One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on OLTL

Téa told Todd that she still loved him. Troy rescued Nora after Lindsay hit her with a car and sent her into the water. Cristian and Natalie realized that one of Viki's other personalities had been responsible for Ben's fall. Al saved Jen from a fire that he set.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Lindsay loses sight of R.J.'s car and is stopped by a police officer on her way to Rae's house, while Allison confers with R.J. under the eyes of an undetected observer.

When Starr catches Blair and Hedy leaving a sultry message for Troy, Starr asks her mother if she is doing this because she still loves Todd. After overhearing that message on Troy's machine, Nora surprises Blair with an unexpected visit.

Troy searches for Nora in a panic after Bo and Antonio alert him to Lindsay's escape from prison, and Antonio fears for the worst when he discovers R.J.'s money clip at the escape site.

Meanwhile, Todd questions Téa about her motives for staying on the island, and the inquisition ends when Téa buckles over in pain.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

On her way to rendezvous with Allison at Rae's house, Lindsay is stopped by a police officer. She pulls the car over, and is asked for her license and registration. She dreams up a lame excuse to explain her appearance, saying she had volunteered her services for cleaning Llantano River. He instructs her to exit the vehicle, as she had been speeding. Panicked, she attempts to seduce the attractive looking officer.

Troy is worried that Lindsay may have abducted Nora. His fears are heightened because she left her cell phone behind in his office. Bo tries to assuage his anxieties, explaining the escapees haven't been on the run long enough to pull off a kidnapping. The concerned doctor wonders why anyone would help either virulent felon escape. Meanwhile, Antonio recognizes the money clip found outside Statesville as the one Keri bought for her father in Maui. He begins to share the information with Bo, when he is interrupted by Troy with information of his own.

Allison and R. J. are in Rae's house. He reassures the woman that Lindsay should arrive there shortly. Feeling he might be setting her up, she issues a threat, saying she will spill the dirt on him to Keri if she is caught. Roxy is peering through a window of the house, Allison sees the woman who turned her in, and immediately gets rid of her accomplice.

R. J. splits, leaving Allison to find a passed out Roxy at the door, whom she drags into the house. Once inside, the boozed up blonde begins to regain her bearings and recognizes the woman she helped put behind bars. She asks Allison why she isn't in jail, and is told she was released on good behavior. Roxy isn't buying it and threatens to call the police. Allison stares at her menacingly, and Roxy starts to sober. Realizing the gravity of her predictament, she says she was there to return Rae's trophy bowl, begs off her threats and heads for the door, grasping for the locks.

Knowing full well Blair had planted the motel key and was behind the sensual phone call to Troy, Nora feigns ignorance and begins to pour her heart out to the woman who set her up, saying she believes Troy is having an affair. Speaking malevolently, Blair asks what she plans to do. Nora answers that she met Heddie and knows about the plan to break she and Troy up. Blair tries to sell the nanny as the woman Troy is cavorting with. Nora insists on learning why Blair would do such a thing, does she want Troy for herself? With that Blair unveils her true motives, explaining to Nora she belongs with Sam, and that Troy is a liar, among other things. Blair asks why Troy didn't tell her she tried to seduce him. Nora isn't jealous and defends her lover, responding he probably didn't want to humiliate her. Meanwhile, Troy calls. Starr tells him Nora is there, but Blair dismisses her daughter, when she tries to tell Nora Dr. Troy is on the phone. Nora points out to Blair that her efforts to "help" Sam are all about Todd being gone and to deal with her feelings. Her business concluded, she takes off.

While swimming, Téa is stung by a jelly fish and her screams bring Todd running into the ocean. He carries her to the bunker, where he tends to the bites on her ankle, using extract from plants. He tells the frightened woman she will be alright. Todd thanks her for sabotaging his plot to kidnap the children, as their lives would have been in danger had he succeeded.

Lindsay promises the law enforcement officer that after she cleans up they would meet. He disagrees and wants to get it on, in the car. She ostensibly tells him Bo is a good friend and she would report him if he doesn't let her go. He succumbs to her demands and agrees to forget he ever saw him. She asks for directions and climbs behind the wheel.

Antonio tells Bo about the money clip belonging to Keri's dad. The finger prints on the clip prove to be R. J.'s and Antonio wonders why he would risk everything to aid Allison and Lindsay. Troy reveals the last cell call Nora made was to the Lone Pine Motel.

R. J. returns home, sets the clock and watch back to 9:00 and wakes Keri to watch the bridal show, who can't beleive she had been sleeping so long. Soon after the program, she retires for the evening. Her father resets the time pieces and ejects the video cassette tape. That done, he can now use Keri as an alibi.

Troy shows up at Blair's house looking for Nora. She tries to admit her scheme but he is distracted with Nora's whereabouts, and doesn't seem to hear her.

Rae's house is totally wrecked. Allison is alone, picks up the trophy, and whispers "sorry Roxy."

Nora's car breaks down near a bridge. She hears a car comming and begings to wave it down.

Téa tells Todd, she wants him to know if she should die, that she always loved him.

"I'm free, Nora", screams Lindsay while driving to Rae's. Her eyes off the road, she rams into Nora, whose body sails into the river.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Niki was searching for something in Ben's medical bag to kill him, when Ben interrupted her. He was still struggling to remember who pushed him out the window. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the police, who informed them of Allison Perkins escape. Niki was frustrated to learn that they would be under 24 hour police protection until Allison was caught because she needed to get rid of Ben before he remembered anything. And Niki was right to worry, because Ben remembered that the red hair of the person who pushed him was a wig.

Cristian showed Natalie the syringe, book and wig that proved she had not been the one to push Ben, that Viki had been setting her up. Cristian had left a message for Antonio and Bo and was waiting for them to call back. Natalie realized that Ben might be in danger and called Llanfair. The police answered the phone, told her about Allison's escape, and that she should stay where she was at the Bayberry Inn. Cristian reassured Natalie that Viki wouldn't be able to hurt Ben with the police in the house. They also figured out that Viki must have drugged Natalie's milk make sure she was asleep when Ben was pushed. Cristian told Natalie he wouldn't leave her until they talked to Bo or Antonio. Natalie thanked him for being the only one who believed her and they kissed.

Sam asked Jen why she was staying at his house instead of Cristian's and Jen explained a little about the situation with Natalie. Sam suggested that Jen talk to Natalie again. Al called Jen to see how she was doing. She told him that she was going out to the movies, but she really went to the Bayberry Inn to see Natalie. Al decided to frame Natalie and went to Jen's house and started a fire in a wastebasket and left Natalie's keys (which he had found at Hallowed Grounds) there to make her look guilty.

Todd took care of Téa after she was stung by a jellyfish and she admitted that she had never stopped loving him. She had left him because it was too hard to be strong and to keep her guard up around him all the time.

Blair admitted to Sam her whole plan to seduce Troy and get Sam back together with Nora again. Sam was very upset and said that he still loved Nora, but not in that way. Blair begged Sam to forgive her for what she had done.

Lindsay was enjoying her freedom so much that she didn't notice Nora standing on the bridge until it was too late. She slammed on the brakes, but Nora went over the edge and into the water, where her foot was trapped by a large tree branch. When Lindsay came to, she wasn't even sure if she had hit someone, but then she heard Nora calling for help. After wrestling with her conscience, Lindsay tied a rope to the railing and threw it down to Nora without Nora seeing her. Thinking Nora would be fine, Lindsay took off. Nora did manage to free her foot, but the rope suddenly broke loose from the railing and Nora ended up under the water.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Allison straitens up Rae's house after some sort of encounter with Roxy. Allison picks up the "Woman of the Year" trophy and says, "Poor Roxy." She traces the large dents in the trophy with her fingers. There is a knock at the door and it's Lindsay. Lindsay explains the accident she had with Nora and how she saved her. Allison can't understand why she didn't kill Nora when she had a chance. She blames everything on Nora and plots revenge, but she can't even kill the woman. Lindsay defends her actions and saying that no matter how much she hates Nora; she couldn't kill her. Allison: "You could have fooled me with the drugging, etc." Lindsay reiterates that she couldn't live with herself if she killed someone, even her worst enemy. Allison's memory flashes back to Roxy earlier. Allison: "You can't leave, Roxy. Now that you've seen me." Allison tells Lindsay that she wouldn't hesitate if it were her.

Troy walks along the Llantano Bridge and notices Nora's abandoned car. He wonders aloud why her car would be sitting there and then he notices her wallet on the ground. In the river underneath, Nora cries for help and falls under the current. Troy hears her calls and dives into the water to save her.

At the Bayberry Inn, Cris and Natalie begin to kiss passionately. Outside their room, Jen rehearses what she plans to say to Natalie. Just as she's about to knock on the door, her cell phone rings. Sam calls and tells Jen that her mother has escaped from prison. He tells her that the best thing to do would be to go home and wait for any more news. Jen agrees to go home.

Meanwhile, at Sam's, Al convinces himself that burning down the house will make Jen come back to him. He strikes a match and throws into a trashcan filled with crumbled papers and lighter fluid. The trashcan instantly ignites and Al pushes it toward a set of curtains. Before leaving, he drops Natalie's keys in the middle of the room.

Seth and Jessica spend some quality time at the Quarry. Seth tries to make Jessica forget about Natalie and Cris by swimming and even making love in the bushes. However, Jessica continues to wonder why Cris keeps on defending Natalie.

Ben desperately tries to remember the face behind the red wig. Niki pleads with him to not strain himself. When it looks like Ben has remembered something, Niki says that if it's not was Allison Perkins. But Ben realizes that Allison was in jail at the time, so Niki says that it must have been Jennifer Rappaport. Niki reminds Ben that Jen hates Natalie and would want to frame her for pushing him out of the window. Ben can't believe that his niece would do such a thing. Sam walks into the parlor and asks what Jen couldn't have done. Niki assures him that it's nothing and Sam breaks the news that Lindsay escaped from prison also. Ben asks if Nora is safe and Sam says, "I never thought I would say this but I hope that Nora is with Troy."

Troy reaches Nora and pulls her above water. They continue to struggle against the current and Troy is pulled under. Nora grabs him and tries to tow him along in the raging water.

Cris and Natalie hear some noise outside their room and stop kissing. Cris checks outside the room but Jen has already left. Cris' cell rings and he finds out that Antonio and Bo are back at the police station. Natalie wonder how they will convince the LPD that Viki pushed Ben when they can't believe it themselves. Suddenly, they realize that Viki might have relapsed and have multiple personalities again. This would explain everything that she has done. They begin to leave but Natalie stops. She thanks Cris for being an amazing friend but after this is over, he can go back to his life and patch things up with Jen.

Allison tells Lindsay that she should have tied up some loose ends. Nora is probably safe and sound telling the cops about Lindsay's attempted murder. Allison decides that they need to be extra careful for nosy neighbors and make sure no one sees them. Lindsay suggests that they hide in the basement but Allison yells "no!" Lindsay: "Are there rats?" Allison says, "Yes, a big fat rat," and throws the dented trophy against the wall.

Sam asks Ben about his recovery and his returning memory. Ben explains the wig and Niki realizes that after one more "nudge," Ben could remember everything. She makes up an excuse and heads for the door. Al arrives and blocks her way. He asks if Jessica is home but she informs him that she's off with Seth. Al walks further inside and overhears Sam saying that he has to go home and wait with Jen. Al seems confused so Sam explains that Lindsay has broken out of jail and he told her go wait at home. Al realizes what he has done and rushes out of Llanfair.

Jen arrives home and smells smoke from her room. She opens the door and sees the flames jumping up her curtains. She grabs a blanket and tries to stifle the fire. But the blanket catches on fire and she throws it across the room. The fire spreads and Jen passes out onto the floor.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Emily pays Chad a visit at Break Bar. It's an uneasy meeting, but Chad is glad to see her. She suggests they talk, not wanting to leave things as they had. Emily tells him what a great guy he is, however, they don't belong together. He doesn't take much solace hearing from her that he will no doubt find someone more suitable to his taste and that there isn't any reason they shouldn't continue to talk. She will after all, be in town until summer's end.

After leaving a couple of telephone messages for Sam, apologizing for setting Nora up, Blair still insists the former pair belong together. She realizes he must be worried about Lindasay having escaped and says so the second time she calls. Having done that, Blair enters Break Bar. Rex immediately notices the sexy lady, quizzes Chad about her, who is secretly embarrassed to see the woman he nearly had sex with. Chad admits to knowing her, but when pressed for details, blows the kid off, telling him to mind his business. Meanwhile, the manager of the Lone Pine wants the money Blair promised him, and she refuses to pay, as Nora and Troy are still together. He in turn threatens to blackmail her, ostensibly promising to tell anyone who would listen about her sleazy plan. She capitulates, and pays him, issuing a warning that his boss might find out how he earned the extra money. Chad timidly approaches Blair, asking if she needs anything, fearful she might tear into him for what happened in the alley behind Capricorn.

Troy and Nora nearly drown trying to rescue one another. He had taken a bruising to the head and started to lose consciousness. Nora tries to rouse him, yelling that he stay awake. After much struggling, they negotiate their way out of the river and onto the roadside. After conducting a cursory examination, Troy tells Nora she is basically okay, but swallowed alot of water. She is concerned with the knock he took to the noggin. He insists he is fine. Nora tells her lover she is grateful to him for saving her life and apologizes for having believed Blair's lies. Troy takes partial fault for lying to her that he was working when he wasn't. He reveals his plans for a cozy catered private dinner for two. Nora exclaims she was stupid for listening to Blair, but lucky to have him. Troy reassures her she deserves him, he her and they each other, and to never doubt that they are meant for one another.

While driving to the police station, Natalie flashes back on the sensual kissing and caressing she and Cris shared in her room. Cris brings her out of her daydream saying its time they clear her name in Ben's attempted murder. Natalie is concerned that her stepfather is in danger from Viki. Cris reminds the girl the police are at Llanfair and its best they go see Bo and eventually her mother will receive the help she needs. Since things will be getting back to normal, he reminds Natalie what she told him about returning to his old life. Before he can finish the sentence, Natalie notices smoke rising from Sam's house, Cris points out the fire is coming from the rear, where Jen's bedroom is.

Al enters the Rappaport house, races for Jen's room, to find her passed out on the floor. He realizes she isn't breathing. He manages to lift her into his arms, engulfed by flames he navigates his way toward the door and sees Cris. They take the girl to the hospital, it is unclear how dire her condition is. Al flashes on starting the blaze, Cris tells him he's going to call Sam and tell him what happened. He alarms Al when he goes on to say he is responsible for everything that occurred, but is relieved when he adds, if he hadn't been there the outcome might have been different. He pats Al on the back and heads for a phone, unaware he set the fire to frame Natalie.

Téa dreams of happier times with Todd. She awakes feeling physically renewed, her fever subsided, and the swelling from the jellyfish bite has disappated, however she only feels better physically. Todd's former wife fears he might take what she said about loving him and regretting having left seriously. They mutually agree to mentally erase the feelings she admitted for him, and the tender gentle way he cared for her. While eating, he reaches into the rations supply, picks up a crab, and without telling Téa, silently mourns for his friend turned food.

Asa overhears Rae talking on the phone with one of her creditors. Her cards are maxed out and her finances depleted. Asa slithers out of the shadows, elated to discover she is having cash flow problems. She learns he had an assistant call the loan company to advise them she is a high risk and a target of multiple lawsuits. She calls him a sadist and tells him to get a life, to which he responds he has her life, directly in the palm of his hands. Rae enters Break Bar, and heads for the computers. Rex asks if she needs help and he demonstrates how to bid on a place to live, her twenty-five dollar offer is rejected. The kid enlightens her that computers are for paying customers. With that, she orders a cup of coffee, lying that she is on a diet. The vicious Shawna and Molly are nearby, eavesdropping. Asa is tracking her and inquires if she has seen the website "Gretel Is A Fraud.Com." The beleaguered woman is in disbelief, and the brutal Buchanan delights in her pain. He promises the forecast for her future is even more devasting. She reminds him it's all about the issues that surfaced during their therapy sessions, that he is treating her with abject disdain. Her words hit a nerve.

Blair accepts the blame for the evening of reckless abandon with Chad. She reassures him he hadn't taken advantage of her. They commiserate about how bummed out they are. He shares with her that Emily blew him off. Blair feels responsible for complicating his life. He flirtatiously remarks that he has no regrets.

Téa finally spills to Todd that it's true she has never gotten over him, but he had moved passed their relationship and built a new life with Blair. He points out that he not only cut Blair out of his family picture, but out of his life. The two seem poised for a kiss.

Rae is offered a handsome sum of money for an exclusive interview. She adamantly refuses, and walks away from the poisonous newspaper peddler.

Shawna approaches the journalist, planning to further degrade "Gretel" and make some money in the bargain.

Jen awakes and describes to Al, she remembers walking into her room and finding the wastepaper basket out of place, under the drapes. She asks why he was in her Dad's house, though she is grateful he saved her life. He answers, he was driving by the place. She then wants to know how the blaze started, he thinks back to igniting the curtains, and replies that he has to tell her something.

Nora insists she is feeling fine, however Troy wants her checked by a doctor anyway. He tells Emily, Nora was struck by a hit and run driver and that they saved each other from the river. The story evokes memories of Joanna, for Emily. Troy stops her from comparing this accident to what happened with the woman from his past.

On his way out, Cris questions one of the firemen if anyone else was hurt. He says Jennifer was the only person in the house and the blaze started in the bedroom where a set of keys were found exactly where the fire originated.

Nat tells Cris that those are her keys.

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