All My Children Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on AMC

After hearing that Vanessa had died, Leo was shocked to see her open her eyes. Greenlee teamed up with Kendall. Maggie and Tim faced a growing attraction to each other. Edmund learned that Brooke had been searching for Maria. Adam severed his brake lines in an attempt to incriminate Liza.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, July 29, 2002

At the hospital, Mia was shocked to see Frank Hubbard. "It can't be. I never thought I'd see you again," she whispered. Misunderstanding, Frank explained that he really was a doctor and joked that if she needed any medical attention, he was her man. "What's up with you, Rocky?" he asked her, but Mia quickly demanded that he never call her that again. Apologizing, she explained that she wasn't the same person that he had known and that she had changed. Frank agreed that he had changed as well but acknowledged the fact that she was a great boxer and punched bags harder than most guys. He asked how her uncle was and Mia quickly responded that he was dead. After a few seconds of silence, they agreed to go out for a coffee but when Frank went to put his arm around her shoulders and leave, she backed away. He quickly apologized, remembering that there weren't "there" anymore and asked her if she was as angry now as she had been then. Uncomfortable, Mia assured him she wasn't and turned to lead the way.

At Sounds of Salsa, Mia and Frank caught up on each other's lives. Obviously uncomfortable, Mia told Frank that she had been a physical therapist at the hospital then had left to take care of her sister. Frank was shocked that she had a sister and even more so when he found out it was Liza. Mia asked him why he wasn't in the film business anymore, but Frank only replied that "dreams change" and that life doesn't always turn out the way you plan. Mia only nodded in agreement. Smiling, Frank asked why she didn't have a wedding ring on her finger and Mia replied that she wasn't married. She told him that she was living with Liza at the Chandler mansion. Frank wondered if she had "dumped" him because the lure of the Chandler fortune was too enticing. Hurt, Mia told him that she hadn't dumped him and that he seemed angry. Frank explained that she had left him high and dry without any warning and Mia responded that this was because their relationship had gotten "too wild." Frank wondered why she hadn't clued him into that but Mia didn't respond and he asked her again why she left. Suddenly, a young boy called out to his mother in the café and Mia, visibly shaken, spilled her coffee on the table. Laughing, Frank helped her clean it up and asked her to remember a time when they went out for dinner when a group of children at a nearby table had an impromptu fry fight. Mia remembered that he was angry at the children and that he didn't like them. Frank replied that he used to think that anyone who brought "rug rats" into the world were "criminally negligent" but that he wasn't the same "angry film guy with a camera." He assured her that he had changed from his "party-hard ways" and laughed as he thought about Jake Martin finding out how he used to be in the past. Quietly, Mia leaned in closer and assured him that he didn't have to find out, reasoning that they could solve their issues by pretending that they didn't even know each other. She suggested that they could have "clean slates" and reminded him of how many questions they would be asked if anyone found out they once dated. Extending his hand, Frank 'introduced' himself to Mia. Suddenly, his pager went off and he stood to leave. He offered to pay the bill but Mia assured him that she would take it and welcomed him back to Pine Valley. Frank wondered if they would see each other again and Mia quietly stated that she was sure they would.

Tad informed a disappointed Liza that there were no images on the security tapes and that there probably wasn't any way of retrieving them. Liza berated herself for underestimating Adam's ability to cover his tracks. Tad rehashed the story Adam had told her about the cufflink and Liza stated that she had not mistakenly heard him say "pen" instead. Upset, Liza wondered if she really was going crazy but Tad replied that this was not the case and reminded her that Adam had done the same thing to Dixie. Liza stated that her whole life with Adam had been a "lie" because he only wanted Colby but vowed that he would not get her. She remembered the time Adam had looked in her eyes and told her that she was him and he was her. "He's about to find out just how right he was," she declared. She reasoned that she would continue pretending to be crazy and hope that she could capture Adam's antics on tape. Tad replied that her strategy was "very dangerous" but Liza only stated that she would die before she gave up her daughter. Sighing, Tad reasoned that Adam was her father and he wouldn't give up easily. Liza acknowledged this and admitted to Tad that she regretted siphoning off the money from Chandler Enterprises but that it was her safety net from Adam. Tad reminded her that his style of fighting was lethal but Liza only stated that he was going to lose this battle. As he enveloped her in a hug, Tad vowed to stand by her. "Never at a lose for a shoulder to cry on, are you Tad?" Edmund asked, as he walked in the house. Liza left and, once alone, Edmund demanded to know where Brooke was. Tad replied that he didn't know where she was but Edmund didn't believe him. He told him that whenever she went missing he found her "holed up with (him)." Tad decided to let Edmund's snide remarks go and assured him that he didn't know where she was. Edmund kept pressing him and told him that if he was a real friend to Brooke, he would stop ruining her life. Finally, Tad exclaimed that Brooke was out trying to protect her future husband and their life together. Edmund asked Tad what he meant by that but Tad would not go any further into the discussion. He told him that Brooke loved him and that he was not trying to take her from him. Edmund was unsure but Tad assured him that she couldn't stand in for Dixie, the way he couldn't stand in for Edmund in his relationship. Edmund calmed down and told Tad to call him if he heard anything and left. Alone, Tad called the private investigator and learned that Brooke had found out Maureen Gorman used her credit card in Nevada. As he hung up, Tad hoped that Brooke would be back quickly.

At the Chandler mansion, Barry was shocked to hear about Adam's plan to convince Liza that she was going crazy. He reasoned that Liza would have confronted Adam had she found out, but Adam only replied that she was too smart for that. Confused, Barry asked Adam what he wanted him to do and Adam's eyes lit up. "By the end of the week, I want you to have Liza committed to Oak Haven and I want to be awarded full custody," he demanded. He reminded him that he had been down this path before but Adam didn't think "that little thing with Dixie" was the same. Barry reasoned that asylum doctors and authorities may notice a pattern and stop his plans but Adam stated that he had been married to several women who didn't need Oak Haven. He became quiet as he explained to Barry that he loved her with all of his heart and she had deceived him. Barry reasoned that the brain tumor may have had something to do with it but Adam replied that she had begun scheming back in 1999 and that doctors told him that she would have been dead had her tumor started them. Shaking his head, Barry told him that insane asylums weren't "hotels" and that she couldn't just be checked in - she needed to be a real danger to society. Adam thundered that she was "running around the house shredding up (his) clothes" but Barry corrected him and told him that she wasn't the culprit, he was. Suddenly, Adam quieted and declared that she was trying to kill him and that he was going to prove it. He reasoned that a judge wouldn't award custody to a "homicidal maniac" but Barry wasn't so sure that he could pull it off. He asked to know the details but Adam replied that it was in his better interest that he be left in the dark. Before they could continue, Liza walked into the office. Suddenly cheerful, Adam asked his wife how the doctor's appointment went and Liza admitted that she couldn't remember so everything must be fine. Adam hugged her and stated that he would call Dr. Greenberg later for a "full report" and assured her that he would "take care of everything." Liza announced that she had "good news" and Barry decided to show himself out. Liza wondered if something had happened at the office but Adam assured her that Barry just liked to "drop by sometimes." Smiling, Liza announced that she was taking Colby away. She explained to a shocked Adam that she wanted to take her to England for a few weeks to rest at the cottage. As he forced a smile, Adam agreed that it was a wonderful idea and told her he would clear his calendar. Liza assured him that he could meet up with them along the way but Adam only stated that he didn't want to ever let her out of his sight. As they sat down on the couch, Adam praised her for thinking of the cottage and Liza admitted that she felt at peace there. He remembered buying the 400 year-old cottage and the pair reminisced about the first time they visited it. With genuine emotion, Adam told his wife that, upon seeing her walk in the doorway through the mist, he had fallen in love with her all over again. With a sincere and wistful

Maria faced Brooke and acknowledged her as the woman who fainted at the hotel. Brooke only nodded. Suddenly, Maria became agitated and asked her why she was following her. "Don't you know who I am?" Brooke asked. Maria told her she didn't and when Brooke asked if they could speak somewhere private, Maria refused and walked away. Brooke followed her and stated her name but Maria told her she had never heard of her. Suddenly, Maria asked if "that guy that was with (her) at the hotel" was there but Brooke assured her that he had gone home. "And where is that?" Maria asked, obviously agitated. Quietly, Brooke told her not to be afraid and suggested that she might know who she was. Angry, Maria stormed away and told her she had better things to do with her time. Brooke chased after her and announced that the man she had been with earlier had gone home to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania but Maria still didn't know what she was talking about. Finally, Brooke asked her if she remembered being in an accident. Slowly, Maria turned around and admitted that she did and that it was "incredibly painful." She recounted an event that happened to her when she was in the third grade. Brooke asked if this happened in Texas but Maria hastily replied that she was born in Northern California. Quickly, Brooke as her in which town and when but Maria refused to answer any more of her questions. Again, Brooke stated her name and explained that she was the editor of Tempo Magazine. Confused, Maria asked her if she was doing some reporting for a story but Brooke assured her that she was there on a personal level and explained that she was trying to find someone named Maria Santos Grey. "MG, like your initials," she explained. Frustrated, Maria declared that she had a friend named Molly Gallagher and wondered if she wanted to "stalk her too." Before Brooke could reply, Maria demanded that she leave or she would call the police. Brooke told her that wouldn't be necessary and assured her that she wouldn't follow her anymore. Sighing, Maria told her she hoped she found this "Texas woman" but asked her to look somewhere else.

Edmund arrived at Mateo's bar and his phone immediately rang. With a wavering voice, Brooke quickly explained that she was sorry for running out on him but that she had to meet a contact in secret. Edmund told her he wouldn't ask her anything more about it and she quickly replied that she loved him. Before he could say anything, Brooke hung up.

Alone in her hotel room, Brooke thought aloud to herself. She reasoned that everyone has a double and remembered Ted Orsini. She rehashed her conversation with Maria and, frustrated, picked up the lamp and hurled it across the room before collapsing in tears.

At the hospital in Nevada, Maria found a secluded spot and phoned David Hayward. She explained that "the woman" who had been following her had reappeared but he didn't reply. "David," she hissed, "what do you want me to do?"

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

A distraught Brooke takes out her anger on Tad. She starts to talk about her daughter, Laura, being killed by the drunk driver and that the knot that was always in her stomach for some long is coming back. She is breaking down. She tells Tad that the only time she felt safe was when Edmund he told her he loved her BEFORE he married Maria and she gave it all up for Tad. She breaks down and blames Tad for the sad life. She feels like she sacrificed everything to do the right thing. If she had stayed with Edmund she would be happy today. She tells Tad that she had to make sure she knew the truth about Maureen Gorman and that she thinks Maria is alive. Tad reacts with skepticism. Brooke admits that the private investigator told her he found her. Tad still thinks that this is just someone who looks like Maria. Brooke told he that he confronted her but she denied knowing her or anything. Brooke doesn't think that Maria/Maureen was being honest with her. Brooke also admits to Tad that she saw Maria before at the hotel. Tad tells her that she has to drop this or it will drive her crazy. He decides to go find Maureen Gorman himself. Brooke tells him she can't lose Edmund again. He asks her where she is and she tells him. Tad leaves to go find her.

David tells Anna that he is very grateful for her helping Leo. Anna thinks that Leo is still mad at her for taking him in for question but David thinks he is just enjoying his time with Greenlee. David reassures her that she did what she had to do and should live by her own rules. Anna tells David that she likes the fact that he lives by his own rules.

A distressed Kendall runs into Palmer in the park just as the police arrive behind her. She tells them that she was getting a sip of water when they towed her car. Since all of her belongings were in there she is extremely upset. She also admits that she is living in her car. Opal walks up and tells Palmer not to believe a word she is saying. Opal bets the story is a fake and the police officer is a hired actor to help her. Palmer calls her on her bet. He tells her if she loses the bet she'll have to give her his house back. She laughs it off but Palmer tells her that she'll have to apologize to Kendall. Opal is appalled at the thought of it. Opal backs down as Palmer pays her fine. Kendall thanks him profusely and leaves to go get her car. After dismissing Petey and his nanny, Opal approaches Palmer again to tell him that Kendall is just playing him. He tells her that he is aware of it but he likes her because Kendall reminded him of himself. Opal questions why he is doing this and tries to tell him that this will hurt Petey. She informs him that he was expelled from day camp for wrestling a girl and he is acting up all the time. She thinks Petey needs Palmer's attention but Palmer thinks that Opal smothers him. Just then Kendall walks up to tell them that she knows Petey is a sweet kid. Opal gets defensive but is interrupted by Petey's nanny screaming that he just hit her with a water balloon. The nanny refers to Petey as a problem but Opal denies it. Kendall offers to take Petey away while they talk but Opal is aghast. Palmer encourages it but Opal is horrified. As Opal threatens custody changes again Palmer tells her that the nanny that just left was highly recommended and where were they going to find someone that can handle Petey. Just them they overhear Petey and Kendall laughing and Petey saying "You're the best, Kendall." Palmer wants to hire Kendall as Petey's nanny. Opal is thrown for a loop but realizes that she has to give into him or he'll take her back to court. Palmer smirks as Opal slumps in defeat.

Back in their hotel room, Anna and David cuddle in bed. Anna tells David a story the mother told her when she was young. The story was about when her mother realized she was truly in love with her father. Anna sits up and admits to David that she stopped taking her birth control and she thinks she's ovulating. David smiles as they both realize they may have just conceived a child. David already starts talking about his son as they share a touching moment. David asks her why she decided to stop taking her pills and she tells him that when he was willing to divorce her to save he career she knew she loved him. They embrace. David's cell phone rings. It's Maria asking if he can talk. David tells Maria/Maureen that she has to leave Nevada right now - her life depends on it. She questions him about Brooke and what she told her but David tells her that it's all a lie and she has to move on. David asks that her if she did what he told her and she says yes. Just then Edmund knocks on their door and tells Anna he has official business he needs to talk to her about. While Maria/Maureen waits on the other end of David's cell phone Edmund tells Anna he needs her help with a situation in Nevada. David interrupts and tells him that he does not want his wife helping. David gets very angry, as Anna and Edmund look stunned. On the other side of the fence Petey tells Kendall to "cough it up" as she hands him money. She tells him great touch with the water balloon. She admits to him that he is a lot like his father. As he takes her payment Kendall looks over at Palmer and Opal.

At her hotel room, someone knocks on the door. As she calls out to Tad she opens the door to find Edmund standing here. Edmund tells her he knows everything and that he is furious that she kept this all from him. He storms out telling Brooke that he is going to look for the only woman he ever loved - Maria. Just then Brooke is jolted awake - it was a nightmare. She says to herself "It can't be Maria, it just can't."

At the hospital Tad asks for Maureen Gorman. The receptionist points her out and Tad says, "I don't believe this!" and calls to Maria.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

JR and a girl were at Tad's house alone. JR was drinking beer and the girl seemed nervous. He showed her the jukebox and he picked out a slow song. He asked her to dance and she reluctantly agreed. She asked if his friends were coming and JR replied "Maybe, maybe not." She became visibly nervous while JR moved in closer. Outside the door Tim, Maggie and Bianca were walking up the sidewalk and talking. They heard a girl scream "Get off me!" and Tim rushed inside with the girls following. They found JR looking very guilty and the girl looking very scared. Bianca rushed to the girl and said "Lori, are you alright?" JR said he was just trying to show Lori some dance moves but she said she wasn't as fast as JR was. She then pointed out that JR spilled his beer on her and her dad would kill her if he smelled alcohol on her. JR got upset and ran out and Tim followed him. Maggie and Bianca stayed with Lori. They sat down after doing their best to clean Lori's clothes. Maggie asked Lori to give JR some slack, considering what he's been through. Lori agreed as long as JR backed off a bit. Bianca suggested Lori go check her makeup and she left for the bathroom. Bianca and Maggie talked, and Bianca went on about how great Tim was tonight, rushing in to help even though he's barely recovered from surgery. Maggie reluctantly agreed. Bianca told her to admit it, she was attracted to Tim. Maggie just looked at Bianca and smiled.

Tim and JR went to the boathouse to talk. JR said he doesn't have any friends now that he's off drugs, most of the good kids in town aren't allowed to associate with him because of his reputation. Tim thought that being Adam's kid would open doors but JR said it just helps if the parents want a job or need a stock tip. JR was bummed about messing up with Lori but Tim said he had a plan and thought that Lori was still possible for JR. He told JR to apologize to Lori for going too fast and admit he was being a jerk. JR didn't think it would help but agreed to do it. They talked a little more and then the 3 girls arrived. JR went up to Lori and said he was sorry for being such a jerk. Lori accepted the apology and told him next time to ask before touching. JR said he could do that and they joined the rest of the group. Bianca said she was starving and suggested a food run. They all agreed but she said she only had enough room in the car for 4. She told JR and Lori to come with her so she could "chaperone" and got Maggie and Tim to stay there alone. After they left Tim said it was obvious that Bianca was trying to get them alone together and that it must have been Maggie's idea. She asked why and Tim said it was because she wants him. Maggie laughed at him and said she didn't arranged this with Bianca. Tim said JR told him that Maggie is a major ice queen because she'd refused to go out on a date with anyone who'd asked. They joked about pick up lines and Maggie said if she wants a guy she just looks him straight in the eye and measures the heat. Tim played along and they ended up in a passionate kiss. Tim pulled back and said her technique was very effective.

At SOS Bianca, JR and Lori discussed what food to order. Bianca told JR to pick something, she wasn't all that hungry. JR laughed as he realized the food run was a trick to leave Maggie and Tim alone. He wondered if it was Maggie's idea and Bianca said no, it was all her own idea. They picked up the food and went back to the boathouse where Bianca saw Maggie and Tim cuddle and flirt.

Brooke was alone in the Nevada motel room yelling at the heavens. She asked over and over why this was happening to her, why wasn't she allowed any happiness. She got very angry and yelled at God "Bring on your worst, I can take it!." She said she wouldn't let Edmund go without a fight because he's her last chance at happiness. Brooke stood in front of the mirror and said she should've let this alone and thought of herself first for a change. She promised God that she'd do anything to keep Edmund. She said she'd sell her soul to let Maria stay dead and buried.

Tad went to the hospital to look for Maureen Gorman. He was pointed towards a woman and he ran to her. She looked a little like Maria but was definitely not Maria Santos-Grey. Tad asked if she was Maureen Gorman and she said yes. Around the corner Maria/Maureen listened. The fake Maureen got angry with Tad and said she had already been harassed by someone who thought she was Maria. Tad studied her face and said it wasn't possible, she couldn't be Maureen Gorman. The woman said she'd call the cops if Tad didn't leave her alone. Tad asked for some identification and the woman handed him an ID card. She said that Brooke seemed to be on the verge of a break down and suggested they give up their search as she was the only Maureen Gorman they were going to find. Tad left and the fake Maureen spoke with Maria/Maureen. They think Tad bought the story. Maria tried to pay her friend for helping her but she refused. Maria said she didn't believe that "those Pine Valley people" are out of her life. Tad returned to Brooke's motel room and told her he had spoken with "Maureen Gorman" and she was positively not Maria. Brooke was stunned. He went on to say that Maureen was not a dead ringer for Maria, there were just a few similarities. Brooke tried to believe Tad but remembered seeing Maria's face when they spoke. She asked Tad how he knew for sure and he said nobody can change that much. He also admitted that he asked for the woman's ID. Tad told Brooke that her heart is playing mean tricks on her. Brooke screamed at him "Are you sure?." They sat down and Tad told her to believe in reality, not her fears. She asked if she made a mistake and Tad told her yes and that she should go home and put it behind her. Brooke said her prayers had been answered finally. She told Tad that he slayed her demons and she is finally free. Tad told her to call Edmund so she picked up the phone. Edmund answered and Brooke told him she was coming home first thing in the morning. She said when she got home she'd explain everything. Edmund said he hoped he could understand. When they hung up Tad asked Brooke exactly how she was going to explain this to Edmund. She said she was not going to tell him that she thought she found Maria. Tad went to check them out of the motel so they could leave first thing in the morning. She said out loud "Tad, you've never met Maria. She's still out there."

David didn't want to leave Anna and Edmund alone so Edmund agreed to speak in front of David. He told Anna that he needed to know what Tad and Brooke are up to and wanted her help. He explained the situation and David said this mess sounded like a one way trip to misery. Edmund asked David what he knew of it. David denied knowing anything but said he wants Edmund and Brooke to be happy. He said he had been in a triangle with Tad and that Tad craves drama. Edmund said Brooke and Tad aren't having an affair, it's something else. Anna said she would help and they talked about what she could do while David answered his phone. It was Maureen/Maria and Anna wanted to know who it was. David said it was a former patient and he went into the hallway to talk. Maureen told him the plan worked but this time it was Tad who was checking on her. David said it sounded like they were in the clear. Maureen wondered who Tad and Brooke were, "they seem to care about this Maria." David told her not to them the Pine Valley people get closer and said he was the only person she could trust. He told her it was time to move on without a trace and hung up. He joined Anna and Edmund. Anna told Edmund she hoped things turned out well for him. Edmund left and David ordered Anna to cancel any strings she had pulled for Edmund because it wasn't good for her career. She refused and said she would do whatever she could to make the Grey family whole again. He argued with her but neither would give in. She asked what they were doing before Edmund arrived. David reminded her that they were trying to increase their chances of conception. They smiled and hugged.

Maureen/Maria was in her room. She remembered the conversation she had with Brooke earlier. The name "Maria" kept repeating itself in her head, over and over. She fell asleep but began having nightmares. She heard Brooke's voice say "I'll come back for you, I promise." She woke up very frightened.

Edmund received a call from one of Anna's associates. He was told that Tad and Brooke were checked in together at a motel in Nevada. After he hung up he wondered what keeps drawing Brooke to Nevada.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Kendall plies Petey with milkshakes at SOS instead of taking him to the park like a good nanny should. Erica saunters in accompanied by Aidan and when she sees Kendall and Petey she can't resist sticking her nose into their business. When she asks how appropriate it is to bring a child into a bar, Petey explains that he had an upset tummy and Kendall brought him in for ginger ale. Erica doesn't buy the nanny charade and threatens Kendall that she is going to tell Palmer all about her shenanigans.

When Palmer comes in, Erica pulls him aside. Palmer lets Erica know that he is on to Kendall, but he likes her. He calls her a *scrapper*. Erica says it is a huge mistake to hire Kendall and comments that this must be driving Opal crazy. Palmer says that is just a fringe benefit.

Leo and Greenlee are greeted at the airport by Anna, but she is there for official reasons. Anna informs Leo she must take him to the DA's office for questioning. Anna expects Leo and Greenlee to be angry, but they are just happy that they were able to have a honeymoon in New York City. Greenlee tells Leo to go ahead with Anna and that she will take a cab home.

When Greenlee arrives at the loft, she finds Simone there. Simone says she is there to get the mail and water the plants. Greenlee is livid and demands her key back. Simone tries to explain that she can't undo the damage she's done, but she'll do anything to regain their friendship. Greenlee responds that Simone is as dead to her as Roger is. Greenlee then gives Simone 24 hours to move out of her apartment. Simone says that Roger was desperate for the book deal money and that he used her. Greenlee isn't about to listen. She has no sympathy for Simone's whining and calls her a lying, using, ungrateful traitor. When Simone leaves, a reporter comes to the door asking if Greenlee has a response to his newspaper article. The article calls Greenlee's wedding a PR disaster for her company. It talks about how people were dodging bullets and how the new cosmetics line will be called "Death Becomes Her." Greenlee storms out of the apartment.

When Leo arrives at Jackson's office, he immediately begins looking for hidden cameras. Jack tells him it's all right. Jackson then admits they followed Leo and Greenlee to New York. Leo is angry and can't believe the lengths the DA will go to. Leo tells Jackson in no uncertain terms that he wants his life back. Leo admits that sometimes he wishes his mother was dead. Anna comes in with a note for Jackson. As soon as Jack reads the note, Anna asks if she should take Leo. Jack says yes.

At Oak Haven, Vanessa lies in a catatonic state. Trey comes in and orders her to tell him where she's stashed her millions or she dies. He picks up a pillow and holds it over her face, then asks the question again. A doctor comes in and asks what Trey is doing there. Trey says he is just making his client comfortable, as he fluffs her pillow. The doctor tells Trey that Vanessa's recovery is unlikely. When the doctor leaves, to take Vanessa for tests, Trey is so frustrated, he starts trashing the room. He is caught by Candy Striper Maggie. He explains to her that he feels responsible for Vanessa's condition. If he had been a better lawyer, she never would have ended up at Oak Haven, and therefore never would have been kidnapped and forced to Leo's wedding disaster which led to her complete mental breakdown. Maggie has no sympathy for the woman who killed her twin sister. Trey forgot about this piece of information and empathizes with how Maggie must feel. Soon, Maggie starts to feel for him in return and helps him straighten the room.

After Vanessa is brought back to the room, her monitors become irregular. Shortly after she goes into full arrest as the nurse calls a Code Blue. Trey, who is waiting outside with Maggie, yells in, "Don't let her die!" Anna brings Leo to Oak Haven. At 12:35pm, the doctor pronounces that Vanessa is dead.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Brooke's flight home from Nevada arrived at the airport. She was surprised to see Edmund waiting for her. She was very glad to see him. He was somewhat peeved with her because he believed she had lied to him once more. He told Brooke he knew everything so Brooke assumed he knew about Maria. He wanted to clear the air and firmly told Brooke they would talk at home in private. However, when they got into Edmund's car at the airport he demanded to know what she was hiding from him. Brooke confessed she was afraid of losing him. The tension rising, Edmund again demanded why Brooke was seeing Tad in Nevada. Brooke shouted at Edmund that Tad was helping her. With what, demanded Edmund. "Maria," Brooke replied. Edmund was stunned. Brooke, realizing that Edmund didn't really know why she had gone to Nevada explained her search for Maureen Gorman and thought she had found Maria. Edmund asked her if Maria was alive and Brooke replied hesitantly she was sure Maria was not alive.

Adam and Liza were sitting in the living room eating a light lunch. Colby was out in the swimming pool with Stuart and Marian learning to dive. Liza watched from the window for a while and then joined Adam. He asked her to slice him another piece of pumpkin bread and after she passed him the plate, she returned to the window to watch Colby. Adam quickly wrapped the knife Liza used in a napkin and put it in his pocket. A sly smile on his face. Adam told Liza he needed to go look at some spreadsheets and left the room.

Liza decided to cut a slice of bread for herself and realized the knife she used was now missing. She knew Adam had taken it. She telephoned Tad and left a message that she is puzzled by Adam's behavior as he was being very nice to her which worried her because it meant he was up to something. Stuart interrupted Liza so she hung up the phone. Stuart, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, was wearing Marian's 'Scarlet O'Hara' sun hat and with an improvised southern drawl told Liza to cheer up. Liza was commented on his attire so he explained he was taking Marian's big hat to her because she didn't want the sun to give her freckles. Stuart told Liza Adam was in a good mood because he was whistling as he worked on the convertible in the garage. Liza wondered to herself why had Adam gone to the garage when he had told her he was going to his study. Stuart left to give Marian her hat as Adam returned to the living room. Liza inquired how were the spreadsheets and Adam blankly replied he couldn't find them so they must be in another room. Liza noticed grease on Adam's collar and asked him about it. He made up an excuse he was oiling the grandfather clock. Adam then left the room to call his attorney, Barry Shire. Adam explained his plan to Barry. He had severed the brake line in the convertible and while he was driving it, he would crash the car. After he had been taken to the hospital he would demand his attorney be called and then he would set up Liza by confessing she was trying to kill him.

Liza was sitting in the living room when Adam returned from the garage. He was livid. "Where is the convertible?" he asked. Liza played dumb. Adam became rattled and admitted he knew she was faking her confusion. Liza mumbled that JR took it. Adam came unglued and raced out of the room.

At Pine Valley Hospital outside Vanessa's room, Leo is told Vanessa has died. Leo is overcome with sadness and implores David to try to revive her. David said there was nothing more to be done and now they are free of her at last. Leo went into Vanessa's room to say goodbye. Tears flowed down his face as he mourned her death. David joined him and Leo asked David to remember good memories of Vanessa. David said goodbye to Vanessa and commented the game was over and they had won. David then left the room. Leo approached Vanessa's bed and looked into her face and said, "I guess we won." Suddenly Vanessa's eyes popped open and she looked at Leo. Shocked beyond belief, Leo quickly stepped away from the bed, holding his head in his hands, muttering to himself in disbelief. He stepped into the hallway, now giddy, and said to David as he pointed towards Vanessa's bed, "She's back." They rushed into her room to find that Vanessa had recovered from her coma. She was placed on a gurney and taken down the hallway for tests. In the hospital hallway, Leo overheard Trey muttering to himself that now he can make Vanessa pay for everything she has done to him.

Erica was at SOS with Chris and Aidan talking about the wiring work for the penthouse. Greenlee saw Erica and angrily approached her about the negative newspaper article about her. Erica reveled in the moment enjoying it to the fullest. She believed she had the upper hand now against Greenlee and Revlon. Erica gleefully told Greenlee her plan to pay back Greenlee for leaving Enchantment. Erica would offer a helping hand to her when Greenlee is fired from Revlon for messing up in a goodwill gesture that would boost sales for Enchantment. Greenlee walked away in disgust. Kendall went over to Erica and told her she was evil. Erica taunted Kendall and Greenlee to team up to try to outdo her. Greenlee at first thought that was out of the question and then quickly offered Kendall a job as her assistant because Simone no longer worked for her.

At Pine Valley airport another flight from Nevada arrived. Maria stepped off the plane.



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