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Passions Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on PS
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Diana takes off in Brian's rigged racecar. She is intent on finding out just how safe the car really is. Both Diana and Brian are unaware that Nick had the car rigged to explode when it hits the red zone between 70-100mph. Brian and Liz try to flag Diana in but she steps on the gas, not convinced yet that the car is safe.

The zombie sends a giant evil serpent to destroy Timmy, who is locked in a trap in the woods. The zombie and Tabitha watch in the ancient scroll. The zombie says that Timmy's impending death is not big deal and she leaves to join Miguel at Theresa's execution. Toto saves Timmy and Julian by getting them the key to open the door to the trap. Julian sees the glowing eyes of the serpent and tells Timmy that whatever it is, he knows for sure that it is pure evil. Timmy does not run form the serpent. He knows the demon's horn is close by. He manages to get it into his hands just as the serpent begins to strike. The scroll goes dark and Tabitha has no idea of her precious Timmy's fate.

Theresa is strapped to the execution table, still hoping for a miracle. She tells all the spectators that she is not going to die. Luis sees Alistair in a private room. He gets angry, knowing that not only does Alistair want to watch Theresa's death but his family's suffering as well. When the first injection is given to Theresa, she realizes that Ethan is not going to help her. She finally realizes that no one is going to save her. Theresa screams, "NO! I don't want to die!"

*The role of Ethan is now being played by a newcomer to daytime TV, Eric Martsolf.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Brian keeps waving the red flag to Diana but she will not stop the race car. He fears for her life as does Nick, who knows if she goes fast enough, the car will explode. Brian takes desperate measures to stop Diana. He runs onto the race track and gets in front of the car. Diana stops just in time. She yells at him for pulling such a stupid stunt. He yells back that she could have died in the car. They both pledge their love to each other and how they could not live without the other one. Liz watches helplessly and listens to the couple profess their love.

The serpent grabs hold of Timmy's arm and will not let go. Tabitha calls upon the floating head to tell her if Timmy is still alive. The floating head helps Tabitha see into the scroll once again. Tabitha realizes that she must do something or Timmy is a goner. She tells the floating head she must use what little reserve powers she has left to save Timmy. The head tells her that if she depletes her powers, she could die. Tabitha puts a cauldron of water on to boil. She summons her strength and grabs hold of the serpent through the cauldron. She manages to save Timmy, then falls weakly to the floor. The floating head has bad news for Tabby when she awakes. Timmy will die when he returns to Harmony and delivers the Demon's Horn, which he finally found.

Theresa is slowly dying as her family and friends watch helplessly. She begs for help in her mind, since she is unable to move. She begins to not be able to breathe. The orderly begins to give Theresa the last injection that will end her life.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Theresa's family and friends watch her take her last breath. Miguel questions how this happened without years of appeals. Luis blames it on the damn Cranes. Theresa is pronounced officially dead. Pilar begs God to take her life instead of her daughter's.

Everyone is sick at the announcement of Theresa's death except Zombie Charity and Rebecca. Ivy is having pangs of guilt and tells Rebecca she is not so sure they did the right thing. She looks at how heartbroken Ethan is and feels they went too far. Father Lonigan blesses Theresa's lifeless body as they cover Theresa with a white sheet.

Timmy heads for Harmony with the Demon's horn in his hands. Julian tries to stop him until he hears the TV news that his widow has been executed for his so called "murder."

The warden asks the Lopez-Fitzgerald family where to send the remains. Alistair steps in and says that Theresa will be buried as a Crane and her body will be sent to the Crane Mansion. This enrages Luis, who goes for Alistair's throat. It takes Hank, Sam, Miguel and TC to pull Luis off of Alistair and stop Luis from killing him.

Alistair informs everyone that he has legal right to keep Theresa's body at the mansion. Alistair silently promises more pain and heartache for the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. He says he hasn't begun to cause problems for them. Zombie Charity talks to the TV audience telling everyone that she was right when she said that Theresa would not be saved in the nick of time.

Alistair goes to the mansion and Rebecca and Ivy find him in Julian's study. He says he knows that they orchestrated Theresa's demise with a phony videotape. Alistair torments the women by asking what would Ethan or Luis say if they knew. Alistair said that their plan helped him with his plans.

They deny it as he laughs at them. Alistair then questions the two about where the phony tape is now. Neither Rebecca or Ivy has a clue. They begin to panic. Alistair plants the tape in the baby's room. Pilar finds the taped marked Julian and Ethan. She puts it in the VCR and pushes "Play."

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Theresa lies dead in a coffin at the Crane mansion. Everyone is taking her death hard, especially Whitney. She tells her parents that they cannot understand how devastated she is over losing her best friend. Ethan is heartbroken. Sam offers him comfort and tells his son that he loves him. Ethan goes to Sheridan's cottage. Gwen joins him there. He keeps talking about Theresa. Gwen all of a sudden gets furious. She tells Ethan to stop wasting his guilt on a conniving bitch like Theresa. She tells Ethan that Theresa does not deserve his guilt and she got what she deserved. Ethan is shocked by Gwen's coldness.

Alistair gets Rebecca and Ivy in a panic when they cannot find the tape. They think Alistair has it planted somewhere. They then realize that the tape is in Theresa's bedroom. He laughs as they rush to get the tape. He says under his breath that they will never get there in time. he knows that Pilar is about to view the tape for herself.

Miguel does not want to be with Charity tonight. This spoils the zombie's plans. Kay gets angry and starts to punch the zombie. The zombie turns into the ugly demon and wants to finish Kay off once and for all. Beth invites Luis home. He tells her he wants to get something for them to eat. Beth goes into the house. Her mother tells Beth that Luis doesn't love her and never will. Beth tells her mother that Luis does love her. Mrs. Wallace asks Beth what Luis would think of her if he knew the truth. She asks Beth if she can tell Luis how she ended up using a walker. Beth blanches at the thought.

Ivy and Rebecca orchestrate an accident. Ivy falls out of her wheelchair and stops Pilar from viewing the damning videotape. Whitney and Chad decide to make love at the recording studio.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Timmy and Julian's bus pulls into Harmony. Julian cannot wait to get home to the mansion. Timmy reminds him that a phone call from Julian could have saved Theresa. Timmy says that the Lopez-Fitzgerald family will probably kill him, given the chance. Timmy also believes that his life is in danger and he too will be facing death in Harmony.

Chad and Whitney go into the recording studio and begin to make love. The zombie knows what the couple is up to. She says that their love will cause pain and heartbreak for so many people. She smiles and scampers away. Kay finds the vial that contains the real Charity's essence. She wonders what it is and why the zombie had it.

Pilar gets suspicious of Ivy and Rebecca when they offer her comfort over Theresa's death. Rebecca and Ivy make a toast to their success in being the two last Mrs. Julian Cranes. Ivy shows remorse over what they have done. Pilar hears Rebecca say, "Well that's one Mrs. Crane down." Pilar tells Rebecca that if she somehow orchestrated Theresa's confession and death, she will hunt her down and kill her like the sewer rat that she is. She promises Ivy the same fate. The two women are un-nerved by the threat, worried that their secret may somehow get out.

Gwen gives Ethan an ultimatum. She says that she cannot compete with Theresa's ghost. Ethan must choose between Theresa, who now lies dead or her. Gwen gets angry when Ethan hesitates. She begins to walk out of his life. He stops her. They kiss passionately. Ethan picks Gwen up and carries her to the bedroom.

Brian is dressed and ready for the race. He and Diana make love before he leaves. At the race track, Brian goes down on one knee and asks Diana to marry him. Luis also asks Beth to become his wife. Mrs. Wallace vows that she will see to it that Beth will never marry Luis. Beth makes veiled threats to her mother. Mrs. Wallace insinuates that Beth is responsible for crippling her.

Ivy and Rebecca discuss how many people know that there is a doctored videotape. They decide that there is no one who can tell Pilar the truth. Theresa sits up in the coffin and yells to the women, "I can tell my mother the truth!" Ivy and Rebecca are stunned. Ivy asks Theresa what is she doing here. Theresa replies that she is here to take them to hell with her.

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