hand, much less a gun. To Ronnie's disgust, Dante agreed with Diane's assessment. Ronnie warned Dante that Dante was skating on thin ice by running to Jason after the evidence had surfaced. Diane was outraged that Ronnie had berated a fellow police officer for pointing out an obvious flaw in the evidence. Ronnie urged Dante to get out as soon as possible, unless Dante didn't mind "the brass" thinking that Dante was knee deep in a murder cover-up. Diane argued that Ronnie's conduct had been much more questionable.

Diane accused Ronnie of wasting their time with the flimsy evidence. Ronnie denied any wrongdoing, and pointed out that he had even made certain that Michael had legal counsel present for the questioning. Dante reminded Ronnie that it didn't matter because the videotape wasn't sufficient evidence to charge Michael with murder. Ronnie looked to Jason to see if Jason might confess to protect Michael, but Jason didn't fall for the bait. Ronnie was forced to let Michael go, but advised Michael and Jason to get their affairs in order because one of them would be going to jail. After Jason and Michael left, Diane warned Ronnie that his bias was showing.

Ronnie urged Diane to talk to Dante because Dante would be facing an internal affairs investigation sooner than Dante realized. After Ronnie stormed out, Dante made it clear that he refused to let Michael return to Pentonville. Meanwhile, Jason and Michael headed to Jason's penthouse. Jason warned Michael that Diane had only bought them some time, so Jason needed to know if Michael had killed Brandon. Michael denied shooting Abby's ex-boyfriend and then promised that he would never lie to Jason. Jason suggested that Michael might lie if Michael were protecting Abby.

Michael vehemently denied that Abby had any involvement in Brandon's murder and then insisted that she would never let Michael take the fall for something that she had done. Michael refused to let anyone pin the murder on Abby to protect him. Jason warned Michael keep his mouth shut the next time the police asked questions. Jason explained that Ronnie would keep pushing and manipulating, so Michael had to reign in his temper. Michael promised not to do anything that Jason wouldn't do.

At Johnny's penthouse, Lulu recalled a time that Johnny had wanted to get out of the mob. Johnny reminded her that his attempt to live a straight life had been an epic failure. Lulu insisted that Michael was in a vulnerable place, so she begged Johnny to show some humanity and restraint by leaving Michael alone. Johnny was disappointed that Lulu couldn't see that Johnny wanted to help Michael. Johnny questioned if Lulu remembered why she had fallen for Johnny. Lulu admitted that he had been crazy and reckless, which was what she had needed at the time.

Johnny confessed that he had also been na´ve because he had believed that he had a say in his own destiny. Lulu thought that everyone did, but Johnny insisted that they were just products of their environments. Johnny reminded her of his twisted childhood and then insisted that he had been destined to live a life of crime. Lulu hated that he had made it sound hopeless, but Johnny assured her that there were some upsides to the life he led. Johnny had traded safe and secure for money, power, and freedom. "Freedom to wreak havoc?" Lulu wondered.

Lulu was curious what had happened to the guy who had wanted nothing to do with the mob. "He opened a chop-shop and almost choked on the fumes," Johnny replied. Johnny explained that he had found his place in the world when he had taken over the organization after Anthony's arrest. Johnny suggested that Michael was just like him; they were both disillusioned with the law because everyone was corrupt. Lulu argued that there were good cops like Dante and that people could find happiness without living a life of crime. She warned Johnny to leave Michael alone because Michael had a soul.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda regretted that she had expected Jax to be happy for her, Sonny, and Lucian. Jax assured her that he wished them all the happiness in the world, but he doubted that it was possible because of Sonny's lifestyle. Brenda was certain that Lucian would grow to love Sonny as much as Brenda did. Jax didn't doubt it; however he warned her that the danger in Sonny's life would eventually extend to Brenda's son. Jax explained that he didn't want to hurt Brenda, or replace Sonny in her life, but he spoke from experience. Jax urged her to take Lucian, and to get as far away from Sonny as possible.

Sonny immediately picked up on the tension in the room when he entered the parlor moments later. Jax revealed that he had given Brenda what Sonny hadn't been able to: honesty. Sonny was outraged that Jax had talked "smack" about Sonny in Sonny's own home. Jax insisted that Sonny couldn't keep Lucian any safer than Sonny had kept the rest of the Corinthos children safe. Sonny demanded to know who Jax was to judge anyone. Sonny reminded Jax that Josslyn had nearly died from kidney cancer, and that Jake had been killed in an accident, so there weren't any guarantees.

Jax argued that the odds of something terrible happening to a child increased when they were around Sonny. Brenda had heard enough, so she asked Jax to leave. Sonny accused Jax of using scare tactics to terrorize Brenda. Jax countered that Sonny had told Brenda the same lies that Sonny had told Carly over the years. Jax hoped that Lucian fared better than Michael had. Brenda assured Sonny that she had no idea that Jax would attack Sonny like that when she had invited Jax to stay.

Jax refused to leave without one last parting shot at Sonny. Jax hoped that Brenda never had to live with what Carly had gone through when Michael had been shot and then lingered in a coma. Brenda was shaken as Jax finally left. Afterwards, Sonny and Brenda seemed at a loss for words as they stared at each other from across the room. A short time later, Sonny decided to go to Pentonville to have a talk with Anthony. Anthony sat in the visitors' room, looking forlornly at a plant with a single wilted leaf. Sonny dispensed with pleasantries as he informed Anthony that Johnny had targeted another one of Sonny's children.

Anthony complained about the measly plant that he had been given to tend, which Anthony had named Claudia. "You notice the resemblance?" Anthony wondered. Sonny ignored the question to explain that Johnny was trying to be a mentor to Michael. Anthony suggested that Johnny was a generous young man, who made his father proud. Sonny didn't know if Johnny were acting on his own or following Anthony's instructions, but Sonny expected it to stop.

Sonny invited Anthony to fight like a man, instead of a wild animal who preyed on the weak. Sonny vowed that he would take Anthony down "like a rabid dog" if Anthony didn't back off from Michael. Anthony was disappointed that Sonny hadn't stopped by for a friendly chat, as Anthony had assumed when he had decided to take his new plant to the visitors' room. Sonny warned Anthony that the "Claudia plant thing" was not working. Anthony suggested that Sonny should be grateful that Johnny was making an effort to preserve the peace between the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations by reaching out to Michael in friendship.

Sonny was adamant that Michael remain off-limits. Anthony promised that Sonny didn't have to worry about the Zaccharas hurting Michael because Sonny exposed Michael to enough danger. Sonny's temper flared as he reached out and then knocked the plant across the table. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt Claudia," Sonny said in a blatantly false innocent tone. Anthony burst out laughing after Sonny left.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda explained to Diane that Sonny wasn't at home. Diane insisted on waiting because she had news about Michael that Diane was certain that Sonny would want to hear. Brenda was curious what was going on, but Diane explained that she wasn't at liberty to discuss it. Brenda argued that she was Sonny's wife, so she had a right to know, but Diane revealed that Sonny had instructed Diane several times not to discuss Michael's problems with Brenda. Brenda wondered if the policy applied to Carly as well, so Diane reminded Brenda that Carly was Michael's mother.

Sonny returned home a short time later to find Diane alone in the parlor. Diane admitted that she didn't have good news about Michael; however, she felt compelled to warn Sonny that Brenda had stomped off to the bedroom to sulk because Diane had refused to discuss Michael's situation with her. Sonny suggested that Diane be more tactful with Brenda in the future and then asked for an update on Michael. Diane told Sonny about the cell phone footage of Michael confronting Brandon just before the shooting. Diane warned Sonny that the police would eventually be able to use the evidence to establish prior intent. Diane was certain that Michael would be charged with Brandon's murder, but Sonny refused to accept that as an option.

At Kelly's, Carly apologized for suggesting that Sam and Jason have a baby, but Sam insisted that she was grateful because it had forced Sam to admit that she wanted a baby. Sam credited Carly for making it possible for Sam to learn that she had a really good chance to have a baby. Carly realized that Sam's tears had been of joy, not sorrow. "Yes," Sam confirmed; however, Sam regretted that it had taken Jake's death for Sam and Jason to admit that they wanted a child. Sam revealed that Dr. Lee had assured Sam that Sam was a good candidate for the fertility reconstruction procedure and that Sam had a better than fifty percent chance of carrying a baby to term. Carly was thrilled because she believed that it was exactly what Jason needed to get past the pain of losing Jake.

Sam warned Carly not to get too excited because there weren't any guarantees that Sam and Jason would be good parents. Carly disagreed because she recalled what Jason had been like with Michael. Sam wished that she could have seen it, but Carly reminded Sam that Sam would get the chance to experience it when Sam and Jason had their own child. Carly realized that everyone had believed that it had been for the best for Jason to walk away from Jake, but Carly believed that Jason had sacrificed the most by not being a part of Jake's life.

Carly confessed that it was difficult knowing that Jake had died because of a random accident, not the mob. Sam admitted that she had never seen Jason as upset as he was about Jake's death. Carly was confident that Sam would be able to fix things by giving Jason a child because it would heal Jason. After Sam left, Lulu entered the diner. Carly invited Lulu to have a seat and then explained that she wanted Lulu to talk to Johnny. Lulu admitted that she had already done so and then told Carly about the visit. Later, Jax spotted Carly deep in thought when he entered Kelly's.

Carly wasn't in the mood to argue about Shawn, but Jax assured her that he wasn't interested in rehashing things. Carly relaxed and then admitted that she had been thinking about Michael's determination to follow in Sonny's footsteps. Jax apologized for not taking Michael to the Caribbean for the yacht race, but Carly conceded that the trip would only have delayed the inevitable. Carly acknowledged that she loved Sonny and Jason, but she had never wanted Michael to be like them. Jax told her about his confrontation with Sonny, and how much Sonny's life had cost Michael. Carly realized that she couldn't disagree.

Michael's last words to Jason replayed in Jason's mind as Sam entered the penthouse. Sam told Jason about her visit with Dr. Lee and the results of the initial examination. Her smile faded when she noticed Jason's serious expression as he slowly approached her.

Dante went to Abby's apartment to talk to her about Michael's situation. Abby was stunned when Dante seemed to indicate that Michael might have killed Brandon. Dante explained that Michael had a terrible temper especially when Michael was in protective mode. Abby insisted that Michael hadn't killed Brandon, but Dante was curious how she could be so certain. Abby wondered how Dante could have doubts about Michael. Dante switched tactics by suggesting that Abby might have killed Brandon.

Dante conceded that Brandon had abused and stalked Abby. He reminded her that there were hospital records and a paper trail to establish a history of domestic violence, so a judge would be very lenient with Abby. However, Michael would not be as lucky because it would be Michael's second conviction. Abby was furious that Dante had failed keep Brandon locked up, but Dante argued that Abby had dropped the charges against Brandon. Dante agreed to keep looking for other suspects, but he warned her that he would not let Michael go to jail for a crime that she had committed if it turned out that Abby was the killer.

Michael arrived at the apartment shortly after Dante left. He quickly updated Abby about the cell phone footage, but assured her that the evidence was weak. Abby felt responsible for Brandon being in their lives, so she insisted that she needed to make things right. Michael started to question her about that remark when Ronnie knocked on the door. Abby was shocked when Ronnie informed her that she was under arrest for Brandon's murder.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny ordered Dante to use any means necessary to help Michael. Sonny expected Dante to make the evidence disappear and to give Sonny the name of the person who had taped Michael confronting Brandon. Dante made it clear that he refused to break the law, even to help Michael.

Johnny arrived home to find his father spritzing a variety of plants scattered around the penthouse. Johnny demanded to know if Anthony had escaped from jail. "Absolutely not," Anthony assured his son. According to Anthony, "Justice was served, and that was just the beginning."

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