One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on OLTL

Blair wanted Todd to explain why he wouldn't make love to her. Kelly accepted a job at Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie was targeted for murder, but the killer mistakenly killed another redhead instead. Jessica testified for Antonio at the custody hearing. Jen found Daniel planting Paul's blood in her car and realized he was Paul's murderer. Daniel smothered Jen with a plastic bag.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, May 2, 2005

Todd pulls back when Blair tries to initiate lovemaking. Todd admits to Blair that he fears he hasn't changed for the better the way he had hoped to after their ordeal with Margaret. Blair attempts to reassure Todd, who doesn't tell her about Margaret forcing him to make love with her. Evangeline is disappointed that John doesn't remember saying "I love you" in his sleep. John and Evangeline admit they didn't envision ending up with each other but Evangeline insists it doesn't make their relationship any less real. Jen feels guilty for hurting Riley and fears she might have caused him to start drinking again. Riley moves in with Nora and Daniel. Jen writes a letter to Riley. Daniel continues to be haunted by Paul and steps up his plan to frame Jen for murder. Bo tells Rex he has new information about Ted. Natalie and Michael grow closer as friends. Marcie overreacts when she sees Natalie with Michael. Natalie assures an insecure Marcie that Michael loves her (Marcie).

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Kelly and Kevin have invited Dorian to Llanfair so that Kelly can make an announcement. Kelly assures Dorian that what she is about to say is her own decision, not Viki's or Kevin's, and that she wants her aunt to remain calm. Before she can say what is on her mind, David shows up on the terrace and asks for a martini. Viki lets him in just in time to hear Kelly's announcement that she is accepting a position at Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian is upset, but Kevin and Viki slyly remind her that she is responsible for the fact that Kevin and Kelly will be working in close quarters; after all, it's because of the scandal over Viki's embezzlement that Kevin is resigning from his position as Lieutenant Governor. Dorian denies having anything to do with forging Viki's signature, and David laughs aloud. Everyone turns to David, and Kevin asks if he has any information on Dorian's duplicity. David covers for his ex-lover. Viki reminds Dorian that she knows she's responsible, and that she will not soon forget it. Viki, Kevin, and Kelly leave Dorian and David alone. Dorian thanks him for covering for her; she also admits that she's not happy and that she still cares about David. David doesn't believe her and insists that within an hour, she'll be back to meddling in Kelly's life. He walks out, and Dorian leaves Llanfair alone.

Viki looks over Kevin's letter of resignation and tells him she is proud of the way he has handled the entire situation. After she leaves, Kelly tells her ex-husband that the scandal has really brought out the best in him. They draw close.

Marcie and Jen prepare for the celebration in honor of Julie and Hudson. When Riley comes in through the back door, the police pull guns, believing he could be the killer. After everyone calms down, Mark and Nick arrive and Marcie makes an announcement: she is going to donate her royalties from the book to the Love Center. Specifically, she wants to have the study room renamed in Julie and Hudson's honor, and to help kids from Angel Square prepare for college. While the celebration goes on, the killer is shown planning his next move: he shoots an arrow through a picture of Natalie.

After Viki tries to talk some sense into Natalie regarding John, Nat takes off for the diner. Roxy has tipped her off to the fact that John and Van are at the diner, and that Carlotta needs some help planning a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Natalie arrives and taunts Evangeline, who insults her right back. This is easily the most heated verbal exchange they've shared to date, with Evangeline trying to make Natalie feel inferior, and Natalie baiting Van about John. Nat finally goes into the kitchen to help Carlotta and another young worker, while Van vents her rage to John. Meanwhile, the killer has arrived in the back room of the diner, posing as a delivery man. Carlotta leaves the back room to thank Van for working on Antonio's custody hearing. Someone with red hair ends up dead in the back room: is it Natalie, or Carlotta's young kitchen assistant? When Carlotta returns to the back room to finish cooking, a scream draws John and Van's attention. "That's Natalie," John says ... he rushes to the back, leaving a stunned Van in his wake.

Rex meets with Bo on the docks. Bo fills him in on the source who told him Paul Cramer was blackmailing Ted for a high amount of money. Apparently, Paul knew that Ted was having an affair, and Ted didn't want this information made public. Rex is puzzled as to why Ted would go so far as to kill Paul, and he and Bo agree that Ted must be hiding more than they can imagine. Meanwhile, Daniel tampers with Cramer's blood in the hospital lab, continuing his plan to frame Jen for the murder. Paul's ghost keeps popping up, reminding him of his crimes.

Nora receives several hang-up calls at her house, and she traces phone numbers for both of them. When she realizes the hang-ups are all coming from the same number, she makes a call. Rex is walking by a pay phone in Angel Square when it starts to ring, and he answers. Nora realizes it's him and fills him in. Rex is interested in Nora's information about the crank calls and decides to keep an eye on the phone. He calls Jen and tells her to meet him immediately for an update on Cramer's killer. Jen leaves the Love Center to meet with Rex, just as Riley is preparing to talk to her about their relationship.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Deciding to head out for a unique night on the town, Blair and Todd ask Adriana to babysit. Ginger shows up as they are leaving because their mail was mixed in with her employer's mail and Adriana invites her to hang out. When Duke drops by with a pizza, Ginger very noticeably flirts with him.

Over at the Palace, Jess meets with Antonio who is reluctant to even talk to her about the fire and the potential loss of Jamie's custody. He admits that he's not too sure about their future together. Viki is there for dinner and is shocked to hear that R.J. hold Jess responsible. When Dorian is unable to get a table without a reservation, Viki suggests they dine together. She knows that Dorian wrote the check but she can't prove it, it's now in the past, and they should put it all aside for the sake of their families, she figures. Why not just enjoy the evening? Dorian lasts less than a minute before she starts in with her regular criticism of Todd and Viki gets up to leave. Blair and Todd don't last much longer as Todd gets angry when Blair suggests they order oysters and champagne. Blair has a one-track mind, he states. He wants to head back home and be alone with her. Antonio has gone, having received a call from Carlotta and Jess has gone too, only to reappear as Tess. Both Viki and Todd stop by her table and are curious over the slight changes in behavior that Tess is able to explain away. She does suggest, like Jess, that Viki go home and rest, that she doesn't look well. Ginger arrives after receiving a call from Tess and she admits that she's interested in Duke. When Dorian stops at the table after hearing Duke's name and is introduced, Tess sings her praises. Learning that Duke and Adriana are together, Dorian vows to put a stop to it. Tess thinks that she and Ginger should listen and learn from Dorian, who goes after what she wants and gets it. She thinks they can plot to steal Duke from Adriana. Ginger doesn't want to hurt Adriana but Tess thinks all is fair in love and lust.

Michael tries to stop Marcie yet again for blaming herself for the murders of her friends but it's all for nothing when they drop by the diner in time to hear Carlotta screaming. At first it appears that Natalie has been murdered but a distraught John finds her crying and cowering in the corner. It's the new girl that Carlotta just hired, dressed just like Natalie down to her red hair, who is the victim. John grabs on to Natalie tightly, as Michael and Evangeline burst in. Nat explains that she was in the storeroom so never saw what happened. The girl is bent over the hot oil, same as in Marcie's book. Of course, Marcie is on the verge of a breakdown again, seeing another murder re-enacted from her book. John takes off after the killer and is nearly killed himself when, after bending down to pick up the killer's keys, he is attacked and choked from behind. The two wrestle and the killer gets away. John manages to page for help and Natalie takes off to find John. Antonio reassures Evangeline who decides to stay behind. John sends his back ups off to search for the killer and becomes furious when Nat arrives. She has no idea what he felt like when he thought it was her, he yells at her. He takes her back to the diner, gives Evangeline a big kiss, sends her home with an escort, and asks Antonio to take Natalie home as well. Antonio decides to stay with Carlotta and Michael insists that Marcie stay with him. John plans on staying at the diner.

Duke and Adriana have a heavy make-out session and Duke figures he'd better leave when Adriana puts the brakes on. Todd and Blair arrive home just then so they both head out. Blair starts up the stairs but returns when she hears Todd booking a flight to Dallas. He's kept track of Renee's phone calls and thinks Asa might be in Texas. She demands he make a one way flight and not return if that's the case, because he'd be breaking his promises to her. Todd is insistent on going, Blair is angry.

The killer is pretty enraged when he learns via radio report that Natalie was not the victim.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Riley has a change of heart about Jen. Jen catches Daniel when he's up to no good. Bo wants to talk to Nora about Daniel. R.J., Antonio and Evangeline anticipate the start of the custody hearing. Dorian promises David she is a changed woman and wants him to come back home. David tricks Dorian into reverting to her old self. Natalie gives John a possible clue about the Killing Club Killer. Natalie is certain there is something between her and John.

Friday, May 6, 2005

When Jen goes to pick up her car at the parking garage, she discovers Daniel planting evidence in the vehicle. He tries to act like her car isn't working and offers to check the battery. Jen immediately knows the truth and tries to call the police. At that exact moment, Riley makes a call to Jen and gets her voice mail; he leaves a message, telling her that he finally believes her innocence and wants to be with her more than ever. An increasingly menacing Daniel prevents Jen from leaving the parking garage.

Meanwhile, Bo asks Nora to explain the message he left her regarding Daniel. Again, she insists that her concerns have been abated. Bo does not buy her explanation, and she confesses that Daniel's irrational desire to convict Jen is not sitting well with her. Bo in turn fills her in on the lead he has on Cramer's killer, including the fact that the guy was having an affair. Before Bo and Nora can put their heads together any further, Riley shows up. He tells Bo and Nora that he didn't find Jen, but left her a message.

The custody hearing begins with R.J.'s testimony. He declares his love for Jamie, and his attorney brings up Antonio's abandonment of the little girl. During cross examination, Evangeline throws R.J.'s criminal past in his face. When R.J. accuses Antonio of sleeping with Sonia, Jessica leaves the room. In the ladies' room, Jessica and Tess battle for control of Jess's body. Tess tells Jessica that she can't let Antonio make a fool out of her, and that he's already halfway there since he slept with Sonia. Somehow, Jessica gains control and makes it back to the courtroom in time to testify. She pulls off a stellar testimony, admitting that it's her health problems that put Jamie in danger, but also maintaining that she loves the little girl like her own daughter ... and that if her health is going to be a problem in the future, she will refuse to be left alone with Jamie. Carlotta, Antonio, and Evangeline are touched by the testimony, and Jessica is grateful she pulled it off. After everyone clears out, however, she makes a frantic call to Dr. Jameson, telling him that she heard a voice inside her head.

Blair demands once again to know why Todd won't make love to her. He says it's because of all the bad things he did, including letting Margaret terrorize them. When he gets some information on Asa on his computer, he rushes to the screen and Blair walks out on him. She meets with Kelly, who tells her that she feels Kevin and Todd are hiding something. Blair wonders if Kelly can get Kevin to tell her what it is. Meanwhile, an enraged Kevin bursts into the offices of "The Sun." He has discovered that Todd bugged Renee's phone, and he warns Manning to back off. Todd tells Kevin that if he tells Blair his secret, Todd will "rip his heart out of his chest." Disgusted, Kevin tells Todd that he's not scared of his threats, and that if Todd keeps going after Asa and Renee, Kevin will tell everyone that Margaret raped him. And he'll start with Blair.

At the station, Marcie tells Michael that she has to stop leaning on him. Natalie tells Michael that Marcie is trying to push him away so that she won't get hurt later. John interviews Marcie about the real-life killing club, but they are interrupted by the Tana.k.a's. Julie's mother screams at Marcie, asking her how it feels to be responsible for her friend's death in order "to make a buck." Outside John's office, Rex shows back up at the station and tells Natalie he wants to file a missing person's report on Jen. He says that he has a bad feeling.

Back at the parking garage, Jen discovers the bloody rag that Daniel planted in her car. Everything comes together for her, and she accuses Daniel of murdering Paul. She tries to run away, but he chases her and drags her down into a pile of trash bags. She begs for her life, telling Daniel that Riley and Nora will never forgive him if he kills her.

Riley checks the mail at Nora's house and discovers a letter from Jen. He reads the letter, in which she tells him that she was able to heal and become a good person because of his love. She also says that she can't blame him for believing that she killed Paul. After everything bad she did in her life, she thinks it's only fitting that she can't escape the shadow of her past. As Riley reads his girlfriend's words of love, we see Daniel smother Jen, her lifeless body falling amidst the garbage bags.

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