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Monday, July 22, 2002

At Cellini's in New York, Ian's friend, Tim, told Ian that Tim believes the Port Charles Hooded Avenger will turn out to just be a nut job trying to be a comic book hero. Kate comes in and Ian points Kate out to Tim as someone who, like Ian, has actually SEEN Shadow Man.

Meanwhile, Back in Port Charles, Shadow Man arrives down On the Docks and went inside a door leading down to a basement.

At the same time, at the Hospital, Livvie remembers HER encounter with Shadow Man and plots that she now has time to make Rafe fall in love with her. Just then, Kevin and Lucy return from England and Livvie told Kevin and Lucy the good news that she is pregnant. Kevin and Lucy are stunned to find that they will soon be grandparents.

In the Park, Rafe told Alison that he STILL does NOT actually remember her - but Rafe now believes that their relationship was once very real, very powerful and very special. But, Rafe told Alson, because of Livvie's baby, he feels he needs to make the marriage with Livvie work. But, Rafe and Alison each have a hard time letting the other one go.

Lucy is very disapproving of Livvie's news and even more shocked at Livvie's story that Rafe is accepting of the news. Lucy asks Livvie to move back into the Light House, where Kevin and Lucy can make sure she has everything she needs. But Livvie icily informs Lucy that Livvie will be raising her baby with her husband. Lucy suddenly pops off with the comment that Rafe does NOT love Livvie. When Livvie gets upset by Lucy's remark and went to splash some water on her face, Kevin hustles Lucy into the hallway and demands that Lucy quit upsetting Kevin's pregnant daughter with nay-saying.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Alison told Rafe that she understands that Rafe WOULD care for a child and want to make sure the baby is protected. Alison told Rafe that she can NOT blame Rafe for acting out of a kind heart - it was that very same kind heart that Alison fell in love with.

Back in New York, as Ian and Tim discuss Kate, Kate warmly greets an older man, whom Ian believes is Kate's Significant Other. Tim refers Ian to a place where Ian can find more information about The Avatar. After Tim leaves, Ian asks the bartender to send a bottle of wine to Kate and her Significant Other - but the bartender told Ian that the older gentleman Ian sees with Kate is the owner of the restaurant. The bartender went on to let Ian know that Kate used to come to this place often, that she always eats alone but also always turns down anyone who asks her for a date.

Back at the Hospital, Lucy insists to Kevin that Rafe loves Alison. Kevin told Lucy that it is NOT up to Lucy to decide who should be with whom! However, as Lucy told Kevin that Lucy is positive that Rafe will NEVER love Livvie - ever - Livvie comes out and told Lucy that Livvie does NOT want Lucy ruining one of the happiest moments of Livvie's life. Lucy gets angry and leaves.

Later, Lucy finds Alison in the Park and learns that Alison already knows about Livvie's pregnancy. Alison informs Lucy that Rafe will be staying with Livvie.

At the Hospital, Livvie told Kevin she is sure Rafe will end up loving Livvie and their baby. When Rafe suddenly arrives and asks to speak to Livvie alone, Livvie is angry when Rafe told Livvie that Rafe went to see Alison. However, Livvie's anger cools when Rafe told Livvie that the reason he saw Alison was to tell Alison that Rafe would be staying with Livvie and they will raise their child together.

When Livvie has a coughing spell, and Rafe went for a glass of water, Livvie told herself: "It worked! I finally have everything! And no one will ever know our little secret!'

Meanwhile, On the Docks, three boys play at being 'Shadowy Avenger' - the latest super-hero. As the boys run away, The Shadow opens his door, looks out, then went back inside, where he looks at news clippings plastering the wall, which proclaim that Shadow Man is a true hero. Then The Shadow roars.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

In New York City, Ricky complains to Karen about the run-down accommodations at the seedy hotel where the band has been booked. Karen told Ricky that she believes that Ricky is thinking about Casey and encourages Ricky to open up to her about his feelings, which Ricky eventually does.

Meanwhile, In the Port Charles Park, Marissa and Jamal meet Marissa's mother - Theresa Leong. Marissa shows Casey's picture to Theresa and asks her mother if Casey could be her sister. At first, Theresa denies it, but, when Theresa learns about Casey's hard life, Theresa breaks down in tears and finally admits to Marissa that, when Marissa and Casey were born, Mr. and Mrs. Leong were young and broke, so they gave up BOTH of their baby daughters for adoption. But, when Marissa's father finally got a job, the young parents tried to get both of their girls back, but Casey had disappeared into the system and the Leong's could find only Marissa.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Frank told Ian that he just went past the tenement building and saw all sorts of changes going on, including a playground and an exterminator. Ian explains how Shadow Man showed up to teach the Slumlord a lesson and Frank seems impressed by Shadow Man's latest triumph. While Frank is there, Ian receives an Encyclopedia of Urban Legends and Frank is surprised that Ian would be interested in a topic like that. After Frank leaves, Ian reads up on The Avatar.

As Livvie packs to leave the Hospital, she recalls her encounter with The Avator and told her baby that he or she will have a wonderful father with Rafe. When Rafe arrives, Livvie and Rafe agree that they will live at Rachel's old apartment. Livvie told Rafe that he has made all of her dreams come true. As Livvie tries to coax Rafe into planning some special, romantic time alone, Livvie suddenly doubles over in pain and told Rafe she felt the baby kick. But Rafe told Livvie that he believes it is too early to be able to feel the baby move. Livvie agrees it was probably just a cramp and Rafe went for some water for Livvie, while Livvie sis down.

Back in New York, Ricky finally talks about Casey to Karen and Ricky remembers how much Casey WANTED to go to New York City and Ricky feels sad that Casey never got the chance to get to New York City, as she had always planned. Karen offers sympathy and support and Ricky and Karen hit the sheets.

Meanwhile, in the Port Charles Park, when Mrs. Leong tearfully asks WHERE Casey is now, Jamal suddenly told Theresa that Casey finally got her life together, and left for Europe, where she had found a wonderful job, and she changed her name - that was why none of her friends could locate her now. After Theresa returns to the Hotel, Marissa jumps all over Jamal for failing to tell Theresa that Casey is dead. But Jamal convinces Marissa that telling Theresa now that Casey is dead would only make Marissa's mother sad. And, Jamal points out, Marissa really DOES love her mother very much and Jamal urges Marissa to mend fences with her mother. Marissa decides to follow her mother back to the Hotel, and asks Jamal to accompany her. But Jamal told Marissa that he has something important to go do and will have to talk to Marissa later.

Back at the Hospital, Rafe insists that a doctor or nurse check Livvie out before they leave for home. When Rafe leaves, Livvie told herself that she is sure something moved and wonders what is happening to her.

When Rafe went to ask Ian to check on Livvie, Rafe notices that Ian is reading up on the Avatar. Ian is shocked when Rafe says that Rafe not only KNOWS about The Avatar, Rafe has actually seen it in action.

Back in New York, while Karen sleeps, Ricky remembers the first time he explained to Karen how Ricky believed he saw Casey everywhere after Ricky lit the DESIRE candle. Then Ricky remembers how determined Casey was to head to New York.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Rafe assures Ian that Rafe believes the Avenging Spirit is real. Rafe told Ian about a time when Rafe ran off at age 10, got lost and ended up in a village controlled by the Avatar. Rafe told Ian that the village eventually burned to the ground.

Rafe explains that the Avatar is a spirit that can NOT exist independently. The Spirit MUST find a willing and receptive human host. Eventually, the human qualities are overtaken by The Avatar's need to control and The Avatar's lust for power. Once every other evil in a town has been subdued, The Avatar creates its own evil to continue to feed its own existence. Rafe confirms that there is only one Spirit - but that it CAN reproduce. When Ian asks if an Avatar baby would be in human form, Rafe admits he does NOT know. Unbeknownst to Rafe and Ian, Livvie has crept up and is listening. As Livvie listens to Rafe and Ian discuss the Avatar, Livvie suddenly passes out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Alison once again sits on the park bench brooding. Jack appears with a pizza in one hand and a bottle of Champagne in the other. Seems he was the only one who remembered it was Alison's 21st birthday. Even Alison had forgotten. Jack told her he would never forget how she stood by him during his vampire saga. Alison felt Jack showed his friendship as well by being one of the first to believe her about Rebecca. They talk about old times for awhile, then Alison begins to cry, suddenly overwhelmed by how much she misses Rafe. She is still in shock that Livvie is really pregnant.

To take Alison's mind off the Livvie and Rafe situation, Jack told her he is trying to get a photography job. The problem is, he needs to put together a portfolio of his work. Jack asks Alison to be his model. She doesn't want to at first, then decides she has nothing else to do. Jack pours the Champagne and Alison makes a toast to "new adventures."

At the hospital, Ian checks on Livvie after she passes out. Livvie mumbles something about a monster and her baby. When she wakes up, she told Ian she felt the baby move. He is sure that it is too early, but has the nurse look at her. Ian pulls Rafe aside. He is worried that Livvie overheard them talking about the Avatar. Ian thinks that talk of otherworldly creatures may have frightened her after her ordeal with Caleb.

Rafe went back to Livvie and told her he is taking her home and is going to pamper her for the next eight months. Livvie says Wait. First he has to tell her everything he knows about the Avatar. Rafe avoids her question. He holds her and says that he understands her so much better now that he knows what she has been through. He told her not to worry because he will take care of both her and their baby. Livvie flashes to the scene in the park where she made her deal with the Avatar.

Kate comes to the hospital and Ian asks her how her date went with her boyfriend. Kate says everything was great. She gives Ian all sorts of details about her date, the restaurant, etc. Ian wonders why she is lying to him.

Later, at home, Livvie tries to rest, but she can't help but ask herself, "What have I done?" Livvie finally falls asleep. When she does, she dreams she is holding her newborn baby. She shows the baby to Rafe. He recoils in horror saying, "That thing is NOT mine! That thing is a MONSTER!" Livvie wakes up screaming.

At the park, a woman screams. Later, the Avatar/Shadow Man is seen standing over the bloody body of a man. It says only one word, "Shame." The Avatar went to the park fountain to wash the blood from his hands.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Alison arrives at the Pizza Shack with a King-size hangover from her 21st Birthday celebration with Jack - and runs into Jamal! As Alison is about to invite herself to share a table with Jamal, Marissa suddenly arrives, happy to see Jamal.

At Rachel's old apartment, Livvie remembers overhearing Ian and Rafe talking about the Avatar and then her own encounter with the Shadowy Avenger. A distraught Livvie drops her water glass and, when she went to get something to wipe up the spill, she hears a whoosh and a shadow briefly falls across the room. But when Livvie looks around, nothing is there. Then Livvie is positive she felt her baby move and she asks herself: "What is happening to me?' Just then Rafe comes in from the other room to find out what the crash was and to make sure that Livvie is OK.

At the Pizza Shack, Jamal introduces Alison to Marissa. Alison suddenly sees Kate and rushes to greet her former attorney, asking Kate to pretend that Kate is at the Pizza Shack to meet Alison. Kate realizes that Alison is trying to appear busy for Jamal's sake and went along with the gag. Later, Kate mentions that she is looking for an apartment and Alison suggests that Kate move in with Alison at Lucy's old house. As Kate and Alison talk about men in general, Kate advises Alison to put the past behind her.

As Marissa and Jamal talk, Marissa thanks Jamal for convincing her NOT to tell Marissa's mother that Marissa's twin sister - Casey - is dead. However, as Marissa relates to Jamal how much her mother liked Jamal, Jamal warns Marissa that he is NOT exactly looking for a new relationship. Marissa told Jamal to get over himself.

At Rachel's, Rafe demands to know what is really bothering Livvie and Livvie told Rafe that she is positive she has felt her baby move even though it should not be old enough to do any moving just yet. Rafe tenderly assures Livvie that Rafe is NOT going anywhere and that Livvie can quit worrying. Rafe told Livvie that he is convinced their baby is going to change their entire lives in many important ways. But when Rafe talks about the baby, Livvie suddenly becomes up-tight and asks him to quit talking about it.

As Marissa and Jamal argue about their 'relationship,' Marissa hears another patron at the Pizza Shack mention seeing someone like the Shadowy Avenger in the Park and Marissa runs off to the park to check it out.

At the same time, Alison told Kate that Livvie is pregnant and that Rafe will be staying with his wife. Kate told Alison: "You have got to let go because if you keep trying to hang on to the past, pretty soon, you won't know how to stop.' Alison suddenly gets a call and rushes off to pick something up. But, before Alison leaves, Kate agrees to move in with Alison at Lucy's old place.

After Alison leaves, Kate decides to take her own advice and calls Ian to take him up on his offer of dinner. When Ian mentions that he does NOT have a baby-sitter, Kate told Ian that she will bring a pizza to him.

As Marissa looks in the Park for the Shadow Man, she hears leaves rustling and gives Jamal a hard time when she discovers it is Jamal. Jamal told her that he felt like he should hang around to make sure Marissa did NOT get bumped off by a Psycho Comic Book Vigilante! Jamal told Marissa that super heroes don't hang out in parks, they are more likely to hang out in lairs and cool places where they can wait for the bat phone to ring. Jamal told Marissa that he is NOT a complete jerk ALL the time, but Marissa is not so sure. When Jamal and Marissa turn around, they discover the inert figure of the Avatar's latest victim.

At Rachel's, Rafe tries to get Livvie to calm down and told his nervous bride that they should cancel their plans for dinner that evening with Kevin and Lucy. But Livvie insists that Rafe tell her about The Avatar. When Rafe tries to allay Livvie's fears by telling her that the Avatar is just a myth, Livvie refuses to believe him. Livvie points out that Rafe IS a vampire slayer and Livvie has had her own experiences with the undead and Livvie told Rafe that she knows in her heart that the creature IS in Port Charles and Livvie needs to know from Rafe WHAT the Avatar wants.

Rafe replies: "It wants to control. To dominate. That's what it needs.'

Livvie asks Rafe if there would be more than one of these beings. But , secretly, Livvie is wondering what would happen if The Avatar's human host mated with a human - would the baby be a demon or a monster?

As Rafe continues to insist that they should cancel their plans with Kevin and Lucy, Livvie begs her husband to go ahead with the evening. Then Livvie told Rafe to go ahead to Lucy's and Livvie will meet Rafe there after she runs an errand. Rafe is reluctant to let Livvie be running around all alone, but Livvie convinces her husband that, if it IS important for her to stay calm - then doing some nice ordinary, routine errands will do wonders for her. However, as soon as Rafe is out the door, Livvie says to herself: "You bastard! You tricked me! You made me think you were human and you are NOT. And now - now - you are going to tell me what this is!' Livvie grabs her key and heads out.

As Alison arrives at Lucy's to pick something up, she runs into Rafe at Lucy's door.

In the Park, Handsome Hunky Officer Andy watches as the Emergency Team takes the latest victim of The Avatar to the hospital. Marissa told Andy that some of the customers at Pizza Shack had seen someone resembling the Shadowy Avenger in the Park earlier. Andy told Marissa and Jamal that the victim was a pimp who was known to beat up his girls. Andy told Marissa and Jamal that, if they had NOT shown up when they did, the pimp might NOT have made it. Marissa agrees finally with Jamal that her super-hero is looking less heroic all the time.

At the same time, Livvie arrives at the docks and sees The Avatar. Livvie asks: "What have you done to me? And what kind of monster am I carrying?'

Friday, July 26, 2002

At the Thornhart loft, Ian and Danny hastily get ready for Kate's visit. When Kate arrives with their Pizza, Ian puts Danny to bed while Kate has a good look at a picture of Ian with Eve and Danny. Kate observes that maybe coming to Ian's Place was not such a good idea.

Rafe and Alison run into each other on the doorstep of the Light House. Rafe and Alison quickly catch on that it was a pre-arranged 'accidental' bumping into and, after both of them let Lucy know that her efforts were transparent, Alison quickly leaves. Rafe told his cousin Lucy that she should NOT have done that and Kevin arrives in time to agree with Rafe.

Meanwhile, On the Docks, Livvie demands answers from the Avatar.

LIVVIE: "Well? Come on and answer me! I know you are not really human now. Not any more - not any more - but I thought you were - that night. I thought -- I don't know what I thought! I was desperate. Why didn't you tell me about this? I can -- I can feel it moving inside of me already! This can't be! This can't be! I want to know what it is! What am I carrying? Say something! Come on. I know you are in there! Stop hiding. I know who you are! Please! Please! Tell me what kind of thing this is. What did you do to me?'

SHADOW: "What you asked for.'

LIVVIE: "What? No! No! I NEVER asked for this! Stop! What is happening to me? What is going to happen? Wait! Wait!'

But The Avatar suddenly vanishes, leaving Livvie's questions unanswered.

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, as Lucy pretends innocence, Kevin points out that Livvie and Rafe ARE married and that Lucy's trick was a cruel hoax that hurt Rafe and Livvie and, most of all - Alison! Rafe told his cousin Lucy to just NOT try to help him and that arranging for Rafe and Alison to bump into each other is NOT going to help! About that time, Livvie arrives and is immediately upset when she realizes that Alison was just at the Light House.

In the meantime, Alison arrives at Jack's Bike Shop with a suitcase full of outfits to wear as she poses for pictures for Jack's Cycling magazine. However, as Jack snaps pictures, Alison gets woozy and Jack insists that she go to the Hospital to get checked out.

At Ian's Loft, as Kate told Ian about the great time she and Brennan had at Cellini's in New York, Ian stops Kate and lets Kate know that Ian met his friend Tim at Cellini's, that Ian saw Kate when he was there and that the bartender told Ian that, whenever Kate dined at Cellini's, Kate usually ate alone. Kate accuses Ian of spying on her and, as they argue, Kate suddenly slaps Ian.

At the Light House, Kevin tries to smooth things over as he observes his daughter's agitated state. Livvie makes an attempt to pretend that they are just having a nice, normal, traditional family dinner/celebration, while Lucy continues to glower at Livvie in silence. Lucy tries to bring up the subject of angels with Rafe - but Rafe fails to get Lucy's point and Livvie quickly changes the subject.

When Kevin asks Rafe if they have talked yet about names for the baby, RAFE replies: 'No - Not yet! I mean, it has always been a tradition in the Kovich family -- actually for hundreds of years -- that the firstborn....'

But, at that instant, Livvie doubles over in pain and says that the baby just kicked. Kevin insists that it would be too early for Livvie to feel any movement yet and Kevin insists that Livvie should immediately go to the Hospital to get it checked out. When Lucy suggests that Kevin and Lucy accompany Rafe and Livvie to the Hospital, Rafe declines the offer, telling Lucy that they do not really need any more tension.

After Rafe and Livvie leave for the hospital, Kevin rakes Lucy over the coals for trying to meddle in the lives of Rafe, Alison and Livvie.

Meanwhile, at Ian's loft, when Kate tries to storm out of Ian's apartment, Ian refuses to let Kate leave until she realizes that Ian truly IS her friend.

At the Hospital, Rafe tries to keep Livvie calm but Livvie insists that Rafe go find a doctor. After Rafe leaves to look for a doctor, Livvie spots Alison and Jack on the stairs and Livvie went up to talk to Alison. After Jack and Livvie exchange a frosty greeting, Jack leaves to bring the car around front for Alison.

Livvie becomes emotional as she told Alison that Alison will never have Rafe, because Rafe is now married to Livvie - then Livvie suddenly doubles over in pain again. As Alison reaches out to help Livvie, Livvie told Alison not to touch her and jerks away from Alison. As Livvie pulls away from Alison, Livvie falls down the stairs, just as Rafe returns and sees his wife fall. Rafe rushes to give his wife assistance and sees that Livvie is out cold.

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