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Monday, July 15, 2002

Sally stops by Insomnia to give C.J. an invitation to the unveiling of Spectra's new line. He wants nothing to do with it now that a Forrester owns the company and states that neither he nor Macy's memory will be there. Sally tells him that she is sorry to hear that, this would make Macy and Becky proud to know that Spectra is back on top. Sally leaves. Bridget walks up and sees C.J. reading the invitation. She asks if he is going and he spats back a hasty no. He states that it is not fair that Brooke will only lose her money, but Macy had to lose her life. "When will your mom get what is coming to her", he questions. C.J. realizes that Bridget is not telling him something about Brooke, and inquires what that might be, but she tells him that she went there to work, not to talk about her personal life. She later comes by and gives him a cup of coffee. He tells her that it not working out. She says that he can't fire her, he tells her he can and he just might. He tells her not to worry to go home to her beach house and get a tan. She tells him that she is no longer living there. He mocks her stating she has a mansion or a condo at her disposal go use one of them. She replies a defiant no, she has to have money to pay rent, and she is living off friend's couches as of right now. He realizes she is telling the truth and offers her a small apartment above the coffee house. She says she will take it and he tells her that she can keep her job.

Ridge inspects the work of Tony and Clarke. He is very pleased by what he inspects. Meanwhile at Forrester, Rick tries to sell Eric on the idea of putting Forrester on TV. Eric feels this may ruin the Forrester reputation and wants nothing to do with the idea. Thorne agrees, but realizes if they don't sell the Ambrosia line, they all might be out of a job. Rick says that he could go ahead with the plan without Eric's blessing, but doesn't want to do that. Rick wants Eric to give him a chance to defend the line he put his faith and hard work into. Ridge then calls and Rick puts him on speakerphone. Ridge taunts him with the fact that Forrester is going down. He ends the phone call by calling Rick a big loser. Amber grabs the phone and slams it down. Eric then gives Rick the go ahead to run the line on television.

Whip stops by to see the baby. He comments on how beautiful she is. Brooke tells Whip she needs to make some changes in her life. Brooke tells Whip one of those changes will be their marriage. She tells him that she needs time to get her life back in order. With the help of her family and Stephanie she will be able to make a good life for her and the baby. Whip is shocked to hear Brooke mention Stephanie's name in the equation. Brooke enlightens him that Stephanie will do anything for this baby and that includes helping Brooke. She pleads with Whip to help Rick save Forrester. She asks him to protect the baby's legacy. He tells her that he will.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

In his office, Rick finalized the plans with the Tele-Save show. Amber had second thoughts about utilizing the Tele-Save show to sell the Ambrosia line. She feared that everything Ridge had said about her was true-she's not a good designer. She also worried that she had indirectly caused the financial problems at Forrester Creations. Rick assured her that she is a talented designer and even better wife. He also assured her that although selling the Ambrosia line on television is a gamble, he would rather go down fighting.

Whip showed Eric the plans for the Tele-Save show. He pointed out to Eric that the show would at least give Forrester Creations a chance to sell their Ambrosia merchandise.

At Spectra Fashions, Darla and Sally were awestruck by Ridge's designs for their showing. They were ecstatic that Forrester Creations had canceled their showing, and no longer a competition threat. They were equally upset when Taylor arrived to announce that Forrester Creations would be selling their merchandise on the Tele-Save program. Ridge was appalled that Eric had stooped so low as to sell his merchandise on Tele-Save. Stephanie was heartsick and worried about Eric. Massimo offered support to Ridge to possibly stop the Tele-Save program. Ridge knew it could not be stopped. Massino was not happy when Ridge voiced his intention of asking Eric to become Spectra's head designer.

At the Tele-Save show, the were late and had not arrived. The producer put Amber's designs on mannequins. Amber and Rick stunned by Tammy's many mistakes about the Ambrosia line including pricing and name of the fabric. It seemed the show turned into a disaster. Ridge attended solely to make Eric realize that he should leave Forrester Creations. Ridge asked Eric to join Spectra and become the head designer!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

by Anna

At the Telesave studio, Ridge encourages Eric to join him and leave Forrester. Angrily, Eric says that he doesn't want to be involved in this feud between Ridge and Rick. Ridge reminds him that he is already in the middle. Eric blames Ridge for everything that has happened to Forrester. Ridge tells him that Eric let it happen by sitting on his hands while Brooke hired incompetent, unqualified, drug-addicts. Seeing Eric hurt by this last statement, Ridge apologizes to his father then leaves.

Amber is upset by the way that Telesave is selling her designs. Thorne says that the models are stuck in traffic. Rick orders Whip to find some other models as Amber takes the microphone and steps in front of the camera.

At Spectra, Sally, Darla and Clark enjoy watching the Forrester "yard sale" on Telesave. Tony is bothered by all their negative comments about Forrester. Massimo and Stephanie talk, and she admits that she feels sorry for Eric and knows what he must be going through. Massimo can't understand Stephanie's pity. Stephanie admits that Eric brought a lot of this on himself, but she feels that she should be with him at Telesave.

While watching the activity at Telesave, Eric thinks back to the way Forrester showings used to be in the old days. Stephanie arrives to find a worried Eric. Eric tells her that he blames Massimo for cutting all the Forrester distribution channels. Eric admits that Ridge offered him a job. Stephanie feels it would be a good idea for Eric and Ridge to work together again, but she knows Eric wouldn't accept the job. She knows that Eric will want to go down with the ship. Eric insists that they are not sinking, but Stephanie is sure that Forrester is not the same Forrester that they created together.

As Tony is preparing the models at Spectra for the showing, Ridge arrives and tells Tony that the dress he is working on is no good and to scrap the whole design. Ridge will not put his name on anything that is not perfect. Ridge is comforted when Massimo arrives and speaks words of faith in him. Ridge turns on the TV and is stunned to see Amber selling the designs herself.

When Amber is in front of the camera, everyone can see that she is very good at talking about the designs. She introduces a Forrester model and describes the fine quality that is a part of every Forrester original. She comments on Eric's involvement with the line and how unique all the designs are. When Telesave takes a break, Amber is ecstatic to hear that the phones are ringing, and the designs are starting to sell.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Amber and Rick took over for the TeleSave spokesperson and gave commentary on the Ambrosia line of clothes. Sally felt defeated after viewing the TeleSave show. Taylor tried to encourage her about Spectra's new classic look.

While watching the TeleSave show, Sheila complained that Amber is not an artist. Sheila claimed that it was Erica, not Rick that thought of the idea for TeleSave. Erica would not take credit for the idea although she admitted she told Rick that she and her friends often buy clothes from TeleSave. Sheila insisted that Erica and Rick belong together. Erica admitted if she thought that Rick was not happy with Amber she would pursue him. However, Rick does love Amber. Erica vowed not to hurt Amber who is her friend.

In a quiet moment, Taylor told Ridge that she is proud of him all he has created on his own at Spectra Fashions. She is also proud because he is standing for what he believes with the new Spectra clothing collection. Ridge was confused over why Eric would choose to remain at Forrester Creations and work with Rick rather than work with Ridge at Spectra Fashions.

By the end of the TeleSave show, Whip informed Rick and Amber that they had sold out their entire stock of the Ambrosia line. Eric, Kristen, Thorne, Rick and Amber were all elated. Rick called Ridge to gloat that they had sold all of their merchandise on the TeleSave show.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Ridge can't find any joy in kudos from the media hailing his success at Spectra Fashions. While Sally, Massimo, Stephanie, Taylor and everyone else at the company is basking in their new-found recognition, all Ridge can think about is that Forrester Creations managed to save themselves financially by selling out the Ambrosia line at Telesave. Everyone tries to convince Ridge that he should forget about Forrester and take some time to be proud of himself for what he has been able to accomplish. Sally is grateful for Ridge's help in helping to give Spectra the respect from the fashion industry that has been out of their reach over the years. Taylor tells Ridge he should let Amber have her moment of fame; given her past history of getting into trouble, it won't last long. Ridge still finds it hard to believe that even with the Telesave success, Eric would be happy with knowing the fashion world will think he sold out the Forrester integrity and reputation for quality.

Headlines heralding Amber's success disturb Sheila, who thinks that Amber doesn't deserve any of the good things in her life that she enjoys; her husband, her job, her life as a Forrester. Sheila believes that Erica is so much more deserving of Rick than Amber. As she sits tracing the outline of Amber's face with a knife, Sheila spills a drink on her clothes and goes into the bathroom to change. While she's out of the room, Ziggy comes in to finish the work he started on the sink. His friend Lance is with him. Lance is unemployed and gripes about his need for money. Seeing a photo of a woman he used to date, he says he can't even put gas in his car, let alone ask her out on a date. Lance tells Ziggy he'd do anything for cash. Ziggy warns him to be careful what he wishes for, since "anything" could mean anything! Ziggy leaves to go get an additional part he needs to finish his work, leaving Lance in the Apartment. Sheila comes out of the bathroom and after a brief exchange of insults referencing Lance's state of unemployment, she accepts a card from Lance, who asks her to give him a call if she hears of any work he may be interested in. At first, Sheila tears the card in half, saying she can't help Lance because she has problems of her own.

Brooke joins Rick and Amber, along with Eric, Kristen and Thorne to announce that not only did the Ambrosia line sell out, but that Forrester had it's single largest sales day in the history of the company. Rick tells Amber they never could have done it with out her. He asks Eric if he is upset that they went to Telesave. Eric says, no and in fact he is grateful to Rick and Amber for taking the initiative. Erica arrives at Forrester Creations to let Rick and Amber know that she has dropped Little Eric off at day care. Before she can leave, Rick tells her in front of everyone in the room that the success at Telesave couldn't have happened without Erica because it was her idea to go to Telesave. When Eric learns of Erica's role in the Telesave venture, he congratulates her and announces that everyone at Forrester needs to celebrate. He's decided to throw a pool party at his house and everyone at Forrester is invited to attend, including Erica.

Erica arrives back at her apartment to tell Sheila that she is off to buy a new bathing suit for the party at Eric's house. She tells Sheila how Rick gave her credit for the Telesave idea in front of his family. Sheila tells Erica that's just another sign of how much Erica and Rick belong together. Erica doesn't want to hear any more about her mother's suggestion to break up Rick and Amber's marriage. She tells Sheila she should get over her obsession with that idea. That doesn't shake Sheila's quest to help her daughter. She recalls her conversation with Lance and his willingness to do anything for money. Putting the pieces of Lance's card back together, Sheila has a plan to move Amber out, and Erica into Rick's life. Her plan will begin at Eric's pool party!

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