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Tess caused the return of Niki, and the pair forged an unlikely relationship in order for Tess to get custody of Ryder. Clint suffered a heart attack, and Dorian refused to help him until he confessed that Echo had known the truth about Rex's paternity. Gigi accepted Rex's marriage proposal. Jack was roughed up. Marty confessed to her therapist that John was really Liam's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 18, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost all eyes in Llanview were focused on the Access Llanview television show, as Phyllis Rose disclosed that she had lots of startling news about the Buchanan family. First up was the photo of Echo and Charlie locking lips. Identifying Echo as "Echo the Wrecko," Phyllis declared that her heart went out to Viki after Charlie was caught in a compromising situation. Phyllis revealed that she'd received the photo from a "well known Buchanan personality." Phyllis winked at the camera. She also had something to say about Eddie Ford's murderer later in the show.

Natalie snapped off the television as she and Viki stood and watched from the kitchen at Llanfair. Natalie proclaimed that the photo was a fake, but Viki regretfully informed her that it was real. Tess had sent Viki the photo previously. Viki revealed that she had also walked in on Charlie and Echo soon after she'd received the photo. Natalie was sorry to hear it, and she and Viki agreed that Charlie hadn't been the same since Jared's death. "Clint and Echo, they're in love," Viki said sarcastically.

Natalie announced that she was "sick and tired of Tess." The woman had hurt many people, even though she wasn't even human. Natalie planned to look for Tess in order to give Tess a piece of her mind.

Matthew and Nora held their breath as they sat at home and waited for Phyllis to reveal the identity of Eddie Ford's killer. Matthew wondered what his parents would do upon hearing their son's confession. Nora asked what Matthew thought they should do, but Matthew wasn't sure. He had hoped that everything would go away. Nora was angry. She couldn't believe that Matthew thought that they would just be able to drop it all. She recalled how Matthew had watched as she had prosecuted Nate. She wondered if Matthew would have stood by as Nate was carted off to jail.

Matthew had assumed that things would turn out all right, especially because Clint had said they would. Clint had told him that everyone would realize that Nate was innocent. Nora doubted that Clint had realized what was happening, because he had been too busy setting people up and turning them against each other. Nora was annoyed that Matthew hadn't said anything, because he'd had ample opportunity to do so. Nora was fuming that she and Bo had "botched" the case and hurt innocent people in the process. "I'm ready to confess," Matthew admitted tearfully.

Matthew revealed that he didn't remember everything about the night of Eddie's murder. He recalled that Eddie had said disgusting things about his mother, but Matthew hadn't even realized that he'd been holding a gun until after he'd heard it go off. Then he'd seen Eddie lying on the floor with lots of blood around him. Matthew hadn't meant to kill him. Nora began to cry. She wondered if Matthew would be able to face the rest of his life after news of the murder was out.

Matthew told her that Clint had made it seem like everything would be okay, because Eddie was a bad guy. He had still been a human being with three kids, Matthew continued. Nora noted that Eddie hadn't treated his kids very well. It hadn't been up to him to rid the world of Eddie, Matthew realized. Matthew decided that he shouldn't be free, and he couldn't blame Clint for his action. "I guess you and Dad should just do what you have to do," Matthew advised his mother. Nora wondered if Matthew wanted his parents to turn him in.

At Ford's place, Tess was happy to see the latest gossip on television, and she assured Ford that it would most likely help their custody case. Ford didn't think it was fair of Tess to have sent the photo out, because Viki was a "good person." Tess angrily shouted that Viki was hardly good if she'd "pimped out a little girl." Ford was confused, and Tess gave him the short version of what had occurred when she was young, and Viki had been Niki Smith. She reminded Ford of what had occurred when he'd been with Jessica when, suddenly, Tess had appeared.

Tess explained that she had always shown up when Jessica was unable to handle things. Tess had always been the one to "take one for the team," and that was why she was "a bitch." Ford was horrified, and he put his hand on Tess's arm in an attempt to comfort her. Tess ordered him to stay away from her, because he was a man just like the rest. Ford insisted that not all men were the same, and Tess agreed. Only one man had been wonderful, and that man had been Nash, Tess declared. She added that Natalie and Jared had killed Nash.

"You don't have to hide anymore. Not with me," Ford assured Tess sympathetically. Ford offered to get something for Tess, because he felt horrible after hearing the story of her childhood and how she'd emerged. He cared about her. Tess stated that he wouldn't get her what she really wanted, which was a whiskey. She just didn't want to hear about poor Viki again. Tess picked up her purse and left the apartment.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Dorian and Destiny watched Phyllis Rose. Outside, Charlie made a quick phone call to Rex to make sure that Shane would be okay. Charlie offered to help, and he asked to be kept in the loop with any news, because Shane would always feel like a grandson to him. Rex assured Charlie that he would keep Charlie abreast of the situation. Nearby, Echo listened to her voicemail and heard Clint promise to keep their secret about her early knowledge that Clint was Rex's father.

Dorian didn't want to watch the television, but she was drawn in as soon as she saw the photo of Echo and Charlie. She was appalled, and she proceeded to talk non-stop about Echo's behavior until Destiny was finally successful at interrupting her. Destiny urged Dorian to turn around in order to see Echo and Charlie walking into the café while they held hands. Dorian confronted Echo with some dirty looks, but Echo announced that Dorian couldn't hurt her. Dorian advised Echo that everyone in town knew about Echo and Charlie's new relationship, thanks to gossip television.

Dorian pointed at the television set hanging over the counter and turned up the sound. Echo and Charlie dashed out of the café, and Dorian followed. Charlie hoped that Viki hadn't seen the show. Dorian retorted that he shouldn't have done what he had. Charlie had promised Dorian that he wouldn't see Echo. Charlie informed Dorian that Viki was aware of his relationship with Echo, and his marriage was over. He had fallen in love with Echo. Dorian felt sick and admitted that she didn't know whether to "laugh, cry, or throw up." Echo insisted that it had just happened.

Charlie began to explain how he'd felt after he'd learned that he wasn't Rex's father, and how Echo had been the right person to be with, because she'd experienced the same shock. Dorian's opinion differed. She advised Charlie that Echo hadn't been shocked at all, because she'd known all along that Charlie was not Rex's father. Echo wanted to leave, but Dorian continued. Echo was afraid that Charlie would learn the truth, but Charlie denied that Echo would have lied about Rex's paternity. "Open your eyes. She's lying," Dorian advised him. Charlie looked at Echo questioningly.

Echo affirmed that Dorian was just trying to make trouble, and she suggested that Dorian talk to Clint. He would confirm that Echo had known nothing about Rex's paternity prior to Charlie and Echo learning the truth. Dorian suggested that Echo had probably made a deal with Clint, but she would definitely talk to him. After Dorian was gone, Charlie apologized to Echo. He believed that she hadn't known that Clint was Rex's father.

Bo visited Clint at the mansion and implored his brother not to say anything about Matthew committing Eddie's murder. Clint reminded Bo that he had been familiar with the details for a long time, and he could have said something previously if he had wanted to. After all, Matthew had called Clint after the shooting, and Clint had helped his nephew. "I want Matthew safe," Clint proclaimed. Bo accused Clint of trying to steal Matthew and poisoning his mind against his parents. Clint pointed out that he respected Matthew, who was quite smart. He was certain that Matthew could be running Buchanan Enterprises someday if the charges were dropped.

Bo retorted that he would never allow his son to work under Clint, but Clint replied that Matthew would be able to run another company just as well. Bo further accused Clint of setting up Matthew to "take the fall" for Eddie's murder. Clint insisted that regardless, he believed that Matthew shouldn't suffer for killing Eddie. Bo still held Clint responsible, and he reviewed all that Clint had done to his family recently. Clint suggested that Bo forget about his job and put his family first. He thought that Matthew should be let off the hook. Bo replied angrily that he would not allow Matthew to get away with committing a murder, because Bo and Nora had taken oaths when they had assumed their positions.

Clint wondered if family or the job were more important to Bo, but Bo saw things from a different perspective. He believed that actions meant consequences. Clint had another suggestion. He thought that things might be handled privately, but Bo was against that. He couldn't imagine different rules solely for the Buchanans. Clint demanded that Bo allow Matthew to remain free, because it was wrong to lock him up. Bo pointed out that by doing that, Matthew would turn out to be just like his Uncle Clint. What a role model Clint was, Bo added sarcastically.

Bo began to relate all of the incidents that Clint had been involved with. Clint had ruined lives, including Matthew's, Bo stated. Matthew would never trust Clint again, and Bo would never forgive Clint, who would be punished. "Oh, God," Clint gasped suddenly, his hand flying to his chest. Bo didn't see the movement and assumed that Clint was referring to all that they had spoken about. Clint wanted Bo to leave the house. "Your victims will get justice," Bo remarked as he headed to the door, and poignantly added, "Whether you like it or not." "Get out," Clint shouted.

At the carriage house, Rex informed Gigi that Clint had paid him a visit, and Clint had vowed to make someone pay for what had happened to Shane. Rex was upset, also, because Clint had blamed Shane's situation on Rex. Clint thought that it wouldn't have happened if Rex were a better father. Gigi disagreed, and she advised Rex that he was a very important person in Shane's life. Shane was aware that he could always count on Rex, and he knew that Rex would be there, Gigi continued.

Gigi thought that they should let Shane know that they would be there if he wanted to talk. Rex thought for a moment and then advised Gigi that he had something on his mind. He thought he'd go for it because things were different from the last time he'd asked. He got down on one knee and proposed to a surprised Gigi.

The next topic on Access Llanview was Eddie Ford's murder. Phyllis wondered if Nora could be the murderer, considering the fact that Nora had been involved in a car accident and couldn't remember anything. Phyllis suggested that Bo could be covering up for his wife.

Inside the café, Destiny picked up a phone and placed a call to Phyllis herself. Destiny knew that Nora wasn't Eddie's murderer. A young woman was sitting at the counter and walked over to introduce herself to Destiny. Her name was Blanca Morales, and she was a local journalist. She couldn't help overhearing Destiny's declaration, and she wondered how Destiny could be so positive that Nora wasn't the killer. Blanca called Phyllis a "gossipmonger," and she advised Destiny that the best way to set the record straight would be to talk to Blanca instead. Blanca wondered if Destiny knew who the real killer was.

Destiny explained that she was convinced of Nora's innocence because Matthew had told her so. She and Matthew were good friends, and he would not have lied to her. Blanca wondered if Matthew would be able to prove that Nora wasn't involved in Eddie's murder. She also got the impression from the way that Destiny spoke, that she and Matthew were more than friends. Destiny admitted that she cared about Matthew and had even kissed him once. He did not know the identity of the true killer. Destiny also revealed that Matthew had been going through a rough patch for quite a while.

Blanca was curious, and she continued to pepper Destiny with questions. Finally, she handed Destiny her card. She suggested that Destiny call Matthew for details and then call Blanca at the newspaper.

Viki was packing up boxes when Tess arrived. "I guess I got you all to myself," Tess declared when she learned that Natalie and Charlie were not around. Tess decided that Viki was a hypocrite, and she wasn't perfect. Viki would not receive custody of Ryder, and Tess planned to fight "dirty." She urged Viki to drop the custody battle, or she'd disclose how Viki had failed as a mother. Viki reminded Tess that it had been Niki who had wronged Jessica, but Tess began to taunt Viki. Charlie, Jessica, and Ryder were all gone, but Viki still had Natalie, Tess mocked. She proceeded to talk about Natalie, who was living with Jessica's fiancée.

Viki leaned over on the counter, crying and gasping and grabbing her head. She whispered that she didn't feel well. Tess increased her taunting instead, and she wondered if Viki were having a heart attack like another time in the past. Viki ordered Tess to leave the house, but Tess kept up her verbal assault. She bade Viki goodbye. "Hope you die, Victoria," Tess called out.

Suddenly, Viki stood up and shook off her pain. "God, you're annoying. Oh, and it's Niki Smith to you, bitch," Niki called out to Tess in a loud and wicked-sounding tone. "And I'm not dying," she said, and she laughed shrilly. "Niki Smith is alive," she shouted, laughing elatedly.

Natalie arrived at Ford's, looking for Tess, but the young woman was gone. Ford confessed that he didn't blame Tess for her actions, because he'd heard all about what had happened to a young Jessica. Viki had "put her through hell." Natalie insisted that Viki hadn't had any control, but Ford pointed out that it would be the same for Tess. Natalie argued that Tess was not the same as Viki, because she continued to hurt people. Natalie vowed that she would make Tess regret it.

After Bo was gone, Clint fixed himself a drink. Before he could take a sip, he dropped the glass and clutched his chest. "Nigel?" he called out weakly. He gathered some strength momentarily and walked to the doorway, but then suddenly, he fell to the floor in agony.

Nora felt that there had to be a better way of dealing with Matthew, but Matthew didn't think there was. Bo returned home and told his family that Clint wouldn't talk about Matthew, but he wouldn't take responsibility for any of it either. Clint had used Matthew and had put the entire situation in motion in the first place. Bo was sure that Clint would get what he deserved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At the carriage house, Rex got down on one knee and proposed to Gigi. "Are you serious?" Gigi asked. She reminded him that she had proposed to him previously, and he had turned her down. Rex believed that the time was right for a new proposal. Gigi was aware that Rex loved her, but she thought that the timing was wrong while Shane was in the midst of a crisis. Rex thought that while it might look better to Shane's therapist that they were married, he also wanted Shane to realize that he could count on his parents.

Rex wanted to stop taking Shane and Gigi for granted, and he wanted to let them be aware of how he really felt about them. Rex knew who he was, all thanks to Gigi, who was an amazing friend, person, and mother. Gigi had made Rex a man and a decent father, and both Gigi and Shane had taught him how to behave. Rex clarified that it was his desire to keep his family "happy, healthy, and safe." He wanted to be Gigi's husband. "Okay," Gigi replied. They shared a kiss to seal the deal.

Gigi rushed upstairs to tell Shane the news, but her son was asleep. Rex didn't want the news to get out until he bought Gigi a ring, but he offered to run over to Llanfair to pick up a bottle of champagne. Gigi announced that they didn't need champagne, and Rex agreed that they might be able to find another way to celebrate. The couple ended up on the couch. After making love, Rex declared that champagne would be a plus the next time around. Gigi thought that nothing would improve the moment, and she giggled when Rex called her his "little fiancée."

Deanna, Starr, and James returned to James's apartment after dinner. Deanna thanked Starr for treating them to the meal, and she made a point of comparing the restaurant to a place where she and James had spent lots of time in the past. Starr one-upped Deanna and pointed out that she and James were the ones dating. Starr preferred that Deanna not stay with James, and she suggested that Deanna move to La Boulaie so they could get to know each other better. James's apartment was a tough place to stay at with a baby and crazy woman residing there, and Deanna would even have her own room, Starr stated. Her aunt probably wouldn't even notice, and if she did, Dorian would be happy to help.

James wasn't too certain about Starr's opinion of her aunt, but he thought it was a good idea for Deanna to stay at La Boulaie. Reluctantly, Deanna left to pack her things, and Starr admitted that she didn't want Deanna to stay with James another night. She assumed that James and Deanna had sex while they'd been together in the past, and Starr didn't want to think of the two of them together at the apartment. James made it clear that he and Deanna had been over for a long time, and Deanna would be gone for good soon enough.

Starr felt that it reminded her of the situation with Hannah, but James maintained that he had been with Starr then, and he wanted to be with Starr in the present. Starr was also tired of hearing Deanna talk about old times with James. Starr and James hadn't slept together yet, Starr reminded James. They realized it was because of the situation in James's apartment, along with Starr's busy life. James assured Starr that they would, and he didn't mind waiting. Starr couldn't imagine it. James promised that Deanna wasn't a problem, and the two of them shared a kiss as Deanna watched from the bedroom doorway.

Deanna had her bag packed, and she was ready to go. She leaned over to James and told him that it was weird. She'd also wanted to finish her conversation with him on the reasons she'd broken up with him previously. He needed to know why. She didn't have the chance as Starr led Deanna out of the apartment.

Tomas paid a visit to John at the police station and asked the detective why he believed that Tomas was a killer. His sister had been through enough without dealing with John's questions, Tomas added. John revealed that he had a witness who had placed Tomas at the scene prior to the shooting, and Tomas had also argued with Todd. Tomas admitted that he wanted the rapist away from his sister, and John wondered "how bad" Tomas wanted it. Tomas inquired whether John would be concerned in the same situation, and John's response was to ask whether it warranted getting rid of someone.

Tomas proceeded to empty out his pockets in order for John to go through everything. Tomas hoped that John would be satisfied that Tomas was who he said he was. John held up the plastic bag that contained the photo taken at Blair and Todd's wedding. He wondered where Tomas had obtained the photo. Tomas repeated the story that he had given previously. He sometimes looked at photos for his artwork in lieu of models, and he had found the photo at a flea market in Paris.

Skeptically, John pointed out how coincidental it was that the woman in the photo just happened to be in the same place where Tomas' sister was residing, and where his sister's husband had been shot. John declared that it all sounded "made up," but he looked over Tomas' documents and items and pronounced everything in order. Tomas agreed that John was only doing his job, and he insisted that he wasn't the shooter. Tomas had no idea who it might be. John asked that Tomas close the door on his way out, and after Tomas was gone, John asked that forensics stop by to lift a print from the doorknob.

Blair and Téa sat at the Buenos Dias Café, and Téa mentioned the fact that her brother was a suspect in Todd's shooting. She thought the entire thing was ridiculous. "Is it?" Blair asked. Téa began to rant about the fact that a Euro had been found at the scene, and while her brother had been in Europe, so had many other people. She realized that even Blair and Cristian had been there. Blair pointed out that neither she nor Cristian would have shot Todd, and she wondered if Téa trusted John in the investigation.

Téa noted that her brother had sworn he'd had no reason to shoot Todd after she'd asked him. Blair found it ironic that Téa had asked Tomas about it if she'd believed her brother to be innocent in the first place. Téa explained that they'd just been talking about the case, and her brother had a file on Todd. He'd claimed it had been put together from the Internet after hearing about Todd and Téa's marriage. Blair thought it was strange that Tomas had actually printed the information out and put together a file, but Téa didn't want to discuss it any further. She called Blair "gun-shy" after Blair's experience with Eli.

Blair wondered where Tomas had been since the time that Téa had last seen him, and she made it clear that Téa really didn't know anything about her brother. Téa mentioned that her brother had been painting, but the two women began to argue over the fact that Téa really wasn't familiar with where Tomas had been or what he'd been doing. Blair expressed the opinion that if John were questioning Tomas, it was good enough for her, and she wouldn't date Tomas without having more information. Téa approved of Blair's decision not to date Tomas, citing the fact that it would be too complicated for Téa's husband's ex-wife to be dating Téa's brother anyway.

The women began to argue again, and Téa guessed that Blair was probably too good for Tomas. Blair pointed out that was because Téa really didn't know Tomas. Finally, they agreed not to talk, though Téa wondered who had shot Todd. Blair thought that "no news was good news," as they hadn't heard anything from the hospital. She guessed that Todd was probably relaxing and laughing at all of them. Just then, Tomas arrived. He was hopeful that everything would work out eventually. Blair suggested that Tomas go on a date with her. "I'm sorry?" Téa said, certain that she'd heard incorrectly.

Téa asked about Blair's previous thoughts on Tomas, but Blair replied that Téa had talked her out of what she'd believed previously. Also, Tomas had offered to take his clothes off for Blair, and Blair couldn't resist. Téa was stymied, and Tomas explained that he'd offered to prove that he wasn't Todd's shooter. He was happy to hear that Téa believed that he wasn't the shooter, and Blair too. Blair left, but she paused at the door. If Tomas were hiding something, she planned to find out what it was, she muttered.

Outside of the café, Charlie voiced his displeasure over Dorian's belief that Echo had known about Clint being Rex's father all along. Echo was certain that Dorian would be disappointed after Clint confirmed Echo's story. Charlie was curious as to why Dorian was suddenly siding with Viki, and Echo explained that both women hated Echo, so they had that in common. Echo was actually happy that Viki had a friend while she was going through some tough times. Charlie wished that he hadn't hurt Viki, and while he wondered how Viki had obtained the photo of Charlie and Echo kissing, he assumed it had been courtesy of Tess.

Echo speculated on what their next step might be, and Charlie pointed out that they should expect lots of "gossip and cold shoulders." He figured that Rex wouldn't like the news that Echo and Charlie were together, because Rex was protective of Viki. Charlie didn't want Echo to be blamed for the situation. Echo laughed as she said that she would be lucky if the only news to get out was the fact that Viki and Charlie's marriage had broken up. Charlie was confused about Echo's odd remark, and she clarified that she was always bracing for bad news, as was the habit of a "drinker."

Charlie was concerned about Viki's chance to get custody of Ryder, and Echo sympathized. She knew just how Viki felt. They were ready to head home, and Charlie realized that their home was the one room at the Minute Man Motel. He was relieved that everyone knew all there was to know. Echo was worried.

Clint weakly called out for Nigel, and then collapsed to the floor in his home. He clutched at his chest. Dorian arrived and found him lying there, obviously in pain. She began to taunt him, and she advised him that he'd better be certain he was having a heart attack, or she'd be disappointed. After asking him some questions about his symptoms, Dorian was satisfied that Clint was indeed having a heart attack. "Do something," he whispered. Speaking slowly, Dorian announced that Clint needed aspirin and a call to the hospital. She happened to have both in her purse, and she could help out. "Payback is a bitch," she told him.

Dorian guaranteed Clint that he wasn't dying yet, and she explained the situation in technical terms. She wanted to resolve an issue first, and she wanted Clint to admit that he'd kidnapped David. Clint refused, and Dorian got up to leave. She left the aspirin on a table, out of reach of the prone Clint. She wasn't "entirely heartless," she told him. Clint weakly called out for Dorian as she walked out of the room.

Shortly after, Dorian returned. She had taken an oath as a doctor, and she couldn't leave a dying Clint on the floor. She would help him out in exchange for some information on Echo. Dorian wondered when Echo had discovered that Clint was really Rex's father. Echo had claimed that she had been Clint's victim too. Clint murmured that he had made a promise. Dorian declared that she knew all about promises. "Echo knew all along," Clint announced. "I knew it!" proclaimed Dorian, but she wanted some proof. Clint advised her that it was in the desk drawer.

Dorian pulled the drawer open and found a tiny recorder. She played it and heard that Echo had asked for Clint's silence in the matter of the timeline for Echo's knowledge of Clint's fatherhood. "That sleazy, lying slut," Dorian pronounced happily. She listened to the entire conversation, and then turned around to Clint. "You do look ghastly," she told him. She gave him the aspirin, and he ordered her to call the hospital. Dorian exclaimed that she couldn't believe that Charlie had fallen for Echo, because Viki was "twice the woman" that Echo was. Clint groaned as another wave of pain hit him. Finally, Dorian called for an ambulance. "Clint Buchanan has had a heart attack. And I suggest that you hurry them up," she reported.

In the kitchen at Llanfair, Viki disappeared, and Niki emerged in her place. "Niki?" an upset Tess asked. She was more than unhappy to see her nemesis. Niki's first move was to look for some alcohol, and she advised the disappointed Tess that Tess was the one who'd let her out in the first place. It always happened after Viki went "nuts" and had Tess around. Tess only hoped that she didn't regret it. "Get over it," Niki demanded. She couldn't understand what Tess's problem was.

The two women had words over the past, and what had caused Tess's personality to materialize in the first place. Niki remarked that she had been "saddled" with Jessica, and she told the young woman to stop whining. Niki pointed out that Tess only existed because of Niki, and she should be thankful. Niki thought that they should stick together, and she suggested that they go out for a drink. Tess quickly refused, citing the custody case. Niki was thrilled to be out, and she wanted to pay up her debt to Tess.

Niki searched the house and found a bottle of liquor. Tess grabbed it out of Niki's hand, because she wanted to talk to Niki first. Niki owed her, Tess stated. Tess wanted to retain custody of Ryder, and she wanted Niki's help. Niki was reluctant, but Tess threatened to make a phone call to any number of people and have Niki "shipped off to the loony bin." Niki offered to disappear, but Tess announced that she had a better plan.

Tess filled Niki in, and they hatched a plan and made a deal. Niki wanted to toast, but Tess suggested they wait until after the hearing. Just then, Tess received a call from her lawyer, and Viki's phone announced a call from the court clerk. Niki pretended that she was Viki, and both women learned that the hearing would resume the following day.

John received word that a match had been found for the fingerprint on the doorknob, but when he looked online, it was noted classified, and he was unable to gain access to it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint gasped for breath on the carpet as Dorian casually called the paramedics. As Dorian told them to hurry, Rama walked into the drawing room and immediately let out a piercing shriek at the sight of the prone Buchanan patriarch. Rama spilled a giant bowl of popcorn as Dorian rolled her eyes in exasperation. Joey and Aubrey burst into the room, and Joey immediately rushed to his father's side. Dorian pleaded her innocence and said she had already called for an ambulance. Edging her way towards the foyer, she urged Aubrey to call Kevin and the London branch of the family with the news as Joey knelt beside Clint, begging his father to hold on.

At La Boulaie, Starr ushered Deanna into Langston's old room, where she found a framed photograph that Langston had left behind of the two girls in happier times. Starr was touched by the gesture, and grew emotional as she told Deanna about her departed friend. Perturbed, Deanna concluded that Starr had to really want Deanna away from James to put her up in a beloved friend's old room.

"You and James were over long ago," Starr reminded Deanna. "Less than a year," Deanna replied. Starr didn't want to argue semantics; she had only wanted to help Deanna, and was even willing to help her make friends and meet new guys at Llanview University. Deanna said she wasn't interested in romance; she only wanted to put her life back together. She admitted James was a hard act to follow. Starr wondered why Deanna had broken up with him if that was the case.

Deanna deflected the question, suggesting Starr ask James, but Starr explained that he didn't know why Deanna had left him. "Then he can ask me," Deanna said tersely. When Starr pressed her on the issue, Deanna said living at La Boulaie had been a bad idea. She didn't want to be interrogated, and she insisted her personal life was her business. Starr promised to stop asking questions, and reminded Deanna she had nowhere to go. She asked the girl to stay -- she wanted them to get along, for James's sake. Deanna was amused, but agreed to give it a try.

Ford returned to his apartment, where James was hanging out in the living room. Ford was dismayed to learn Tess hadn't returned home, and said he had been out all night, searching for his wife. James mocked Ford and Tess's marriage of convenience, and said Tess was an out of control lunatic with an agenda of her own who couldn't be trusted for a second -- he compared Ford to the late "Grizzly Man" Timothy Treadwell, a nature enthusiast who had trusted wild bears not to eat him when he lived among them, and had met an unfortunate end. "Tess isn't a bear!" Ford cried, exasperated, and said that James had no idea what the scheming alter had been through to become what she was.

As Ford retold what he had learned of Tess's backstory, James was left reeling. "You really care about Tess, don't you?" he asked Ford. Ford played off his concerns; he said he admired Tess's strength, but he could never care for her like he did Langston. He was stunned when James informed him that Langston had left for Los Angeles with Markko. He couldn't believe she hadn't said goodbye, but realized he couldn't blame Langston, as he had chosen Ryder and Tess over his relationship with Langston.

James told Ford he wasn't sure whether Langston and Markko were reuniting romantically, and said he was preoccupied with Deanna. Ford hit the roof when he heard "that bitch" was in town, and complained that Deanna had broken James's heart. He couldn't believe James had helped put her up, and was even more floored to hear that Starr was letting Deanna stay at La Boulaie. James was sure he and Deanna could forge a strong friendship after their love went south, but Ford wasn't buying it. "The longer Deanna's around, the worse it's going to be for Starr," Ford warned, and told his little brother not to let Deanna or anyone else mess up what James had with Starr.

James called Starr over at La Boulaie, and Starr told Deanna goodnight and walked into the hallway to speak to him. She glossed over her difficulties with his ex and said that Deanna was nice and they were getting to know each other. As Starr said she was sure she and Deanna would become good friends, Deanna eavesdropped through the bedroom door, smirking.

At Llanfair, Tess and Niki immediately began to bicker over their unholy alliance. Tess ordered Niki to keep cool and play "Viki" for just a little longer -- in twenty-four hours, Jess would have custody of Ryder, and then Niki would be free to go hog-wild. Just then, Natalie burst in on the conversation. Noticing Niki's tacky attire, she immediately realized her mother's alter was back. Natalie whirled on Tess and concluded that she was responsible for Niki's return. Realizing that officially made Tess a threat to others, Natalie went for the phone to call St. Anne's and have her committed.

Desperate, Tess came up with a cover story, and began berating "Viki" for "pretending" to be Niki in order to frame her and get her committed. Niki seemed baffled by Tess's improvisation, but eventually caught on and "dropped the act," going to Natalie as "Viki" and claiming she had indeed faked being Niki in order to get Tess put away. Natalie was wary, but eventually bought into Niki's double charade. Turning on Tess, "Viki" began to whine and plead for her to give up on the custody battle for "little Ryder." "Take it down a little," Tess muttered through gritted teeth.

Spotting the empty liquor bottle in Niki's hand, Natalie grabbed it; Niki said she had "confiscated" it from Tess. Niki was heartbroken as she watched Natalie drained the bottle's contents down the kitchen sink. As Natalie got a call from Joey about Clint's heart attack, Tess and Niki had a furtive exchange at the kitchen door. Tess demanded Niki keep cool until Tess had access to Ryder's trust fund, otherwise she would be in trouble too -- Charlie was still Viki's husband, and could still have her committed as well. Niki scoffed that Tess had nothing to worry about. "My Viki is dead-on!" she hissed.

As Tess left, a frantic Natalie ran to Niki's side and informed her of Clint's stroke. She suggested they head for the hospital, but Niki insisted on staying at home to watch over Liam. As Natalie hurried out, Niki called after her. "Tell your father I'm praying," she cried, then, as Natalie left, she amended her statement: "Praying he goes fast!"

At the hospital, Joey and Dorian waited outside Clint's room. Joey was beside himself with worry, and Dorian attempted to comfort him as she assured him the paramedics had gotten Clint there quickly. "Yeah," Joey said, adding, "Dad's alive because of you." "I was in the right place at the right time," Dorian murmured. Joey couldn't imagine what would've happened if Dorian hadn't found Clint -- then, a thought struck him, and he asked her why she had stopped by the mansion at all.

Flashing back to her conversation with Kelly about telling Joey the truth, Dorian resolved to tell him everything. She told Joey she had something to tell him about his wife. Before she could, however, Natalie stepped off the elevator and flew into Joey's arms. Dorian fell silent as Natalie and Joey approached the emergency room doctor, who told them Clint was stable, but needed more tests.

Natalie and Joey entered Clint's room and stood over the fallen Buchanan patriarch. Hysterical, Natalie collapsed into her big brother's arms.

At Capricorn, Cutter found Kelly at the bar. Turning a dour eye to her former flame, she asked him who he was waiting for, and Cutter claimed to be on a blind date. Kelly asked what Aubrey had to say about that, and Cutter said Aubrey was busy with her husband. He asked Cristian for one of what Kelly was having, which turned out to be a "Delhi Belly," the drink Cris claimed to have learned from "a beautiful girl."

Kelly began needling Cutter about his relationship with his "sister," and offered her input on his romantic entanglements. She called Cutter and Aubrey "very, very, very close," and said she had never seen a brother and sister who were so tight. "You guys do everything together," Kelly said. "Not everything," Cutter replied. "Well, you sleep together," Kelly shot back, and taunted, "What's off the table after that? Incest is best."

Kelly ordered Cutter to drop the pretense; she knew he and Aubrey were lovers and con artists out to get the Buchanan fortune. They wanted Joey's money, and they were hooking up behind his back, but Kelly still hadn't figured out which one of them was the brains of the operation. Cutter asked if Kelly intended to tell Joey about her "theory," and Kelly said no -- Joey wasn't interested in anything she had to say. Still, she knew the truth would be discovered. Cutter wanted to know how.

"They've been together for several months," Kelly reminded Cutter, and asked, "Why are you both still in town?" "Because your theory's wrong," Cutter answered. "Or because she loves Joey and wants to stay," Kelly replied. She told Cutter to watch out, and warned him that he was going to end up with nothing and no one. "Oh, don't worry about Cutter," Tess purred, sliding up next to her date, and offered, "He's got me."

Staring at the couple, Kelly told Cutter that seeing Tess was low even for him. Tess took a jab at Kelly for drinking alone, "again," and then sashayed off to the other end of the club. Before Cutter could follow, Cristian stepped out from behind the bar and warned him not to take advantage of the mentally ill Buchanan heiress. Cutter insisted he was merely looking after Tess for the family, and told Cris and Kelly to ask Joey about his "guard duty." He strode after Tess, leaving Kelly and Cristian fuming.

Heading across the club, Cutter approached Tess and asked if she was ready for their date. Tess said she had no time and needed to head home to Ford, but promised that after the next day's custody hearing, it would all come together for them. Cutter wanted details, but Tess said her plan was her business. "Don't trust me?" he asked. "Hell, no," Tess replied, moving in for a kiss, and said, "That's why I like you so much." After kissing him passionately, she fled into the night.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Aubrey finished a call to Kevin in London, informing him of Clint's condition. Still loitering in the living room, Rama commented on how she had never seen a dead body before. Aubrey snapped that she still hadn't, but Rama reminded her former classmate that Clint dying would be a blow to the Buchanans, but great news for Cutter and Aubrey. "If Mr. Buchanan dies, he takes the truth about you and Cutter with him," Rama explained. Aubrey insisted she didn't wish Clint dead.

Changing the subject, Rama asked how Tess had learned the truth about the Wentworths. Aubrey explained that Tess had caught them together, but would keep her mouth shut for cash; she wanted Cutter, too, but that was not going to happen. Aubrey was sure that Cutter was playing Tess, just as she was playing Joey, but Rama remained unconvinced. "Just imagine if you fell in love with Joey and he with Tess," she cooed, and added, "That could get messy."

Rama warned her friend that Phyllis Rose of Access Llanview had said Tess was not to be trusted with eligible bachelors. Aubrey turned the tables and asked if Tess could also target handsome bartenders like Cristian Vega. Rama claimed that she and Cris were merely friends, and said that Aubrey was brave to risk Cutter's love for the sake of a con. Aubrey insisted that Cutter was merely putting on a show for the Buchanans to divert suspicion by taking Tess out to Capricorn.

Rama perked up at the mention of Capricorn, and suggested they go there together to see Cutter -- and Cristian. "Unless you'd rather be with your husband than your lover," she teased, glaring at Aubrey. Aubrey remained transfixed by a family picture of Clint and Joey.

At Capricorn, Kelly and Cristian vented their frustrations about Cutter and Tess. Kelly wanted to warn Joey about Cutter's behavior, but knew he wouldn't listen to her. Furious, she stormed out.

Across the club, Cutter called Rama and asked for Aubrey. Rama explained that Aubrey had headed to the hospital to check on Clint. "She wants to be with Joey now," Rama told Cutter, gloating.

Aubrey arrived in Clint's exam room at the hospital, where she found Joey begging for Clint to squeeze his hand. Aubrey told Joey she had called Kevin, who would inform the rest of the family. Joey thanked her for her help. Breaking down, he told her how glad he was to have her there, and said he couldn't face the situation without her. "I'm here," Aubrey promised, embracing her husband.

Back at Llanfair, Niki raced back down to the kitchen when the coast had cleared and attempted to guzzle the last drops from the bottle of booze that Natalie had drained, only to find it bone dry. She sighed with frustration as Dorian knocked on the kitchen door. Letting Dorian in, she posed as Viki and claimed she was getting rid of the last of the alcohol in the house, Charlie or no Charlie. Dorian extended her sympathies regarding Clint and said she had been the one who had found him. Niki did her best to look distraught, and Dorian bought her act hook, line and sinker.

Dorian told "Viki" she had another reason for stopping by, and confessed that she had known the truth about Charlie and Echo's affair for weeks. As Niki struggled to feign distress, Dorian insisted she had wanted to spare Viki's feelings. Niki asked if she had been expected to shatter into pieces and let an alter out, and Dorian admitted the thought had crossed her mind. Producing Clint's audio recorder, she said she knew Viki was stronger than that, and explained that she had with her what Viki would need to destroy Echo DiSavoy once and for all.

Playing the audio of Echo and Clint back, Dorian reveled in her victory. "You've got the power to blow that bitch out of the water!" she crowed. Noticing "Viki's" subdued reaction, Dorian was underwhelmed and ask if Viki wasn't grateful for the ammunition. Niki insisted she was, but simply couldn't think about Charlie and Echo, given Clint's condition. Hustling Dorian out the kitchen door, she promised to let Dorian know before she did anything about Charlie and Echo.

"I thought she'd never leave," Niki sighed, whipping off her robe to reveal her saucy wardrobe. She was ready to finally hit the town when she received a call from Natalie, who was overcome by Clint's dire medical straits and told "Viki" it wasn't looking good. "Okay, tell me all about it," Niki said with a sigh, sinking back into a chair at the kitchen table. "Mother's listening."

Tess returned to the Ford brothers' apartment just as Ford was preparing to go back on the hunt for her. Ford demanded to know if she had been with Cutter again, but Tess said she had been up to something even better. She promised Ford that Viki would no longer be a problem for them, and said her mother had finally "seen the light." Gleeful, Tess told Ford that their next day in court would be like Christmas morning -- he would win a baby, and she was going to win a boatload of cash.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tomas arrived in front of Todd's hospital room to find Sean. "I guess I have to let you in," said Sean. Tomas reminded Sean that Tomas' name was on the list, and entered the room. Tomas took a syringe out of his pocket and stuck it into Todd's arm. Dani and Nate entered the room, so Tomas quickly pulled the syringe out, and dropped it on the floor. Dani introduced Nate and Tomas, and the pair shook hands. Tomas asked how Dani was holding up.

Dani replied that she just kept hoping that Todd would open his eyes. Tomas responded that it would happen soon. Just as Dani asked why Tomas was there, Sean entered. He told the three that there were only allowed to be two visitors in the room at once. Tomas offered to leave. He told Dani to keep encouraging Todd to open his eyes, and left.

Nate thought that Todd hearing about his kids would wake him up. Although Todd could be over-the-top, Nate thought that Dani was lucky to have a father that loved her so much. Dani related that she was also lucky to have Nate. She leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped her. He thought it would be awkward with Todd in the room, but Dani reasoned that it could help wake Todd up. Dani kissed Nate, and then quickly turned to look at an unconscious Todd. "It was worth a try," Nate stated.

Dani thought that they should go. After trying to pick up her purse, she knocked it on the floor. As she went to retrieve it, she noticed the syringe on the floor. Just then, a nurse entered to check Todd's vitals. Dani asked about the syringe. The presence of the needle confused the nurse, and she threw it away. A short while later, Dani and Nate discussed how weird the presence of the needle had been. Nate suggested that Tomas had dropped the needle.

Dani didn't believe Nate's theory, but he explained his thoughts further. Nate thought that the reason Tomas had been standing so close to Todd was to use the syringe on Todd. Tomas had dropped the syringe when Dani and Nate had walked into the room. Dani didn't believe it, but Nate thought it was worth checking out for the sake of Todd's safety. Sean entered the room and asked if everything was all right. Dani and Nate explained about the syringe, and wondered what to do. Sean advised the two to tell the police.

At Capricorn, Blair had Jack fill salt shakers, much to Jack's annoyance. Jack complained that he could have been on vacation with Brad and his family, but Blair reminded Jack that he was grounded indefinitely. As Jack complained more, Blair threatened that he could be cleaning toilets with a toothbrush. Blair warned Jack that, if he thought she was tough, Todd would be tougher once he woke up. "If he gets better," Jack replied.

Blair knew that times were hard, but promised they would get better. She took a soda to Jack, and apologized to him for not paying enough attention to him. Two men entered the club and asked Blair to sign for the boxes of glasses they were carrying in. Blair didn't remember ordering any glasses, but assumed that Cristian had ordered them. Blair had to run to the bank, so she told Jack to help unload the glasses while she was gone. She left, and Jack got up to help.

Suddenly, one of the men slammed Jack down on the bar. He had a message for Jack: "Stay away from Shane Morasco." The man said that he was going to give Jack a taste of his own medicine. As the other man reentered Capricorn, Tomas ran in and slammed him to the ground. Tomas turned to the man who had Jack, and grabbed him around the neck. Tomas advised the man to stay away from Jack, or "I will end you."

Tomas pushed the two men out the door as a confused Blair entered. Tomas explained what he had walked in on, and said that he didn't know who the men were. Jack claimed that Shane had sent the men, and told Blair of the message. Blair got ice for the scratched-up Jack. Blair wanted to call the police, but Tomas thought that she should take Jack to the hospital. Tomas told them to go, and he would clean up. The two thanked him, and left.

A short while later, Tomas was on the phone. He told the person on the other end that he'd been alone with Todd, but that he "couldn't finish the job."

At the police station, John answered his ringing phone to Kelly. He told her that he didn't have any information for her. However, Kelly had only called to set up a dinner date with John. As Marty entered and listened, John accepted the invitation, and hung up. Marty asked John if he wanted to have dinner with her that night, but John informed her that he already had other plans. They agreed to do dinner another time, and John walked away.

Rex, Gigi, and Shane stood in Dr. Bohari's office. The doctor wanted to know about their household. Gigi explained that she and Rex weren't married, but was happy to tell Shane that they were engaged. Shane unenthusiastically congratulated them, and Gigi was disappointed in his reaction. The doctor congratulated them, and asked to speak to Shane alone. Gigi didn't want to leave, but Rex insisted that they should trust the professional. Gigi reluctantly agreed, and she and Rex left the room. Rex asked Gigi if she wanted to go to the cafeteria with him, but Gigi wanted to sit right outside the room.

Dr. Bohari asked Shane how he felt about the engagement, to which Shane shrugged. He figured that his parents thought that getting married would fix everything, but "some things won't be fixed." She wanted to know the specifics. Shane replied that he would be happy about his parents' marriage, but it wouldn't change the hate people felt towards him. She asked if he still thought about killing himself.

A short while later, Shane exited the room. Gigi entered and asked Dr. Bohari to tell her what Shane had said. The doctor replied that everything was confidential because Shane needed to feel like he could trust her. Gigi pleaded with the doctor to tell her what to do. Dr. Bohari replied that Gigi should listen to, and love Shane. Gigi thought she had been. The doctor assured Gigi that she would be there for Gigi as well. Gigi begged the doctor to help Shane, and left.

Natalie was pacing around the halls of the hospital when Brody entered with Liam. Natalie updated Brody on Clint's condition, and thanked Brody for taking Liam to her. Natalie was scared that Clint wouldn't make it. However, Brody related that Clint was the toughest man he'd met, "and I've been to war!" He assured Natalie that Clint would probably outlive everyone.

Natalie had expected Brody to think that Clint deserved whatever he got. However, Brody promised her that he didn't think that, because Clint was his family as well. Brody had to get back to work. Natalie informed Brody that she was lucky to have him. They embraced, and Brody left.

Natalie was surprised to see Rex turn the corner, and expressed her happiness that he was there. Confused, Rex explained he was at the hospital for Shane's appointment, and asked why she was there. She explained what had happened to Clint. "I'm sorry about your dad," Rex replied. Angry, Natalie reminded Rex that Clint was his father as well. Rex countered that he had a family, and Clint wasn't a part of it.

Natalie wondered what Rex would do if Clint didn't make it. Rex replied that he would be sad for his sister, but it wouldn't matter to him. Rex said he had to meet up with Gigi and Shane, and left.

At the Sun, Kelly flipped through a magazine, looking for meal ideas. Marty entered and advised Kelly that Kelly was making a big mistake with John. Marty informed Kelly that John was just using her to make Natalie jealous. Kelly appreciated the concern, but wondered why it was any of Marty's business. Marty explained that, with Natalie out of the picture, Marty and John had been spending more time together. Kelly realized that Marty wanted Kelly to back off. Marty thought it would be best for everyone.

Kelly wondered what would happen if she didn't agree to Marty's suggestion. Marty said that she would advise Kelly to think again. Kelly didn't like being threatened, and figured that John wouldn't like it either. Marty assured Kelly that it wasn't a threat because it would be easy to end the relationship, just like it had been easy to end John and Natalie's. Kelly wondered why it sounded like Marty was taking credit for the breakup, when it had really been about Liam's paternity.

Marty warned Kelly to stop throwing herself at John, and assured Kelly that she wouldn't win. Kelly had cut Marty some slack because she was sick, but thought that Marty sounded crazy. Marty insisted that she'd never felt better. Kelly said that John felt sorry for Marty. She assured Marty that anything that happened between Kelly and John was their business, and told Marty to leave. Marty said she'd only wanted to save Kelly from "another broken heart," and left.

John entered Bo's office and gave him the "classified" file folder. John explained that the fingerprints in the file belonged to Tomas. John had found a Euro at the scene in addition to blood, but chemicals from the building had compromised the blood sample. John had run Tomas' name through the system, and the only hit he'd gotten had been a classified file from the CIA.

Bo said he'd thought that Tomas was an artist. John reasoned that it could be a cover, and that Tomas was actually an international criminal. John couldn't find anything about Tomas, and asked Bo to ask some of his contacts at the CIA about the file. Changing the subject, Bo asked how John was doing having to work closely with Natalie and Brody. John was fine with it, as long as they kept their distance. There was a knock on Bo's door, and Brody entered.

Brody apologized for interrupting, and explained how he'd seen Natalie at the hospital. John immediately asked if she was all right. Brody assured John that Natalie was all right, as John's phone rang. John left to answer it, and Brody continued. He informed Bo that Clint had suffered a heart attack the night before, and that the doctors weren't sure if he was going to make it.

Bo remembered the fight he'd had with Clint the night before. Brody thought that John could run things if Bo wanted to go to the hospital, but Bo didn't want to go. Instead, Bo asked how Natalie was. Brody said that she was all right, and that he was trying to be there for her. Bo was glad that Natalie had Brody to lean on.

On the phone, Kelly apologized for bothering John. She explained that Marty had shown up at Kelly's office, and had staked her claim on John. Kelly thought it was weird that Marty had almost seemed to take credit for breaking John and Natalie up. John thanked Kelly for letting him know, and said that he was going to visit Marty's doctor. A short while later, John arrived at the hospital. He stepped off the elevator to find Natalie and Liam.

Blair and Jack arrived at the hospital. She realized that Jack's health insurance card was in Todd's office across the street. She instructed Jack to sit down, and not get up unless he wanted to be grounded for a longer period of time. Blair left, and Jack immediately got up and walked away.

Rex found Gigi and Shane, and they agreed to go home. Gigi noticed that Rex seemed distracted. Shane sat on a stretcher, and Rex and Gigi went into a room to talk. Rex explained to Gigi that Clint had suffered a heart attack, and that Natalie wasn't sure that he would make it.

Jack turned the corner to the hallway where Shane was sitting. Noticing that cuts on Jack's face, Shane asked Jack what had happened to him. "You know what happened, jackass," Jack replied.

Blair entered Todd's office, startling Kelly. Blair explained that she was only there to find Jack's health insurance card. Blair dug through Todd's desk, and felt something taped to the bottom of the desk. She pulled off an envelope and wanted to open it.

Marty entered Dr. Bohari's office, yelling about John ditching her for another woman. Marty thought that she deserved John, especially after putting an end to John and Natalie. The doctor asked Marty to clarify, as she turned on the tape recorder. Dr. Bohari thought that John and Natalie had broken up because Natalie had given birth to another man's baby. Marty said that wasn't the whole story. Marty held out Natalie's paternity results, and said that Natalie did in fact have John's baby.

Friday, April 22, 2011

In Todd's office at the Sun, after Blair found an envelope taped to the bottom of the drawer of Todd's desk, she wondered what Todd had to hide. Blair opened the envelope and discovered an encrypted document with a picture of Todd's original face. Kelly questioned why Todd would hide a picture of the way he had looked in the past. Blair reflected that Téa had claimed to have found a file with numerous old pictures of Todd.

Blair also stated that John believed that Tomas had somehow been involved with Todd's shooting. Blair speculated that Tomas had seemed to be a sensitive painter, but that he had also known what to do when he had beaten up the thugs at Capricorn. Blair insisted to Kelly that she was keeping her date with Tomas, so that she could find out what he was up to.

Once Blair found Todd's insurance card, Kelly asked if Blair was going to convince Tomas to confess that he had shot Todd. As Blair started to leave, she told Kelly to give the envelope to John to help with his investigation. When Kelly asked Blair to be careful, Blair replied that she always was and walked out the door. Kelly then picked up the old photo of Todd and pondered what Todd was up to.

On the computer, Kelly googled "how to break a code," which provided "American Code & Cypher School." Kelly then sent the scanned encrypted document through a decoder.

At the hospital, Rex informed Gigi that Clint had suffered a severe heart attack. When Gigi questioned how Rex felt about it, Rex declared that Clint had never cared if Rex had lived or died and then asked how he should feel. Gigi pleaded with Rex not to keep his feelings bottled up, but Rex insisted that he did not feel anything.

When Gigi asked how they should break the news to Shane, Rex wondered how much more Shane could take. Gigi felt that they needed to tell Shane about Clint but then sarcastically barked that maybe they had better clear it with Dr. Buhari first. Gigi resented that Shane had not turned to them when he had needed someone. Gigi cried, "How are we supposed to help Shane, if we don't know what's going on with him?"

In the hospital hall, as Shane waited for his parents, Jack walked up to Shane and accused Shane's dad of sending two guys to beat Jack up. When Shane noted that it sounded more like something Jack's father would do, Jack snapped that he had never asked his dad to fight his battles for him. Jack then proclaimed that Rex had told him that Shane had tried to jump off a roof. When Shane tried to walk away, Jack called him a drama queen.

Shane shouted that Jack had posted naked pictures of Shane on the Internet, and Jack taunted Shane and asked if Shane could take a joke. When Shane warned Jack not to tell anyone about his suicide attempt, Jack inquired if Shane would sic his dad on Jack. As Jack called Shane a loser, Rex and Gigi ran into the hall, and Gigi warned Jack to never say that to her son.

Gigi saw Jack's bloody face and asked if Shane had hit Jack, but Jack pointed to Rex and claimed that Rex had beaten him. Blair walked into the hall and informed Rex and Gigi that two guys had beaten Jack up at Capricorn, and that they had told Jack to stay away from Shane. After Blair and Jack left, Gigi told Shane to grab his coat.

Gigi admitted to Rex that she did not believe that Rex had hired the thugs, but that she thought that she knew who had. Gigi suspected that Clint had gotten the thugs to beat Jack up. As Shane carried back his coat, Gigi walked off. Shane demanded to know how Rex could tell Jack that Shane had tried to kill himself. Rex explained that Blair had forced Jack to visit Shane at the Carriage House. Rex claimed that when he had tried to get rid of them, they had refused to leave. Rex regretted that he had snapped, and that the truth had flown out of his mouth.

Shane cried that Jack would spread it all over school, and Rex apologized. Rex insisted that they would be careful and not tell anyone else that did not need to know in the future. Rex then revealed to Shane that Clint had suffered a heart attack, and that he was in the hospital.

Rex asked Shane if he had any feelings about what had happened to Clint. Rex insisted that they needed to say what they felt in the future and begged Shane not to be afraid that he would hurt Rex and Gigi. Rex declared, "We're your team."

In another part of the hospital hall, Jack cheered that Blair's boyfriend had been "totally ninja" on the thugs, and Blair warned Jack not to call Tomas her boyfriend. Blair then told Jack that he would return home and concentrate on his homework, and he would be nice to Shane. Blair exclaimed that she wanted the chapter between Jack and Shane to be over.

At Capricorn, Tomas informed Claude that he had been unable to finish the job, because Dani had interrupted him. When Claude suggested that they hire someone else to complete the job, Tomas stressed that they could not afford to involve anyone else. Claude questioned how Téa and Blair would feel about Tomas' involvement and regretted that Tomas could lose both of them.

Tomas indicated that John had become suspicious when he had found a Euro at the crime scene, and that John had believed that Tomas had been injured at the scene. Claude remembered that Tomas had built a life with his paintings. When Tomas questioned if he should back out, Claude replied that Tomas should. However, Tomas refused to back out.

Claude asked if Tomas had to be the one to take care of Manning, and Tomas answered that it looked that way. Tomas reflected that it had been great seeing his sister again and also acknowledged that he had always wanted a life and a love. Tomas then announced that Blair had been the one to ask Tomas out, and Claude wondered why. Claude realized that many secrets were revealed in pillow talk, but Tomas insisted that there would be no way for Blair to find anything out. Tomas claimed that he would cover his tracks but then stated that he knew that he and Blair had a connection. Claude questioned if Blair was setting Tomas up, as Blair entered the club.

In the hospital, Shaun told Dani and Nate that whoever had tried to kill Todd might have returned to finish the job. In another part of the hospital, Natalie informed John that Clint had suffered a heart attack and cried that she could not lose anyone else in her life. Shaun, Dani, and Nate then walked up to John and explained about finding the syringe in Todd's hospital room.

When Shaun revealed that Tomas had been in Todd's room, Dani insisted that her uncle had not been involved in the shooting and had just been in the room to see her dad. John called on his cell phone to have the forensics team sent to the hospital, but Natalie insisted that she gather the evidence. Natalie handed Liam to John, and she, Shaun, Dani, and Nate left for Todd's room.

In Todd's room, Natalie pulled the syringe out of the container and asked Dani to show her exactly where she had found it. As Natalie worked, Shaun wondered if Natalie carried a forensics kit with her at all times. Natalie answered that since she had a baby, she always had her camera with her.

As he held Liam in the hospital hall, John said that his dad had sung to him when he was little. John then offered that he did not want to subject Liam to his singing. John remarked, "Uh, well, since you're not doing anything, and I'm not doing anything, I guess I can try." John sang "Danny Boy" to Liam. John smiled at Liam as Natalie walked up.

Natalie indicated to John that she had found the syringe, and that Shaun was taking it to the police station. Natalie also informed him that Dani and Nate would be giving statements. Natalie then explained to John that when she had handed Liam to him, she had not been thinking about them, only work. John replied that he had understood that. Natalie claimed that work was the only time that she did not think of them together. John told Liam that he would see him and walked off. Natalie then sang "Danny Boy" to Liam.

At the police station, Nate begged Dani not to be mad at him and claimed that he had only been trying to help. Nate insisted that he did not want the incident to mess up their relationship and asked if they were okay. Dani insisted that Nate owed her uncle an apology. Jack stormed in and demanded that the cops arrest Rex Balsom for assault.

In Dr. Buhari's office, Marty pulled out Natalie's paternity test results and exclaimed that John was the father. Marty then yelled, "What was I supposed to do? Let Natalie and John live happily ever after?" When the doctor noted that Marty could have only used the paternity test if it had indicated that Brody was the father, Marty admitted that it had -- eventually.

When Dr. Buhari asked what Marty meant, Marty screamed that she had lost. Marty then revealed that she had figured out that Brody and Natalie had slept together and had then discovered that Natalie was pregnant. Marty stated that she had slipped into the lab and had found proof that John was the father. Marty vented that Natalie had taken over Marty's life, so Marty had decided to alter Natalie's records.

Marty then admitted that the test's claim that Brody was Liam's father had been a lie. Appalled, Dr. Buhari insisted that as a doctor, Marty had to make it right by telling John and Natalie the truth. Marty claimed that she had tried to tell Natalie the truth, but that Natalie had refused to listen to her. Marty then voiced that she had wanted to tell John, but that she had been unable to. Marty exclaimed that John would never know that Liam was his son.

Dr. Buhari maintained that as a doctor, Marty had to make it right. Marty agreed that she had thought that previously, but that things looked a lot different on the other side of the desk. Marty insisted that everyone was happy, because Natalie and Brody were together, and John was free of Natalie. Marty exclaimed, "Come on, if he really loved Natalie, he would have stuck it out and figured it out, and he would have made it work, but he didn't."

Marty remembered that Natalie had lied to John. Marty also realized that Natalie would have lied for the rest of her life. After Marty asked the doctor if she knew how John and Natalie had gotten back together, Marty informed her that Natalie had written a letter to John, shortly after Marty had miscarried, that Marty had found. Marty revealed to the doctor that she had not kept the letter from John, and as a result, John and Natalie had gotten back together.

Dr. Buhari insisted that if Marty did not tell John and Natalie the truth, Dr. Buhari would, however; Marty said that the doctor would not. Marty reminded Dr. Buhari that she was Marty's doctor, so that the doctor would be unable to tell anyone what Marty had said in confidence. Dr. Buhari recognized that she would be unable to reveal anything confidential, unless Marty planned to hurt herself or someone else, or planned to commit a crime.

After the doctor stated that she believed that Marty's secret had contributed to her breakdown, Marty claimed that she was fine. Dr. Buhari then wondered why Marty had held onto the test results, which were proof that John was the father, unless Marty really wanted to tell the truth. However, Marty yelled that she did not want John back with Natalie, because he belonged to Marty.

When the doctor mentioned that Marty had told her that John was seeing someone else, Marty brushed off John's relationship with Kelly. Dr. Buhari stated again that if Marty really loved John, she would tell him about his son, but Marty cut her off and yelled that she should make him happy. Marty then announced that their session was done and ran out the door.

Dr. Buhari sat at her desk and listened to a recording of her conversation with Marty during their last session. The doctor pulled out the cassette tape and handed it and Marty's tag to the clerk to place in Marty's file. When Dr. Buhari placed the tape and tag on the desk, her hand brushed the tag, and it fell to the floor. The clerk then placed Shane's tag on Marty's tape.

Gigi and John both rushed into the clerk's office to see the doctor, and Gigi decided to let John visit with the doctor first. Gigi eyed the cassette tape tagged with Shane's name on the clerk's desk.

As Natalie held Liam in the hospital hall, she said, "Okay, we're gonna put you in your carrier, and we're gonna go check on your grandma. Sound good?" Marty swooped in, saw Liam, and stated, "Well, Natalie, wow, he is gorgeous. Looks more like his father every day."

When John entered the doctor's office, Dr. Buhari looked up and asked, "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?" John replied, "I need to talk to you about Marty Saybrooke." The doctor covered up Marty's name on her file.

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