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Monday, April 11, 2011

In Bill's office, Bill said Steffy was breathtaking, but she needed to button up before she caught a cold. Steffy guessed that it wouldn't happen for them that night, but said it was inevitable. She invited Bill to dinner, and he wondered why she kept hanging around him. Steffy told him to look into her eyes for the answer.

Bill said he prided himself on smart plays, but hanging out with Steffy wasn't one of them. Steffy insisted that Katie wouldn't return home. Propping herself on his desk, Steffy reasoned that Katie had been madly in love until she'd found out who Bill really was. Steffy solemnly claimed that sort of thing happened to people like her and Bill all the time.

Bill told Steffy to go, because her fantasy of him ravishing her on the desk wouldn't happen. He asserted that he wanted his marriage to work, and she noted that he hated being left, which Katie had done countless times. Steffy said she'd be there for him no matter what.

Bill revealed that Katie wanted him to go to therapy. Steffy figured Katie had aimed to tame the beast in her fairytale, but upon failing, Katie had called in the professionals. Bill thought therapy was for the weak. He claimed that he was happy with himself, but Steffy asked why Katie wasn't.

At Brooke's house, Donna helped Katie tote in some luggage. Katie claimed she wasn't leaving Bill, but Donna noted that Katie feared going back. Katie claimed she didn't fear her husband, but Donna felt that Katie should fear a man who'd contemplated murder. Donna worried that Bill had other secrets, and Katie would be left holding the bag, like the other incarcerated billionaire wives they'd read about.

Katie said Donna had read too many tabloids. "Published by your husband," Donna quipped. Donna feared that Bill might direct his anger at Katie someday, but Katie retorted that if Bill were a serial killer, then Justin knew where all the bodies were buried. Katie warned her sister not to tell Justin about the matter and then revealed that she'd refused to go home until Bill had therapy. Donna guessed Bill had declined, but Katie wondered if she'd been wrong to impose conditions on unconditional love.

Bill called, and Katie rushed to her phone. Donna begged Katie not to answer it and to give things a few more days. The call went to voicemail, and Katie sobbed later when she listened to a message that Bill had left.

In his office, Bill left Katie a message. He very calmly said he couldn't tolerate being shut out. He reminded her of her vows to him and said they could get through it together. He implored Katie to return home, but said he wouldn't chase her forever. Bill ended by saying that he loved Katie. After he clicked off, Steffy sorrowfully caressed his shoulder.

In Ridge's office, Ridge diligently worked. Brooke revealed that Katie would be staying at their house for a while. Brooke noted that they'd have two broken-hearted women under their roof, because Hope had found out that Liam had slept with Amber. Ridge wasn't at all surprised, since Amber was having Liam's baby. Brooke clarified that it had happened just that one previous time, but Ridge replied, "Isn't that what they all say?"

Ridge promised not to be an insensitive clod, and Brooke stated that Hope was in the studio. Brooke hoped Oliver was there, too, and Ridge was surprised that Oliver was back in the picture. Brooke asked what Ridge had against the young man. Ridge glared at her, and she wished the couples could be as happy as she and Ridge were. Ridge replied that first, the couples had to be as miserable as Brooke and Ridge had once made each other.

Brooke playfully ordered Ridge to retract the statement. Ridge joked that he really hadn't been miserable when she'd married his father twice. Brooke said she'd been confused, and Ridge had hurt her more than she'd hurt him. Ridge decided that all Brooke could do for Katie and Hope was to show them that things could work out. Brooke agreed, and they kissed.

In the studio, Hope reviewed photos and stumbled upon one of herself and Liam. To Hope's surprise, Tawny arrived for a visit. A jovial Tawny proposed that it was time for Hope and Amber to put aside their silly rivalry and become friends. Hope promptly showed Tawny the door, but Tawny made herself at home and guessed young love wasn't "what it used to be."

Hope asserted that Tawny knew nothing about it, but Tawny stated that men didn't stay friends with girls who weren't on good terms with "their women." Hope corrected that Amber wasn't Liam's woman; however, Tawny stated that Amber was carrying Liam's child, and Hope had to get out of denial. Hope claimed she and Amber had nothing in common, but Tawny contended that they were both heiresses. Hope seethed that Liam's responsibility to the baby didn't translate into a blank check for Amber and Tawny.

Tawny was certain that Liam would do the right thing by Amber. Hope clarified that the right thing would be for him to gain full custody of the baby and send Tawny and Amber packing to a place like Las Vegas, where prostitution was legal. Tawny was offended, and Hope asked her to leave because she'd made Hope say regretful things.

Tawny doubted that it had been that hard for the nastiness to spew from Hope and said that Amber didn't pretend to be something she wasn't. "Tawny, that's all she does," Hope replied, adding that the baby was the only real thing about Amber.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

by Pam

Ridge called a meeting to discuss upcoming projects and budgets. Stephanie, Eric, Thorne, Thomas, Brooke, and Steffy attended. Ridge said that he had cut spending for the Taboo men's line and eliminated the Taboo women's line. Thomas looked disappointed, and Eric inquired why the line had been cut. Ridge said that he wanted to discuss the couture line first because it was what Forrester had been known for since its early days.

Outside the office, Oliver stopped at Pam's desk to find out what was going on in the meeting, and Pam offered him a lemon bar. Summer joined Oliver and tried to snag a lemon bar, but Pam discouraged her and said that she had to think about her career. Oliver asked if Hope was in the meeting, but Pam said that Hope was still moping at home. Pam encouraged Oliver to draw Hope out of her doldrums, and Oliver said that he was doing his best.

Back inside the meeting, Ridge announced that he and Eric had worked hard on a new line, and he opened the door to three models. Ridge reminded everyone that the Forrester couture line was known for elegance and sophistication. He called in two models and discussed their dresses. The third model walked in wearing Thomas' design -- the red dress that Thomas had asked Brooke to try on days earlier.

Ridge didn't recognize the dress and asked if Eric had designed it. Eric said that he had never seen it before, but he added that it was exquisite. Ridge wondered where it was from, and Thomas, smiling, said that he had designed it. Ridge angrily asked why he would pull such a stunt, but Eric interrupted. Eric reminded Ridge that they were all family, and it was a beautiful gown. Eric recalled that in Ridge's youth, he had often done the same thing -- pushed a design of his own in with Eric's.

Ridge disagreed. He said that Thomas had undermined Ridge's authority, but Eric shook his head. Ridge decided to take up the discussion later. He instead covered budget numbers and pointed out that he had cut the funding for Taboo and eliminated the Taboo women's line in order to put more money into promoting the couture line.

Eric stopped Ridge. He noted that Ridge hadn't cut the funding. He had eliminated it. Thorne looked surprised. Ridge said that Taboo had been a fad and had its run, but Forrester needed to stay true to its original roots in couture. Eric blatantly said that Ridge was being unfair. Ridge disagreed. Stephanie piped up that Taboo should be downplayed. Steffy agreed. Thomas argued that he had done everything that Ridge had asked of him, but he felt that Ridge continued to punish him. He reminded everyone that the photo shoots and interviews had been tame.

Stephanie and Steffy disagreed. Eric argued that he would put his full support behind Thomas. He added that all design houses had more than one couture line, and Thomas was an outstanding designer. Ridge told everyone to exit. He wanted to talk to Eric alone.

Eric stood up to Ridge and said that Ridge was wrong in his assessment of Thomas' talent. Ridge said that he recognized that Thomas was talented but that he needed more time. Eric argued that it was indeed time for Thomas to step up, and it was time for Ridge to get past petty jealousies and nurture his son's talents. Ridge argued that he was the CEO, and Eric no longer had the power to overrule him. Eric warned that he would not support Ridge in squelching Thomas' talent.

Eric said that Ridge, as a young man, had shown the spark of wanting to break out as a designer with his own ideas. Eric remembered that he had supported Ridge. He added that it was Ridge's turn to support his own son.

Ridge said that Taboo was a bad idea and had run its course. Eric refused to believe Ridge. Eric said that Taboo had put Forrester into the fashion spotlight with some of its best publicity. Eric pointedly said that Ridge clearly didn't like it because the campaign teased that Brooke and Thomas were an inappropriate couple.

Ridge said that the publicity was in tabloids and not where he wanted it. He admitted that he had tired of appearing to be the hapless husband while the campaign continued to revolve around his son in compromising scenes with his wife. Eric said that he remembered playing the same role when he was married to Brooke. Ridge wondered if Eric's support of Thomas wasn't payback for Ridge stealing Brooke away from him. Eric admitted that he and Brooke had been a family with two young children at the time and had been happy until Ridge had made a play for Brooke.

Eric said that the situation was different. He reminded Ridge that Ridge was angry about Thomas' kissing Brooke on the jet. Eric told Ridge to get over it, and act like a CEO. Ridge softened when his father told him to show his own son some love and support.

In the photo studio, Stephanie, Thorne, Thomas, Brooke, and Steffy clamored to view the latest Taboo photos. Oliver handed them over. Thomas told everyone that there was nothing to be upset about. Steffy argued that Thomas continued to defy Ridge with a clothing line that was embarrassing to Ridge. Brooke started to argue, but Steffy silenced her. Steffy reminded Brooke that if she had backed away from the Taboo line early on, there would have been no scandals and no problems. Brooke countered that the Taboo line had made money for Forrester.

Steffy tried to persuade Thomas to back off on Taboo, but Thomas fired back at his sister that when Ridge cut the budget, he never cut a penny from Steffy's bedroom line. Steffy was momentarily shut down. Thomas recalled that Steffy was part owner of the company, as well.

Steffy softened and said that she had known that her brother wanted the spotlight and she knew he was going to get it, but she felt that he needed to show some respect to Ridge. Thomas refused to cave in to Steffy or Ridge. He insisted that Eric supported him and that would count for something with Ridge. Stephanie said that Ridge would talk some sense into Eric. She worried that Taboo was the source of arguing among all the Forrester men, and it had created a wedge between Ridge and Eric, and Ridge and Thomas.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

by Pam

In Ridge's office, he fitted dresses on models who teased that everyone loved Thomas and the Taboo's women's line. Ridge smiled, but did not respond. He told the models that the fittings were over. Brooke entered, and Ridge told her that he felt that he had disappointed his family and Forrester employees. He added that he was uncomfortable with Taboo.

Brooke said that she understood. Ridge was grateful for her understanding because Eric had accused him of retaliating against Thomas. Brooke disagreed, but she agreed with Eric that Ridge needed to respect Thomas and his talent. Ridge promised to show Thomas that he was a valued part of Forrester Creations.

Thomas was in his office, and Dayzee entered. Thomas said that he was glad to see her. Dayzee said that she was happy he had invited her. They started kissing, and Thomas explained that he had been designing dresses for the Taboo women's line. They discussed their relationship, and Dayzee promised that she was ready to be Thomas' girlfriend.

Dayzee admired one of the dresses, and Thomas said that he had designed it specifically for her. He gave it to her as a gift and encouraged her to try it on. Dayzee tried it on, and looked stunning in it. She remarked that it was a perfect fit. She wondered how he had known her size, and Thomas said that it was because he was a designer. They kissed and were interrupted when Summer knocked on the door.

Summer was surprised to see Thomas kissing Dayzee, and she seemed even more surprised that Dayzee was wearing one of Thomas' designs. Thomas asked very formally what he could do to help Summer. Stunned by his tone, Summer said that she had heard the Taboo women's line was on hold. She wondered what was going on and reminded Thomas that she wanted to be the lead model.

Summer shyly asked if Dayzee was going to be chosen as a model. Dayzee quickly said that she was not a model, and Thomas said that he had given the dress to Dayzee as a gift. Summer said that she had not met Dayzee. Thomas introduced the women and asked if there was anything else Summer needed, clearly trying to get rid of her. Summer took the hint, but she told Thomas that she needed to speak to him after Dayzee left.

Dayzee surmised that Summer was not happy to see her, but Thomas claimed that Summer was just a friend. Dayzee asked about the Taboo women's line, and Thomas admitted that he and Ridge were battling over what would happen next. Thomas said that he felt helpless because his father had decided to financially pull the plug on Taboo and eliminate the Taboo women's line. Dayzee sympathized.

Ridge and Brooke entered. Ridge told Thomas that he was tired of being at odds with his son all the time. He wanted to do something different. Ridge said that he was offering Thomas five percent of his own 25 percent of Forrester shares. Thomas was grateful. Ridge clarified that Thomas was no longer an employee; he was an owner.

Brooke became teary-eyed. Thomas thanked his father and promised to make him proud. Ridge said that Thomas had already made him proud. He called Thomas his partner, and they shared an emotional embrace while Dayzee and Brooke watched.

At Liam's place, he answered the door and found Hope. They started kissing, and Hope acknowledged that she had received his phone messages. She said that she had needed to think about what she wanted to say before she contacted him. Hope said that Liam no longer belonged to her, and they both had to move on. Liam questioned if she had plans to move on with Oliver. She said that Oliver had been a good friend to her.

Hope stated that she believed Liam had slept with Amber because he wanted to give his baby a father, and he wanted to try to form a bond as parents. She said that she understood he hadn't had both of his parents when he was growing up and she knew that he wanted to give his child two parents. They kissed again, but Hope backed off. Liam was heartbroken, and he said that he had no idea how to move forward.

Hope promised to always be there for him if he needed her. She was about to leave, but Liam looked so sad that she stayed. They cuddled together on his couch and scanned through photos on his computer. Then, Hope left. Both Liam and Hope had tears in their eyes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In his office, Thomas kissed Dayzee. He was amazed that he'd received ownership rights from Ridge, but noted that Ridge had yet to clear the Taboo women's line. Thomas contemplated getting Steffy to talk their grandmother into convincing Ridge. As Dayzee and Thomas kissed again, Steffy walked in and accused Dayzee of hanging around the office, "like Brooke used to do." Dayzee took that as her cue to leave.

Once alone with Thomas, Steffy congratulated him on getting the stock and for standing up to their father. Thomas asked if that meant she'd put her support behind his women's line. She grimaced, and he said, "Thought not." Steffy offered to convince Bill to put Thomas on the cover of Eye on Fashion. Thomas declined and remarked that her overconfidence might get her hurt. Steffy said she was willing to take the chance because she loved Bill. "Love? Please, no. I was starting to have a good day," a sickened Thomas replied.

Thomas asked if Bill had upset his marriage by doing something with Steffy. Steffy claimed that what Bill had done wasn't important; however, Katie shouldn't have shut down the man she'd vowed to honor and cherish. Steffy predicted that Bill would soon tire of Katie lording over him from her soapbox. Thomas pressed Steffy for the reason the Spencers were in martial trouble, but noted that she wouldn't "give it up." Steffy asserted that Katie had better not give it up either, if she expected to remain married.

In Bill's office, Liam readily sensed his father's preoccupation and guessed it had to do with Katie. Liam asked his father to confide in him, but Bill insisted that it wasn't Liam's problem. Feeling shut out, Liam asserted that he wouldn't have to worry about it if Bill would reveal the issue. Liam assumed it had to do with Steffy, but Bill wouldn't elaborate on anything.

Liam urged Bill to work on his marriage. Bill declared that he didn't respond to ultimatums, so he and Katie were at an impasse. Liam asked how Bill would handle it if it were a business problem. Bill claimed it would never be a business problem, because he dictated the terms, and others had to take it or leave it. Liam doubted that would work in a marriage. Exiting the office, Bill said Katie wanted to return home, and she'd do just that.

At Brooke's house, Katie was thinking about Bill's ominous rage, and she recalled how Storm had accidentally shot her in the heat of his anger. Brooke and Donna arrived, and Donna persisted in trying to talk the undecided Katie out of returning to Bill. Brooke inquired about the reason for Bill and Katie's separation, but when Katie was vague in response, Donna advised Katie to tell Brooke the truth without sugarcoating it.

Katie insisted that Bill had to deal with his rage and violence, and Brooke asked if he'd been violent with Katie. Though Katie said Bill hadn't, she likened her husband's boiling anger to that of their deceased brother, Storm. Katie said they hadn't gotten Storm help for his rage, because they'd been blinded by the need to protect him. Brooke asked if Bill were capable of hurting Katie. Katie didn't think so, but she noted that she hadn't thought Storm had been, either.

Donna claimed that Storm had laid down his life for his mistakes. Katie sobbed as she thought about Storm shooting himself. Katie wished she hadn't protected Storm from prison, because, at least there, he'd still be alive. Donna blamed Storm's fatal state of mind on Stephanie, but Katie asserted that it had been caused by Storm's age-old resentment for their father. Katie refused to sit back while someone else she loved self-destructed.

Katie sadly relayed that she'd volunteered to return home if Bill sought therapy; however, he'd refused. As the conversation continued, Katie revealed Bill's failed scheme to murder Amber. Brooke was appalled that Bill had even conjured up such a thing. Katie said she'd lost her brother to violence, and she refused to lose her husband, too. She predicted that Bill's rage would destroy all that was good in their lives.

Just then, Bill strode in, and from the looks on Brooke and Donna's faces, he gleaned that Katie had told them everything. "You know what was at stake when you told them that your husband was a monster," Bill stated. Brooke claimed Katie had a right to confide in her sisters. Bill said he didn't need therapy; he needed his wife. Katie wished they could return to the way things had been, but she couldn't lay her head on a pillow beside him until he saw a professional.

Bill guessed that Katie was drawing a line in the sand, but insisted that he didn't believe in therapy. He refused to play the victim or look to anyone, especially not some "$300-an-hour-quack," to solve his problems. Bill felt his only problems were that his wife had walked out on him, and she didn't know him if she believed he needed professional help.

Bill felt that Katie had allowed the thing with Amber to get too big. He declared that he was a man, a husband, a father, and a brother-in-law who always protected his family. He cited that he'd gone to great lengths to help Stephen avoid prison. Katie despairingly sighed. Bill gently said he loved her and wanted her back. He kissed her and uttered that enough was enough, because he needed his wife. Bill promised they'd work through it, if Katie returned home.

Friday, April 15, 2011

At Brooke's house, Bill said he was done discussing his marital issues in front of Katie's sisters. Brooke noted that it was his anger issues, not martial issues. He sniped that he wouldn't change into a husband like Ridge, who allowed Brooke to cavort with his son. However, Bill did figure that Ridge might act as Bill had acted, if Ridge believed his son's life was in danger.

Katie said that the Bill she knew feared nothing, not even therapy. Bill asked how Katie could do "this" to him in front of her sisters. He said that Katie had dragged "Lucy and Ethel" into a private matter, and he worried that the overwhelmed Liam might find out what Bill had done. Though Katie didn't want Liam to find out, she believed he'd also want Bill to get help.

With his patience wearing thin, Bill said that he'd already apologized for his wrongdoings. He cited that Katie had been wrong to discuss the matter with her sisters, but she hadn't apologized for doing it. Refusing to talk any further in front of Katie's siblings, Bill left.

Later, Brooke and Donna realized that Katie had left the house, probably to see Bill. Brooke said the situation was worse than she'd imagined, and Donna wished Katie would dump the stubborn Bill. Noting that Katie was stubborn, too, Brooke hoped Katie wouldn't give in.

In Thomas' office, Thomas told Steffy to watch it, because Katie was the one married to Bill. Steffy claimed that she, not Katie, knew what Bill needed, and he knew what Steffy needed too. Steffy purred, and Thomas concluded, "What you need is a slap upside the head."

To no avail, Thomas tried to find out what Bill had done to upset Katie. Thomas guessed Steffy was Bill's new confidante, but she admitted that she'd found out about the marital issue on her own. "It sounds like you're stalking the guy!" Thomas replied. He concluded that Bill was in love with his wife. Steffy said Bill fought for Katie because he didn't like to lose; however, Steffy didn't like to lose, either. Thomas called it a match made in heaven -- "or hell."

Thomas figured Bill had married Katie for a reason, but Steffy quipped that Bill could make mistakes. Thomas said pursuing Bill was a mistake, but Steffy remained convinced that it'd be a mistake to deny her feelings and what she could offer Bill. Thomas assumed that was sex; however, Steffy said she'd help Bill fulfill his dreams, and Katie was just a speed bump.

Thomas still insisted that Bill was pursuing Katie for a reason, and Steffy repeated that Bill hated to lose, even though he just might lose that time. Thomas again wondered what Bill had done, but Steffy would only say that Katie didn't like Bill's ideas about how to protect his family. Thomas conjectured that Bill might cave in for Katie; however, Steffy said that meant Bill wouldn't be the man she thought he was, and she was never wrong about men.

Later, Steffy pranced into Bill's office, and sitting on his desk, she offered him an exclusive for her new Brooke's Bedroom campaign, if he'd put her on the Catwalk. Noting Bill's stormy mood, Steffy guessed that Katie hadn't returned home.

Bill stated that Katie was staying with Brooke. Steffy hoped Katie wouldn't tell her sisters about what had happened. "She already has," Bill said. Steffy asserted that Katie had betrayed her husband again, but Bill said he didn't need Steffy to point out the obvious.

Bill added that Katie still wanted him in therapy, too. Steffy raged that Katie was trying to change him, but he was perfect the way he was. Steffy advised him to cut Katie loose. "It's really not smart to interfere in my marriage, and I always thought you were such a smart girl," Katie said, entering the room.

Katie stated that she refused to let Steffy cause problems in the Spencer marriage; however, Steffy retorted that Katie, who wasn't even sharing a bed with her husband, was the problem. Bill said that was enough, and he asked Steffy to leave. "You don't deserve him!" Steffy declared and slammed the door on her way out. "Temper, temper, Katie," Bill warned.

Bill said Steffy had shown up uninvited, and Katie likened Steffy to a pretty vulture that hovered over a dead body. Bill kissed Katie and said he was glad she'd arrived. He was still opposed to her confiding in her sisters, but Katie quipped that she'd take them over Steffy any day. The couple began arguing about Bill going to therapy, and Katie said she wouldn't stand by, as she'd done with Storm, and watch Bill become a victim of his own anger.

Bill claimed he wasn't a victim and never would be. Katie started to talk about anger management, but Bill dismissively chuckled. He said his company wouldn't have thrived if he had been unable to manage his anger. "In fact, I'm managing it right now," he claimed.

Bill said he was happy in his marriage. He didn't want to lose it, and he was committed to solving their problems together. He said he needed his wife to stand by his side, not therapy. Katie replied that insisting upon therapy was her way of doing that. Though she didn't want to change him, she urged him to get help before something else happened. Sobbing, she said it was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but she couldn't return home until he agreed to get help.

Katie left, and as Bill thoughtfully stared at his wedding picture, Steffy returned. She guessed that Katie had walked out on him again. Steffy said she was sorry. Doubting that, Bill declined to hear a lecture about his abandonment issues. Steffy said he wasn't abandoned because she was there. "I am in love with my wife," he said and told Steffy to beat it.

Steffy claimed that she and Bill wanted the same things. She desired to give him what no woman ever had: complete loyalty. She offered her body, soul, and love to him. Steffy kissed Bill, and he didn't pull away.

Katie arrived back at Brooke's house and reported to her sisters that it just wasn't in Bill's nature to get help. Katie guessed she should have known that. Donna asked if Katie had agreed to go back to Bill, but Katie replied that she'd left him completely alone.

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