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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Shawn and Belle discuss the aliens and how it felt to kiss someone from another planet. Julie and Maggie arrive and ask them to watch Zack for a moment. As they return to the table, they are shocked to see the aliens run past. Colin blindfolds Jennifer and leads her into the woods. He talks with her about their time together in Africa. Jennifer is still angry, and Colin tells her he came to Salem to be with her. He begs her to give him a chance, and Jennifer tells him she needs time to think. Nancy learns that Chloe is in isolation at the hospital, to prevent infection. Then the detective informs her and Craig that the possible donor is nowhere to be found. Craig suggests that he and Nancy have a child that could possible be a donor for Chloe. John offers to make peace with Tony. Marlena is stunned to see the two men being civil to each other. Tony invites the couple to dinner, and Marlena consents. Later, she asks John what he is doing, and if he will be so forgiving with Lexie. On his way out, Tony bumps into Colin. Tony tells him what happened in the office, saying he knows John was only pretending to be nice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

At the pub, Chloe's friends make posters for the bone marrow drive. Bo drops in and asks Shawn why he told Agent Spector a different story than he told his parents. Shawn covers and says he and Belle have decided that what they thought they saw was a dream. Later, Belle confesses to Shawn that she's having trouble forgetting about the aliens. Brady is troubled and wants to express his true feelings to Chloe, but he knows she has to focus on getting better. They all head to the hospital to hang the signs in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Billie lurks outside the pub, watching Bo. The aliens steal a bottle of wine and a photo of Belle and Shawn from the pub; Bo chases after them, but he doesn't get a good look at them. Billie evades detection and murmurs that everyone will know the truth tomorrow...

Jennifer tells Jack what she overheard between Tony and Colin at the hospital. She thinks Colin "kidnapped" her to banish any lingering suspicions, but they're not gone. Jack is against Jennifer getting involved with Colin in any way, but she insists on helping because only she can get the inside track on Colin. Jack informs Bo of Jennifer's desire to work with them to get information on Colin. Meanwhile, Jennifer approaches Colin and forgives him. She tells him she still has feelings for him and they plan to go out to dinner soon...

Abe summons Lexie to his office, making one last attempt at reconciliation. She softens when he talks about Zack, but storms out when Abe can't deny his joy that Stefano is dead...

Craig and Nancy decide to make a baby, a child they want very much, in the hopes that the baby will also be a bone marrow match for Chloe. Though they know it isn't the right time of month to conceive, they begin to make love...

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Operation Save Chloe is underway in Salem as the town residents gather at University Hospital for a bone marrow drive, coordinated by Belle, Shawn, and the rest of the teenage gang. However, despite the fact that everyone is gathered for such a charitable event, it wouldn't be Salem if a few sparks didn't fly off during it. A discussion between Belle and Shawn over the alien sighting turns into a full blown argument. Belle accuses Shawn of taking the situation too lightly just as she says he did with the Jan situation. Shawn then calls Belle crazy, and walks away. While talking to Brady about why she can't completely forget or forgive Shawn for the Jan incident, Belle encourages Brady to tell Chloe about his love for her. An obsessed Philip overhears the conversation, and later confronts Shawn and then Belle about what he'd heard. He accuses Shawn of knowing about Brady's feelings all along, and accuses Belle of taking Brady's side. Shawn reminds Philip that he's behaving selfishly at a time when Chloe's health is all that really matters. Philips cools down some, but he tells Belle warn Brady that he better stay away from Chloe once she recovers. Meanwhile, Caprice spots Celeste at the hospital, and tries to avoid her, but to her dismay, the two women run into each other. When Celeste asks Caprice if she knows her, Caprice tells her no.

Sami spots Brandon at the hospital, but before she can talk to him, Lexie appears and asks Brandon for a few moments of his time. Sami overhears Lexie telling Brandon that her she and Abe are through. Brandon offers his unconditional support to Lexie. An envious Sami then goes to the police precinct to inform Abe of the conservation she'd overheard. Once again, Abe tells Sami to mind her own business. While leaving the station, Sami runs into Roman. She tells him all about her attempts to warn Abe about Lexie and Brandon. She then tells Roman she has the situation under control, and calls Tony DiMera. She arranges to meet with him later the hospital. Meanwhile, Roman and Bo anxiously await the arrival of a new officer who has requested to train with Roman.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony receives a house call from John Black. John brings him a house gift, and the two have a very artificial and sarcastic conversation about Tony's adjustment to Salem. John briefly mentions how safe the DiMera mansion seems, and thinks back to when he'd previously broken into the place. Tony assures him that no one has ever broken into the mansion and lived to tell the tale.

The Wesleys are paid a special visit by the teen aliens. Nancy sees them and faints. She later tells Craig, after he finds her laid out on floor and revives her, that two half dressed teens broke into their home. Craig searches for the intruders, but his hunt turns up empty. However, he and Nancy do discover that boy and girl stole Nancy's robe, along with Craig's shirt and tie. Craig later reports the incident to the Salem PD

After escaping from the Wesleys', The aliens retreat to a park, where they pull out a picture of Belle and Shawn. While looking at the photo, they lovingly reminisce over their encounter with the teen couple. Back at University Hospital, Sami again tries to convince Brandon to stay away from Lexie, telling him that she and Abe aren't over. Brandon tells her to mind her own business. Tony arrives at the hospital to talk to Sami, but is distracted by Lexie who tells him about her ordeal with Abe. The DiMera pair then runs into Craig, and immediatly a confrontation ensues. Tony threatens to sue Craig for defamation of character for his verbal attacks on Lexie. Later, Tony makes a $50,000 donation to the bone marrow drive. In a rival like move, John matches his donation. Lexie then tries to convince Brandon to quit University hospital and work at the Salem Clinic. Meanwhile, Sami and Tony finally sneak to a quit place in order to talk, but to their surprise, a suspicious John Black follows them.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Marlena questions Kate about why John is being so friendly to Tony, but Kate gets out of answering her question when John shows up and she quickly leaves. Marlena then questions John about his over friendliness towards Tony. John assures Marlena that he knows what he is doing. He explains to Marlena that he is telling anyone who asks, that he is giving Tony the benefit of the doubt, and tells her, as a psychiatrist, to read between the lines. Then Marlena finds an invitation to Tony's dinner party in her pile of mail.

Brady is at his apartment and sees his mother's ghost. She tells Brady that she is there because he needs her. Brady thinks he is going crazy after seeing her. Then he yells at her and tells her to go away because she left him a long time ago and it's to late to come back. Then he closes his eyes and chants for her to go away. When Brady opens his eyes she is gone. Then Brady feels sad that she is gone and then she reappears. He asks her if she is there because Chloe is going to die. Isabella says she is there to help him as she picks up a picture of Chloe. Then she encourages Brady to tell Chloe that he loves her and then she disappears again. Brady thinks he was only dreaming but then he sees the picture of Chloe that Isabella was holding has been moved.

Belle and Shawn are in the park near the teen aliens. The aliens spy on Belle and Shawn as they talk from behind the bushes. Shawn apologizes to Belle for all the things he has done to her in the past. The alien girl seems to be in love with Shawn and keeps drinking from the bottle of wine they took from the Pub. The alien boy seems mad at her for drinkingthe wine and takes the bottle and throws it over the bush. Belle and Shawn see the bottle and walk over towards the bushes to check things out. Then, the aliens start throwing all the other things they have collected, over the bush. Belle and Shawn walk closer and the aliens stand up. They all start to laugh and then the alien girl runs over to Shawn and starts kissing him.

John finds Sami and Tony together in the alley behind the hospital. Tony explains their being there together away as innocent talking. John tells Tony to go so he can talk to Sami alone. John then warns Sami to stay away from Tony for her own sake. Tony reappears after John leaves and asks Sami if she is going to listen to John or let him help her get Brandon back. Sami goes back to the DiMera mansion with Tony. They find a common bond in both being black sheep in Salem. Tony compliments Sami on her beauty and ambition and tells her that he finds her irresistible. Sami seems very flattered by all his compliments and falls into Tony's trap of trusting him. Then they make plan to make Brandon fall at Sami's feet. Tony asks Sami to be his mystery date for the dinner party he is throwing at the mansion and tells her that Brandon will be there. As Sami goes off to get ready, she tells Tony she will owe him for his help. Tony mumbles to himself that she and everyone else at the dinner party will pay him back "big time."

Bo and Roman question Billie about why she wants to be a cop. Billie explains that she graduated at the top of her class in New York City and lost lots of good friends September 11th, and now she wants to be the best cop in the world. She tells Roman that she wants to learn from the best. Bo wants to know why she kept becoming a cop a secret. Billie tells Bo that she knew he would move heaven and earth to stop her. Roman asks Billie if her goal is to be partners with Bo someday, but Billie is offended by their accusation and says she has moved on with her life and they need to stop being so sexist. Bo tells Billie it won't work with their history, but Billie tells Bo that she has zero interest in him. Roman goes in the other office and calls Kate to come to the station. When Kate shows up, Roman tells her that he has Billie in his office. Kate wants to know what she has done wrong and Roman explains to her that she is there to be a cop. Kate is shocked. Kate goes in and asks Billie about being a cop, and Billie is again insulted. Billie asks them if she can join their force or not. Roman looks at Bo as if the final decision is up to him.

Friday, July 19, 2002


Choice people around Salem received dinner invitations to the DiMera mansion from Tony. Marlena strongly protested although John thought they might have a good time. Marlena thought otherwise. Lexie tried to get Brandon to agree to accompany her, but he, too, was reluctant. Lexie was under the impression it will be only her, Brandon and Tony. Lexie told Brandon it would be a chance for Brandon to get to know Tony better. Brandon said he knows all he needs to know about Tony. Lexie finally talked Brandon into agreeing to dinner with Tony. Just then, Lexie noticed that Sami also was at the Brady Pub. Lexie was furious that Sami is following her and Brandon. But, she reasoned, she won't bother us tonight.

Bo confronted Billie about their past. He wanted to be sure she is "over him." Although Billie denied having any residual feelings for Bo, he didn't seem convinced. Bo suggested that Hope might have a problem with Billie being around. Billie questioned Hope's trust of Bo and Bo and Hope's relationship. Billie assured Bo that her only motives are to become a good cop. She insisted that Bo has nothing to do with it. Later, Bo told Roman and Abe if Billie wants to work a beat, he won't stand in her way.

Marlena asked John to cancel their dinner invitation with Tony, but John insisted he was going with or without Marlena. He told her he prefers to go with her, to present a united front. He asked Marlena to do it for him.

Sami talked to her grandmother at the pub. Sami won't tell who she's having dinner with. Caroline told Sami about a nice guy she'd like to fix her up with. Sami says absolutely not.

Sean and Belle met up with the alien teenagers in the park. The girl alien is clearly smitten with Sean, as she showed jealousy at seeing Sean and Belle kiss. The Salem teens tried to communicate with the aliens. The boy alien embraced Belle after she reached out a friendly hand. Sean got her away from him. A confrontation began to brew between Sean and the boy alien. Sean and Belle tried to demonstrate what a handshake means. Something spooked the aliens and they ran off through the park with Sean and Belle right behind. After a long chase, Sean gave up. The two humans decide they need to find the two aliens to protect them from getting into trouble. The aliens found their way to the docks, where a group of thugs were starting trouble.

Hope, John, Marlena, Caroline and Sean all get special delivery letters. The special delivery letters were invitations to the reading of Stefano's will. Each wondered why they would be named in Stefano's will.

Lexie continued trying to convince Brandon to leave the hospital and work at the clinic. Sami overheard and put in her two cents worth. Brandon refused to let Lexie pay for dinner even though she is an heiress and he's a working boy. Lexie finally agreed and got up to leave. Lexie and Sami exchanged snide remarks as the couple exited.

While Bo, Abe and Roman were discussing reports of the aliens, a call came in about trouble reported at the peer. Billie is off with Roman on her first assignment. The hoods on the pier found the alien couple and cornered them. Billie and Roman arrived.

Bo offered to help Abe by viewing the tapes from the hospital from the night of the baby switch. Bo said he was not looking forward to telling Hope that Billie is back and working in the police department.

John and Marlena gave Belle and Sean their instructions for the evening. John jokingly said he hoped the two had not been out chasing aliens all afternoon.

Bo encouraged Hope to attend the memorial and reading of the will as a means of closure. Hope sensed that Bo was hiding something and pressed him for answers. Bo finally gathered up the courage to tell Hope that Billie is back.

Brandon was the first to arrive at the DiMera mansion. Lexie was quite surprised when John and Marlena showed up, followed by Sami.

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