All My Children Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on AMC

Wolfe forced Vanessa to accompany him to Leo and Greenlee's wedding, where he planned to kill Leo. Adam tried to convince Liza that she was spiraling out of control. Alice Hart returned to Pine Valley. At Leo and Greenlee's wedding, Wolfe shot Roger. Anna killed Wolfe before he could escape.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, July 8, 2002

At the Hospital, as Tim recovers from the liver transplant surgery, Mateo announces that Hayley wanted Mateo to call Trevor when Tim was out of surgery. But Tim insists that Mateo stick with Hayley and Lorenzo and Tim will make the call. However, Tim only pretends to be calling his Dad until Mateo is out of sight.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, when Anna stops by to pick David up for Leo and Greenlee's rehearsal dinner, Anna finds Leo and Simone waiting for word from David about Roger's condition. Anna learns that Leo hit Roger and that Roger had been sleeping with Simone.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee frets about her 'vaporized' wedding party and accuses Mary of being worried only about some social egg-on-her-face if the wedding tanks. Greenlee suggests that Vanessa COULD be behind the tardy wedding party.

Meanwhile, at Oak Haven, Wolfe tells Vanessa that Wolfe has taken over the Proteus Empire and Wolfe wants to know WHERE Vanessa stashed the missing Proteus money.

At the same time, at the Court House, the Judge tells Trey that Trey can NOT change Kendall's plea to 'No Contest' unless Kendall is present. When the Judge declares a recess, Kendall shows up in the Hallway and defiantly tells Erica, Bianca and Chris that they can lie their heads off in Court, but Kendall is NOT going to roll over and play dead for them.

Trey hears the commotion and tells Kendall that she is too late to fight the arson charge - that he has already changed her plea to 'No Contest' for her.

Back at the Hospital, Jake tells Hayley that it looks like Lorenzo is out of danger.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee tells Mary about going to Oak Haven to see Vanessa because Vanessa hinted at some shocking truth about Count du Pres. When Mary wonders what the shocking truth was - Greenlee admits that Greenlee did NOT find out because Vanessa morphed into one of her Grade B Movie Divas. The minister leaves to preside over a wake, and the head waiter tells Greenlee that the dinner is passing its prime. When Greenlee begins to fall apart at all of the bad news, Mary tells the minister that Mary will be able to walk everyone through the ceremony and Mary sweet-talks the head waiter into keeping the cook happy a bit longer.

Back at the Hospital, Leo sees Maggie working as a candy-striper and learns that Bianca had to be at Kendall's arson trial, so Leo rushes off to the Valley Inn to rescue the rehearsal.

Meanwhile, at Oak Haven, Wolfe shows Vanessa a gun and threatens to kill Leo if Vanessa does NOT tell Wolfe where to find the Proteus money.

Back at the Valley Inn, when Greenlee accuses Mary of being interested ONLY in making a social splash as the Mother of the Bride, Mary blurts out: "OK! You want to know WHY I came back to this pine-scented pit to help my ungrateful daughter with her wedding? If I hadn't, I would have been cut off ---'

LEO: "Cut off from what, Mary?'

Mary quickly covers by insisting that Mary was worried about being cut off from Greenlee's affection forever.

At the Hospital, when David catches Anna ordering a tail on 'du Pres,' David leaps to the conclusion that Anna is having Leo watched because Leo slugged Roger. But Anna explains that she is ordering a tail on COUNT du Pres, confessing to David that Anna believes the Count's sudden interest in being Leo's father may more likely be an interest in Vanessa's missing Proteus money. David tells Anna that David hopes the Count really IS Leo's father and that Anna's fears will turn out to be groundless.

At Oak Haven, Vanessa tells Wolfe that Leo knows nothing about the money - that she purposely kept Leo in the dark. But, on the pretense of being prepared to tell Wolfe where the money is stashed, Vanessa goes to the door to make sure no one is listening but, instead, Vanessa vainly tries to summon a guard. But, by the time the guards arrive, Wolfe has resumed his guise as Dr. Wagner and orders Vanessa restrained and heavily sedated.

Back at the Court House, when Kendall tells Trey that she is going to tell the Judge personally - herself - that Kendall will NOT be pleading 'No Contest' to the arson charge, Trey hastily tells Kendall that he will TRY to get the Judge to sit still for another change of mind. When Trey goes back to talk to the Judge, Erica confesses to Jack that Myrtle had told Erica that Myrtle saw Kendall at the Boarding House at 7:30 and, if Kendall HAD set the fire, Kendall would hardly have endangered Kendall's OWN life by staying in the house until AFTER the house became a raging inferno. Erica suddenly tells Jack that Erica believes that Kendall has told the truth about her involvement with the fire.

Back at the Hospital, Maggie and Tim have a few minutes to flirt with each other when Maggie brings Time an Encyclopedia on Baseball.

Meanwhile, at the Valley Inn, Leo and Simone give Mary and Greenlee the bad news that Roger is in the Hospital with a problem with his heart.

In the meantime, at the Court House, when Kendall learns that Erica has had evidence for days that Kendall was probably innocent and did NOT come forward, Kendall becomes more bitter toward her mother than ever before. Bianca dumps on Kendall for NOT being grateful that Erica is trying to help Kendall escape going to prison for arson.

At the Valley Inn, when Mary learns that Simone and Roger were together when Roger had his attack, Mary tells Simone that there is no way Mary believes that merely working on a book about Proteus brought about Roger's attack - Mary tells Simone that Mary believes that Roger and Simone are lovers.

Meanwhile, at Oak Haven, as Vanessa vainly attempts to fight the sedative and slip out of the restraints, Wolfe heads for the Valley Inn and the rehearsal dinner.

At the Court House, Trey feigns happiness when Jack informs Trey that Myrtle's testimony means the police will be dropping arson charges against Kendall - but will now step up the investigation to nail the REAL arsonist!

Wolfe arrives for Leo and Greenlee's rehearsal dinner at the Valley Inn and checks his gun to make sure it is loaded.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Erica and Chris quarrel about why she held back what she knew. Chris thinks Erica did the wrong thing buy coming forward with her information from Myrtle but Erica says she could not knowingly destroy Kendall's life. She knows he does not understand. Chris admits that if it were he in her place, he might not have come forward at all. Erica doesn't believe him but he tells her that Kendall is a poison and sometimes it's for the best. Chris mentions the damage she did to Ryan and Erica realizes that Chris may be blaming her for Ryan leaving Pine Valley. Chris reassures her that it is not the case and that he is proud of her for telling the truth. They kiss. On an upbeat note, Chris thinks that now that Ryan is gone Kendall may leave too but Erica reassures him that Kendall still has it in for her.

Aidan tells Kendall he knows who she is but Kendall puts up her usual wall. Aidan reminds her that he almost lost his job because of her and that she better not show her face at the site again. After he leaves Kendall throws a fit. As she turns around her mother, Alice, appears. Alice tells her that she is there to support her. Kendall breaks down and is comforted by Alice. Alice tells her she loves her and is taking her home. Kendall is shocked by her comment but her mother tells her that there is only misery in Pine Valley. Kendall tells her that the only way she'll return home is in a coffin. Alice tells her that avenging herself in Pine Valley is worthless and that Ryan was her only reason for staying. Alice reminisces with Kendall about when she was a little girl but realizes that Kendall still has a vendetta against Erica. Alice tells her that she knows Kendall does not think of her as her real mother but Kendall denies it. Alice again tells Kendall to leave Pine Valley. Kendall tells her she has to stay and that she does love her. Alice wishes Kendall would find the peace that has always alluded her. Kendall asks her for money but Alice says as long is she chooses heartache in PV she is alone. Alice leaves to go home and Kendall goes into yet another fit of temper.

At the rehearsal dinner, Greenlee's grandparents comment how radiant she is. Mary and Simone exchange curt conversation and Greenlee wonders where her father is. Leo reassures her everything will be all right. Roger eventually shows up but after losing his temper when he throws a glass of wine toward them and it hits Greenlee. She and Anna leave to try to remove the stain. Leo asks Roger what he is even doing out of the hospital. Roger says he has every right to be there but Leo warns him not to ruin it for Greenlee.

Greenlee and Anna try to remove the stain from Greenlee's dress. Anna tells her how much she cares for David and that it was the right thing to do. Greenlee tells Anna she thinks that things will never be normal with Leo because of Vanessa. She tells Anna that Vanessa wanted to tell her something about the Count but she didn't stick around to find out. Anna digs her for more information but Greenlee knows nothing. Greenlee tells her that she talked to a doctor at Oak Haven and they promised to keep her drugged and shackled during the wedding. Anna, alarmed that they would go to suck measures, tells Greenlee she has to leave.

Back at the rehearsal, Simone walks up to Roger and Leo and once again Roger brings up the book to her. At that point Leo loses it on Mary and Roger for being such awful parents and for caring only for themselves. A shouting match breaks out between Simone, Mary, and Roger. Leo screams for them to stop and tells her that Greenlee is the only one who should matter. Leo tells all of them to stop scheming and to make the day special for Greenlee. Just then Greenlee comes back and asks what's going on. Leo reassures her that everything is fine. The Count, Roger, Mary and Simone all toast the happy couple, especially Greenlee. Greenlee thanks everyone

At Oak Haven, Wolfe (a.k.a Dr. Wagner) has Vanessa retrained and drugged via an intravenous line. Vanessa tries to get the nurse to stop it but the nurse declines and Vanessa is too out of it to do anything about it. After some persuasion, the nurse agrees to undo the restraints but the drugs have taken their toll on Vanessa. Left alone, she manages to get to the door but Wolfe finds her. He again asks her where the money is and tells her that Leo is in danger unless she cooperates. She hears Anna and calls out to her. Anna inquires about who the new doctor is and why he is working with Vanessa. The on-duty nurse won't allow Anna in to but Anna decides to wait. Once the nurse is out of sight Ann sneaks in Vanessa's room. Inside, Vanessa is very sleepy from the drug but Anna tries to find out what has her so scared. Just then the nurse returns and questions Anna. Anna tells her that she needs to talk to Dr. Wagner and would like to question Vanessa again, when she is not sedated. Anna leaves and Wolfe returns but Vanessa is asleep. He queries her again for the money and tells her that a mother's love unconditional. He tells a sleeping Vanessa that he wants the money and it he doesn't get it by tomorrow they may be attending Leo's funeral instead of his wedding.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

At Greenlee's Loft, Leo and Greenlee wake up, sweetly anticipating their wedding day. However, when Greenlee tells Leo that with her brown eyes and his brown eyes, they will have gorgeous, brown-eyed children, Leo suddenly tenses and rushes out to meet David and the Count for breakfast.

Meanwhile in the Hayward Suite, the wedding party begins to assemble to get ready for the wedding, while David wonders how Anna will handle the day's festivities and offers the opinion that David and Anna's impromptu marriage at Elk Green was MUCH more romantic! Anna agrees.

In the Valley Inn dining room, The Count tells Wolfe that he is blessed that his son has found him in time to attend his son's wedding - and Wolfe agrees.

At the Pine Cone Motel, the Motel Manager tells Kendall that she had better come through with the rent money by the fifteenth or he will evict her. On his way out, 'Artie' hands Kendall the morning newspaper and Kendall goes up in smoke when she reads the lead article, and storms out to confront Bianca about statements Bianca made about Kendall that were quoted in the newspaper.

Alice Hart arrives at Erica's suite to talk to Erica about Kendall. Erica tells Alice that Erica is certain that Kendall will be OK if Erica has nothing more to do with Kendall. Alice disagrees. Alice implores Chris to contact Ryan for her, but Chris admits that he has no idea where his son has gone.

At Oak Haven, Vanessa struggles against her restraints and the sedative administered on 'Dr. Wagner's' orders, but she makes no progress.

At the Hayward Suite, Maggie and Greenlee arrive to begin dressing for the wedding. David heads out to meet Leo and the Count for breakfast. Mary and Simone arrive at the same time and Mary warns Simone that, if Simone does anything to embarrass Mary at the wedding, Mary will make sure that everyone close to Simone learns that Simone has been sleeping with a man old enough to be her father. Simone assures Mary that Simone is VERY over Roger and accuses Mary of being more interested in Mary's public image than in whether or not Mary's daughter Greenlee is happy.

In the Valley Inn dining room, Leo takes a long look at the Count's eyes and then dashes out of the dining room. David tells the Count that Leo probably has pre-wedding jitters and David rushes out to follow Leo.

As the wedding party talks about Ryan and Kendall's break-up, Kendall arrives to confront Bianca about Bianca's statement in the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Leo and David arrive at Oak Haven. Leo rushes in to Vanessa's room and insists that Vanessa tell him if the Count is really Leo's father or if the Count is merely a Proteus underling. Vanessa babbles, trying to warn Leo of the danger to him, but none of her statements make any sense.

In Erica's suite, Erica assures Alice that some day, Alice's love for Kendall will get through to Kendall.

Meanwhile, as Bianca, Kendall and Greenlee trade barbed insults about Bianca's newspaper coverage, Anna insists that they end the fighting and get on with the dressing - and Anna issues a warning to Kendall that - if Kendall persists in harassing any of the wedding party - Anna WILL run Kendall in for disturbing the peace.

At Oak Haven, Leo points out to David that Vanessa and the Count BOTH have blue eyes and Leo has brown eyes. So the probability of two blue eyed parents producing a brown-eyed offspring are billions to one. David agrees with Leo that the eyes have it. Leo insists that Vanessa tell Leo whether or not the Count is just a Proteus underling who arrived in Pine Valley to do Vanessa's bidding, but Vanessa continues to babble about Leo being killed. Leo and David disregard Vanessa's babbling and try to decide if the Count is a dupe who truly believes the doctored DNA results are accurate or whether the Count is one of Vanessa's minions. David tells Leo that Anna was suspicious of the Count and volunteers to bring Anna in on Leo's suspicions, but Leo just tells David to just watch his back for him. David and Leo agree to keep a lid on what they suspect thus far. As Leo and David leave Vanessa's room, Wolfe slips in, disguised as Dr. Wagner. As David and Leo leave Oak Haven, Vanessa vainly calls out for Leo, but Wolfe arrives with a black dress for Vanessa to wear to Leo's wedding - or to Leo's funeral!

After Kendall leaves the Hayward Suite, she stops by Erica's suite to complain about Bianca's statements in the paper but Erica refuses to indulge in an argument with Kendall and, when Kendall has finished dumping her opinion on Erica, Erica just tells Kendall good-bye. However, when Chris goes off to answer a call, Erica sees a write-up about Greenlee's wedding in the newspaper, and Erica makes a call to someone and tells them: "It's time. Sink the competition! And make Greenlee pay!'

In the Hayward Suite, Maggie and Bianca give Greenlee something new - pure silk stockings from Paris. Anna gives Greenlee something borrowed - a penny which was minted in the year of the wedding - for good luck. Anna suggests that maybe Greenlee could wear it in her shoe. Mary gives Greenlee something old - a satin ribbon from Millicent's wedding dress. Mary suggests that they could tie the ribbon around Greenlee's bouquet. Simone gives Greenlee a blue garter - which Mary immediately suggests is tacky and tasteless. As the wedding party laugh and enjoy themselves, Kendall goes by and hears all the Merry Makers, then rushes away from the door.

Thursday, JULY 11, 2002

While waiting for his upcoming nuptials, Leo nervously downs a glass of champagne. The Count arrives and presents Leo with a gift. It is a ring with the du Pres family crest. Leo hesitates, then accepts the ring as the count explains how it has been handed down through the generations. David and Leo adjourn to the park to calm Leo's pre-wedding jitters. He tells David's his concerns about the Count. Is Count du Pres in on Vanessa's plot? David asks what motive would he have. Leo is unsure. Either the Count is sincere or he is a very good actor. Leo is also concerned about Greenlee's naiveté when it comes to her parents and best friend. He worries over what she will do when she finds out how they have all betrayed her.

Upstairs, the ladies of the wedding party get ready. Opal tries to bond with Mary by offering to give her a new hairdo. She is appalled to find out that Mary actually paid someone for her current hairstyle. Itching to do some hairstyling, Opal corners Bianca and offers to give her hair a makeover suggesting perhaps an Eiffel Tower look. Bianca gracefully declines. Greenlee, meanwhile, is pacing the floor sure that something terrible is about to happen. Anna offers to go to Oak Haven to make sure Vanessa is safely under lock and key.

Mary offers Greenlee a small box. Greenlee is at first excited, then disappointed when she finds a new set of earrings instead of the family heirlooms she was planning to wear. Mary makes a phone call to find out if the earrings Greenlee requested are insured. She tells the person on the other end that she wants to check on the policy because Greenlee can be so careless. Greenlee overhears the conversation and is hurt, but tries not to show it.

As Mary hands over the heirloom earrings to Greenlee, Opal wanders over to the dressing table and picks up a necklace she admires. When Greenlee says it belongs to Anna. Opal gets a strange look on her face and Dr.ops the necklace as if it is burning hot. Greenlee immediately senses that Opal has had one of her "visions." Opal says no, it's just the bubbly kicking in. Later she tells Bianca that she saw a vision of Anna being shot. Greenlee demands that someone find Leo and bring him to her.

When Leo comes in, they embrace as Greenlee tearfully tells him that they can't get married today. She doesn't feel it is safe. Leo assures her that every precaution is being taken. They have even hired security guards. He tells her to just look forward to the future they will have together.

When Anna arrives at Oak Haven she demands to see Vanessa. The doctor on duty tells her Vanessa is under the care of a Dr. Wagner and he has ordered Vanessa heavily sedated. Anna is suspicious when she hears of the new doctor who has recently arrived from Vienna. She asks the staff doctor to show her Dr. Wagner's credentials. She also calls the police department and asks them to look up information on the new doctor as well.

Anna tries to wake Vanessa to question her, but Vanessa is out of it. She asks Vanessa if there is any connection between Dr. Wagner and Count du Pres. Vanessa mumbles something incoherent. Anna receives a call from the department telling her that there is no record anywhere of a Dr. Wagner. After hanging up, Wolfe grabs Anna from behind and injects her with something. When Anna collapses, Wolfe injects Vanessa with a stimulant and orders her to get out of bed and get dressed for the wedding.

Wolfe gives Vanessa one more chance. If she tells him where the Proteus money is then Leo will live to see his honeymoon. If she refuses, Leo's wedding will become his funeral. When Vanessa is dressed, Wolfe slaps a piece of tape over her mouth then covers her head with a hat and veil. He orders her to keep quiet as he escorts her to the wedding.

Shortly afterwards, the staff doctor at Oak Haven goes in to check on Vanessa. He sees a figure in the bed, but when he goes to investigate, he finds an unconscious Anna rather than his patient.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Adam entered his study and prepared himself to look frazzled and disheveled. He tousled his hair and loosened his necktie. He sat down on the sofa and looked forlorn just before Mia entered the room. Mia gasped at Adam's appearance and asked what was wrong. Adam went to the desk drawer and pulled out one of his shirts that had been torn to shreds. He showed it to Mia. Mia was puzzled. "Who did that?" she asked. Adam led her to believe it was Liza. Mia was stunned. Adam tried to convince Mia Liza is sick and that Liza still believes he and Mia are having an affair.

Liza met JR in the park and told him Colby had lost Adam's sterling silver pen, the one JR had given Adam for Christmas. She wanted to replace it and asked JR where he bought it. JR looked blankly at Liza and told her he didn't give Adam the pen. Liza pretended she had misunderstood Adam when he had told her JR had given it to him and told JR everything was ok. JR left to join his friends. Liza reviewed in her mind what Adam had told her about losing the pen. She tried to reassure herself she had heard Adam correctly but still doubted her memory. She decided she would go home to Chandler Mansion and talk to Mia. Mia had been in the room when Adam told Liza about JR giving him the pen for Christmas.

Liza walked into the study just as Adam and Mia embraced. Liza testily told Mia to leave the room. She wanted to talk to Adam privately. Liza demanded to know what was going on or she would take Colby and leave permanently. Adam continued to manipulate Liza's thoughts. They argued about her moods and then Adam showed Liza the shredded shirt. Liza wasn't sure if she had done it or not.

Before the wedding, Leo talked to Greenlee in David's room at the Valley Inn. He tried to reassure her everything was going fine. He pledged his love for her once more and knelt down in front of her and asked her to make him the happiest man on the planet. Greenlee looked thoughtful for a moment. She told Leo she had always dreamed of walking down the aisle. "Was I in that dream," asked Leo. Greenlee smiled and said, "always." "Let's do it!" she told Leo. Leo, with a twinkle in his eye and an impish grin on his face, gleefully twirled around and joyfully grabbed Greenlee's hand. They raced out of the room to go to their wedding

Mary entered the wedding room and gasped when she saw yellow roses being arranged on one of the reception tables. She demanded they be removed immediately as she didn't order them and they were tacky. Woody interrupted her and exclaimed they were from him. He had always given Greenlee yellow roses on her birthdays and for special occasions. So the roses stayed. Roger, not to be outdone by Mary and Woody, pulled out a "trinket" he had bought Greenlee-a glittering diamond bracelet. Neither Woody nor Mary was impressed. Noticing their reaction, Roger quickly put the bracelet away. The three of them argued which gift was more precious to Greenlee. Millicent, Greenlee's grandmother, intervened and demanded the bickering to stop. Count du Pres joined the group and asked if anyone had seen his associate, Mr. Wolfe. Roger thought he might be at the bar and decided to personally look for him there. Roger needed a drink.

Meanwhile, Wolfe was in the patio area outside the wedding room holding Vanessa. He tried to intimate her again by telling her it was her choice if Leo died saying "I do." He attached a silencer to his gun.

At Oak Haven, Dr. Randolph, Vanessa's real doctor, awakened Anna. He was surprised to find Anna in Vanessa's bed, drugged. Anna realized Wolfe, posing as Dr. Wagner, had taken Vanessa to Leo's wedding and left for the Valley Inn.

Roger intercepted Leo and Greenlee before they entered the wedding room. He told Greenlee he wanted to talk to her alone. Leo went to join David in the wedding room. Roger presented Greenlee with the diamond bracelet. She was overwhelmed with the extravagance and wondered how Roger was able to purchase it for her. Roger asked her to at least once not to make him feel like a loser and a complete failure. He told her she was always her mother's daughter as he noticed the diamond earrings Mary had lent Greenlee.

Leo overheard Millicent trashing his character while he waited for Greenlee to walk down the aisle. As Greenlee appeared, Leo flashed back to similar critical remarks made by Mary and Roger. Leo then raced down the aisle toward Greenlee, grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room. He closed the door behind them and they raced out of the Valley Inn.

Wolfe pointed his gun at the people in the wedding room. The guests were shocked at Leo's behavior and wondered what was going on. Just as Roger opened the door to the room and began to explain that Leo and Greenlee have left the ceremony, Wolfe shot him. Roger slumped to the floor, shot in the chest. Wolfe raced through the room into the hallway only to be shot dead by Anna who had just arrived at the Valley Inn. Jackson arrived on the scene and told an officer to call the Police Commissioner. He argued with Anna that she is in a lot of trouble because she discharged a firearm while under the influence of a powerful narcotic. The Police Commissioner needed to be there. Anna told the Count he has diplomatic immunity and to be at the police station for questioning.

Leo and Greenlee went to the park. Leo told Greenlee he loves her for who she is and promises her the wedding they really want and not the wedding show her parents wanted. "The 24 karat farce isn't us," he told Greenlee. He left to find the minister and then returned to the park to get Greenlee. He told her to keep her eyes shut and then took Greenlee to their private place. Once there he told her to open her eyes. They were at the boathouse. It was filled with flowers and candles everywhere.



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