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Larry and Amanda rescued Katherine and Mac. Diane's plans to stage an accident backfired when Phyllis actually hit Diane with her car. Ashley experienced unpleasant side effects from the radiation therapy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Sharon/Diego & Nick/Victoria
Sharon called Diego into the office to let him know she re-arranged the schedule so they wouldn't have to run into each other so much. She mentioned Victoria wanting to spend time with Diego. She said she want to believe it's real and all their problems with her would go away. Diego said he was more concerned now than ever and he doesn't buy it that all of a sudden he's Victoria's best friend. He said overnight she went from hating his guts to wanting to hang out. Sharon said she wasn't sure, since Nick had a list of eligible lawyer and Victoria passed because of Diego. Diego said Victoria's up to something and they have to figure it out in case she decides to blow the whistle. Sharon said he was being paranoid and maybe Victoria was hard on him because she really liked him all along. He's suspicious of her and thinks they should keep an eye on her. He said he would play along for now. Sharon asked if he was talking about he and Victoria being "just friends". Diego asked Sharon if it would be okay if Victoria really was interested. She told him to be careful with Victoria....

Nick asks Victoria if she has her eye on Diego. Victoria told him to stay out of it and mind his business -- he was being intrusive. He said if she wasn't into Diego, at least go on a date with one of the guys on the list. He said he would return later for her answer. Victoria was thinking back to her conversation with Sharon about Diego, where Sharon defended him, when Nick returned for an answer as to how she felt about Diego. Nick said he told Sharon if Victoria cut Diego some slack she'd see him differently. Victoria was surprised Sharon agreed with Nick and wanted to see Victoria and Diego together. Victoria said Diego didn't seem too interested. Nick said part of him felt sorry for Diego, because if they really got together, Diego wouldn't know what hit him. Diego walks in looking for Nick, to drop off the revised inventory list. He told Victoria he wanted to finish their conversation from earlier and his shift ends at eight. After he left Nick said Diego was really interested in her and she should follow up on that. Nick said he was just looking out for Victoria. She said she'd do the same for him.

A police officer enters Crimson Lights. He's looking for information on Billy and Mac. It's Ralph!

After their long night after the prom, Raul was full of energy while Brittany was tired. His parents won't mind the late night, since it prom, while her parents don't care, long as they don't read about her in the newspapers. Raul said it won't matter, they'll be in college and on their own soon. As Ralph looks on, Raul tells Brittany he's not as excited about college, now that they are together. Brittany said they could work it out even if she had to hop a flight every weekend. She said she was going home to change, she looked gross. Raul said she always look beautiful to him and gave her a kiss goodbye. Officer Ralph approached Raul and got a little dizzy from his head injury, but brushed it off. He said he needed to talk to Raul about Mac and Billy. Ralph said they were not in trouble, but were needed for questioning concerning Amanda's arrest for theft. Raul was surprised to hear about Amanda. Ralph said he was sure Billy and Mac wanted to help get Amanda out of jail, so if he knew of their possible whereabouts, where they might go if they wanted to lie low for a while.......

Kathryn is in Ralph's hotel room, bound and gagged, trying to escape. Unfortunately the chair tips over Kate hit the floor and passes out.

Amanda arrived from the police station and she and Esther are in the living room, Esther crying because she can't believe the phone man is a fake. Amanda asks about Mackenzie and Kathryn. Larry arrives and Amanda tells him she doesn't have time for him now. He says she's going to make time and tell him what's going on! Esther scurried away. Amanda says she didn't want to talk about the bracelet or their relationship, she just wanted to find her daughter. Larry asked her why, so she could protect her from the scum she brought back into Mac's life. Amanda looked shocked at finally being caught. He said he realized the sketch of the phone guy and the picture of Ralph from her wallet are the same person. She admitted Ralph is in town, that she tried to keep him away from Mac, but he wouldn't leave without lots of cash. Yes, Ralph was blackmailing her but she needed to leave and find Mac. Larry told her it was too late to be worried about Mac, Amanda could have come to him, Mrs. Chancellor, Ned, Billy, they would have been there for her and the scum bag (Ralph) wouldn't have stood a chance, but Amanda dug herself in too deep. Fed up, Larry yells, "So don't give me this ‘I want to protect my daughter crap" (complete with imitation whiny voice) because this scum bag is nothing but a loose cannon and you have been letting him operate under our noses! You have been protecting him, so drop the bull and tell me where Ralph is before it's too late!" Amanda said this was between her and Mac, so butt out, but Larry said he can't do that. She said she needed to find Mac and started to leave ,when Esther returned in a panic. She said she went to check on Mrs. C, she's not there, her room is a wreck and the bureau she keeps locked has been pried open; But her car is still there! Larry asked Amanda if she thought this was still between her and Mac. Obviously her Ex had been there and Mrs. Chancellor probably walked in on him. There's no telling where they are and what he's done to her. Amanda said Ralph would never hurt Mrs. Chancellor. Larry grabbed her by the arms and gave her a little shake, telling her to "stop thinking about herself, Ralph's dangerous, so tell me where he is. NOW!"

Larry and Amanda arrive at Ralph's hotel room and find Kathryn on the floor, passed out. They untied her as she was coming to. Amanda started apologizing to Kathryn. Kate started yelling at Amanda, saying "You knew, you knew" (Ralph was in town and what he was up to). Kathryn looked at Larry and told him they had to stop Ralph, Mac was in danger and it was all Amanda's fault. She turned on Amanda, telling her "You did this! Damn you!", Amanda was looking guiltily at floor. Kate told Amanda "Look at me", when she did, Mrs. Kathryn Chancellor spit at her!!

Mac and Billy are feasting on coleslaw and pretzels at the secret hide out. They said it was the one place they felt safe, they just wished they were there for a different reason. Mac said she was scared, Billy told her that pervert could never touch her again, that, they know for sure. Mac asked if she were horrible because she was glad Ralph was dead. Billy said Ralph was sick, disgusting and evil, no one would blame her for how she felt. She wondered if Ralph was telling the truth that Amanda helped him, she'd been acting so weird lately, Mac was even starting to question it. Mac said Amanda knew what Ralph did to her but she helped him anyway. Billy told her not to jump to any conclusions. Mac said she didn't know what to think any more. As Billy held her, she said she just wanted to be there with Billy and shut everything else out. Then Billy realized if the cops found them there, his father would get in trouble. Mac asked him, if he'd given any more thought to turning himself in. Billy said he couldn't think about that right now, they should listen to the radio and try to figure out what the police are doing. Mac said they should really get out of there, Billy said there was "somewhere" they could go and no one would look. Mac said she would go anywhere with him but maybe they should wait until dark.

Ralph is shown picking the lock with a big buck knife, entering the hide out.....

Jill was excitedly explaining to Sean that once she proved Amanda was the thief, she hurried over to tell Sean. He said she ran over to say "I told you so". She said no, it was to prove she had not been on a witch-hunt. All she cared about was their relationship, they could put everything behind them and move on. Sean said it doesn't change anything, they had problems before she went on her Amanda Crusade. Sean said he'd asked her to marry him twice, she turned him down twice. She just didn't understand and they have no future together. Jill said because of a piece of paper, Sean was going to throw away everything they had. Sean said she was over simplifying and it was about commitment; He loves her and want to be his wife but she's not interested. John came in and wished Sean the best of luck. Sean left, telling Jill to take care of herself. She said she would. After Sean left, she was promising John the Glow House would great, she would see to it personally. With sympathy in his eyes, John walked up to Jill and just started saying "I'm sorry". Jill broke down and started sobbing on John's shoulder. Afterwards she tried to put on a brave front, but John told her she didn't have to put on an act for him. She said good, because she needed to speak her mind; "Mac has talked Billy into letting her participate in the summer campaign. She said it was no secret how she felt about Mac, especially now that her instincts have been born out. She went on to explain to John about Amanda and her stolen bracelet. John was stunned to find out about the theft. Jill said if they let Mac in on the campaign, they'd have a PR nightmare. More importantly they couldn't encourage Mac and Billy, with their history, they would cause each other pain and they couldn't let them make the same mistake again.

Diane arrived while Jack was playing with Kyle. Jack said he was looking for her, and she said "Ooh, I won't tell Phyllis". He ignored the comment and inquired about her job search. She said she wanted to talk to him about it but had to take care of something first, and asked Graciella to speak with her while Jack watched Kyle. Phyllis arrived and they discussed the fact that Phyllis never answered Jack's question as to whether she had anything to do with the pipes bursting over the guest suite. Phyllis told Jack not to look for trouble. Jack said trouble came knocking on his door, she blew him off and avoided his question. Phyllis told him to think back to before Kyle's mommy slithered back into town; they had problems, but they were in love and happy. Now they go to sleep angry and wake up angry; the only time they're "together" is when they're trying to make up after an argument caused by Diane. Phyllis said they should stop pointing the finger at each other and put the blame where it belongs: DIANE! She is the mother of their problems and if he can't see that then he really is a fool. Jack said it was a difficult situation made worse by Phyllis believing Diane can wrap Jack around her little finger. Phyllis said he's being naive and Diane is manipulating him. He reminded Phyllis Diane would be gone when the Glow house started but Phyllis wouldn't believe him. Yes, there is tension between them, but Diane is not the cause. Phyllis is! Phyllis disagreed, saying Diane is the problem and if she were out of there, everything would be fine. After Phyllis stormed off, Jack picked up Kyle for a hug. Diane returned saying she had a job offer in Denver, which was far ,but was better than Tokyo. She said she was trying to be cooperative but if she had more time.....Jack cut her off, saying Denver was fine. Graciella came running out of the pool house with news that she needed to return home immediately, and it would be best if she gave Diane her resignation. Diane said she was about to move to Denver and this was the worst possible time. Jack wished Graciella good luck and quickly left. After he left, Graciella asked Diane "how'd I do?". Diane said perfect, it was nothing personal against Graciella, but she and Kyle needed to be on their own. Graciella asked, why now, she was moving soon; Diane said she hasn't moved yet! She walked over, picked up Kyle and said "It's just you and me." Phyllis was in her car. After a "Damn you Diane" tirade, she put in some loud music to calm down. Diane watched from the side as Phyllis started her car. Diane said "This is perfect", ran to the back of the car, hit it with her hand and laid down behind Phyllis's rear tire. Phyllis looked astonished when she backed up over a huge "bump" ...

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

When she hears screaming, Phyllis stops the car and jumps out to find Diane on the ground, moaning and shrieking. Jack rushes outside to investigate the noise, and Diane announces that Phyllis ran over her leg. Phyllis insists that the incident was an accident, but Jack wonders if she is telling the truth. As he leaves to take care of Kyle, Phyllis warns Jack that Diane will use her leg as an excuse to stay in town. Raul follows Ralph to the playhouse in search of Billy and Mac. The playhouse is vacant when they arrive, but Ralph finds the fire poker that Billy left behind. Amanda is eager to look for her daughter. Katherine and Larry demand to know exactly what happened between her and Ralph. tells Nikki not to let Victor hurt her again. They are shocked when Victor walks in.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Victor arrived at the ranch and demanded to know why Nikki was entertaining Max Hollister in her bathrobe. After Nikki asked Max to leave, she and Victor exchanged harsh words, with Victor continuing to refuse to explain his whereabouts and Nikki upset about the way he'd been treating her. Finally she told him that she knew about his cross-country trek to meet up with old loves, and she asked him which of his lucky exes did his glass slipper fit?

Meanwhile, Victoria and Nick wondered why there was more tension between their parents. Finally they watched the tape of Leanna Love's show. Nick wondered how accurate it was, and Victoria insisted that it was something Leanna had contrived to further harass Victor and the Newman family.

Max went to Gina's, where he ran into Leanna, who'd just been told off by Gina. Leanna demanded to know where Max had been and why he hadn't lived up to his end of their bargain. At that point, Victoria rushed into Gina's and confronted Leanna. After exchanging a few hateful comments, the two lunged for each other, and Max separated them. Once Leanna was gone, Max explained to Victoria that he was a friend of her mother's and was sorry for what Leanna had put them through. Victoria finally told him that she had no idea who he was and the Newmans' family problems were none of his business.

Christine called Lynn and asked if they could have a drink before Lynn and Marisa met their dates to celebrate the Fourth. Lynn excitedly agreed and evaded Paul's questions when he wondered who she'd been talking to. At that point, Isabella arrived at Paul's office with Ricky dressed in red, white, and blue. She persuaded Paul to put on a patriotic shirt, then they left for Gina's, where she'd invited Mary to join them in hopes that Paul and his mother would reconcile. Paul seemed to be willing to have a relaxing time with them, until he spotted Christine walk into Gina's with Michael, after Chris had convinced her law partner to celebrate the long weekend rather than spend it working in their office.

Brad tried to talk Ashley out of inviting Olivia and Nate over for a cookout to celebrate the Fourth. Even though Ashley was suffering nausea as a side-effect of her chemotherapy, she insisted that she would rather spend the evening with friends instead of brooding about her health. She explained that if her treatments didn't work, these might be the last months of her life and she wanted to enjoy them with the people she loved rather than curling up into a ball and thinking of nothing but herself.

At Crimson Lights, Larry showed Raul Ralph's picture and confirmed that the "policeman" Raul had been helping was Mac's stepfather in disguise. Raul told Larry the exact spot at the lake where he'd unwittingly sent Ralph. As Larry took off for the lake, he told Raul to go to Jabot and enlist the Abbotts' and Mrs. Chancellor's help in getting the police to the lake.

John Abbott was alarmed to get the story about Ralph from Amanda, Jill, and Katherine. It was obvious to them all that something had gone wrong with Mac and Billy, and the teens might be involved in some kind of confrontation with Ralph. Jill and John both had harsh words for Amanda and the way she'd enabled Ralph to be a threat to Mac and Billy. Raul came in and told them that Larry was trying to head off Ralph at the lake before he caused any more problems. John informed the police, and Katherine was so overcome with worry for her granddaughter that she collapsed into Jill's arms.

At the lake, Mac hovered over Billy, horrified at how badly Ralph had hurt him. She finally convinced Ralph that his plan to use her to get Katherine's jewels was not a good one, but she was unable to convince him to leave her and Billy alone. Instead, Ralph grabbed her and held her at knifepoint with the intention of raping her. Billy regained consciousness and struggled to save her, but Ralph knocked him back down. As he started to try to take her clothes off, Mac began screaming. Larry heard her and ran up, telling Ralph that if he would just let Mac go, Larry wouldn't stop him from running away. Ralph continued to hold onto Mac as Larry talked to him. Larry subtly kicked a rock toward Billy. Billy threw it to distract Ralph while he yelled at Mac to get free. Mac managed to slip out of Ralph's grasp and run to Billy. Ralph and Larry fought until they both toppled off a cliff, while Mac screamed and looked over the edge to try to see what had happened to them.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

by Ruth

Shortly after Victor arrived at the ranch to find Nikki talking to Max Hollister in her bathrobe, he threw Max out on his ear and Nikki began scolding him about what he had been up to while he was gone. He was surprised to hear about Leanna's expose and didn't dignify Nikki's accusations with an answer or excuse. He asked her what she thought his reasons were for visiting those women and, in her heart she didn't know, but in her mind she was sure that he was sampling the crop of his past loves to see if any of them still had feelings for him. She ran off in anger before he had a chance to tell her the true reason. He took the diamond ring out of his pocket and looked at it. . .

Olivia and Nate brought food with them to the Carlton's for the picnic. Brad assured Olivia that he would be there as a healthy male role model for Nate as he grew up. He had a chance to practice when Nate was confused about his uncle's sickness and wanted to k now why his mom couldn't fix it.

At Gina's, Lynne found Chris dining with Michael, which made for a short visit with a glass of wine. Chris kept looking over at Paul with his family, but insisted that she was happier without him.

At Nick and Sharon's, they talked to the kids about the fireworks. In her mind, Sharon kept thinking about Diego and Nick was bothered about what could be going on with his mom and dad. He didn't want to talk about it, though.

At the hospital, Billy was admitted while Mac, John, Jill, Kay, and Amanda waited to see if he would be alright. The doctor said that he had a concussion and needed rest to get better. While they were waiting, Mac told what had happened up on the cliff and everyone was worried about why Larry had not been found yet. Billy was able to talk to his parents and wondered how Mac was doing through all this. They praised him for his courage and told him to rest.

Back at the park, no movement could be seen at the bottom of the cliff. . . .

Friday, July 5, 2002

Diane invited Isabella over to tell her the latest news from her war with Phyllis. Isabella was shocked to see Diane's leg in a cast and to hear that Phyllis had hit Diane with her car. But she was even more appalled to learn that Diane had engineered the whole situation in an attempt to fake an injury. She even had a doctor to back up her story. However, Phyllis hadn't realized Diane was behind her car and had actually run over her leg. Diane admitted that the job offer in Denver was a fake, and that she was responsible for inventing a family emergency that meant her nanny had to return to Italy. When Jack joined the two of them in the pool house, he congratulated Isabella on her marriage to Paul. Isabella interceded on Diane's behalf, wondering how Jack could possibly send Diane alone to Denver with his child when she was suffering from an injury. Jack said that Diane had promised to leave by a certain date, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

Michael answered Phyllis's summons to her office. She refused to admit the truth when he congratulated her on the damage to the guest suite of the Abbott house. When she told him about Diane's broken "hoof" and assured him that if she'd intended to run over "the cow," she'd have done a better job of it, Michael made her see that the entire incident might have been manipulated by Diane. Phyllis was furious and even more certain that Diane was after her husband. She even confessed that she had tinkered with the plumbing that flooded the guest suite. Michael told her she was too good for Jack and warned her that if she wanted to hold on to her husband, she needed to do some damage control.

Dr. Walker reassured John that Billy would be okay after a couple of days in the hospital and at least two weeks of resting and taking it easy. After John was confronted by two reporters eager for a story that involved the Glo by Jabot kids and such prominent families as the Abbotts and the Chancellors, he went home to have a talk with Jack. When Phyllis realized that he was considering canceling the teens' summer Internet campaign, she blew up and told Jack that if he didn't get rid of Diane, she would.

When Victor came inside after a workout, Miguel told him he wasn't sure where Nikki had gone, but she had told him she wouldn't be in until very late. Victor stared at the diamond engagement ring and brooded over his argument with Nikki. At that point, Victoria came in and argued with her father about his cross-country trip to see former lovers and wives. Victor reminded her that none of this was her business. He resented that she believed Leanna Love's lies instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. Victoria assured him that she was no longer hopeful of a reconciliation between her parents.

At Gina's, Nikki sat at the bar, wishing for a drink but settling for club soda. At first she rebuffed Max Hollister when he tried to talk to her, but later she joined him at his table. She told him that Victor had admitted that some of Leanna's story was accurate. When she questioned why she had once again been caught up in a dream that would never come true, Max told her she was strong and didn't need a man to be happy. Though she remembered her years with Victor as being the happiest of her life, Max suggested that maybe it was time for her to cut old ties. He then promised to always be there for her.

Mac and Billy continued to show affection toward each other after he woke up. They worried about what had happened to Larry, because Billy remembered seeing him and Ralph fall off the ledge. He warned Mac that it was a dangerous fall unless Larry had landed in just the right place in the water. When he asked if she'd talked to her mother, Mac assured him that there was nothing her mother could say that would change how she felt. She was sorry she'd ever believed her. Billy encouraged her to at least listen to Amanda's side of the story.

As Larry struggled to regain consciousness, Ralph appeared and picked up a rock to finish him off. When he heard the police, he dropped the rock and crept out of sight. The police found Larry and called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. As Amanda looked on with horror at the shape Larry was in, Jill got the information from him that Ralph was probably dead. The police said they intended to drag the lake. Jill then thanked Larry for saving Billy's life.

Mac left Billy's room and learned from Jill that Larry was in the hospital and would recover from his injuries. When Amanda approached her, Mac refused to talk to her mother. But Jill, having had a conversation with Amanda earlier, urged Mac to listen to what Amanda had to say. She followed them into a waiting room and listened as Amanda explained everything that had happened since Ralph's arrival in Genoa City. Mac was once again devastated to realize that Amanda had taken the word of a "pervert" over her daughter. She pointed out that Billy, Katherine, Larry, and she all could have been killed because of Amanda's actions. Amanda and Jill then explained the deal they'd struck. Jill had convinced the police to drop the jewelry theft charges against Amanda as long as Amanda left town and never contacted Mac again. Jill told Mac the decision was entirely hers. When Mac said she wished her mother had never come to Genoa City, Amanda walked out. As Mac broke down, Jill held her in her arms and told her everything would be okay.

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