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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on GL
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Monday, July 22, 2002

The heart transplant surgeon gives Rick the thumbs-up. His body is not showing any signs of rejecting the donor heart. Mel then lets Rick know that his new heart came from Richard Winslow. This information is confusing and troubles Rick. His concerns are mostly for Cassie. Rick's hand reaches up and traces over the place in his chest where Richard's heart, his heart, is now residing.

Outside of Rick's hospital room, a nurse stops by to tell a watching Cassie that a teenage boy now has his sight back because of her donation of Richard's retinas. Seeing that Rick is alone and asleep, Cassie sneaks into Rick's room and gently lays her cheek to his chest to see if she might discern the sound of her husband's, and now Rick's, beating heart.

Beth is ripping into Phillip over having Harley arrested for trying to take Zach home with her. Phillip draws parallels between when he had to fight to get Lizzie and James away from Edmund and Beth in San Cristobel to keep them safe. This tack is not helping sway Beth one bit, only infuriating her more. Phillip tells Beth he was just as right about keeping his children away from Edmund and he is in keeping Zach away from Gus. Alan walks into the middle of the fireworks and Beth throws her arms up into the air in mock congratulations, telling him he should be thrilled "Alan, you've finally succeeded in cloning yourself!"

At the police station, Gus and Harley can barely believe that the Chief actually intends to follow through with pressing charges against Harley for breaking into the Spaulding mansion. Gus is in hot water also. Once in her jail-cell, Gus tries to comfort Harley. She is not having any of it. She seems almost as frustrated with Gus's attempts to cheer her up as she is livid with Phillip and Alan and the position they have put her in.

Beth tries to get Phillip to see that their fight to protect Zach is with Gus, not Harley. But Phillip disagrees, saying Harley is totally brainwashed, she would have pulled her gun on him to get Zach out of that house if she had had the time and opportunity. Beth begs Phillip to see reason. She tries to apologize for the Alan 'clone' comment - but both she and Phillip know that traces of truth lie there-in.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Harley and Gus wake up in the jail cell when Frank arrives at the station. Harley says she's now at war with Phillip over Zach and she won't lose. Frank informs Harley that Phillip and his butler are pressing charges. Harley knows Phillip is doing this to get her to break up with Gus. Harley asks Gus to tell the truth about what he's hiding from his juvenile record. He says he made a promise and he has to keep it. Harley becomes upset when she finds that he's protecting another girl. Harley and Gus fight about the other girl he is protecting and she asks him to tell the truth about what happened. She asks him if he'll fix and he says he can't, he made a promise and he can't break it. She's upset that he'd choose the other girl over her. They break up. Frank posts Harley's bail, but she's suspended from the force. Harley tells Frank that Gus is moving out. He tells her he thinks it's a good thing. She tells Frank what is in Gus's juvenile record and about the other girl, she feels she'll never be first in any man's life. She tells Frank she will never abandon her kids like she and Frank were. Harley arrives home just as Gus is moving out. He tells her she's still his favorite and she tells him goodbye.

Beth walks in on Phillip and Zach and asks Phillip if he's calmed down since the night before. Phillip insists he's right to keep Zach from Harley and can't believe she doesn't understand and is siding with Harley. Beth tells him she's been in Harley's shoes when Phillip kept their kids from her when she was in San Cristobel. She tells Phillip that she doesn't believe Gus would hurt Zach or Harley and Phillip is risking everything over this issue of pride. He doesn't understand and she tells him they are still on shaky ground. Meanwhile, Olivia is listening from the hall.

Edmund grieves over Richard's death and tells Carmen about his suspicions that the respirator was tampered with. He implies that a Bauer did it so Rick could have Richard's heart. Edmund vows revenge over Richard's death.

Michelle and Danny discuss Richard's funeral, Michelle wonders if Mel should go, still concerned over seeing Mel in Richard's room. Danny tells her Mel is a doctor and could have had many reasons for being there. Later she tells Danny he was right, that even if Mel did turn off the machine, telling so now wouldn't help anyone and agrees to let it go.

Beth tries to convince Phillip not to go after Harley. She tells him it's not just Harley that is being affected. Phillip makes plans to take Zach out of Springfield. Since Harley has been arrested, he doesn't need her permission. Phillip tells Olivia he's leaving town with Zach. Olivia wants to know if Beth is going along, he tells her no she refuses. Olivia sets up a meeting with Bill Lewis, but won't tell him what it's about. Beth accuses Olivia of sending Bill Lewis to Texas after her when she went to try to find out about her past as Lorelei. Olivia admits to Beth that she feels threatened by her and that everyone in the house has let her know how she pales in comparison to Beth. Olivia tells Beth that the diary was stolen, not shredded. Beth is furious and tells Olivia if she felt threatened before, she better watch out.

Lillian gets the report she requested from the technician. The machine in Richard's room was tampered with. Someone manually turned the machine off.

Rick struggles with guilt over receiving Richard's heart and the loss Cassie and her children are suffering.

Edmund infers to Danny that Rick should keep an eye on his medical equipment, there seems to be trouble with the hospital machines. Danny tells Edmund to back off or he'll be sorry. Edmund goes to the hospital to try to learn more about Richard's death. The technician tells him that someone had to have turned off the respirator it was not a technical problem with the machine.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Rick's hospital room

Mel and Ed are talking about how good Rick's recovery is going. Michelle reminded them that Rick probably needed some rest. Rick woke up and said he is tired but it feels good to see everyone. He wanted to know why everyone is dressed up. Michelle told him that it is Richard's funeral today. Ed wanted Rick to remember that Richard died because of an accident, and he didn't take that heart away from Richard. Ed exits. Michelle had another flashback of seeing Mel.

As Ed stood outside of Rick's room, Michelle enters. She told him that Rick was asking for him because he is writing a letter to Cassie. Michelle enters. She asked Ed what was wrong. Now Ed is curious as to the questions she asked before about ethics. Michelle wanted to know why he is asking her questions. Ed wanted her to promise him that if she had to tell him anything that she would tell him.

Rick was trying to write Cassie a letter with Mel's help. But she suggested that he wait until he was better. Tammy enters. Rick asked her to come in. Mel and Michelle exit. Tammy sat beside of Rick's bed. Rick told her he was sorry about Richard. Tammy's focus was on Rick's chest. Tammy said she was glad he was alive. Rick promised her he would never take his heart for granted. He said he would earn this heart and hoped she would be around to help him. Tammy wanted to feel his heart beat. She put her hand on Rick's chest to feel it beating. Rick reminded her that Richard loved her. She put her head on Rick's chest.

Danny and Michelle are talking outside of Rick's room. She told Danny about Ed's concerns. She felt that Ed might suspect something. She said that she couldn't lie if someone asked her any questions.

At Inferno

Carmen wanted to know if Edmund had found out anything about Richard's death. He told her what he found out about the ventilator and that someone pulled the plug on Richard. Edmund said that one of the Bauer's probably did it. Danny and Tony enter. Danny told Tony to watch his hack when he in the presence of Edmund and Carmen. Carmen enters the office. She told Danny that she ran into a couple of investors. She said they mentioned there was a problem with one of his clients. Carmen exits. Danny told Tony that it never ends with her. Tony told Danny that he had heard the investors are not getting their cut. Tony reminded him that his position could be threatened. Danny began to look at the books and went through the clients. He looked at the Winslow account, but Tony said he could handle it. Danny said he would handle it.

Lillian wanted to talk to Ed about something. She showed him the printout from the ventilator and said there is a gap. She knew that someone turned it off. But Ed doesn't know what to say or how to explain it, and he cannot figure out who would do something like that. Lillian told Ed that when she walked in the room, she saw Mel. Ed begged her to not speak to anyone yet. He wanted to try to figure out what he is going to do. Lillian said she would give him another day.

Carmen walked in the office to talk to Tony. Carmen told Tony that she knew that he has heard the same rumblings. Carmen wanted to remind him that he has future. Carmen exits.

At the Lewis house

Reva is reading who was coming in for Richards's funeral from St. Cristobel. She showed Josh the list. Reva said she kept thinking about how happy Cassie was. Josh reminded her that she didn't cause that car accident and she did what Richard asked her to do. Reva decided that she had to tell Cassie when she could find a right time.

As Cassie was sleeping, she had a flashback of Richard making love to her. She woke up to see Will beside her. Cassie asked Reva if they have seen Tammy. Reva said that Tammy went out to do something she needed to do. Josh offered to help Cassie carry the box, but Cassie said it was some of Richard's things she needed to go through. Cassie found a book of poems that Richard had written and was hoping she could find something to read at the service. Edmund enters. Josh and Reva exit. Cassie told Edmund that she knew why he was there because he wanted to come to the funeral service. Cassie apologized for not calling him. Edmund wanted Cassie to let him attend the funeral to honor his brother. Cassie agreed. Edmund also informed her that someone had taken matters into their own hands. He told her that Richard's heart beats in Rick's body, but he wondered how far someone would go to take that heart. He told her that someone took Richard before his time. He explained that he talked to someone at the hospital, but Cassie didn't believe him. She told him to leave and to not show his face at Richard's funeral.

Cassie continued to try to go through Richard's things. Breaking down in tears, she found an envelope addressed to her. When she opened it, she found a letter from Richard.

Reva attempted to write the eulogy. Josh tried to convince her that she did the right thing. Crying, Reva told Josh how he had supported her, but there were times she saw the look in his eyes. Josh admitted that he is tying to work it out in his own mind. Josh said he was angry with Richard for putting her in this position. But Reva said she needed to continue to honor his wishes. She knew that she couldn't explain this to Cassie.

At the Beacon Hotel

As Cassie is standing in the hotel, Danny enters. Cassie thanked Danny because she knew she was behind on her payments. Danny told her not to worry about it. Cassie offered her bracelet, but Danny refused. He told her not to worry about it right now. Danny exits. Cassie sat down on the steps and opened the envelope. The letter explained that Richard had been a fool since he had kept something from her. He apologized in the letter because he felt it best to wait and bring the gift to her feet. He stated in the letter that he hoped she could forgive him as they walk together in the future. With the letter to her face, she wiped away the tears. She then held the letter to her heart.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

At the Church

Drums are playing as the armored guards began to shoulder their weapons. The flag of St. Cristobel is placed beside of Richard's casket. His picture is uncovered displayed on top of the casket. Blake and Ross enter. Blake told Harley that it so wrong that Richard died since it has not been long since Cassie lost Hart. Blake asked Harley where Gus was, but Harley turned away without answering. Ross found the letter indicating that Harley was released on bail. Harley explained what happened when she tried to get Zach away from Phillip.

Josh and Bill greeted Reverend Rutledge at the door of the church. Josh introduced Alonzo as the royal highness of St. Cristobel. Alonzo asked to speak with Josh. He said he brought someone with him. Dax enters. Dax explained how long he had known Richard and he wanted to pay his respects. Cassie enters. Alonzo said that the day was a day of morning in St. Cristobel. Dax and Alonzo exit to go inside of the church. Olivia told Cassie she has her deepest sympathy. She told Cassie that she meant everything to Richard. The Reverend told Cassie they can begin when she is ready. Reva told Cassie to go in after the armored guards. The drums began to sound and the bagpipes were playing. Tears streamed down Cassie's face as she watched. Cassie and Tammy walked behind the guards as they entered the church. Slowly Cassie and Tammy stood in front of the casket as the music continued. The Reverend began the sermon. They begin with the Lord's Prayer. Danny and Michelle enter. They sang one of Richard's favorite hymns. Josh was the first person to pay his respects. Josh explained about the book he had which was Richards book of poem he had written. Josh said that Richard knew what was important in life and he was a wise man at the age of 14. Josh read a poem from the book.

Ed was the next person to speak. He continued by saying that Richard gave his family a miraculous gift. He read the letter that Rick wrote to Cassie, Tammy, and Will. Rick wanted them to know that his family will support Richard's family in any way they can. Tammy wanted to speak. She said that Richard was the dad that she always wanted. She read something from Dr. Seuss that Richard used to read to her when she was little. Tammy said her dad never gave up and he was the best of the best. She commented that Richard taught her how to be human. Cassie hugged her.

Alonzo spoke next. He said that he would miss his brother. Danny exits to make a phone call. He called Tony to let him know they had a problem and needed his help.

Reva began the eulogy. She started by saying how much she loved Richard and Cassie. Reva addressed Tammy and what she said about Richard teaching her to be human. Reva agreed that his was a good lesson to learn. She said that Richard was the person they could turn to. He always knew what to do and Reva knew everyone could rely on him. Reva told Cassie that Richard loved her more than life itself. But Reva broke down and told Cassie that all Richard was worried about was her. Reva apologized and turned away because she couldn't finish.

At the Bauer house

Edmund enters. Danny told him that he doesn't have time because he is going to a funeral. Edmund insisted that they are not going to the funeral home. Edmund told him that one of the Bauer's took Richard's life and they belong in prison. Danny told him that he is barking up the wrong tree, but Edmund continued to tell him that he knew that someone turned off the ventilator. Danny wanted to know how much Edmund wanted to forget this happened. But Edmund said it wasn't about money. Edmund said he would get revenge and someone would pay with his or her life. Edmund exits. Michelle and Ed enter. Danny told Michelle to wait for him in the car because he had to make a phone call. But Michelle suggested they leave.

At the cemetery

Edmund walked around the headstone and promised Richard that they will pay for this. He promised Richard he was up to this task and would relish it.


At the Lewis house

Josh asked Reva if she is still working on the eulogy. Josh told revs to bring Cassie when they were ready. Josh and Bill exit. Cassie slowly walked down the steps and saw Tammy. Reva wanted to know if Cassie was ok. Reva told Cassie that maybe she wasn't the right person to do the eulogy, but Cassie insisted that she do it.

Hotel room

Gus is taking the air out of his life-size doll. He heard a knock at the door and quickly hid the doll. When he opened the door, he found Marina. She wanted to know if he and Harley broke up. Marina wanted him to tell her what happened. He told Marina that he let Harley down. Marina yelled at him for letting it come to this. Marina said she wanted to help him find out where he got off track. Gus said his past had come to bite him in the butt. Marina wanted to know what she could do to help. Gus suggested she go be with Harley. Marina told him he was a coward. Marina exits.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Reva sobs, unable to continue her eulogy. Josh embraces her and urges her to be strong for Richard. She pulls herself together and shakily finishes speaking. Outside in the rain, the reverend reads a prayer over Richard's grave. Tammy and Cassie tearfully say their final goodbyes to the casket. Reva prays that she did the right thing. A tormented Gus recalls a promise he made as a child. Harley reaches out to him and proposes they lean on each other for the day. They attend the funeral reception together. Frank tells Harley that Phillip has no intention of dropping the charges against her. Alan gives Cassie a generous donation for the museum.

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