One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on OLTL

Niki managed to make Natalie look responsible for Ben's fall from an upper floor of Llanfair. Troy discovered Nora and Sam in an embrace. Antonio and Keri discovered some unsettling news about Rae's past. Niki tried to suffocate Ben in the hospital.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, July 1, 2002

As Rae went through the door, Antonio announced that they knew everything, and he introduced Mr. Ray Cummings.

Ben and Niki were fighting loudly as Natalie struggled to make it to her bedroom door. Ben figured out that Viki was Niki. When Ben called Viki on being Niki, and plotting to kill him, Niki lost it and pushed Ben out the window. Ben landed next to Jessica and Rex. Jessica tried calling out to Ben, and Rex called 9-1-1. Alone, Niki repeated over and over, "This is bad, real bad."

Gabrielle was positively glowing over the Style section in the Banner. However, she was not receiving the glory she thought she would be getting.,Bo entered with a present in his hand and congratulating Gabrielle.

Rae tried disputing whom everyone was saying she was, and insisted she was Gretel Rae Cummings, with the emphasis on Rae being her middle name. Antonio accused Gretel of stealing Ray Cummings' identity. They showed her the proof. Keri had wanted to surprise Rae, and Keri had no idea it would lead to this. Antonio said he would make Rae face up to it.

Niki rushed around and decided she'd better get out fast. Just as she opened the door, she saw Natalie wandering around. She wandered in the room as Niki slipped out. When Natalie looked out the broken window, she saw Ben lying there on the ground and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Rae admitted to Keri that it was time to tell the truth - her side of the truth. Rae and Dr. Ray Cummings became friends in college. They both did very well in the classroom. Rae was very booksmart, but when they started interviewing real patients, she couldn't cope. Rae got to close to her patients and she was forced to leave the program due to this. When Ray got his diploma, his name was misspelled. Rae saw it as a sign, her one chance to be a therapist. Rae returned later that evening and stole the diploma from the trash. Ray called Rae a fraud.

Niki rushed into the garden shed. Niki was letting herself have it for her foiled plans. Maybe it was not a complete disaster, though. Maybe if Ben died, Niki could still pin it on Natalie. Niki rushed out with a case of geraniums.

Rex went to check on Natalie. Natalie was incoherent - she was very scared. Rex tried to get Natalie to listen to him. He demanded to know what happened before Ben fell. Natalie didn't remember anything.

Niki walked up on Jessica and Ben. Niki could not believe what had happened to Ben as she begged for him to live. Niki then cried out, "What happened?" and became hysterical. Natalie and Rex went outside and Jessica blamed Natalie for pushing Ben out the window.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Niki/Viki pushed Ben out of the window of their bedroom on the second floor of Llanfair, then made it look like Natalie was the one who pushed him. Viki had drugged Natalie and, when questioned, Natalie did not remember anything. Jessica and Rex saw Natalie in Viki's bedroom window, so Jessica assumed Natalie had pushed Ben and told her she did not believe her denials. The paramedics worked over Ben; Niki/Viki pretended to be upset, but kept making faces behind everyone's backs as she hoped Ben would die. They all left to follow Ben to the hospital, and left a confused Natalie behind.

Sam ran into Bo at the hospital and asked Bo if he knew where Ben was. Bo told Sam he did not know, but that Ben and Viki had been having problems with Ben losing his temper. Sam was surprised to hear that. The ambulance arrived and Ben was taken into the hospital; Viki was there. Sam and Bo asked what happened and Niki/Viki told Sam and Bo that Ben fell out of the bedroom window at Llanfair. Jessica and Rex arrived at hospital and Bo asked Jessica what happened, and if Natalie had anything to do with Ben falling out of the window. Bo left the hospital to question Natalie. Nora went to the hospital and ran into Sam; Sam told her Ben had an accident and he might die. Nora and Sam embraced, and Troy walked in.

Larry walked out of Ben's room and told everyone that Ben was in bad shape and might not make it. Niki/Viki pretended she was upset. Jessica and Rex tried to comfort Niki/Viki, and she asked Jessica to get her a "drink." Jessica replied "a drink?" and Niki/Viki covered up by saying, "Yes, a drink of water." After Jessica left, Larry had Ben taken to the operating room and said he needed immediate surgery because there was swelling in his brain. Larry handed Viki the consent form to sign for Ben's surgery and told her Ben might die if she did not sign the form. Viki told Larry she was not going to sign the form.

Natalie was left behind at Llanfair; she was very upset and tried to remember what happened. Cris arrived and asked her what was wrong. She told him what had happened. They went up to Natalie's bedroom. Natalie explained to Cris step-by-step what occurred prior to Ben's falling. Cris looked at Natalie's laptop and saw the entry that said she hated Ben and Viki and wanted them out of her life. Niki had typed the entry after drugging Natalie. Natalie told Cris she must have DID and that another personality pushed Ben out of the window. Cris did not believe any of it. Bo arrived at Llanfair to question Natalie about Ben's accident.

Cris, Seth, and Chad were working out. Chad asked Cris if he stills held a grudge because Chad set up a web site so Cris could be spied on in his apartment over the Internet. Cris said he did not trust Chad. Chad stated that he had a date with Emily and that Molly and Shauna told Emily that Chad was the one responsible for setting up the web site. Cris said he was sorry they did that and that he did deserve a life.

Chad left the health club and went to see Emily. He told her he was sorry about the web site and that he hoped she had a good summer, and he apologized for bothering her. He started to leave and Emily told him to wait; she told Chad that she would like to see him again. Chad was very pleased.

Emily was at Troy's apartment when Nora arrived to pick up Troy and take him to the hospital. Emily talked to Nora about herself and Chad. Emily asked Nora if she believed in giving second chances. Troy entered the room and yelled at Nora; he thought she meant people didn't deserve a second chance. Emily left so Nora and Troy could talk. Nora and Troy talked about forgiveness and worked through their misunderstanding.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002


Téa almost caught Todd eating some candy out of the cooler he rescued from the beach. He swallowed it before she noticed, but Ross spied empty candy wrappers littered around under the brush where he had been sitting. Ross asked Todd if he found the cooler, and if he did, whether he would he share it with Téa and himself. Todd denied seeing the cooler, and Téa believes that Todd wouldn't conceal food from them. Ross picked up the wrappers and showed them to Todd.

Téa walked away in disbelief and Ross said that by being so selfish and not working together, Todd would die alone on that beach. Todd wandered around and found a man-made stone hut and claimd it as his own. Inside, he found a battered flag and an army helmet. He hid the cooler and took out the group picture of Jack, Starr, and Blair. He tore Blair out of the picture and continued to set up. Meanwhile, Ross returned with some more berries and suggested that they need to find some shelter. Téa suggested the cave, but Ross looked around and spotted the man-made hut. Téa and Ross headed toward it, but they found Todd camped out, wearing a helmet and carrying an old rifle. Todd demanded that they leave or he would shoot.


Natalie and Cris talked about what happened with Ben and Bo interrupted them. Bo asked Natalie a few questions about what she was doing before and after the fall. Natalie explained that she was taking a nap because she wasn't feeling well, and she woke up when she heard noises. She went into the bedroom and saw Ben unconscious on the ground. Bo noticed Natalie's laptop on the bed and asked if she minded if he took a look. Fearing for the worst, Natalie was relieved when the screen showed up empty. Bo asked her to call him if she remembered anything and went downstairs to check out the impact area.

After Bo left, Natalie continued to worry about her alleged multiples personalities and how she couldn't stop them. Cris still believed that Natalie had nothing to do with Ben's accident and that she didn't have multiple personalities. That was why he deleted the journal entry from the computer before Bo saw it. Later on, downstairs, Cris offered to drive Natalie to the hospital so she could go see Ben. Outside, Bo took a look at the impact area. He concluded that from the force of the impact and the distance Ben landed from the window, Ben was pushed out of the window. Natalie overheard him and looked fearful.


Niki refused to sign a consent that would approve an emergency operation to reduce the swelling in Ben's brain. Larry and Jessica tried to convince her to sign it because, without the surgery, Ben could die. Niki saw her opportunity to get rid of Ben and said that Ben would not want any extreme measures taken to save his life. Also, the surgery had a small risk of leaving him incapacitated, which Ben wouldn't want either. Niki rushed off to "think" about this big decision. Meanwhile, Jessica assured everyone that Viki would make the right decision and save Ben's life.

Troy walked into the sunroom as Nora and Sam embraced. He was about to walk out when Blair spotted him and called to him, which alerted Nora to his presence. Nora asked Troy if he had any new news about Ben's condition, but he knew nothing about it. Sam filled Blair and Troy in on what happened to Ben, and Nora asked Troy if he could find out some addition information to put their minds at ease. Sam decided that he needed to go check on Ben and left Blair and Nora alone. Blair told Nora that she was thankful that Sam had Nora to comfort him in a time like that.

Sam met up outside Ben's room where Niki was contemplating what she would do next. Suddenly, a nurse rushed up to Larry and handed him a chart. Niki ran to him and asked what was going on. Larry replied, "Well, it's too late for surgery now." Larry took off and Niki pretended to cry and said that she killed Ben by not signing the papers. Larry returned and said that Ben would be fine because they reduced the swelling by using drugs rather than the surgery. He was still in a coma, but he was at least stable. Niki secretly expressed her disappointment with the news. Privately, Larry told Niki that Ben had a 50/50 chance of surviving. But, since he was somewhat stable, it was okay for Viki to go see Ben. Meanwhile, Jessica and Rex went to grab some coffee, and Rex wished that Natalie were there, in case she had seen something. Jessica said, "Or did something."

Blair said that Sam was a big help to her when she went through the ordeal with Todd, and he had Nora in his life to help him. Nora said that they ere hardly in each other's lives, but they were friends and would support each other. Nora suggested that she should go check on Viki and on Ben. Once she left, Troy returned with the information about Ben. He only saw Blair and she told him that Nora left to find Viki. Blair expressed her concern for Ben and said that all other problems seem insignificant.

Troy asked if she had something on her mind, because it seemed earlier as though she wanted to talk to him about something. She said that Starr hadn't been talking to her a lot lately since she broke up with Todd. Blair thought that Starr had been bottling up her emotions, which might be why she wouldn't talk to her mother. Starr spoke highly of Troy and enjoyed talking to him, so maybe she would open up to him. Troy said that Starr was a great little girl and he would be happy to talk to her about it. They both agreed that he could stop by that night after his shift. Blair thanked him and rushed off to find Sam.

Meanwhile, outside the room, Nora found Sam and told him that she would help him any way she could. She said she'd take Matthew to T-ball practice and anything else. Sam thankd her, and Nora said that he could depend on her. She walked off to find Troy and found him making a call to her cell phone. She tried to explain what Troy saw when he walked in on her and Sam, just so there was no confusion. She was comforting Sam and he had nothing to be worried about.

Troy said that he was never jealous. Jealously was a meaningless emotion that destroyed everything in your life and it was not worth it. All he needd to know was that she loved him; that was all that mattered. They gave each other a goodbye kiss, and Nora left Troy with his thoughts. In his mind, Troy heard a man's and a woman's voice. The female was laughing maliciously ... and Troy, or Colin's, voice said, "Damn it, Joanna. This has got to stop!" and she continued to laugh.

Blair found Sam outside Ben's room and comforted him. At the same time, Niki agreed that she needed to go see Ben right away, alone. She asked for Larry to tell everyone and to let her have some privacy. She went into the room and pulled down the blinds so no one could see anything. Niki poked Ben to see if he was truly unconscious and tried to figure out how she was going to get rid of "Benji." If she unplugged any of the machines, an alarm would go off and nurses would rush in and save him. Niki got an idea and pulled out one of the pillows underneath his head and began to press down on his face.

Thurday, July 4, 2002

"Babes Behind Bars"

Lindsay, stuck behind bars, has the ultimate dream sequence with singing and dancing.

Lindsay woke up from a dream and found that everyone was gone. The cell door was unlocked and she searched around the grounds. She heard music from the mess hall and found everyone in bright glittery attire. The main guard performed the number "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer, and everyone began to join in and dance. After the number, the guard asked Lindsay and Allison to help some new inmates find their place.

Roxy walked in, and Allison began to chase her and choke her. Once they got them apart, they found out that Roxy was serving time because she locked Max in the Break Bar industrial freezer for a "permanent deep freeze." Roxy explained that she was a "victim of love" and performed the number "You Keep Me Hanging On," by The Supremes, in a black and silver gown with a diamond "Slammer" necklace. Lindsay decided that everyone was a little nuts and she needed to get away.

She ran off into the laundry room, where she found Tillie. Before Tillie cold mess with Lindsay, Allison chased her off. Allison told Lindsay that she felt sorry for her. They had all had their run-ins with love and were all hurt. Roxy pulled out a snapshot of Max, and Allison said that she, too, had a picture of "Dave." She pulled out a remote and a huge picture of Ben lowered down. Lindsay reiterated that his name was Ben. "Ben, Ben, Ben." Allison took the cue and appeared in a pink dress, tiara, and "Prom Queen" sash. She then performed the song "Ben" from the movie Ben.

After the song, they all agreed that men were horrible and didn't deserve love. Suddenly, Blair walked in and told Lindsay that she doidn't know the half of it. Blair wore a skin-tight black and white striped outfit, pillbox hat, and a ball and chain around her waist. Blair explained that she was in jail because she burned down the Sun. Since Todd ran off, she couldn't get him, so she decided to get the paper instead. She said that love stank and sang, "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" by Dionne Warwick.

Lindsay became upset and ran back to her cell. Blair followed her and said she was sorry for making Lindsay feel so bad. But, she had someone who could cheer her up. Starr walked in, a miniature version of her mother, and sang "Tomorrow," from Annie. Starr said that Lindsay needed to cheer up and think of something she was happy about. Lindsay replied, "What have I got to be happy about? I've got another 27 and half years in this joint. Everyone hates me. Plus, my nails have gone to hell. It can't get any worse." A voice said, "Think again, Lindsay." Nora appeared in the doorway, dressed like a medieval Cruella Deville, and gave a devilish laugh. Lindsay said, "Nora, it's Independence Day. Doesn't that mean that I can have my freedom from you?" Nora said, "Apparently not" and that she had heard that Lindsay had been feeling down, so she was there to tell her something. Nora said, "I want to tell you every delicious moment I've spent with Troy since you've been locked up."

Lindsay ran off to the laundry room and found Tillie. Instead of being ruthless, Tillie told Lindsay about how she had no friends when she was little. When she was six, she invited several people to her birthday party and no one showed up. Tillie then performd, "Easy to Be Hard" from the musical Hair. Lindsay told Tillie that she saw her in a new light but Tillie said, "Think not," and ran off calling for Nora and telling her where Lindsay was. Lindsay took off to the mess room and found Roxy. Roxy said that the guard told her to help the new inmates, and there was a new one... another Mother/Daughter addition. All attention turned to Jessica, wearing leather, high heels, tattoos, teased hair, and smoking a cigarette. Lindsay was stunned and asked if Jessica cared about her family and her reputation. Jessica jumped on the table and sang a duet with Roxy, "I Don't Give a Damn About My Reputation" by Joan Jett.

After the song, Nora reappeared and said that she was not through with Lindsay. She had a song prepared to tell all of her "roommates" what Lindsay had done. Nora cued the maestro and prepared to sing. Lindsay yelled, "Stop! This is my dream. You can't sing in my dream." Nora replied, "Watch me." The music cued again and Nora tried to sing. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Lindsay laughed and said, "Begone, Nora." Lindsay twitched her nose and did an I Dream of Jeannie motion. Nora disappeared and everyone congratulated Lindsay. Blair said, "I didn't know you had it in you, Lindsay." Jessica said that she knew it, but then wondered how someone tricked her into confessing. Lindsay replied, "I put my guard down." Lindsay appeared in a red evening gown and performed, "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt. Afterward, all the girls celebrated their freedom. No more men, they were just one big family. In the final number, everyone sang, "We are Family" by Aretha Franklin.

Lindsay woke up and found herself back in her cell. Allison said she woke her up because she kept on humming. Lindsay asked Allison if she sang, but Allison just complained about "blondes" and went back to sleep. Lindsay walked toward the cell door and said, "I may be stuck in this prison, but for a few minutes, I had my freedom. My own independence day."

Friday, July 5, 2002

Renee walked in on "Viki" and prevented her from finishing Ben off. Matters went from bad to worse for "Viki" when Asa arrived. However, "Viki's" luck appeared to change when Larry told her that Ben might remain in a coma indefinitely.

Jessica and Rex's responses to Bo's questions supported theories that Natalie committed the crime against Ben, but Bo remained unconvinced of Natalie's guilt.

Todd's offensive stance hit a snag when the rifle didn't fire. Ross found an old map.

Al seized an opportunity to reconnect with Jen. Al admitted to Gabrielle that he intended to pursue Jen. Meanwhile, Jen found Natalie and Cristian together.

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