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Monday, July 8, 2002

In the Park, the two thugs who tried to rob Mary beg Jack, Jamal, Ian and Frank to get them down from the trees. When the two thugs are finally rescued, they describe a shadowy figure who looked like death who hung them in the tree.

At the Hospital, two nurses speak admiringly about The Shadow, as a mild-mannered orderly overhears their talk.

After selling some securities at a loss, Kate arrives to see Alison, who is getting ready to leave the hospital. Alison told Kate that Rafe came to see her and that Alison believes things will work out, even though there is the technicality that Rafe IS legally married to Livvie at the moment.

But, in the hallway outside Alison's room, Livvie told Rafe that she thinks she is pregnant, and, after telling Rafe she does NOT want to be a burden to him, Livvie storms away.

Back in the Park, Andy and Doree arrest the two punks but do not entirely believe their story about 'The Shadow.' Ian told Jack and Jamal about the attack on the wife-beater at the Hospital and Jack told his friends that Jack believes they are once again dealing with a force that is dark and sinister.

In the Hospital, Kate warns Alison to watch her back where Livvie is concerned.

Livvie returns to the Roadside Motel and worries about being found out in the lie she just told Rafe. But Rafe soon joins Livvie and Livvie continues to pretend that she is already pregnant, even going to far as to ask Rafe if he can 'feel' the baby yet! Livvie told Rafe that she feels lonely again because she can NOT compete with the fantasy of Rafe and Alison.

At the Pizza Shack, Jack continues to try and convince Ian and Jamal that something sinister is happening with The Shadow Man. But Ian says that he believes they are dealing with something human. And Jamal told Jack that The Shadow is like the Lone Ranger - who kicks the bad guys to the curb - and that is definitely something Jamal can live with.

Back at the Hospital, as Kate told Alison that Kate is headed home to Manhattan, Amanda Barrington arrives to tell Kate that Amanda has assigned Kate to head up The Barrington Family Port Charles Office. When Kate protests that the man she loves is living in Manhattan, Amanda told Kate that Amanda has already reassigned Kate's New York job, so Kate's old job no longer exists. Amanda then told Kate that Amanda will double Kate's salary if Kate will relocate to Port Charles. Kate reluctantly accepts, but Alison wonders what will become of Kate and her sweetheart if Kate has no other choice except to move to Port Charles.

Meanwhile, in the Roadside Motel, Livvie told Rafe that she is prepared to deal with her own baby situation on her own. But Rafe told Livvie that he will take care of her - and her baby.

Livvie brightens up momentarily, but Rafe told her that she needs to make an appointment with a doctor first thing in the morning, before they start picking out names for the baby. When Rafe went out for a walk, Livvie puzzles over how she will manage to get pregnant if she has probably lost Rafe's cooperation.

When Ian leaves the Pizza Shack, Jamal jumps all over Jack for 'seeing evil where it ain't' , and then compares Jack to Livvie. As Jack is expressing his failure to be flattered by Jamal's comparison, a girl on a different table sees what she believes is The Shadow, and calls out.

In the meantime, Rafe sits on a Park bench and remembers talking to Alison and hearing about Alison's conviction that their meeting was their destiny. And Rafe also remembers Livvie telling him that she is pregnant. Just then, a little boy throws a ball near the Bench and Rafe finds himself enjoying talking to the boy.

Back at the Hospital, Kate advises Alison to not waste another minute if what she really wants is to be with Rafe!

Meanwhile, at the Roadside Motel, as Livvie tries to figure out HOW to get pregnant, Rafe returns with a Home Pregnancy Test and told Livvie that there is no need for them to wait until Livvie can see a doctor - Livvie can take the home pregnancy test and they will know for sure right then.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Karen and Ricky meet in the Park and make plans for Karen to attend a concert with Ricky. Meanwhile, at the Pizza Shack, Nurses Lisa and Summer spot a hooded figure lurking in the Shadows and believe it is Shadow Man. Jack and Jamal give chase.

In the meantime, at the Hospital, Alison tries to find out if any cabs picked Rafe up to bring him to the Hospital and Alison begins calling Cab Companies.

At the Roadside Motel, Livvie balks at using an over-the-counter home pregnancy test. Livvie argues, telling Rafe that At Home Pregnancy tests are NOT foolproof. But, when Rafe insists that they find out all they can about Livvie's 'pregnancy' right then and there, Livvie reluctantly agrees to go ahead with the test.

Alone in the Rest Room, Livvie visualizes how disastrous it would be if she told Rafe the truth about being pregnant.

Back in the Park, Karen and Ricky discuss the way Shadow Man has become a local hero and Karen admits that all women like to fantasize about tall, dark, handsome strangers who rush to their rescue.

Jack and Jamal finally corner a hooded figure and bring him back to the Pizza Shack.

Alison finally finds the cab driver who brought Rafe to the Hospital and finds out WHERE he picked Rafe up by posing as a police officer. Armed with an address, Alison heads out to find Rafe.

Back at the Roadside Motel, Livvie desperately searches for a way to convince Rafe she has a positive result on the pregnancy test and finds Mercurochrome in the bathroom cabinet.

Jack and Jamal bring their hooded prisoner back to the Pizza Shack and unmask - Mort - a mild-mannered orderly at the Hospital. Mort quickly 'confesses' that he dressed up like Shadow Man just because he wanted to impress the girls. Summer and Lisa decide they think it was a cute idea and Mort leaves with a girl on each arm.

Jack and Jamal decide they need to change focus - instead of chasing monsters - they SHOULD be chasing girls!

In the Park, as Ricky teases Karen about her fascination with Shadow Man, a hidden stranger watches Ricky and Karen from behind a tree.

As Alison arrives at the door of the Roadside Motel, Livvie returns and hands the Pregnancy Test Results to Rafe. Livvie told Rafe she has not looked at the results yet, but Red means positive and blue means negative. Of course - the results are red. (Mercurochrome Red!)

As Karen and Ricky head for the concert, Karen realizes that she left her keys at the Hospital and Karen finally persuades Ricky to go on to his concert while Karen heads back by herself to pick up her keys. As Karen heads through the Park, she is accosted by a strange man, demanding her medical bag.

At the Roadside Motel, just as Rafe told Livvie that Livvie's pregnancy test is positive, Alison barges in.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

At the park, Karen is attacked as a man grabs for her medical bag. The Shadow Man went after the attacker who by this time is pleading for mercy. Karen sees the Shadow Man face-to-face and stunned, can only say, "Oh my God, it's you!" The Shadow Man quickly disappears as Ricky comes to Karen's rescue. Ricky tackles the guy who attacked Karen. Later, the police question Karen about the incident. She told them almost everything, omitting the part about seeing the Shadow Man. The police are impressed that Ricky caught the perpetrator. They say they have been trying to get this guy for a long time, and that he has a very long rap sheet. Because of this, Ricky will be awarded a commendation.

Alison comes to Rafe and Livvie's motel room. Livvie is ready to chase her off, but Rafe thinks they should talk. Outside, he told Alison that it is not a good time because they just found out Livvie is pregnant. Alison immediately accuses Livvie of lying. She is sure it is a trap to keep Rafe from leaving. After all, she reminds Rafe, Livvie was clever enough to plant evidence to frame Alison for Kevin's murder, faking a pregnancy test shouldn't be that difficult for her. Rafe told Alison he is positive Livvie is telling the truth. He admits to Alison that he always wanted a family and a home. All of a sudden, the truth hits Alison as she realizes that Rafe made love to another woman. When Rafe asks why she came by, Alison told him it no longer matters. She leaves and ends up crying on a park bench.

When Rafe went back inside, Livvie is eager to find out what happened with Alison. She asks Rafe point blank if he is thinking of going back to Alison. If he is, Livvie wants to know. She is not going to raise a child alone. When Rafe hesitates, Livvie told him he cannot have her, the baby, and Alison. He has to choose. If he wants the baby, he has to let Alison go. Rafe takes Livvie in his arms and told her from now on he is going to focus on having a happy family and a happy life.

Ian stops by the lighthouse to pick up some of Danny's things. While he is there, Kevin thanks him for being such a good friend to Lucy. He describes for Ian the experiences he had while he was "gone".

TV reporter Trent Robinson comes to the motorcycle shop to interview Jamal. She wants him to tell the viewers about the strange events he saw in the park. Jamal agrees in exchange for a plug for the shop. Jamal told about seeing a bunch of thugs strung up. He finds it very amusing and told Trent the Shadow Man is just some "Dude with an attitude."

A person watches Jamal's interview, then checks out a large, wall map. They put a pushpin into the location for the city of Port Charles.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Ian literally 'runs into' Kate at the Hospital and quickly learns that Amanda Barrington gave Kate a promotion to the Port Charles office - AND that Kate is NOT very happy about her 'promotion.'

In their Roadside Motel Room, Livvie plots to make sure she gets Rafe into bed with her while she is ovulating, so she can turn her story about being pregnant into a reality. As Livvie plays up to Rafe, Livvie told her husband that she believes they conceived their child on their wedding night - and that proves their union is truly blessed.

However, Livvie becomes upset when she realizes that Rafe is feeling lousy about Alison, And Livvie reminds Rafe that Alison barged in uninvited so - if Alison is feeling upset by any of this - it is at least partly Alison's fault.

Jack finds Alison crying on a Park Bench, and tries to cheer her up by launching into the tale of how Jack and Jamal 'captured' the Shadow Guy - who turned out to really be Mort the Orderly from the Hospital - and that Mort then took off with two girls that Jack and Jamal had been trying to get to know better. However, Jack quickly realizes that his tale is falling on deaf ears and finally coaxes Alison into talking about what is bothering her. Alison blurts out that Livvie has told Rafe that Livvie is pregnant. Jack is SURE Livvie is pulling the oldest trick in the book, but Alison told Jack that Alison believes that Rafe actually WANTS Livvie to be pregnant!

Kate asks Ian why Ian would stay in a town with talking portraits, spell-binding candles and Shadow Guys - especially since Ian has a son to consider.

Back in the park, Jack told Alison that what Alison needs is to get Rafe alone to talk - without Livvie hanging all over Rafe. AND - Jack assures Alison that Jack DOES have a plan!

Meanwhile, at the Roadside Motel, Rafe and Livvie discuss baby names, including Annabelle, Bella, Madison, Benjamin, and Rafe, Jr. Rafe tries on Officer Rafe and Dr. Kovich for their son's profession, and Livvie glows with delight as she kisses her husband passionately.

Back at the Hospital, Ian told Kate that maybe the reason he stays in Port Charles is because the closest friends Ian has grown to love - ALL live in Port Charles! The Day Care Worker brought Danny to Ian and Kate watches wistfully as Ian talks to Danny. Danny appears to be VERY happy to see Kate!

IAN: "There is nothing more magical than finding comfort in the arms of someone who loves you.'

KATE: "It's been a long time since I felt that.'

IAN: "I thought you had somebody!'

In the Park, Jack suggests that Alison needs to meet Rafe alone in some place that was special for them - like the Barn. But Alison turns down the barn because Rafe and Livvie got married at the barn.

Alison suggests Amanda's attic. Jack told Alison to go to the attic and wait and Jack will deliver Rafe.

As Rafe and Livvie are getting into Livvie's program for the day, Jack suddenly calls Rafe and told Rafe that Alison locked herself in Amanda Barrington's attic and Jack believes that they need Rafe to come help them talk Alison out of the attic. Rafe rushes out to help Alison and refuses to offer any kind of explanation when Livvie demands to know WHERE Rafe is going.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Kate told Ian that this is the longest that she and her boyfriend - Brennan - have ever been apart. But when Ian asks Kate when Brennan is coming to visit, Kate suddenly remembers that she has a pile of paperwork and rushes off. After Kate leaves, Ian confides in Danny that Ian believes there IS some mystery connected with Kate.

As Livvie frets over Rafe's sudden 'errand,' Livvie concludes that Rafe is probably with Alison - but is content to presume that it isn't like Alison would try to kidnap Rafe or anything like that.

Meanwhile, Rafe arrives at the Barrington attic and, when Rafe 'succeeds' in getting Alison to open the door to talk to Rafe. Jack suddenly pushes Rafe inside the attic and locks the door from the outside.

Friday, July 12, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Ricky is still impressed by the way everyone is treating him now that they all believe he is a hero for saving Karen from the mugger. Jamal arrives and Ricky told Jamal that Ricky will treat Jamal. When Ricky went up to the counter to get something for Jamal, Karen admits to Jamal that it was really The Shadow who saved her. Ricky overhears Karen's confession and becomes upset that Karen believed she should let Ricky take the credit and play the public hero because of the mugger. But Karen brought up the possibility that no one really knows what The Shadow would have done next if Ricky had NOT arrived when he did - and that Ricky DID chase The Shadow away!

In the Barrington Attic, Alison and Rafe realize that Jack not only locked them in, but Jack has also left the building. Rafe complains to Alison that Jack lied to Rafe in order to lure Rafe into the Attic with Alison. Alison points out that Rafe's wife - Livvie - has told so many lies to Rafe that Rafe is in no position to dump on Jack because of Jack's falsehood. AND - just to set the record straight - Alison informs Rafe that Alison knew NOTHING about Jack's plan to LOCK them in the attic together.

Meanwhile, in their room at the Roadside Motel, Livvie digs out her most seductive lingerie to be sure she seduces Rafe as soon as Rafe returns, so that Livvie's lie that she is pregnant can come true.

Back at the Recovery Room, Karen convinces Ricky that she believed that Ricky DID need the ego boost Ricky HAS received as everyone congratulates Ricky for performing like a hero. Karen then went on to describe how often in her own life Karen has NEEDED to feel special - and Karen believed that Ricky had the same kind of need.

In the meantime, at the Roadside Motel, Livvie tries out her most seductive poses as she tries to set the stage for Rafe's homecoming. But Livvie suddenly realizes that, since Rafe STILL has NOT returned, Alison might actually be making some headway in dragging Rafe off down memory lane. Livvie decides she needs to rescue Rafe from Alison's planned excursion down memory lane. Livvie decides that Alison must have lured Rafe to 'their' special place - the barn. Livvie slams out of the Motel room, still in her night dress - to track Rafe and Alison down at the barn.

At the same time, in the Barrington attic, Alison tries to convince Rafe that Livvie is NOT pregnant but is playing him for a fool. As Alison becomes more passionate in what she is saying, Alison accidentally knocks Rafe down, over a steamer trunk. While Rafe is down for the count, Alison lets Rafe know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what a big DOOFUS Alison believes that Rafe is. Being called a DOOFUS strikes Rafe as funny and he begins to laugh and soon - they are both laughing.

Back at the Recovery Room, Ricky finally understands what Karen is driving at and they kiss and make up.

In the meantime, as Livvie makes her way toward the Barn, on foot, through the woods, and in the dark, Livvie hears rustling in the underbrush and challenges whoever is following her to show themselves - but no one comes forward and Livvie begins to hurry faster through the dark.

At the same time, in the Attic, Alison admits to Rafe that she once asked Rafe to have a child with her so she would have a little piece of him to remember when he left - so Alison KNOWS how important having a family has always been for Rafe. As Rafe starts to hug Alison, Alison decides she wants to leave the attic, but, when Alison pounds on the door and demands to be let out - no one responds to her calls.

As Jamal returns to the Bike Shop, he is met by a girl whom he believes is Casey. But this girl does NOT know what Jamal is talking about.

At the same time, in the woods, Livvie picks up a stick and begins to run away from the Shadowy figure following her. But Livvie stumbles and the dark figure continues to advance toward her, as Livvie screams.

In the Attic, Rafe admits that he CARES about Alison even if he does NOT remember why. When Rafe suggests that it might just be a feeling of friendship, Alison dares Rafe to prove that he feels only friendship for her by kissing her.

They kiss tenderly and it soon becomes passionate.

Meanwhile, in the woods, The Shadow comes closer to Livvie as Livvie screams louder and louder.

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