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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Due to the meteor shower, there is a rush of panicked people at the hospital's ER. Philip arrives and is worried about Chloe. Craig tells him that Chloe is fine and is sleeping. Colin arrives and has "Jane Doe" with him. Philip thinks he recognizes her and follows them behind the curtain. Turns out that "Jane Doe" is Billie!! As soon as the doctors leave for a moment Billie sits up and asks Philip to help her get out of there. Philip asks what is going on but Billie will not explain. In all the commotion they manage to slip out unnoticed. The duo turns up on Kate's doorstep. She is stunned to see her daughter standing there. Kate sends Philip home and asks Billie what kind of trouble she's in . Billie insists that she'll explain everything soon enough and asks her mother to trust her. When Kate leaves the room Billie makes a call and tells someone that she's there and that Bo won't know anything until she is ready to tell him...

Bo is called into help with the accident. He shows up at the hospital wanting to speak with "Jane Doe" about her accident. Colin leads Bo to where she is but they find the bed empty! Needless to say, Bo is suspicious of Colin's involvement in the disappearance. Jennifer overhears and steps in to defend Colin. After Bo leaves Colin offers to give Jen an exclusive interview if she'll admit that she still has feelings for him. They banter back and forth with Jennifer berating Colin for using Nicole in an attempt to make her jealous. He gets her flustered and she storms off. He later sees her leave and vows to win her over. Brady is in Chloe's room keeping her company. They start to talk about being afraid of what the future holds. Brady admits to Chloe that he's afraid of losing her. They admit that being together feels right. Because it's after visiting hours, Brady hides under the bed when Craig comes in to check on Chloe. She pretends to be sleepy so that Craig will leave. After Craig is gone Chloe admits to Brady that she's afraid to sleep in case she never wakes up. Philip shows up in her room and finds Brady there...

Craig is very angry with the staff over "Jane Doe" being missing. The investigator shows up at the hospital with the news that they may have found Chloe's father. Dr. Sykes has a sister who lives in New York city. Craig instructs the man to go to New York to see her right away...

The pod opens to reveal two teenagers inside. Belle and Shawn are equally curious and afraid. When it seems like the pod is in danger of exploding Shawn drags the occupants to safety. Belle fears there is something wrong with the space travelers as they are very cold to the touch. Belle wants to help them , so Shawn reluctantly agrees. They perform CPR. The travelers come to! The four teens are leery of each other. The space teens run off. At first Belle and Shawn can't find the space teens but then they notice that the bushes are radiating a green light. The space teens are spooked when Shawn and Belle approach and run for it. Belle and Shawn are knocked unconscious...

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Shawn and Belle cannot find any sign that the visions they saw last night were real but they continue to assume the two kids they think they saw were aliens from another world. They hurry to Shawn's place where John, Marlena, Hope and Bo are worried that they didn't come home last night. The two explain what happened to them last night but the four adults doubt their story. Abe and Roman interrupt with a call to Bo and ask him to come to Lookout Point. John and Bo arrive and find the area cordoned off with a HAZMAT team already at work. The two guess that Shawn and Belle saw a meteor land and nothing else. Meanwhile, the mystery man continues to snoop outside Bo and Hope's place, watching Shawn and Belle.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Lexie's day of reckoning comes as she appears in court for her sentence hearing. Before the trial begins, Lexie talks with Brandon and warns that a lot of lives are going to be effected by the end of hearing. When Cameron comes into the courtroom, Lexie asks her if she has carried out an undisclosed action and then reminds Cameron that she is her lawyer and is supposed to be on her side, and also mentions how Cameron has screwed up in the past. She then orders her to make a phone call and tells her that it is her chance to make things right. Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Abe, Celeste, and Brandon all attend the hearing. Following the start of the proceedings, Tony DiMera stands before the judge and gives a compassionate speech on his sister's behalf, describing Lexie as a servant of the community and stressing that she only broke the law and behaved irrationally as a result of the grief and shock she felt from losing her son. Hope then stands before the judge and tells him about the hell she says her former "best friend" put her through, telling him that Lexie's betrayal and deceit was so much she can barely look at her. She then ends by simply asking the Judge do what is in Zack's best interest. Lexie then gives an emotional testimony, stressing that her past actions were only done out of love for her family, and ends by saying she has accepted losing Isaac, or Zack. She tells the judge she only wants to move on with life and asks that she be judged on her own merit, and not on her DiMera name. The prosecution and defense rest their case. Recess is called. John then has brief encounter with Tony, in which Tony blows John off, and threatens to file harassment charges. Marlena warns John that Tony isn't worth the trouble. The then judge returns with the highly anticipated verdict. Lexie gets off the hook with a 2-year probation sentence. She is also ordered to do 3,000 hours of community service, a year of psychiatric counseling, and to stay away from Zack until Hope and Bo deem her safe. An ecstatic Lexie leaves the courtroom with her mother, half-brother, and Brandon, and she thanks them for standing by her. Meanwhile, Hope, Bo and John, all extremely upset, stand by watching. Bo vows Lexie will never come near Hope or Zack again. Lexie then vows to herself that everyone will pay.

Meanwhile, at University Hospital, Chloe continues to battle with leukemia. She is in her hospital room with Nancy and Craig when a bouquet of flowers is delivered to her. She initially thinks they are from Philip, but is surprised when later she finds who the gift is really from: Cecilia Marin from Julliard. On a card attached to the flowers, Cecilia gladly offers Chloe the chance to attend the school. Meanwhile, Brady and Philip attempt to get the gang together, meaning Mimi, Belle, Shawn, and Kevin, for a surprise they've planned for Chloe. Mimi and Kevin are already at the hospital, but Brady has a hard time locating Belle via her cell phone.

During this time, Bell and Shawn return to the hilltop where they had their extraterrestial encounter. They find Abe there, along with a NASA government official, who wants to talk with them about what happened on the night of the meteor showers. They give the official abbreviated facts, and then ask him if he's ever heard of alien sightings. He replies he's only received such stories from crackpots. Belle then notices Brady called her, and calls him back. He tells her to come to the hospital. She and Shawn arrive there. The teens then show Chloe her surprise: they've fixed up a VIP room for Chloe to stay in, furnished with her belongings from home. Belle and Shawn then tell everyone about their alien sighting. However, everyone is skeptical of their story, but Mimi. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that he has located Chloe's aunt on her father's side. Craig later receives a subpoena to appear in court in connection with Lexie baby switch lawsuit.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Jack and Jennifer continue to get closer through working together. Jennifer finds a file about Colin on Jack's computer. Jennifer reads the file and Jack discusses all the strange things Colin has been a part of. Jack tells Jennifer he understands that she is attracted to Colin since she doesn't love him anymore, and a startled Jennifer yells "WHAT?." Jennifer tells Jack that she never said she didn't love him anymore. Jack says Colin told him in Africa, that Jennifer told him, she didn't love Jack anymore. Jennifer denied ever saying it. Jack tries to get Jennifer to let him pursue his investigation on Colin, but Jennifer needs to think about things. An angry Jack shouts as he leaves her office that he will quit if she doesn't let him investigate Colin.

Sami's hopes about having Brandon to herself are blown when she finds out Lexie didn't get jail time. Lexie and Sami exchange nasty words in the hospital cafeteria. Craig has the hospital staff searching the security tapes to find the night of the baby switch because of Lexie's lawsuit. Craig then finds Lexie in the cafeteria and threatens her about the lawsuit. Lexie yells back at him and reminds him of all the nasty things he did to Mike and Carrie and that she can expose him. Colin and Tony meet to talk in the cafeteria but Sami interrupts them. Lexie tells Sami to stay away from her brother. Sami reminds Lexie that she and Tony are almost family since he is Carrie's stepfather. Craig jumps in and tells Lexie he'll have her thrown out of the hospital if she keeps yelling at people. Then Tony jumps in and tells Craig how wonderful his experience has been at the hospital and that he is sorry to hear about Chloe's condition. Craig is bothered that Tony knows about Chloe. Tony and Colin exchange a strange look. Craig tells Tony about Lexie's lawsuit. Tony pulls Lexie aside and tries to get her to drop the lawsuit. Lexie is determined to have revenge and clear Stefano's name in the baby switch. Tony tells her to do what is right and let Zack be with the Brady's since he is a Brady. Tony then goes off with Colin for a "medical check-up." Tony tells Colin that he is trying to rehabilitate the DiMera name and Colin chimes in saying that he is there to smooth the way for him so that can happen. Tony says he needs to get Lexie under control so she doesn't mess things up. Tony tells Colin that Lexie is the rightful DiMera head, but that Colin will get his part, only not at Lexie's expense. Colin continues his medical exam of Tony and asks him about his catatonic episode. Then Tony starts to stare off into another catatonic episode. Colin shakes him and asks why he didn't tell him about this problem and Tony mumbles something. Tony mumbles again . . . the name Marlena. Later, Lexie again tells Sami to stay away from Tony AND Brandon. Lexie lets Sami know she has a lot of dirt on her which she could expose. Lexie tells Sami to remember what happened the last time a Brady crossed a DiMera. Sami decides the only way to stop a DiMera, is with another DiMera, namely, Tony

John and Marlena celebrate their wedding anniversary at Tuscany. Marlena trys to convince John to let go of his anger towards the DiMera's. John asks Marlena to trust him. Marlena tells him that he has to stop the vendetta so the fighting stops and they stay safe. John promises her to stay safe. Marlena mistakes his promise to stay safe as a promise to drop the vendetta, but he doesn't correct her mistake, he lets her believe it. They exchange gifts.

Nicole got an unsigned note to meet someone at Tuscany. She thinks it might be Austin, but is ticked off to find out its not when she calls his office and finds him in a late meeting. Victor turns out to be the mystery date. Nicole tells Victor she is confused about his intentions towards her when he pulled back from her advances after the meteor shower. Victor tells her he was just giving her space. Victor reminds Nicole that he is the only man that can fulfill all of her life long dreams. Nicole accuses Victor of thinking she will never have a great love in her life because she can't love back. Nicole goes off to the bathroom to decide if she wants to leave with Victor while Victor offers his congratulations to John and Marlena on their anniversary. Nicole returns after a while and rudely asks Victor if he wants to come back to her place for the night.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Colin tries to bring Tony out of his semi-catatonic state. All an unblinking Tony will do is utter Marlena's name. Finally, after eight hours, Tony comes out of it on his own. He's very angry to find out Colin has brought him to the hospital. Colin aks about the catatonia and Tony begrudgingly admits that it's happened too many times to count and seem to be getting worse. Colin asks Tony to trust him, as he's more than just his doctor, he's a friend who is there to help him. Tony recalls that after being diagnosed he woke in a clinic in Switzerland after his first coma. It was there he'd found out that Andre had been sent to Salem in his place and that Stefano intended to keep Tony at the clinic. He lapsed back into a coma. This time when he woke it was a different season and he was in a different place! Tony also found out about the happenings in Salem. He began to search for his father to find out the reason for all of this. By the time Tony did find Stefano, it was too late as Stefano was dying. Tony was given the mysterious blue key and was told it would unlock all secrets. Tony admits that he has no idea what or where the key is for, but feels it is urgent to retrieve the key from John. Colin excuses himself when he spots someone spying on them. It's Jennifer! Colin lays into her for listening in on his consultation with a patient. She defends herself and he apologizes, but is still suspicious. He does openly admit that Tony DiMera is his patient due to the fact that he (Colin) is an expert on Tony's blood disease. Jennifer apologizes for her past behavior and suggests friendship. Colin is puzzled by her sudden change of heart but still accepts her offer. Upon returning to the exam room Colin finds Tony has gone! Colin goes off in search of Tony. Jennifer enters the exam room and snoops around. She reads Tony's file. Colin sees her but her leaves. Outside the room he plots...

The teens are at "Lookout Point." Belle has nightmares about the E.T. Twins. While they discuss the dream they hear a sound coming from the bushes. It turns out to be their mothers who were worried about them. The teens assure their mothers that all talk of aliens and UFO's is over. Once the mothers see that all is well they happily leave. Belle is upset about lying to her mother in order to keep the E.T. Twins safe. Shawn wonders aloud if everything was some kind of shared dream. He tells Belle that real or imagined, the E.T. Twins are gone. They decide to head home. As they prepare to drive off we see that the E.T. Twins are hiding in the back of Shawn's truck!

At the office Kate asks John why he's in such a mood. He tells her that he feels badly about lying to Marlena. He can't keep his promise to leave Tony alone. Kate suggests that he make nice with Tony in order to be in his good graces while he gets info at the same time. "Keep your friend close and your enemies closer" John says. Kate feels this is the perfect angle but John fears that the DiMera's will perceive him as weak and go after his family...

Jack shows Bo a file on Colin. Bo says that Colin is family and that he won't sell him out, nor will he jeopardize police business so that Jack can sell a few papers. Jack feels Bo is making a mistake. He tells Bo that Colin is working for Tony and wants help in proving it. Bo agrees to help but wants it kept between the two of them. After Jack heads back to the Spectator, Hope shows up to spend time with Bo. We see that a blonde is watching them. Turns out that it is Billie in disguise...

At the Spectator Jack announces his resignation to Harold, who immediately calls Jennifer. She asks to speak with Jack, but before she can say a word Colin clamps his hand over her mouth...

Marlena enters her office to find Tony sitting there! He tells her he needs help dealing with the negative legacy his father has left behind for him. Marlena refuses to see him, but offers to refer him to someone else. She angrily asks him to leave her office just as John arrives...

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