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Monday, July 29, 2002

At Ian's Loft, Kate accuses Ian of going all the way to New York City to spy on her, but Ian insists he was just trying to be a friend.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Marissa and Jamal wait for word about the condition of the pimp they found beaten in the Park. Doree and her partner have more questions for Marissa and Jamal just as Chris reports that the pimp will live - unfortunately.

Victor arrives at the Light House with fresh peach pie for Kevin's first dinner with Livvie and Rafe. But Victor is disappointed to learn that the guests have already departed and Victor grows concerned when Lucy informs Victor that Livvie and Rafe rushed to the Hospital. Lucy confides in Victor that Lucy thinks Livvie is headed for big trouble by coming between Rafe and Alison.

In the meantime, at the Hospital, as Livvie and Alison argue on the stairs, Livvie suddenly doubles over with pain. But when Alison reaches out to help Livvie, Livvie yanks away from Alison and falls down the stairs, just as Rafe comes around the corner. Rafe rushes to the assistance of his wife, calling for help. Nurse Deniece arrives and told Rafe NOT to move Livvie while Deniece runs to get Dr. Newmann. When Alison reaches out her hand to help Livvie, Rafe angrily told Alison to just go away.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Marissa is surprised when Chris does not seem happy that the pimp is going to live. But, Chris points out, Chris has been patching up the pimp's victims for weeks and Chris - for one - is glad that the Shadowy Avenger finally did what no other part of the legal system had been able to do.

When Doree asks if Chris thinks the police should just give up and let the Shadowy Avenger run the town, Chris says that he DOES think that! As Chris makes a spirited defense of the Shadowy Avenger, members of the press arrive and Chris told them he will give them an interview. Doree asks Chris what is in it for Chris to act as a spokesman for the Shadowy Avenger.

Meanwhile, a tearful Livvie is moved to a hospital room and Dr. Neumann arrives. Dr. Neumann suggests that they do a blood test for Rafe in case there is any internal bleeding.

Downstairs, Jack returns and Alison told Jack about the argument with Livvie. Then Alison observes that it was almost as if Livvie WANTED to fall down the stairs! Rafe overhears Alison's comments and told Alison that that is a terrible thing for Alison to say.

As Kate and Ian argue at the Loft, Ian gets a call from the Hospital and complains about getting Danny up out of bed again to take him to a baby-sitter. Kate surprises Ian when she told Ian to go ahead to the hospital and KATE will baby-sit Danny!

When Ian questions Kate's generosity, Kate admits that she believes Danny is a great kid who deserves all the best, even if his father IS an a**! As Ian leaves, he asks Kate how it feels to be honest for a change, and, after Ian leaves, Kate observes: "Oh, Ian - If you only knew!'

At the hospital, Doree accuses Chris of having something to gain from speaking up for the Shadowy Avenger, but Chris informs Doree that Chris believes the Shadowy Avenger is the best thing to happen to Port Charles in years! Doree warns Chris about the danger of letting the Shadowy Avenger take the law into his own hands. Chris suggests that maybe Doree's objections to what Chris has to say comes from the fact that Chris is NOT seeing Doree any longer!

As Marissa frets that the other reporters will steal her story, Jamal points out that most of the newspapers seem to be missing an important fact about The Vigilante. So far, The Shadowy Avenger appears to be protecting women - he beat up a wife-beater, went after the punks who harassed Mary in the Park - and the latest victim is a pimp who was in to beating up the hookers who worked for him.

Meanwhile, Rafe told Alison that he can NOT believe that Alison would suggest that Livvie WANTED to fall! Alison told Jack and Rafe that they ALL want the baby to be OK. Rafe told Alison: "Everything would probably have been fine if you had NEVER showed up!'

ALISON: "Rafe?!'

RAFE: "Just leave me alone, Alison. Leave both of us alone - OK?' And Rafe leaves.

Meanwhile, as Lucy told Victor about all of Livvie's failings, Victor reminds Lucy that Livvie IS Kevin's daughter, and Victor's granddaughter. And Livvie's baby would be Victor's great-grandchild. Victor told Lucy how Kevin and Victor BOTH believed they were getting a second chance when Kevin learned the Livvie was his daughter. No matter whatever else she might be, Victor observes, Livvie is family!

Back at the Hospital, after Dr. Neumann leaves Livvie's room, Livvie told herself: 'Well, I'm sorry I couldn't let you survive! But I didn't know what your real Daddy was - or what kind of monster you could be. Ah -- but, don't worry! I WILL try again - and this time - Rafe will be your Daddy! You know, I HAD to fix it the only way I could because I had no other choice!'

Alone with Danny in Ian's Loft, Kate places a call: "Hey, Sweetheart! Hey - It's me! I miss you so much. I wish more than anything I could be with you right now. No one understands! No one could possibly understand!'

Back at the hospital, Marissa decides that the Shadowy Avenger defending women is kind of romantic. When Jamal points out that the guy is NOT some kind of Sir Lancelot, Marissa decides her headline should be: "Lancelot Comes To Port Charles!'

Ian arrives at the hospital as Doree watches Chris entertain the press and Doree observes to Ian that Chris is taking so many bows for The Vigilante that it makes Doree think Chris might be the Shadowy Avenger himself! Ian suddenly remembers Rafe telling Ian that the Avatar takes over a willing and receptive host but the Avatar's desire for control soon dominates.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, as Alison prays for the safety of the baby, Jack insists that Alison should actually TAKE Rafe's advice and leave the Hospital. Alison finally agrees and they leave.

In Livvie's Hospital room, Rafe holds Livvie's hand and assures her that he will be there for her. When Dr. Newmann returns, she announces that the baby is going to be OK! Rafe is genuinely relieved, happy, pleased and proud. And when Livvie breaks down in tears, Rafe believes it is because Livvie is happy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

As Jack tries to head Alison out of the Hospital, one of the nurses told Alison that both Livvie and her baby are OK. But when Alison tries to make a bee-line up to Livvie's room to try to patch things up, Jack stops her and manages to convince Alison that this is one time Ali SHOULD do what Rafe suggested - LEAVE!

Ian waits until Chris has finished giving his newspaper interview and then Ian asks when Chris became an expert on The Shadow. Chris told Ian that the guy just pounds the bad guys - there is not much else to know. But when Ian tries to caution Chris that they don't know what 'its' motives are, Chris retorts that the Shadow is NOT an 'it' - 'just a courageous man who takes pleasure out of pounding the scum of society in the name of justice.'

Ian points out that The Shadow appears to be taking the law into its own hands without a Judge or Jury. However, when Ian warns Chris about taking hero worship too far, Chris accuses Ian of just being jealous.

In Livvie's room, Dr. Newmann told Livvie that her baby is remarkably strong and healthy and when Dr. Newmann leaves, Livvie once again puzzles over her meeting with The Avatar.

When Rafe arrives in Livvie's room, Dr. Newmann lets them listen to the baby's heartbeat. Rafe is beside himself with joy as he listens to the baby's heart. Dr. Newmann told Rafe and Livvie that the baby's heartbeat is louder and stronger than most babies that size - as if Livvie's fall somehow energized the baby!

As Ian watches Chris take more congratulations from fellow staffers for his interview, Ian remembers Rafe telling Ian that the Avatar MUST have a HUMAN host who is willing and receptive. When Ian suggests to Colleen that Chris should be too busy with his duties at the hospital to be bowing to the press, Colleen informs Ian that Chris has taken a lot of time off during this past month.

Jack takes Alison to a carnival that is closed for the night and explains that the Carny is a friend of Jack's who has given them the run of the place for the night. As Jack and Alison play around with the various carnival booths, Alison impulsively kisses Jack. Later, Alison told Jack that she believes that Jack is just what the doctor ordered for her.

Back at the Hospital, Dr. Newmann told Rafe and Livvie that she wants to keep Livvie in the Hospital overnight. When Dr. Newmann leaves, Rafe told Livvie: "I know I didn't exactly shout my joy from the rooftops when I found out you were pregnant, but, when I found out that we might lose him - I -- well, there is nothing I want more than for this baby to pull through.'

When Livvie remains quiet and pensive, Rafe told Livvie that it is almost as if Livvie was disappointed when she learned the baby would live. Livvie suddenly becomes angry and retorts that maybe that is because RAFE had been thinking that all of HIS problems would be solved if the baby did not survive.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, when Ian sees Frank, Ian asks Frank if Chris had said anything to Frank about The Shadow. Frank does report to Ian that, when Frank was laughing once about the way that Shadow Guy had tied the thugs up in the tree, Chris came uncorked and told Frank that, instead of laughing, Frank should be thanking Shadow Guy because Shadow Guy 'doles out just punishment' to those who deserved it. Ian again wonders WHY Ramsey has suddenly become a spokesperson for The Shadow.

Back in Livvie's room, Rafe admits to Livvie that he HAD been conflicted about Livvie and the baby - but, from now on - taking care of Livvie and that baby will be Rafe's No. 1 priority. Livvie finally told Rafe she believes he means that. But, when Rafe told Livvie that he plans to bring in a cot to spend the night in her room, Livvie urges Rafe to go take care of things at home - 'for all of us.' Rafe promises Livvie that he WILL get everything ready for her homecoming, then leaves.

But, as soon as Rafe leaves, Livvie gets dressed and runs out to meet the Avatar.

Before leaving the Hospital, Chris makes a call about some property he is considering, but urges his contact to keep it all a secret. Chris also told his contact that Chris is thinking of giving up his medical practice to devote himself full time to more rewarding activities.

When Ian spots Rafe leaving the Hospital, Ian stops Rafe with more questions about The Avatar. Rafe reaffirms to Ian that the host is often someone who WANTS to be a hero. Rafe continues: "The more attention The Avatar receives for fighting and punishing evil, the more the host starts to believe its own hype. And, in the end, it just gets out of hand.'

IAN: 'But the host knows? He knows he is The Avatar?'

RAFE: "Yes - definitely!'

Ian next learns from Colleen that Chris has left the Hospital again - and Ian begins to wonder what Chris might be doing.

Meanwhile, On the Docks, Livvie challenges The Avatar to meet her. Livvie demands to know what is growing inside of her and if it is human.

The Avatar suddenly appears and says: "You should NOT be here!'

LIVVIE: 'Damn you! I need you to tell me what is growing inside me! Right here and right now! Or I am going to tell everyone in Port Charles who you really are!'

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

At the hospital, Lucy finds Jack looking for Alison's sweater. He didn't think it was a good idea for her to go back looking for it and risk running into Rafe or Livvie again. They go in to visit Livvie, but her bed is empty. Lucy is surprised Livvie is up and around after her fall. Jack told Lucy how Rafe accused Alison of pushing Livvie down the stairs. Jack thinks that Livvie goaded Alison and that she really wanted to be pushed. Lucy can't believe that. Livvie wouldn't do anything to jeopardize losing Rafe's baby unless.... Lucy wonders.

After Jack leaves, Lucy went out to the nurse's station. She asks the new nurse for Livvie's hospital records. When the nurse refuses, Lucy sweetly, but firmly explains who she is: Lucy Coe Collins, Member of the Hospital Board, etc. She told the poor nurse that if she wants to keep her job, she'll give Lucy the records. The nurse hands them over without another word. Next, Lucy calls a doctor who owes her a favor. She wants him to take a look at the records and let her know if Rafe Kovich is indeed the father of her stepdaughter's baby.

Meanwhile, Livvie confronts the Avatar. She demands to know whether or not the baby is human. If he refuses to tell her what the baby is, she will blow his cover and let Port Charles know who their hero REALLY is. The Avatar replies that if she does, everyone will know he is the real father of her child. Livvie sees the news articles the Avatar has taped to the wall. She comments on all the good he has done and calls him a hero. She says she's just scared for her baby. The Avatar told her she is carrying a *special* child that will do great things. The child IS human, he assures her. Livvie believes him and thinks that now everything will be ok. Then she turns to the Avatar, "I always liked you. Even before you became like this." She say, indicating the hooded robe.

Alison comes to work at the Recovery Room. To her dismay, Rafe is her first customer. He is surprised to see her as well. Rafe apologizes for his behavior towards her at the hospital. Alison accepts, but doesn't really want to talk to him. She offers to take his order, but they are both uncomfortable in each other's presence. Rafe decides he has to leave and check on Livvie. When he gets to the hospital, he finds Livvie safely tucked in bed. She asks him to lie down next to her then told him they've been given a gift. A very special child.

At the Recovery Room, Marissa works on an article about The Shadow, while Jamal tries to discuss Casey with her. Since The Shadow is always coming to the defense of a woman, Marissa decides to call him Lancelot. She ignores Jamal's overtures about Casey focusing on the article instead. When Jamal insists asks why she won't talk about her sister, Marissa told him Casey is dead, what is the point? Taking a break from writing, Marissa takes a bite of her dinner then begins to choke. Jamal comes to her rescue and applies the Heimlich Maneuver.

Afterwards, outside the restaurant, Marissa wonders what would have happened if Jamal hadn't of been there. Would The Shadow have saved her? This gives her an idea. Marissa starts to scream as if Jamal is attacking her. She stops, realizing it is probably a silly plan. Jamal thinks it could be a dangerous plan for him because he is the one that would get hurt. They laugh, not noticing the shadow that appears on the wall behind them.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Marissa is elated to discover that her first published article on Lancelot was printed on the front page of the Port Charles Herald. But, when Jamal questions WHY Marissa left out the details about how badly Lancelot has hurt his victims - no matter how deserving - Marissa evades Jamal's question.

Elsewhere at the Recovery Room, Ian corners Chris and asks Chris where he has been. But Chris is evasive and told Ian it is none of Ian's business. Ian points out that Chris' 'buddy' Lancelot is getting good press, and Chris observes that Chris believes The Shadowy Avenger deserves a medal - then leaves.

After Chris gets up to pay his bill, Kate joins Ian and hands over her personal biography, informing Ian that she wants to save him some time on his spying activities. When Kate asks Ian's opinion about 'Lancelot,' Ian told Kate: "I think it's someone who enjoys the attention and has an ego the size of Texas.'

KATE: 'So - it's you?'

But, when Kate catches Ian glancing toward Chris, Kate asks: "Ramsey? You think Chris Ramsey is Lancelot!'

Meanwhile, Amanda and Alison stroll through the Park and Amanda told Alison that Amanda wants to send Alison away to school to get her granddaughter's mind off that scoundrel - RALPH - who left Alison and married Livvie! However, Alison informs her grandmother that Alison needs to live her own life and probably just needs some time to herself to sort things through. When Amanda leaves the Park, Amanda hugs Alison and reminds her granddaughter that she DOES love her and wants what is best for her.

In the meantime, Livvie is thrilled to wake up in her hospital bed and find that Rafe is still curled up beside her. Livvie remembers the Avatar telling her: "You will have a special child who will do grea

t things.' Nurse Lisa brought Livvie's breakfast and a newspaper with the story about Lancelot, but Rafe told Lisa to take the newspaper away because the story upsets his wife. When Livvie mentions that she believes Lancelot will NOT bother her again, Rafe quickly urges Livvie to tell Rafe if Livvie has ever seen The Avatar.

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa told Jamal that Jamal is her good luck charm. Marissa then encourages Jamal to tell her about his first love - Bike Racing! Marissa is shocked that Jamal gave up racing for Alison, and Marissa encourages Jamal to follow his dream instead of playing it safe. Then Marissa challenges Jamal to take her for a Bike ride to show her just how good Jamal is at racing.

Meanwhile, Ian informs Kate that Ian does NOT believe that Chris would be the Avatar. Ian points out: "Ramsey's favorite topic is Ramsey! If it WERE him, he could NOT keep it quiet!'

KATE: 'He would be trumpeting it from the rooftops, huh?'

IAN: 'He would!'

KATE: 'Maybe he's smarter than you think!'

IAN: "Never said he wasn't smart.' Ian then told Kate that Ian needs to get back to the Hospital and Kate and Ian both leave.

Chris arrives at the Hospital and shows the Lancelot article to Colleen. Chris observes that 'Lancelot' is 'finally getting the recognition he deserves!'

After Colleen leaves, Chris opens his file of newspaper clippings to add the newest article to the batch and says: "Everyone wants to know WHO you are!'

In Livvie's Hospital Room, Livvie told Rafe that she has NOT seen the Avatar but, even if Livvie DID meet the Avatar, it would NOT be a big deal because, so far, the Avenger has NOT hurt any INNOCENT people! Livvie is surprised when Rafe becomes concerned that Livvie apparently believes that 'Lancelot' is one of the 'good' guys.

RAFE: 'I HAVE seen it!'

LIVVIE: "When?'

RAFE: 'When I was a kid. I saw it destroy an entire town just like this one. I saw it tear the whole entire community apart.'

LIVVIE: "No - It is a hero, Rafe!'

RAFE: 'No! It pretends to be a hero! Don't you see? That is why it is so dangerous! It went around and it seems to do these good things. And, then, as soon as the whole town starts to cheering it on, it becomes stronger. And, eventually, it control's everybody's every move!'

LIVVIE: 'No! No! I do not want to hear this, Rafe! Come on!'

RAFE: 'You have to! You have to! You have to know the truth. So you don't get sucked in. This thing needs to be worshipped! It needs to be obeyed! And, anybody who stands in the way of that, eventually gets destroyed!'

LIVVIE: "OK! I understand. I just do not want to talk about creatures and creepy legends.'

RAFE: "You know what? You know what - if we are going to bring a baby into the world, I want it to be a safe world - OK? That is why I have to fight this!'

LIVVIE: "Why you?'

RAFE: "Because I am the only one who knows how!'

Meanwhile, as Ian busily picks the lock to Ramsey's apartment, Ian is startled when Kate suddenly joins him and refuses to leave, even though she is an Officer of the Court and should not be participating in such activities. As Kate and Ian search Chris' apartment, they find news clippings about The Avatar and videos of all the TV news programs about The Avatar.

Back at the Hospital, Rafe explains to Livvie that he has been trained to fight many evil forces.

LIVVIE: 'OK - well, how do you fight it?'

RAFE: "You have to go through the host - the human body that houses the Avatar's Spirit. You have to call it out - appeal to the host's humanity - at least, what is left of it!'

LIVVIE: "Well, what if it does not come out?'

RAFE: "That is possible! The Avatar is very strong! It has been around for centuries. But, the host can be destroyed! And, well, that might be the only option. See, once the host is gone, The Avatar has to leave. Find a new host.'

LIVVIE: "No! No! Rafe! You can't fight it! I won't let you!'

RAFE: 'I have to! I am the only one who knows how! This is what I was trained to do! This is the only part of my life I remember!'

LIVVIE: "No! - You have to leave the Avatar alone! Because you do not know what is going to happen if you anger him!'

RAFE: "Do you know something about this guy that you are not telling me?'

LIVVIE: "It is not about me knowing the Avatar. It is about me wanting to protect our family. Rafe, you are not just a slayer! You are going to be a father! Think about our baby!'

RAFE: 'But - I am! That is exactly what I am thinking about, and I do not want our child exposed to this kind of danger! Don't you understand, Livvie? I know! I know this creature! I know what it can do! So I have to find it. I have to find the host - and destroy it! Do you understand that?'

LIVVIE: 'No! Rafe - you can't!'

Chris suddenly arrives and says: "Whoa! Let's keep our voices down, huh? Can hear you all the way down the hall! And, Rafe - for what it's worth - I'd listen to Livvie!'

RAFE: 'This is really none of your concern!'

CHRIS: "Well, I'm sorry! I don't mean to be intrusive. Hey, let me say that I'm happy to know everything has really worked out for you the way it has.'

RAFE: "Thanks!'

CHRIS: 'I mean, a new baby, huh? Special!'

LIVVIE: "What did you say?'

CHRIS: 'You know what I mean, Livvie. A baby! Such a blessed event. Well, you should get some sleep. Plenty of rest! You are going to need all your strength. Congratulations - again!' {Chris leaves.}

RAFE: "Yeah, thanks!' {After Chris leaves, Rafe continues:} 'Well, he is right about one thing! Having a baby should be a wonderful time. There should be no dark clouds hanging over us! That is why I want to take care of this Avatar once and for all! '

LIVVIE: 'No! Rafe! Do not do this to me!'

RAFE: "I am doing this for you!'

LIVVIE: "No! You do not understand! After Caleb, I lost everything - my family, friends, respect - my whole entire life. And I can not do it again!'

RAFE: "I know! I can protect you. I am a slayer!'

LIVVIE: "Just be my husband - Please! That is all I ever wanted.'

RAFE: "OK - Look! You are not going to lose me! '

LIVVIE: "If you go after the Avatar, he could hurt you - or worse! I need you! And your baby needs you! So - promise me, Rafe! Promise me!'

RAFE: 'I promise I will never do anything to hurt you - never!'

Meanwhile, as Kate and Ian search Ramsey's apartment, Ian mutters: "Why am I not surprised that Ramsey is hosting a dark force. Finally found his true calling.'

When Kate asks Ian what Ian is muttering about, Ian just told Kate that Ian is afraid of Lancelot getting more powerful and more dangerous.

Ian and Kate finally leave Chris' apartment, but, as Ian closes the door, The Avatar suddenly arrives and told Ian: 'I warned you not to interfere! '

Friday, August 2, 2002

As Ian leaves Ramsey's Apartment, Ian looks up and sees The Avatar. The Avatar told Ian: "I warned you NOT to interfere!'

As she hurries down the stairs, Kate suddenly realizes that Ian is NOT with her and Kate rushes back. When Kate arrives outside Ramsey's apartment, Kate finds Chris kneeling over Ian's inert form. Kate fishes in her purse for her pepper spray and threatens Chris with it. As Chris and Kate struggle for the spray, Ian suddenly recovers and hits Chris from behind, knocking Chris out.

Meanwhile, Rafe has gone down to the waterfront to call out The Avatar, and Rafe remembers his childhood search for The Avatar: Rafe says: 'Spirit! I know you! We have met before! I know WHAT you are and HOW you work! All of your secrets. I know HOW to follow your trail. I know all of your tricks. I know what to do when I catch up to you. You'll see. You'll see! ' Rafe sits down on the Pier to wait for the Avatar to answer his challenge.

In the meantime, Kevin and Lucy arrive to visit Livvie in the Hospital, but Lucy successfully manipulates Kevin in to visiting Livvie alone first - so that Lucy can sneak off to meet with Dr. Ted Landrum, the Paternity Specialist Lucy has bribed to secretly run a paternity test on Livvie's expected baby, even though neither Livvie nor Rafe has given informed consent to the tests.

At Ramsey's apartment, Chris demands that Ian and Kate tell him WHY they attacked him and WHY they are searching his place again for clues about the Avatar!

Ian very seriously begins to quiz Chris about Chris's activities as The Avatar's host.

Meanwhile, in Livvie's Hospital room, Livvie assures her father that Rafe, Livvie and their very special child are all going to be just fine. After Lucy arrives, Dr. Landrum soon puts in an appearance as well. Lying to Livvie that he is just running some routine tests, Dr. Landrum quickly finishes his task and rushes his equipment away from Livvie's Hospital room. Lucy tries to follow Dr. Landrum, but Kevin stops his wife.

As Rafe waits for the Avatar down On the Docks, Alison suddenly shows up, just as Rafe sees the shadow of a hooded figure. Rafe tries to convince Alison to run away where she will be safe, but Alison is more interested in asking questions. As Rafe prepares to shield Alison from an expected attack from the Avatar, the shadow turns out to belong to an ordinary fisherman, returning home with his catch for the day.

When Alison demands answers about Rafe's strange behavior, Rafe told Alison that he just had an instinct that maybe Alison was in trouble and that he should shield her from what was to come.

Back at Ramsey's Place, Kate asks Ian to fill HER in on Ian's theory about The Avatar, and Ian explains that the Avatar is an ancient spirit, hundreds of years old, which chooses a human host and worms its way into the confidence of citizens of a town by at first appearing to be simply interested in simple justice - but then The Avatar begins taking over every life in town in a quest for power. Ian makes a serious and determined plea to Chris: "Ramsey - if you tell us HOW this thing got to you - How it got into you - maybe, together, we can fight it! Maybe we can fight this thing. But you have GOT to tell us! Just try! Try!'

Chris gives Ian a very serious look in return and then bursts out laughing.

At the Hospital, after Dr. Landrum finishes his tests on Livvie and leaves the room, Kevin stops Curious Lucy from following Dr. Landrum to discover the results of his tests. Kevin then makes an excuse to go to his office to pick up some messages and leaves Lucy and Livvie alone together - with a strong suggestion that they make peace with each other. However, when Kevin leaves, Livvie informs Lucy that Livvie has NO INTENTION of engaging in ANY kind of bonding experience with Lucy!

Back at Ramsey's Place, Kate told Ian that Kate is no longer so certain that Ian's theory about the identity of The Avatar is the right one. As Ian demands answers from Chris about the video tapes and clippings, Chris explains: "Fine! Fine! The clippings - they're for a business proposal for some investors - OK?'

KATE: "Investors?'

CHRIS: "Yes - investors! For Port Charles - the SAFEST Town in America - huh? That is why I haven't been at work! I've been out, buying up all the vacant lots in town! Man, I'm going to be on top of the Real Estate Market when the stampede starts for this place! Chris Ramsey - Real Estate King! I will be RICH!'

KATE: "You are already rich!'

CHRIS: "Yeah, but you can NEVER have enough! Ask any CEO in America!'

KATE: "Sounds depressingly credible!'

IAN: 'Credible.'

Just then, Ian receives a call from the Emergency Room, informing Ian that the Avatar just dropped off another victim at the E.R. - this time a bad guy who car-jacked a car with a woman inside.

As Ian tries to apologize to Chris for mistaking Chris for The Avatar's Host, Chris quickly points out that Ian is going to look pretty foolish when Ian tries to expose someone like 'Lancelot,' who appears to be suddenly actually accomplishing what the police appear to only be able to ATTEMPT to accomplish.

After Kate and Ian leave Ramsey's Place, Kate suggests that maybe Ian should move on to Plan B. Ian informs Kate that, sadly, there IS no Plan B! But, there IS something dangerous on the loose in town and they have no way to find out WHO the host is - OR how to stop The Avatar.

Meanwhile, in Livvie's Hospital room, Livvie calmly informs Lucy that it will be OK with Livvie if Lucy and Livvie PRETEND they have called a truce - for Kevin's sake. As Livvie and Lucy trade insults, Lucy suddenly informs a stunned Livvie that the test Dr. Landrum just ran for Livvie was NOT a routine test as represented, but was a test that will reveal the truth about the father of Livvie's little Bundle of Joy!

As Rafe and Alison talk On the Pier, Rafe suddenly hears something and once again urges Alison to leave, and Alison DOES appear to go. But, as Rafe sits down to wait alone for The Avatar, Alison creeps back down to the Dock and hides away in a corner.

RAFE: "OK! Come on - Shadow! I KNOW you are out there! I can feel you! You bring with you the same darkness that you have spread over cities and towns for centuries. I have waited a long time for this, Avatar! I have waited since childhood to see your shadow again! Come on! Come out, Avatar - NOW!'

The Avatar suddenly appears and says only one word: 'Slayer!'

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