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Passions Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on PS
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Monday, May 2, 2005

At the studio, Fox attempts to reclaim "his" son, but Chad stands his ground. Julian and Eve watch helplessly as a clueless Fox fights for a baby that isn't even his.

Theresa rescues Whitney from falling to her death. Theresa consoles her distraught friend, who fears her problems will never go away.

At the Blue Note, Rebecca pressures Ethan to find a way to get Jane back from Theresa. Sam confides his troubles to Ethan and is later approached by a hopeful Ivy.

Also at the club, Beth grows uneasy with the idea of sleeping with Alistair as he continues to hit on her. Luis and Sheridan arrive, forcing the scheming duo to hide so they won't be seen together.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Chad bonds with Eve and Julian as they watch him tenderly take care of his adopted baby. Chad passionately explains that he wants to raise this baby to correct all the wrongs from his own childhood. Meanwhile, TC vows he will not allow Chad to raise his grandson.

At the Blue Note, Fox spies Whitney at the bar and heads over to confront her, but Theresa spots him first and drags her friend out of sight. Whitney drowns her sorrows in alcohol.

TC and Liz comfort Sam over his situation with Jessica and Ivy. Ivy is stung by Sam's continued rejection.

Ethan remains torn about granting Gwen's wish to take Jane away from Theresa.

Sheridan is incensed when Luis suggests she not see Marty for a while. Luis and Sheridan are suspicious when they run into Alistair, who claims he is dining alone, despite two champagne glasses in front of him. Meanwhile, Beth hides under the table, fearful of being caught with her co-conspirator. Before storming off, Sheridan warns Luis that their situation boils down to him trusting Beth more than her.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Tabitha gleefully informs Endora that murder is in the air. After conjuring up "Nanny Phoebe," Tabitha heads over to see Mrs. Wallace, who is desperate to find Beth before she unknowingly has sex with her own father. As Edna prays for guidance and help, a horrified Tabitha finds herself stuck in place as angels descend upon her.

Fox tears into Whitney, demanding to know why she gave away "their" baby. An overwhelmed Whitney rushes off without giving an explanation.

Rebecca enlists Ivy's help to convince Ethan to sue Theresa for full custody of Jane. Ivy reminds her son that Theresa ruined his life by exposing his paternity to the tabloids. Gwen worries someone will find out it was really her and her mother who leaked the information, not Theresa.

Sheridan lays into Luis for not believing Marty is their son and for defending Beth. Later, a suspicious Sheridan finds Beth lurking around the club and asks if she came with Alistair. Sheridan warns Beth she's going to get her son back and gives her rival a hard shove, starting an all-out brawl between the two women.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

At the waterfront, Sam thought about how he'd lost his second chance with Ivy as she approached him. Ivy apologized and tried to cover for not telling Sam about Jessica's activities. She told him she'd move out as soon as possible and declared her undying love for him. He told her it wasn't all her fault. He shouldn't have been so quick to take someone into his life and house. He and his family weren't ready for it. He felt he'd cheated his children out of the time they needed. He was too busy reliving his youth with Ivy. Ivy grabbed him around the neck and cried that they could still work it out. She told him there was nothing wrong with him finding comfort in her arms. He said he'd led her astray once and she deserves to be happy with someone who can make her his priority. She said she couldn't be happy without him and he insisted she would have to because they needed to make a clean break. Ivy started to walk away and Sam asked her where she was going. She said she didn't know, but she'd be fine. He told her she could spend the night and leave in the morning and Ivy told him that he was right - she needed to make a clean break.

Edna walked on the waterfront looking for Beth. She tried calling on her cell phone then went into a dive bar she used to frequent (as Easy Edna). The bartender, Davey served up a bottle of beer and when she asked where a person could go to hear live music, he pointed her to the Blue Note on Maple. She took her bottle of beer and pressed onward.

At the Blue Note, Rebecca and Gwen drank at the bar until Rebecca saw Theresa plant a big kiss on Ethan. Gwen yelled at Theresa and a vindictive Theresa countered that Ethan just couldn't help himself because he loves her. Rebecca and Gwen told her that they knew she was the one who kissed Ethan, not the other way around. Gwen held out an olive branch asking Theresa to drop the charges and leave them alone to stop the war. Theresa turned her down. Ethan told Theresa that if she didn't take the deal he would sue for full custody of Jane. She said he wouldn't be so cruel. He said he saw the worst side of her now and didn't want Jane raised by her. He told her she could fight Gwen tooth and nail all her life or she could be mother to her children. Theresa set a different deal on the table - she would drop the charges if Gwen would divorce Ethan so he could be with the woman he really loves. Ethan swore he loved his wife and would fight any plans for a divorce. Gwen smiled and told Theresa she wouldn't be divorcing her husband. A very nasty Theresa told her she better rethink her answer because if she didn't divorce Ethan, she'd spend the next 30-40 years in jail. A shocked Ethan finally saw the monstrous vengeful side of Theresa and told her that if she sent Gwen to jail, he'd never leave Gwen and never go to her. Ethan told them that Theresa is living in a fantasy world. Theresa asked him why he kissed her and an astonished Ethan replied that she kissed him and he was too surprised to pull away. Theresa told Gwen that if she believes that she's dumber than Theresa thought because Ethan still loves her and why would he choose to stay with Gwen who couldn't give him any children when Theresa was the mother of his daughter. Gwen reminded her that Ethan was staying with her. A frustrated Ethan asked her not to test him and gave her one more chance to accept his deal and she said only if he divorced Gwen. He said that wasn't even on the table and Theresa slammed him with "well I hope your nobility can keep you warm at night when Gwen is in jail for the next 30-40 years. In a private area of the club, Sheridan and Beth went "mano y mano" until Alistair slipped Beth with a big knife. Beth raised the knife and Sheridan screamed no. She went after Beth and grabbed the knife as Luis stepped in to break up their battle. Sheridan accused Beth of trying to stab her and Beth cried to Luis that crazy lying Sheridan was really the one trying to stab her. She swore that she was through giving into Sheridan's madness and she wasn't going to let them ever have Marty again because he wouldn't be safe with Sheridan. (Alistair praised her under his breath for her strong offence). Beth trotted out all the crazy things she could attribute to Sheridan - being in the psych ward, seeing clowns, thinking Marty is her son, starting the gas leak at her house. Sheridan accused Beth for the gas leak and Beth asked Luis to go ahead and arrest her. When he tossed her offer aside, Sheridan realized Luis really believed Beth instead of her. Luis trotted out his old line of wanting to believe her, but... Sheridan went ballistic again about the DNA test and that maybe Beth fudged the test. Sheridan accused her of being in cahoots with Alistair as she put some of the pieces together. Beth swore she had nothing to do with Alistair. Luis told her they should go home and as they walked away, he told Beth that he'd get Sheridan the help she needs. Edna arrived and asked the barman about whether he'd seen Alistair and Beth. He said he'd already left with some arm candy - short black hair. Edna chugged a shot and took off. Whitney sang a very blue song about not being able to breathe as Fox looked on wondering where the girls was who'd fallen in love with him and how she could have given up his baby. When she finished the song, Fox told her that he had questions and deserved answers. They left the club and she said she was tired, but Fox demanded answers. She turned away so he couldn't see her face and told him that she didn't want to be a single parent and he demanded the truth. He wanted to know when she fell out of love with him. He swore he is still in love with her. She told him she'd said all she could and then stormed off.

At his studio, Chad and the baby began to bond. He told him that he might even have his mother someday. Julian and Eve entered with a pile of baby things and overheard him declare his intent to live with Whitney some day. Julian told him that he had to give up any romantic ideas about Whitney. Chad said he'd be a great single father, but he would love to have Whitney with them if he could. They told him if he needed any help he could call them. He went back to bonding with his baby.

Eve and Julian walked on the waterfront as they decided that Chad was right - he needed to make his own way and it wasn't easy to get over love. They ran into Fox and noticed the hand he'd smacked into a wall. Eve started to examine it and told him his father cared about him. He said if they cared, they'd help him get his son back from his dad's bastard son, Chad! Whitney walked in the street below and looked up at their silhouettes in the window as she heard her baby cry.

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis did his traditional tucking her into bed and she pulled away and got up to go for a walk. She was upset that Luis didn't believe her at all. Luis said it wasn't fair. He said he didn't know what to believe anymore. She told him not to condescend to her and stormed out slamming the bedroom door.

At the Crane mansion, Beth and Alistair arrived at his bedroom. She was astonished that she was in his bedroom. He told her he was so turned on by a woman so like him. He began pawing her and she kept dodging him. He asked her if she was still thinking of Luis and she said no. He asked if he was too old for her and she waved it off, she said it just didn't feel right somehow. She asked if they could go slower and he bellowed "NO!" and ripped off her sweater. Edna showed up on the front porch hoping she was in time to keep father and daughter from "doing the deed."

Friday, May 6, 2005

Sheridan is upset with Luis. She says that he should be on her side no matter what instead of thinking she's crazy. She calls Beth an evil witch and says if Luis loves her, he should believe her and help her prove that Marty is her son. Sheridan adds that Luis never gives her the benefit of the doubt like he does for Beth. Luis tells her he doesn't think she's crazy and he IS on her side, but Sheridan insists that he's not and tells him to get out of the house and give her some time to herself if he won't support her. He leaves and Sheridan is determined to prove to Luis that what she's saying is true. She looks up DNA tests on the internet and becomes convinced that the only way the DNA tests could be accurate was if Beth was her sister.

Sam invites Ivy to come back to the Bennett house and stay the night, but she tells him that giving her false hope like that would just be cruel. Sam says he doesn't want to hurt her, but he has to focus on Jessica. Ivy says she knows and she'll find a place of her own. Sam suggests she stay at the B&B and she laughs in his face, saying that she couldn't stand to be in another one of Grace's "perfect bedrooms." She asks him to leave her alone, and they agree to respect each other's' wishes. She walks off and leaves Sam on the pier. Later, Luis joins Sam. Sam tells Luis about Ivy and Luis tells Sam about Sheridan. Sam advises him to just be supportive of Sheridan. He thinks that maybe a woman can sense that a child is theirs.

Ethan begs Theresa to tell him she will drop the charges against Gwen. She refuses, saying she can't turn her back on their love, and then adds that the choice is really Gwen's-if Gwen divorces Ethan, Theresa will drop the charges. Ethan brings up the subject of his paternity papers again, saying she ruined his life with those papers, and she insists that she didn't send that file to the tabloids. Ivy storms into the club and says she refuses to let Theresa hurt Ethan again, and that Theresa belongs in prison-or the grave. Theresa walks away and Ethan follows her. Ethan tells Theresa that Ivy was right; Theresa did ruin their lives, and if Theresa doesn't listen to what he's saying he will ruin hers. He tells her to forget about her fantasies and think about her children, because if she doesn't do what he's asking he will fight for custody and take Jane far, far away from her. Ivy shoves Theresa and says she won't let her ruin Ethan's life again, making Theresa insist again that she did not send the file.

Mrs. Wallace manages to get inside the Crane mansion in time to stop Beth from sleeping with Alistair and to tell Beth that Alistair Crane is her long-lost father. Beth is disgusted and confused and thinks that Mrs. Wallace must be either going crazy or is jealous, but Mrs. Wallace is able to describe the night she spent with Alistair in perhaps more detail than Beth wanted. Mrs. Wallace points out that this is the only explanation for how the DNA tests turned out-Dottie must have only looked at Beth's DNA. Beth turns to Alistair and says "Daddy?" She is in shock and realizes that this means she is a Crane in a "life-altering moment," but Alistair says no one can know she is a Crane and points out that if the whole world found out she was a Crane, Sheridan would be able to figure out why the DNA test results proved Beth was Marty's mother and Beth would lose everything.

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