One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on OLTL

R.J. agreed to help Lindsay escape from prison. Keri accepted Antonio's proposal of marriage. Todd, Téa, and Ross continued to persevere on the deserted island. Cristian defended Natalie as Jessica blamed her for Ben's fall.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Tilly pushes Lindsay into her cell. Lindsay demands to know what she has ever done to her. Tilly laughs that they will both be in the joint for the rest of their lives.

Lindsay gives Allison a pair of intertwined hearts that she made in art therapy. Allison was confused by this. Lindsay explains it is for her and Dave and is for good luck when Allison escapes through the tunnels. Allison comes unglued and demands to know if Lindsay is crazy!

Jen walks in on Cristian and Natalie talking. Jen overhears Natalie tell Cris that he is the only one that believes in her. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is trying to get Al to give up on his pursuit of Jen.

Blair calls Troy at the coffee shop to confirm his visit with Starr. Troy drops a bombshell on Blair when he tells her as soon as Nora arrives, they would be over. Blair convinces Troy not to bring Nora.

Sam and Matthew arrive at Blair's to pick up Starr for a play date. Matthew is wondering where Starr is when Starr comes downstairs and announces she is Not Going.

Starr is worried that Sam will be like the babysitter and talk about her dad. Sam and Blair assure Star that Sam already knows what Todd did and still likes them anyway. Matthew wishes Nora could go with them to the pizza place.

Ross figures out where they are, south west of Hawaii. Nowhere near anyone or anything.

Nora comes into the coffee shop just as the waitress is coming on to Troy. Troy reassures Nora he does not look at other women. Troy explains he will not be able to have dinner with Nora, he has a date with Starr, as she is having problems dealing with Todd's escapades. Nora doesn't mind, this will give her a chance to go and check on Sam. This doesn't bother Troy, his jealousy days are long over.

Jen apologizes to Natalie about Ben. Jen asks what happened to Ben. Cris explained he fell out the window. Natalie excuses herself to go and check on Ben. Jen asks Cris how he got involved. Cris explains how he ran into Natalie at Lanfair, and Natalie was very freaked out. Jen comments that Natalie has been freaked out a lot lately. Jen wants to know how he believes in Natalie. Cris avoids the question.

Ross trys to assure Téa that someone will be there to find them. Todd goes off on Ross and realizes that Ross was running away from someone and drove the boat directly into the storm. Ross tries to explain and an argument ensues. Todd kicks Ross and Téa out of his bunker. Ross refused and Todd threatened him with a hand grenade. Ross and Téa left.

Lindsay tries to convince Allison to break out. Allison is not sure. Allison has no friends and nowhere to go. Allison threatens Lindsay if she mentions it again, she will make sure Linsay shares a cell with Tilly. Lindsay finally convinces Allison she is her friend, whether they escape or not, but with one phone call she can make everything ready.

A "surprised" Blair answers the door to Troy. Blair apologizes, she forgot Starr had a play date. Troy starts to leave and Blair looks so sad. Blair asks Troy to stay awhile, she is so down. Trooy looks uncomfortable. Blair never saw this coming, her perfect life, and now she is a single parent. Troy consoles Blair and embraces her. Blair comments on how good his arms feel.

Cristian catches up with Natalie. Natalie is trying very hard to remember what happened. Cris knows she didn't do it. Natalie told Cris to go and be with Jen, she assures him she is fine. Cris thinks she is still freaked out and will not leave her.

Lindsay has a visitor, R.J.

Sam answers the door and it is Nora. Nora is surprised to see Starr. Starr explains she has a play date with Matthew. Nora told Starr Dr. Troy was waiting for her at her house. Starr demands to go and see Dr. Troy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Troy throws Blair when he responds to her actions with medical advice, while Nora's confusion rubs off on Starr. Blair shocks Nora when she compares Troy to Todd, and Blair learns of Nora's interaction with Sam through jealous Starr. Encouraged Blair ponders her next move, while Nora inadvertently upsets Troy when she triggers a sad memory from his mysterious past.

Lindsay promises disaster for R.J. unless he agrees to help her escape from prison, and she presses R.J. to make his decision.

Antonio prepares for his proposal while Keri visits Rae, and Keri eases Rae's mind with a promise to wait to reveal the truth. However, Ray threatens to destroy oblivious Rae with a call to the press.

Meanwhile, Seth observes the escalating tension between Jessica and Cristian over Ben when he comes to apologize to Jessica, and Seth assures Jessica that Ben will soon come out of his coma.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Insisting on her one weekly phone call, Lindsay gets in touch with R.J. to inquire why he hasn't paid her a visit. She again threatens to tell Nora about the mind-erasing drug if he doesn't come through for her. She turns and spots Jen nearby, looking upset. Assuming that Cris has broken her heart again, she demands to know what's going on as it's her last chance to see that she's happy. Jen already feels bad and doesn't need any more grief from her mother, she cries, wondering what Lindsay is talking about. She admits that Cris was out all night and is lying to her; she can't deal with the same lies and secrets from her mother. She storms out.

At the hospital Cris gently covers Natalie, asleep in a chair. When she wakes up he updates her on Ben's condition which remains the same, though he's moved a bit. He reminds her that he promised to stay all night when she expresses disbelief that he's still there. She tells him about a dream that she was having where her life was all perfect and where she didn't have to worry about D.I.D. She confesses to feeling alone like she did when Rex left. He reassures her; he'll keep her secrets. This causes Nat to worry, realizing that it will cause problems between him and Jen. Al lurks outside and eavesdrops, then looks in on Ben and stops to chat with Larry. He asks questions about D.I.D. and when Larry is curious about why he's asking, Al claims to have a class that he needs the info for. Nat thanks Cris for standing by her as no one has ever been on her side before. He decides to check on Ben after first telling Nat to get some more rest. Al approaches Nat and asks her about the conversation he overheard regarding D.I.D.

Sam bombards Larry with questions after seeing Ben move but the doctor says that his patient never spoke or awakened so it's too soon to tell anything. Sam visits his brother again and tells him he needs him.

Troy receives a gift from an unknown party but he and Nora are afraid to open it. Finally, he decides to go for it and soon recognizes that it's from Starr-it's an iguana! As Troy pets it, he teases Nora and suggests that maybe Matthew should have him. Nora wants no parts of it but is more concerned with running into Lindsay when she visits a client at Statesville.

Addie visits with Starr and Blair and learns that Troy paid them a visit also. She believes that Blair is using him to forget about Todd though Mrs. Manning denies it. She's doing it for Sam and Nora. Addie can't make much sense out of the scheme. Blair mentions that she also needs a positive male role model for Starr and Troy fits the bill. Sam walks in just then; Addie apologizes for her daughter hurting his feelings. He admits he is hurt by that statement but Blair covers by insisting that he's already done enough for them. Sam divulges that he's happy helping them out and he only stopped by just to check on things.

Todd mulls over the fact that he may not see his kids again while Ross shows Téa his bag that has washed ashore. He has some toiletries and a shirt that he turns over to Téa. He's also caught some fish for dinner later. He warns Téa to stay away from Todd and that he'll go with her if she wants to see him. As Téa takes a dip in the ocean, she spots Todd watching her. She offers him a share in the food and water that she and Ross have as he needs them to survive, she tells him. Todd replies that he's scared of being tricked again and he will never come to them for anything. Later, as Téa (wearing a dress put together from Ross' shirt) and Ross have dinner she admits to seeing Todd. Ross chides her and tells her to admit that she's crazy about her ex. In his hut, an upset Todd vows not to ask the pair for anything. He'll take it instead, he growls. He decides to see if the hand grenade still works.

R.J. is furious that Lindsay is blackmailing him and takes it out on his bar furnishings. When Max arrives he gives him the short story without disclosing any names. While chatting, Max attempts to saw off his wedding ring and suggests that R.J. use his connections to put a stop to the whole thing. R.J. is adamant about wanting to remain straight for Keri though it's difficult. After Max leaves, R.J. thinks about what he's said and makes a phone call to someone named Ace. He requests that someone on the inside do him a favor.

As Jen leaves, Tillie arrives to taunt Lindsay about her daughter. Lindsay soon has another visitor in R.J. When Tillie sees him, she tells him to consider the favor done. If she continues to blackmail him, Tillie will make sure she regrets it, R.J. snarls to Lindsay. Things couldn't be much worse, Lindsay replies, and begs him again to get her out to be with Jen. When she spots Nora nearby, she wonders if it's time to tell her about R.J.'s providing the drug for her.

Jen finds Cris at the hospital and asks him what's going on with Natalie. When he replies that she's had it tough because of Ben, Jen reminds him that she's had it tough too; Ben is her uncle. He just can't tell her anything more, he says regretfully.

Blair visits Troy on the pretense of checking on his receipt of Starr's gift. She invites him over for a swim and to see Starr. After some gentle persuasion, the doctor agrees that he and Nora will be over after dinner. After leaving, Blair promises to herself that Sam and Nora will be together, that Troy will get more than he bargained for. She thinks that something good should result from Todd's actions.

Thursday, July 11, 2002


Keri and Antonio share a fun filled romantic day around the island. They enjoy body surfing, bicycling, Frisbee on the beach and the scenic waterfalls. At the end of the day, Keri says," This day couldn't be more perfect." Antonio disagrees and pulls out the engagement ring. On one knee, he asks Keri to marry him.


Téa assures Ross that she isn't crazy about Todd. She was once married to him so he could gain back custody of Starr, but that was for $5 million dollars. "I would give it all back to have never met Todd." Meanwhile, in another entrance to the cave, Todd eavesdrops on the conversation. He accidentally knocks over a rock and Ross hears it. Téa worries about some sort of creature that could have gotten inside but Ross figures it's Todd. He yells loud enough for Todd to hear that he's putting food near the entrance to save him the trouble of stealing. While Todd eats the free food, Ross reveals that he is in a lot of trouble on the main land. He did some shady hedge funds and stock dealings and he's wanted in three states. He finally tells her that he turned into the storm because he was being chased by "the Feds." Ross says that he's safer here because no one knows he's here. Téa becomes upset but realizes that if the Federal Government is looking for Ross, there might be a chance of them finding them here. Ross crushes her hope by saying they probably won't look for him, they most likely think that he has drowned. Téa cries and tells Ross that she hates him. In a fury, she accidentally puts her hand too close to the fire and burns herself and Ross tries to calm her down. He wraps her hand and kisses it and Téa says that she doesn't hate him, what good would that do? Meanwhile Todd has become very upset over Ross admitting that he purposely drove into the storm. He takes out the rusty grenade, pulls out the pin and throws it nearby Téa and Ross.


Nora notices Lindsay and R.J. in the visiting room. Nora: "Oy vey." Lindsay tells Nora that she has something important to tell her, life-altering information. Nora says that she made a promise to herself that if she saw Lindsay today, she would just ignore her. Nora walks out but Lindsay yells to her, "It's about the drug that erased your memory." Nora rushes back in, trying to hide her desire to know. It looks as though Lindsay is about to tell Nora but she makes up a story about R.J. attempting to by the art gallery. She has accumulated a lot of debts and R.J. is trying to get into the art business. R.J. hurriedly agrees and Nora buys it. After Nora leaves, R.J. tells Lindsay that he will help her.


Bo spends some time with Ben while he is unconscious in a coma. Bo shares a common practice that he and Clint did when they were little. Whenever the two boys left the CORAL door open or broke a vase in the house after playing ball inside, Pa would sit them down and ask who did it. Both Bo and Clint would blame it on their "other brother." Little did they know that they actually had another brother that they knew nothing about. Bo promises Ben that when he wakes up, he will get to know him and make up for all the things he was blamed for when they were growing up. He also promises that he will find out who did this to him. Asa and Renee enter the room and Asa says that it was his fault the boys never had that childhood together. He was too stubborn and that's why Renee never told him about Ben. Asa promises that everything will change when Ben wakes up. Bo: "You hear? That's Pa actually blaming himself for something. If that's not a reason to wake up, I don't know what is." Suddenly, the EKG goes flat and Larry rushes in to revive Ben.

Outside the waiting room, Jen asks for Cris to tell him this secret that he's been hiding from here. Cris says that it's not his secret to tell and it has nothing to do with "us." Cris asks for Jen to trust him and not worry about it. "How can I trust you when you don't trust me?"

Inside the waiting room, Al asks Natalie about her D.I.D. discussion with Cris he overheard. Natalie initially tells Al that it's not his business but then makes up a reason. She says that she's worries about Niki since she's under pressure because Ben's condition. D.I.D. is brought on by extreme stress and trauma, and she's worried about her mother relapsing. Natalie rushes out in time to see Cris and Jen arguing outside. Jen sees Natalie and rushes back into the waiting in tears. Al sees her and comforts her with a hug. Jen explains what happened and all the things that Natalie has done to her, including the fight in the tool shed. Jen thinks that she's losing Cris to Natalie. Al offers to escort her to her car and they walk out the waiting room.

Once Al and Jen have left, Natalie and Cris continue their conversation inside the waiting room. Natalie tells that she has been damaging Cris and Jen's relationship with this secret. "This shouldn't be your weight to carry. I know how to fix this. I will tell Bo everything." Cris tries to make her change her mind, but on cue; Bo pokes his head into the waiting room. Bo hurriedly asks if they have seen Viki and they both say no. Bo turns to walk out but Natalie tells him to wait. Natalie: "I need to talk to you about Ben."

In the hospital chapel, Niki asks God to "let Ben die." Roxy appears and asks why Niki called her to some chapel. Roxy: "If they have a hospital chapel, where's the hospital bar?" Niki explains that Roxy needs do something else for their plan for Natalie. Niki hands her a piece of paper and says that all she needs to do is say that she saw Niki at Bern's Nursery buying flowers on this date and time. Roxy agrees to do this if Niki will help her get into the elite circle at the country club. Suddenly, Jessica walks in and sees Roxy and Niki conspiring. Roxy sees this as her cue to leave and leaves the two alone. Niki explains to Jessica that Roxy was only there asking for more favors. She continues to say that Roxy is such a horrible woman and Natalie is capable of doing anything because she grew up with her. Jessica says that she's glad that isn't not out of the question to suspect Natalie. Jessica reveals that she told Bo about seeing Natalie before and after the fall. Niki feels relived and leaves to go check on Ben.

Al comes back and finds Jessica in the chapel. Jessica tells Al that she hates pointing fingers but she suspects that Natalie was the one who pushed Ben out of the window. Al's countenance seems to indicate that he has figured out Natalie's secret.

When she reaches Ben's room, Niki notices the somber look on Renee's face and fears for the worst (I mean, the best). Renee tells Niki about Ben flat lining and Niki silently rejoices. Larry returns and assures everyone that Ben is going to be fine. The machine malfunctioned and it looks as though Ben will pull through and wake up.

Friday, July 12, 2002

The grenade Todd tossed did not explode. He takes off and Téa trails him, who is being followed by Ross. Delgado finds her ex on the beach who ignores her. Her hand injured and sick of Todd's nonsense, she retreats to the cave with Rayburn. He begins to tell her that he traveled the world with his Dad and had seen many islands, upon hearing this Téa's hopes of being rescued are buoyed, until it's revealed that where they are is way off the map and chances of being discovered are slim. Ross reverses himself and vows to get them off the rock, when Todd pops his head in the cave asking to be included. Ross leaves the cave at Téa's request so that she may be alone with her former husband. He is accused of being jealous, which he denies.

Keri is speechless when Antonio proposes. Fearing she may turn him down, he rattles on about what a bad idea it was to ask for her hand. She quiets him long enough to accept both the invitation and ring. Later, Keri regrets having uncovered that Rae is not a licensed therapist. Antonio adopts a what's done is done attitude. R.J. interrupts with a phone call, encouraging the couple to stay away awhile longer. His daughter rejects the idea and says good-bye without mentioning Rae's tenuous secret.

Natalie, convinced she is responsible for Ben's attack, wants to tell Bo everything, but is interrupted by Cris, who is warned by the Commissioner to stay out of the investigation. Just as she is about to spill the D.I.D. theory, Bo is called away by a nurse.

Al and Jess are discussing the real possibility that Natalie may be responsible for Ben's attempted murder. Jess tells him Natalie appeared in the window immediately following her stepfather hitting the pavement. A nurse walks in and summons Jessie to Ben's room.

Much to Niki's consternation, Larry announces Ben is inexplicably descending from the coma. Asa and Renee are estatic, Niki refuses to visit her husband and ostensibly blocks the path to the room. She insists that he should be surrounded by things familiar and wants to retrieve the fuzzy dice. Asa calls her "nuts" and starts off for Llanfair to get them himself, but Niki is adamant to carry out the errand on her own and nearly makes a clean break of it at the elevator when Jessicia appears and decides to drive her Mom home. Niki reluctantly agrees.

Cris tries to reason with Natalie that she may not be afflicted by D.I.D. and discourages her from saying any such thing to the Police. He insists she could never kill someone, she kisses him on the cheek. She asks what he sees in her and continues to disparage herself. He hugs and reassures her that she is a good person and needs someone in her corner and he is going to be that person.

While Antonio and Keri are saying aloha to Hawaii on the beach, Rae is on a flight home. She phones Hank to get a sense if the news of her deception has hit Llanview, as she is preparing to accept THE WOMAN of the YEAR AWARD. She flashes back to Antonio telling her that her "career" will soon be through, collecting herself she composes an acceptance speech.

Once at Llanfair, Jessicia insists on helping her mother, but Niki refuses. Jess backs off saying she'll wait downstairs and drive back with her. At this point Niki is vehement about being given some space and time alone, Jessica respects her wishes and leaves. Niki prepares to leave town before Ben starts talking.

Al shares with Gabrielle that Natalie being responsible for shoving Ben through the window will bring him everthing he wants.

Téa pleads with Todd to join forces with herself and Ross. He agrees with the part about Rayburn, but rejects her entirely, wanting nothing to do with her. He leaves her, tears streaming down her face.

While walking on the beach, Ross tosses the grenade in he ocean. It explodes, he loses his footing and stumbles on a rope, pulls it, and leads him to some style of boat.

Asa receives a phone call from Stansfield, a Sun employee, who has dirt on Rae.

Niki collects some hidden money, heads for the door and a waiting Bo.

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