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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Sally is dress masquerading as a commander of the S.S. Marone so she can crash the nuptials. Bucky says, "Don't ruin it." Sally says, "I can't ruin it. That would take an act of God." Sally praises Bridget for being such a wonderful person her whole life and bringing the families together, finally.

The wedding begins as Bridget walks down the isle on Eric's arm with Nick, beaming at her. Eric shakes Nick's hand and says to take care of her.. Nick tells Bridget he has never seen her look more beautiful.- Scanning the guests everyone looks happy with the exception of Jackie. The lady in pink is still watching from the bushes. Rick's reading from Bridget's favorite book," Withering Heights." Stephanie reads a poem from EE Cummings for Nick. The Minister says that he has never seen a couple more in love and begins the vows. Bridget gives her vows first, declaring that Nick is her one true love. Nick says it will be tough to top that because he is becoming more than a husband he will also be a guardian and protector. He then vows to be the best husband and father he can be, and if anyone doubts that he will go after them with a shark spear as chuckles erupt from the guests. His promise is to love her forever. Ridge senses something, and is looking toward the bushes as the wedding rings are exchanged. A squeal interrupts the service and Ridge goes to investigate; the lady in pink has been grabbed by a masked man dressed in black. Ridge rushes to help and stops abruptly. His eyes get big and he says, "Taylor?"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nick and Bridget's wedding was suddenly interrupted by a woman's scream. Ridge went out to investigate and saw "Taylor." Someone grabbed "Taylor," and then hit Ridge on his head which knocked him out. Hector assisted Ridge until the rescue arrived. Ridge was brought to the hospital.

Back at the wedding, Nick assured Bridget that everything would be okay and they would be married the next day. Stephanie tried to assure Steffy and Phoebe that Ridge would be fine. They told Stephanie that they were thinking of Taylor. Stephanie suggested that Taylor was watching over them.

At the hospital, Hector assisted Ridge. Mark warned Brooke, Stephanie, Eric and Hector that Ridge had received a bad blow to his head. Ridge woke up and told Brooke, Stephanie, Eric and Thomas that he had seen Taylor at the wedding. Eric and Stephanie seemed disbelieving, Brooke and Thomas appeared shocked by Ridge's revelation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


At the hospital, Ridge is still having flashbacks from the lady in pink. He keeps saying over and over that he saw Taylor. Brooke tries to make him relax and stop talking about Taylor, but Ridge keeps saying that he needs to get to Taylor. Thomas is upset by his father's ramblings. Eric tries to comfort Thomas by saying that Ridge probably has another concussion, but he'll soon be back to his old self. Eric and Thomas step out in the hall. As a nurse checks Ridge, Stephanie tells Brooke that someone could be making Ridge think he saw Taylor. Dr. Mark comes back in with the test results and says that he can't find anything wrong with Ridge. Brooke wants to know why Ridge is hallucinating. Ridge tells them that he is not hallucinating, but that Taylor was there and she needs him. Stephanie reminds Ridge that Dr. Mark was there when Taylor died. Dr. Mark corrects Stephanie and says that actually, Taylor had disconnected herself from the monitors, so he didn't know her exact moment of death. Stephanie then tells Dr. Mark that he signed the death certificate, but again Dr. Mark corrects her and says that he was called away that night when the ER got busy. Stephanie tells Ridge that SOMEONE signed the death certificate. She reminds him that they all went to the funeral. Brooke pleads with Ridge to stop talking about Ridge because it will hurt the children. Ridge is angered and says that he would recognize his own wife. Brooke is hurt by his words and goes out in the hall while Stephanie talks to Ridge some more. She tells him that they all want Taylor back, but that's just not possible because she is dead. Ridge listens to what Stephanie has to say, but in the end, tells her that he will find Taylor because she needs him.

In the hall, Gaby and Thomas talk about Ridge. Gaby tells him that sometimes people want to believe something so much that it becomes real to them. The two talk about their dead mothers. Thomas takes Gaby home and then remembers a time when Taylor talked about always watching him from heaven if she were ever an angel.

At Ridge and Brooke's house, Bridget and Nick kiss and talk about what's been happening. Phoebe and Steffy come into the room, worried about their dad. Bridget assures then that all will be fine and is sure that someone will call from the hospital soon with good news. The phone rings and it is Eric. He tells Bridget that all of Ridge's tests came back fine. Bridget tells the girls that their dad is okay. The girls, happy and satisfied, leave the room. Bridget finishes up her conversation with Eric and finds out about Ridge thinking he saw Taylor. After she hangs up, she tells Nick what Ridge is saying. Nick tells her that they did hear a woman scream at the wedding. He assures her that they'll get all of this cleared up and be able to continue the wedding very soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stephanie tries to comfort a distraught Ridge regarding the events at the wedding. The doctor orders Ridge to stay the night at the hospital. After Stephanie leaves, a stubborn Ridge decides to leave the hospital. Determined to discover what went on at the wedding, Ridge calls Nick and Thorne to ask for their help in trying to track down the culprits. Ridge meets Nick and Thorne at Taylor's gravesite and asks for their help in digging up the coffin. It is evident that Brooke is worried about Ridge as she informs Nick and Bridget of his condition. Nick and Bridget tell Brooke that they have postponed the wedding until Ridge is feeling better.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Stephanie tells Eric that with all that has happened to Ridge (the mineshaft and then being kidnapped by Morgan) that she is extremely worried about Ridge and thinks that the entire family needs to do whatever it takes to get Ridge some professional help. Later the doctor calls Stephanie and Eric informing them that Ridge is not at the hospital which only fuels their concerns. Bridget is able to provide comfort for Thomas who is still upset by what happened to his father. Nick and Thorne are angry Ridge has jeopardized his health and left the hospital. They are both reluctant to help Ridge in his quest for answers.

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