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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Nick and Brooke are talking on the boat with Bridget crying in the back ground. Brooke is asking Nick if he still loves her. When he tell her that he does still love, she wants to know why he put a ring on her daughter's finger. Nick claims that his loving Brooke helped him become the man he is today and that he could now recognize that the woman he was meant to spend his life with is Bridget.

Bridget comes down the stairs relieved. Nick tells her that he is committed to her. Brooke tells Bridget that the happiness she has found with Nick comes first and she apologizes for the past.

Ridge and Eric are talking about Bridget deserving someone better than Nick. He shows Eric a sketch he made of a gown. Eric tells him that the sketch is sensational. Ridge gives him the design and says that he should consider it a job application; he wants to come back, if Eric will have him. Eric accepts and they hug. Brooke arrives home and wants to talk alone with Ridge. Brooke tries to convince him of Nick's love for Bridget. Ridge will not believe that Nick is still not in love with Brooke. Brooke understands why he is skeptical, but she believes in Nick's sincerity and love for Bridget and begs Ridge not to interfere. Ridge says he will try if it means that much to her.

Thomas tells Caitlin he can't go on their date and leave Gaby alone her first night first night at the Forrester home with no one to talk to. Caitlin says she understands why he wants to help Gaby. She likes him for it, and they kiss. Caitlin leaves. Gaby sings a song in Spanish for Thomas. To her amazement, Thomas understands the words.

Nick and Bridget talk together after Brooke left. Bridget is touched that Nick chose her over her mother; she said it had never happened before. Bridget said her mother has always been the one everyone wanted. She said that Deacon had made her feel beautiful until what had happened with him and her mom. Nick reassures Bridget that he only sees her -- he is there forever. They then share a kiss.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On Nick's boat, Nick and Bridget made love, and then started making wedding plans for the following day. Nick called his parents to the boat to inform them of his wedding plans. Massimo was quite pleased that Nick would be marrying Bridget. Jackie questioned whether Nick would be marrying the right person. Jackie reminded Nick of his feelings for Brooke. Jackie wondered if Nick were running toward Bridget or if he were running away from Brooke? Nick acknowledged that he had loved Brooke deeply and has scars from the hurt. However, Nick expressed that he really loves Bridget and wants to share the rest of his life with her. Jackie could see that Bridget is the one that Nick loves now. Jackie acknowledged that if Bridget is the one that makes him happy, then she totally supports their wedding.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge was aggravated with Eric when Eric gave him suggestions on the design that he was working on. Ridge showed Eric the copy of Eye on Fashion which featured Nick and Bridget on the cover page. Ridge revealed that he felt that Bridget could not have made a poorer choice than she did with Nick, considering all of the other men that Bridget could have had. Bridget went to Forrester Creations to inform Eric of her plans to marry Nick the next day. Bridget had to spend more time convincing Eric that Nick is the right person for her. Eric would not give Bridget his approval or blessing. Nick arrived to have a talk with Eric. Nick told Eric that he is determined, committed and will do everything to make Bridget happy. Eric told Nick and Bridget that he wants them to be happy and then sanctioned their marriage. When he left the office, Eric told Megan that he wants the copy of Eye on Fashion with Nick and Bridget on the cover to help him inspire a wedding dress for Bridget. Eric then tore the magazine cover in half!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


In Eric's office, Bridget is telling Nick of all the many details she needs to do before the wedding. Nick thought they were keeping the wedding simple. Bridget reminds him that he still needs to pick a best man. Nick tries to convince Bridget to make out on the couch with him. Megan walks in, not knowing the couple is there. Megan quickly excuses herself and Bridget, embarrassed, hustles out to get back to plans for the wedding. Nick goes down the hall to Ridge's office. After handing Ridge a cigar, Nick asks Ridge to be his best man.

Bridget arrives home to find Brooke surrounded by caterers and florists. Bridget is surprised and tells her mom that she didn't have to go to all this trouble. Brooke wants Bridget's wedding to be perfect. She has even had a rack of Forrester wedding gowns brought over for Bridget to pick from. Bridget is sad that Eric didn't make a dress just for her, but Brooke reminds Bridget how hard this is on him. Bridget tells her mom how much she wants to forget the problems of the past and move on. She asks Brooke to be her matron of honor. At first Brooke is not sure that it would be a good idea, but then agrees to do it. Nick comes in and announces that he has asked Ridge to be the best man. The phone rings. Brooke answers it, only to hear a woman screaming and then the phone goes dead. Brooke is rattled by the incident, but Bridget tells her that it was probably some teenage girls making prank phone calls for Thomas.

At a phone both, a gloved hand is seen hanging up the phone.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

As Bridget and Stephanie sit in the Forrester's living room, Bridget shares her hope that the wedding will help bring the families together. Meanwhile, Jackie believes the wedding will only bring about negative consequences and isn't shy to share her feelings with Brooke who is quick to disagree. Later, Ridge and Brooke find themselves visited by a burglar, and while he quickly runs away, they are unable to capture him. On Nick's boat, Nick and Bridget share a tender moment and make love. Afterwards, they discuss their honeymoon.

Friday, April 22, 2005

As Bridget prepares for her wedding she is visited by Rick, who shares his appreciation of Nick. Massimo also arrives and tells her that he is proud to call her "family." Ridge brings Bridget a wedding dress, just before Eric brings in the dress that he especially made the night before; Eric doesn't want to cause any problems for Bridget on her wedding day, so he hides his dress. Meanwhile, Nick is also spending time with family and friends; he is pleased to receive the Jackie's approval. Ridge informs his family about the prowler they saw outside the house last night. The procession begins, and Bridget arrives in Eric's dress, much to Eric's delight.

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