One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on OLTL

Ross set off in a canoe to look for help, leaving Téa and Todd alone on the island. R.J. aided Lindsay and Allison after they escaped from prison. Cristian found Viki's red wig, book, and syringe in the garden shed. Keri planned her wedding.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, July 22, 2002

Al startles Natalie when he asks about her relationship with Cristian, and Al eavesdrops as Natalie calls Cristian in a panic afterward. Cristian assures Natalie that he will uncover who really pushed Ben from the window, and Cristian shares his suspicions about "Viki" with Natalie after an odd encounter with her mother.

Tillie informs Lindsay that she plans to kill her, and Lindsay attempts to bargain with Tillie and uncover the person behind Tillie's orders.

R.J. continues bonding with Keri, and R.J. wrestles with guilt as Hank praises R.J. for his new respect for life and law.

Meanwhile, Ross tells Téa that only two people will fit on the boat.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

At the University, Rae is taunted by a virulent Shawna, who finally seizes the chance to exact revenge on her former "professor." She and Molly lead a small group of students who relentlessly chant the name Gretel. Nora puts a stop to the clamor, much to Rae's relief. Just as she recovers from the siege, Shawna promises to sue her and join some of the students in a class action suit. Nora emphatically refuses to defend her friend.

Blair and Sam meet just as she is about to enter Troy's office. She lies to her friend and defender saying she despises the Doctor, but tolerates him for Starr's sake. Blair visits Troy, who is still livid with her for trying to seduce him. Under the guise that she is there on her daughter's behalf to deliver care instructions for the iguana, she wears him down to the point where he forgives her. She is strongly reminded that he and Nora are a couple.

While being strangled at the hands of Tilly, Lindsay sees the faces of Sam, Nora and Troy both berating and reminding her of all the lives she ruined. It gives her strength to break free, long enough for Allison to arrive and call off her attacker, but her demands only serve to put her own life in danger, so she leaves, and Tilly resumes her work.

Gabrielle accepts the bribe extended to her by one of Asa's minions. She is inundated with debt and confirms the terms of the agreement Mr. Miranda put forth. Meanwhile, Asa hears the entire conversation, as Joe is wearing a wire, and soon he will be able to deliver proof to his son that Gabrielle hasn't changed. Bo interrupts the meeting and his Father is elated that is former wife is caught in the act of accepting a bribe.

Ross and Téa ready to leave the Island. Todd is talking to the crab that he couldn't bring himself to cook. He uses the crustacean as a sounding board. He misses his children and as much as he would like to accept her love, he can't forgive Téa's betrayal. He leaves, promising his clawed companion that he will return with food he intends to steal.

Nora explains to Rae the reason she can't serve as her counsel is because she is engaged by the University as their advocate. Sam arrives on the scene, and Rae asks if he will represent her. He declines, explaining that his services are retained by Llanview Hospital and their patients. When it seems things can't get worse for the beleaguered Rae, Sam informs her that the malpractice insurance she purchased, under fraudulent circumstances, is null and void.

Blair attempts to shake Troy's hand and he instead gives her a friendly hug. She uses the opportunity to slip a key in his pocket, setting into motion the next phase of her plan.

Téa bids Ross farewell at the shore, he takes off in the boat, as it only accommodates two people. She elects to stay behind with Todd, denying Rayburns's charge that she still loves her ex.

Lindsay is rescued by the guards. Her escape plans are foiled, as she is being placed in lock down, based on Tilly's accusation that she was the one who was attacked.

Bo arrested Miranda, who walked into a trap set by the Commissioner and Gabrielle. When told that his prisoner is wearing a wire, Bo yells into the mic, "nice try Pa!"

Shawna gifts Rae with a book entitled, "When Smart People Fail."

With Ross on his way to find help, Téa turns from the ocean to face Todd.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

While at the hospital, Niki places a call to Roxanne to remind her that she saw "Viki" at the nursery on the day in question. Roxanne in turn asks for some advice since Max didn't like her makeover. Niki urges her to be herself, that she's hot the way she is. She'd like to be herself too, she mutters to herself. After the call, she stops to see Ben who is able to go home. He promises to remember the details of his fall. She'd prefer that he get better first, she sweetly tells him. When Renee stops by, Niki advises her that she will not accept the nurse that was hired by Renee and Asa as she needs private time with her husband. She suggests that he stay in the guest room and get well but Ben insists he be in their room to aid in his memory and to be with her. Niki has a daydream of Ben's death; she tells him she just wants him at peace.

Visiting various nurseries in the area, Cris and Natalie are unable to locate anyone to substantiate Viki's visit on June 28. Cris promises to prove Nat's innocence. Venturing into their last shop, the female clerk in Burns' Nursery does indeed know Mrs. Davidson they learn, but she hasn't been in all summer. In fact, her previous order for rosebushes has been awaiting pickup. Once done at the nursery, the duo pay a visit to Roxanne, who insists to their question that she was at the particular nursery on June 28. The young couple has questions for her-they wonder what kind of flowers she bought as Nat has never seen her with any types of gardening supplies. Cris mentions that the clerk never saw Mrs. Davidson on the day of Ben's accident. Mrs. Holden responds that they need to ask a different clerk other than the man they questioned and that she loves her gerbilliums though they have since died. After leaving, Cris suggests they take Roxanne's picture to show to the nursery clerk. Nat tells Cris that it won't be necessary since she knows that Roxanne is lying about everything.

Blair bids farewell to Troy in his office, again apologizing for her previous behavior and slipping a motel key into the pocket of his lab coat. When Nora happens by, Blair tells her she wanted to see her about her request to go easy on Rae. When Troy backs Nora up, Blair gives in. Nora asks to remain in the office to read private hospital files while Troy is off to the OR.

Lindsay gets 6 months in "the hole" for her safety (as Tillie has friends) but after arguing with Mrs. Sharp and having Allison defend her, she gets to stay an extra hour to help out with the laundry. Allison tells her to call her friend as it's time for their escape.

Keri has a bad cold and Antonio and R.J. wait on her hand and foot. She convinces Antonio to help out with some of the wedding plans first before he has to go to the station. While they're in another room, R.J. is shocked to receive a phone call from Lindsay who tells him to meet them at the special place in an hour; she and Allison are getting ready to escape. She threatens to divulge the usual information to Nora if he doesn't comply. Antonio gets ready to leave and mentions how surprising it is that he and R.J. seem to be pulling off their relationship. R.J. places a phone call to an unknown party for a car that would be needed for a special deal.

Once back at Llanfair, Niki pronounces that she must get the room ready first. Ben suddenly recalls a previous conversation in the same tone and voice. Wheeling into the bedroom he confronts Niki with this memory but she denies the conversation on that particular day or even being around when his accident occurred. She finds it necessary to break the news to him-it looks like it was Natalie who was with him at the time. It's difficult for Ben to believe this, she just couldn't have been the one to push him. In fact he notes, he doesn't remember her at all. Niki prompts him into remembering the red hair and states that both Jess and Rex saw her but Ben is perturbed; he's positive it wasn't her. He struggles to remember more as Niki helps him to get settled in bed.

Lindsay manages to get the grating off of the opening to the escape route but screams. There are rats blocking her way.

While sitting in Troy's office, Nora receives a phone call from Blair who pretends to be concerned over whether Troy actually has the instructions to take care of the iguana from Starr. When Nora is unable to locate them, Blair suggests she look in the lab coat. Nora finds both the instructions and the key.

Niki realizes that she'll have to kill Ben right away.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

At Llanfair, Rae pays Niki a visit to discuss her destroyed career and her patient files. The police have sequestered her files and that would include Niki's if she decides to sue Rae. Niki emphatically agrees that she will not be suing Rae because the topics in her files are very sensitive, including the information about letting Niki Smith out with hypnosis. She wouldn't want other people to read them, like Bo. Niki suggests that Rae should just destroy the files since she has overcome her emotional problems and they are of no use. Suddenly, Asa appears in the front door and asks why they are discussing Niki Smith. Rae tells Asa about the suits and handing over the files. Asa begins to gloat, but Rae leaves before he gets too carried away. Once Rae leaves, Niki starts for the door and says that she's going for an errand, so Asa will have to leave. Asa suggests that he will stay with Ben while she's out.

Even though Keri has a nasty cold, she and R.J. try to organize the wedding guest list. Keri names "Uncle Hank...and of course, Nora..." At Nora's name, R.J. recalls his deal with Lindsay and tells Keri that he has to go run an errand at Capricorn. R.J. is interrupted by a phone call from the man who took care of the car. The guy confirms that everything is set at the abandoned gas station. R.J. hangs up and continues to lie to Keri about where he is going. Keri offers to come with him so she can remind him to come back in time for a TV program. R.J. had promised that they were going to watch "New Wedding Etiquette" together. R.J. changes his mind and says that he will stay with her so they can watch the program.

At Statesville, Lindsay wavers between taking the escape route through the old vent. Rats crawl around the entrance and Allison reminds her that there will also be snakes, cockroaches, and centipedes... But does she want her freedom or to stay here and be placed in the "Hole" for six months? Lindsay finally agrees to escape and they both make their way down the vent. With touch lights, they make it to the exit outside. Free from prison, Lindsay jumps up and down and hugs Allison for their newfound freedom. But Allison worries when Lindsay's "friend" does not show up after awhile.

At the Coffee shop, Cris and Natalie discuss "Viki's" invalid alibi and why it would involve Roxanne. Cris concludes that Roxanne would be willing to help because she would be happy to hurt Natalie, no matter who was involved. Then Cris begins to think about other connections that Viki had with Natalie's "D.I.D. inspired" activities. Viki was the one who saw Natalie walk out in the red jump suit and Viki was the one who suggested that Natalie could have D.I.D. in the first place. Natalie begins to form the connection also, but still isn't sure. Jessica and Seth enter the shop and spot Natalie and Cris together in the corner. Cris sees Jessica and Seth and walks over to invite them. Seth goes over to visit Natalie while Cris and Jessica talk. Cris asks Jessica if she's sure that Natalie was the one that she saw in the window before Ben was pushed. Jessica says that there's no doubt and tells him about Viki calling her on the cell before hand. Cris looks like he's pieced it together and goes back to Natalie to tell her. Meanwhile, Seth has been asking Natalie how she's been doing lately. Natalie blows up at him and Seth goes back to Jessica. Cris tells Natalie about how Viki's call made Jessica and Rex look up and see "Natalie" in the window. But since Viki wasn't at the Nursery, Viki could have been at Llanfair the entire time, including in front of the window. Natalie agrees that it's possible and Cris leaves to go search Llanfair for clues.

Niki tells Asa that he shouldn't see Ben because every time they get together, they have a horrible argument. Ben is very weak and he doesn't need to be arguing with Asa right now. Asa gives in and says that if Ben isn't better by tomorrow, he is coming back to take him to the hospital. After Asa leaves, Niki says, "Wear black, Asa. Because you will be visiting a widow." Niki goes to the garden shed and examines the red wig, needle and wine bottle. She agrees that she will keep the wig in case Natalie has to make another appearance. She puts everything back into the bag except the bottle. Niki thinks that the poison should still work and one sip should do the trick and kill Ben.

While Keri continues to name people on the list, R.J. worries about Lindsay. She notices his somber look and asks what's wrong. R.J. says that he has had a horrible past and has tried very hard to fix it. However, the past can come back to bite you. "I've hurt someone we both know..." Keri interrupts and tells R.J. that he shouldn't worry about her mother. She's coming to the wedding and she forgave R.J. along time ago for what he did to her. The doorbell rings and it's Rae. She tells them about the police sequestering her files and her house. Keri apologizes for the "Woman of the Year" fiasco and Rae asks Keri if she can ever forgive her for what she's done and still remain friends. Keri tries to respond, but Rae says that she doesn't have to decide now. After Rae leaves, R.J. convinces Keri to take a nap. He assures her that he will wake her in time for the program. While Keri sleeps, R.J. sets the VCR to record the program at 9pm and changes the times on all the clocks in the house, including Keri's wristwatch. He unplugs the phone and tells a sleeping Keri that they will watch the program together and she will think it's 9pm. However, at the actual 9pm, he will be with Lindsay.

Allison worries that Lindsay's "friend" double-crossed her or there never was a friend in the first place. She just used her to escape. Meanwhile, the guard returns to the Laundry room and finds Allison and Lindsay missing. She notices the uncovered vent and sounds the alarm for a break out. Back outside, Lindsay suggests that they wait back inside the vent until R.J. comes so no one else can see them. Lindsay crawls inside and Allison shuts the gate behind her and locks the entrance.

Natalie offers to accompany Cris to Llanfair but remembers that she's not welcome. Cris suggests a room at a motel, the Bayberry Inn. Natalie goes off to find a phonebook and make a call for a room. Cris begins to leave, but runs into Jen. Cris tells her about Antonio and Keri's engagement and Jen asks him to come home. He says that he has to run an errand and it's a secret. Jen tells him not to bother coming back to the loft because she won't be there. She can't trust him any longer with his secrets involving Natalie. Cris assures her that he will be able to tell her everything in one day. Jen agrees and Cris rushes off to Llanfair. Natalie comes back and Jen overhears her making arrangements for a motel room with one bed.

Cris goes to Llanfair and approaches the garden shed. He notices that the door is ajar while Niki continues to make plans for Ben.

At the Coffee shop, Rae attempts to drink her coffee in peace, but she can't avoid the whispers and stares. She slips on her sunglasses and pulls out Shawna's book, "When Smart People Fail." Asa walks up and Rae anticipates more gloating.

After Natalie finishes her call, Jen questions Natalie about what Cris is up to. Jen: "And why are you booking a motel room with one bed?"

Friday, July 26, 2002

Lindsay finds herself on the inside looking out at freedom from behind a locked grid leading from the tunnel. Her pleas to Allison that she hadn't double crossed her, and R. J. should be there any minute, fall on deaf ears. When the sound of an approaching car is heard, Allison ducks for cover. Lindsay is overjoyed to see R. J. had arrived. He supplies the felons with cash, new identifications, a car and safe-house. When Lindsay realizes the address to their hide-out is Rae's home, she becomes suspicious. R. J. tells the pair Rae was exposed as a fraud, and by order of the LPD cannot enter her house. Allison comes up with an insurance plan.

Ben dreams of the gardner giving him the book about getting away with murder. He is in a fitful sleep, awakes and realizes it was a memory, not a dream, that he experienced.

Cris spies Niki in the gardening shed through a crack in the open door. She thinks someone is outside, investigates and decides the noise must have come from the neighbor's dog. She heads to the mansion, with the poisoned bottle of wine. Cris emerges from the bushes, enters the shed and begins to search for evidence that will prove Mrs. Davidson pushed her husband through the window. He flashes on what Natalie said about the flowers and theorizes that "Viki" didn't show up with them from the Nursery, but retrieved them from her own property. He realizes he needs more than a solid hunch to accuse Natalie's mother of the crime, and continues his search.

Blair precipitously congratulates herself on scamming Nora into believing Troy is having an affair. Sam shows up with Matthew to borrow camping equipment. When his son mentions to Starr that Dr. Troy is taking him to the circus, Blair picks up that Sam hasn't quite adjusted to Nora being with someone else. She telephones the Lone Pine Motel and asks the manager if he had heard from or seen Nora. His answer to both questions is no.

Hank arrives at Nora's house to announce the news of Keri's and Antonio's engagement. He senses she is preoccupied and asks what's wrong. She tells him about the key she discovered, and he helps her hash out her feelings for Troy. She decides to trust him and return the key without mentioning anything about it.

Troy tells Emily he lied to Nora about having to work, because he has a catered, surprise dinner planned for two at her house. Emily asks how he is going to pull it off, he explains Nora will be busy having a tour of Matthew's school, by the time she gets home everything will be set. Emily is happy to see how psyched her brother is and that he truly loves Nora.

At Hallowed Grounds, Jen accuses Natalie of wanting to hit the sheets with her boyfriend. Natalie retorts that everything she is being blamed for exists solely in her mind. Al is eavesdropping the whole time, and surfaces to defend the love of his life. Jen blows him off and he becomes indignant, saying he defends his friends. Natalie warns the girl she is going to drive Cris off on her own, and advises Jen, if her love is real she should trust him.

Natalie intends to return to her hotel room. Al consoles Jen, as not knowing the secret is driving her bananas. He refuses though to tell her what he knows about it, plays on her fears and suggests she spend the night at her Dad's place. She agrees and goes off to freshen up.

Asa gloats to Rae he feels no compunctions about ruining her life. She tells him he will self-destruct if he doesn't face his feelings. With that she heads toward the Coffee Bar door.

Viki "appears" to Niki, telling her she is coming back. Her alter insists she is in control. Viki repeats that she is coming back and portents that things are going to end "very badly" for her. Ben yells for his wife from upstairs. Viki disappears. Startled, Niki drops the tray with the wine bottle on it. When she arrives at her "husband's" room, he tells her about the memory of the book, "Murder and How to Get Away With It", and seeing red hair. She reminds him that it was Natalie's hair. He says he didn't see her face, but Pete gave him the book. He starts for the phone to call Bo.

Blair decides to call Nora with a bogus excuse that she may hold on to the camping equipment for as long as needed. Nora thanks her, rushes off the phone saying she has to go to the hospital. Blair decides to provide Nora with the impetus to take the bait and go to the motel.

Before returning to the Coffee Shop to find her room key, Natalie calls Cris to inquire how things are going. He tells he will keep searching for evidence that will clear her, from a crime she didn't commit.

Outside Statesville, Allison demands R. J. ride with her to Rae's house while Lindsay drives his car. Before he could object, they hear sirens, and in their haste to get away, R. J. drops his money clip on the ground.

Rae overheard Al and Jen's conversation. She delivers unsolicited advice, warning that his unresolved feelings for Jennifer will only serve to make trouble. He dismisses "Gretel" saying if he needs help he will seek out a legitimate therapist. Natalie was listening from a distance, as she returned to look for her key. Al calls her a psycho and Nat agrees with Dr. Cummings' evaluation that he should seek help. She leaves, giving up the search for her hotel key, thinking it may be in the car. Soon after her departure, Al finds Nat's key to her room at the Bayberry Inn. He decides if he is going to make a move to win Jen it must be tonight.

Nora returns the key to Troy's labcoat, she is about to leave when the phone rings and she hears a woman's voice on the answering machine, asking Troy to meet her at their "special motel room" she continues in a lascivious voice, asking him to hurry.

Niki insists on calling Bo on Ben's behalf. She unplugs the phone and pretends to be speaking with someone from the LPD. She suggests to her husband that he take a nap, so that more memories might resurface. "Viki's" words haunt her.

It was Jack's Nanny who called Troy's office at Blair's insistence.

Cris finds the syringe, book and red colored wig in the garden shed. He concludes Viki is responsible for attempting to kill Ben.

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