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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, July 1, 2002

by Andy

Lisa calls Carly from the Lakeview Lounge and asks for a meeting to discuss their design deal. Carly hangs up and tells Jack she thinks that Lisa is backing out. He runs off to confront Lisa on Carly's behalf.

Rosanna shows up at Craig's suite in a stunning black dress for the dinner powwow Craig planned with Holden & Lily and Aaron & Lucy. Rosanna pesters Craig about the contents of the package delivered to him earlier in the day. He says of Lucy, "Once she finds out what I've got on him, she'll drop him like a bad habit."

Lucy meets up with Aaron in the Lakeview lobby. They give each other a quick hello kiss before Holden tells Lucy to "am-scray." Holden wants to respect Craig's rules and not give Craig any reason to bark. Lucy heads back upstairs to wait. Aaron watches her walk away with doe eyes.

Margo comes back down Hal's staircase with the pregnancy test. She says it's negative, but breaks down in tears. Hal encourages her to see a doctor to get checked out, but Margo resists. Hal at least wants her to tell Tom, and says now is as good a time as any since he's pulling up in the driveway. Hal makes himself scarce so Tom and Margo can talk. Tom finds the pregnancy test, then Emily walks in. He puts two and two together and congratulates Emily on her pregnancy. Margo winces in the background before saying the test has something to do with a case she and Hal are working on. He doesn't seem convinced. Nevertheless, he lifts a mug and toasts Hal and Emily on their engagement. Emily is stunned at his new attitude.

Rose tells Lucinda that when they arrived in Avanya, she and Paul were running from the locals on a beach. Rose swears she saw a man who looks just like Simon and he was throwing harpoons at them from a boat. Then Rose says island soldiers came and knocked Paul over the head and took him away. Lucinda brandishes her wallet and says the soldiers will be taken care of.

On Friday's episode, the fake-Simon brandished a knife against Cooley, and demanded to know where the diamond is. After Simon stabs him, Cooley gasps, "Katie...Katie." Fast forward to today and the pseudo-Simon tries to stop Katie from leaving because he thinks she has the jewel. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't cough up the diamond. She spits back, "You better make sure I'm dead. Because if I'm not? You're going to see a side of me you've never seen before." She pushes him aside and storms out of the room.

Katie meets up with Rose and Lucinda at the bar and tells them she's outta there. Lucinda forbids it, "We need you here!" Rose begs for her help. Both Rose and Lucinda leave Katie alone to think it over, when she hears a man groaning. She finds Cooley where Simon left him to die. Katie calls for help, then pumps him for information. All Cooley is able to get out is, "Simon...Simon," before he dies. Lucinda comes over to Katie and tells her to march back upstairs, unpack her bags, and play happy wife to the bad Simon until they all get to the bottom of this mess.

Lucy bursts into Craig's suite excited over the evening meal. She says Aaron looked really good in his new suit. Craig snips, "I wish that's all it took."

Lisa tells Jack she wants to back out of her deal with Carly because she doesn't like Carly's total package. There's trouble all the time with her. Lisa likens Carly to "a gorgeous man who makes a lousy husband. It's not worth the hassle!" Carly walks in at the end of the conversation. Craig, Lucy, and Rosanna all arrive for dinner. Craig says hello, then scampers off to his table. Lisa is impressed with Carly's self-control. But Carly says that if Lisa wants to put any provision in her contract that might govern how she lives her life, she can "stick it." Lisa gasps. Lisa excuses Jack from the discussion and turns to Carly and says, "Alright. Cards on the table." Lisa says she has a problem with Carly because of her relationship with Barbara, not because of all Carly's history. Carly says that if Lisa goes into business with her, "You will have something with me you never had with Barbara-the kind of success that changes your life." Lisa says she's heard it all before and rejects Carly yet again. Carly finally breaks her down and Lisa agrees to a deal, demanding sketches by the end of next week.

At the bar, Jack sidles up to Brandy and asks her if Lisa knows about her prison record in connection with James Stenbeck. Brandy tells him it's up to him if he wants to tell Lisa. Then before she walks away, she asks, "Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?" Jack decides to keep the info to himself.

Donovan Curry, the pseudo-Simon, pays the real Simon a visit in his jail cell. He explains that he's been following Simon for years. He first spotted Simon in Monte Carlo and at that point made it his mission to be just like him. Donovan got a nip and tuck and now he looks virtually like the real Simon. He's visiting Simon to get info on the diamond. Donovan threatens Simon to help him out, or he'll feed Katie to the gulls. Simon cuts a deal with Donovan, and agrees to tell him how to keep Katie in Avanya.

Craig, Lucy, Rosanna, Holden, and Aaron (Lily couldn't make it) all sit down for dinner. Craig wants to get right to the point, but Rosanna suggests they all catch their breath and order drinks. Lucy congratulates Aaron on passing his GED, but Craig quickly turns the conversation to Seattle, and Aaron's past. Aaron stands up for himself and embraces his past. Holden chimes in singing how he's a good kid. Craig doesn't let up and asks, "Is there another reason you left Seattle?" Aaron looks around the table with a touch of panic. Craig opens up the envelope and pulls out a photo of a battered Aaron and shows it to the table. Craig says he was "assaulted for sleeping with another man's wife." Lucy is shocked.

Back in Katie's hotel room, Donovan walks in and weaves a story that Katie snaps up. She wants to believe him. He says he contracted Malta Fever and that's partly responsible for his poor attitude. She kisses him and he runs to the bathroom to wash-up. While he's away, Katie realizes the who just kissed her is not her husband.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Hal and Emily relish their time alone together until Alison interrupts them yet again. Alison announces that Susan wants to enroll her in an S.A.T. prep course. She begs Emily to talk with Susan, who enters on cue. Alison informs Susan that she has decided to live with Emily. Carly and Jack toast her future in fashion design. Jack promises to stay with Carly and support her career, no matter what he has to give up. At a seedy bar in New York City, Molly rants to an imaginary Jake, who tells her that she has come to the bar for a reason. Molly tries to banish the hallucination, as Jake encourages her to live without him. Mike, a handsome stranger, watches Molly rant from across the room.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

In New York at a bar, Molly is rescued by Mike Kasnoff. He tells her he can see that she's nursing a broken heart. She says her heart is not fixable and thanks him for saving her from the other guy. Molly asks why he helped her. Mike says, "I'm a nice guy." He sees that Molly is pretty drunk and is worried about her so he asks her to stay with him until she gets back on her feet.

Susan tells Alison she can't run to Emily every time they have a fight. Alison says her mother is fine as long as the liquor cabinet is locked up. Susan gets upset and tells Emily she can now start raising Alison. She is sick of being questioned about her mothering skills. Emily feels bad that Alison was so mean to their mother. She thanks her for all that she's done. Susan says she was there for Emily after she was kidnapped and remembers when Emily wanted to use Alison's trust fund to jump-start her career. Meanwhile, Alison is eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Hal tells Alison to go home with Susan. He is tired of watching Susan and Emily fight. It is not healthy and it is not what Alison needs. Emily is mad because she feels that Hal took Susan's side.

Holden is angry and feels used by Craig . Aaron apologizes to Holden and tells him that Lucy doesn't want to see him. Holden says to just give her some time.

Carly admitted to Craig that she "had a thing" for him in the past. Craig insists that she still does. He says that he accepted her just as she is, unlike Jack. Carly says Craig always ends up letting her down. She says she's glad she's with Jack and Craig says he is glad he is with Rosanna - who is nearby and overhears their conversation. Craig and Rosanna tell Carly she's just jealous. Carly leaves and goes to Jack.

Carly and Jack are enjoying alone time in their hotel suite when room service knocks. A bottle is delivered with a note saying sorry you had to settle with Jack instead of Craig. Maybe the "booze" will help." They know it's from Rosanna and Carly wants to go after her but Jack stops her. He wonders why Rosanna always feels as if she needs the last word - maybe she really is in love with Craig. Carly and Jack laugh about it and enjoy the champagne.

Craig goes to talk to Lucy. Lucy tells her father she is upset because he dug up dirt on her boyfriend and embarrassed him in front of family. She says Craig has done worse in his life and sarcastically says that he is now an expert on how they should all live. Craig says she'll eventually thank him for what he did. Lucy says she was humiliated and tells him that maybe he'll eventually realize what he did. She says he deserves to lose everyone he ever cared about - first Sierra, than Bryant, now Lucy. She tells him that she called her mom and left a message - she is going back to Montega. Craig is upset that he is losing his daughter. He says he was only trying to protect her. Rosanna wonders why Craig hates Aaron so much - he doesn't really know him. She thinks it is because he reminds Craig of himself. Is there a part of him that hates himself? Rosanna tells Craig she is crazy about him.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

by MJ

Craig apologizes to Lucy, and gives her a country club membership so she can meet new friends her age. Craig soon learns that Lucy phoned Sierra and told her to come pick her up, but later canceled her request to her mother. Lucy informs Craig that although she is staying she can no longer trust him. She leaves, telling Craig that she doesn't want to spend the day with him.

Rosanna visits Craig whom is happy to see her. Rosanna invites Craig for a ride in a vintage auto, she has arranged for. Craig is happy to go until Rosanna remembers she needs to stop at the Snyder Farm for a picnic appearance. Once Rosanna lets on that Carly will be attending a reluctant Craig agrees to go.

Bonnie opens Isaac's mail to discover that Isaac is at risk of losing his liquor license. When Bonnie suggests to Ben that Jessica can contrive a way around this for Isaac, Ben tells Bonnie he doesn't want Bonnie asking Jessica to do this. Brandy overhears this conversation and tells Marshall what Bonnie wants Jessica to do. Marshall pays Brandy to overhear Bonnie and Jessica's conversation.

Aaron tells Lily about the situation that occurred in Seattle with the married woman. An understanding Lily calls Sierra.

When Aaron finds out Lucy is hanging at the country club, Aaron skips the Snyder picnic to apply for a job at the same country club.

In the morning, Carly and Jack's conversation turns to babies. The couple discusses whether either is ready to have children. Both agree that they are not ready to have a child together. Jack suggests that he wants Carly to marry him first. They attend the Snyder Picnic.

Friday, July 5, 2002

Alison and Lucy are lounging at the Country Club and Lucy figures out Alison has seen Aaron recently. Aaron shows up in the background, but the girls don't see him. He is there for a job interview but listens in on their conversation. The thunder rolls and people are asked to clear the pool. Alison shows off for the benefit of the young men in attendance, and Aaron steps forward to confront Lucy.

Craig and Rosanna leave the Lakeview bound for the annual Snyder Fourth of July picnic.. The picnic, however, has been rained out and everyone has gathered in the barn. Bonnie is clutching the notice of the revocation of Isaac's liquor license at Java Underground, and Jessica wants to know why she is acting strangely. Bonnie gives Isaac the notice and feels responsible because Isaac was in Scotland saving her when he should have been tending to business.

At t he Snyder barn, Jack and Carly rehash their baby conversation of the previous morning. Carly accuses Jack of having "no enthusiasm" for having a baby with her and rightfully pegs the problem as lying with Julia and whatever happened between Julia and Jack the last time they were together. Kim asks Abigail about Molly, who is supposedly now safely on the French Riviera. Abigail is very worried about her mother, and Holden offers to take her home so that he can make some calls to see if Molly was indeed on the overseas flight.

In New York, Molly goes back to the bar where she met Mike Kasnoff last night, and he is waiting for her there. Molly does not know his last name but wonders aloud how she woke up this morning, naked and in his bed.

Lisa counsels Isaac about the liquor license. Bonnie says Jessica could "fix it." but Isaac is firm about handling it himself. Rosanna and Craig arrive at the barn and Rosanna goes up to the house to see Emma. Craig stays put and finds Jack and Carly in the midst of their discussion.

Mike explains to Molly that nothing happened between them last night, but Molly was so drunk she has no memory of any of the events. Mike tells her she paraded almost naked into his bed, so he slept in the extra room. He makes a deal with her that if she does not drink any more that day, he will show her Manhattan on the Fourth of July. She accepts.

Holden discovers that Molly de-planed In New York and never caught the flight overseas. Abigail tells Holden that she is really worried about Molly because of Molly's recent behavior. She has stopped living, says Abigail, and started drinking excessively.

Jessica has learned about the liquor license problem from Ben and offers to ask some questions on his behalf. Brandy arrives from Java on the pretext of needing a check signed to pay a plumber to make some leak repairs. Isaac commends her on her diligence, but Lisa is not buying it. Brandy overhears Jessica's offer to help Isaac, but Lisa is suspicious. When Brandy leaves to return to Java Underground, Lisa goes too.

Jack tells Carly that he does owe her an explanation about his behavior. Meanwhile, Lily bawls out Craig for not leaving Carly and Jack alone and especially about his demoralizing Aaron. At the country club, Lucy finds out Aaron is interviewing for a position and asks him not to take it if it is offered. Aaron offers to explain the "evidence" that Craig presented at dinner and tells Lucy how much he cares for her. The storm approaches with much thunder.

Holden gets a call that Craig is at the Snyder barn and rushes back. He promises Abigail that he will go to New York himself to look for Molly. Molly and Mike have their adventure in Manahattan rained out and return to the bar. Molly wants to hear Mike's life story and he tells her he once followed a beautiful woman to Spain but lost her. Molly wants to know why Mike is being so nice to her.

Rosanna and Carly cross paths at the indoor picnic. Holden and Abigail return and Rosanna apologizes to Holden for Craig's behavior. Lily then tells Craig that she has called Sierra and told her how unhappy Lucy is with her father.

At the club, Lucy tells Aaron she will listen to his explanation about his affair with a married woman. He tells her how he was trying to save the woman from an abusive husband and how one thing just led to another that one time. Lucy accepts the explanation but is still hurt as to why she had to learn about the "affair" from her father and not from Aaron. She wonders what else she does not know about him.

At Java Underground, Marshall meets with Brandy who reports back what Jessica is going to do for Isaac. Bring me proof, says Marshall. Then he asks about Jack Snyder, and pays Brandy some cash. Lisa comes upon Brandy counting her money and questions her about it.

In New York, Mike has moved on to telling Molly about the next love of his life, a woman in the Midwest. Molly refuses to dance with him, so Mike talks to an imaginary woman and Molly visualizes Jake. Her tears spill out.

Lucy and Aaron continue to discuss their differences. Aaron tells her he has gotten the job at the club. Back at the picnic, Lily drops the bomb on Craig that Sierra is on her way to Oakdale to make him accountable for his actions with Lucy.

Jack finally tells Carly that he has been keeping something from her. When Julia left, he confesses, she was probably carrying his child!


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