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Passions Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on PS
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Monday, April 25, 2005

The triangle between Theresa, Ethan and Gwen takes another turn thanks to Theresa's actions.

Though she apologizes to Beth, Sheridan remains anguished over knowing in her heart that Marty is her son.

Alistair offers Pilar a piece of paper with information on it that could get Katherine out of her life forever. Pilar hesitates to make a deal with the devil, but ultimately does.

Sam heads to Spike's club, not knowing he and his daughter are on a collision course.

Fox, Julian, Eve, TC and Liz are stunned when the adoption agency informs them that Whitney's baby has already been adopted! Whitney is relieved. Fox begins to tear into Whitney, but Chad arrives and defends her. Fox demands to know who adopted "his" child.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

At Spike's club, Sam broke into Spike's back room to find Jessica high on drugs and in bed with Spike. Sam made a move on Spike and his undercover officer held him back. He went to Jessica and she introduced him to "her boyfriend." Spike snidely joked that they could make their own movie - "Meet the Coppers." Sam could see how high she was and when Spike bragged that it was her second visit there that night, Sam went after him with fists swinging. His undercover cop pulled him off Spike and held him back. Spike rubbed it in by telling Sam that Jessica had come after him, not the other way around. Sam swore he'd kill Spike and Spike swore he'd sue for police brutality. He threatened Sam with Jessica loving him more than Sam. Sam said he was going to shut down the club and Spike reminded him that he'd have to arrest Jessica too. Sam finally saw reason and collected Jessica to take her home wrapped in his jacket. He threw one parting shot-stay away from my little girl or I'll kill you. Spike was sure that Jessica would be back.

At Sheridan's cottage Luis comforted Sheridan as she woke from a nightmare about her father having Marty. He told her to go back to sleep and she insisted he go back to work on his paperwork. She realized she couldn't go back to sleep, so slipped out the back door to go for a walk. Luis walked into the bedroom and found that Sheridan was gone.

At the Wallace house Alistair insisted to Beth and Edna that he had no hand in changing Marty's DNA test results to show Beth as the mommy. He vowed he was busy at the time; distracted by a problem with his wife. Edna accused the two of them of being in cahoots. She kept pointing and blaming and Beth and Alistair kept drinking and bonding. Beth said that Sheridan would have to shut her yap now or they'd lock her up. Alistair said "amen to that!" Alistair told her he was glad Marty wouldn't be another bastard grandchild clawing at his money. Beth got a little hot about him calling names and Alistair told her that Marty being half Lopez-Fitzgerald wasn't a good thing. Edna went searching on the internet to find out about DNA testing and came up with an article that says it is much easier to disprove a DNA match than to prove one. Then she went off into a humorous reverie about her tryst with Alistair when was a younger "Edie." She mentioned to him that she hadn't been with a man in months. She's sure now that "Al" from the past is Alistair. Beth couldn't understand why her mother couldn't just be happy that she got Marty. Beth chalked it up to Karma and Alistair told her that she was a lot stronger than he'd given her credit and a lot like him. Beth was flattered by his evil praise. Beth said she didn't get it from her mother, so it must be her father, but she doesn't know who he is. Alistair and Beth drank a toast to her father. The light dawned on Edna that if Alistair is Beth's father, then Sheridan and Beth are sisters and that's why the DNA showed Marty had similar DNA. Alistair took Beth to the Blue Note to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Then he started making sexual advances, while at the same time commenting all the while that they are cut from the same cloth, have a bond, kindred spirits. He suggested that she could thank him for Marty with affections and not to waste time on Luis who couldn't give her anything.

At the Crane mansion Gwen and Ethan discussed their plans to keep Gwen out of jail. Ethan promised to spend the rest of his life making up for helping Theresa. He told her he'd convince the court that she was under attack by Theresa and then they would find a way for them to have babies. Sheridan walked in to the mansion and saw Gwen. They embraced and Sheridan asked about the baby. Gwen told her she was with Theresa and then Gwen apologized for hurting her when she was in jail. Sheridan asked her where she'd gone and Gwen told her she'd been with her mother at the Crane property in Europe. Sheridan was upset that nobody had told her about her mother. Gwen assured her that her mother loved her. She wanted the address so she could write to her mother. Gwen then told her that her mother had returned with them to Harmony. Sheridan was surprised and wanted to know why. Gwen told her that Alistair had been planning to keep Katherine as a prisoner and slave for the rest of her life and she had to escape. She told how Ethan, Fox and Theresa rescued them and she was enjoying her freedom for now. Sheridan was upset to find that Theresa had brought charges again. Gwen asked her about Marty and Sheridan explained that they'd had a DNA test and even though it showed that Beth was his mother, Sheridan felt Marty was her son more than ever. They compared Beth's evil to Theresa. A distraught Luis showed up at the front door looking for Sheridan and Ethan intercepted him. He explained that Sheridan and Gwen were catching up with each other in the living room. He lamented that Theresa had re-filed the charges against Gwen. Luis apologized for his sister. Gwen said she wasn't mad at him because of his sister. Then she asked them when they were going to try to have another baby. Luis said it was up to Sheridan. Ethan vowed under his breath he'd make it up to Gwen for what Theresa has done.

At the adoption agency everybody (Julian, Eve, Liz, T.C, Fox and Whitney) was in disbelief that Chad has gotten custody of Whitney's baby. Fox assumed that Chad had just brought the baby in for them and asked Chad to let him hold the baby, whereupon Fox started making plans to make up for not being there when he was born. Eve took Whitney aside and told her to hold her baby and look in his face or she'll regret it for the rest of her life. Whitney swore she wouldn't be able to give him up if she looked at him and it was the best chance at a good life for her baby. When they rejoined the crowd, Whitney asked Mrs. Wellesley to give the baby to his new family now. Fox refused to give him up. Chad asked him to give the baby to Mrs. Wellesley and Fox refused saying no family could take him. Eve and Julian connived about how they could reveal that Chad is really the baby's father. T.C. said the baby looked like Whitney and Simone. Fox said he had the Crane chin. T.C. said he needed to be raised in an African-American family. Fox retorted that he was half white and should stay with his dad. T.C remarked that he shouldn't grow up in a white racist family. Mrs. Wellesley went to get Mr. Newton. Mr. Newton demanded that Fox give him the baby or he'd call the authorities. He finally did and then Whitney told everybody she really was doing this for the best of the baby. Chad said he'd take the baby and Whitney started to whine again saying she would like to meet the adoptive parents once to be sure. Mr. Newton handed the baby to Chad. As everybody realized that Chad really is the adoptive father, Fox swore that it would be over his dead body. Whitney desperately cried that this couldn't be happening. Chad said He's mine now and nobody else can have him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Everyone is adamant that Chad should not take Whitney's baby, but he insists that everything he did was legal and that no one but him is taking his son. He says this is the only way he can keep his promise to be a part of the baby's life. Eve tells him that this decision was unwise and that he thinks adopting Whitney's son will keep him connected to Whitney. Fox says that using the baby as a lure to get to Whitney is sick and he vows that he will find something wrong with the adoption and stop Chad from "kidnapping" the baby. Whitney imagines raising her son with Chad, and Eve warns Whitney that deep inside Chad knows the baby is his. Chad wants to take his new son home but Fox stops him and says he's not going anywhere.

Sam carries Jessica home. He doesn't want Ivy to call the EMS because they would do a drug test and be required to report the results to the state. Sam asks Ivy to get Jessica some coffee and sweets to reduce the effects of the drugs. Kay, Simone, Tabitha, Maria and Endora come to the Bennett house after Kay sees Sam carrying Jessica inside. Sam fills them in on what happened and Ivy brings in coffee and cookies for Jessica. Jessica drinks the coffee and becomes more alert. Kay asks Jessica how she could be so stupid to go out clubbing again after she was violated and blames Ivy and Grace for Jessica's behavior. Ivy insists that she didn't hear Jessica sneaking out. Jessica wants to go to bed but Sam wants her to tell him about tonight. She turns to leave and he grabs her arm, revealing her tattoo, so Jessica finally tells Sam that Ivy knew all along what Jessica was doing.

Mrs. Wallace is frantic trying to track down Beth, who is drinking champagne and kissing with Alistair. Mrs. Wallace calls Beth's cell phone twice and each time tries to tell Beth that Alistair is Beth's father but each time Beth hangs up before she can hear this and then she turns off her phone. Alistair makes advances towards Beth, but she tells him her heart belongs to Luis. He says she can be with Luis and be with Alistair on the side, and then says that if he doesn't have her tonight, he will tell Luis all her secrets. Back at the Wallace house, Sheridan and Luis come over hoping to talk to Beth to make sure they will still be permitted to see Marty. When Mrs. Wallace explains that Beth went out, Sheridan asks to see Marty while Luis takes a call from headquarters. In Marty's room, Sheridan holds him and says she knows she is his mother. Luis overhears her say this and says it has to stop. Luis is called again and talks to headquarters about test results while Sheridan goes downstairs. As she is looking for Mrs. Wallace, Sheridan goes by the basement and remembers being held captive there. She says she is sure Beth covered her tracks but there must be some proof, and Sheridan intends to find it.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

At the Wallace house, Sheridan snooped around and discovered that the basement was where she had been held captive (she had clown flashbacks). She yelled for Luis to come see that Beth really was involved and took her baby. A doubting Luis and nervous Edna followed her downstairs. She pointed out where a window had been covered up behind some paneling and pulled up some carpeting to show where the pit had been filled in with cement. (All the while, Edna kept reminiscing about laying carpet and pouring cement.). He told Sheridan she sounded like a crazy Oliver Stone conspiracy movie. Luis didn't think she'd proved anything and explained that dozens of homes in Harmony had been built with the same floor plan as Crane company housing. Luis was beside himself as he insisted that she get over thinking that Marty is their son. He apologized to Edna for disturbing her. They decided to go see Marty upstairs. When they left, Edna heaved a sigh of relief.

At the Bennett house Sam seethed with anger at Ivy for knowing about Jessica's tattoo, the drugs, the clubbing and that Jessica was going out to be with Spike. Ivy started to defend herself when Jessica turned on her telling Sam that Ivy not only knew what she was doing, but gave her permission. (Simone, Kay and Tabitha made comments about Ivy going down from the sidelines.) He wanted to know why Ivy didn't tell him and she said she couldn't. Tabitha found a chance to pull up Jessica's sleeve and remark about her cuts. Sam wanted to know who did it and immediately blamed Spike, but Jessica eventually confessed that she did it. He didn't understand why she'd do it, so Kay and Simone jumped in with a textbook definition of girls who mutilate themselves and then said Jessica was just like one of their former classmates (Claudia) who'd been sent away to a psych hospital. Jessica started to leave and then accused Sam and Grace of lying to them about being good girls and having happiness. She made disparaging remarks about Sam just wanting Ivy because she was a warm body in his bed. She accused Ivy of knowing she was in trouble and not helping her. Ivy told him that Jessica had stolen from her and abused her. Sam called her a monster for not being an adult watching out for Jessica. He threw it in her face that she told him not to call Grace because she could handle it. Tabitha goaded him with remarks about how Grace would have been on top of the situation. Jessica said that Ivy would do anything to keep her mom from coming home. The light dawned as he realized Ivy was only looking out for herself. He hugged Jessica and she sneered at Ivy like a cat with the cream, her falsely loving comments dripping all over Sam as he believed her. Ivy pulled out brochures to a place that they could send Jessica to so she'd be helped. She said she wanted to research the problem before she took the details to him. Kay said it was the place where Claudia was sent. Jessica pleaded with him not to send her away. He assured her he wouldn't then turned to Ivy and told her that he wanted her to leave his house.

At the Crane mansion Ethan pored over documents and law books trying to find a way to help Gwen. Gwen joined him because she couldn't sleep. She despaired that Theresa had her re-arrested and told him that she wants revenge. Rebecca joined them, bringing a copy of the surrogate contract. She insisted that the way to make Theresa pay was to take from her what she had stolen from them-the baby. Gwen said the first thing she was going to do when she got the baby back was to legally change her name to Ashley. Ethan insisted that the contract was ironclad, and didn't cover Jane because she wasn't from Ethan and Gwen's embryo. Rebecca told him it was time to decide whose side he was on - Theresa's or his wife's. Fox burst in to ask Ethan to help him get his baby back from Chad. Ethan asked why Chad wanted to adopt the baby anyway and Fox told them it was his ticket back into Whitney's life. Rebecca said, "Eeeew! That is so icky!" Fox wanted an injunction to stop the adoption because Whitney had gotten his Power of Attorney for duplicitous reasons. Ethan tried to tell him he was busy, but he just blathered on and then left finally when Ethan said he'd see what he could do to help. When Ethan started looking over Fox's papers, Rebecca grabbed them and told him to work on what was most important first. Besides, why did he think he could help Fox get his baby back and not Gwen's. Gwen asked him point blank if he was going to help them get his daughter back. She swore he could find a legal loop hole.

At the adoption agency Chad tried to leave with the baby despite Fox's protestations. Fox said that the only reason Chad wanted the baby was to be close to Whitney. Eve encouraged Whitney to tell Fox and Chad the truth. Whitney shook her off and when Chad started to leave she told him to wait. She asked everybody to stop hollering and accusing and just let Chad take the baby. As Chad left, the baby started crying. Fox swore he'd work on this until he gets his baby back. Eve asked Whitney why she wasted an opportunity to tell the truth.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa told Jane that when Gwen went to jail, Ethan would go back to them so they could be a family. Whitney arrived and explained how Fox was upset how her parents had tried to adopt the baby and how Chad had adopted the baby. Theresa told her she should tell the truth to Chad and Whitney. Whitney told Theresa she was glad she'd done the right thing and buried the hatchet with Gwen. Theresa had to tell her the truth. Gwen will go back to jail and Ethan will come back to her. Whitney went off on Theresa because she'd had a chance to have a peaceful life and she gave it up for the ghost of a chance that Ethan would come back to her. Theresa said it wasn't a dream; Ethan loves her. Theresa wanted to know why Whitney was so mad and Whitney insisted she should let it go and be happy with her two children.

At Chad's studio, he settled in with the baby when Julian and Eve walked in on him. They realized as they surveyed the mountain of baby supplies that Chad had been planning to get the baby for quite some time. He said he'd felt a connection to the baby as soon as he saw him and that by adopting Whitney's baby, she might eventually come around to be a part of the baby's life and then she'd be part of his life too. Eve and Julian tried to discourage him from wanting to be with Whitney, but he insisted that he really could have a loving platonic relationship with her. Fox burst in and told Chad he was sick for wanting to be with Whitney. Fox said he wouldn't let Chad use the baby as a chess piece to get back with his half-sister.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Sam tells Ivy to get out of his house, saying that he didn't think it through when he asked her to move in and he was just looking for someone to replace Grace when he should have been thinking about his daughters instead. Ivy is devastated but agrees to move out as soon as she can find a place. She goes upstairs to get her bag and then goes to take a walk. He promises to get Jessica all the help that she needs, but says that now she will also need restrictions-he wants to know where she is every second. Jessica is angry at this and says like hell he will. Sam tells her that once she starts acting like an adult she will be treated like one. Kay agrees and tells Sam that Jessica is acting like a child and should be treated as such. Sam has to go into work, so he tells Jessica to go to bed and asks Kay and Simone to keep an eye on her while he's gone. As soon as he walks out the door, Jessica tries to leave, but Kay stops her and says Jessica isn't going anywhere and that she has to stop torturing Sam like this. Kay slaps Jessica and they end up fighting on the floor. Ivy walks along the pier and hides when Sam shows up on the pier as well. She contemplates going to talk to him but doesn't and he walks away. Tabitha, who is watching, senses pain and heartache and says that there is so much pain to come.

Fox says that he will not let Chad use "Fox's" son as a pawn to get Whitney back. Chad tells him to go home because Chad needs to spend time with his son. Fox is furious and punches Chad in the face, and Chad retaliates. Eve picks up the baby while Julian breaks up the fight and Eve says if they love the baby, they'll stop their fighting. Fox says Chad is sick, and says that he won't leave without his son. Julian stops Fox from attacking Chad again, and Fox is hurt and confused that Julian is taking Chad's side. Julian tells him the best thing to do is leave, and that legally Fox can do nothing. Fox vows that he will get his son back or die trying.

Whitney urges Theresa to stop this stupid feud and start a new life with her two beautiful children, since Theresa won't get Ethan anyway. Theresa refuses to accept this. Whitney begs her to give it up and drop the charges. When Theresa refuses again, Whitney calls her insane and says that Ethan will always hate Theresa for putting his wife in jail again. Theresa says that they both have crazy plans and asks if she is mad because she still wants to be with Chad? Whitney insists that's not the case. Finally Whitney says that she can't take this anymore, and storms out of the house.

Gwen asks Ethan if he's going to take Jane from Theresa or not? Ethan says it's difficult and cruel to take a child from their mother and anyway, the contracts are only for if Theresa was carrying Gwen and Ethan's child. Gwen asks him if he's going to stand there and let Theresa hurt her again and if he's going to let Theresa raise his daughter to be malicious like Theresa? Ethan says this war has got to stop and Rebecca snaps at him to look for the loophole in the contracts. He reluctantly takes the papers and starts looking through them, but Gwen is still worried he is going to leave her for Theresa. He assures her that will never happen and he will find a way to get Jane for her. Gwen and Rebecca go to the Blue Note to celebrate, with Rebecca confident that Ethan will crush Theresa and take back Jane.

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