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Nikki hesitated to give Victor an answer to his proposal. Phyllis moved out. Billy and Mac reconciled. Larry accepted a job from Katherine. After drinking all night, Neil showed up to join Nate and a stunned Brad for a baseball game.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Victoria questions why Victor hasn't explained his reasons for his trip. She mentions her run-in with Max, and wants Victor to find Nikki and talk to her. Max comforts Nikki and assures her that she is an amazing woman who deserves someone better than Victor. Nikki realizes that she must move on, but when she returns home, she finds Victor waiting for her. John comforts Jill, knowing how close they came to losing their son. Jill also agrees with John that they close the Glo by Jabot House this summer. She thanks Larry for saving Billy's life, and invites him to dinner. Brad and Ashley make love, and express how lucky they are to have each other. Brad is still concerned about Ashley's health, and notices her hairbrush with clumps of hair. Although the Jabot House is cancelled, Phyllis assumes Jack will make good on his promise to get Diane out by July. Jack mentions that he was thinking of telling Diane to stay somewhere in town and not move to Denver. Phyllis believes Jack's reasoning is ludicrous, and wants to know if he is going to ask Diane to stay or not. Michael is amazed that Diane created a phony job offer, and wonders if she got her leg broken on purpose. He suggests that Diane leave now while she still has some dignity left. Jack enters and wants to know what the hell Michael is doing there.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Ashley is numb from the realization of the side effects from the chemotherapy. Brad reassures her that they will get through this crisis. Christine accepts Michael's dinner invitation, as long as there is no shop talk. Michael reminds her that she always said he was a changed man. He also thanks Christine for being such a good friend. Jill and Larry, having just finished dinner, discuss their failed relationships. They toast to no more failed romances. John assures Phyllis that Diane is not a threat to her. Phyllis knows Diane is using Kyle to steal Jack, but John wants Phyllis to give Jack some credit. Diane suggests to Jack that she and Kyle continue to stay in the pool house until her leg heals. Diane wants to make the situation best for everyone and will accept whatever decision Jack makes. Jack tells Phyllis that Diane is staying, prompting Phyllis to pack her bags and leave. Nick wants Victoria to accept the fact that things might not work out for their parents. Victor tries to explain to Nikki that the purpose of his trip was to do some soul-searching. He admits that he doesn't want to repeat his mistakes from the past. Victor wants to marry Nikki. He pulls out a diamond ring and proposes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Victoria returned to Nick and Sharon's house so that she wouldn't interrupt her parents, who she hoped might be reconciling. When Nick warned her that they could just as easily be arguing, Victoria got upset with him. Sharon intervened, suggesting that Victoria was obsessed with her parents. Victoria angrily replied that it was none of Sharon's business. Nikki and Victor were her and Nick's parents, she and Nick could discuss them if they wanted to, and Sharon should keep out of it. Sharon countered that they were arguing, that their involvement had never done any good, and that it was unpleasant to be around. Nick tried to calm them down, and Victoria finally left, assuring him that the next morning, she'd be telling them their parents were back together. After she was gone, Sharon apologized to Nick and said it had just been a bad evening for her and Victoria. Nick said that he did worry about his parents, however, because any relationship based on shaky ground was going nowhere in the long run.

Nikki was stunned when Victor presented her with the diamond engagement ring and a proposal. She asked if that meant he'd chosen her from his tour of exes to be the lucky princess who got the glass slipper. Victor urged her not to be influenced by Leanna's accusations, because he loved her and wanted to marry her. Nikki admitted that Victoria had told her about the ring months before, and that she'd even seen it herself in Victor's desk and tried it on. Victor said he'd kept it for so long not because he was unsure of his love for her, but because he wondered if they could make another go at marriage. He confessed that he'd never been so vulnerable to her. Nikki finally said she would give him an answer in two weeks, because she did believe that he loved her. But she, too, had some reservations about trying again, and she needed time, just as he had, to examine her feelings. Victor said he would wait, then stared at the ring after she returned it to the box and left him alone.

Brad went to Gina's to get chicken soup for Ashley, her favorite comfort food, to console her as she dealt with the first visible sign of her cancer, hair loss. As Ashley checked her hair in the mirror, John came in. They talked about Billy's recovery from his injuries, then Ashley showed him her hairbrush and told him it was an effect of the chemotherapy. John wondered, considering everything Ashley was going through, how Brad could leave her alone. Ashley assured him that Brad was taking great care of her. John then wondered if Ashley should lighten her workload, but she said she had no intention of doing that, and Brad understood her feelings. John reminded her that he was not a weak old man, but could be strong for her, and they embraced, as he told her he would be there for her anytime, for any reason.

As Brad waited on his take-out order and thumbed through his wallet, looking at photos of Ashley and Abby, Olivia came up. He told her about Ashley's hair loss and how she was reacting to it. He then expressed how much he loved his wife and felt they were lucky, as Ashley had at least not experienced bad nausea. Olivia reminded him that the effects of chemo were cumulative, and after Ashley's next treatment, she might get sick. Brad suggested they change the subject. He asked about Neil and Nate. Olivia admitted that the longer Neil stayed away, the surer she was that he wasn't thinking of her son. Brad repeated his promise to be a male figure in Nate's life, suggesting he take Nate to a ballgame and pizza afterward. When Olivia wondered if Brad needed to do that as much for himself as Nate, Brad broke down and admitted that he loved Ashley so much--she was his wife, his heart, his soul. Olivia comforted him, assuring him that his feelings were perfectly natural.

Across the restaurant, Lauren was intrigued to see Christine and Michael enjoying an intimate dinner. When Michael excused himself to the restroom, Lauren stopped him, speculating about what was going on with him and his law partner. Michael assured her they were simply having an after-work dinner. He told her that a whisper started by her could have the entire town flapping its lips. Later, as Lauren watched Michael and Chris dance, she mused aloud that Michael was after Christine, Christine didn't know, and Lauren wondered who she should tell.

Paul and Isabella seemed to be feeling a little strain as they settled into their new life and dealt with Ricky's fussiness. Paul finally encouraged Isabella to sit down so he could take care of her. Isabella admitted she wished she had some kind of support group, as she was in short supply of friends and family. Paul told her how much he appreciated what she had brought to his life, and the home she'd made for him and their baby. He said he would try to help her find more outside support, but meanwhile, he held her and told her he was there for her.

Neil and Serena bickered at the Olive Tree. He didn't like the way she served his drinks, and she wondered where he'd been the past few nights. He told her he'd been at a hotel. As he continued to drink, the bartender noticed a man at the bar, "Juice," watching him. Juice admitted that he thought he and Neil went way back, but he couldn't remember his name. When Serena, angry at yet another outburst from Neil about Nate, walked to the bar to order his next drink, Juice asked her for Neil's name. She told him she wasn't 411 and walked away. Juice then stared at Neil again, and suddenly remembered the name Neil Winters.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

by Ruth

Sharon welcomed Nicholas home from his trip to the store in a sexy short dress with lots of kisses. He had been talking to his sister and spoiled the mood when he wanted to invite Vicki and Diego over for a barbeque. Sharon let it slip that Diego had a tattoo, then had to cover her tracks. Vicki and Diego took a swim together and began to warm up to each other. They made plans to attend the picnic.

Neil and Serena argued in the Olive Tree Bar about what they had said to each other earlier about relationships that they had with children. He tried to ask about Serena's background, but got nowhere. He admitted that he had a daughter that lived far away from him and was lonely for her. Neil was clearly drunk and disorderly. He received a call from Nate asking him to meet him and Brad for the baseball game that afternoon. Nate was calling without his mother's permission. Neil agreed and tried to sober up enough to face his nephew in a few hours.

Lauren paid Kay Chancellor a visit, bringing a gift from her store. Kay was still affected by the kidnapping in the motel room. She wanted to talk about Lauren, though, and wondered what brought her back to town so soon. Kay was sure that Lauren was on the lookout for trouble in Paul and Isabella's marriage.

At Isabella's apartment, the happy couple talked about Mary's suggestion that they set a date for Ricky's baptism. Paul was annoyed with her meddling, but Isabella was open to the idea. Lauren arrived at the door bearing a silver engraved baby cup for Ricky. She was taken aback when Isabella asked her to be the baby's godmother. She accepted graciously, and, after Paul left for work, insisted on knowing what was really behind the invitation. Isabella was thankful for what Lauren had done back in the early months of her pregnancy, and felt that she owed her family to her.

J.T., Brittany, Erica, and Raul began work at the Glo by Jabot Boutique. Raul and Brittany talked about plans for after work, then J.T. bothered Brittany about being a changed woman for the choir boy, Raul. Raul left to see Billy at the hospital, then J.T. started hitting on Erica for a good time this summer. She refused at first, but agreed to attend a party with him. Brittany overheard and, in order to prove that she hadn't changed, insisted that she and Raul were going to be there. Raul returned from telling Billy about his new relationship with Brittany and was surprised to hear her committing them to a keg party.

Friday, July 12, 2002

When Mac went to see Billy at the hospital, he assured her that he was doing better except for being bored, since the doctors were making him stay another day. He was more worried about her. Mac admitted that it hurt to be betrayed by her mother again, especially after Amanda had seen Ralph for what he was. Billy told her that it was over, and they couldn't hurt her anymore. Mac said she'd been so scared for him at the lake, but was glad they'd worked things out before it happened, because she couldn't have gotten through the whole ordeal without him. Billy seemed a little uncertain of things when she hugged him. Later, he told her that Raul had been by to see him, and Raul and Brittany had reconciled and taken things to the next level. Mac seemed dismayed to realize they'd had sex.

At the boutique, Raul wasn't thrilled to hear Brittany tell J.T. and Erica that she would join the rest of their friends at the park for a keg party. When Raul told her that he just wanted to be alone with her, she reminded him that he'd decided to have more fun. She said she wasn't going to stop going to parties just because she was seeing him. Raul finally agreed to go. Later, at the park, Brittany was annoyed when Raul only wanted to have a soft drink. She finally convinced him to drink beer since all the rest of the kids were.

Colleen tried to get J.T.'s attention by wearing a skimpy halter top, but J.T. wasn't interested. Colleen then suggested that she would also go to the party. When John and Jill came in to congratulate the kids on their successful first day of the Glo by Jabot web cast, Jill wasn't pleased to hear John say that Billy and Mac might still be part of the group. John was even less pleased to see Colleen's outfit, and told her that she would not be going to the party with the older teens. When John insisted on taking her home, J.T. barely responded when she said goodbye to him.

Larry went by to check on Katherine and Mac. She told him Mac was doing fine, and they talked about everyone's disappointment in Amanda's betrayal. Katherine said that Mac would recover, especially when she went away to college and had something else to focus on. She was more worried about how Larry was handling it, hoping he wouldn't give up on love. Larry said he'd done some thinking. He'd liked the way Amanda made him feel, so he might try romance again sometime. Katherine then suggested he move into one of the apartments over the garage, so she'd feel safer. Larry was reluctant to move there without paying rent. Katherine finally hit on the idea that Larry could help take care of her sixteen cars in exchange for a place to live. Just as Larry agreed to move in, Jill joined them and Katherine told her their arrangement. Jill was upset, suggesting that Katherine had a history of expecting stud service. When Katherine realized that Jill had been Larry's dinner date the evening before, Jill said it was a one-time appreciation dinner because Larry had saved Billy's life. After Katherine left, Larry was unmoved by Jill's warning that he wouldn't want to live there and winked at her as he said he was going to check out his new digs.

While Nate prolonged his lunch with Brad at the diner, Serena was asking Neil, who'd called a cab to take him there from the Olive Tree, if he was sure it was such a good idea to see Nate. He thanked her for helping him sober up, even buying him food and coffee, but told her that she wasn't his mother. He emptied his pockets to pay her for that, leaving his keys on the bar when his cab arrived. As Serena pocketed the keys, Juice, who'd been watching, mentioned Neil by name. When Serena commented on the fact that Juice now knew Neil's name, Juice told her that Neil had once taken Drucilla from him. Noting that Juice seemed to hold a grudge, Serena told him to leave Neil alone because he had enough problems already.

Brad wasn't happy to see Neil show up at the diner expecting to go to the ball game with him and Nate. Neil hadn't realized Brad didn't know. He sent Nate to get more dessert so that he and Brad could talk. Brad said Neil couldn't join them until he'd cleared it with Olivia. Neil was upset, saying they were just three guys going to a ball game. When Brad learned that Olivia would be in surgery for another hour, he finally gave in, but warned Neil not to put him in that position again. Nate and Brad went out first, and Neil was worried about how his hand shook when he tried to hold his coffee cup.

At the cookout at the ranch, Sharon was still annoyed with Victoria. After Diego arrived, Victoria and Cassie went inside to change into their swimming suits. Nick asked Diego if he'd help Sharon get the salads from their house. When Sharon and Diego were alone, Diego told her that he was still suspicious that Victoria was up to something. He told her it was important that Victoria see that it didn't upset Sharon to see him with her sister-in-law, in order to allay Victoria's suspicions. Sharon agreed, then said she wasn't sure how far Victoria was willing to go. Diego said it didn't matter, since he was free and Victoria was a good-looking woman. When they rejoined the others, Diego continued his flirtation with Victoria. When Victoria admitted she didn't really like going in the pool, he said he might be able to teach her a thing or two. While Cassie told her parents how happy she was that they'd reconciled, Sharon couldn't stop watching Victoria and Diego. She looked disturbed by her flashbacks of being in bed with Diego.

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