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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on GL
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Blake brings an injured Harley home and tries to calm her down. She calls Frank, who arrives with Jude. Frank orders her to sit tight and count on her friends for support. Blake stays with Harley and asks what happened between her and Gus. Harley tells her about his promise to the mysterious woman. Suddenly, she decides to search for the woman herself. Edmund tells Beth his theory about Richard's death. She is unable to believe that one of the Bauers intentionally cut off Richard's life support to obtain a heart for Rick. Michelle and Danny visit Rick in the hospital. Ed recalls his conversation with Lillian and decides to talk with Michelle. She lies to her father, telling him all her questions have been answered.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Alan and Olivia are at the Beacon, he tells her what a fabulous job she's done with it, that she's made it look like a palace. Olivia is distant, still mourning Richard's death. Rick asks Lillian if it's the drugs or if something is going on. He wants to know if he's dieing because everyone keeps whispering around him. She tells him no, he's doing beautifully. He asks her to tell him what's going on.

Cassie and Tammy take flowers to Richard's grave and talk about how much they miss him. Tammy says the hardest part is seeing how sad Cassie is, Cassie tells her it will get better. Tammy tells Cassie she wants to see Rick again. Cassie tells her she needs to wait because Rick still weak. Tammy is afraid he could die and she might not have another chance. She can't understand why Cassie doesn't want her to go. Later Cassie tells Tammy she can go see Rick. She'll take Tammy to the hospital, but that she herself can't go in. Before Cassie leaves the cemetery she's talking to Richard. She says it was so easy when he was alive, but wonders how she is supposed to do this alone.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia tells Alan how insensitive he is. He says he prides himself on being sensitive. She talks about how sudden Richard's death was, that if he'd been wearing his seat belt, he'd be alive today. She tells Alan she's not just mourning Richard's death, but also the person that she was when she was with him. She tells Alan how she was innocent and sweet when she was with Richard, she was pure. Alan tells her there's a down side to that and that she really wants to be independent like she is now. He tells her how good she has things and not to let silly sentimentality get in the way of what she wants. She tells him she's never been so unsure what it is she wants. She asks if he's always been so cynical and he says he's been burned enough to become that way, and by his own sister. Olivia tries to get him to talk about Alexandra but he refuses. Alan tells Olivia not to dwell on the things she can't change, to seize the moment. She abruptly tells him she has to go and leaves.

Beth runs into Bill Lewis at Company. She tries to hide behind her menu, but he sees her and goes to her table. She mentions Lorelei's diary and he now admits to her that she did keep one. Beth wants to know if he took it, since he'd been seen near the Spaulding library where she left it, shortly before it disappeared. He tells her he did take the diary, but back when they were in Texas. The night they made love, after Lorelei fell asleep, he read the diary. He found parts about him and they touched him, so he tore the pages out. He planned to tell her the next morning, but she was gone.

Tammy arrives at the hospital to see Rick. He tells her about a dream he just had where he was riding a horse on the beach. She asks him if it was a white horse, because her Dad used to have one, and he rode it on the beach all the time. She asks Rick if he feels like a whole new person, or if he feels the same. Rick tells her that physically he feels better than before he got sick. He can breathe better and isn't so tired. He says that in his head, he feels like the same ole person. He tells Tammy how much more he appreciates life now, after almost losing it. Tammy tells Rick he'll never really be the same, because now her Dad is inside him.

Cassie runs into Lillian and asks her to tell her what happened the day Richard died. Lillian tells her she wasn't in the room, but that after having the stroke, he was in really bad shape and in a lot of pain. Bill tells Beth that they both know how special the time they spent together in Texas was. She asks him what happened to the diary pages he tore out and he tells her that he later burned them in a ceremony in the desert. Alan arrives and makes jabs at Bill, so Bill leaves the table but taunts Beth from across the room. Alan asks Beth if she's heard from Phillip.

Bill gets a call from Olivia to come to the Beacon right away, she has the offer of a lifetime for him.

Lillian tells Cassie that she could tell Richard wanted to die, that he was really suffering after the stroke. Cassie says it was just like Richard to die that way, to protect those who loved him from having to make that decision.

Bill arrives at the Beacon. Olivia tells him she's purchasing an island for Alan, it's deserted except for a house facing the water, but it's in disrepair. She says she wants a dream getaway with a big bedroom that overlooks the water. Bill says it sounds romantic. She wants to know if he's interested in the job. Bill thinks about it... he asks her if she plans to rent the place out. She asks if he's interested and he says no. Olivia taunts him and says she bets there is some girl out there he'd like to get on the island.

At Company, Alan asks Beth if he's insensitive. She laughs and says yes, sometimes. She realizes he's had an argument with Olivia. He tells her that his feelings for Olivia scare him sometimes. Beth warns Alan to be careful when it comes to Olivia. Alan tells her he can take care of himself, Beth isn't so sure.

Bill agrees to take on Olivia's project. She says she'll make arrangements to have him flown there in a few days. He tells her he can see she's a lady that gets what she wants. She tells him that Alan is her mentor.

Cassie walks into Rick's room as he and Tammy are talking, but she breaks down and says she can't stay.

Lillian goes to her meeting with Dr. Grant, the Chief of Staff, about the ventilator in Richard's room. Dr. Grant acknowledges that he knows the facts and that the machine had been turned off. He asks Lillian if she has any idea what happened in Richard's room that day.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

At the Bauer house

Michelle was playing with Robbie. Danny enters. Michelle told Danny that it has been a rough couple of days. Danny mentioned how there is worry about Richard's death. Michelle said she isn't changing her mind about reporting it because at least Richard wasn't suffering anymore. She told Danny that she was actually breaking the law by not saying anything. Danny reassured her that it will be over soon and that he wouldn't let anything happen to her or Robbie. Danny answered his cell phone outside of the house. He spoke with the people that took Edmund. Danny said he would be there shortly. Michelle came outside and wanted to know why he had to go outside to answer the phone. Danny said he needed to leave, but would return shortly. Danny exits.

Ed enters. He joined Michelle outside on the bench. He started talking about when he was in Africa and how he dreamed about sitting on a bench with her and Rick. He said that dreams kept him going for a while. He wanted her to know that he wanted to regain her trust. He begged her to talk to him and to not shut him out. Ed said he knew what was going on. He mentioned that Richards's ventilator was turned off deliberately. He told her that she was seen near his room at the time it happened. Michelle stood up and was shocked that he would think that she did it. He was trying to understand why Michelle was asking him so many questions. He told her that Lillian had approached him. Michelle admitted that it wasn't her. Ed knew that it would leave Mel as the responsible person. Michelle explained that she saw Mel flipping the switch on the ventilator alarm. She added that she couldn't report what she saw. Ed was shocked that Mel would do something like this. Michelle asked Ed to call Lillian and ask her to not say anything.

Ed suggested that they talk to Mel. Ed said that whatever they did, they needed to do it together. He wanted to go to the hospital and talk to Mel.

At Cedar's hospital

Dr. Grant (Charles) told Lillian that the technician said the ventilator was working properly. She told him that it was probably switched off. Dr. Grant scolded her because she said nothing. Lillian said she didn't know anything for certain. He reminded her that Richard might have been murdered for his heart. He assured her that the matter would be investigated and there would be consequences.

Outside of Dr. Grant's office, Lillian told Ed and Michelle that there was going to be an investigation. Ed said it was ok. Lillian said they are going to question Michelle first.

Rick's hospital room

Cassie was standing at the doorway and Rick told her to come on in. But Cassie was hesitant. Rick suggested that it was time they talked. Tammy exits. As Cassie enters the hospital room, Rick asked her to have a seat. Rick said he didn't know Richard very well, but he knew what a good and honorable man he was. He wanted to tell Cassie how sorry he was for her loss. Sighing, Cassie said that the best part about Richard was his heart. She said it was strong and kind, and he was a beautiful man. Rick agreed that he thought Richard was a lucky man. Rick wanted to know if she wanted to listen to the heartbeat. She told him that she came in one night when he was sleeping. Rick agreed that it was strange to have Richard's heart. He tried to tell her that he would never take life for granted. Mel enters. She once again thanked Cassie for giving Rick another chance at life. Cassie said she saw Rick's family gathered around him, so she thought another family couldn't be ripped apart. She explained how she told Lillian that Rick was to receive Richard's heart. Cassie exits. Outside of Rick's room, Cassie's tears return. Mel exits.

As she was sitting outside of Rick's room, Felicia enters. Mel explained that Cassie had been there. Felicia said that this just happened. Mel said she was in Richards's room alone and she thought she could turn his ventilator off. She said someone had been there and the ventilator had been turned off. Mel said that Rick couldn't survive knowing that someone turned off the ventilator. She wanted advice from her mom as to how to explain this to Rick. Mel said that Rick was more important to her than the hospital or the law. She hoped this would go away.

While Rick was sleeping, Mel covered him up and said aloud that everything is going to be ok.

At the warehouse

Danny enters. The hired men had poured bourbon down Edmunds throat. Danny took off his jacket and began to roll up his sleeves. Danny said that the steering wheel and the brakes have been adjusted on Edmund's car. Carmen enters. She said it looked like they were having a party and someone forgot to send her an invitation. Carmen wanted to know why they were there. Edmund told Carmen that Danny threatened his life. Carmen said she owned the building and she wasn't leaving. Danny said that Edmund threatened the entire Bauer family. Carmen told Danny that she was proud of him because he now realized how important family was. Carmen said she could always find another lover. Carmen exits. Shaking his head, Danny stared at Edmund. Danny reminded Edmund that when he had him sent away it was a warning. He told Edmund that he will not have his family threatened and he was going to give Edmund one more chance. As Edmund was sitting in the car, Danny said that if he would promise not to pursue Richard's questionable death, he would give him another chance. Edmund said he doesn't care because he had nothing left. He began to talk about how he was nothing in the Winslow family. He was going to make all people know what the Bauer's are. He said, "I hope they all wrought in Hell." Danny started the car. Edmund pleaded for his life.

At the Lewis house

Cassie and Tammy enter. Reva told Cassie she was worried. Reva asked Tammy to go check on the boys. But Cassie said she has to get used to this. Se knows that it wasn't Rick's fault that Richard died. Cassie exits to get something out of the car. Reva had a flashback of turning off the ventilator. Reva went outside to find Cassie crying on the porch. They embraced. Nodding her head, Cassie asked why this had to happen. She felt it wasn't right because her kids have nobody now to go to. Reva wanted to know if she would have wanted Richard to live in pain every minute. Cassie exits.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

At Cedars hospital

Mel brought Jude in to see Rick, but he wasn't in the bed. His gown had been shredded and he left a note. The note said that he wrote his own prescription for fresh air. Mel and Jude joined Rick outside. Rick said he was just breathing fresh air and wondered if Mel would bring him a pizza. He said that the orderly took him outside. Rick is proud of himself since he had his clothes on and was back in the world and out of the hospital bed. Rick talked about how Cassie felt in that Richard would never be home. Mel suggested they have a picnic. But Rick said he wasn't hungry because being with them was perfect. Mel told him that she ran into Dr. Pierce at the vending machine, and he wanted to be informed about how Rick was doing. She said that if Dr. Pierce saw some improvement, Rick might be able to return home. Michelle enters to see Rick and Mel. Michelle exits. Ed enters as Mel covered up Rick with a blanket. Mel told Ed about Dr. Pierce's comment. Mel thanked him for being there. Ed said that Rick had her now and she would never let him down.

Rick wanted to know how he could forget that he had another man's heart beating in his chest. He told Ed that Tammy came to see him earlier, but Cassie couldn't look at him. Rick wondered how he got a chance to live and Richard died. Ed reminded him that he deserved to be there. Mel wanted Rick to return to his room. Rick and Mel exit.

Outside of Dr. Grant's office

Ed enters to find Michelle. Ed wanted to know how she was going to approach the discussion with Dr. Grant. She said she was worried about Mel's medical career. Ed commented that she was not responsible for that and he said that the Bauer family would support her. Ed suggested that she not lie to the Chief of Staff because it is not something that you could tell once. Ed didn't want her to do this because she was not a liar. Ed knew that if she did this she would have to face the consequences. Michelle continued to be concerned about Mel and what it would do Rick. But Ed said that if she lied the truth would probably come out somewhere else. He doesn't want her to sacrifice her medical career. Ed told her that anything she needed it was hers, but he wanted her to promise to think about this. She exits to call Danny. Holley enters. Ed told her that Rick was fine. She said he looked like he was the one that needed comforting. Ed said he was a lame excuse for a father and there was not one thing he can come up to lessen his kids pain. Holley reassured him that being a parent you could only do the best you can do. He told her that Mel could lose everything including her career. She reminded him that AA teaches that a person cannot control everything. As Ed put his hand on Holley's cheek, they hug.

Danny enters. As he was washing his face, he saw Carmen's reflection in the mirror commenting on how he was becoming a true Santos. Michelle enters. She said she would tell Dr. Grant that she never saw Mel near Richard's room. She hoped that Lillian would not say any more. Michelle wanted Danny to teach her the voice that would convince Dr. Grant she was telling the truth. But Danny refused because he didn't want her to become like him. Dr. Grant's assistant told Michelle that he was ready to speak with her. Ed enters. Michelle told Ed what she was going to say to Dr. Grant.

Dr. Grant's office

Michelle enters. He explained to her about the ventilator that was shut down for a period of time even though the machine was working properly. Michelle said that she knew that Lillian told him that she saw her near Richard's room. Dr. Grant asked her if she had any knowledge of anyone shutting off the life support. Ed enters. He said he had to talk to Dr. Grant and that it couldn't wait. Michelle exits. Ed told Dr. Grant that he shut off Richard's life support system.

In Rick's hospital room

Rick told Mel that people are acting strangely. He commented that Lillian was acting distracted. Mel said she was worried about him and trying not to show it. But he commented that Ed and Michelle seem to be worried about something.

At the Warehouse

Edmund kept reiterating about family and the precious Bauer's. He said it was time the Bauer's got their fair share because he had his priority. Danny told him to shut up. But Edmund knew he was a dead man anyway so he continued to wish the Bauer's bad luck. Danny started the engine, and Edmund began to plead for his life. Danny decided that Edmund would be drunk if anyone found him. Terrified, Edmund looked ahead of him to the lake where he could possibly lose his life. Edmund agreed he would do nothing. Carmen entered. Edmund begged her to help him. Danny screamed at Carmen to leave. Carmen said she would stand up for her son first. Danny told the guard to release the hand break. Then, Danny's cell phone rang. He told them to stop while he answered his phone. Michelle told him that the hospital knew about Richard and the ventilator. She told him she was getting ready to talk to Dr. Grant. Danny told her to not say anything until he got there.

He told his guards to leave and told Edmund he was free to go. Carmen was upset and wanted to know what was going on. Carmen told him that he wasn't as tough as she thought. He replied that Edmund doesn't have any power over the Bauer's or him. Danny exits. Edmund was furious to think that Carmen would let him die. Carmen admitted that she had feelings for him, but she would always choose her son over anyone. Carmen said she was glad he was there. Carmen was screaming that he knew who she was when he got involved with her. She knew there would be sacrifices that would have to be made. But Edmund said she couldn't erase what just happened. Carmen wanted him to see something. She opened a box that showed a security camera that recorded everything in the warehouse. Edmund was shocked. Carmen laughed knowing what the Bauer's would think to have seen Danny's bad side. Carmen wanted Edmund's help. Edmund grabbed Carmen by the hair and said he should kill her. But they decided they need each other and began to kiss passionately. Edmund ripped her some of her clothes off. But Edmund stopped and walked away. Furious, Carmen began throwing things.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Reva breaks down and Cassie thanks her for being such a wonderful sister. In the hospital, Ed tells Charles that he is willing to deal with the consequences for ending Richard's life. Charles is skeptical but accepts Ed's confession. Ed explains to Lillian that it was the only thing he could do to help protect his family. He pleads with Lillian to back up his confession. Charles meets with Mel, who admits that Richard's life support was turned off before she got to his room and she kept quiet for selfish reasons. Michelle is upset that Ed took to the blame. Mel is stunned to learn that Ed and Michelle think she is the one who turned off Richard's life support. Tony stops by to speak with Cassie about her loan, but Marah answers the door. Marah is instantly wary about why Tony has come to see her and asks him for an apology. Tony tells her that he hates what he did but he can't change who he is. Reva returns home, unhappy to find Tony there and kicks him out. Later, Charles calls to see Cassie and breaks the news to her that Richard's life support was deliberately turned off. Cassie demands to know who did it and sneaks a look at his file. She storms off to confront Ed and arrives before Mel can refute the claims that Ed and Michelle made against her.

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