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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, May 2, 2005

At Salem Hospital, Hope told Patrick to give Jack time to come around and see that Patrick is a good guy. Patrick and Hope both admired Jennifer and Abby's faith, and Hope wished she could have as much faith in Bo and Billie. Patrick said she couldn't blame them for looking, and Hope agreed but worried they would fall into another trap with no one knowing where they ran off to. Hope confided that Billie and Hope relationship had always been based on Bo rescuing Billie, but Patrick said he was confidant their relationship now was only about Georgia. With no word from the police on Bo's car, Hope called the one person who might know where Bo and Billie went.

In the pit, Billie tried to rouse Bo from unconsciousness before the trap doors overhead closed. Too late, Billie looked closer at Bo and realized he was no longer breathing. Billie performed CPR and when Bo finally came to, Billie gave him a big kiss. The two tried to reach the doors overhead, but they were unsuccessful. With no signals on their cell phones, things began to look bleak and got worse when they realized gas was leaking into the room.

Brady returned to Rex, Lucas, and Shawn with a lead on where Philip was being held hostage. A contractor named Dan Matthews who had escaped capture recently had intelligence on where Philip and other hostages were being held. The men soon formulated a plan where Rex and Lucas would cause a diversion, Shawn and Brady would sneak inside the bunkers, and Dan would go to a nearby airfield and tip off the marines on the intel.

A weak Philip decided Stan was an undercover agent before passing out. Frantic, Stan worried she was in over her head, almost giving away her identity as a woman. The captors returned to the cell to execute Philip and Stan. Stan begged for her life at gunpoint.

At the Salem airport, John informed Roman and Marlena that he and Kate only got engaged because they believed they were dead. Kate agreed and added that it was only because they were devastated. Roman wondered if John and Kate would stay together, but Kate swore Roman and Marlena's return changed everything. Kate added that the engagement only happened that night. The group decided to get John home to rest.

Back at the penthouse, a tired John had to be helped to the couch by both Marlena and Kate. John suggested to Marlena a welcome home party, and when he eagerly grabbed her to recommend a personal reunion first, he started groaning in pain. Kate rushed to his side, asking Roman to get John's pillow from "our bed." After Roman and Marlena shared a significant look over the statement, Roman went upstairs.

In the bedroom, Roman found Kate's luggage and a nightgown on the bed. "Don't tell me I lost another woman to John," Roman said before remembering the night he gave the nightgown to Kate. Kate was going to wear it on their honeymoon. Back in the present, a smirking Roman figured John got to see her in it first.

In the living room, Marlena attempted to massage the pain out of John's back but was unsuccessful. Not being able to stand it, Kate asked to interrupt and immediately was able to ease John's pain. When John asked for some water, a territorial Marlena informed Kate that she was capable of getting some water for her husband. Roman took Kate aside and asked her to pack up to go home, but a guilty Kate had to tell him she sold his home. Kate explained she needed to move on with her life. A frustrated Roman said, "If you're so quick to make decisions, are you or Marlena staying in the penthouse tonight?"

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The guards prepare to execute Sami/Stan. Philip is knocked unconscious and the guards fire a warning shot over Sami/Stan's head. They demand to know who he is and what he is doing there but Sami/Stan tries to talk his way out the situation. Unconscious Philip dreams of Belle and saying goodbye. The guards take Sami/Stan out and as they get ready to shoot the wig falls off and the makeup drips away, revealing a woman!

Shawn, Rex, Brady and Lucas are ready to storm the bunker. As the guys go to enter the bunker they hear a gunshot and Shawn thinks they may be too late. Shawn and Brady enter the bunker corridor as Rex and Lucas set off a diversionary explosion; two guards race out of the bunker. Shawn and Brady go inside to rescue Philip and are shocked when they find two men tied up and blindfolded but not Philip. It turns out the boys have stormed the wrong building. They free the hostages; Rex and Lucas take them off to the airstrip and then wait for Shawn and Brady to return to the desert base camp. Brady assists a slightly wounded Shawn; he has been shot but wants to continue the search for Philip.

Billie and Bo are trapped in the sealed pit with lethal gas hissing in; they don't have long to live. Bo makes one last ditch effort to get them out but falls and hits his head again. Billie is frantic to revive him and when he opens his eyes, Bo sees Hope instead of Billie. Hallucinating, Bo tells Hope he loves her, putting Billie is in an awkward position. Billie chooses not to correct him and they kiss. Desperate to be intimate with Bo one last time she allows him to make love to her, thinking she is his wife.

Hope calls Shawn to see if he has heard from his father. She reaches Belle with Mimi at Shawn's loft and is blindsided to hear that Shawn is off on this dangerous mission. Hope swears her marriage is over if anything happens to Shawn while Bo is with Billie. Hope gets a clue to where Bo and Billie may be and she heads out with Patrick.

Kate insists she wants to be with Roman and Marlena insists the same regarding John. Kate gives John back the engagement ring and they all resolve to get through this and move on with their lives together... no matter how difficult.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Tony is with Bart on the yacht, having escaped the castle explosion; Victor and Caroline are their captors again. Tony is confident that Roman and Marlena, although free, will continue to be miserable when they return to John and Kate.

John and Kate fill Roman and Marlena in on what has been going on in Salem in their absence. Marlena and Roman are very worried when they hear Sami is missing. Kate must sidestep Roman's questions about her possible involvement in Sami's failed wedding to Lucas.

Sami is unmasked by the guards and they are more convinced than ever that she is a spy! Sami pleads for her life and as they are about to shoot her, the phone rings. It is Tony! Sami is apoplectic to learn that Tony is alive. Tony wants Shawn, Brady, Lucas and Rex, captured and nothing to happen to Sami or Philip in the meantime; Sami is the key to his plan's success. Furious, Sami gets on the phone and refuses to help Tony. Tony offers to give Sami her parents back and she can't help but weaken. Tony agrees to spare her life and reunite Sami with her parents but Sami must continue to carry out Tony's evil agenda.

Victor and Caroline are in the ship's brig, glad their fellow captives got away and get a second chance with their loved ones. Victor hopes for a second chance with Caroline but she vows to remain faithful to her husband.

Patrick and Hope drive to Ogden to find Bo and Billie. Hope is furious at Bo for running off with his ex-wife while his son Shawn's life is in danger. In counterpoint, Bo is very groggy as he makes love with Billie, thinking she is Hope. Patrick and Hope arrive at the house and see Bo's car parked outside... but the house is deserted. They are about to leave when Hope hears Bo moaning. Patrick finds and opens the trapdoor in the closet and they stare in horrified shock at Bo making love to Billie!

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Hope and Patrick have discovered Bo and Billie making love in the pit. Hope feels betrayed, hurt and angry, wants to leave them there. Hope and Patrick are unaware that Bo and Billie have been drugged. Bo continues to think Billie is Hope as they get dressed. Before Patrick attempts to rescue them, the couple in the pit passes out. Hope is suddenly very concerned and Patrick smells the gas -- they realize what has been happening but it looks like it may be too late and Bo and Billie could be dead.

Tony, on the phone with Sami, tells her she is valuable and very necessary to his plans. Sami uses her new found "power" to bargain with Tony for Philip's life. Tony believes Philip is expendable and tries to persuade Sami into helping get revenge on Kate. Tony tells Sami that he has proof that Kate was the one who set Sami up with Brandon the night before her wedding. Sami vehemently agrees but, attacked by a bout of conscience when she remembers Philip wanting to help her as Stan, she refuses. Tony hangs up on her and tells Bart he'll find another way. The guards return and hold Sami at gunpoint.

Shawn, Rex and Lucas are in their desert base camp. Brady has gone out to do more reconnaissance and Shawn is anxious to rescue Philip. There is tension between Shawn and Rex about the motivation to rescue Philip. Lucas intervenes and calms Shawn down. An enemy transport is heading for their location and it looks like they might be discovered.

Belle and Mimi are at church, praying fervently for Shawn, Rex, Lucas and Brady's safe return.

At the penthouse, Kate and John go up to the bedroom to pack her things. They have a heartfelt talk about how much they've meant to each other and even though they are thrilled Roman and Marlena are back, it is going to be difficult to let go of what they had.

Marlena tells Roman she really believes they have to tell John and Kate the truth about sleeping together. Roman tries to talk her out of it but Marlena thinks it is wrong to live a lie. Roman counters that their telling the truth will just push John and Kate together again. John and Kate come downstairs and it looks like Marlena is about to tell them about her and Roman's intimacy in the castle.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Patrick and Hope work to rescue Bo and Billie from the deadly gas that is still being pumped into the pit. Taking advantage of the makeshift rope Bo made, Patrick manages to plug the jet and gets Bo and Billie up to safety. They both revive but are weak and disoriented. Bo sees Hope and thanks God she's safe. Hope realizes Bo thought he was making love to her and that Billie knew! Hope, furious, hauls off and punches Billie in the jaw.

Tony comes to the bunker to convince Sami to help him with his plans. Sami continues to bargain for Philip's life and finally, Tony relents. Sami is ecstatic when Tony shows her video of Roman and Marlena still alive. If Sami does what he wants, soon she'll be reunited with her parents. And, because Tony has proof that Kate set Sami up, Kate will be exposed and Sami will reunite with Lucas and Will. He gives Sami a gun, equipment and a cover story to infiltrate Shawn's rescue group and stop them.

Shawn, Rex and Lucas continue to wait for Brady's return and talk about the women they love. Rex tries to talk Lucas into forgiving Sami when they get back home as Lucas clearly still loves her; he can't allow himself to get past her latest betrayal. Lucas goes out on patrol and Shawn and Rex see someone approaching their camp. Rex and Shawn are shocked when they see who it is...

At the church, Belle and Mimi meet another woman whose husband is off at war. They are all proud of the brave soldiers who are risking their lives for their country and continue to pray for their safe return.

At the penthouse, Marlena is prevented from telling John and Kate the truth. Grandpa Shawn arrives with Will and are thrilled Roman, Marlena, Cassie and Jack are alive! Roman and John are forced to break the sad news to Grandpa Shawn that they believe Caroline and Victor died in the castle fire. Marlena and Kate talk to Will and Marlena is very aware of Kate's continuing negativity toward Sami... and her veiled but obvious glee that Sami's wedding to Lucas never happened. Roman and Kate walk Grandpa Shawn and Will out as John pulls Marlena into a searing kiss. Marlena is uneasy, still knowing she is lying to her husband.

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