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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, July 22, 2002

Roman and Billie arrest several teenagers, accusing them of the recent break-ins in Salem. The kids insist they were innocently trading baseball cards, but Roman drags the whole crowd down to the police station. The aliens appear, and the female gazes at a picture of Shawn. When Belle and Shawn arrive, the male alien pushes Shawn, who counters with a punch. The alien couple runs off. Hope refuses to believe that Billie is serious about her new career as a police officer. Bo is unsettled by their invitation to the reading of Stefano's will. Hope enters the police station and flatly welcomes Billie to Salem. They argue, and Billie offers her test scores as proof of her dedication to the police force. Hope believes Billie only wants the job to work with Bo. When Hope leaves, Billie calls someone and reports that her plan is working. Roman is surprised to receive an invitation to Stefano's memorial service. The dinner party at the DiMera mansion is tense, as Marlena asks why Sami is there. Tony enters and informs the group that he invited Sami. Lexie furiously tells Tony that Sami is a sociopath. Bo and Hope arrive, startled to see the other guests. Tony announces that Stefano left specific instructions regarding his will.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Belle and Shawn drag the aliens out of the water. Belle wants to stay with the aliens, but Shawn still doesn't trust them. Jack waits for Jennifer at the pub, suspecting she has a meeting with Colin. When Colin enters, Jennifer shoves Jack and quietly orders him to play along. She sits down with Colin and tells him she wants to continue their romantic relationship. Jack cannot help wondering if Jennifer is really pretending. Isabella visits Brady and encourages him to help Chloe through her illness. Brady confesses his feelings, but he worries that it's the wrong time to tell Chloe. Lexie watches as Sami and Brandon share a passionate kiss. Brandon finally pulls away and tells Sami their relationship is over. He avoids her questions about Lexie and warns Sami to be careful around Tony. John and Bo try to open the crate before the reading of Stefano's will. When Tony and Lexie interrupt, Bo announces he doesn't trust either of them. Sami watches as Brandon and Lexie leave together. Alone with the crate, Tony gives into his curiosity. He chuckles when he sees the contents.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Marlena is reluctant to attend Stefano's memorial service. Bo decides not to go, but Hope persuades him. Roman and Sami argue about her relationship with Tony. At the DiMera mansion, Tony and Lexie prepare for the service and reminisce about Stefano. When the guests arrive, Lexie is uncomfortable with the presence of her father's enemies. Tony speaks about Stefano's life, and the guests recall their individual encounters with Stefano. At the conclusion of Tony's speech, an emotional Lexie stands up and talks about her family. She still grieves for her father and her son, but she is thankful to have a brother. To everyone's surprise, John rises and shares his memories of Stefano.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Billie sneaks into Abe's office and gets out Bo's personnel file. She sneaks the folder, stuffed inside a newspaper, out to her desk and reads the contents. Later, Billie is talking on the phone with someone about the real reason she is in Salem, and it's not for Bo!

The people at Sefano's memorial service have to leave before the will is read. Colin shows up in time for the reading of the will per Tony's request as his doctor. Bo doesn't buy it and keeps a close eye on Colin. Stefano's attorney starts reading the will and Kate is first on the list. Stefano says he is giving her a food she has been desiring. Kate opens the box and pulls out a jar of kipper fillets. She is very upset and disturbed by it and runs out. Celeste is next. Stefano says he has something that she misses more than she realizes. Celeste pulls out linked paper dolls with the words "we must reclaim our youth" written on them. Bo thinks its Stefano's way of saying he was behind the baby switch, but Celeste thinks it's something completely different but she won't know what it is until the time comes. Roman is next receiving a gladiator statue which means they will fight to the death. Grandpa Shawn Brady is told his gift will remind him of a troubled childhood and his family's troubled future. He pulls out a wooden boat, yells that it's a bomb, and throws it. Bo picks up the boat and says it's not a bomb and John picks up a small wooden baby that fell out of the boat. Shawn looks very upset seeing the baby doll and looks directly at Colin, then runs outside for air. Colin wants to know if the baby doll has some meaning for him, but Shawn tells him to leave it alone. Next, Hope is warned to keep her eyes open despite the darkness and opens up a scarf with a knot in it. She holds it up and thinks it is a noose. Tony looks at it and tells her it is only a lovely scarf. Later, Hope determines that it is a blindfold. Marlena is told that her days of role playing have not ended. She opens a pillow that is embroidered, in French, the words "a sleeping beauty in the woods", and on the back of the pillow are stars. Hope figures out that he is referring to the sleeping beauty story where she pricks her finger and falls asleep for 100 years. John, is left Stefano's special chess set. Later at home, John realizes the queen chess piece is missing and that it represents Marlena. And Marlena's finger gets pricked on the pillow from Stefano reminding her of the story Hope talked about. Lexie was left a plaque with the DiMera family crest on it. Later, she finds a note from Stefano hidden inside asking her to do everything he tells her and Lexie agrees. Tony is given a doll house version of the DiMera mansion. He reaches inside the chimney and pulls out a phoenix feather, the feather catches fire and Tony blows it out as everyone looks shocked. Later, when Tony is alone with the doll house, he reaches inside the front doors and finds the queen chess piece from John's chess set and he sees Marlena's face on it.

When Sami left the mansion she had a plan to slash her tire and get Brandon to stop and help her out. Brandon saw her go off the road and stopped just like she planned. Sami got out of her car and unknowingly, the knife she used, fell on to the ground. When Brandon came over and tried to comfort Sami, she told him to go away because he didn't really care about her. Just then, Abe shows up and tells Brandon to leave Sami alone. Abe and Brandon get into a fist fight and Brandon finds the knife on the ground. Brandon is about to go after Abe with the knife but Sami jumps in, stops the fight and gets Abe to leave. Sami comforts Brandon over what just happened and tries to get him to open up about his childhood but he won't. Brandon goes to change Sami's tire for her and sees that it has been slashed. Then he realizes that Sami slashed it herself to get him to stop. Sami admits that she did and that it was worth it because she again could see how much he cared for her. Brandon told her she is wacky and leaves her there alone.

Friday, July 26, 2002


Philip daydreamed about telling Chloe how much he loves her.

Brady showed up on Craig and Nancy's doorstep to ask Craig a question. Brady wanted to know if Chloe might have any siblings. Craig and Nancy assure Brady that they were doing everything possible to "get" a sibling match for Chloe. Brady was impatient with Craig's answers about the search for Chloe's siblings. After Brady left, Nancy suddenly announced to Craig that she doesn't want to get pregnant.

Shawn tried to convince Belle that the strange teens are not aliens.

Jennifer and Jack plotted to expose the contents of Stefano's will. Jack assured Jennifer that he would not do anything to jeopardize the mission. Jennifer prodded Bo for info on the will reading. Bo suggested she talk to Colin. Jennifer gladly agreed and acknowledged Bo's warning to be careful. Colin wanted to bargain with Jennifer for a quote as Jack and Bo watched. Jack threw everyone a curve when he met Billie for dinner.

Colin daydreamed about his confrontation with Jennifer.

Grandpa Shawn had a flash back to receiving the boat during the reading of the will.

Roman assigned Billie to investigate the origin of the boat his father received. Roman then badgered Billie about her relationship with Bo. Billie stood her ground and asked Roman if he's been asking Bo the same questions.

Bo was uncomfortable when he saw Colin at the pub talking to his father.

Hope thought more about the scarf while a stranger watched outside her window. Just then, she received an upsetting phone call.

Kevin gave Belle a videotape for Chloe. Mimi, Kevin, Philip, Shawn and Belle discuss the possibility that the strange teen may be aliens.

Colin gave Jennifer information on Stefano's will on the condition that none of it will be attributed to him.

Jack discovered that Billie and Colin have met before.

The aliens helped themselves to clothes at a sidewalk sale. They began to undress out in the middle of Salem Place. The teens were scared off as bystanders starting screaming. Shawn and Belle went to find them. They caught up to them just as a group of "tough guys" found them also. Belle thought they should come to the teens' rescue, but Shawn thought differently.

Jennifer excused herself from Colin's table to page Jack. While Jack and Jennifer were away from their tables, Colin moved to Billie's table as Bo eavesdropped. It became obvious that Colin and Billie has a secret past, and Bo confronted her. Just then, Hope entered the Pub and saw Bo at Billie's table. Hope introduced Billie to Zack. After Billie left, Hope told Bo about the phone call. J.T. is having surgery and Hope is worried. She suggested Bo take time off so they can both go to see J.T. Bo can't go, but he told Hope to go on and take Zack with her. Billie was very pleased.

Roman told his dad that there was nothing unusual about the toy boat. Shawn had a flashback to being a small boy on a dock. Roman demanded Shawn tell him the significance of the boat. Shawn couldn't bring himself to tell Roman what was on his mind.

Philip told his dad how hard it is to watch Chloe and not be able to help. Victor offered to help in any way. Philip vowed that when Chloe recovers, he will win her back.

Brady was told there was news about Chloe. Craig received a phone call that there had been a change in Chloe's condition.

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