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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, July 15, 2002

by Andy

Rose and Lucinda argue at the bar in Avanya over what to do about the fake Simon. Rose walks toward Katie's room with the intention of giving the fake Simon a "fistful of Jersey." Lucinda follows after her.

In Katie's hotel room, Katie and the fake Simon argue over who has the diamond, when Katie lets it slip that she doesn't think this man is the real Simon. "You're not him." Pseudo Simon quickly threatens Katie. "It's talk like that that can get a person killed." There's a knock at the door. Simon opens the door and finds a Rose special. She sucker punches him to the floor, and he's out cold. All three ladies swoop down like vultures and frisk the limp Simon for clues. They find identification revealing his real name to be Donovan Curry. They start to ransack the room looking for the provenance. They exhaust all the typical hiding place options then try to push the armoire away from the wall. While they're at it, Donovan gets up, but not for long as Lucinda punches him out cold again. Katie whines, "How come everyone else gets to hit him. He's MY fake husband!" Rose finds the provenance, and they all get out of the room. The three musketeers meet Desi in the bar. They ask him to put the provenance in the safe, then work on the next part of their plan when more armed guards walk in with Paul in tow. Is the bar the local police station too? This is how Rose was recovered not too long ago. Lucinda pays off the local militiamen, and Paul retreats with Rose to her room for a bath and a nap. The fake Simon waltzes into view and demands that the ladies return the provenance. Katie and Lucinda want to work out a deal: the real Simon and Rose's father Joe, for the provenance. He scoffs, threatens their lives, and brushes past them. Desi returns and informs Lucinda that the "letter is tucked safely away in the hotel safe." As he returns to the bar, he walks right past Henry who overheard the conversation.

At Hal's place, Emily is looking at bridesmaid dress sketches for Alison when Hal comes home. He asks for a cease-fire and Emily lets him have it. Hal says it's Alison's fault for driving a wedge between he and Emily. Emily storms off, and Barbara stops by for a visit. She tries to console Hal. Hal confides to Barbara that Alison makes him grateful he "only has to deal with criminals. She's such a boldface liar!" Hal lets it slip that he and Emily are getting married. Barbara congratulates him, then goes on to warn Hal about her trial strategy. He appreciates the tip. She asks if he's seen Paul, because he needs to stay out of the country until the trial is over. Barbara promises to be back in Will's life "full-time" when the trial is over. Emily is at the top of the stairs and catches Hal and Barbar talking about Alison. After Babs leaves, Emily comes down and yells at Hal for being able to talk with Barbara about Alison, but not his own fiancée. He tells her if it's a fight she's looking for, she "can go someplace else." She interprets that to mean, "get out!" and she walks out of the house. Hal broods around for a bit, then calls the Lakeview and books the honeymoon sweet, complete with champagne.

Aaron runs into Lucy at the country club, and they chat while he's working. A supervisor eyes Aaron, then he makes like he's taking her order. They agree they have to find a place where no one will see them, so they can spend quality time together. Alison spies the two of them talking, and when she approaches, Aaron splits. Alison brings two hunky guys with her who invite the two girls out to a kegger party. Lucy declines and the guys leave. Alison promises to "work on" Lucy for them. Alison needs Lucy at this party and calls it "pay back" because she stopped Craig from catching Lucy and Aaron together the other day. Lucy says she won't go. Alison is shocked and says, "You are so mean!" Later, Lucy and Aaron meet off to the side and steal a kiss. Aaron encourages her to go to the kegger so the two of them have a chance to meet in the woods. Lucy agrees to meet Aaron at the party, then the two part ways. Lucy runs into Rosanna and thanks her for her advice about dating the right crowd.

Rosanna presses Craig at the airport about his relationship with his ex-wife Sierra. "Am I babysitting your daughter, so you can seduce your ex-wife?" Craig says, "Is that a problem?" But he quickly scoffs and denies any intention of seducing his ex. Rosanna tells Craig she "pulled a string" and he might not have to testify at Barbara's trial. He's somewhat relieved and tells her to give him a call in Montega if he's not called, so he can extend his stay. Rosanna gets a 'huh?' look on her face. She expects him to come home right away, not stay longer. She gets a call from Barbara, who lets her know that she succeeded in having Craig's subpoena pulled. Rosanna hangs up, and Craig boards the plane. Once Craig is out of the terminal, Rosanna says, "Sorry Sierra. I'm not going to let Craig spend more than a few days alone with you."

Emily catches up with Barbara at the Java café. Barbara sheepishly wishes Emily all the best with her impending nuptials to Hal. "And I wish you a lifetime in prison, Barbara. And to make sure that happens, I'm going to testify against you in court. Just so we're clear."

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Tom shows up at Emily's door waiting for Daniel. A shocked Emily wonders what is going on when Tom tells her to put on her dancing shoes and go to the ball. Emily follows the horse and carriage to a hotel room to see Hal who has a surprise dinner and opera. Emily said that no one has done anything that nice for her and also mentions she has nothing with her to wear. Hal has a new dress for her along with a stylist for her. Emily suggests they stay in since the Room service at the hotel is really good. Hal agrees. Hal wants to get married now while Emily wants a church wedding, since she already asked Alison to be the maid of honor. Emily wants to write there on vows, so they make them up now.

Carly and Jack discuss how they need to talk about Julia and get past the Julia past without small talk. Jack admits to not wanting to find Julia no matter what and Carly is less than convinced. Jack tells her he analyzed everything and figured out Julia is lying and there really isn't a baby. She was using that to get to Jack and break up Jack and Carly. Jack explains his love for her and how he isn't going to let Julia run or ruin his life. Jack wants to start their life from this moment forward without Craig or Julia. Lucy calls in the middle of their conversation telling Carly Rosanna is ruining her life. Carly decides to help when she finds out Rosanna is meeting with Lisa. Lisa said Rosanna's association with Craig is a problem for them doing business together. Carly shows up to ask Rosanna for a favor.

Isaac thinks his club may be done in a week since he can not seem to get a liquor license. Jessica tries to pull some strings to get the liquor license for the club and when Brandy finds out what is going on, she calls her lawyer friend to inform him. Jessica and Ben discuss Barbara's case in the meantime. They lawyer shows up and interrupts and question their relationship. Travers tells Jess he has filed a petition for a change of venue for Barbara's trial since he doesn't think she will get a fair trial, but Jess tells him it is too late but he is setting the stage for an appeal. Brandy fills Travers in about the meeting tonight and also tells him Jess pulled some strings for it to take place. Bonnie gives Travers a piece of her mind.

Lucy decides to go the party with Alison and wants to use it as a means to see Arron who will be waiting for her in the woods, however their plans may be interrupted when Rosanna walks in and finds out about the party for the "Sinclair" twins and wants to drive Lucy there and meet them. Lucy questions Rosanna driving and Rosanna said she can then tell Craig where she is if he asks. Lucy tries to figure away out of it. Alison flirts with an unsuspecting Aaron who gets pushed in the pool after Alison takes her top off and jumps in with him. Meanwhile Lucy shows up at the party alone and the two college boys show up.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Molly returns to Oakdale and is greeted by Abigail. Molly tells her daughter that going to New York really helped her. Even though she still misses Jake so much, she realizes that for the first time since Jake's death, she is ready to start living again. She says she was waiting for a sign from Jake and she got that sign while in New York - in the form of a friend. Molly then tells Abigail all about Mike Kasnoff. Abigail mentions that Chris is back in town. She asks her mother a hypothetical question - if she never married Jake, would she be interested in Mike. Molly replies no because he was very important in Carly's life. Molly then asks, "Are we talking about Mike or Chris? Abigail wonders how different things would have been if she had met Chris first. Abigail goes out and Molly calls Carly. She leaves a message saying, "I'm back in Oakdale and boy do we have to talk."

Chris is back from medical school and ready to do his internship. Bob and Kim surprise him by saying that he can do the internship at Oakdale Memorial. Chris says he really wanted to work in an urban hospital on the east coast with inner city kids. He says he really doesn't want to live in Oakdale because he wants to get away from his past mistakes. He says being away gave him a chance to reinvent himself. During the conversation with his family, Abigail's name is mentioned. Chris says he knows he'll run into her. Not too much later, Abigail and Chris run into each other at Java.

A gunman holds up Java Underground. Bonnie is forced to give him money from the cash register. He then tries to get her to open the safe. She is clearly scared and Marshall Travers decides to "save the day" and offers the gunman a deal. Marshall says he'll defend the gunman for free and promises to keep him out of jail. The gunman agrees and drops the gun. While all of this is going on, Carly and Rosanna are crouched under a table. Together, they work as a team, to grab for Carly's cell phone and call 911. Jack comes in and arrests the gunman and everyone is told to give their statements to the police. Bonnie tells the police that Marshall was a "hero for the day" and that he saved her life. Rosanna says to Carly, "This was different." Jack wants to know why they were "hanging out with each other." Carly tries to tell Jack it was because of Parker but Jack knows better and accuses Carly of helping Lucy only to get Craig angry.

Lucy goes to the party to meet Aaron. She is there alone since Alison has tried to seduce Aaron back at the country club. The college guys taunt Lucy and one of them forces her to dance. He then kisses her just as Aaron comes in and punches him. A fight breaks out but Lucy stops it. The party breaks up and as everyone leaves the college guy looks back and says, "This isn't over." Aaron tells Lucy that Alison is an "idiot" and that's why he was late. Lucy apologizes to Aaron saying she didn't realize the "country club" boys would behave so badly. Aaron gives her a gift - a fresh water pearls necklace. Lucy says it is the best present she has ever received. Alison walks in and sees them kissing. Since she caught them kissing, they tell her that they didn't' really break up. Alison is upset that they hid it from her too. She asks Lucy if she trusts her. Aaron looks at Alison as if to say, "Are you kidding?" Lucy tells Alison to keep it a secret. Aaron and Lucy leave but Alison says she'll catch up with them later. She is left all by herself holding the box that contained Lucy's necklace.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

by MJ

Chris and Abigail have a nice reunion at Java. Abigail is happy and anxious about Chris being back in Oakdale. Chris tells Abigail that he is here for his two-year internship.

At Java Underground, things are winding down from the turmoil of the attempted robbery. Bonnie and Isaac thank Marshall. Marshall tells Brandy to listen and learn everything she can about the meeting Isaac had with the liquor board representatives. While Java Underground is recouping, Mike Kasnoff enters looking to find where he can contact Molly. Lisa recognizes Mike and gives him Molly's phone number.

Molly and Carly get together. Molly tells Carly about NYC and her new friend Mike. Upon finding out who Molly's Mike really is Carly suggests that Molly continue her friendship with Mike. Late in the evening after Carly leaves Mike phones Molly, although Molly doesn't pick up the phone the desire to do so is strong.

At Craig's suite Rosanna confronts Lucy as to the events of Lucy's evening. To Lucy's discovery Rosanna knew exactly what had happened. Rosanna warns Lucy that she could easily tell Craig what has been transpiring, but Lucy calls Rosanna's bluff and phones Aaron in front of Rosanna. During the evening Rosanna tries to warn Lucy that a relationship with Aaron might be very costly. Lucy scoffs at Rosanna's concern.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Barbara and Marshall walk into the courtroom. Marshall tells Barbara to walk around and get a feel for the place. She informs him that this is not her first time here. He starts to instruct her about how to act during the trial. He tells her to sit and face the front of the courtroom and not to look at anyone. She asks why and he tells her that he doesn't want her to be distracted by anyone. He says that if she has to commiserate with anyone, she can call her friends in the evening. She tells him that she won't have any friends when this is all over. Will comes running in the courtroom. Kim has brought him by to see his mother. Kim tells Barbara that she has informed Will that his mother has a bit of legal trouble and the court will help her out of it. As Barbara is hugging her son, she whispers "thank you" to her Aunt Kim. Barbara tells Will that when all this is over, she will take him to the movies and have a big bucket of popcorn. She tells him to run along with Aunt Kim and she will see him later. As Will walks by Marshall he says, "Goodbye Mr. Travers and do a good job for my mom today." Marshall assures the boy that he will do his best. After Will and Kim leave, Marshall tells Barbara that she has a very nice son. She tells him that she knows what a great kid she has and if she goes to jail again it will destroy him. Marshall tells her to keep that thought. He reassures her that they are ready for the trial. He tells her that he has to go and see the court clerk and he suggests that she relax while he is gone. After he is gone, Barbara looks around the courtroom. She sees Marshall has left his briefcase on the table. She goes over and opens the briefcase. She takes out two files with her name on it. She starts to look through the files and then she spots a stack of envelopes. She puts the files down and picks up the envelopes. She sees that the envelopes are addressed to Marshall and they all have the initials of J.S. on them. Barbara starts flipping through them and she says, "J.S. These are from James!" She starts to open an envelope and Marshall comes up and takes it away from her. He says that the envelopes are addressed to him. He tells her that the contents of his briefcase are not for her. Barbara starts to freak out on Marshall. She tells him that she knows that James is around and just waiting to set her up. Marshall tells her that she has to pull herself together and start acting like an innocent woman that was set up for a crime or no one will be able to keep her out of jail. She looks at Marshall and says that she will not have her family and her son watch as she is destroyed. She adds that if she is going to go to jail, she will do it on her own terms. Marshall asks what it is that she is getting at. Barbara tells him to call Jessica Griffin and tell her that she wants a deal. Barbara adds, "I am going to plead guilty and your trial will be over before it even begins."

At Java, Holden and Lily are having tea and Holden reminds her that she has to remain calm and keep stress out of her life. Lily's cell phone rings and when she answers it, Chase's mother is on the other end and tells Lily about the fight the night before. She tells Lily that Aaron hit her son. When Holden hears what has happened he tells Lily that he will talk to the woman. He adds that he doesn't want her to deal with this. Lily tells the woman that she is putting Aaron's father on the phone. When Holden gets on the phone and starts to speak the woman hangs up on him. Holden starts to defend Aaron and Lily tells him that they can't assume anything until they talk with Aaron. They leave to go to the farm.

At the farm, Lucy has stopped by to see Aaron. As they are discussing the night before and the fight, Lily and Holden walk in. Lily asks Lucy if they could talk to Aaron in private. She says sure and she starts to leave the barn. When she hears Holden mention the fight, she whirls around and tells them that it was not Aaron's fault. She explains that Chase had grabbed her and Aaron came to her rescue. Aaron tells Lucy that he can handle this and he tells Lucy to leave. After she is gone, Lily starts to lecture Aaron and she gets carried away. Holden steps in and asks if he can talk to Aaron alone. Holden follows Lily outside the barn and Lily tells him that she feels bad. She asks if she can go back in and explain to Aaron that she cares about him very much. Holden tells her to go to the house and he will explain to Aaron. Holden goes back into the barn and tells Aaron that Lily didn't mean to get into his face like that. Aaron says that she is right. He adds that he is a screw off and now it is affecting Lucy. Aaron starts to leave and Holden tries to stop him. Aaron pulls loose from Holden and walks out of the barn. Later, after Holden is gone, Aaron walks back into the barn. He has his backpack on. He walks over to his motorcycle and takes Lucy helmet and lays it aside. He puts his helmet on and gets on his bike and starts it up. He looks at Lucy's helmet one last time and then takes off on his bike.

Emily and Hal are at the Lakeview and just as they start to get amorous, Emily decides that she has to turn on her cell phone. Hal tells her not to do it and she says that she has to in case the district attorney needs her to testify at Barbara's trial. When she turns on the phone, she sees that she has a message. The message is from Alison. Emily gives Alison a call and when Alison hears that Emily and Hal are together at the Lakeview, she wants to come over immediately and talk. At first, Emily tries to make up an excuse and then Alison pulls out her guilt trip thing. Emily gives in and tells Alison to come over. Hal gets upset and goes storming out of the room. Emily hangs up with Alison and tries to explain to Hal why she felt she had to have Alison come over. Hal tells her that it is all right. Emily starts to leave to get dressed and there is a knock at the door. Hal asks if Alison was in the lobby. Emily tells him to answer the door. Hal takes a deep breath and opens the door. Alison walks in and Emily takes her the couch to sit down. Alison starts to tell Emily about Aaron and Lucy lying to her about them breaking up. Emily reminds Alison that she took pictures of Aaron and Lucy on Aaron's motorcycle and then showed them to Lucy's father. She suggests that is why they didn't want to tell her that they were still seeing each other. When Hal chimes in, Alison makes a comment that Hal is her enemy. Hal asks Emily to leave him and Alison alone to talk. At first Emily doesn't want to, but Hal convinces her that it will be ok. Emily leaves to get dressed. Hal has a talk with Alison and soon they are laughing. Emily hears the laughter and comes back out to join them. Hal excuses himself to get shaved and showered. Emily starts to tell Alison some of the pranks that she pulled when she was a teen. When she gets to the story where she liked a guy and the guy liked someone else and the two were not supposed to be seen together, Emily came in as the cover date and soon the guy was seeing only Emily. Alison's eyes light up and she tells Emily that she has to go. Emily tries to tell her that the scheme didn't really work, but Alison doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

Molly is sitting in her living room in her nightgown and robe. She walks over to the answering machine and presses the button. Mike has left her a message. He wants to see her again. She tries to ignore his plea for her to pick up the phone. After his message ends, she looks up and asks Jake if he can ask this Mike Kasnoff to leave her alone. There is a knock at the door and when she opens the door, Mike is standing there with a big toothy smile. She looks up and mutters, "I guess not." She looks at Mike and tells him that he shouldn't be there. He asks her to give him two minutes. She asks why and he says, "Old time time sake...yours." Molly reluctantly lets him in. Mike tells her that he just wants to know one thing and that is why she just took off. She says that she did because of his last name. She tells him that the person that gave him her number is not the only person they have in common. She says that a woman that he was once involved with is her cousin. Mike can't believe it and asks, "Who is it?" Molly looks at him and says, "Carly Tenney." Mike looks stunned. He asks, "Carly Tenney is your cousin?" He tells Molly what a mind blower that is. Molly says that when he told her his last name, she couldn't even breathe. Molly tries to explain to Mike that the situation is just too much for her right now. She informs Mike that not only does Carly live in Oakdale, so does her sister Rosanna. She tells him that the best thing that he can do is just go back to New York. Mike holds his hand out in front of her. He tells her to put her palm on his palm. She does. He explains that he works all over the world and he never gets close to anyone because he knows the job will be over and he will leave. He explains that she is the first connection that he has made in a very long time. He asks her to please take down the roadblocks and just try. He asks, "What is the worst thing that can happen. And better yet, what is the best?"


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