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Monday, April 18, 2005

When Margo and Tom confront Casey about the condom in his wallet, Celia rushes out of their house in embarrassment. On her way out, Kim comforts Celia and advises her to talk openly to Casey about her feelings, then Kim and Bob give Celia a ride home. Casey lashes out at Margo, telling her that she has no right to lecture him about morals, after her own behavior in the last year.

At the gym, Katie accidentally lets it slip to Craig that she knows that Jennifer is only 5 weeks pregnant because she looked into Jen's file at the obstetrician's office. Craig realizes that he was with Jennifer 5 weeks ago. Jennifer and Mike decide to have the baby and to tell everyone that the baby is Mike's. They call Barbara over and threaten her with being cut off forever if she lets the secret slip to Craig. Mike proposes to Jennifer and she happily accepts.

Lily poses as a reporter to distract Les' landlord, Mr. Sims, while Keith searches Les' apartment. Keith finds Julia's cell phone, which is covered in blood. Keith and Lily are reluctant to tell any of the police but Jack, for fear that their searching of Les' apartment will cast suspicion on them. Lily tries to call Jack on his mobile phone, then at the police station. Hal answers the telephone at the station and tells Lily that he has been trying unsuccessfully to contact Jack, because he has learned that a judge has given Les custody of JJ. When Lily finds that Hal has been unable to reach Carly as well, she and Keith take off for Carly's house. Les is at Carly and Jack's house, grabbing JJ to take him somewhere where no one can find him. Carly hits him over the head with a vase and JJ escapes upstairs, where he tries to call Jack. Meanwhile, Les throws Carly on the couch and chokes her almost to death. Suddenly Les falls away from Carly, and Carly sees JJ holding a baseball bat. Les lies on the floor and Carly turns to call the police, but she turns to find that Les has recovered and has JJ again. Lily and Keith arrive at Carly's house to find Carly unconscious on the floor. They call the paramedics, and Carly revives enough to tell them that Les has taken JJ. In the car, an obviously injured Les tells JJ that he will treat him the same way he treated Julia.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jennifer is delighted when Mike suggests to her that they elope to Las Vegas that very night. When Paul arrives, he is excited about their marriage plans - but also works hard to convince them that they must leave Oakdale - forever - if they want to have a life together. He tells them that their lives will be a living hell if Craig finds out the baby is his. It's not an easy choice to make, but later, when Mike and Jennifer are on board a plane to Las Vegas, he asks her what she's doing: "I'm just saying good-bye to Oakdale," she answers.

Paul was right that Craig would find out about the baby. When Henry leaves to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate that the baby is Mike's, Katie and Craig talk about Jennifer's baby. Craig is sad that the baby isn't his and laments that Jennifer is 10 weeks pregnant - Katie corrects him, automatically. "No, it's only five weeks." She then explains how she knows and Craig knows immediately that Jennifer's baby is hers. Katie went on to tell him about her conversation with Jennifer's doctor. Henry arrives with the champagne, but Craig doesn't want it - he leaves to inform Jennifer that the baby is his and she and Mike cannot "steal" his child. Katie explains to Henry how Craig found out. Henry is really angry but Katie doesn't understand why. "It was partially an accident," she says. She doesn't understand when Henry says she wanted Craig to find out. Henry tells her that it's obvious - she wanted Craig to know so that Mike and Jennifer would break up and Katie and Mike could get back together. Katie does not refute his assumption.

Margo reels from Casey's comment that she was the last person who should talk about responsibility after what she did with Doc Reese. Casey leaves to look for Celia, and Tom tries to make Margo feel better. She took his comment to heart, though, and will not be easily consoled. Tom tells to her that he is over what happened and that she should be too - and he reminds her that she forgave him for things that were much worse than what she did with Doc Reese. Margo feels ready to talk to Casey, and when they do talk, Casey tells her that seeing the mistakes she and Tom have made have only made him more responsible, not less. Later that evening, Tom creates a romantic atmosphere with candlelight and wine. They both admit to each other that they could not live without each other and Margo melts when Tom tells her that he hopes Casey finds someone who makes him feel the way he feels about her.

Jack arrives home to chaos. Carly is being treated by paramedics but she is sitting up and talking. Jack is overcome by relief that she is okay, and insists on knowing what happened. When she explains that Les hurt her, she also told him that he took JJ. Jack is worried about JJ, but even more worried about Carly. He panics when Carly faints. However, paramedics tell him that it is common for people with head injuries to faint. He insists that she be taken to the emergency room.

Lily and Keith left Carly when the paramedics arrived and are now chasing Les's car. Les has his hands full with JJ, who has tried to escape several times. He tells JJ to knock it off or "I'll fix you the way I fixed your Mama." JJ knows exactly what he means. Les sees the headlights from Keith's car, and tells JJ to call Jack. When Jack answers, Les grabs the phone and tells Jack to tell Keith to slow down or he would wrap his car around a tree. Jack calls Keith and Lily answers. He tells Lily what Les said but Keith refuses to slow down. Suddenly, Les's car has a blowout and swerves off the road. Keith and Lily stop to get out of the car and look for JJ. When Keith finds Les, he decks him and tries to hold him down. Les is prepared - he plunges a knife into Keith's stomach. Moments later, Jack finds them and points a gun at Les, who is on top of Keith now, plunging the knife into him. As Jack asks Keith if he's okay, Les kicks the gun out of Jack's hand and gets him in a headlock - with a knife to his throat. Les gloats: "One down, one to go..."

Lily has found a barn where she thinks JJ may have gone to hide. JJ is hiding on the loft, and he very tentatively steps out to make sure it's okay. Lily holds her hand out to him to grab but JJ slips off the loft and Lily screams...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Katie tried to explain to Henry that she didn't tell Craig about Jennifer being five months pregnant because Katie still loved Mike. Katie said she told Craig because he was her brother and he deserved to know the truth. Katie told Henry how much she loved him. She said she did not love Mike, but Henry didn't buy it. Henry told Katie that she had ruined everyone's lives and left. Meanwhile, Craig went to Mike and Jennifer's place to tell them that he knew that he was the baby's father, but nobody was there. Craig started to snoop around and found Jennifer's laptop where he discovered that Jennifer and Mike bought two tickets to Las Vegas. Just as Craig was about to leave Katie showed up and tried to talk Craig out of telling Jennifer that he knew the truth and to leave it alone. Craig wanted to be a part of his baby's life so he left for Vegas with Katie right behind him.

Paul found Barbara and told her that Jennifer and Mike had left town. He did not want Craig to find Jennifer and Mike and destroy their lives. Barbara begged Paul to tell her where Mike and Jennifer ran off to but Paul refused to tell her. Barbara became hysterical knowing that she would never see her daughter or grandchild. Barbara and Paul shared a tender moment.

Jennifer and Mike were on a plane to Vegas discussing how wonderful their lives were going to be and how even if Jennifer was not pregnant she would still want to marry Mike. While on the plane a woman asked Jennifer and Mike to hold her baby. After seeing how wonderful Mike was with the baby it helped to make Jennifer realize that she had made the right decision. Once Mike and Jennifer got to Vegas Mike bought Jennifer an engagement ring and asked her officially to marry him. Jennifer happily accepts.

Les had a knife to Jack's throat threatening to take JJ away from him forever when Lily screamed from inside the Old Mill, distracting Les long enough for Jack to brake away from Les. The police showed up and arrested Les. Inside the Old Mill JJ lost his grip and fell. He was unconscious. An ambulance rushed to the scene to take JJ to the hospital. Carly was at the hospital getting treated for her wounds when Jack, Lily, JJ, and Keith arrived. Jack was upset with himself for not being able to protect JJ like he had always promised he would do. After running tests on JJ, Ben reported that JJ would be fine and that he only had a mild concussion. Much to Jack and Carly's relief, they were sitting by JJ's bed when he finally woke up.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mike and Jennifer are about to get married by the Justice of the Peace in the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel just as Katie and Craig are on a plane heading to Las Vegas. Jennifer gets nauseous just as the ceremony gets underway and has to take a break, giving Craig and Katie time to get to the chapel. Katie calls Mike on his cell phone to warn him that Craig is coming, but at the last minute, she says nothing. Recovered, Jennifer goes back to the ceremony and she and Mike exchange impromptu personal vows. But, just as the JP is about to pronounce them man and wife, Craig bursts in and stops the proceedings. There is a confrontation, and Mike wonders how Craig found out about Jennifer's pregnancy being ten weeks along. Katie motions to Craig not to say anything and he doesn't reveal that she's his source. Mike insists that they're going to get married anyway and the JP confirms that there's no law to stop it. Craig surprises them by telling them he has no qualms with them marrying but wants them to know he will haunt them, everyday of their life together. Mike is not scared by Craig's threat and is still prepared to get married, but Jennifer hesitates.

Meanwhile, Paul informs Dusty that Jennifer is gone for good and they're going to have to conduct the business without her. Dusty is outraged and walks out on Paul. Later, he tells Sierra that Craig has impregnated Jennifer, and suggests that Worldwide pull out of Street Jeans altogether and close the business down. Eventually, Sierra agrees.

Alison is upset because she can't reach Aaron, but she pretends she's fine around Will. Holden arrives and tells her that Julie has six months to a year to live and Aaron is going to stay with her the whole time. Alison can no longer keep a front with Will and talks to him about how she feels. Something Will says triggers a decision to go to Seattle for a few days so she can have face time with Aaron. Will is disappointed, but goes home with her to help her get ready. Alison gives him her mail box key so he can collect her mail while she's gone and they leave the apartment. After Alison has gone, Will realizes his car keys are locked inside the apartment. He is forced to enter through the window to get his keys and once inside, can't resist smelling Alison's perfume. Later, a knock on the door startles him and he drops the bottle.

Lily tells Luke they're off the hook and Les has been arrested for Julia's murder. Holden arrives and tries to make up with Luke. Luke initially resists, but finally agrees to let Holden come to one of his games. Later, Holden thanks Lily for helping him get through to Luke.

Friday, April 22, 2005

At the hospital, Lily waits for Keith. Keith tells Lily he'll probably be moving back to Chicago the next day. Lucinda arrives and overhears this remark, telling Keith it's a capital idea and letting him know she's unhappy that Lily has been involved with this hunt for Julia's killer. Lily tells her that they found Julia's cell phone, covered with blood, in Les's room at the halfway house, and Lucinda agrees that it's incriminating evidence against Les. Lily tells Keith he needs to stay in town not only to give himself and JJ time to heal but also to testify at Les's hearing.

Jack arrives and tells Keith that he and Carly would like to take JJ to Milltown with them while Keith recuperates. Carly brings JJ in, and he tells them that he has a concussion and that Carly has said they can stay up all night, because the doctor wants them both to stay awake. Keith says that won't work because of his plans to leave first thing in the morning. JJ says he wants to stay with Carly and Jack. Later, Lily and Carly talk about the fact that Carly has come to love JJ and doesn't want his heart to be broken yet again by having to leave Oakdale. Lily goes to talk to Keith privately, and she tells him that he's selfish for not putting JJ's feelings ahead of his own. She suggests he could commute to Chicago if he has to in order to keep JJ where he is. Meanwhile, JJ asks Jack if he can keep Les away from him, so he can't do to JJ what he did to Julia. Jack asks why he would say something like that, and he says because that's what Les told him in the car. Carly promises JJ that Les will never have the chance to hurt him again. Lily tells Carly that she's talked Keith into letting JJ spend the night with her and Jack, and Jack says he'll have a squad car take Carly and JJ home, because he has to go deal with Les. They leave, and Lily thanks Keith for changing his mind, but he insists he'll still leave in the morning. She tells him he's as stubborn as she is, and he says he'll take that as a compliment. She thanks him again and goes to hug him, but they end up in a fierce kiss.

Lucinda goes to the police station to talk to Hal or Jack, but neither of them is there. She then spots Les in the interrogation room and goes in. He asks if she's his public defender, and she says no, that she's the lady whose family he has despoiled. She tells him she just wanted to see the man who killed his wife and tried to let both her daughter and her grandson take the fall for it. He protests that he didn't kill Julia. Lucinda tells him they found Julia's blood-splattered cell phone in his room; Les acts completely surprised to hear this and says he never had Julia's cell phone and doesn't know what she's talking about, that this must be something Jack Snyder has done. He insists that he loved Julia, that he toed the line in the halfway house because he wanted another chance with JJ, and that whoever killed Julia is still out there. Lucinda places a call to Jessica and leaves a message saying she has a favor to ask.

Celia arrives at Alison's apartment and knocks. Although Will is inside, he doesn't answer the door. Celia uses a key from when she was staying at the apartment and lets herself in, surprising Will. They both want to know why the other one is there. Celia says she came to talk to Alison, and Will explains that she's gone and had asked Will to check her mail for her, but he locked his keys in the apartment and had to get back in to get them. Casey walks in and is surprised to see Will there, too. As things appear to get heated between Celia and Casey, Will excuses himself and goes out the window to the fire escape. Celia tells Casey that she thinks she's probably too young for him and that he probably is used to older girls with more experience. Casey says he doesn't care about anyone but her. Will suddenly realizes that the window is stuck and he can't get back in the apartment; Casey and Celia hear him and let him back in. He asks them to not tell Alison about the broken glass from a perfume bottle that he dropped earlier. Celia promises not to say anything. Celia and Casey leave, and after Will finishes cleaning up the broken glass, he leaves the apartment through the front door, not realizing that the window is still open.

Henry plays a message from Katie on his answering machine. In her message, Katie tells him she's going to Vegas with Craig to try to keep him from stopping Jenn and Mike's wedding, and she says she loves Henry and will make things right again. Henry tells Snickers that it's over and he's leaving, but when he opens the door, Margo walks in. Henry tells Margo about the Jenn/Mike/Craig/baby situation and says that if Mike is now a free man, he's convinced that Katie will go back to him. Margo asks Henry if he loves Katie, and he says he does (truly, madly, deeply), but he doesn't want to wait for her to blow him off. Margo tries to convince Henry that Mike won't leave Jennifer, because he truly loves her now, and that Henry is really good for Katie.

At the Vegas wedding chapel, Craig tells Jenn and Mike to get used to seeing him because he's going to be in their lives for a long time. Mike tries to convince Jennifer to go ahead and marry him, because the business with Craig and the baby doesn't change the fact that they love each other and want to be together. Craig keeps interjecting his opinion, which is completely unwelcome, until finally Mike tells Katie to get Craig out of there. Jennifer gets dizzy and sits down, and Katie manages to get Craig to leave. They get on the plane to fly back to Oakdale, and Craig tells Katie that it was no accident that she told him about the baby and that she should stop pretending to be regretful. Mike continues to tell Jennifer that nothing should change, that they can still get married and put Mike's name on the birth certificate, but Jennifer insists that getting married now would be a mistake. She urges Mike to walk away now, while he still has a chance. Instead, Mike tells her to stay at the chapel while he goes out for a while; he returns later, saying he's checked them out of the hotel and changed their flight back to Oakdale, and Jennifer says that should be his last act as her personal protector. He tells her he's in this for better or for worse and won't leave her, so she should stop asking him to.

Katie returns home to an apparently empty house, calling out for Henry and praying that he hasn't left her.

Sierra goes to Metro to retrieve a portfolio she left behind, and she runs into Craig. He tells her he has terrific news, and she says that usually means someone else's misfortune and that she has already heard the news. She wonders if he already knew Jennifer was pregnant when she saw him at Bryant's grave, wishing for another chance with a child; he says no, that this was like the miraculous fulfillment of a wish. Sierra says she's glad Jennifer has left Oakdale, but Craig says he found her anyway. Sierra tells him she feels sorry for the baby, because she's seen what damage Craig can to do a child.


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