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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Rick, Amber, and Thorne are shocked to see that Ridge is working at Spectra, even more so when Sally informs them that he is now their CEO. They also learn that he is responsible for the Ambrosia line mishap. Thorne asks Ridge if he has lost his mind. Ridge says that is quite the contrary, his mind is the one thing Forrester hasn't taken. His job, reputation, and the use of his hand are all gone because of you, but my mind is still sound. Rick knows he couldn't have done this on his own and asks who helped. Ridge tells him that he only took his advice and just then Massimo walks in. Thorne tries to tell Ridge that Massimo is only using him. Forrester is no longer Forrester with Brook in charge. The consumers are tired of the trash you are pushing and now they have a choice. Rick demands that Ridge take their battle to the consumer and they will see who lands on top, but Ridge tells him the battle is won long before you take it to the customer. I would have taught you all of this he says, but now you are going to learn it the hard way. Tony walks in and they jump all over him for knowing about this, but he fires back that they were using Kristen in the first place by spying and putting her in the middle. Amber steps in and she and Ridge have it out, but he is unphased stating she is to blame for a lot of this. She's says she was only doing what she had to do to insure Rick's inheritance. Ridge says that he is doing this for his father, to save him from the trash that Forrester has become. He tells them he is going to bring them down and enjoy doing it. He then tells them to get lost. Massimo comes to congratulate him and he states that Forrester is going down. Over at Forrester Kristen informs Eric that Ridge is working for Spectra.

C.J. is looking over the books at Insomnia and missing Macy. Meanwhile Bridget is out at a table looking for a job, when a waitress mentions they are short staffed. Bridget goes to the manager and inquires when C.J. tells her to get lost. He believes that she is trying to pull something and doesn't want any part of it. Bridget tries to reason with him, but he wants no part of it. Bridget leaves in a huff, but sees the "help wanted" sign and goes back in for more. She jumps down his throat and he asks her if she is finished. She says yes, he tells her she's hired. He pours coffee and tells her to clean it up and then tells her to work on the bathroom. She is disgusted, but knowing she needs to pay rent, she does what he asks.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Stephanie offers Brooke some advice on how to live the rest of her life now that she has ruined her relationship with Bridget and damaged her family. Brooke resents her advice but Stephanie suggests that she try to end her dependency on men since she has never had any luck with them. Just then, Deacon arrives, wanting to meet his baby for the first time. At the Insomnia C.J. makes some rude comments about Deacon in front of Bridget who angrily announces that she and Deacon are no longer together. When C. J. continues to harangue Deacon and notices that he's only serving to hurt Bridget, he stops his verbal barrage in hopes of comforting Bridget. Worried about Spectra Fashions growing control of the market, Kristen tries to halt production of the Ambrosia line but told that the warehouse is filled with her clothes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

by Anna

Eric finds it hard to believe that Ridge is trying to hurt Forrester. Amber, Rick and Kristen feel that Massimo must be behind the whole thing. Thorne says, no, he saw the look in Ridge's eyes and feels that this plot against Forrester has consumed Ridge. As the meeting breaks up, Erica shows up with Little Eric. When they are alone, Amber apologizes to Erica for the way she treated her. Amber admits she was threatened by Erica, a young pretty girl that was taking care of Little Eric when she couldn't. Erica assures Amber that she admires her for taking control of her life again.

Brooke is upset over Bridget's reaction to her on the phone. Brooke insists to Deacon that she and Deacon cannot be together, and Brooke must focus on getting Bridget back. Deacon realizes that it is not enough for him to be with her and raise their child. He admits that he must stay away from Brooke if she is to get Bridget back. He tells Brooke that he still loves her, nothing has changed, but Bridget must come first. Deacon says Stephanie is right; he can't be in the picture if Brooke is ever going to get Bridget back. He agrees to leave for Brooke. Stephanie asks if he can leave the baby. He says that he can because he realizes that he cannot provide the right life for his daughter now. He holds the baby and tells her that he loves her and that Stephanie will do a good job raising her. He tells Brooke that when the storm clears, he'll be waiting for her and the baby, and what they had was the best thing that ever happened to him. He kisses Brooke goodbye.

Ridge tells Clarke that he has taken all of the buyers away from Forrester, and he enjoyed the look on everyone's face. Tony is worried that Forrester is being destroyed and won't be able to recover. He fears that Kristen's family may never be able to forgive Ridge for what he's done. Sally says that it's amazing that Ridge has accomplished everything he set out to do. He has put Spectra back in business and has put Forrester on their knees. Ridge says he will be happy to see Brooke, Rick and Amber go down in flames.

At Forrester, Rick thanks Erica for being there when Amber was gone, and thanks her for being his friend. Erica thanks him for letting her try on the Forrester original gown, and admits that she never dreamed she would wear something so beautiful. He says the outfit she has on is cute and hip and asks her where she got it. She mentions the Telesave TV Network where all her friends buy clothes over the phone with a credit card. Rick has an idea. He suggests the Telesave Network to the others. Kristen is unsure about putting a Forrester line on a call-in TV show. Eric is even more adamantly against it when he says, "Over my dead body!"

Thursday, July 11, 2002

In Ridge's office, Stephanie informed Ridge that Brooke and her new baby are staying in the guest house. Ridge replied in a sly manner that "Brooke's marriage lasted as long as I thought it would." Ridge referred to the fact that on Brooke's wedding day, his impression was that she looked as though she were walking to the guillotine instead of getting married. Ridge indicated that he presently felt bad for Brooke, and even for Amber but he was not about to allow his personal feelings get in the way of business. Ridge informed Stephanie that he cut off all of Forrester Creations distributor channels for their merchandise. Ridge predicted that it is only a matter of time before Forrester Creations is forced out of business.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Eric and Rick informed Brooke that Ridge is now the owner of Spectra Fashions. Brooke realized immediately that with Ridge's designing talents he could be a problem for Forrester Creations. Eric told Brooke that the problem was far worse than that. Rick and Eric angrily informed Brooke that Ridge had shut off all of Forrester's distributors. Rick strongly suggested that they approach the television shopping network and sell their merchandise directly to consumers. Eric was in total disagreement with Rick's suggestion. Brooke felt she could solve the problem by talking directly to Ridge. Brooke rushed over to see Ridge.

At the Insomnia Café, Sally was stunned to see Bridget working as a server for C.J.! Sally tried to convince C.J. to join her at Spectra Fashions. C.J. was angry that Sally had sold her company to a Forrester. C.J. told Sally that he would never work for Ridge. C.J. also told her he could not betray Macy by working for Ridge. Because Ridge is a Forrester and did thing to stop Thorne and Brooke's affair, C.J. told Sally he wants nothing to do with Ridge. Sally could not convince C.J. to return to Spectra Fashions no matter what she said.

In Ridge's office, Brooke asked Ridge to stop sabotaging the entire Forrester creations' season. Ridge slickly advised her to have Rick fix the problem, since he caused it. Brooke begged Ridge not to rob her children of their legacy. Brooke insisted with Ridge that if they had worked together, he would still be at Forrester Creations. Ridge reminded Brooke that she had sided with Rick and Amber. He enlightened her that she is the one who put her children's legacy at risk. Ridge questioned Brooke about him and his children's legacy? Ridge told Brooke to leave. Sally saw Brooke and told her that she is finally out of luck. Sally told Brooke she has been waiting for this moment ever since Macy died.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Everything takes a back seat to the main action of the day: the desperation of the Forrester Creations upper management team to find a solution to the "Ridge/Spectra" alliance, and the threat it poses to the success of Forrester. In spite of Eric taking a very opposite and strong position against Kristen's suggestion of promoting the Ambrosia line to home shopping consumers, the Bold and Beautiful version of the three stooges (Brooke, Rick and Amber) completely ignore his wishes to stay away from that market. They don't share Eric's desire to maintain whatever dignity and credibility his company has had in the fashion world and they really don't seem to share his willingness to "go down with dignity." Of course, Amber would be enthusiastic about the idea because it is familiar to her; since she used to tune in with her mom on a regular basis. Rick sees it as an opportunity to cash in on a hot market and dollar signs and the "ching ching" of the cash register blind him to any thoughts of considering his father's request. Neither Brooke, Rick or Amber seems to be able to make the connection of Eric's point and understand the differences in the audiences that the Ambrosia line would be marketed to on the Telesave network vs Forrester's usual high-end clientele. Brooke doesn't really want to go the television route, but doesn't see any other way of keeping ahead of Spectra. In desperation and trusting in her past involvements with Ridge, Brooke goes to see Ridge to play the "tearful, victim; the hard-working mother trying to salvage a legacy for her children" and play on Ridge's emotions. She pleads with Ridge to reconsider what "he" is doing that threatens her children's legacy. Brooke pleads with Ridge to stop his efforts at undermining Forrester. Ridge reminds her that he is not the one that started the whole thing and that if there is anyone responsible it is Rick. Failing to change Ridge's plans for bringing down Forrester, Brooke has to also deal with the smirking Sally Spectra who makes it very clear that seeing Brooke and the Forresters in the position they find themselves in is exactly what she has been waiting for, for a long time. Sally wants Brooke to know that everything that is happening to Brooke and her family is especially justified because of Brooke's role in Macy's tragic ending. Brooke tries to put on a brave face by letting Sally know she shouldn't be counted out - yet. Meanwhile, Eric's untrustworthy, pig-headed son, Rick and his trusty side-kick wife, Amber approach the producer of the home shopping network to seal a deal for the Ambrosia line to begin selling. Their actions is a sad reinforcement that Eric's place at the head of Forrester management has about as much value as his wishes for his company. Its beginning to look like anyone with a television set and the ability to tune in to home shopping, will be able to own the not-so-exclusive Forrester line. Perhaps Eric should start thinking about joining the Spectra team?

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