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Monday, July 15, 2002

At the Bike Shop, Jamal finds it hard to believe that the Casey look-alike is really named Marissa and has no idea who Casey is or was. Marissa told Jamal that she plans to be a reporter and came to Port Charles to see Jamal because Jamal had commented on the Port Charles Shadow-Guy Vigilante and had offered the opinion that Jamal believes the Shadow is an ordinary guy just looking for attention.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie screams in terror as a strange, shadowy figure moves toward her.

In the meantime, in the Barrington attic, Rafe admits that he likes kissing Alison but he honestly still does not actually remember loving her and, besides, Rafe has a commitment to Livvie. Rafe told Alison that when Rafe truly needed someone to be there for him - it was Livvie who was there for him - and Rafe believes that he owes the same kind of support to Livvie now.

Back at the Bike Shop, Marissa finds that Jamal is not very forthcoming when it comes to talking about the many strange events in Port Charles. Marissa told Jamal that she believes that Port Charles is a vortex for strange happenings and that, with the Shadow-Guy, Marissa believes they are dealing with an honest-to-God super-hero. Jamal told Marissa that you never can tell, maybe Jamal is really Meteor-Man but Marissa told Jamal that she would be more inclined to believe that Jamal was Obnoxious-Man!

Back in the Barrington attic, Rafe told Alison that he does NOT remember loving her. Alison told Rafe that she knows Livvie well enough to suspect that the results of the pregnancy test were faked. But Rafe points out that Alison has no proof that the tests were faked.

Meanwhile, In the Here After's No Man's Land, James watches on his Heavenly TV and is upset that Alison seems to be making headway in convincing Rafe of their love. But Ed remains confident that Rafe will soon see the light and remember Alison in plenty of time to prevent James from claiming either Rafe's soul OR Ed's soul.

Back in the Attic, Alison reminds Rafe that he DOES love her and they suddenly begin to kiss.

At the Bike Shop, Jamal turns around for a minute to call Ricky to tell Ricky about 'Marissa', but, when Jamal looks back, he finds that Marissa is gone.

And, in the Attic, Rafe suddenly kicks at the door in frustration and the door swings open. Alison told Rafe that she is NOT going to give up on their love - but it looks like Rafe is 'free' to go.

In the Here After's No Man's Land, James is elated that Rafe has finally escaped Alison's Tender Trap and James gloats at the prospect of Olivia's eventual triumph. But, when James and Ed check on Livvie, there is only static on their Heavenly Hook-up. Ed, naturally, wants to know if Ed has been using an Illegal Hook-Up but James protests his innocence. Ed accuses James of creating some kind of interference, but James claims that something more powerful than James has ever encountered has blocked their view of Livvie. When Ed persists in reminding James that James will forfeit any gains James has made if James interferes, James protests that James has NOTHING to gain in losing track of Livvie. In fact, if Livvie turns out to be permanently out of the picture, Rafe would naturally return to Alison almost immediately. James adroitly points out that the ONLY one with something to gain from Livvie's disappearance would be ED!

Alone in the Attic, Alison flashes back on the highlights of her relationship with Rafe and Alison vows to never give up hoping to regain the love they once shared.

In the Here After, Ed reminds James that, if James interferes in ANY way, James has already lost. But James contends that there ARE powerful forces that even Ed knows nothing about.

In the meantime, Rafe returns to the Roadside Motel and is shocked when he discovers that Livvie is NOT there and has left her purse behind. The Motel Manager arrives to tell Rafe that she saw Livvie leave the Motel, half-dressed, and that Livvie was so upset that Livvie did not stop when the Manager called to her. Rafe leaves the Motel room to go looking for Livvie.

In the woods, only Livvie's shoe is visible where Livvie fell. And the Unidentified Shadow moves off into the brush.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

In the Park, Ricky tries to convince Karen to come to New York with him when Ricky's band gets a job in New York, but Karen insists that she has responsibilities at the Hospital and can NOT just drop everything and run whenever Ricky feels like a party. When Ricky persists in his efforts to change Karen's mind, Karen gets angry.

Frank, Kate and Ian take care of a child with a rat bite in a run-down apartment building. Ian threatens the landlord with legal action and Kate backs Ian up by promising to represent the residents of the building in a lawsuit against the landlord.

As Jack and Alison work out in the Park, Alison thanks Jack for locking her in the Barrington attic with Rafe, although Alison reports that Rafe STILL does NOT recognize Alison. Rafe suddenly runs into view and told Jack and Alison that Livvie did not come home the previous evening, and asks if either of them has seen his wife.

Marissa enters the woods with an energy detecting machine to look for Shadow Man but she is frightened when she hears some rustling bushes. Marissa finds Livvie's shoe but continues to hear even more rustling noises in the bushes.

Back at the apartment building, Kate gets into an argument with the landlord and Ian warns Kate to stay away from the landlord. Frank and Ian decide to take their young patient in to the hospital for a tetanus shot, as the landlord warns his tenant to stay away from Kate and her lawsuit noises. After Ian and Frank leave, Kate stays behind and begins taking pictures of the run-down condition of the building.

Back in the Park, Ricky accuses Karen of picking fights for no good reason every time it looks like their relationship is beginning to move forward. Karen brought up Ricky's previous relationship with Casey and Ricky suddenly shuts down.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Marissa is angry to find that the noises that scared her were caused by Jamal. When Jamal asks about the shoe, Marissa told Jamal that Marissa believes the shoe belongs to Shadow Man's latest victim.

Jamal suggests to Marissa that it might be a good idea if Jamal stuck by her in case there was any trouble but Marissa told Jamal that she is a kick-boxing and karate expert - just as Marissa stumbles and falls over a tree root.

Jack and Alison prove less than sympathetic to Rafe's search for Livvie but Rafe points out that, if Rafe had been home instead of locked in the Barrington attic, Rafe's wife might NOT be missing. But Jack lets Rafe know that Jack knows Livvie a LOT better than Rafe does and that keeping everyone around her worried about her is Livvie's trademark in relationships. Jack also points out that, if Livvie IS pregnant, {which Jack doubts could possibly be the case}, Rafe can NOT be all that positive that Rafe would be the baby's father.

Back at the dilapidated apartment building, as Kate takes pictures for evidence, she finds herself face to face with the landlord, who offers Kate money to back off on the investigation into his building.

In the Park, when Karen brought up Casey again, Ricky admits to Karen that he does not talk about Casey much because Casey is dead. Ricky told Karen that Casey knew her time was short and Casey did NOT want anyone else to know. When Karen tries to offer sympathy, Ricky storms off.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, as Jamal tries to fix up Marissa's twisted ankle and told Marissa that she could be Casey's twin, Marissa admits that she WAS a twin - but Marissa's sister died at birth. Leaning on Jamal, Marissa begins to hop out of the woods but remembers to take the shoe along with her because Marissa is positive that the shoe will be evidence of Shadow Man's latest victim.

When Rafe demands details from Jack about Jack's crack about Livvie, Alison tries to smooth things over but Rafe and Jack still get into an argument about Livvie. Jack told Rafe that Jack has done his own time - worrying about Livvie when Livvie disappears - but Livvie always returns with some unbelievable story about where she has been. And Jack always WANTED to believe Livvie was telling him the truth, even when Jack was SURE that Livvie was lying. Rafe told Jack that Rafe believes that Jack is still all hung up on Livvie and that was why Jack followed Livvie up to the cabin. Jack told Rafe what Rafe does NOT know about the incident at the cabin - that Livvie was taking off her clothes and coming on to Jack, then yelled 'rape' when Livvie saw Rafe returning. Rafe rushes Jack but Jack blocks the blow and knocks Rafe down instead.

Back at the run-down apartment building, Kate told the landlord to stuff it when he offers money to end the investigation. The landlord suddenly grabs Kate's camera and breaks it - then he warns Kate that he does NOT feel all that nice any more.

As Jack and Rafe tussle on the ground, Jamal and Marissa arrive and Jamal breaks up the fight. Alison notices that Marissa looks like Casey. But before Alison can get any farther, Rafe sees Livvie's shoe in Marissa's hand and grabs it. Marissa told Rafe that Marissa found the shoe in the same place where Shadow Man was last seen. As Rafe clutches Livvie's shoe and gives Jack a dirty look, Jack is surprised that something bad might have actually happened to Livvie.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

When Ian expresses his regrets to Karen about her recent break-up with Frank, Karen told him she is dating someone new. Under her breath, Karen whispers, "I wish Eve was here." She suddenly realizes how this must sound to Ian. She apologizes, but Ian agrees that he also wishes Eve was there. He asks Karen what she would want to talk to Eve about. Karen told Ian about her relationship with Ricky and how he wants her to drop everything to go and hear him play a rock and roll gig in New York. Ian told her not to throw away a chance at happiness.

Karen decides to take his advice. She clears her schedule then calls Ricky to ask him to meet her at the hospital because they need to talk. Ricky, who has been thinking about his short-lived romance with Casey, thinks that Karen wants to end their relationship. He reluctantly went to the hospital awaiting the worst. Instead, he is greeted by Karen who throws her arms around him saying she is ready to pack her bags for their trip.

After introducing Marissa to Alison, Rafe, and Jack, Jamal takes her to the hospital to have her sprained ankle attended to. As Jamal sits with her in the waiting area, Marissa asks him if he has a girlfriend. Jamal says no. Next, she asks if Jamal was the Dumper or the Dumpee. He avoids answering this nosy question. Finally, a nurse tends to Marissa. As she is asked for her insurance information, Ricky and Karen come in. Ricky is startled by a familiar voice. He turns around in disbelief. Marissa is annoyed by his attention. She exclaims she should start wearing a badge that says, Not Casey. Her attitude turns when Ricky shows her a picture of Casey. Marissa is amazed at their resemblance.

Alone at the dilapidated apartment house, Kate is threatened by the landlord. As he advances on her, a figure moves out of the shadows and utters the word "Shame." It turns to Kate and says only one word, "Go." The landlord cowers while Kate runs outside into Ian's arms. Ian had been worried about Kate and had come looking for her. Kate told him that the Shadow Man is inside the building. Ian rushes inside only to find the landlord tied up on the floor. He begs Ian to untie him because he is afraid of all the rats. Ian gives the man a dirty look then leaves. Outside, Kate asks Ian, "What was it?" Ian has no answer. As they leave, someone watches then a shadow slowly moves along the wall.

Jack and Alison both want to help Rafe find Livvie. He allows Jack to help, but told Livvie no because she just got out of the hospital and should be resting. Jack and Rafe leave. Alison hesitates, then decides to conduct her own search for Livvie. While Rafe and Jack walk through the woods, they talk about Livvie. Jack says he was *pissed* that Livvie dumped him for someone like Rafe. It was like Caleb all over again. Rafe stops and gives Jack an inquiring look. He told Jack that the only Caleb he ever knew was a.... "Vampire." Jack says. "Livvie was married to Caleb. She was his bride." Jack told a stunned Rafe. Jack went on to tell Rafe the whole Caleb story about how Livvie nearly destroyed the town then at the last minute saved everyone.

Rafe and Jack find a piece of shredded fabric from Livvie's nightgown. Next they see places on the ground where it appears Livvie was dragged. The strange thing is: there is only one set of footprints. Livvie's. Either she was dragged by someone or something that left no prints or she faked the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Alison continues to search and call out Livvie's name. Suddenly Alison's head begins to hurt and she has to sit down. When she does, she looks over to see Livvie lying on the ground. She calls out for Rafe and Jack.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

At the Hospital, Marissa is very subdued as she looks at Casey's picture in Ricky's extended hand. Marissa asks Ricky about Casey and Ricky admits that he loved her.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Alison finds an unconscious Livvie and calls Jack and Rafe for help. Rafe is quick to make sure that Livvie is OK, but Jack is more interested in learning how Livvie got to that section of the woods and who brought her there.

At the Hospital, Karen excuses herself to check on a patient, while Ricky told Marissa that Casey lived in foster homes and ran away a lot. Then she died. Marissa suggests that Ricky go after his girlfriend to make sure she is OK and Ricky leaves to track down Karen.

Chris arrives at the Recovery Room and realizes he is going to run into Officer Doree. Doree told Chris it will be OK if he shares her table, even though Chris told Doree that he wanted to put the brakes on their relationship. Doree admits that she had never been that wild over a guy she barely knew before but she was just so hot for Chris, she just couldn't think straight. Chris told Doree that he had no objection to their relationship - he just wasn't ready yet for a 24/7 relationship and it looked like that was the direction they were headed. Chris told Doree that he DID intend to call her. Doree does NOT believe what Chris is saying, but she told him that she appreciates the thought, since the police have been working double time to round up the Shadow Man. Chris told Doree that it looks to him like the Shadow Vigilante deserves a commendation from the police, rather than being hounded like a common criminal.

On the other side of the Recovery Room, Kate sketches what she saw of the Shadow Man. Kate told Ian she was NOT afraid of the Shadow Man and that Shadow Man seemed to have a sense of dignity. Kate points out that the punishment always seems to fit the crime - the wife beater was beaten, the muggers were hung upside down in a tree and the Slum-lord was left stranded in his own rat-infested building.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Jack and Rafe tell Livvie that they saw where a scrap of Livvie's nightgown was snagged on a branch, and there was evidence she was dragged away. Jack points out that there were no tracks, so Livvie either flew away from the spot where her nightgown caught on the bushes, or she was dragged away. Livvie insists that she just fell and hit her head and does NOT remember anything else - although Livvie flashes back to seeing Shadow Man. Rafe wants Livvie to go to the Hospital, but Livvie resists the suggestion until she stands up and doubles over in pain. Rafe scoops his wife up in his arms and heads to the Hospital with her.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Ricky catches up with Karen and they talk about their histories with Casey and Frank. They decide they both need to learn how to deal with the past and they continue making plans to go to New York.

Meanwhile, Jamal asks Marissa WHY Marissa did NOT tell Ricky that Marissa had a twin - but Marissa insists that HER twin died at birth.

Back at the Recovery Room, Doree told Chris that she thinks the Shadow is a Police Academy wash-out. But Chris asks: "Is that your psychological profile?'

DOREE: "As a matter of fact, it is.'

CHRIS: "But you have had NO luck tracking down this poor soul - right?'

DOREE: "You may think this is some kind of a joke, Chris. But eventually this clown is going to knock around someone who is NOT a bad guy or eventually kill someone. And I do NOT want that on my street!'

CHRIS: "OK. You want to know what I think?'

DOREE: "OK, what do you think?'

CHRIS: "I think the cops feel threatened because this guy is doing YOUR job!'

Across the Recovery Room, Ian told Kate that Ian is going to New York to talk to a friend who might have some ideas about Shadow Man and Kate guesses that Ian thinks Shadow Man is not quite human.

At the Hospital, Dr. Neumann runs tests to see if Livvie still has a viable pregnancy, and Jack and Livvie overhear her instructions to the nurses.

Back at the Recovery Room, Officer Doree is shocked when Chris makes an impassioned defense of Shadow Man and Doree asks: "You don't happen to own a black cape, do you, Ramsey?'

CHRIS: "What if I did?'

DOREE: "I'd slap a pair of handcuffs on you so fast, it would make your head spin.'

CHRIS: "Hmmm. That actually sounds very good. You know, I'm off in a couple of hours.'

DOREE: "Well, I'm not! And even if I were - the answer is a big negatory.'

Doree leaves, after informing Chris that the police WILL find Shadow Man and WILL put him in jail. But, after Doree leaves, Chris observes: "Good luck, sweetheart. I think this guy has one too many tricks for you.' Then Chris also leaves.

Kate places a call to Brennan (her significant other) and informs him that she will be in New York for a few days and they can plan to go to one of their favorite places. Since Ian is also headed to New York, Ian invites Kate to drive alone with him, but Kate told Ian that she would prefer to take the train.

At the Hospital, Marissa told Jamal that she did NOT mention to Ricky that Marissa had a twin because Marissa's twin died at birth and there is no way Marissa's parents would let Marissa believe a lie about something as important as the death of Marissa's twin sister. However, when Jamal went to take care of something, Marissa calls her mother and told her mother that there is something important that Marissa needs to talk to her Mom about.

As Jack and Alison wait on word about Livvie, Jack told Alison that Jack believes that, in a few minutes, Rafe will find out that Livvie's pregnancy is a big sham, Rafe will dump Livvie and Rafe and Alison will live happily ever after. Then Livvie will disappear for a few days and then Livvie will come back and want to make up with Jack again.

When Dr. Neumann returns, Alison listens at the door as Dr. Newmann told Livvie that her baby is not only OK - it appears to be thriving.

As Ian leaves the Recovery Room, he drops his keys. When he looks up, Ian sees that Shadow Man is watching him. So Ian asks: "Who are you? What do you want from us?'

SHADOW: "Justice. Don't interfere!'

Then Shadow Man disappears.

Friday, July 19, 2002

In New York, Ian sits at a bar and remembers his encounter with the Shadow - and the Shadow's warning that Ian should NOT interfere in the Shadow's quest for justice.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Alison finds Jack and informs Jack that Jack's former girlfriend, Livvie, really IS pregnant - and it looks like Alison's former boyfriend, Rafe, is the baby's father.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Dr. Neuman reassures Livvie and Rafe that Dr. Neuman is 99.9 percent positive that Livvie IS pregnant and the baby IS thriving. When Dr. Neuman leaves, Livvie asks Rafe to be honest with her and then Livvie asks if the truth is that Rafe wants neither Livvie NOR the baby.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Alison explodes at Jack and berates her friend for encouraging her to hope that everything between Alison and Rafe would turn out to be OK.

Back in the Hospital, Livvie promises Rafe that their child will always feel treasured by Livvie. Rafe told Livvie that he does NOT want the baby to grow up without a father, but Rafe simply does NOT love Livvie and he realizes that Livvie knows that also.

Back at the Bar in New York, Ian meets his friend Tim, who is now a Professor of Anthropology, doing primitive field work, for a local University. Ian shows Kate's sketch of The Shadow to Tim and Ian informs Tim that Ian saw the creature, that the Shadow told Ian it was seeking justice and then warned Ian NOT to interfere.

Tim informs Ian that the creature resembles a legend about The Avatar.

Back at the Hospital, Livvie asks Rafe to search in her eyes for the truth, but Rafe told his wife that the only truth that will do Rafe any good is the truth he finds in his own soul. When Rafe leaves Livvie's Hospital room, he remembers Alison's face and went off to find Alison.

Meanwhile, Alison and Jack argue in the park about Alison's dashed hopes. As Alison breaks down and cries on Jack's shoulder, Rafe shows up. Alison told Jack that she wants to talk to Rafe alone. But, as Jack leaves, Jack warns Rafe that there WILL be consequences if Rafe hurts Alison again. Rafe told Alison that his emotional connection to Alison is strong. But Alison told Rafe that she KNOWS Rafe well enough to KNOW that the vows that Rafe made to Livvie mean something to Rafe - so Alison believes she needs to let Rafe go so Rafe can be with Livvie.

Meanwhile, in New York, Tim told Ian that The Avatar is a Spirit of Ancient Wisdom who went from town to town, seeking Justice. At first, it dishes out punishments that fit the crime and the townspeople are at first happy to have what they believe is a blessing. But, as people become dependent upon The Avatar bringing justice to them, their dependence feeds The Avatar's desire for power. Tim explains that the Avatar has to find a host first. It has to inhabit a human first. The Spirit controls the man until the man disappears entirely. The more that The Avatar's power grows, the more it starts to do and needs to do. Slowly, the Avatar's hunger for power becomes more important than its need for justice. And when that time comes, the full force of the darkness within is revealed to the town - but, by then - it is too late. Then Tim cautions Ian against believing the legend.

As Tim explains the legend to Ian, Livvie looks out the window at the Hospital and remembers her encounter with The Avatar. As Livvie looks out the window, Livvie told herself: "You knew what I wanted. You knew just by looking at me. It was a fair deal. I needed you and you needed me to keep the secret of who you are. And we WILL keep that secret. We HAVE to - because Rafe can NEVER know I am having your baby.'

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