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Monday, April 18, 2011

In Bill's office, Bill stroked Steffy's face and deeply kissed her. Steffy urged him not to stop. Suddenly, Bill asserted that he couldn't do it, and he wouldn't do it, because he'd taken vows. Steffy claimed that vows were broken every day. "Not mine," he replied. Steffy persisted, saying that he was "a powerful son-of-a-bitch," and that turned her on.

Bill pushed Steffy away and said she was trying his patience. She countered that she was turning him on. Though Steffy took no joy in failed marriages, she urged Bill to get away from Katie before it was too late. Bill said not to presume to know how he thought, but Steffy asserted that they thought the same way. "Not about everything. Not about this," he responded.

Steffy said she loved Bill for who he was, unlike Katie, who insisted that he clock in with a "shrink" before she'd spend time with him. With her lips lingering near his, Steffy said it was time that he recognized his need for her and acted on it. She told him that they could be an amazing power-couple. She was sure he was sick of all the drama, and she figured that there was only one way to end it. Steffy slipped her hand into Bill's front pocket and pulled out his cell phone. She instructed him to call his wife to say that it was over.

At the Bikini Beach, Nick dined with Taylor, Whip, Jackie, and Owen. Sickened by Jackie and Owen's public display of affection, Nick asked them to lay off "the licking" for a while. The couples observed the mark on Nick's lip and wondered who he'd fought with. Nick claimed it hadn't been a fight, and he'd just been helping a friend. Whip asked about the situation with Aggie, and Nick said he hoped she'd find happiness. Jackie remarked that she wanted the same for Nick, and Nick grimaced.

Katie and Donna arrived, and Justin entered behind him. Katie frowned sadly as the couple kissed, and then she spotted Nick and Taylor. After the trio was seated, Katie went to Nick's table to ask to speak to Nick and Taylor privately. Justin wondered what was going on. Donna said Katie was trying to fix her marriage, but it was complicated. Donna and Justin kissed, promising each other that their marriage would endure.

At Nick's table, Nick and Taylor left with Katie, and Whip recalled that Nick and Katie had once dated. Whip wondered if they might get back together. Owen guessed Whip meant that it could happen if Katie's marriage were to end. "If it hasn't already," Jackie added.

Katie took Taylor and Nick to a patio table, where Katie explained that Bill had hit Nick. When Katie broached the Spencers' marital problems with Taylor, Taylor hoped it didn't have anything to do with Steffy. Katie said that Steffy had nothing to do with it; however, Katie felt her marriage deserved the intervention of a renowned psychiatrist, if it had a chance of surviving.

Katie explained that the issues that had developed with Bill had made her past issues about Storm resurface. Katie wanted to work through those things with a professional. Taylor remarked that she had a history with Brooke, and Steffy had interfered in the Spencer marriage in the past. Despite those things, Katie said she trusted Taylor to handle Katie's case.

Taylor guessed Bill didn't think he needed therapy, and she explained that it was a typical response for powerful men to have. Nick admitted that Bill would eventually "come around," and Katie believed that Bill would, too, for the sake of the marriage. Taylor agreed to hold a session, and Katie was relieved and grateful, saying it was a good step for her and Bill.

Katie received a call from Bill. She said she'd been just about to call him. Bill told her that the disagreement had gone on long enough. He figured that if he had to see a "shrink" to get his wife home, then he'd do it. He insisted that they go as a couple, and Katie readily agreed. She tearfully thanked him, and he said he'd pick her up from Brooke's house. Katie, however, wasn't ready to return home. She stated that they'd go home together after their first session.

After the call, Katie was ecstatic that Bill had agreed to seek therapy. Taylor wondered what had changed his mind; however, Katie said she didn't know, and she didn't care. She believed that it was a new start for them.

Back in Bill's office, a brooding Steffy insisted that Bill was being manipulated. "At every turn," he quipped. Steffy raged that Katie should love Bill as he was, because marriage was about acceptance, appreciation, and hot, fiery love. Steffy claimed she could be a better wife to him than Katie, because Steffy loved everything about him and because she'd never hold him back. Steffy said that he could have everything, if he'd just say the word. She kissed him, and he kissed her back. After several kisses, he halted and stared at her.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge reminded Thomas that he was an owner and not an employee. Thomas said that it felt good. The family gathered to celebrate with a champagne toast that Ridge had given five percent of his stock to Thomas. Eric, Brooke, Stephanie, Steffy, Thorne, and Pam raised their glasses along with Ridge, Brooke, and Thomas. Ridge admitted that Eric had called his attention to Thomas' talents. Ridge said that his father had taught him a lot in his career, and continued to teach him about parenting.

Ridge added that he had restored the funding for marketing the Taboo line, and he had decided that the Taboo women's line was back in full swing. Eric and Brooke clapped. Clearly grateful and surprised, Thomas asked his father what had changed his mind. Ridge said that Eric had changed his mind. He understood that it was time for Thomas to take Forrester into the next generation, and he appreciated and respected Thomas' talent.

Thomas expressed his gratitude to Eric and Ridge for all that they had done to make Forrester a top name in the fashion industry. He planned to continue the tradition of elegance, class, and sophistication into the next generation. Ridge and Eric were pleased. Thomas thanked Brooke for having faith in him and helping him get Taboo off the ground. Pam, Stephanie, and Steffy frowned.

After the celebration and congratulations had been shared, Ridge asked to meet privately with Thomas and Brooke. The rest of the family met in another office. In the separate office, Steffy and Stephanie griped that Taboo was back in the lineup, but Thorne stuck up for Thomas and said that it only made sense for the company. Eric agreed.

Steffy and Stephanie said that it was based on a sick relationship between Brooke and Thomas. Steffy argued that Ridge would be sorry he had reinstated the line and the campaign. Thorne and Eric disagreed and said that it gave the company a new line with a different audience.

Back in Ridge's office, Thomas thanked Ridge again and said that he was inspired. Ridge was happy to hear it and said that Thomas had 15 hours to think about designing. Thomas assumed that Ridge meant that he wanted to see Thomas at a drawing table for 15 hours straight, but Ridge told him that he was wrong.

Ridge announced that Brooke and Thomas would be leaving for Sydney, Australia on the private plane to make the announcement of the new Taboo women's line. Ridge said that Australia had been begging for some press, and Ridge felt it was a perfect fit. He said that the jet was ready and waiting. Thomas suggested that he had to pack, and he scurried off.

On the private jet, the co-pilots prepared the plane for the trip, but one pilot was tracking a storm on his computer. He told the other pilot that severe weather alerts had popped up near Australia, and they needed to advise Mr. Forrester. He called Ridge.

In Ridge's office, Ridge had locked the door and started to make out with Brooke. Brooke undressed Ridge and they were about to make love on the couch. While they were in the act, the phone rang, and Brooke warned Ridge not to answer it.

On the plane, the pilot lamented that Ridge had not answered his call. He discussed with the other pilot that they had to find a way to reroute to Sydney because the Forresters had planned a special announcement in Australia, and that it was a really big deal. The pilots decided that they would get to Sydney in time. They headed for the cockpit and left the computer behind. On the computer screen, multiple warnings and severe weather flashed, including a warning for a typhoon.

At Bikini Beach, Hope waited for Oliver, and Liam called. Hope hesitated to answer, but she answered. Liam told her that he loved her and missed her. Hope agreed, but she warned that they had to stop torturing each other. She told Liam that she had to hang up.

Oliver peeked into the restaurant and saw that Hope was seated at a table. He asked one of the restaurant employees to deliver flowers to her, and the flowers were delivered. Hope was surprised with the flowers, and when Oliver showed up, Hope was beaming.

Oliver said that he was happy that Hope had called him to meet her. Hope said that she wanted to discuss their future together. Hope admitted that she still loved Liam. Oliver said that he understood that she had met Liam at a time when everything had gone wrong in her life. Liam had been her knight in shining armor. Hope agreed.

Oliver added that he had never stopped loving Hope, and he always knew that they would have another chance as a couple. They kissed, and Hope said that she wanted to try again with Oliver, but she wasn't in a hurry. Oliver agreed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope and Eric gathered to say goodbye to Brooke, who was ready to leave for Australia. Hope said that she could talk to Brooke via computer. Eric and Hope teased Brooke because her computer communication skills were not good. Eric suggested that when Brooke returned, Hope would give her a few lessons to get her up to speed with the 21st century. They all laughed.

In Thomas' office, he packed up his briefcase with Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy on hand. Taylor stated that "for the record," she was uncomfortable with Thomas and Brooke traveling together. Thomas and Ridge ignored her, but she reminded them that Brooke had bad memories in Australia because that was where Ridge had punched Rick when he was in love with Phoebe. Taylor added that she also had bad memories of Sydney.

Ridge reminded Taylor that it was a long time before. Taylor kissed and hugged Thomas and left the office because she had to meet a new patient at her office. After Taylor left, Steffy hugged her brother and told him to do well, and she left.

When Ridge and Thomas were alone, Thomas asked for advice and orders. Ridge told his son to make him proud. Thomas replied that it was his first order of business in everything he did for Forrester, and he hoped his father believed him. Ridge promised that he did and he hugged his son.

Dayzee entered, and Thomas said that he was glad to see her. Ridge took her entrance as his cue to exit. Dayzee teased Thomas about "this new girl" Sydney that he was going to meet, and Thomas laughed. They kissed, and Brooke entered with their itineraries. Dayzee said her goodbyes.

Brooke and Thomas bantered about the trip, and Madison entered with paperwork for Thomas. She flirted with Thomas, and she also kissed him and said her goodbyes. Brooke returned to Ridge's office and told her husband that Thomas had quite a bevy of female followers. Ridge stated that he had heard that it was all because Thomas looked so much like him. Brooke and Ridge laughed and kissed. They recalled that they'd had many breakups when they were Thomas' age, and Brooke said that they had been in sync as husband and wife. She also complimented him on his husband and fathering skills.

After Brooke left, Ridge joined Eric, Hope, and Steffy, who were listening to the latest soundtrack for the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Ridge said that it sounded awful. Eric also disliked it, but Ridge teased that Eric hadn't liked any music since Frank Sinatra. Eric disagreed and reminded Ridge that he liked the Beatles and Madonna, but Ridge jibed that Eric liked to look at Madonna not listen to her. Steffy seemed distracted, and she admitted that she had trouble concentrating and wanted to speak to Ridge alone.

Ridge agreed, and Eric and Hope left. Ridge wondered what was wrong, but Steffy did not respond. She thought about kissing Bill and then shook off her memories. Steffy thanked Ridge for helping her grow with the company and said that she was grateful to be a 25 percent owner, but she often had thoughts of working somewhere else. Ridge wondered if she had interviewed with other companies, and Steffy grew quiet.

At Bikini Beach, Justin met with Bill and wondered why Bill had turned down both coffee and a drink, and Bill admitted that he was on his way to couple's counseling with Katie. He didn't want to have too much caffeine, and he certainly didn't want alcohol on his breath.

At Taylor's office, Katie entered and warned Taylor that Bill was less than happy to participate in the counseling. Taylor wondered why he had agreed, and Katie said that it was because she had made it a condition of her return to their home. Katie added that Bill had no faith in counseling, and Taylor said that it was understandable because it was a situation in which Bill had no control.

Bill entered and greeted Taylor. He made a few snide comments, and Taylor excused herself to make some calls. Katie thanked Bill and said that she couldn't wait to return home with him because she had missed him so much. Bill asked about her time at Brooke's house, and she told him that Brooke was on her way to Australia.

Taylor returned, and Bill took up a counseling position by lying down on the couch. He later stopped goofing around, and then Taylor asked why they were there. Bill said that it was Katie's show, but Katie insisted that he had to tell Taylor what was wrong. Bill said that Katie felt there was something wrong with him. Katie tried to gently disagree, but Bill accused her of emotional abuse. He added that Katie had run out on him and insisted that he participate in counseling in order for his wife to return home.

The conversation eventually turned to Bill's anger and Katie's fear that Bill would end up like her brother, Storm. Katie explained that Storm's anger had gone unchecked for years. Taylor asked about violence and if Bill had been violent toward Katie, and Katie said that Bill had never been violent with her. Bill became silent.

Thomas and Brooke boarded the plane and met with the pilots. Thomas and Brooke thanked them for accommodating the last-minute trip. Summer showed up and said that she had been on board to approve menus for the trip because she didn't want Thomas losing any muscle mass. She kissed Thomas, and said goodbye.

Brooke smiled and shook her head about Thomas and all his women. Thomas admitted that he liked women and he liked dressing them. While they talked, the jet dipped and experienced a lot of turbulence. Thomas tried to make his way to a seat. After he did, the oxygen masks dropped, and the plane shook wildly. Thomas and Brooke were both frightened.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the jet, Brooke and Thomas braved the turbulent storm. The jet flew under the storm, and things calmed down. Andy entered to say they'd hit a cold front. Brooke wanted to land, but they were over the ocean. Andy, however, was confident they could maneuver around the storm.

The turbulence died down, and Brooke asked "So how many women are in your life?" "Including you?" he replied. She said she wasn't a "woman in his life," and Thomas stated that he couldn't believe people were still interested in whether they would act inappropriately. He felt that, because of their chemistry, Taboo would be a bigger success than the women's line.

Brooke wished they had more gowns to show off in Sydney, and Thomas presented her with a glimmering dress he'd had made in her size. Brooke modeled it and said it made her feel beautiful. Thomas asked her to wear it to their press conference, and she agreed to do it. He stated that he'd need a lot of help to be on par with his father and grandfather, because he didn't want to let Ridge down. Brooke asserted that Thomas had already made Ridge proud.

The jet rocked, and the pilot announced that the storm had changed course. Thomas and Brooke fastened their seat belts, and the pilot advised them that the wind had reached typhoon levels. He said to brace for impact. "We're going down!" Brooke screamed.

In her office, Steffy grinned to herself as she recalled her kiss with Bill. Stephanie entered and grimaced when Steffy mentioned Thomas and Brooke's trip. Stephanie was stunned when Steffy wondered if her grandmother had ever had an affair. Steffy then asked if Stephanie had experienced any regrets. Stephanie said those without regret hadn't led interesting lives.

Steffy agreed and said she shouldn't fear getting her hands dirty. Stephanie thought that depended upon what was in the dirt. Steffy said she'd never thought she'd desire a married man. Stephanie's eyes widened in disbelief, and she guessed that Steffy was interested in Bill Spencer.

When Steffy touted that the Spencer marriage was imploding, Stephanie worried that Steffy was the problem. Steffy said she wasn't, but she knew what was. Stephanie called Bill a loner, like his father had been, and though Stephanie figured she didn't have to lecture Steffy on morals, Stephanie warned that Bill never did anything without an agenda.

Citing that Bill owned a percentage of their business, Stephanie said it'd be na´ve not to consider that he'd contemplated what he could achieve with Steffy tucked into his pocket. Steffy reveled in the idea of that, and Stephanie guessed her granddaughter hadn't heard a word she'd said. Steffy claimed Bill's problem was that he'd married a Logan, a less-ditzy one, but still a Logan. The statement caused Stephanie to think of Brooke and Thomas, and Stephanie sighed.

In Taylor's office, Katie accused Bill of sabotaging their session. Taylor asked if he really thought Katie was capable of emotional violence. Shocked that he'd laid the problem all on her, Katie asserted that he knew the real reason that they'd gone to therapy. Taylor suggested discussing the reason, but Bill said it wasn't necessary.

Bill asked if Katie had ever felt unsafe with him, and Katie asked if he was actually accusing her of emotional violence. She said he hadn't physically hurt her, but he was definitely causing pain. Bill ordered Taylor to take control of the session, and Taylor asked how he thought one might do that. Bill said he'd ask if Katie understood the difference between saying she was hurting and saying that Bill had hurt her. Bill asserted that Katie was hurting over something that actually had no effect on her, or the marriage. Katie couldn't believe he'd asserted such a thing.

Katie said she'd never ask him to apologize for himself; however, she wasn't a shrinking violet, either. She said she'd expressed her concerns about him because she'd hated seeing what his rage had done to him. She admitted that Storm's problems had spurred her fears, because Storm's rage had killed him and had almost killed Katie, too.

Katie confided that she felt responsible for Storm's death, and she refused to repeat the same mistakes with Bill. Taylor gleaned that Bill had done something to trigger Katie's intolerance of violence. Bill stated that he wasn't Storm, and Taylor asked if something like Bill owning a gun would frighten Katie.

An outraged Bill accused Taylor of feeding the paranoia. He declared that he wasn't a homicidal maniac, and he challenged Katie to say when she'd ever seen him waving a gun. "I'm not a deranged freak! I have a temper!" he raged. Katie shouted, "You plotted a murder!"

Bill was astounded that Katie had said that in front of Taylor. Taylor warned the couple that their statements might start to have legal ramifications; however, Katie went on to accuse Bill of luring Amber to the ledge. Bill yelled that he was a man of action. He felt that Katie was using his strength against him and making him out to be sick.

Katie sobbed that Bill didn't feel any guilt or remorse. Bill, however, yelled that she didn't know what he felt, and that was the problem. He asked if she felt remorse for dragging him into therapy and accusing him of attempted murder, which could get him arrested. Katie reasoned that the therapy session was confidential. "Think again!" Bill shouted, explaining that Taylor was legally obligated to report it if a patient was premeditating murder.

Taylor confirmed that it was true, but said she didn't have to report a patient's drastic thoughts. Bill ordered Katie to say that he wasn't a threat, and Katie readily complied. Katie urged Bill to face the problem head-on, instead of acting as if it had been normal. Bill said that if Katie wanted normal, she'd married the wrong guy. He raged that if she'd wanted a project, she should have taken up knitting, and if she wanted normal, then she should have stayed with Nick.

Bill declared himself done, but Katie begged him not to walk out on her. "Let's be clear about who walked out on whom," he bellowed, knocking the door against the wall as he left.

Friday, April 22, 2011

In Taylor's office, Taylor told a disillusioned Katie that things might work out, because Bill seemed passionate about his marriage. Katie feared that Bill was vulnerable, and Taylor guessed Katie was worried about Steffy. Taylor admitted that her daughter's involvement made working with the Spencers difficult for her. Though Katie trusted Bill, she said she wouldn't object if Taylor spoke to Steffy. "Oh, you can count on that," Taylor asserted.

Later, Taylor was alone when Whip arrived and announced that he needed therapy. He tried to lure her home with kisses, but she said she wasn't finished working. She prescribed him a cold shower to hold him over until she got home.

Taylor asked if Whip had seen Steffy. Whip hadn't, but he had seen Thomas, who'd been preparing to for trip. When Taylor explained that Brooke had also gone on the trip, Whip decided that Ridge had lost his mind. Taylor was worried about her children losing direction; however, Whip assured her that the children would always return to the values that Taylor and Ridge had taught them. Taylor noted that Whip had gotten past his problem with Ridge. Whip said he believed in his marriage. He assured her that her kids were safe, and so was she.

In her office, Steffy received a text message from her mother and assumed that meant Bill and Katie's session had ended prematurely. Steffy was ready to take off to see Bill, but Stephanie insisted that Steffy give the couple a chance to work out their differences. Steffy, who said she was in love with Bill, refused to give the marriage more time. Stephanie grimaced, and as Steffy left, she asked Stephanie not to say a word to Ridge about it.

Later, Ridge entered, and Stephanie said she'd tried to understand what had possessed Ridge to send Thomas and Brooke to Australia. Ridge responded that Thomas had learned his lesson, and Ridge trusted him. Ridge sat down to track the Forrester jet's path on the Internet and noted that the flight had disappeared off the tracker.

As Ridge called to check for glitches in the software, the F.A.A. called to say that the jet had gone down over the Pacific Ocean. Ridge gasped, and the caller said a search party wouldn't head out until the next morning. A stunned Ridge ended the call and told Stephanie that the jet had gone down over the ocean.

On the careening jet, Brooke screamed as they braced for impact. The jet crashed, and Brooke and Thomas flailed helplessly in the turbulent ocean. In the darkness, Brooke clung to some debris. Thomas found her, and after calling for the pilots, Thomas heard a response. He then urged Brooke to swim.

Brooke grew exhausted, and Thomas begged her to hold on as he retrieved a chunk of the jet's wing. When he looked back, he saw that Brooke had disappeared beneath the waves. He dove into the depths to retrieve her, and he hoisted her onto the floating wing. Brooke coughed up water, and Thomas cried out, happy to see her eyes flutter open.

In his office, Bill tossed back a couple of stiff drinks and stared out the window. Steffy entered, and she said she was there as a friend. She poured herself a drink and asked about the therapy session, but Bill didn't want to discuss his marriage with her. Steffy claimed that she cared about him, and he stated that, against his wishes, Katie had revealed the Amber plot to Taylor. With his pride wounded, Bill said Steffy should have seen the look on Taylor's face.

Bill declared that Katie had betrayed him, and he'd walked out of the session. Stroking Bill's leg, which he'd propped on his desk, Steffy said she wouldn't abandon him. Bill told her that she didn't want to get mixed up with him and his situation, but she uttered that she wasn't mixed up. Bill asserted that he was married. Steffy straddled him in his chair and pulled him into a kiss. The resistant Bill said he'd taken vows, but Steffy admitted that his loyalty made her want him more. She pounced on him again, and when she kissed him, he kissed her back.

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