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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on GH
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Monday, July 22, 2002

Carly's house:
Sonny and Carly argued as usual. Carly was being her usual insecure self. She loves Sonny but is pushing him away. She said she loved him more than he loved her. Sonny interrupted her at one point to tell her that she could get pregnant; they could have the child they both wanted. She just commented on not being damaged goods anymore so she was okay. They started to kiss and then undress but Sonny got a phone call from Jason to meet him at the Elm Street Pier. Carly told him not to go but he said he had to. After he left she called Scott Baldwin and said she wanted him to draw up divorce papers and a restraining order to keep Sonny away from her.

AJ and Courtney's apartment:
AJ just wanted to stay home with Courtney and order in but she said she had to work. He asked her to try to get out of it and she did try but couldn't get out of going to work. Her boss threatened her again if she didn't come in. After she left AJ decided to call her at the bank where he thought she worked.

Roy's place:
Roy and Felicia were celebrating. I don't know what he's up to. He talked about getting a penthouse at Harborview Towers. He remembered before it got built. He got a call that Pier 52 was on fire and rushed out, telling Felicia to go home. Of course, she didn't. After they left, Jason broke in and found the briefcase full of money.

Liz's studio:
Zander and Liz started kissing and didn't see Jason watching them from the open door. Things went a lot further and they made love. Zander was going to sneak out after, not sure if she wanted to wake up and find him there. She woke up and stopped him and asked him to stay.

Pier 52:
Roy met up with someone that worked for the same person Roy did. He wanted to see the person in charge but the guy wouldn't let him. Sonny and Jason were there and Sonny hoped that Roy got the message. Jason told Sonny about the money he found. Felicia showed up and wondered what Roy was up to.

A man - perhaps the elusive boss - was on the phone watching as a woman dropped her robe in front of him.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Felicia interrupts Roy and unidentified man/courier on the docks. Roy introduces man as the insurance adjuster. Man plays along and then leaves. When he is gone, Felicia and Roy talk about the fire being a message from Sonny. Roy feels Sonny is just a thug and refuses to back down. He calls Sonny and demands a meeting at the Oasis. Sonny knows what Roy is trying to do with the meeting at the strip club, but agrees to go.

At the club, Courtney goes backstage from dancing and bonds with Winona.

Roy taunts Sonny about being in a strip club. Sonny is annoyed with Roy for wasting him time. Roy lays into Sonny for trying to scare him. In the middle of their talk, Winona comes up and offers Sonny a dance. He gives her $100 and a no thank you. Roy tells her that Sonny prefers blondes. Winona goes back to Courtney and reports that a big spender likes blondes. Courtney is skeptical of lap dancing, but she lets Winona take her to the customer. When she hears Sonny's voice, she runs back stage and gets Winona to cover for her so she can go home. Coleman tries to make Courtney stay. Winona sticks up for her and gets Coleman to let Courtney go. Courtney confides in Winona that she doesn't know how she can keep all of her secrets going.

AJ calls the bank to give a message to Courtney. They inform him that no Courtney works there. AJ walks around the apartment looking for keys. When he finds them, he heads to the door and finds Mike there. Mike asks AJ how long Courtney has been working two jobs to support him. AJ tries to tell Mike that he got a job and will be able to support them. He asks for Mike to trust him. Mike reminds AJ how the marriage began and asks why he should trust him. AJ tries to explain to Mike all the reasons he loves Courtney.

Courtney walks into they apartment and sees AJ has waited up for her. When he inquires about her day at the bank she said it was dull, as always.

Lucky and Gia come in from a day of sightseeing. As they recap the events, Nikolas shows up. With him is Tina, an editor from a magazine. Tina insults Gia when she explains her angle for the story -- "that whole ghettofab thing." Gia responds with a story of her life on a plantation, picking cotton with her 12 siblings, until Nikolas rode up on his white horse to save her. Tina gets the message that Gia is offended and asked if she felts that way when Nikolas bought her the cover of a magazine. Nik jumps in and rationalizes the cover as networking, which happens every day. Tina gets up to leave and lest Gia she has an edgy personality. Gia asks if that is good or bad. Tina tells her to read the article and decide. Gia lays into Nikolas for buying the cover. Lucky jumps in to the argument. Gia asks him to leave, so she and Nik can talk. Nik wonders why Gia was mad. Gia just says she wants to know what he doing.

Felicia breaks into Roy's apartment. She starts looking around when she hears someone coming in. She hides in the closet as Jason walks in. Jason walks to the closet and tells Felicia that she picked a horrible hiding place. Felicia threatens to call the police as Jason is pulling out the briefcase full of money. Felicia accuses Jason of planting the money. Jason says again that Roy is working for someone and that Felicia must be suspicious if she is breaking into his apartment.

Roy walks into apartment and finds Felicia on his couch. She asks about his meeting with Sonny. Instead of answering, Roy comes clean about the money coming from an unknown source to take down Sonny. He says he is telling her this because he wants things to work between them. Felicia tells him she already knew about the money and Roy being a front. Roy offers her an out, but Felicia is willing to stand with him. They being to kiss.

Courier goes to boss to let him know Roy wants a meeting. Boss says to set it up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Alexis goes to the PCPD on behalf of Roy and Felicia. Taggert assumes she's there for Sonny and then comments on her switching from one bad guy to the other when he learns the truth. Alexis wants Taggert to investigate the fire at Pier 52 and they talk about how it appears to have been arson.

Luke and Laura go to see Mac about the fire in the attic above the garage. Luke wants Mac to bring Scott in for questioning since he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Luke then leaves to allow Laura a chance to speak privately with Mac but before she gets the chance, she sees Scott. Upon seeing him, she realizes that he was at the attic on the night that she is struggling to remember. Laura and Scott talk about it on the steps to the PCPD and Scott insists that they just went up there to make out that night and nothing else happened. Later, Scott sees Rick and they talk about Laura's curiosity while at the same time, Laura informs Luke that she thinks Scott knows what really happened and is lying to her.

Liz and Zander wake up in Liz's studio and she tells him how having him there really helped her. There is a knock at the door and Liz answers it to find Jason on the other side. Jason tells her about the fire at Pier 52 and talks about keeping her safe. Zander then comes to the door and rubs his being with Liz in Jason's face. They argue and after Jason leaves Liz asks Zander to leave as well. She's mad at him because she thinks he used her to get to Jason. Liz then tells Zander that she likes both him and Jason and she's confused about what's next. Later, Liz talks to Jason at the docks about how she is afraid she has lost her connection with him.

Rick and Bobbie are talking at Kelly's when Scott shows up, closely followed by Carly. Carly asks Scott about the restraining order she filed against Sonny. He tells her that it is in the works. After introducing Carly to Rick, Bobbie pulls Carly aside to discuss her daughter's latest crazy stunt. While they are talking, Sonny comes in, smiling at Carly. Sonny insists that Carly listens to what he has to say, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Carly informs him that she filed a restraining order against him and he needs to leave. A police officer overheard and arrests Sonny for violating the restraining order.

Carly calls Jason and then meets him on the docks. She tells him about Sonny getting arrested and what caused it. Jason gets a little angry with Carly for causing this and then they head off to the PCPD to get Sonny out. When they get there, Carly sees Sonny talking to Alexis and immediately assumes that he called her. Carly then insists that she wants to press charges against Sonny and then lays into Alexis about chasing after Sonny. When Mac learns that Sonny had not yet been served with the restraining order he releases Sonny.

When Sonny arrives at the PCPD, he sees Alexis and assumes that someone called her to get him out of jail. When Sonny learns the real reason she's there, he warns her to stay away from Roy.

Later, Bobbie talks to Luke at Kelly's about Laura's memories and how Luke thinks that Scott is hiding something about them. Bobbie insists that he is obsessing about this. While they are talking, Ned comes in and asks if they've seen Alexis. Bobbie tells him that Sonny was arrested earlier and that Alexis is probably at the PCPD. Outraged, Ned goes to the PCPD and finds Alexis there. He then proceeds to inform Taggert that Alexis is pregnant and that she is no longer going to work on any criminal defense cases with Sonny or Roy. Alexis and Ned then argue about how Alexis knows what is too much stress and what isn't and how the baby isn't really his for him to control her about.

Sonny shows up at Carly's house and she once again tells him to leave. After arguing like always do Sonny agrees to leave. Without warning, he picks up Carly and carries him to his waiting limo where he puts her in the back and then proceeds to climb in the front, while Carly screams at him about kidnapping.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Roy shows Felicia around his fancy new digs in one of Port Charles' most expensive penthouses. Meanwhile, an exasperated Ned warns Alexis that Roy might prove to be just as dangerous a client as Sonny ever was. Jax introduces Skye to his parents. Roy informs Zander that it's time to pay Sonny back for everything he's done. Sonny brings a seething Carly back to his island, where he tries to persuade her to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Drawing from Laura's description, Liz sketches a portrait of the red-haired woman who was in the attic room on the night of the storm. Ned begs Kristina not to turn her back on the sister she worked so hard to find.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Jax's mother and Skye have a little chat. His mum tells her how smitten Jax is with her. He and his dad enter and talk about the oil reserves they have and Skye tells them to stop. She doesn't want to know where they are. She's feeling guilty now and thinks maybe he really does love her. They are going camping and his parents tell him they will contact him with arrangements for the trip. Then Jax's mother says she wants some time alone with Skye. She tells her that if she had known they would have liked her so much, they would have scheduled a longer trip then puts her bracelet on her wrist. Skye is dumbfounded and doesn't know what to say. His mom tells her what the symbols mean (happiness and peace). Skye is so shocked and then his mom leaves. Edward comes out of hiding and says that he's right. The Jax's have a big dollar ace up their sleeve. He keeps trying to manipulate her and finally she tells him that they are drilling for oil in Canada. Edward wants to know where and she doesn't know but she tells him there's a map (Jax put it in the safe and she saw him).
Later, Skye is trying to break into the safe when Jax comes in and finds her. He says "I knew it" and Skye flips around surprised. He tells her to skip the excuses. He says he's on to her and that she saw what's in the safe. She tries to cover and sound like she's excited about going camping. It's just a map. He apologizes and says he should have told her weeks ago but his plan hit a snag. Skye lights up thinking he's going to show her the map for Edward but she sees a black velvet box. She opens it and finds a huge diamond necklace and can't speak. "Oh my God" is all she can say over and over. She asks if this is for her and he says only on one condition. When she spins around she finds him on one knee and asks her to marry him. Skye's jaw drops.
Luke and Scotty come to blows over Scotty dodging Luke's questions about what happened to Laura in the attic. Luke knows Scott's hiding something and threatens to expose him right in front of the press next time. Scott continues to tell Luke he's blowing things out of proportion and that he knows nothing. Even when Luke shows him the sketch of the red-haired girl from the attic with Rick, Scott pretends he doesn't know her. He tells Luke he's like a broken record and give it a rest. Luke says he was there and Laura knows he was there and to answer the question of what happened in the attic. Luke tells him he's getting nervous. Scott says he's worried about Laura. Scott asks the guard to throw him out of the courthouse. Luke says he'll throw himself out.

Laura tells Rick she knows everything now and shows him the picture of the sketched woman. Rick asked how she got that and Laura tells him that she remembered her and had an artist friend sketch her for her so there's no use pretending anymore. Rick says he doesn't remember. When Laura tells him what she remembers Rick tells her he had an affair with her on her mother. Laura says it's not enough and she knows something more happened that night. Rick says he was a lying, cheating bastard but it doesn't make it better. Laura wants to know her name. He says she was a nurse at the hospital. Laura wanted to know why he invited her back to their house. He said he didn't invite her but she was psychotic and when he found out he broke it off. It's in the past and she almost destroyed them as a family and to leave it alone. He asks Laura to please don't let this woman do any more damage to them than she already has and leaves. Laura is shocked. Later Luke and Laura meet up with Leslie at Kelly's and Laura shows her the picture of the sketched woman. Leslie freaks and Luke says that's the woman she told them about isn't it. Leslie says yes and that it was one of Rick's lovers. She was different and strange and aggressive. She's the only one who ever came to the house and that Laura opened the door for her. Laura starts telling her about the woman and Rick in the attic. Leslie has an outburst and calls her a bitch and wonders out loud why it took so long for her to get rid of her. Leslie tells them all about how it started with phone calls, strange accents and different names. She didn't notice until she started showing up places like the beauty parlor, the dentist office waiting room, the car repair shop. She was being stalked. When she finally showed up at their house, she decided that she had to go. She said she cashed in bonds and paid her to leave town. She doesn't remember her name and says she blocked a lot of things out and wants it to stay that way. Luke and Laura show up at the hospital and Luke says he's going to do some checking on the missing woman and leaves. Then an orderly pushes a cart by the needles on it and Laura has another flashback of Rick in his scrubs kneeling down with a needle in his hand. Just then Rick comes up and startles her and asks if she's alright.

Liz tells Zander that she knows he's responsible for the cops all over Sonny's warehouse. She tells him that he's risking his life and asking for trouble. Zander says he can handle himself and that next time Jason will be in the hospital. He tells her to warn Jason to watch out. Roy suddenly appears and Liz leaves. Roy tells Zander that he sees his vendetta against Sonny is more involved than he let on. Zander said he can handle it. Roy said the cops got into the warehouse right on schedule and asks if there were any problems, all the while checking out the room and looking for something. After he leaves, Zander pulls out the bag holding the cash. He later shows up at Jason's penthouse (stupid guy) and breaks in. He starts rifling through his desk and finds an address book. After copying info down from it he takes his coat from his closet and leaves. Jason comes up the elevator so Zander hides but hears Liz with Jason say she needs some time alone with Jason.

Jason starts to leave his penthouse and runs into Taggert. Taggert tells him that if DiLucca suddenly disappears, he's coming after Jason for murder one. Jason talks to someone on the docks about the missing money and says someone needs to be hit hard and that it's someone they know. Roy appears and Jason confronts him. He tells him that Sonny will be back in 12 hrs and he has until then to turn things around. Roy tells him his threats are a waste. Liz appears and wants to talk to Jason and she tells him that it's really important. He's not real interested in talking to her at the moment. They go inside his penthouse and Liz tells him how much he means to her. She begs him to please don't hurt Zander. Jason says he's the enemy and Liz says she understands but Zander acts now and thinks later and that he's a kind and generous person. She says Zander is more than a friend and if he hurts him he's going to be hurting her. Then Jason's phone rings and Liz still begs for Zander's life. Jason tells her he has things to do and she has to go. Liz is surprised and leaves then Jason closes the door on her.

Roy won't fill Felicia in on the details of his meeting with the money man. Courtney interrupts and seats them at Kelly's. Roy looks at her and says he knows her. While he tries to figure it out, Felicia says she's Sonny sister. He says that's not it because he doesn't socialize with Sonny. Roy then tells Felicia that the meeting is on the docks but wont' tell her a time because he doesn't want her to go. It will be dangerous. Mac butts in and asks if there's a problem. Felicia covers and says it's over the fire at their house and her business. Mac starts in on the coincidences between Roy and the fires. He then wants to talk to Felicia alone. Roy leaves and Mac tells her she's getting in deep. She promises to call if she needs him.

Sonny walks into the room in his bathrobe and says he's giving up since Carly doesn't want him. He then says he's going for a swim and Carly is coming with him. He throws a bathing suit at her and says she's going to. He wants her to change right there in front of him instead of going upstairs. She says fine but enjoy it because it's the last time it will ever be his and he smiles. Later, they come back from swimming and Sonny wants Carly to dry him off. She does it really fast then he tells her to turn around and he starts to dry her off and kisses her neck. The tease back and forth and he starts kissing her neck again while she enjoys it. They start kissing hot and heavy and end up on the couch. She pushes him off and tells him she can't do this anymore. She admits she loves him but that he can't give her what she needs. Just say what she wants and he swears to God it's hers. She says she wants all of him but he can't give it. She says she's not blaming him it's just how he is. No matter how good his intentions are he shuts the door to her over and over. It was for a year last time and she begged and pleaded for him to let her in but he wouldn't but all Alexis' had to do was ask. He says he doesn't love Alexis he loves her and wants to be with her. She says responsibility comes first for him and that if Alexis was pregnant with his child, he would have left her. He says no but Carly doesn't believe him. He says he'd never leave her.

Roy is on the docks and checks his gun in his pants. Then the money man shows up and says finally they meet. Roy says it's about time. He asks who he is and what he wants.

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