One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 11, 2011 on OLTL

Charlie moved out of Llanfair. John was upset when Natalie returned her engagement ring. Natalie and Cris wondered why Marty was still carrying around Liam's paternity test. Clint vowed to make Shane's tormentors pay. Rama pretended to be pregnant. Tess wanted in on Aubrey and Cutter's scheme. Langston consented to work with Markko.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 11, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, April 11, 2011

At the gym, Ford suggested that Brody spend time with Natalie and Liam, instead of worrying about Ford and Tess. Ford made it clear that Tess wasn't even interested in Ford, but she'd set her sights on Cutter. Ford would do all that he could to keep Tess and Cutter apart though. The men began to argue about Tess and the result of her seeing another man. Ford advised Brody that Tess was in charge, and she was "calling the shots." Brody believed that Jessica would not allow Tess to win, and he accused Ford of using Tess to get what he wanted.

Ford was angry and reminded Brody that Ryder was Ford's son. There was no room for Brody regardless of what happened, and Brody would not receive custody of the infant. Brody was confident that things would change once Jessica returned, and he was not giving up on reaching her. Ford mentioned that he'd kissed Tess as an experiment, but nothing had happened. Brody was angry, but Ford emphasized that it had been Tess, and not Jessica. Ford had the split lip to show for it, because Tess had bitten him.

Tess met up with Cutter in the steam room, and they began to kiss. Cutter pulled away suddenly. He wanted to make certain that Tess was still herself. "So far, so good," she replied as she began to kiss him again. It was Tess's turn to stop, and she looked around as if in a daze. She asked where she was, and she wanted to know what Cutter was doing to her. Cutter was panicked, and Tess laughed. She was only pretending. She dropped the towel that was wrapped around her, and as it landed on the floor, she removed Cutter's towel as well.

Ford arrived at the steam room and was aghast to find Tess and Cutter nude and in a compromising position. He pulled Cutter away from Tess. "Get your hands off my wife," Ford shouted. He ordered her to put clothes on. Ford insisted that he wasn't jealous, but they were in the middle of a custody battle. He and Tess needed to appear as a proper and loving couple in public, he added. Ford ordered Tess to go home, though Cutter tried to interfere. Ford threatened to expose Tess and Cutter, but Cutter turned the tables and promised to ruin Ford's chances of custody. He wanted Ford to stop threatening him and trying to control Tess.

Ford thought it appeared that Cutter wanted to get his hands on a portion of Ryder's trust fund, and Cutter accused Ford of doing the same. Ford was aggravated, but Tess demanded that Ford stop interfering or he wouldn't see his son. She needed her space, and she wanted to be free to see others. "Just don't get caught," Ford finally agreed. He left the steam room. Tess was glad to see that Cutter had stood up to Ford.

Cristian spoke with Rama and admitted that he'd had several legal problems in the past. He assumed that she felt responsible for her husband's imprisonment, but he didn't want her to blame herself. Rama insisted that it really was her fault that Vimal was in prison, because he wouldn't have committed a crime if she'd been around. Cristian pointed out that it was all Vimal's responsibility if Vimal had broken the law. Rama recalled how she'd convinced her husband to take the fall for Clint, and that she'd lied about being pregnant. She jumped up abruptly. She'd forgotten about visiting Vimal at the prison. Cristian offered to drive her there when she complained that she had no transportation.

After Aubrey's questioning, Joey maintained that he didn't care who Kelly was dating. Kelly was curious though. If Joey wasn't bothered with it, she wondered why he had punched John. Aubrey was taken aback and wanted an answer as well. Joey claimed that he'd forgotten all about the fight, but Aubrey was troubled. Joey assured Aubrey that it had nothing to do with them, but Kelly noted that Joey had gone after John "pretty hard." Joey denied that he was jealous of Kelly. "Give Aubrey credit. She might be a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them," Kelly retorted.

Joey proclaimed that he'd punched John because of Natalie, but Kelly retorted that whatever she or John did was none of Joey's concern. Natalie had lied to John, so John could do whatever he wanted, Kelly continued. Joey declared that John and Kelly had "hooked up" on Valentine's Day, and Aubrey chimed in that it had also been Joey and Aubrey's wedding day. Joey accused Kelly of being the one who was jealous for that reason, and Kelly replied that he was the one who had been more recently jealous.

Aubrey wondered if Kelly's accusations were true, but Joey steadfastly proclaimed that he had been defending Natalie's honor. He hadn't enjoyed the fact that Kelly had "hooked up" with John in the storage room. He stopped himself before finishing his next thought, of how it had been just the way that Joey and Kelly had almost...Aubrey wanted her husband to finish his statement, and she was determined to find out what had happened. Joey responded that nothing had happened, and angered, Kelly stalked off. She'd heard enough.

Aubrey was fuming. She wondered why Joey had never mentioned the fight with John. She also wondered whether Joey loved her. He said that he did, but Aubrey rushed away. Kelly headed to a punching bag and tried to relieve some of her own irritation and stress.

Dorian and David announced that they'd hired a new director for the making of the film about David's life. Langston was floored when Markko walked into the room. "A brilliant young director," Dorian announced. She wanted Langston and Markko to "commune" on the film and "create magic." Langston considered it a setup, and she accused Dorian and David of trying to push Langston and Markko together. Dorian denied it. She insisted that Langston and Markko were the most qualified people to do the job. She thought that all of them together had the "right artistic chemistry" to work together on the film.

David and Dorian headed upstairs in order to leave the young couple alone. Langston was sorry that Markko had returned to Llanview because of David's film, and she was certain that it wouldn't work between them. Markko pointed out that David and Dorian were determined to make the film, and Markko believed that it would help his career. He thought that it would be a great benefit to Langston also. Langston wasn't sure how she felt about the entire thing, especially due to the fact that Markko was with Karen. He revealed that he and Karen were no longer together.

Markko admitted that he wasn't sorry to hear about Langston and Ford breaking up, though he didn't want her to be hurt. He had been angry and hurt at one time himself, but he'd changed, Markko explained. Langston wasn't too sure that they would be able to work closely together, but Markko thought they should just focus on the work to start with. They decided to go for it, and they shook hands, "to collaboration."

Upstairs, David advised his wife that Langston was aware of what her mother was trying to do, but Dorian thought they should give it time. She was just happy that Langston would be miles away from Robert Ford. She wanted David to achieve his "superstardom," and as the producer, she still had several roles to cast. David suggested they play a game called "casting couch." He hoped that Dorian wouldn't find his monologue too long. She hoped it wouldn't be too short.

Dorian and David lay in bed after making love. Dorian confided that she wouldn't be able to go to Los Angeles with David, because she was the mayor of Llanview. She thought that his career was as important as hers. David was curious as to who should play Dorian in the movie, and Dorian thought that "Angelina" was a good choice. David believed that Dorian was more beautiful. He grabbed a photo of another actress and suggested that she get the role. Dorian announced that the only "on-set romance" would be the "two sweet kids downstairs."

As Vimal waited for his wife to show up at Statesville, he was surprised when Marty showed up instead. He wondered why she was there to see him. He recognized her from the genetics lab at the hospital. Marty assured him that she was there to see her son, and apparently Cole had been moved. It had been awhile since she'd been at the prison. Vimal was certain that his fate was "intertwined" with Marty's, as she kept appearing wherever he was.

Marty recalled seeing Vimal in the lab, and he mentioned how focused she'd seemed as she worked on the computer. He'd had the chance to quit his mission when she'd first walked in, but instead he'd committed a terrible crime. It was the worst type, he stated. It had involved lying about a man's paternity. Marty agreed, as Vimal explained he'd feared for his job. He should have reconsidered while he'd had time to think about it, he continued. Marty replied that it was done, and she was familiar with the same problem. They had something in common. Just then, Rama rushed in, and Marty left.

Vimal wanted to see Rama's "baby bump," but she insisted that she was cold and therefore wouldn't remove her coat. She advised her husband that Clint had been quite generous, and she was living in luxury at the Buchanan mansion. She had many friends, and one of them had driven her to the prison. Cristian was kind, she stated. Vimal was upset to learn that Cristian was one of Rama's friends. He'd heard about Cristian's arrest for assault, and in addition, Cristian was known for having Llanview's "Best Arms."

Marty dropped Natalie's paternity test results on the floor, and Cristian knelt to pick up the paper. He noticed what it was, and he was curious as to why Marty had possession of it. He was familiar with Marty's lab break-in, but he thought she'd been treated and had improved. Marty asserted that it was a "safeguard," and she carried it around to remind her of what she was capable of. Cristian frowned suspiciously.

Rama noted that the assault charge against Cristian had been a misunderstanding. After a short time, Cristian appeared, and Rama announced that it was time to leave. Vimal hoped that he'd be able to feel his child during Rama's next visit. As a guard led Vimal away, the prisoner shouted that he wanted Cristian to keep "Llanview's Best Arms" off of his wife due to her delicate condition. Cristian was confused, and Rama whispered that her husband considered her to be fragile.

At the police station, John's papers fell to the floor, and as Natalie leaned down to pick them up, she was stunned to see the photo of Liam's sonogram. She demanded to know why John still held onto it, but John claimed that he hadn't been aware that he'd still had it. Natalie looked at the mess of folders and pointed out that the photo had clearly been placed into its own folder that John himself had obviously created. She accused him of looking at the photo in order to recall how happy he'd been, and she was certain that he still cared about Liam.

John ordered her to return the photo to him, but instead, Natalie ripped it up into small pieces. She advised him that he couldn't have it two ways. Either he was Liam's father or he wasn't, and he couldn't love the photo without loving the baby himself. Her son wanted two parents who loved him. John pointed out that every time he thought about trying to fix things, he saw Natalie with Brody. Natalie explained that she was a single mother, and Brody had given her lots of support. Brody had offered to help her out on many occasions.

John wondered why she and Brody hadn't made their own little family, and Natalie reminded him that Brody loved Jessica, while Natalie still loved John. She had someone else's baby, though, John declared. Suddenly, Natalie announced that it was time to move on. The tears began to roll down her cheeks as she struggled to remove the engagement ring from her finger. Marty had been right, she continued. John was seeing Kelly, so it was time. Natalie still wondered why John had held onto the sonogram photo, but John remained silent.

After a while, Natalie finally managed to get the ring off, and she placed it on the desk. John began to cry as he told her that he wanted her to keep the ring. Natalie refused, citing the fact that it had belonged to his mother. "I thought you'd have that ring forever," John stated. "So did I," Natalie replied. She rushed out the door, and Brody happened to be standing there. He was concerned about Natalie, and they hurried away.

An angry Aubrey stomped into the steam room, announcing that she had a good way to make her husband jealous. She didn't see Tess reclining on the bench. Aubrey began to kiss Cutter passionately. "Whoa," Tess called out, and said, "I've heard of kissing cousins but this is ridiculous."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James's phone began to ring as he rushed into his apartment with bags of groceries. With his arms full, he was unable to answer it, and to make matters worse, he dropped the items all over the floor. Leaning down to pick them up, he was surprised to see Deanna sashay out of the bedroom in her nightshirt. "Good morning, stranger," she purred. "It's afternoon," James retorted. "I wouldn't mind staying in your bed all day," she replied. She asked about his night, and James advised her that it had been okay to sleep on the floor for a night. He also informed her that he'd purchased several of her favorite foods.

Deanna expressed her gratefulness for the lodging, but James clarified that he expected her to leave after the one night. He intended to figure out how to get Deanna back to Ohio. Deanna wondered whether he had explained Deanna's appearance in town to Starr, and he confided that he hadn't had the chance. James hadn't seen Starr yet, and he didn't want to explain in a voicemail. He wasn't concerned, because he expected Deanna to be "long gone" by the time he saw Starr again. Deanna reminded him that she still didn't have any money.

James declared that Deanna had changed in many ways since he'd last seen her in Ohio, when she'd dumped him. He assumed there had been another guy, or maybe several other guys, but Deanna denied that was so. James added that she'd done him a favor when she'd dumped him, and he was with someone who really cared about him. Deanna announced that she'd never stopped loving James, which took James by surprise. He was angry, because he remembered that when she'd broken up with him, Deanna had stated that she'd never loved James.

Starr was baffled when she was unable to reach James on the phone, but her mood changed considerably when she saw Langston and Markko in the study at La Boulaie. Starr was ecstatic that Markko had returned, though he quickly explained that he was merely in town for Langston. The two of them would be working on David's film, Vickerman, Langston hastily reported to her friend. Langston would be able to fulfill her school requirement for writing the piece, and Markko would get a good credit for directing it. Starr was thrilled that Markko would be around to visit with Cole.

Langston and Markko regretfully updated Starr on the fact that they would be residing on the West Coast during the filmmaking, and they would be leaving Llanview immediately. Markko revealed that he'd been in touch with Cole, and he knew about Cole and Starr's breakup. Starr remarked about how things had changed since high school, and Markko left the girls alone to chat. Langston stated that she would be in Los Angeles to keep an eye on David, and to get away from Ford. She was certain that Dorian was trying to push Langston and Markko back together, and Langston admitted that she'd felt something when she and Markko had shaken hands. She'd assumed it was just because of their past.

Starr couldn't believe that Langston was really leaving, though Langston assured her it would only be for a few months. Maybe even a little longer if she had to stay for post-production. Both of the girls began to cry, and Langston offered to stay behind. She thought she might be able to conduct business from Llanview. Starr objected, and she reminded Langston how much Langston had always wanted to do exactly what she would be doing. Langston found comfort in the fact that Starr would be spending lots of time with James and would be able to talk to him.

Starr wasn't as confident in Langston's prediction, and she advised Langston that it wouldn't be the same. Both girls cried as they recalled their early times together. Langston was sure that they'd still be chatting often via the many methods open to them, but Starr was certain that it would be too difficult, because they would be in different time zones. She couldn't even reach James and they were in the same town, Starr exclaimed. Langston promised that she would return soon. After Starr left for James's apartment, Langston looked through some old photos. Markko found her weeping. Langston hated to leave Starr, and she would miss her terribly, but she knew that Starr would be in good hands.

Viki sat alone in her kitchen, remembering her first meeting with Charlie. Just then, Joey arrived. He wanted his mother to give him some advice. He confessed that he and Aubrey had been involved in their first fight, though Viki advised him that was normal.

Joey explained that Aubrey believed that Joey was jealous of Kelly being with John, and to top it off, Joey had slugged John, because John had been about to marry Natalie first. Joey had believed that John was flaunting his relationship with Kelly in Natalie's face. Aubrey was angry because she had imagined that Joey had kept it all secret. Joey insisted that he and Kelly were over, and he no longer had any feelings for her. He loved Aubrey.

Viki explained that sometimes old feelings were rekindled when one saw an old flame. Joey suddenly noticed that his mother was upset, and Viki apologized for not being able to give him advice. She didn't have a good marriage like Joey thought she did. Viki admitted that she might want to fight for Charlie, but she wasn't certain if he loved Echo. Viki had run out of the room before Charlie had stated the truth. She knew that it wasn't possible to be with someone if they loved someone else. Joey wasn't sure how he would react when he saw Charlie, but Viki assured him that she didn't want him to do anything.

Viki still had to talk to Charlie. She apologized for crying when Joey needed advice, but she wondered if Joey were being honest when he'd told Aubrey that he didn't want to be with Kelly. "Sometimes she can push my buttons," Joey exclaimed, referring to Kelly. Viki believed that her son didn't know for himself what the real answer was to the question about his feelings. Viki remarked that Charlie had constantly dismissed Viki's concerns about Echo, and Viki had ended up learning the truth from Tess, who always found new ways to hurt people.

Charlie knocked on the door of Echo's Minute Man Motel room. The first thing he inquired about was Shane, and Echo explained that Shane had been found, but she hadn't been given any details on what had happened. They discussed Viki's visit to Echo, and Charlie expressed how sorry he was that Viki had learned about Charlie and Echo the way that she had. Charlie expected to stay with Viki as long as she needed him for Ryder's custody case, but he wanted to be with Echo. He admitted that he hadn't gotten to explain that part to Viki yet.

Charlie revealed that he and Viki had discussed what had happened to send Charlie to Echo's motel room in the first place. That had been when Charlie had discovered that he wasn't Rex's father, and Clint had been hiding the fact that he was really Rex's father. Echo had been the only person to help Charlie keep his sanity, Charlie admitted. Viki had asked Charlie if he loved Echo, but Charlie hadn't been able to tell her, as Viki had run out of the room. Echo was glad to hear how Charlie felt, but she expressed dismay that they wouldn't get a warm reception anywhere around town.

Charlie agreed, and Echo added that it would be difficult to avoid Viki, especially with Echo's family living at the carriage house. Echo would be happy when she and Charlie would be able to be out and about in public together, holding hands. Privately, she recalled how she had known for a very long time that Clint was really Rex's father. After Charlie was gone, Echo looked at photos of Charlie online. She remembered how happy he was that everything was "out in the open."

Kelly paid a visit to Clint at his home in order to obtain an interview for the Sun regarding Clint's recent escape from murder charges. She had seen Joey and had made sure that he had gone in a different direction, because she never wanted to see him again, Kelly disclosed. She wanted an exclusive on Clint's court ordeal, and she promised to be fair. Clint refused to talk about himself until he heard what had happened between Kelly and Joey. Kelly remarked that the last thing she'd heard was that Joey was happily married.

Kelly revealed the details of her argument with Joey, and she noted with displeasure that Joey was still trying to control her life. She couldn't believe that Clint had invited the newlyweds to live at the mansion, and he was giving Aubrey another chance. Clint insisted that he simply wanted to keep an eye on Aubrey, but he was concerned about Kelly too. He wasn't happy to hear that Kelly was seeing John, because John had caused Natalie a great deal of pain. Besides, Clint believed that Kelly and Joey belonged together.

Kelly reminded Clint of the jump drive that he'd had with some secret evidence against Aubrey, but it had worked in reverse and had pushed Joey and Aubrey together faster. Clint explained that Aubrey and Cutter had replaced the footage after they'd gotten wind of what Clint had done, and so Joey hadn't seen the original. Kelly declared that she didn't want to hear about what was on the original, and she didn't want anything to do with it. Every time she made a move, it backfired, she complained.

Kelly decided that she would reschedule an interview with Clint at the office. She announced that she wanted Joey to want her on his own, and she headed out. Clint began to count, and within a matter of seconds, Kelly returned. She asked about the original jump drive, and Clint revealed that it had shown Aubrey and Cutter in a very compromising position. "They're no more brother and sister than you and I," Clint proclaimed. Kelly was jubilant. She had known that something was going on after she'd seen the photo of Cutter and Aubrey in the French magazine.

Clint explained that the couple was planning to take money from the family's business, and they discussed the fact that Cutter had forged a complete history of the pair. Kelly wanted to see the jump drive, after all, but Clint had to tell her that Aubrey had manipulated Joey into destroying it. He assumed that Joey wouldn't believe anything anyway, and Clint didn't want to be the one to relate the information. Clint and Joey had a shaky relationship to begin with. Clint thought that Kelly should be the one to disclose the information to Joey.

Kelly refused, citing the fact that she always ended up with disaster on her hands. She added the fact that Joey hated her. Clint disagreed; he thought that Joey loved Kelly. Aubrey had stated that Joey had been jealous of Kelly, but Kelly still couldn't say anything, Kelly announced. Joey was a stubborn man. Clint was hopeful that Joey would discover the truth about Aubrey himself, but Kelly pointed out that Joey always saw the good in people. Clint still wanted Kelly's help.

Aubrey rushed into the steam room at the gym and began to kiss Cutter passionately, without realizing that Tess was present. Tess eagerly advised the couple that she couldn't wait to hear their explanation, but she guessed that Aubrey and Cutter were not siblings. Tess also figured that Joey was unaware of the situation. "Scam artists, huh?" Tess asked. She proceeded to put together the entire plan that Aubrey and Cutter had concocted, even though Aubrey denied that it was true. "Let it go. Tess is onto us," Cutter spoke up. He wondered what Tess planned to do about it.

Cutter thought they should make a deal, and Aubrey threatened to make trouble for Tess's custody case. Tess remarked that she had the "upper hand," but Aubrey instantly complained that Tess wasn't even a real person. Tess proceeded to pull Aubrey's hair and asked if that were real enough for Aubrey. Tess admitted that she actually liked the idea that Cutter and Aubrey were scamming Joey, and she would keep it a secret if they did her a favor in return. Tess thought it was okay to steal the Buchanan fortune, but she declared that she wanted half of whatever Cutter and Aubrey managed to get.

The couple began to protest, but Tess suggested that they would get nothing plus a prison term if she told people about the scam. She was thrilled to think that she could get rid of Ford and the baby if she had more money. Tess wanted Cutter and Aubrey to stop kissing in front of others. "Seriously, how stupid are you?" she asked. "I don't think you want to have that contest," Aubrey snapped. "Afraid you're gonna lose?" Tess wondered. Tess ordered Cutter to find another way to occupy his time. Aubrey advised Tess that Cutter wasn't really interested in Tess, but Tess was certain that he was.

The women began to argue over Cutter, and Aubrey declared that Cutter was good at pretending. He didn't have to "cozy up" to Tess any longer, though, Aubrey added, because they were all "in it together." Suddenly, a young man walked into the steam room, and looking at the trio awkwardly, he turned around to leave. "You're my hero, bro," the young man told Cutter. Aubrey thought it was a good time to depart with Cutter in tow. "Don't be a stranger," Tess called out to Cutter.

Deanna confessed that she'd been lying in the past, but she was telling the truth this time. James was stunned and reminded Deanna that she'd broken up with him. He didn't want to hear it, but Deanna continued. She'd had to break up with him, she said. She began to explain why, but suddenly, the doorbell rang. Starr was standing on the other side of the door.

Viki was happy that she was able to talk to her son. Just then, Charlie walked into the kitchen. "Call me if you need anything," Joey told his mother as he got ready to leave. He stopped and glared at Charlie before walking out. Viki offered Charlie some coffee, but he declined, because he wanted to talk. Viki asked Charlie if he loved Echo, and she wanted an answer. "Yes," Charlie replied.

Kelly didn't believe that she and Clint should work together, especially because Clint didn't have a good "track record." Clint responded that he was not the one breaking the law this time. Aubrey and Cutter were the ones doing so. Joey returned home as Kelly and Clint were engaged in conversation. He wondered why Kelly was there, and Kelly quickly responded that she had been there to interview Clint. She thanked Clint for the interview, and he stated that he hoped it had been "enlightening." Joey was looking for Aubrey, but Clint noted that he hadn't seen her.

The young man who had arrived at the steam room earlier, ran out screaming. He had been inside with Tess. She was eager to go off and make plans for her money. Cutter didn't believe they could trust her, and he promised Aubrey that he would keep an eye on Tess. Aubrey wondered how close his eye would be. Tess peered from behind a corner and blew a kiss at Cutter as he left with Aubrey.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deanna was ready to tell James the truth about why she had broken up with him when they suddenly heard Starr at the door to the Ford brothers' apartment. As he opened the door, Starr flew into his arms, upset about Langston's departure from Llanview. Spotting Deanna, Starr straightened up -- she knew she had seen the girl before, at the Buenos Dias and then on James's Myface page, and asked who she was. James introduced the ladies, and Deanna all too quickly explained that she was James's ex-girlfriend from Dayton. Starr was less than thrilled that James hadn't mentioned Deanna before.

As Deanna headed into the bedroom to change, Starr turned on James, asking what was going on. James explained that he had found Deanna at the Minute Man Motel, destitute and struggling to pay for room and board. Starr was apoplectic when he explained that Deanna was crashing at the apartment, and in his bed; listening in from the corridor, Deanna couldn't resist smirking. James insisted it was all completely innocent, and said he and Deanna had been over long before. Starr still wanted to know how the couple had broken up.

James told Starr that Deanna had broken up with him. Starr realized he had probably been deeply hurt and asked why he hadn't discussed it before, but James avoided the issue and said he didn't see what there was to talk about. "James, is she the one that got away?" Starr asked.

Before James could answer, Deanna reentered the kitchen, sweetly asking her ex if she could cook dinner for him like she used to. Miffed, Starr said she had a better idea and suggested she treat them all to dinner, so she could get to know Deanna better. James quickly agreed, and ushered the tense duo out of the apartment.

At the Mannings' house, Danielle presented Téa with Tomas' sketch of Téa and her father, which Dani had gotten framed. Téa loved it, but refused to take Tomas' gift from her daughter and asked if Tomas had done any other sketches. Dani explained that she hadn't seen any, but had noticed that her uncle had been attempting to hide a manila envelope. Téa's curiosity was piqued, and she wondered aloud if Tomas was hiding things from them.

In Tomas' room, Tomas was putting his personal effects away when his photograph of the "old" Todd fell from his mysterious envelope. He retrieved it and hid it away, and when he moved to leave, he found Téa at his door. Noticing her brother's hurry, Téa commended him on his sketch and asked him if he had any other art to show off. Preoccupied, Tomas promised to check his inventory when he returned home and hustled out of the house. After he left, Téa crept back into his bedroom.

Searching the room, Téa looked everywhere, even under the bed. Before she could look further, Dani interrupted and asked why Téa was being a snoop. Téa claimed she was looking for more sketches, but finally admitted that she didn't know what she was searching for among Tomas' things -- perhaps some sign of their past relationship, of the family she had lost. As Téa said she needed something familiar, Dani realized that she was missing Todd more than ever.

Dani admitted that it was bizarre to be in Todd's house without him, and Téa quietly began to cry, leaning on her daughter. Dani comforted her mother, and said it was okay for the "grown-ups" to cry too. "I do miss Todd," Téa confessed, overcome with emotion.

At La Boulaie, Jack descended the great staircase, gabbing on his phone to a friend about his being "on lockdown." "Mom went Defcon 1 over Wheezy," he cracked, but he was sure Blair would get over it. Blair begged to differ as she snatched Jack's phone away and confiscated it. She asked if he had apologized to Shane yet, but Jack said he had been unable to, since Shane hadn't shown up at school. Blair didn't blame Shane for making himself scarce after what Jack and the other kids had done. Jack insisted it wasn't all his fault, but Blair reminded him that he was the ringleader, and she was focused on her son and his choices; she was determined to make him pay for what he had done to a defenseless boy.

After banishing Jack to his room, Blair answered the front door and found Tomas there, bearing her favorite Parisian wine as a "peace offering." Blair was confused by the gesture, but Tomas knew she had been avoiding him since his run-in with John McBain, and feared he knew why. "Do you think I had something to do with what happened to Todd?" Tomas asked.

Blair claimed she didn't suspect Tomas, but recalled what John had said about the Euro found at the crime scene, and the similarity between Tomas' injury and the wound the sniper could have suffered. Tomas began unbuttoning his shirt in an attempt to prove the detective had not shot him, but Blair grew flustered and stopped him. She said she didn't have time to banter with him, as she was dealing with a crisis with Jack. Tomas asked what was wrong. "I'm afraid Todd and I may have raised a sociopath," Blair said softly.

After Blair explained the bullying situation with Jack and Shane, Tomas wondered if Jack was acting out due to Todd's condition, but Blair said the trouble had started before Todd's shooting. Jack had always been rough around the edges, but never cruel -- Blair blamed herself for being too easy on him, but Tomas said such trouble occurred only when parents were too hard. He said parenting seemed impossible to him, but he knew Blair was among the absolute best because Téa had entrusted Dani to her the year before.

Blair thanked Tomas for his kind words, and Tomas told her to call him if he needed more. "Call me anyway?" he asked, and added, "I miss you." Picking up his coat, he walked out of La Boulaie, leaving behind the bottle of wine.

After Tomas left, Blair dragged Jack downstairs and told him they were going to go apologize to Shane, whether Jack liked it or not.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Rex confronted Shane about his suffering in silence due to Jack's bullying. Rex wanted to know why he hadn't told them anything, and Shane explained that he had feared his parents would only make things worse by going to the school administration. He didn't blame his family, and said he was the loser in the situation. Rex and Gigi insisted he wasn't a loser, and Gigi said that Shane was great, handsome, and brave.

"If I'm so great then why does everybody hate me?" Shane asked plaintively. "Because you are so great!" Gigi replied, and called the other students jealous. Rex was sure Shane would beat them all in the long run, but Shane doubted that would be the case. Rex and Gigi begged Shane to agree not to attempt to hurt himself again. Rex told Shane that if he had leaped from the school roof, the other kids would have won. "The only way to win is by living, by being who you are," Rex told his son.

Shane reluctantly promised not to do anything rash, and agreed to speak to his family if he felt desperate again. "Can I have something to eat?" he asked finally. After chowing down, he asked to go upstairs and work on his comic -- he promised he wouldn't do anything to himself. Rex and Gigi agreed, and said they would worry about his return to school later.

After Shane headed upstairs, Rex and Gigi struggled to decompress. They didn't want to hover, but were still afraid to leave Shane alone for very long. Rex wasn't sure if Shane meant the promise he had made to them, but wanted them all to see a therapist together. He couldn't get over his anger towards Jack and the other students. Gigi agreed, and added that she didn't want Shane back at Llanview High, or anywhere near Jack Manning. She was going to check into the state's bullying laws, and Rex offered to go speak to Bo about the situation.

After Gigi headed upstairs to monitor Shane, Rex prepared to leave to see Bo. On his way out, he ran into Blair and Jack. Blair said they were there to apologize to the Balsoms, but Rex wasn't interested, and snapped that Jack wasn't allowed to be anywhere near his son. Blair and Jack were stunned when Rex told them that Shane had tried to kill himself.

Back at the Manning house, Téa returned to Tomas' room alone. Checking once more under his bed, she found the mysterious envelope, and discovered the photo of Todd as he had once been. As Téa stared at the photo, Tomas entered the room.

At the Buchanan mansion, Echo walked in on Clint reading a Sun front-page story about his exoneration, and congratulated him on avoiding prison. Smirking, she told her old flame she had even more good news: "Charlie and I are having an affair." Clint was disgusted to hear that Echo had demolished yet another of Viki's marriages, but Echo claimed it hadn't been like that; she truly loved Charlie, and hadn't wanted Viki to learn the truth. Clint was horrified to learn that Viki had walked in on Charlie and Echo together, but Echo insisted that she had never meant to seduce Charlie away from Viki -- she simply understood her ex in a way Viki didn't, and blamed Clint for "throwing them together" due to his paternity cover-up.

"I would've given the man a hazmat suit and a long stick if I knew he was susceptible to you," Clint grumbled. He asked Echo to send Charlie back to Viki as she'd had her fun, but Echo said it was more than that, and Charlie loved her, not Viki; Charlie was with Viki as they spoke, ending things. "That son of a bitch," Clint hissed, infuriated. Echo claimed that she and Charlie were going to be accommodating of what Viki was going through with Jessica, but Clint laughed off her platitudes and said they were ruining Viki's life at the worst possible moment. "You and Charlie are both losers," he growled, "and you're gonna end up back in Atlantic City, huddled around a fire, sharing a bottle of rotgut."

Echo said Clint could think what he liked, but she wanted one thing from him -- his silence about her complicity in his deception regarding Rex. Charlie didn't know she had known the truth all along, and she never wanted him to know. She blamed Clint for making her lie, but Clint called her a "manipulative bitch" and said she had done exactly what she had wanted to get what she wanted. Echo said she had only wanted a real father for her son. "It should've been you," she added, and further challenged him, "It could be you, right now! Your grandson needs real help, and where are you?" Clint asked what kind of trouble Shane was in, and Echo explained Shane's bullying ordeal to him.

Clint asked for the names of the students involved, and said that no one picked on his grandson and got away with it. "Give me the names, and those kids will wish they'd never been born," he vowed. Echo was impressed with Clint's sudden devotion and pressed him to admit he cared for his grandson, after all, but Clint claimed he only cared about justice.

Returning to the subject at hand, Echo pleaded with Clint to keep silent about her role in his cover-up. She was sorry for Viki, but the Bankses were through, and she made Charlie happy; he had lost two sons, but he could be happy with Echo, if Clint let him. Clint wasn't buying her crocodile tears, but grew pensive as he said he hadn't decided what to do about her yet. Taking that as a maybe, Echo beat a hasty retreat.

At Llanfair, Viki reeled over Charlie's confession of love for Echo. He knew they were through, but promised to be there for Viki through the custody battle with Tess and Ford, and make sure the court only saw him as a "stable guy" and loving husband to her. "Funny," Viki remarked, "that's what I saw." She asked if he intended to hang around and help raise Ryder until Jessica returned, and when Charlie admitted he didn't, she said that was fine, as she didn't want him there either.

Charlie said he was willing to try to help her with Ryder if she needed him. "What?" Viki asked, laughing bitterly, and pushed further, "You'll suck it up, stick around, go through the motions?" Even if she wanted his help and agreed to pose with him as a happy couple, she knew their charade would end the moment Tess showed the judge the picture of him kissing Echo, and that would make Viki as big a liar as him and the countess; she didn't want his help, and said Charlie was free to go be with the woman he loved.

Charlie said he hadn't planned to fall for Echo. "Oh, no, no," Viki snapped, interrupting him, and insisted, "Don't -- don't, don't -- please, do not tell me that it just happened, as if you were some innocent bystander in your own life! We make choices in life, Charlie!" He had chosen something that would destroy their marriage, "and that didn't 'happen,'" she said, "you made it happen." Turning away, she grew teary as she ordered him to gather his things and leave.

After packing a suitcase, Charlie returned from the bedroom to find Viki sitting at the kitchen table alone, shell-shocked. "That's no more than you came with," she said softly, eyeing the suitcase. Awkward, Charlie said he hadn't picked up much since moving in, and that Viki and Llanfair hadn't really needed anything new. He told her to call him about picking up the rest of his things, but Viki coolly said she would send the remainder to the Minute Man Motel -- she needed him to go, and didn't want to see him again.

"I've been afraid of losing you since the day we met," Charlie told his wife. "Well, you made it happen!" Viki cracked, her voice tight. Charlie said he hadn't been able to let her see him fall apart, or be weak; he had gone to Echo because Echo was like him, and then their relationship had grown into something else. "I don't want to hear that," Viki insisted, again cutting him off and turning away from him.

"You know, the day that you waited on me at the Bon Jour, you saved my life," Charlie began, and emotionally added, "Maybe you're sorry that I stopped at your table that day, but you turned my life around." "Oh, Charlie, I'm not sorry," Viki said sadly, emotion returning to her voice. She continued, "I'm not sorry at all. But it's over now. We're getting a divorce."

Charlie agreed that their marriage was over, and told Viki he was sorry. "So am I," Viki replied. As he prepared to exit the house, Viki stopped him, grabbing her coffee mug from the Bon Jour Cafe in Paris, Texas. "This is yours," she blurted out, handing it to him. Viki held the door for him as Charlie walked out of her life, then closed it behind him and collapsed into a nearby chair, weeping.

Some time later, there was a knock at the kitchen door. Viki answered it, and let Clint into Llanfair. Overcome with emotion, Viki and Clint locked eyes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aubrey and Cutter entered the Buchanan mansion, arguing. Aubrey yelled that they wouldn't be having problems with their plan if Cutter hadn't told everyone that Aubrey was his sister. However, Cutter blamed Aubrey for Tess seeing Aubrey and Cutter kiss. Cutter insisted that he loved Aubrey, but she wanted him to prove it. She told him to stop seeing Tess.

Cutter replied that he would, as soon as Aubrey dropped Joey. However, Aubrey refused to leave until they had the money, because that had been their plan from the beginning. Cutter said that he could never forget about the plan. However, he said that the "new plan" included stringing Tess along so she wouldn't tell anyone about Cutter and Aubrey. Aubrey knew that they were stuck, but she didn't like seeing Cutter enjoying Tess's company. Cutter replied that it was the same way he felt seeing Aubrey with Joey.

Aubrey insisted that she didn't care about Joey, and Cutter insisted that he didn't care about Tess. They realized that they would have to trust each other. Cutter told Aubrey that he would handle Tess. "Handle her how?" Joey said as he entered the room.

Aubrey was surprised to see Joey home so soon, but he replied that he'd been home. He and Aubrey needed to talk. Cutter turned to leave, but Joey wanted clarification about what Cutter had been saying about Tess. Cutter covered and told a curious Joey that Cutter thought he could help save Jessica. He reminded Joey that Cutter had been the last one to get Jessica out.

Cutter explained that, if he spent more time with Tess, Jessica could reappear. Joey approved of the plan, and warned Cutter to be careful. Aubrey walked Cutter out. She warned him that "hanging out better be all you do," and Cutter left. Aubrey returned to an apologetic Joey.

Joey apologized for not telling Aubrey about his experiences with Kelly, and for getting defensive about what had happened with John. Joey promised to do whatever he could to make the marriage work. Taking advantage, Aubrey said that she didn't want Kelly hanging out at the mansion anymore. Joey promised to make it happen, and embraced his wife.

Blair informed Rex that she and Jack were at the carriage house to make things right with Shane. Rex refused to let Jack anywhere near Shane, because Jack had done enough. Blair knew that it had been horrible. However, Rex blurted out that she didn't know, because Shane had tried to kill himself. A completely shocked Blair asked what had happened, and if Shane was all right. Rex was still trying to figure things out.

Rex continued that Shane was "in one piece." Blair thought it was important that Shane was all right, but Rex handed her Shane's letter, and asked if Shane seemed all right. Blair read the note and apologized over and over again. Rex reiterated that she had no idea about the experience of finding her son ready to jump off of a roof because he was so humiliated that he didn't think life was worth living anymore. He continued that she didn't know what it was like to try to convince her son that he was loved, but fearing that he wouldn't be convinced.

Rex demanded to know whether or not Jack was sorry for what he'd done. Jack claimed that he hadn't known how "screwed up" Shane was. He'd just been having fun, and would have left Shane alone if Jack had known how crazy Shane was. Jack suggested that Shane had gone on the roof in order to get attention.

Rex was beyond angered at the suggestion, and pushed Jack against the wall, pinning him there. As Rex yelled at Jack, Blair yelled at Rex to stop. Just then, Echo entered and managed to pull Rex off of Jack. Blair promised that Jack would own up to what he'd done, but Rex wasn't to ever touch Jack again. Jack stated that he hadn't meant to hurt Shane, and left with his mother.

Rex slammed the door behind Blair and Jack, and punched the wall. Echo asked what had happened with Shane, and Rex informed her that he had attempted suicide. Echo became upset, and asked how Shane was doing. Rex explained that Shane claimed to be all right, but he and Gigi didn't believe the boy. He continued that he and Gigi were afraid to leave Shane alone.

Rex told Echo that Shane had seen a psychiatrist, who didn't think that Shane was a risk. Rex blamed himself, and thought that he was a bad father. He believed that Gigi and Shane never should have traveled to Llanview, because he was as bad a father as Clint. Echo assured him that he was a good father. Rex thanked Echo for the support. Echo sent her love to Shane through Rex, and left.

Dorian entered La Boulaie to Kelly questioning her about a "lucky pen." Dorian was disappointed that Kelly didn't ask about married life. Dorian asked Kelly what was wrong, to which Kelly replied, "Aubrey." Changing the subject, Kelly asked about David's movie. Dorian revealed that she was going to be serving as the executive producer. Kelly asked for an exclusive for the Sun, but Dorian wanted "full disclosure."

Kelly related that there was nothing to discuss. After some prodding from Dorian, Kelly relented. She explained that she'd learned some "damning information" about Aubrey, but she refused to tell Dorian. Kelly mentioned that she'd also had a big fight with Joey, and that she was sick of fighting with him. After more pestering on Dorian's part, Kelly confided that she and Dorian had been right all along -- Aubrey and Cutter were lovers, not siblings.

Dorian worried about Joey, and suggested that Kelly tell Clint so he could take care of the money. Kelly confessed that Clint had been the one to tell her, and that he'd known for months. Dorian was relieved to realize that Clint probably had an elaborate plan in motion to get rid of Aubrey and Cutter. Kelly knew that Clint hadn't planned anything. He wouldn't tell Joey, either, because Joey wouldn't believe a word out of Clint's mouth.

Dorian insinuated that Kelly should tell Joey. Kelly said she'd had a chance to tell Joey, but she'd decided against it. Dorian thought that Joey deserved to know and, when he did, he and Kelly could reunite. Kelly hinted that a reunion wasn't what she wanted anymore. Joey kept shooting her down because he didn't want her, so she knew that it was time to move on. "He's a man; he doesn't know what he wants!" Dorian replied.

Dorian asked what would happen if Joey confessed his love for her. Kelly replied that she didn't have to know, because it wouldn't happen. Kelly had to go work on the Sun, so she turned to leave. As she walked out of the room, Dorian told her to have a little faith. Dorian told herself that, if Kelly wouldn't tell Joey, "someone else" would have to.

Blair and Jack returned to La Boulaie, and Jack suggested that they get Rex arrested for assault. Blair recognized that Rex had acted wrongly, but he had been angry for a good reason. Jack wondered if Blair was saying that it had been all right for Rex to try to strangle Jack. "Is none of this sinking in?" Blair cried. She reiterated that he'd caused a suicide attempt. Jack offered to "jump off the roof" so Blair wouldn't have to deal with him anymore.

Blair screamed that it wasn't a game. Blair only wanted to know that Jack was sorry, and that he cared that he'd almost had a part in ending a life. Jack insisted that he hadn't meant to hurt Shane, and that he was sorry. Blair hugged her son, and expressed how glad she was that he felt sorry for what he'd done. Blair just needed to figure out how to fix things.

Jack said that there was nothing wrong with him, and that Shane was the one who had "messed up." Jack continued that everyone had been picked on, and he'd even gotten picked on before. However, he hadn't tried to jump off of a building. Jack told his mother that some people in the world were weak. "Dad gets that. Why don't you?" he asked, and walked upstairs.

Ford arrived at his apartment with Ryder. He told his son that they were going to have some bonding time while Tess was out with Cutter. Tess entered the apartment moments later. Ford asked why she wasn't with Cutter. Tess wished she was, but she admitted that Aubrey had interrupted them. Ford began to yell at Tess about looking like they were in a happy marriage for the judge, and how Aubrey would tell Joey. Tess assured Ford that Aubrey wouldn't tell Joey. Ford wondered why Aubrey would keep quiet, but Tess only assured him that Aubrey and Cutter were "on Team Tess."

Later, Ford tried to get a fussy Ryder to sleep. Tess took Ryder from Ford, and rocked him back and forth. Miraculously, Ryder fell quiet, to Ford's amazement. Tess ordered that Ford take Ryder back before Jessica returned. As Ford went to put Ryder to bed, Tess promised Ford that they would both get what they wanted. Ford was unsure, but Tess said she had a good feeling, as she looked at the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.

Moments later, there was a knock on the door. Tess opened the door to Cutter. Cutter wanted to explain the "thing with my sister," but Tess didn't care about Aubrey. Tess promised Cutter that he would forget all about the money while he was with her, and kissed him. Ford returned from Ryder's room, surprised to find Cutter.

Cutter assured Ford that he was leaving. He informed Tess that she would be seeing him a lot more. She wondered if he was worried that the Buchanans would figure things out. He stated that he, Tess, and Aubrey would "take them for everything they're worth."

Téa was shocked to find a picture of Todd in the envelope under Tomas' bed. Tomas entered and demanded to know what she was doing looking through his things. Téa asked why he had a picture of her husband. He said that it was just a picture, but she dumped out the contents of the envelope to find more pictures, and many pages of information. Téa wondered where he had gotten all the information, and warned him not to say "in a flea market."

Tomas admitted that he'd looked into Todd's history, and the envelope contained all of the reasons why Téa should divorce Todd. Téa related that Tomas didn't know the whole story of her and Todd. Tomas wondered why his sister hadn't thought it was strange when Todd returned to Llanview with a new face. Téa realized that Tomas was trying to make her draw a certain conclusion -- that her husband wasn't Todd Manning.

Téa informed Tomas that there'd been DNA tests proving Todd's identity. She continued that, he might not look like the old Todd, but he looked, acted, made love, and made enemies like the old Todd. Tomas asked if she'd ever had any doubts. She admitted that she had, but she'd been under the influence of poison. She knew who her husband was, and wished she could say the same thing about her brother.

Tomas wondered when he'd ever given Téa a reason to doubt him. She reminded him that he'd left their family to never return. Tomas asked if she'd been talking to John. She had, and cited the facts of the case. Tomas wondered if Téa believed that he'd been the one to shoot Todd. She only knew that Tomas seemed fixated on Todd. "Did you?" she asked.

Tomas related that he didn't like or trust Todd, but he hadn't shot Todd. He asked Téa if she'd stop snooping. "No one changes that much," she replied, and walked out of the room. Tomas said to himself that Téa was still the same -- too trusting.

Viki let Clint into Llanfair, but told him that it wasn't a good time. Clint admitted that he knew what had happened with Charlie. Clint wanted to give Charlie a piece of his mind, but Viki warned Clint not to get involved. She believed that the damage was done, and there was no fixing it. Clint asked if there was anything she could do to fix things, but she'd done all she could. Viki disclosed that Charlie was in love with Echo, so there was nothing to save. Charlie wanted to move on with Echo.

Viki wondered how Clint had found out. Clint confessed that Echo had told him. Clint remembered how Echo had begged Clint to keep quiet about the fact that Echo had known Rex's true parentage the entire time. He looked uncomfortable, so Viki asked Clint what he wasn't saying. Clint lied that Echo had wanted to tell him about Shane.

Viki wanted to know what had happened with Shane, so Clint enlightened her. Viki remembered that she'd seen an upset Shane the day before, but thought he'd been upset about Charlie not being his grandfather. Viki chided herself for not staying with Shane. Clint assured her that the bullying would never happen again. A confused Viki thought Clint hadn't wanted Rex and Shane, and wondered what had changed.

Clint responded that no one deserved such horrible treatment, whether or not they were family. Clint turned to leave, and Viki asked where he was going. Clint replied that he had business to take care of. Before leaving, Clint told Viki to think about letting him rejoin her in the custody suit, because there were no charges against him. She said she'd think about it, and he left.

Outside of Llanfair, Clint left a voicemail message for Echo. He promised not to tell anyone that Echo had known Rex's true parentage. Echo had asked him to be a human being, so he was trying.

A short while later, someone walked up to the carriage house, and knocked on the door. Rex was stunned to answer the door to Clint.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rex opened the door of the Carriage House to Clint, who stated that he had heard that Shane had been picked on at school. Rex slammed the door in Clint's face. When Clint knocked again, Rex jerked open the door and barked that Clint was trespassing. Clint demanded to know how Shane was doing, since Shane was his grandson. Rex declared that Clint could not pretend to care about Shane and then yelled for Clint to leave them alone.

Clint insisted that his argument had never been with Shane. Clint told Rex that he would have discreetly offered his blood to Shane, when Shane had needed it, but that Stacy had beaten him to it. Clint questioned if Rex would blame Clint for something that a schoolyard bully had done. Rex said that he blamed Clint for various things such as assault and battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, extortion, and for playing fast and loose with a kid's life.

Rex remembered that Clint had let Shane believe that Charlie was his grandpa and stated that it was no wonder that Shane had become fragile. Clint yelled if Rex needed someone to blame, then to look in the mirror, because Rex had not taught Shane how to roll with the punches, and how to stand up for himself to be a man. When Clint asked for one hour with Shane, so that he could show the boy how to be a man, Rex refused and screamed that his son had just tried to kill himself.

Concerned, Clint wanted to know if Shane was getting the help that he needed, but Rex would not allow Clint to have any details. After Clint recollected that Rex had arrived in Llanview to scam Jessica, Rex declared that he had changed for the better, while Clint had changed for the worse. Rex slammed the door in Clint's face again.

Clint yanked open the door and said that Rex could try to tell himself that he had changed, but that a leopard never changed its spots. Clint exclaimed, "Once a con man, always a con man." However, Rex insisted that he had zero interest in the Buchanan fortune. Rex also told Clint not to reach out to Shane in the future. When Rex demanded that Clint leave, Clint asked Rex to take care of his boy and walked out. As Rex sat on the couch and looked at Shane's picture, he thought about what Clint had said.

Destiny and Matthew sat in stools in the Buenos Dias Café and watched Phyllis Rose on Access Llanview on the television. Matthew yelled that he did not want to watch it, once he heard that the episode was titled, "All Bukes, All the Time!" Destiny commented that Clint was probably innocent, when Phyllis then claimed to have a video of Clint leaving Eddie Ford's room with a gun the night of the murder.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Nigel carried out a bowl of popcorn to Rama, and Rama told him to have a seat, as they watched Access Llanview. Phyllis Rose announced that Clint had been cleared of all charges for Eddie Ford's murder, as Dorian walked into the room. Dorian demanded to see Joey regarding his wife and her dreadful brother. Phyllis wondered who had killed Eddie Ford. Phyllis asked, "So, is Commissioner Bo doing what the Bukes do in protecting his own? Or do he and D.A. Nora have another suspect? And if so, then why hasn't he -- or she -- been arrested yet? Is Dorian Lord asleep at the wheel?" Dorian screamed and ran out of the room, as Nigel and Rama laughed.

At Llanfair, Natalie answered the door to Cristian, who handed her a toy puppy to give to Liam. Cristian indicated that he needed to give Natalie a heads-up about Marty Saybrooke. Cristian related that he had bumped into Marty, who had dropped a sheet of paper. The paper had been the paternity test results, and Marty had freaked out when she noticed that Cristian had seen it. Cristian explained that Marty had claimed to keep it as a reminder of what she had done.

Natalie remarked that Marty had kept the paper to ruin Natalie's relationship with John, but that it had already been ruined. Natalie expressed that she had "gone crazy" on John, and Cristian asked her what had happened. Natalie explained that when she had seen the sonogram fall out of a file, she had ripped it up, because if John wanted to see Liam, he could do it in person. Natalie speculated that John was glad to be rid of her, and that Marty could not cause her any more problems.

Natalie turned on the television, as Phyllis Rose announced that Cristian Vega had been seen as an escort for Rama Patel, the comely wife of Vimal Patel, who had been convicted for switching the results of paternity tests. Natalie yelled at Cristian, because he had been with Rama, whose husband had ruined her life. Cristian explained that Rama was just a friend, and that he had given her a ride to visit her husband, who was in jail -- end of story.

Natalie advised Cristian to hook up with someone who was unavailable and very needy the next time he was on the rebound. Cristian thanked Natalie and mentioned that Vimal had already warned him off by stating that Rama was in a delicate condition. When Natalie asked if Rama was pregnant, Cristian did not think so, because he had seen Rama drinking. As Cristian left, he suggested that maybe Marty had not cleaned out her purse in a long time, which was why the test results were still in there.

Meanwhile, at the Buchanan Mansion, Rama explained to Nigel that Cristian had given her a ride to Statesville. Rama then realized that Vimal would be upset with that edition of Access Llanview. She cried, "Oh, my gosh, my husband, he watches the show from prison during his TV hours. He's going to be so upset when he sees this. Oh, my God, my poor Vimal, as if I hadn't hurt him enough already." Nigel asked to know what Rama had done.

Rama covered and exclaimed that she had told Vimal that she was perfectly happy living in the lap of luxury, which probably made Vimal feel awful. Nigel noted that Vimal's being locked up in prison was his own doing. Clint stormed into the room and demanded that Nigel turn the garbage on the television off. When Clint screamed for them to get out, Nigel and Rama ran.

In a Buenos Dias Café booth, Marty held onto Natalie's paternity test results as John walked up. After Marty asked him to join her, she stressed that she had not meant to make trouble between John and Natalie. John revealed that he and Natalie had gotten into a big blowout, and that it had already been over when Marty had arrived. When John admitted that Natalie had found the sonogram in one of John's files, Marty asked John why he still had it.

John indicated that he had kept the sonogram because Natalie had given it to him at a time when John still believed that Liam was his son. Marty asked if John discovered that Liam was his son, after all, whether he would forgive Natalie and take her back. John wondered why Marty would ask such a weird question and stressed that what was done, was done. When John stood up and announced that he needed to return to the station, Marty asked if they were friends again. John indicated that they were getting there.

Back at the café, Destiny doubted that Bo would let Clint off just because he was family. On the program, Phyllis stated that Tess had been spotted on the arm of the very hunky Robert Ford, although Brody had once been linked with Jessica. Phyllis urged the viewers to get online and vote for Jody or Fess. Destiny asked Matthew to tell her what was bothering him. When Matthew refused to talk about Eddie Ford's killer, Destiny realized that Matthew knew who it was.

Destiny pointed out that the police would have to release Clint, and to arrest the real killer -- the one with the means, the motive, and the opportunity. When Destiny exclaimed that she knew who the real killer was, Matthew swore her to secrecy. Once Destiny stated that the killer must have been Nora, Matthew told her that she was mistaken. Back on the TV, Phyllis told her viewers to stay tuned to find out who had really killed Eddie Ford, when they returned. Matthew ran by John and Marty as he left the café.

Outside of the café, Marty asked John if he would let her cook him dinner sometime, but John stated that he would not be good company. However, John decided that they could do that sometime. Marty cheered that it felt like spring, with everything fresh and new, which was a good time for starting over. John told her that he would see her, and he left.

Nora rushed through her apartment door and informed Bo that Matthew was missing. Bo told Nora that he had allowed Matthew to meet Destiny at the café. Nora realized that Matthew had just wanted to pretend that things were normal. Bo insisted that he and Nora needed to decide what to do. Nora understood that Matthew had been distraught when he had seen Eddie the night of the murder, because Matthew thought that the life that he had always known was over. Nora insisted that Matthew was a child and was no danger to anyone. Nora claimed that Clint was the danger, because he had manipulated Matthew. Nora cried, "Everything that happened that night was Clint's fault, not Matthew's."

Bo reminded Nora that Matthew had been the one who had fired the gun. Bo insisted that they needed to hire a hotshot lawyer like Téa to defend Matthew. Bo recognized that Matthew was a minor and a first-time offender, so they could ask for leniency. However, Nora feared that Matthew would go to jail for life, because he had tried to cover the shooting up. Nora could see no way for Matthew to avoid prison time and wondered how he could possibly survive it.

Bo warned that they could not keep Matthew's involvement in the murder quiet. When Bo asked how they could live with that secret, Nora demanded to know how they could live with sending their son to prison. Bo insisted that they could not pretend that it did not happen. He stated that Nora needed to treat Matthew as if he were not her son, and to defend him as a client.

Bo worried what would happen to Matthew if he knew that he could kill someone and get away with it. Bo also feared what that would do to Bo and Nora, since it went against everything that they believed in. Nora asked Bo, "Well, I have to ask you, when it comes to crunch time, when that moment comes, can you actually see turning in your own son?" Dorian rang their doorbell and yelled that they needed to talk about Eddie Ford's killer.

Dorian demanded to know why Clint and Nora had dropped the charges against Clint, especially after what Clint had done to her husband, Bo's son. Bo informed Dorian that they had their reasons for releasing Clint, but that Dorian deserved to know what they were. Bo revealed that the video was misleading, because it was not proof that Clint had shot Eddie Ford.

Dorian questioned who had Eddie if Clint had not. Dorian demanded that Bo and Nora find out, and if they could not, it would be their jobs, as she ran out of the apartment. Nora cried out after her, "Dorian, I think we talked about this. You can't fire me. I'm an elected official." Nora had feared that Bo would tell Dorian about Matthew, but Bo calmed her and stated that he needed to find Clint to warn him not to saying anything about Matthew to Dorian.

At Buchanan Mansion, Clint called the school and demanded that the school officials find out who had roughed up his grandson and to make sure that it never happened again. Bo walked in and said that he needed to know that Clint would keep his mouth shut about Matthew, since Clint was the only one who knew that Matthew had shot Eddie.

Matthew ran into his apartment and yelled, "Mom, hurry up. Turn the TV on now." Nora replied, "What is it?" Matthew cried, "I think Phyllis Rose is about to out me as the murderer." On Access Llanview, Phyllis announced, "Here it is, ducklings -- the bombshell I've been promising."

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