General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on GH
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Rick was talking to Laura and she had another memory. She still couldn't put everything together. Luke asked Bobbie if she could find out who the woman was that Laura saw. Bobbie couldn't find anything so Luke showed her the picture that Liz had drawn and Bobbie went away again and came back to say the woman's name was Teresa Carter. She was a nurse in the 70's. She was unpredictable and all of a sudden just quit and was never seen again. Laura got this look on her face and looked like she was about to pass out. She dropped the bottle of water she was holding. Later Bobbie told Scott that she was concerned about Laura, she was remembering things and she knew who the woman was. Scott talked to Rick and they knew they had to do something.

Skye's house:
Skye asked Jax if he was serious, this wasn't some kind of joke. Jax told her this wasn't a question he threw out lightly. He wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together. She said no. She told him she knew about the other woman in Paris and that he had gone there instead of Australia. Jax told her that he didn't tell her he was going to Paris because she would have known what he was up to. She had admired the necklace in a catalog. Jax asked her why she didn't ask him about it. It would have saved a lot of trouble.

Courtney was working at Kelly's when Winona, who works at the club with Courtney, came in. She said she wanted to check out her day job. AJ came in and Courtney had to introduce them. Winona told AJ she was a security guard at the bank. After she left AJ told Courtney he knew she didn't work at the bank, they didn't even know her. She apologized for lying but lied again when she told him she had been ashamed to tell him she only cleaned the floors there.

Sonny and Carly talked and she told him that she wanted to be accepted for who she was. She didn't promise that she would never lie again. They made up and went back to Port Charles.

Roy met up with his benefactor. He asked for his name and it was Luis Ramon Alcazar. Roy asked why he left him the money and was told he liked to have influential businessman in key places. He told Roy that he was awfully prickly for a man that had been given one million dollars. Roy said he still didn't know what he was supposed to do for it. He was told to invest it, let it grow, or be a silent partner collecting profits with his beautiful friend. Roy asked how Sonny fit into it; if he had a grudge against Sonny. "No more or less than anyone else who had something he wanted," Luis said. After they parted Felicia showed up. She had been listening in as much as she could.

Scorpio house:
Luke and Laura went back to the house and were looking up at the attic window. Laura wanted to know how she was expected to remember something from outside when she couldn't remember when she was in there. They left and Scott and Rick showed up. They proceeded to dig up a grave.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Jason informs Carly that Sonny has been arrested for kidnaping her. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Sonny is pleasantly surprised when Alexis steps up to represent her former client once more. Jax urges Skye to take a chance and trust that their love will survive the test of time. Later, Skye happily agrees to become Jax's bride. Courtney heads her husband off outside the Oasis with a story about dropping off the last payment to the club owner. Edward congratulates Skye on finding the perfect way to gain complete access to an unwitting Jax. Sonny informs an astonished Nikolas that Alexis is pregnant. Scott panics when a stray dog runs off with the skull he and Rick unearthed.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Sonny and Jason talk to Liz about why she was hiding in Jason's closet and after stalling for a while, she finally caves and tells them just about everything. Of course, she accents the fact that Zander did not put her up to it. While, she's there, Carly stops by looking for Sonny and seems a little angry to find Liz. She worries that Liz is up to her old schemes and that Jason is going to get hurt. Sonny and Carly go across the hall and talk about being back together and being happy. Jason takes Liz home to make sure she's safe.

Roy and Felicia get a call from Alcazar telling them to blow up Sonny's warehouse. Roy informs him that he isn't working for him. So, Alcazar decides that he'll take care of it on his own.

Kristina goes to see Alexis and they reconcile. Kristina is still worried about how it is going to affect her to see Ned with his child, but she doesn't let that stop her. They make a date to go shopping tomorrow for maternity clothes and Alexis gives Kristina a key, telling her that she can come by when ever she wants to and move her furniture around or whatever else she wants to do.

Carly goes to see Jason and asks him to reassure her that she should do something unselfish for Sonny and do what he would want.

Sonny goes to see Roy and they argue about Zander trying to frame Jason and make it appear as if he was stealing from Sonny. Roy claims not to know about it. Later, Roy gets on Zander's case about trying to frame Jason, because he wasn't instructed to do so.

Zander comes to Liz to ask for Jason's jacket so that he can return it, but Liz tells him that she has already returned it. They argue and Liz tries to make Zander see that she choose him over Jason. Later, Zander comes back with a present for her; a shell. He tells her it is like a shell that you could find on the beaches of where he grew up. She tells him that she doesn't want shells, she wants the guy that she met while trapped in the crypt.

After Kristina leaves, Carly goes to Alexis' house to encourage her to tell Sonny the truth about him being the father. Alexis makes Carly leave after Carly insists that Alexis had fallen deeply in love with Sonny. After Carly is gone, Alexis actually considers telling Sonny the truth and writes him a few different letters. The first that she reads tells the truth, saying that Alexis' baby is, "The child is ours, Sonny." She changes her mind about that one and reads a different one, which sounds like a court order about custody terms. After Alexis has left to go and see Carly so that she can tell her that she has consider what she said and is not going to tell Sonny the truth, Kristina comes back to take her up on her offer. She starts to move things when she notices scraps of burnt paper in the fireplace. She picks up one and is able to make out enough to know the truth.

When Carly goes back to Sonny's pent house, she almost lies about where she had been but then changes her mind and confesses that she was at Alexis'. She then lies anyway by saying that she was trying to make peace with her.

Jason goes to Liz's loft to tell her that he will leave Zander alone for her. Unfortunately, when he arrives back at his pent house, Sonny gives him the order to get rid of Zander.

Alan and Monica try to get Edward to eat better and lower his cholesterol. Later, Jax and Skye stop by the Quartermaine mansion to spread the happy news of their engagement. Although shocked, Alan and Monica try to appear happy about the news. Monica questions whether or not Jax really loves Skye, which he assures her he does. Edward harasses Skye when she is alone about their contract and tells her that if they don't take Sonny down together, then he's going to take her down.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Bobbie supplies Laura with contact information for Theresa Carter, but Luke prevents Laura from calling her and encourages a more direct approach. Laura piques Rick's suspicion with her abrupt change in attitude toward the events that occurred in the attic, and Scott also grows more alarmed when Bobbie finds him attempting to tamper with evidence. Sonny warns Alexis to avoid stress for the sake of her baby, and Sonny eases Carly's worries about not conceiving a child when he admits that he has deeper troubles. However, Kristina strikes new fear in Carly's heart by threatening to tell Sonny the truth after Alexis fails to come clean with Kristina. Jason reinterprets Sonny's orders to protect Liz, and Jason convinces Zander of his sincerity when he tells Zander to leave town with Liz. Liz agrees to flee with Zander in order to save his life, but Liz remains conflicted about Jason. Meanwhile, Alcazar proves Roy wrong when he shows up on Roy's doorstep and admires Felicia.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Alcazar sets a diabolical plan in motion when Roy refuses to bend to his will, and several residents of Port Charles unwittingly flirt with peril as a result. Sonny warns Carly that war appears imminent, and Carly reiterates to Sonny that they should delay having children until the restoration of peace. Kristina remains determined to hunt Sonny down and to tell him the truth, while Alexis does her best to derail Kristina. Liz inadvertently puts Jason in the hot seat when she pleads with Sonny to give Zander another chance, and Jason watches from the shadows as Liz reunites with Zander. Meanwhile, Luke satisfies Laura's curiosity when he presses Theresa Carter to recount the sequence of events that transpired on the fateful night in the attic. However, doubts continue to plague Luke, and Luke compares notes with Rick. Rick manages to temporarily satisfy Luke, and Rick contacts Theresa to praise her performance afterward.

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