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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, July 8, 2002

by Andy

At the New York bar, Molly is freaked when she sees Mike Kasnoff dancing with an imaginary partner. It reminds her of Jake. She pulls the plug on the jukebox and sobs. She pulls herself together and starts to leave. Mike stops her and apologizes for whatever he did to upset her. Molly gives him another chance and sets her bag down. They both sit at the bar and order ginger ales. Mike tells her that God must have put the unhappiest person in the world, Molly, in his path on purpose. Molly pushes Mike away by telling him, "The two of us-we're not going to be bonding over tears." Mike settles for her company until she's ready to leave town. They agree to meet again tomorrow. After Mike leaves, Molly calls Abigail and tells her she changed her travel plans and is staying in New York to sort through her sadness.

Nancy brings Margo some goodies from the 4th of July picnic and notices how she is wincing with pain. She puts her foot down and decides to call daddy Dr. Dixon. Dr. John stops by to examine Margo and pulls a few things out of his bag. Margo breaks down and hugs her father, "I'm so glad you're here." Later, Tom and Casey come back home as John is ordering blood tests over the phone. Everyone leaves Tom and Margo alone to talk about her mystery illness. Tom asks his wife if he's going to be a father again, and Margo hopes that's the answer.

Marshall meets up with Barbara at Java.

Lisa catches Brandy counting the $400 she just earned from Marshall and asks what that's all about. Brandy says her mother took pity on her, hut Lisa doesn't buy the excuse. Lisa accuses Brandy of getting a kickback from switching beer distributors. Marshall interrupts and invites Lisa to join Barbara. Lisa joins Babs at a table and whispers in her ear that she doesn't approve of Marshall as her lawyer. Just then he joins the ladies and Lisa excuses herself to return to the Snyder picnic. Marshall makes a quick phone call and says, "There's been a last minute change. Lisa Grimaldi will be arriving at the farm shortly." He then tells Babs that he's cooking up a plan that will keep her out of jail.

At the Snyder picnic, a neighboring farmer, Huck Stover, seeks shelter from the storm. Bob and Kim welcome him to the party.

Around the corner, Rosanna finds out from Craig that Lily has invited her sister, and his ex-wife, Sierra back to Oakdale on Lucy's behalf. Craig isn't happy and asks her what she told Sierra. Lily wants Sierra back in Oakdale to be Lucy's advocate. Craig thinks he can handle Lucy all on his own. Holden tells Craig to "get the hell out" after Craig brings up Aaron's past again. Craig tells Lily that Sierra "will see my side of things, despite your help." Rosanna and Craig leave. Lily tells Holden that she expects Aaron to abide by whatever decision Sierra makes. Abigail sees Holden and asks when he's going to New York. He tells Abigail to go watch his kids for awhile while he and Lily discuss what to do. After she's gone, Holden tells Lily he doesn't want Abigail going to New York because he doesn't know in what condition he's going to find Molly.

Around another corner at the farm, Carly is stunned to hear that Julia may be pregnant with Jack's baby. Carly seethes with anger when she finds out Julia sent Jack a home pregnancy test showing a positive result. She storms off to get Parker leaving Jack in the dust.

In another corner in the barn, Bonnie wonders what mommy Jessica can do to help get Isaac's liquor license renewed. Jessica says she can make a few calls in the morning.

Outside the barn, in the rain, Rosanna asks Craig about his history with Sierra. Craig tells her that he and his ex will always have something between them. Craig realizes that he's coming down extra hard on Lucy because of what happened with Bryant, and Sierra will see what a good parent he's being with Lucy and take his side.

Back home at Jack's place, Carly and Jack argue over Julia. Jack wants to deny the possibility that Julia's test was real, and Carly can't believe Jack doesn't want to rescue his baby from that lunatic. Jack dismisses her and tells Carly, "It's not your problem." Carly says that if it's true, they will "be dealing with her for the rest of their lives. Misery will be the gift that keeps on giving." Jack regrets telling Carly in the first place. Carly wants to know where Julia is, but Jack says it's unlikely anyone will find her if she lays low. Carly deadpans, "She'll come back. If she's pregnant, she will come back. How could you let this happen!? Did you have to just sit there and let her-?!" Jack walks out on Carly.

Jack heads over to Java and meets Brandy behind the bar. He orders a beer and Brandy tries to give him unsolicited counseling about his girlfriend. Jack's not in the mood for advice and walks away.

Jack returns home and Carly apologizes for pressing him about Julia. He says "I want to make one thing clear-I did everything in my power to stop Julia-everything. I would hate it if you didn't understand that." Carly gets it and apologizes.

Back at the farm, Huck Stover gathers everyone around so he can thank them for their hospitality. Lisa arrives. He pulls out a bunch of short manila envelopes, drops them on the table and exclaims on his way out, "Happy Independence Day! It's a wonderful country ain't it?" Isaac picks up the envelopes and gives one each to Bob, Kim, Lisa, and Jessica. Lisa exclaims, "It's a subpoena!" Jessica says she's going to wring Marshall's neck.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

When Craig asks Lucy about her status with Aaron, she lies and tells him the relationship is over. Craig agrees to let Rosanna look after Lucy while he works things out with Sierra in Montega. Barbara confesses to Rosanna that she is worried about Marshall's handling of her case. Rosanna lends her money to pay legal expenses, insisting that Barbara must stay out of prison at all costs. Margo discovers that she is not pregnant. When he learns the results, John asks for additional testing. When he hears that Molly is safe in New York City, Holden cancels his plans to rescue her, deciding to remain in Oakdale with Lily.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

At the club, Lucy tells Aaron they can still see each other but they have to sneak around. Aaron is pleased but feels bad that he didn't tell Lucy about what happened in Seattle. Alison interrupts them just as they are about to kiss. Then, Emily shows up to talk to Alison. They fight and Emily tells Alison that they need to define their roles and that she wants to be a part of her sister's life. Alison tells Emily that being with Hal is a big mistake. She says he's a control freak. Emily asks Alison to be her maid of honor. Alison is genuinely pleased and Emily says they'll have Carly make a dress for her. Alison asks if she can bring a date as she watches Aaron.

In the meantime, Aaron has sent a paper plane over to where Lucy is sitting. On the plane it says, "Meet me by the archway." Lucy meets Aaron, he kisses her, then goes back to work - leaving Lucy smiling.

At the Lakeview, Kim, Bob and Lisa ask Barbara about their subpoenas. Barbara is upset because she knows they are going to be used in her trial to keep her from going to jail. She wants to tell them the truth but knows that she can't. Instead she lashes out at them saying she doesn't need their love or support and for them to just leave her alone. After telling them this, Barbara goes over to T. Marshall and tells him she'll do things his way.

In Craig's suite, he is also delivered a subpoena to appear at Barbara's trial. Angry, he rips it up. He tells Rosanna he doesn't want to testify because he doesn't want to hurt Lucy. Rosanna tells Craig that Barbara came to see her. She explains the deal that they made - that Rosanna would pay for her defense and give her money for BRO as long as Barbara is found innocent. She tells Craig all about T. Marshall's strategy - to use Barbara's family and friends as the cause for Barbara's temporary insanity because they weren't there for her in her time of need. Craig decides to go talk to T. Marshall. He finds him and Barbara downstairs. He tells him he does not want to testify at the trial and if he is forced to, he will do everything in his power to get Barbara convicted. Barbara leaves and T. Marshall tells Craig that women will identify with Barbara - a woman seduced by Craig for her money.

Craig tells Rosanna he is mad at her for giving money to Barbara to defend her case. Rosanna decides to make another deal with Barbara. She tells her that she will give her money as long as Craig does not have to testify in Barbara's trial.

In Avanya, Rose is upset and asks Lucinda what is going on with Paul. Lucinda says he is being questioned by the Avanya police. Katie tells Rose and Lucinda that the man upstairs is not "her Simon." She claims she knows for sure because of his kiss. Rose asks Simon about the letter stating that the diamond is real. Simon says he got it from Henry Coleman. Rose tells him she wants it but he says he has to go get it - he has hidden it for safe keeping. Katie goes up to the hotel room to look for some proof that "Simon" is not the real Simon. Henry knocks on her door and Katie makes him help her find proof. They find a picture of Simon that Henry says is a picture that a plastic surgeon would draw for someone who wants a new face. Meanwhile, the fake Simon brings Joe, who is sick, to the prison. He is thrown into the cell with Simon who promises to get them out of there.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

by MJ

Rosanna stays with Lucy while Craig starts out to Montega to see Sierra.

Rosanna and Lucy talk about Rosanna's relationship with Mike, tries to explain to Lucy that guys like Aaron won't settle for the first woman they have feelings for. Lucy turns the table on Rosanna and makes Rosanna feel insecure about Craig's feelings.

Carly confesses to Emily that she fantasizes about giving Craig the best night of sex of his life and afterwards having a slip of the tongue to Rosanna to ruin her and Craig's relationship. Emily mentions that if Carly is fantasizing about Craig, she might still have feelings for him.

When Rosanna finds out Craig stopped at Carly's she rushes over to give Craig his shaving kit, but Craig had already left.

Katie and Lucinda plan to get the faux Simon drunk to prove he is not Katie's Simon. But Faux Simon discovers the women's drinks are being watered down, he continues drinking getting Katie drunk. Lucinda is left at the lounge alone, while faux Simon takes Katie up to their room.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Katie is awakened by Simon. He hands her a cup of coffee. Simon warns her about the other Simon. Katie asks if it is really him and he says that it is. She kisses him and realizes that he is the real Simon. He tells her to find him. He starts to back away from her. She asks where should she look. Simon keeps backing up and just before he leaves, he tells her to never give up. Katie is jolted out of her sleep by a slap on her rump. The evil Simon tells her to wake up and drink some coffee. Katie realizes where she is and what happened the night before. She thinks quickly and pretends to still be drunk. The evil Simon asks her where is the diamond. He reminds her that Cooley had told him that she has the diamond. Evil Simon asks her what Cooley had said to her before he died. Katie thinks and thinks. Evil Simon shakes her and she pretends to pass out. Evil Simon keeps at Katie and she realizes that she has to come up with something so she tells him that Mr. Cooley told her that he had the diamond. Simon says, "No...No!" Katie says that she knows what she heard and Mr. Cooley said that Simon has the diamond, so Simon has the diamond. Evil Simon slips and says, "No, he doesn't have the diamond." Katie's mouth drops open. Simon corrects himself and says that he hasn't seen the thing since he got here and he goes to the window and looks outside. Simon makes Katie get up and start to search the room. She gets upset and says that she doesn't have the diamond. Evil Simon asks where could that blasted diamond be. Katie says that she knows where the diamond is and Evil Simon tells her to spill it. She says that she swallowed it. Simon gets even more upset and tells her that isn't funny. Katie says that Mr. Cooley told her that Simon had the diamond and he told Simon that she had the diamond. She goes off on a tangent and says that anyone could have the diamond. "Maybe Desmond at the bar has it or the girl who changes the sheets has it. Or maybe Rose or Lucinda has it or maybe some other Simon!" Evil Simon turns to her and says, "What did you just say? What other Simon could there possibly be?"

Rosanna stops by Carly's to see if she can catch Craig up to no good. Craig has left and Carly tells Rosanna that she is pathetic doing a door-to-door check on Craig. While Rosanna is there, Carly takes the opportunity to warn her that Craig and Sierra will probably sleep together while Craig is visiting his ex-wife in Montega. Rosanna tries to convince Carly and maybe herself, that Craig loves her and wouldn't do that. Carly bets Rosanna a dinner at the Lakeview that within an hour of Craig's plane landing in Montega that he and his ex-wife will be between the sheets. Rosanna says that she doesn't have to listen to this and she starts to leave. Carly stops her and hands her the shaving kit that Rosanna used as an excuse to come over to Carly's. Rosanna grabs the kit and walks out the door. Carly shouts out to her to take route 30 to get to the airport quicker. Then she mutters, "Drive safe, sis."

Lucy runs into Aaron at the coffee shop. She tells him that they can't be seen together. He says that her father doesn't own him and he can go anywhere he wants. He tells her that he is just there to get coffee and he can't help it if they run into each other. He walks past her and sits at a table. She sits near him at another table. He tells her not to bother him; he is going to make a call. He dials his cell phone and Lucy's cell phone rings. She answers her phone and he asks if she wants to kiss him as much as he wants to kiss her. She answers and says, "More." They chit chat on the phone and then Lucy says that they can't push their luck and they should hang up. Aaron doesn't want to but he hangs up anyway. Then Aaron turns to her and asks if she would pass the sugar. She rolls her eyes and picks up the sugar packets. As she hands them to him, he drops them. They both jump up and start picking up the sugar and they stare into each other's eyes. Carly walks in and asks if someone has lost a contact lens. Aaron says that they are picking up the sugar. Carly says that they have managed to sneak in a little date under Rosanna's nose. She adds, "Good going." Lucy asks of Carly will tell on them. Carly tells them that their secret is safe with her. Lucy asks her to sit with them. Aaron says that he has to get back to the country club. Lucy says that she might see him later. He reminds her that he will be working at the tennis courts. After he is gone, Carly orders her coffee and she and Lucy sit together at a table. They have a long discussion about the way Rosanna is acting. Carly gives Lucy some advice about Rosanna and she reminds her that her father loves her. Lucy asks Carly why Rosanna can't just leave her alone. Carly says that if she finds the answer to that she will make sure that Lucy gets the congressional medal of honor. Lucy tells Carly that Aaron makes her happy. Carly asks if he will make her happy in a month or a year. Lucy says that she doesn't know. Carly tells Lucy that if Rosanna starts to breath down her neck too much, just give her a call and she will see what she can do. Lucy asks if she means that and Carly says that she does. Carly tells Lucy that she should go now because Aaron is probably waiting for her at the club. Lucy tells her thank you and she leaves. After she is gone, Carly, looking like the cat that just ate the canary, picks up her coffee and says, "My pleasure."

Margo finds Craig at the airport and warns him about fleeing the country when he is subpoenaed to appear in court for Barbara's trial. As she is warning him, she feels faint again. Craig asks her what is going on and she gives into him and tells him that John is running some tests on her. She tells him that it could be hepatitis. Craig tells her that he is going to cancel his trip. She tells him that isn't necessary. She reminds him that they are waiting for the test results to come back and there is nothing for him to do. He tells her how much he loves her and she tells him to not get all mushy. She lays her head on his shoulder. Finally, Margo leaves and Rosanna shows up. She hands Craig his shaving kit and says that she can't have him coming back from Montega looking like the star from Castaway II. Rosanna sits down and tells Craig that she thinks that she got through to Lucy. She tells him about the talk that they had. Craig tells her that he appreciates all that she has done. Rosanna adds that he can reassure Sierra that Lucy is in good hands. Craig says that he is not worried about Sierra. He tells Rosanna that at first they will scratch and claw at each other and things will be intense. Rosanna asks when was the last time that things got, um, intense with Sierra. Was it six months ago, a year ago? Craig asks if that is a problem. Rosanna says, "Yes, it is a problem. I don't plan on babysitting your daughter while you fly off to Montega and seduce your ex-wife."

In New York, Molly and Mike are dancing at their favorite bar. Molly tells Mike all about Jake. Finally, she stops and realizes that she has been talking about Jake and she hasn't had a break down. Mike tells her that as time goes on the hurt will be less. Molly makes a comment about Jake sending Mike to help her. Mike tells her that is the nicest thing that she could say to him. They sit together at a table and Molly tells Mike that she realizes that she won't see Jake anymore. She says that he was there to make sure that she would be ok and now that she is going to be ok, he won't be back. Mike tells her that someday she will be driving down the road and the Temptations will come on the radio and Jake will be there right beside her or someday in October a cool breeze will wrap around her body and she will know who sent it. She tells him that she doesn't want all those things she wants her husband back. Mike says that there are a lot of worst things to have other than memories. She asks if he has a lot of memories. He smiles and says that he has a lot more now than he did a week ago. He adds that he wants more too. He asks her to stay in New York. She tells him that she has family that is missing her and she needs to get back to Oakdale. Mike asks, "Where?" She tells him that it is just this little town, but it is her home. Mike asks her if she means Oakdale, Illinois. Molly asks if he lived in Oakdale and Mike says, "A lifetime ago." Molly says that the world just shrank and Jake is having a good laugh up there. He tells her that he used to drive a racecar and he did construction on the side to make ends meet. Molly looks at Mike and a light bulb starts to come on. She says that maybe she has heard of him and she asks what is his last name. Mike says, "Kasnoff. Mike Kasnoff." Molly looks like she could be knock over by a feather. Then she has a flashback of Mike talking about a girl in his past that was beautiful, smart and rich and they didn't have anything in common. He adds that when they were together none of that mattered. He had told Molly that he made mistakes and got involved with her sister and things didn't work out. He breaks her out of her daydream and says that she knows his last name and she has to tell him her last name. He holds out his hand and says, "Hi, I'm Molly..." Molly answers him and says, "McKinnon. Molly McKinnon." Mike says that Oakdale is a pretty small town and they could know some of the same people. Molly mouth is wide open and she snaps it shut. Molly gets up to leave and Mike tells her that she can't leave now. Molly asks why and Mike tells her that he has a last name and a town that he once lived in. He adds that they have so much to talk about. He suggests that they go and eat some Tai food. She tells him that she has to go. He asks if this is goodbye. She says that she now believes in angels and she kisses him on the cheek. She tells him thank you. He says that he will wait for her in the bar awhile if she changes her mind. She takes her purse and her suitcase and heads up the steps. As she is walking out, she stops and looks up. She says, "Carly's Mike Kasnoff? McKinnon if this is a joke, I'm not getting the punch line." Molly walks out of the bar.

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