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Monday, July 22, 2002

by Andy

In Molly's apartment, she tells Mike to cool off, but Mike doesn't want to deny the feelings that sprouted in NYC. They agree to remain friends, and Mike invites Molly to the Lakeview for a club soda later that evening. The fall into each other's arms laughing and Abigail walks into the room and doesn't know what to think of her grieving mother. Mike confirms their evening plans, then leaves. Abigail demands to know why her mother was hugging Mike. "What's next Molly? Are you going to ask him to move in with us?" Molly says it's offensive hearing Abigail say that and Abigail storms off to her room.

Outside Craig's suite, Alison presses Lucy to accept her help so she and Aaron can continue to see each other behind Craig's back. Lucy lets her in the apartment. Alison suggests that she bring Aaron to Emily's wedding herself and invite Lucy as her guest. When everyone is at the punchbowl, Lucy and Aaron can spend some time together. Alison leaves, and Lucy calls Aaron to fill him in on the good news.

Holden is upset that Aaron left again when the going got rough. Lily tells him that he should go find him while she goes to court to represent Rose.

At the Java café, Carly worries about the case against Barbara. Jack tries to comfort an extremely nervous Carly by telling her the case won't swing solely on her testimony. Kim, Bob, and Lisa arrive. Lisa and Carly hash out where they both stand, then shake hands. Jack pulls Carly away, and they head for court.

At the Lakeview lounge, Hal asks Emily if she'll be ready for what Marshall Travers will throw at her. She says, "It won't be any worse than what Barbara and Stenbeck did to me. Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope to see the mother of your children rotting behind bars."

At the courthouse, Babs demands that Marshall call Jessica and tell her that she wants a deal to plead guilty. He says, "No deals. Maybe you're fighting me because you want to be punished Barbara." Jessica walks in and says, "If you do, I could arrange it." Marshall speaks for Babs and declines any deal with the state. The judge arrives and requests to see both attorneys in chambers.

Barbara starts to hallucinate when she is left alone. She sees a mob of people, led by Carly and Emily, push through the courtroom doors all dressed in black, screaming, "Guilty! Guilty!" A judge agrees and pronounces her guilty. All of a sudden, people in the mob have torches and someone screams, "Let's burn her! It almost worked once. Let's finish the job! Burn her at the stake!" They tie her up and gather around her. A hooded man walks into the room flanked by Marshall Travers. Marshall rips the man's hood off, and it's none other than James Stenbeck. He has the honor of lowering his torch to the tinder, starting a fire that will take Barbara's life. She screams, "NO! NO!" until the real Marshall taps her on the shoulder snapping her back to reality. Her nerves frayed, she screams at her lawyer, "Everything you've done has been meant to destroy me! I know that you're working with James and he sent you here to set me up!" He scoffs and says, "Save your dramatic outbursts for the judge." He tells her if he wins, she most likely will have to spend time in a psyche ward to recover. He verbally spanks her, "I will win. In order to do that, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop the hysterics and work with me." He tells her she won't be testifying. He says, "I'm only going to say this once. Be quiet and do as you're told, unless you want me to point you to the public defenders office. You can't take the stand. Make peace with that."

Outside the courtroom, Carly frets over testifying against Babs, and airing all her dirty laundry out for the public to see, again. Jack consoles her. They meet up with Emily and Hal. Carly and Emily lean on each other for support, when Jessica asks if they're ready. They grab each other's hands, and walk into the courtroom, where they stop dead in their tracks when they see Barbara sitting in her chair.

Holden stops by Craig's suite looking for Aaron. Lucy doesn't believe that Aaron left town, then accuses Holden for chasing him away. Holden gets a phone call from Molly, who asks him to come over to talk with Abigail. Lucy leaves another message for Aaron, this time pleading for him to come back. Then she runs out the door. She meets up with Alison at Java. Alison assures her that they'll find Aaron and bring him back.

Holden arrives at Molly's and helps everyone talk things through. Holden asks Molly for time alone with Abigail. On Molly's way out, Holden tells her that Abigail really needs some undivided attention. Holden counsels Abigail that it's not her responsibility to take care of her mother.

Molly meets Mike at the Lakeview. She says this budding relationship won't work because she needs to be there for her daughter. Mike apologizes and backs off.

Jessica begins the trial with her opening statement. She thrashes Barbara, "One woman hated them all, and that hatred almost cost them their lives." Marshall says, "It's true. Shocking. But my client had nothing to do with it." He says there was a fourth victim in all of this...Barbara. "She is just as innocent as Rose, Carly, and Emily. James is responsible for this entire affair." Throughout his speech, Marshall places stones in front of Carly, Emily, Lily, and Jessica. He picks Barbara up and motions her over to the middle of the courtroom. Then he tells all of them now is their chance to stone Barbara to death.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

On her way to the courtroom, Tom tries to convince Margo to talk to Jess and postpone her testimony, however Margo tries to convince Tom and herself she is ok. However she drops her papers and then rushes in to take the stand. Jess asks the basics however, Marshall could not wait to grill Margo. While on the stand her health diminishes however only her and Tom know this. When Marshall questions her on dates of disappearances, she draws a blank and can not read her own notes. After she steps down from the stand she rushes to Tom to tell him she couldn't read her own notes on the stand, and wants to know what is wrong. He takes her to the back of the room to sit down. Meanwhile john gets the lab results back on Margo and finds out she has hepatitis C and rushes to find Tom and Margo. Upon arriving at the courthouse, he walks in to find Margo half awake on Tom's shoulder, and then Tom talks to Margo and they get up to leave. While in the hall John rushes behind them and asks to talk and Margo and Tom try to explain they want to leave, however John blurts out Margo has Hepatitis C. She doesn't believe it and rushes out only to have Tom and john chase after her.

Mean while back at court, Carly gives Rosanna a piece of her mind about her being there only to find out Rosanna is backing BRO. Carly realizes she is doing this because if Barbara gets off on the charges, Rosanna's investment pays off and Barbara still has her fashion career. Carly also learns Craig's name was taken off the witness list after Rosanna buy's into BRO. After Marshall questions everyone he wants the judge to rule Paul and James' statements inadmissible since either one of them can be in court to answer question, which the judge agrees to.

Chris and Bob talk to Ben at the hospital and Ben figures out that Chris doesn't want any special treatment from his dad, who went off to a board meeting. Ben tells him if he wants to see children and watch a virus take shape and help stop or prevent it, this was the place to be to gain the experience. Bob returns to find Chris and Abigail talking. Abigail was there talking to Dr. Michaels about Molly and Chris. Bob wants Chris to go in and meet the board, however Abigail gets him out of it. When he tries to repay Abigail she decides to play hard to get and blows him off telling him she will call him.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

In Avanya, Rose and Paul are happy to be reunited. Katie tells Lucinda that Donovan Curry a.k.a Simon left and she wonders where the real Simon is. Henry is seen running with a stocking covering his face. He overheard Lucinda and Katie and he was looking for the provenance. Katie tells him that the provenance is the only leverage she has to get Simon and Joe back. Lucinda and Katie threaten to turn Henry into the Avanya police. He pleads for his freedom and Katie and Lucinda force Henry to find Donovan who should lead him to Simon and Joe. Henry agrees to do it and dressed as a military man, he finds Simon in the prison. Joe, who is very ill, has already been taken out of the prison. When Simon sees Henry, he says, "I never in my life thought I 'd actually be glad to see you." Meanwhile, Donovan tells Katie and Rose he wants to make a deal. He is giving them twenty-four hours to give him the provenance and the diamond or else Rose's Pop will come to a "slow and painful end."

Back in Oakdale, Margo hides at Java Underground but Tom and John follow her there. John tells Margo that she has Hepatitis C. Margo has a hard time believing it. Margo wonders how she got it since she isn't a drug user and has never used needles. John tells her that the virus can be transmitted through unusual sexual activity, with the presence of blood, and often it is violent. Margo remembers back to ten years ago. She says, "Oh my god you are talking about the rape." Apparently, the virus was dormant for all these years and back then hospitals didn't test for Hepatitis C. Margo tells Tom, "It's all happening again Tom, the attack, the rape." Margo is falling apart and Tom is by her side, trying to comfort her during this very difficult time.

At the trial, Emily, Lily and Carly discuss how the trial is going. Emily is afraid that "Barbara could walk." Marshall tells Barbara to trust him - that she will not be convicted. Hal is put on the stand. Marshall brings up Barbara's confession. Marshall asks Hal if there were any conditions put on Barbara before she confessed. Hal says that he told her she wouldn't be allowed to see their son. Marshall claims that the confession was coerced. Hal's medical background -the brainwashing by James - is also brought up. On the stand Hal says he was forced to do things by James. Marshall says that is exactly what happened to Barbara too. Hal is forced to say Barbara was also a victim. Marshall asks if he believes that Barbara is a dangerous criminal. Hal replies no and Emily runs out of the courtroom.

Next, Jack is on the stand. He is forced by Marshall to say that he traded his girlfriend Carly for Barbara. Marshall says that Jack sold Barbara out. Next, Lily is called to the stand. Marshall makes it seems as if Lily and Paul "conspired" to trick Barbara. Then, one by one, Lisa, Bob and Kim are put on the stand. They too are blamed for Barbara's falling. Marshall asks why they didn't get Barbara help perhaps by referring her to a psychiatrist. Marshall says Barbara's family and friends did nothing. They allowed her to fall into James Stenbeck's hands. Marshall tells Barbara they are in the homestretch now. He then calls Jessica Griffith to the stand. Marshall says that Jessica recently suffered a defeat with the attempted murder trial against Craig Montgomery. Jessica says she lost because of false testimony by Barbara who lied under oath. Marshall says that Jessica has negative feelings toward Barbara since she caused her to lose the Montgomery case. She embarrassed her publicly and Marshall says that this whole trial is all an act of revenge.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

by MJ

Barbara's' trial is declared a mistrial. Emily is terribly upset with the decision of the court; Carly attempts to settle Emily's feelings. Emily's emotions toward Hal are still negative because of Hal's testimony during Barbara's trial. After Emily leaves Carly faces Barbara one on one and tells Barbara that she is without her family, friends, loved ones, or her business success and that even though she is not in jail she got what she deserved.

Meanwhile Rosanna meets with Mike. The two reunite and face their past feelings. Rosanna implies that even though she is seeing someone, she would drop her relationship to rekindle things with Mike. Rosanna proposes that Mike stay in Oakdale longer to see how things progress.

Abigail and Chris share a moment at Java agreeing to keep their friendship, as it is, platonic. They are comfortable with the way they make each other feel.

Katie questions Henry about Simon. Rose and Lucinda agree to find ingredients so Henry can make a bomb to blow up the jail and free the real Simon. Rose and Lucinda leave to find things they need for an explosive device. Paul offers himself to faux Simon in exchange for a sick Joe; faux Simon rejects Paul's offer.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Bonnie tells Isaac how upset she is that her mother was made to look like a big loser. She feels like it is her fault that her mother lost the trial because Mr. Travers had just saved her life and her mother wasn't thinking straight. Isaac reminds her that Travers had hit her mother in ways that she didn't see coming and then the judge allowed Travers to put Jessica on the stand. Isaac tries to calm Bonnie down. Just as Bonnie starts to calm down, Marshall Travers walks through the door. When Bonnie sees Marshall walk in, she takes her newspaper and starts to hit him with it. Isaac pulls her off and Marshall tries to explain that the business with her mother was just business. He tells Bonnie that the only reason he won and her mother lost was because he worked twice as hard as her mother did. He tells Bonnie to tell her mother that the next time she has to do her homework over and over again. Bonnie says that the only thing that she is going to tell her mother is never step into a courtroom with a muckraking, sleaze bag like him. Marshall tells her that she is too big to be throwing a temper tantrum. Isaac grabs Bonnie and tells Marshall that he got off easy. Isaac whispers to Bonnie that she needs to apologize to Mr. Travers. Bonnie asks, "What for?" Isaac tells her that one of their loyal customers could call The Intruder and report what is going on here. Bonnie puffs out her chest and turns to Mr. Travers and says, "Sorry." Mr. Travers asks, "For what?" Bonnie tells him that she is sorry that she stooped to his pathetic level and indulged in the type of boorish behavior that should be left up to him. Marshall, with a smile on his face, tells her that he accepts. He then tells her that he will accept her offer for a free drink. Isaac tells him that most men would not stick around. Marshall informs him that he is not like most men and in fact, he is not like anyone they have ever met. Marshall walks over to the bar and Tiffany has his scotch all ready for him. She tells Marshall that he should have heard the way Bonnie was going on about him earlier. She tells him that she did all that work getting the goods on Jessica Griffin, but he didn't use the information. He informs her that he may need the information at a later time. Tiffany says that there may be another case, perhaps. Marshall winks at her and tells her that she makes a nice scotch and soda. Tiffany asks him what does he have up that expensive sleeve. Marshall thinks for a second and then says, "It won't be a secret much longer. I am after Jessica Griffin's job. You are looking at the next District Attorney."

Kim and Lisa are having coffee at Java and they are discussing Barbara and her horrible lawyer. Barbara walks in and asks to sit with them. Kim and Lisa just look at each other. Barbara tells them that it isn't easy for her. Kim tells her to sit down. Lisa tells Barbara that if it isn't easy for her, maybe she should just leave. Barbara tries to explain that she begged her lawyer to leave her friends alone. Lisa tells her that she did not beg hard enough for her very good friends, who did not turn their backs on her. Lisa tells Kim that she has things to take care of and starts to leave. Kim tells Lisa to tell Margo that she is thinking about her. Barbara asks if something is wrong and Kim tells her that Margo is in the hospital. Barbara looks up at Lisa and tells her that she is sorry. Lisa says, "Yes you are." Lisa leaves the two women. Kim starts to lecture Barbara about Will. Kim tells her that her son needs her. Barbara argues that her son is better off with Hal. Kim gets even more upset with Barbara and tells her that she would like to pick her up and shake her. Kim tells her that she is being selfish and that she should be ashamed of herself. Kim has had it with Barbara feeling sorry for herself and she looks at her niece and says, "Maybe you are right. Maybe your son is better off without you!" Kim picks up her purse and leaves the coffee shop. Barbara, feeling beat up, gets up to leave and runs into Jessica. Barbara tries to walk by Jessica and Jessica steps in front of her. Barbara tells Jessica that she is sorry. She adds that Marshall told her that he had a surprise witness, but she didn't know it was her. Jessica tells Barbara to save it. Jessica says that she may have lost this round, but she still has her reputation. She asks Barbara how will she get by without hers. Barbara tells her that she will manage and starts to walk by again. Again, Jessica steps in front of her. Jessica tells her that she may have walked out of court a free woman, but she shouldn't think for one second that she is innocent. She adds that no one in Oakdale believes that she is innocent. Barbara says that she will have to work on that. Jessica says that she can try but she will find that there are some things that money can't buy. Barbara walks away and Jessica mutters, "I am one of them."

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Jack that they need to celebrate. Jack is confused. He tells her that she is taking all this too well. Jack asks what it is that Carly is really planning. Carly tells him, "Revenge, plain and sweet." Carly gets up and walks away. When she returns, she has a bottle of champagne. She pours two glass of the champagne. She tells Jack that living well is the best revenge. She explains that she still has her man, her son and her business and Barbara has none of that. The only thing that Barbara has is a big fat bill from her lawyer. Jack's cell phone rings and Jessica is calling. Jessica asks Jack to meet her at Java. She tells him that she wants to reopen Barbara's case. Jack hangs up the phone and tells Carly that Jessica wants to see him about reopening Barbara case. Carly tells him to hurry and go meet Jessica. Jack asks about "living well is the best revenge." Carly tells him that seeing Barbara in a jumpsuit might make life a whole lot better. Jack kisses her and leaves.

Hal and Emily walk into Hal's house and Emily goes straight to the phone and starts to dial. Hal asks whom is she calling and Emily tells him that she is calling Alison. Hal says that Alison will listen for a few minutes and then start in on her own problems. Emily says that she can't call her mother and Hal informs her that she doesn't have to call anyone. He reminds her that he is there for her. Emily reminds him that they don't feel the same way about Barbara going free. Hal tells her that his love for her is stronger than anything he feels for Barbara. Emily tells him that she doesn't know if she can live like that. Emily starts on a tirade about Barbara and Will comes in the door. He grabs his father and shouts that his mother is not going to jail and he thinks that is so great. Emily fights back her tears. Hal sends Will up stairs and tells him that he will bring him an ice cream sundae. After Will is gone, Hal tells Emily that he will have a talk with him. Hal says that Will needs to be more sensitive around Emily and not yahoo about his mother. Emily turns to Hal and says that Will is just a kid and he is a good kid that loves his mother. She adds that what kid wouldn't jump for joy that his mother is not going to prison. Hal says that all he can say is he is sorry. Emily tells Hal that she understands that Barbara is Will's mother and she will be in her life. Hal asks if she can live with that. Will yells downstairs and tells his father that he wants to call his mother. Emily tells Hal to go to Will. She adds that he needs him and he wants to talk to his mother. Later, Hal comes back downstairs with an empty ice cream bowl. Emily asks how is Will and Hal tells her that he is sticky. He asks how is she doing and she says fine. He sees that she hasn't eaten any of her ice cream. She gets up and puts her bowl in the sink and tells him that he had asked a question before he went upstairs. Hal says, "If you could live with Barbara being a part of your life?" Emily tells him that she has an answer for him. Emily says that she can live with Barbara or anything as long as she gets to go to sleep in his arms at night and wake up in them in the morning. She runs into his arms. As they are hugging, Hal tells her that he loves her and he will try to make it as easy on her as he can. There is a knock at the door. Hal tells Emily that he is not letting go of her and he picks her up and carries her to the door. Emily takes her foot and opens the door. Barbara is standing there. Barbara says, "Hello Hal, I am here to see my son."

Rosanna has locked herself out of Craig hotel suite. A bellman comes by and she starts to explain why she needs to get into Mr. Montgomery's suite. The bellman tells her that Mr. Montgomery told him everything before he left on his trip. He opens the door and Rosanna tips him and tells him thank you. He starts to walk away and she stops him and asks about her friend Mike Kasnoff. The bellman tells her that Mr. Kasnoff left the hotel this afternoon. She steps inside and leans on the door. She says, "Mike. How could you just leave?" Outside Craig's suite door, Mike walks up and asks the bellman if Rosanna Cabot has changed rooms. He adds that he can't find her anywhere. The bellman points at the door and says, "Ms. Cabot is right in there, Mr. Kasnoff." Mike walks over to the door and rubs his chin. Mike starts to walk away and then he turns and knocks on the door. Rosanna doesn't answer right away and Mike starts to walk away. The door swings open and Rosanna is surprised to see Mike. She invites him in for a drink. He walks inside the suite and she pours them each a scotch. He takes the glass from her and tells her that he did not come to her to put a fairytale ending on what they had. He tries to explain that he just wanted to say goodbye to her. She doesn't want to accept it. Rosanna tells him that she wants to know one thing. Mike asks what that is and she asks if what they had was just some hormone driven teenage thing. He asks what if it wasn't. She tells him that if it wasn't, she wants it back. When Mike tries to leave, she grabs him and gives him a big kiss. As they are kissing each other, Lucy walks in the door. She slams the door behind her and Mike and Rosanna separate. Rosanna tells Lucy that she wasn't expecting her. Lucy reminds her that she does live there, with her father. Mike says that it is time for him to leave. Rosanna walks over to Lucy and takes her hand. She tells Mike that Lucy is a smart girl and she understands the situation. She adds, "Don't you, Lucy?" Lucy says that she does and she knows her dad would love to meet Mike. She adds that she forgot to tell Rosanna that her father is on his way back already. Lucy bounces out of the room. Rosanna looks at Lucy like she could strangle her. Mike says that he is getting out of there and walks out the door. Rosanna goes after him and asks him to please wait. He turns to her and asks what was she thinking, that a kiss would stir up something that has been dead and buried for seven years. She tells him that he thinks it is charming when Molly does it, so she decided to take a chance. He says, "Goodbye Rosanna." She says that she kissed him and he kissed her back. She asks what was that all about. He tells her to let it go and he adds, "I have." He walks away and she walks back into the hotel suite. Lucy is waiting for her. Lucy has a smug look on her face. She tells Rosanna that her father wanted them to get to know each other and now they have. She reminds her that her father will be coming in the door any minute and they have just enough time to make a deal. Rosanna tells her that she doesn't like to be blackmailed. Lucy says that she doesn't either. Lucy goes on to say that if Rosanna doesn't tell her father about Aaron, then she won't tell her father about dear old Mike. Lucy asks, "Do we have a deal?"

The last scene of the day: Carly is at the bar trying to pay her bill. Mike walks in behind her and asks if he can have his bags from behind the bar. Carly, without turning, whispers, "Michael." She turns and Mike Kasnoff is standing right in front of her. Mike says, "Carly. Unbelievable."


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